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tors, etc.; Seidman. W2GNZ, 1535 Longfellow Ave., Bronx, N. Y.
SELL Or trade: 1955 Automatic Rolleiflex Tessar f 3.5 lens; RoUei-
flex BC flashgun, 35 mm. adaptor, 6 Rolleiflex filters, RoUei closeup
lens, sets 1 and 2. and lenshood. Need: HRO-60 or 75A3. W5LAK,
c/o Mrs. J. L. Garrett, Loganville, Ga.

FOR Sale: Teletype Model 26 and 12. Some 15 parts. Navy ERA
teletype terminal. W6III. 310 No. Rural Dr., Monterey Park, Calif^
SELL~Or trade: New unused Harvey-Wells VFO. Want G.D.OT;
810's or what have you? W0SYA, Rosellini, 2619 So. Gaylord,
Denver, Colo.

FOR^Saie: NC-183D with speaker. Excellent condition: $275. Will
deliver within 40 miles. Harry E. Cudney, Jr., W2KNQ, R. D.
Hewitt, N. J. Phone Upper Greenwood Lake 77-2192.
WANT to buy reasonably priced HQ129X; RME-70, HQ120X or
similar receiver. Sell: Jackson CRO-2, "color TV" oscilloscope,
brand new condx: $169. W0ZHJ, Kirkman, 2444 Dee, Lincoln, Nebr.
SEI.L: SX-71 with speaker, $160; HT-18 VFO, $60, gud condx^

Henke. W9FCF. 1503 7t h St., Wausau, Wis.

SELL: Collins PTO 70E-7, W6VS all-band mobile antenna, GR
decade box, beam rotator, selsyns, teletype perforator. Long list for

a 3e stamp. W9ERU, 2511 Burrmont Rd., Rockford, 111.

SELL: Millen grid dipper. $40; BC-221, $75; Heathkit audio gen-
erator, $20; Dumont 5" oscilloscope, $60; Gonset Triband with
motor rcvr, $35; Motorola IOmeter xmitter with mike and all
cables, $40. All equipment in new condition. E. C. Zamber, 633 N.
Penn, Indianapolis, Ind.

ATTENTION VE Hams! For sale: Telvar T-60 xmittr. 60 watts
input; 80 meters through 10 meters, with 'phone and c.w. and in
gud condx, no scratches: $110.00 f.o.b. Kearney, Ont., Canada or
best offer. No trades! John Somerville, VE3DJI, Kearney, Ont., Can.
SALE: All new condition with instructions: Gonset Super Six
$38.00; McMurdo Silver 701 xmttr 80 to 6, all coils: $35.00; Water-
man SUA industrial 'scope (list $142). $70.00. H. I. Griffiths, 39-82

65 Place, Woodside 77, L. I., N. Y.

SELL: BC696, $10; Command 160m VFO. $10.00: BC458, $4.00;
4-65A, $10.00; Want: R9er. Electronic bug. W0IUB, Harmon,
5019 Gramar, Wichita, Kansas.

FOR Sale: Kilowatt xmitter: pr. 250TH final; 810s in modulator;
813 driver; VFO controlled-exciter; wonderful speech amplifier inc.,
Sep. pwr supplies each stage; coils for 10-20—40; Variac, overload
relays throughout; worked 80 foreigns one year with 47 confirmed;
TVI suppressed, a complete rig for $900, or best offer. 2000 volt at
.iOO mills pwr supply, $50.00; pair new JAN 4-lOOOA xmttg tubes
with fil. trans, $75; pr. UTC smoothing and swing choke, 3KV

I amp, new, $30; new ARC-4 transceiver $25; BC669 transceiver
for 75 meters, $35; Westinghouse dynamotor 410 volts @ 275 mills,
$12.50; BC306A ant. tuner, $5.00; any reasonable offer considered.

S. Ades. W3WQN. 9700 Marshall Ave., Silver Springs, Md.

VERTICAL antenna for 20-40-80M, all material and information
included: $59.50. No C.o.d. El Cajon Electronic Engineering.

720 So. Johnson Ave., El Cajon, Calif.

SELL: New BC-348P and LS-3 speaker and dynamotor, converted
for 110 v. Guaranteed perfect: $80.00. Archie Foster, Colton, N. Y.
FOR Sale: Tecraft cascode 2-meter converter. Output 14-18 Mc.
In gud condx. Complete with tubes and xtal: $25.00. Philip Mooney,

WNICZR. Waterbury. Vt.

SALE: Sonar lOOw. phone 120w C.W., all-band, newest model,
factory-wired tremsmitter and power supply with VFO and filter.
Best offer over $175. Sonar 3-band mobile receiver 20, 10 and 75,
complete with filtered Mallory Vibrapack, new condx, $60.00; Na-
tional NC-12S receiver with speaker, $125.00, new condx. Herb
Holrberg. W2FCI. 125 Hobart Ave., Rutherford, N. J. Tel. WEbster

FOR Sale: New Viking Ranger, HQ-129X. like-new. with matching
speaker: $350.00 for both f.o.b. Lexington. Ky. Will accept Leica

II IF or late model Rolleiflex in trade. W4JFB, Congleton, 1244
E. Cooper Drive, Lexington, Ky.

SELL: TBS50C Bandmaster Sr.: $50.00; Morrow 2BC converter,
$25.00; Gonset 10-11, $12.00; Knight factory-wired VTVM, $16.00;
BC1206. $5.00; Stancor 120 watt A2908 Mod. xfrmr. $10.00; 2
Thordarson 700 mil T15C56 chokes, $7.00 each; converter 6V dc
in-110 V. 60 cycle. 25 KVA outp.. $7.00; 3 dynamotors. 6V dc inp.
250 V 60 mils outp. 6 V dc inp. 250 V 140 mils outp. and 12V dc inp.
680 V 210 mils outp. Make an offer. W9GBS. Schachte, 6020 N.
Neva, Chicago 31, 111.

FOR Sale: New and used Gonset mobile equipment, also two and
six-meter Communicators. R. T. Graham, WIKTJ, P. O. Box 23,
Stoneham, Mass. Tel. ST: 6-1966.

WANTED: SX-28A receiver. State price and condition. W8AKY,
Kelch. 2857 Ambler Ave.. Cleveland. Ohio.

FOR Sale: SX-16 newly aligned and tubed, excellent condx: $55.00;
matching hi-gain Browning pre-selector 1.7 to 39 Mcs., $15.00.
Both units. $68.00. Gordon 1 KW antenna switching relay, new,
$7.00; PE-94. $1.50; 3H" DB meter, new. $4.00; Mallory Vibra-
pack 12v. input 300v. % 100 Ma. output. $8.00: Weston Laboratory
a.f. output voltmeter. Mod. 687, new, $20.00. First check buys.
All shipped postpaid except rcvr and PE-94. Spencer Tucker,
W2HLT. 51-10 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck 62, L. I., N. Y.

FOR Sale: 600 watt conservatively rated xmitter in Bud deluxe 66"
cabinet, using 4-250 A final into antenna tuner. Class B modulated
by pair of 838s. Separate pwr supp. for final and mod. All TVI sup-
pressed with Collins 310B1 as remote driver unit. Will sell amplifier
modulator unit without Collins 310B1. Can be converted to high
power line for SSB. Any reasonable offer will not be refused. Sil
Thompson, W5BUF. 6460 Vicksburg St., New Orleans, La.

FOR Sale: Viking Ranger, $175.00; TBS-SOC with power supply,
$65.; P.P. 813 final 10-20-75 meter coils. Cost $175 to build as per
1952 Handbook. Sacrifice for only $85.00. Sonar low pass filter
LP-7. $10.00. Frank Harrington, WIERX. 34 Emerson St., East
Norwalk. Conn.

FOR Sale: Complete 130-watt xmittr. 'phone/c.w.; 6146s final.
807s mod.; pi-net, bandswitching 80-40-20. xtal VFO, spare tubes.
In 17" Bud cabinet, and in excellent condx: $110. New BC375 mod.
xfrmr. $2.00; Heath resistor and condenser substitution boxes.
$3.50 each. JT-30 mike. $8.00; W5GXH. Gordon. 520 So. Second,
McAlester, Okla.

NOVICES! For sale, At-1, $22.00; hot AR-2, $35.00. Thiele,

W8RBW. 14006 Ardenall. Cleveland 12. Ohio.

SELL: 32V1 and 75A2. both in excell. condx: $325.00 each. Saltus,

K6AVF, 9251 Carthay Circle. Spring Valley. Calif.

SELL: RT-19/ARC-4 complete unit, $30. John McLaughlin, 405
S. Hartwell Ave., Waukesha, Wis.

FOR Sale or Swap: Eastman Kodak 16mm silent movie projector,
$35; Castle Films, $5 each; General Electric LB-530 portable radio,
$35; Consumer's Research triode amplifier, $25; Pickering 230-H
preamplifier, $17.50; Garrard RC-65 record-changer. GE cartridge.
$15; Motorola car radio, control head, cables. $12.50. All guaranteed
i n exc. condx. priced f.o.b. V. R. Hein. 418 Gregory. Rockford. 111.
2-Meter beams; 6 element, horizontal or vertical, all seamless alu-
minum. $6.95 prepaid. Wholesale Supply Co.. Lunenberg. Mass.
TRADE: two new. coin-operated Popperette vending machines in
factory-sealed cartons; automatic popping and dispensing of popcorn.
Money-makers for stores, service stations, drive-ins. taverns. Cost
$990. Trade for high quality transmitter and receiver. W9EFV.
Graham, 419 So. Oakwood, Angola. Ind.

DELUXE KW rig. all bands $500; Deluxe exciter $150.00. Deluxe
mobile rig. 3-band. VFO automatic bandswitching. complete. $150.

Do n M. Lidenton. 701 Poplar St.. Poplar Blu ff. Mo.

WILL Pay $150 for good clean AN/ARC-1 20-channel preferred.
Also BC-610E. BC-614E. BC-939. BC-729. BC-221, TCS and others.
Cash for Sig. Corps, Navy, Air Force stock catalogs; maint. and
instr. TM's for war surplus equipment. Amber Co., 393 Greenwich

St ., N. Y. 13. N. Y.

FOR Sale: HRO-60, coils A, B, C. D; in perfect condition, in original
ca rton. R. E. Ridenour, 839 Wildwood Parkway, Balto. 16, Md.
PRACTICALLY new Eldico TR-ITV xmtter; 300 watts fone/c.w.,
TVI suppressed. What am I offered? All inquiries answered. Sapora,
916 West Charles, Champaign, III.

EUROPEAN Bargain! Sell splendid all-band KW amplifier, two
4-400 final, two 250TH modulators, 3 power supplies, best parts,
beautifully built in 6 ft. enclosed commercial cabinet, worked 140
countries in one year. Will sacrifice at price of $490, time payments
or cash. Lt. Col. Lloyd Colvin, DL4ZC, 4th Signal Group, APO 403,
Heidelberg. Germany.

FOR Sale: BC-348-R llOVAC, $65; Hallicrafters SX-25 with match-
ing speaker, $65. All in excellent condx. All inquiries ans'd. F.o.b.
Birmingham, Ala. James Johnson, W4KPU, 301 Crest Dr., B'ham
9, Ala^

VIKING II and VFO, in perfect condx: $250. Marcel Valois,

W5 FYC, Box 488. Covington. La.

FOR Sale: Viking II with VFO: $260. Used less than 25 hours.

G. E. Driscoll, W9RHE, 6920 N. Medford, Chicago, 111.

SELL: 32V-3, like new, $525: Teletype TG-7-B (Mod. #15) com-
plete; 75A-2, Dumont iC241, HRO, NC-100. 12.000 ohm dpdt relays.
Model 12, 26, 21A teletype. Tom Howard, WIAFN. 46 Mt. Vernon

St., Bosto n 6, Mass. Tel. Richmond 2-0916.

SACRIFICE because of sudden total deafness, new 75A3 with mech.
filter. 32V1; BC1016 ink tape recorder; Panadaptor, $750 all or
sell items separately. Claude Sweger. 16 Buccaneer Drive, Corpus

Chri sti. Texa s. W0BTV.

FOR Sale: McMurdo Silver 906 signal generator: $25; National
HFS recvr with power supply: $75; BC610 HV plate transformer:
$50. Will ship anywhere. W. Wehe, W6VZB, 16080 Cambrian Dr.,

San Leandro, Calif.

FOR Sale: Fascinating selection of radio, radar, transmitting, re-
ceiving and ham gear sold by the piece or by the pound. Step in,
browse around and make some real buys. L. Katz, 2901 W. 37th St.,

Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. ESplanade 2-3766.

BARGAINS: KW power supplies and components; SSB builders
note! Xfrmers, chokes, condensers. 6 ft. cabinet. $15; 2 smaller ones.
Variac 110/220. prop pitch with selsyns and cable. $20; commercial
rotator with control box, selsyns, $40; mod. xfrmrs 500 and 125
watt, Q5'er, $12; 805, 810, 833A, 450, other items too numerous to

me ntion. State your needs. All top quality gear. W7NRB.

WILL sell or trade for good receiver: }4 KW xmittr with power
supplies; VFO bandswitching exciter, 813 final; surplus Command
xmitters and rcvrs for 80 and 40; pp 35T final with spare tubes;
surplus TU's. No reasonable offer refused. K6CIM, Farrand, 2490

M iddlefield, Palo Alto, Calif.

COLLINS 32V3 xmittr, like new, $525; PE103 dynamotor. like new.
$25; Stancor P-6315 power xfrmr. new. never used. $7; Stancor
A-3893 polypedance modulation xfrmr, $6, new, never used. Don

De Shazo, Jr.. W9BVC, 529 Blackstone Ave.. LaGran g e. 111.

TV camera and xmttr: RCA type CRV-59AAA, ideal for ham or
closed circuit TV. Never monkeyed with. Original cost $225. Best

o ffer accepted. R. T. Tucker. 2175 N. Star. Columbus. Ohio.

SELL: National HRO-50. in excellent condx. $235; Viking Mobile
xmttr. also exc. condx: $65. Wendell Kollen. W8LEO, Rte. 3, Hol-

l and, Mich.

75-WATT c.w. bandswitching (160 through 10) transmitter kit,
$59.95. Includes socket for external modulator. Hart Industries,

467 Park, Birmingham, Michigan.

SX-71 for sale, like new. Best offer. Going away to college. William

Ross, W4VES, 28 Prospect. Berea, Kentucky.

WANTED: 160-meter bandspread coils for FB7. Shiels, W30KP,

584 Ardmo re Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Penna.

ELDICCTTR-ITV, with antenna tuner and VFO, 3 months old,
$375. Globe King, 400B with coils for 80. 40. 20 and 10 meter bands;
spare V-70D's and S514s. and 300 ohm low-pass filter, $350. Bryson
Lowman, W4TTH, 1009 Northwood St., Columbia 2, So. Carolina
MEISSNER VFO unit, 25 watts on all bands, TVI suppressed, com-

ple te manuals. K2GFQ. 76 Hewlett St., Rye, N. Y.

"DANGER High Voltage" attractive sign for transmitter or wall
7" X 10" baked enamel on 30 gauge steel, $1.25, shipped prepaid.

No C.o.ds. Fe r th's, Box 37, West Hempstead, L. I., N. Y.

COLLINS 310B-3, like new, no changes, little use by single owner.
In original carton with manual: $200. R. B. Parker, 38 Ayer Lane,
Harwichport, Mass.

WANTED: All tubes, transmitting, receiving, industrial and micro-
wave. Surplus equipment, receivers, transmitters, standard electric
timers, test equipment. Tube checkers, Hickock, any condition.
Will buy, sell or trade for standard or surplus. Your best deal is
with "TAB", 111 Liberty St., N. Y. C. N. Y.

WANTED: Side-swiper key. "Pete" DeKing, Jr., Luverne. Minn.

WANTED: LM frequency meter manual. Please give number and
price. R. H. Strid, WIRUU, 234 Washington. North Easton, Mass.


HAVE S-40B rcvr, TR-75TV' xmttr (factory-wired); Instructograph
(with self-contained oscillator, elec. motor. tO tapes); J. C. Higgins
Model SO 30.06 rifle with 4x 'scope and case. All atx>ve in like-new
condition. Want factory-wired Viking Ilxmttr, with Viking VFO
and Matchbox in same condition. How will you trade? R. J. Hoch-
halter, VV7UTL. 3180 Lawrence. Salem. Oregon.

FOR Sale: Harvey-Wells TBS-SOD and APS-50. never used: $95.

J ack Mowry. 2164 Oakdale, Cleveland 18. Ohio.

MOBILEERS! Send now for your free copy of Mobile Antenna De-
sign. We cater exclusively to supplying the needs and answering
the problems of the mobile ham. Write to Skyline Electronics,
Ham Division. 5835 W. Chicago. Chicago 51. 111.

COMPLETE Station sale: KW transmitter, complete with povi-er
supply, coils, tubes, contained in three matching, heavy-duty steel
cabinets stocked on roller base; modulator and final both having
pair of 304TLs, five meters plus built-in Lambda modulation 'scope;
Supreme AF-100 transmitter, AM-lCW-FM-VFO-xtal with 4-65A
final used as exciter; Astatic T-3 mike; SX-42 rcvr with matching
speaker; BC-221-N converted frequency meter; Gonset converter;
Ereco beam rotator; Instructograph with 11 tapes; BC-342-M re-
ceiver with LS-3 speaker; metered heavy-duty line transformer;
Variac, coax cable; extra tubes. All for $600 cash and carry. W4YMP,
Linde r, 5515 Danley Lane, Richmond 28. Va.

MUST make room for new offspring. All equipment purchased new
in the last six months. Central 20A, factory-built, HQ140X, side-
band sheer A, and BC456 VFO converted by Central. All or part.
Paul E. Stone, W'9BFX, 518 Congress St., Green Bay, Wis.

WANTED: RME-45 and DB22A and VHF152. Can use an RME
43 or RME50. Have for sale base reflex cabinet. C. Gerst, 2674
W. 25th St., Cleveland 13, Ohio.

FOR Sale: SCR522 converted 2 meters. Everything but antenna
ready to go: $40; Amtran KW xfrmr S40; Millen 90700 VFO, $20;
90800 with coils, four bands. $22.50; KW final pp 813s, coils four
bands, $40; other gear. Write to Wi cht. W5 FGE, Hattiesburg, Miss.

COLLINS 32V-3 in original carton; $500; factory wired Multiphase
20A with QT-1, $225; Elencor P.A-400.SSB amplifier: $200; Harvey-
Wells TBS-SOD. $75; RME-MCS5 converter, $42; brand new
T-126/ARC-5 2-meter transmitter. $25. WIRMS. Oser, 198 Euclid
Ave.. Waterbury, Conn.

FAMOUS DXCC transmitter for sale in 2-66 inch Par-Metal racks;
1 KW input. 810-S push pull final. 805-S class B modulators; Strom-
berg-Carlson speech amplifier; Millen exciter and oscilloscope; high
voltage power supply X'ariac controlled. Transmitter used on
10 meters. Can be used on 15 and 20 by installing proper coils. Also
extra tubes. Cheap! D. W. Keefe. W2MFS. 37 Highridge Road,
Hartsdale, N. Y.

FOR Sale: Lysco 600 $100, Harvey-Wells TBS-SOD, $85; VFX-680.
$20; SOJ-1 , $15. All in gud condx; Carter Genemotor 6v in., 400VDC,
375 Ma. outp., new, $30. All F.o.b. Louisville. Misc. small parts.
List for self-addressed, stamped envelope. W4VDN, Art Crain, Jr.,
1 05 Seminole Crt. Lo uisville 8, Ky.

SELL: National 183-D with matching speaker, $235; Gonset 2-meter
converter with noise clipper, $25; Viking VFO $25. All in exc. condx.
W2ULS, GI4-3219, Ridgewood, N. J.

SONAR 2-meter rcvr. $30.00; Sylvan crystal-control 2-meter con-
s'erter. $25; Navy model HRO recvr. S sets coils, with power supply
in rack mounting, $50; McElroy tape puller and four 1600 ft. reels
of code tape Candler System. $25; 2-meter 4-el. beam, $6.00; 8-el.
beam. $10. Sundry parts. Send for list. 522 recvr converted. $15.00;
Saul H. Schachet, W2HNG.

SELL: SOO-watt deluxe SSB transmitter in cabinet rack. Five illu-
minated meters behind glass panel. Lattice exciter, voice control,
VFO, pi-network final, by-passed for TVI suppression. Details on
request. $350. crated. Also walnut operating desk. p. 495, 1952
Handbook. $35. W4HAV. J. A. Fulmer. 55 Vernon Lane. Ft. Thomas,
Ky. __^____

WANT: Policalarm M-51; low or hi-freq. handie-talkies; Eldico
EE-2. Ed Howell. W4SOD. Lerton. N. C.

SELL: HT-9 xmitter, all band. In excellent condx. ISOW c.w., 130W
'phone. Very effectively T\I-suppressed. With manual. $125. Home
brewed, PP812s, 300W 'phone and c.w. xmitter in 6 ft. rack; R. F.
section needs TVI suppressing. Make offer. Drake low pass, $6.00.
Locals preferred. W2NHV. D'Onofrio, 26 Eaton Road. Hicksville,
L. I., N. Y. HI 3-6417.

HIGH Q, all band antenna coils for center-loaded mobile antennas.
10-80 meters. Tapped on both ends for H" studs. Price: $7.95:
Universal Measurements Co., 44110 Heaton, Lancaster, Calif.

SELL: Elincor lo-meter beam, 50' of RG8U, rotator and wire,
c himney mount: $40. W0MSB, Pass, 33 Briarcliff, Clayton, Mo.

SELL: Globe Scout mod. 40-A, with Lysco mod. 382 V.R. VFO.
Like new, $95. Fred Kurz, W9VTQ. 2711 W. 29th St., Zion, 111.

LOW loss open wire line antennas for all ham bands, complete kits
$4.95 and up, or completely assembled extra, by antenna experts,
35 years' experience. "Antenna Joe" Gibbons, K2EF, 18 Liberty St..
Port Jervis. N. Y.

HIGH Power final 4-125As. Sell for less than cost of parts. W3KJ.

Genera] License theory trEiining course, tuition free to members of
adult educational center; will begin in May, evenings. Applications
must be in by May 5th. Contact Schachet. W2HNG. 135-30 232 St.,
Springfield Gardens 13, L. I.

FOR Sale: QSTS complete from first issue through 1940. Personal
collection of late A. A. Hebert, WIES, ARRL Treasurer. Bound in
volumes, first-class condition. Includes special issue selling ARRL
bonds after War I. Make offer. Write Secretarial Dept.. ARRL Hq.

CRYSTALS: Precision units 3500 to 8700 kc. $1.50. Exact
frequency in our oscillator. $2.00. Breon Laboratories. Williamsport.

NEW and used Motorola. Link. RCA, G-E. etc., FM commercial
communications equipment bought & sold. Allan M. Klein, W2FOU,
95-33 225th St.. Bellerose, L. I., N. Y. Phone PL 4-3394.

WYOMING Hamfest, July 23-24. South Fork Inn, 18 m. west of
Buffalo, attend Annual Wyoming Hamfest. Write Bob Miller.
W7QPP, Pres.. 362 E. Loucks St., Sheridan, Wyoming

^e4€ (facci QRK

THIS little quiz is based on articles
appearing in QSTiox March. How
much do you remember from the issue
of two months ago?

1. What is the least noisy vacuum
tube amplifier?

2. What benefit is gained by "fan-
ning" elements of a beam antenna?

3. Multivibrators are usually used
to divide the frequency of a crystal
oscillator by a factor of not more
than .

4. What adjustments at the transmit-
ter will affect the s.w.r. in the trans-
mission line?

5. What bill of interest to amateurs
is pending in Congress?

How you scored doesn't matter too
much. The important question for any
active amateur is "What magazine
covers the whole of amateur radio —
regulatory matters, operating activi-
ties, and first class technical arti-
cles?" . . . and the answer is: QST.
Is it dehvered to your door every

QST and ARRL Membership

$4 in the USA $4.25 in Canada

$5 elsewhere

The American Radio Relay League, Inc.

West Hartford 7, Conn.

ANSWERS: 1. The triode (Lmv-Noise Receiver
Design, page ZO) 2. Increasedbroadband charac-
teristics (A Compact Dual Beam for 20 and 40
Meters, page 11) 3. Ten {Frequency Marker
with 50 kc Intervals, page 14) 4. None {Meet the
S.W.R. Bridge, page 30) 5. S. J. Res. 25, per-
taining to Amateur Radio Week {Happenings of
the Month, page 47)

* QRK — QST Reading Knowledge.
It is also the International Q-Signal
meaning "Your readability is . . .".
You'll find QST always QRK 5 —
Perfectly Readable.


90900 Series
Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes

The No. 90902, No. 90903 and No. 90905 Rack
Panel Oscilloscopes, for Iwo, three and five inch
lubes, respectively, are inexpensive batic units
comprising power supply, brilliancy and center-
ing controls, safety features, magnetic shielding,
switches, etc. As a transmitter monitor, no addi-
tional equipment or accessories are required. The
well-known trapezoidal monitoring patterns are
secured by feeding modulated carrier voltage
from a pickup loop directly to vertical plates of
the cathode ray tube and audio modulating volt-
age to horizontal plates. By the addition of such
units as sweeps, pulse generators, amplifiers,
servo sweeps, etc., all of which can be con-
veniently and neatly constructed on companion
rack panels, the original basic 'scope unit may be
expanded to serve any conceivable industrial or
laboratory application.




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Lewis & Kaufman. Ltd 105

Lorac Service Corp 152

L W Electronic Laboratory 144

Mallory & Co.. P. R 95

Mass. Radio & Telegraph School 151

Master Mobile Mounts 137

Measurements Corp 152

Metal Textile Corp 148

Millen Mfg. Co.. Inc.. The James 158

Morrow Radio Mfg. Co 141

Mosley Electronics. Inc 97

National Co.. Inc Cov. Ill

Ohmite Mfg. Co 107

Palco Engineering. Inc 145

Panoramic Radio Products. Inc ^ 90

Penta Laboratories. Inc 108

Petersen Radio Co.. Inc 5

Philco Corp. (Tech-Rep. Div.) 120

Plasticles Corp 151

Port Arthur College 138

Precision Apparatus Co.. Inc 94

Premax Products 153

Radcliff's 142

Radio Corp. of America Cov. IV

Radio Shack Corp.. The 135

Radio Si)ecialties. Inc 101

RCA Institutes, Inc 148

Relay Sales, Inc 130

Rider Publisher, John F 148

Selectronic Supplies, Inc 140

Sonar Radio Corp 134

Sooner Electronics Co 152

Steinbergs Inc 102

Sun Parts Distributors, Ltd 147

Swartzlander Radio, Ltd 150

Sylvania Electric Products, Inc 118

Tele-Diagnosis Co 146

Teleplex Co 153

Telrex. Inc 151

Tennalab 126

Terminal Radio Corp . 125

Transitron, Inc 147

Trijilett Elec. Instrument Co 124

United Catalog Publishers, Inc ISO

Valparaiso Tech. Institute 146

Vesto Co.. Inc 132

Vibroplex Co., Inc 128

Western Distributors 142

Westinghouse Electric Corp 117

Wind Turbine Co 136

World Radio Labs, Inc 113







125/8" X 10V2" X 6V4"


Factory built and Tested

complete with tubes

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