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Digitized by LjOOQIC

Digitized by LjOOQIC


i I

Digitized by


Digitized by LjOOQIC




With newly added

Engineering Data from recent publications of the Society are included


OCTOBER, 1916 f\::* \r.: \* : :

• ;• •• • • ; "•

► : ' • • ?•• ••

Published by

29 West 39th Street

Digitized byViiOOQlC









Index to Firms Represented 5, 6, 7, 8

PART I. Power Plant Equipment.


PART II, Power Transmission Machinery, Elevating and Convey-
ing Machinery, Hoisting and Transporting Machinery 135

PART III, Raw Materials, Metals and Alloys 197

PART IV, Metal Working Machinery, Machine Tools and Acces-
sories, Shop Equipment 211

PART V, Compressors, Fans, Blowers, Pumping and Hydraulic
Machinery, Drying and Crushing Machinery, Engineering
Miscellany 271

^Xlrt Vi» ^C^r^i^hd Recordmg Apparatus 311

DATA-SECTlQtr: j:;-

M^a«iical*1^*gineef-ing Data 343

\/:*: :\ •*:•!•: :


Mechanical Equipment Directory 385

Digitized by LjOOQIC


IT is with special pleasure and a certain sense of achievement
that the Society presents to the membership, and to the mechan-
ical engineering profession at large, the Sixth Annual (1916) Volume
ol A. 5. M, E. Condensed Catalogues of Mechanical Equipment.

To any careful observer it must be apparent that as our great
industrial expansion goes on, the problems involved in establishing
and maintaining closer and more efficient buying relations between
the manufactiu*er and the user of engineering equipment are be-
coming more and more complicated.

Processes of manufactiu-e are constantly growing more intricate,
and equipment more diverse, which natiu*ally leads to a great mul-
tiplication and elaboration of manufactiu-ers* catalogues, booklets
and other sales literatiu*e. For many years past the executive
concerned in the selection and specification of material has found
the indexing and handling of these individual catalogues an in-
creasingly burdensome task; and this condition has inevitably
brought about the pubUcation of a number of combined catalogue
systems issued for the benefit of various fields of manufacture.

To assist in the solution of these problems would seem to be one
of the most valuable forms of service which an organization like this
Society can render to the particular branch of engineering it aims
to serve, and six years ago a beginning was made in the publication
of the first edition of the Condensed Catalogues. The reception
accorded to this initial volume was so favorable that there could
be no room for doubt as to the great value of the service to the
membership, and to the mechanical engineering field in general.

Diuing the intervening period a progressive study has been made
of the whole subject of informative and standardized publicity
along mechanical engineering lines; and this has led to constant
improvements and enlargements in the successive volumes of the
Condensed Catalogues, culminating in the present edition, which
represents an entirely new departure among pubUcations of this

Leaving aside the periodicals carrying display advertising, there
remain two distinct groups of publications available for purposes
of engineering publicity. 1. Directories carrying display matter
interspersed throughout the listing material. 2. Combined or
cooperative catalogues, containing condensed and uniformly ar-
ranged catalogue data of manufactiu*ers, to which dass the volume
of Condensed Catalogues belongs.

Prior to 1915 all publications in this second group, including
our own, had hdd strictly to the poUcy of indexing only those firms
using and paying for space. While this poUcy is in many respects

Digitized by LjOOQIC


logical, it has nevertheless tended to restrict the value of such com-
pilations as works of reference, for the reason that through one cause
or another many prominent firms would be without representation
in any given edition.

In last year's volimie of the Condensed Catalogues an experiment
was made, consisting in offering to manufacturers the opportunity
of securing listings in the Classified Directory of the volume at small
cost, and independently of the use of space. This experiment proved
highly successful, resulting in the enlargement of the Classified
Directory to twice its previous size, with a corresponding increase
in the scope and value of the volume as a work of reference.

After further careful study and analysis of the situation, and as the
result of numerous suggestions received from oiu* members and others,
it was decided to carry the development to its logical conclusion
in the 1916 volume by listing in the Classified Directory, free of
charge within reasonable limits, the names and addresses of all the
manufacturers in the field that were accessible through the records
of the Society and through the connections of the membership.

This plan was accordingly carried out, and the current volume is
presented in a form which may fairly be considered as representa-
tive of the manufacturing facilities of the entire mechanical engineer-
ing field. The Catalogue Section contains informative data of
the greatest reference value concerning the products of 267 firms;
while the new and comprehensive Classified Directory Section
(see colored pages) lists the products of over 2500 manufactiu*ers,
classified under more than 2000 different subject headings. The
Engineering Data Section, which was one of the new features in
last year's volume, is also continued in extended form in this edi-

While the rates for publication of catalogue data have remained
unchanged at seventy dollars for one page and fifty dollars for
each additional page, the considerable extra cost of compihng and
publishing the enlarged Classified Directory has been offset by the
increase in the amount of space used by manufacturers in the Cata-
logue Section of the volume. The Society takes this opportunity
to express its thanks to these firms, who, by their cooperation, have
made possible this latest and most important development in the
service rendered by the Condensed Catalogues.


NoTB : All data presented has been edited with a view to the elimination
of advertising claims or exaggerated statements and every efTort made to restrict
the Condensed Catalogues to firms of good standing only. Publication of
catalogue data does not constitute in any sense an endorsement by the Society
of the firms or products thus represented.

Extract from Constitution : C55. Thf Society shaU not he responsible Jor
statements or opinions advanced in papers or in discussions.

Digitized by LjOOQIC




Acme Machine Tool Co., Cincinnati, 218

Aero Pulveriacr Co., 120 Broadway. New York, N. Y 68

Albany Lubricating Co., 708-710 Washington St., New York, N. Y 123

Allan & Son. A., 494 Greenwich St., New York, N. Y 200

Alliance Machine Co., Alliance, 188

Almy Water Tube Boiler Co., Providence, R. 1 3.1

Aluminum Co. of America, Pittsburgh, Pa 205

American Apparatus Corpn. 9-11 E. 16th St.. New York, N. Y 334

American Blower Co., Detroit, Mich 280, 281

American Brass Co., W^aterliury, Conn 204

American Bronze Co., Berwyn, Pa 198, 199

American District Steam Co., North Tonawanda, N. Y 118

American Engine & Electric Co., Bound Brook. N.J 10

American Injector Co., Detroit, Mich 116

American Metal Hose Co., Waterbury, Conn 132

American Pulley Co.. 4200 Wissahickon Ave., Philadelphia, Pa 142

American Screw Co., Providence, R.I 256, 257

American Steam Gauge & Valve Mfg. Co., Boston, Mass 115, 322

♦American Vulcanized Fibre Co., Wilmington. Del 203

Andrews, Inc., William, 120 Liberty St., New York, N. Y 84

Anthony Co.. 138 West Ave., Long Island City, N. Y 264

Armstrong Cork & Insulation Co., 122 24th St., Pittsburgh. Pa 120

♦Ashton Valve Co., 271 Franklin St., Boston, Mass 323

♦Atlas Ball Co., Glenwood Ave. at 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa 159

Atlas Press Co.. 310 N. Park St., Kalamazoo, Mich 217

Auburn Ball Bearing Co.. 22 Elizabeth St., Rochester, N. Y 154


♦Babcock & Wilcox Co., 85 Liberty St., New York, N. Y 34, 35, 36, 37

Badenhausen Co., 1429 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa 38

♦Bailey Meter Co., 141 Milk St., Boston, Mass 318

♦Ball Engine Co., Erie, Pa 11

Bass Foundry & Machine Co., Fort Wayne, Ind 39

♦Best. Inc., W. N., 1 llBroadway, New York, N. Y 265

Biddle, James G., 1211-13 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa 338

♦Bigelow Co., 76 River St., New Haven, Conn 40

Blake & Johnson Co., Waterbury, Conn 235

BUss Co., E. W.. 19 Adams St., Brooklyn, N. Y 212

Boston Belting Co., 84 Linden Park St., Boston, Mass 162

Bradley & Son, Inc., C. C, Syracuse, N. Y 216

♦Bristol Co., Waterbury, Conn 327

♦Brown Co., A. & F., 79 Barclay St., New York. N. Y 136

Brown Instrument Co., Philadelphia, Pa 328

Brown PorUble Elevator Co., Chicago, 111 179

Buffalo Scale Co., Inc., 1200 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y 314

Bunting Brass & Bronze Co., 729 Spencer St., Toledo, 161

Busch-Sulzer Bros.-Diesel Engine Co., St. Louis, Mo 20


♦CaldweU & Son Co., H. W., 17th St. & Western Ave., Chicago, 111 174

Cameron Steam Pump Works, A. S., 11 Broadway, New York, N. Y 284

Canton Grate Co., 1708 Woodland Ave., Canton, 71

Carbondale Machine Co., Carbondale, Pa 307

Carborundum Co., Niagara Falls, N. Y 248

Carey Co., Philip, Cincinnati, 121

Casey-Hedges Co., Chattanooga, Tenn 42, 43

♦Central Foundry Co., 90 West St., New York, N. Y 105

♦Chain Belt Co., 734 Park St., Milwaukee, Wis 176, 177

Champion Rivet Co., Cleveland, 255

Chatillon & Sons, John, 85-93 CHIT St., New York, N. Y 315

Cincinnati Ball Crank Co., Cincinnati, () 254

Cincinnati Planer Co., Oakley. Cincinnati, 228

♦Clyde Iron Works, 29th Ave. West & Michigan St., Duluth, Minn 190

Conveying Weigher Co., 90 West St., New York, N. Y 175

Cook Belting Co., H. N., San P'rancisco, Cal 163

♦Cowdrey Machine Works, C. H., Fitchburg, Mass 236

♦Crane Co., 836 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111 88,89,90,91

♦Crocker- Wheeler Co., Ampere, N. J 32

Crosby Steam Gage & Valve Co., 40 Central St., Boston. Mass 324

Adomrti99m9nt» of firm» marked ♦ appear in The Journal, A, 5. M, E,


Digitized by LjOOQIC




D ft W Fuse Co., Providence, R. 1 253

Darling Pump & Mfg. Co., Ltd., Williamsport, Pa 92

Davidson Steel Co., Inc., 124 Maiden Lane, New York, N. Y 206

D'Este Co., Julian, 26 Canal St., Boston, Mass 108

♦De La Vergne Machine Co., 1123 E. 138th St., New York, N. Y 25

^Defender Automatic Regulator Co., 506 Oriel Bldg., St. Louis, Mo 319

Deming Co., Salem, 285

Detroit Lubricator Co., Detroit. Mich 125

Detroit Stoker Co., Detroit, Mich 62

Devine Co., J. P., BuflFalo, N. Y 298, 299

Diamond Expansion Bolt Co., 90 West St., cor. Cedar, New York, N. Y 262

^Diamond Power Specialty Co., Detroit, Mich 73

Dill Machine Co., Inc., T. C, PhUadelphia, Pa 229

Dodge Sales & Engineering Co., Mishawaka, Ind 74, 144, 145, 146, 147

♦Doehler Die-Casting Co., Brooklyn, N. Y 263

Dunham Co., C. A., Marshalltown. la 112, 113

Durant Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis 339


♦Edge Moor Iron Co., Edge Moor, Del 41

Edwards Mfg. Co.. 306^-336 Kjrgleston Ave, Cincinnati, 269

Ehret Magnesia Mfg. Co., Valley Forge. Fa 121

Eimer & Amend. 205-21 1 Third Ave.. New York, NY 335

Epping-Carpenter Pump Co., Pittsburgh, Pa 286

♦Erie City Iron Works, Erie. Pa 12


Falk Co., Milwaukee. Wis 138. 1.^9

♦Falls Clutch & Machinery Co.. Cuyahoga Falls, 143

♦Fellows Gear Shapcr Co.. Springfield, V't 230

Pitchburg Steam Engine Co.. Fitchburg, Mass 13

Flanner Water-Tube Boiler Co., Akron. () 44

♦Flexible Steel Lacing Co.. 522 S. Clinton vSt., Chicago. Ill 2^8

♦Ford Chain Block & Mfg. Co., 139 W. Oxford St., Philadelphia. Pa 195

Foster Engineering Co., Newark, N. J 109

Franklin Mfg. Co., Franklin, Pa 121

♦Fulton Iron Works, St. Louis, Mo 21


Gardner Governor Co., Quincy, III 274

♦General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y >0, 3 1

♦Gilbert & Barker Mfg. Co., Springfield, 266

♦Gilmer Co., L. H., Vincent St., Tacony, Philadelphia, Pa 164

Glasgow Iron Co., Pottstown, Pa 60

♦Goodrich Co., B. F., Akron. 133, 165

Gooley & Ediund, Inc., Cortland, N. Y 231

Graton & Knight Mfg. Co., Worcester. 166

♦Green Engineering Co., East Chicago, Ind 64, 65

Green Fuel Economizer Co., 90 West St., New York, N. Y 58

♦Greene, Tweed & Co., 109 Duane St., New York, N. Y 126

Gumey Ball Bearing Co., Jamestown, N. Y 155

♦GwiUiam Co.. 253 W. 58th St., New York, N. Y 160

Gwynn Gas Burner & Engrg. Co., 713-714 Empire Bldg., Pitt.sburgh, Pa 70


Hardie-Tyncs Mfg. Co., Birmingham, Ala 14

Haring, Ellsworth, 1 14-1 18 Liberty St., New York, N. Y 207

Harris Engineering Co., H. E., 1041-1055 Broad St., Bridgeport, Conn 237

♦Harris-Corliss Engine & Machine Co., Providence, R. 1 15

Harrison Safety Boiler Works, 3130 N. 17th St.. Philadelphia, Pa 76, 77

Hastings Pavement Co., 25 Broad St., New York, N. Y 270

Hess-Bright Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, Pa 156

♦HiU Clutch Co., Cleveland, 148

Hoggson & Pettis Mfg. Co., New Haven, Conn 250. 25 1 . 252

♦Homestead Valve Mfg. Co., P. O. Box 1754, Pittsburgh, Pa 93

Houston, Stanwood & Gamble Co., Cincinnati, 46, 47

♦Hunt Co., Inc., C. W., West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y 186, 187


Industrial Works, Bay City, Mich 18Q

♦IngersoU-Rand Co.. 1 1 Broadway, New York, N. Y 272, 273


♦Jenkins Bros., 80 White St., New York, N. Y 96, 97

♦Johns-Manville Co., H. W., 296 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y 119

♦Jones & Lamson Machine Co., Springfield, Vt 220,221,222,223

Adoertiaenfttta of firma marked ♦ appear in The Journal, A. S. M. E,


Digitized by LjOOQIC


Kearney ft Trecker Co., Milwaukee, Wis 232

Keasbey ft Mattiaon Co.. Ambler. Pa 121

*Keeler Co., B.. Williamsport, Pa 45

Kelly ft Jones Co., Greensburg, Pa 94, 95

Kennedy Valve Mfg. Co., 1 100 E. Water St., Elmira, N. Y 98

Kerr Turbine Co., WellaviUc, N. Y 29

Kidey ft MueUer, Inc., 34 W. 13th St., New York, N. Y 110

Koven ft Brother, h. O., Jersey City, N. J 301


Ladd Co.. George T.. 1620 Farmers Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa 48. 49

♦Lammert ft Mann Co., Wood & Walnut Sts., Chicago. Ill 293

Lamson Co., 100 Boylston St.. Boston, Mass 184, 185

Landis Tool Co., Waynesboro. Pa 243

Lehigh Car, Wheel & Axle Works, Catasauqua, Pa 69

Leslie Co., Lyndhurst, N. J Ill

*Lidgerwood Mfg. Co., 96 Liberty St., New York, NY 191

♦Link-Belt Co., Chicago, lU 178

Lonergan Co., J. E., 21 1-215 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa 107, 325

Long & AllsUtter Co., Hamilton, 213

Lukens Iron & Steel Co., Coatcsville, Pa 61

Lumen Bearing Co., Buffalo. N. Y 201


McCord Mfg. Co., Detroit, Mich 127

McCrosky Reamer Co., Meadville, Pa 246, 247

Mcintosh & Seymour Corp'n, Auburn, N. Y 22

Madison-Kipp Lubricator Co., Madison, Wis 128

Main Belting Co., Philadelphia, Pa 167

Malleable Iron Fittings Co., Dranford, Conn 106

Manistee Iron Works Co., Manistee, Mich 287

Marshall Foundry Co.. 28th & Railroad vSts., Pittsburgh, Pa 306

Mechanical Rubber Co., Cleveland, 169

Mehl Machine, Tool & Die Co., Roselle, N. J 238, 239

Mietz Machine Works, August. 123 Mott St., New York, N. Y 27

Milton Mfg. Co., Milton, Pa 258

Milwaukee Boiler Co., 220 Oregon St., Milwaukee, Wis 50

Modem Tool Co., Erie, Pa 244

Mohr & Sons, John, 349-359 W. Illinob St., Chicago, III 51

Monongahela Tube Co., Pittsburgh. Pa 59

♦Moore & White Co.. PhUadelphia, Pa 149

♦Morris Co., I. P., Philadelphia, Pa 296

♦Morris Machine Works, BaldwinsviUe. N. Y 288, 289

♦Murphy Iron Works, Detroit, Mich 66, 67

Murray Iron Works Co., Burlington, la 16


National Brake & Electric Co., Milwaukee, Wis 278, 279

National Lead Co., 1 1 1 Broadway, New York, N. Y 260, 261

♦National Meter Co., 84-86 Chambers St., New York, N. Y 28, 316

♦National Pipe Bending Co., New Haven, Conn 78, 79

National-Acme Mfg. Co., Cleveland, 226, 227

New Departure Mfg. Co., Bristol, Conn 157

New England Butt Co., Providence, R.I 304

New Jersey Foundry & Machine Co., 88 West St., New York. N. Y 193

New London Ship & Engine Co., Groton, Conn 23

N. Y. Revolving Portable Elevator Co., 343-351 Garfield Ave., Jersey City, N. J 183

Newhall Chain Forge & Iron Co.. 90 West St., New York, N. Y 173

Newman Clock Co.. 178 Fulton St., New York. N. Y 336

Niagara Machine & Tool Works, Buffalo, N. Y 214

Noble ft Westbrook Mf^. Co., Hartford, Conn 241

Nordberg Mfg. Co , Milwaukee, Wis 17

♦Norma Co. of America, 1790 Broadway, New York, N. Y 158

Norton Co., Worcester, Mass 249

Norwalk Iron Works Co., So. Norwalk, Conn 275

NutUll Co., R. D.. Pittsburgh, Pa 137


Oil & Waste Saving Machine Co., 1509 Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa 130

Olsen Testing Machine Co.. Tinius, 500 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa 312


Page Boiler Co., 815-819 Larrabee St., Chicago. Ill 52

Penberthy Injector Co., Detroit, Mich 117

Philadelphia Drying Machinery Co , 6721 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia. Pa 297

Philadelphia Tramrail Co., Front & Tusculum Sts., Philadelphia, Pa 194

Phoenix Iron Works Co., Meadville, Pa 53

♦Pickering Governor Co., Portland, Conn 131

Pitteburgh Machine Tool Co., Braddock, Pa 219, 292

•Pitteburgh Valve. Foundry & Construction Co., Pittsburgh. Pa 102, 103

AdprnrtituntfitM of firm* marked * appear in Thm Journal, A, 5. Af . E.


Digitized by LjOOQIC



Piatt Iron Works, Dayton, 290

Pratt & Cady Co., Inc., Hartford, Conn 100, 101

♦Precision Instrument Co., Detroit, Mich 320


Reed-Prentice Co.. Worcester, Mass 224

♦Richardson-Phenix Co., 126 Reservoir Ave., Milwaukee, Wis 129

Riehl^ Bros. Testing Machine Co., 1424 N. 9th St., Philadelphia, Pa 313

♦Roebling's Sons Co., John A., Trenton, N. J 172

Root Co., C. J., 150 Bridge St., Bristol, Conn 340

♦Roots Co., P. H. & F. M., Connersville, Ind 282, 283

Rossendale-Redduway Belting & Hose Co., Newark, N. J 168

♦Royersford Foundry & Machine Co., 52 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa 152, 153

Russell. Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co., Port Chester, N. Y 259


♦Scaife & Sons Co., Win. B., 221 First .\ve., Pittsburgh, Pa 75

Schaeffer & Budenberg Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, N. Y 329

♦Schieren Co.. Chas. .A.. 30-38 Fcrrv St., New York, N. Y 1 70

Selas Co., 521 \V. 23rd Si.. New York. N. Y 267

♦Shepard lileotric Crane & Iloist Co., Montour Falls, N. Y 192

Shultz Belting Co., St. Louis, Mo 171

Simmons Co., John, 1 K) Center St., New York, X. Y 104

Sipp Machine Co., I'ater.-^on. N. J 234

Skinner Kngine Co.. Ivric. Pa 18

Sloan & Chace Mfg. Co., Ltd., 6th \\e.. Cor N. I3th St., Newark. N.J 2.^.'^

Slocum, Avrani & Slocuin Laboratories. Inc., New York, N. Y ^37

♦Smith Co., H. B., WestfieUl, 308, 309

Southwark Foundry & Machine Co., rhiladelphia, Pa 24

♦Spray Engineering Co.. 93 l'\-cleral St., Boston, Mass 87

♦vSpringfield Boiler & Mfg. Co., Springfield, lU 54

Stephens Mfg. Co., Roe, Detroit, Mich 99

Stuebner Iron Works, (i. L.. Hancock St. & Vernon Ave., Long Island City, N. V 196

Swenson Evaporator Co., 945 Monadnock Bldg., Chicago, III 300


Tagliabue Mfg. Co., C. J., 18 88 3.3rd vSt., Brooklyn, N. Y 330

♦Taylor Instrument Cos., Rochester, N. Y 331

Taylor Steam Specialty Co., Battle Creek, Mich 114

♦Texas Co., 17 Balterv PI.. New York, N. Y 1 24

Textile Machine Works, Reading, Pa 305

Thomson Electric Welding Co., Lynn, Mass 242

Thwing Instrument Co., 436 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa ."^.^I

Torrington Mfg. Co., Torrington, Conn 240

Turbo-Gear Co., Inc., Baltimore, Md 140


Uehling Instrument Co., 2011 Empire Bldg., New York, N. Y 321

♦Union Drawn Steel Co., Beaver Fulls, Pa 208

Union Twist Drill Co., Athol, Mass 245

United Lead Co., 1 1 1 Broadway, New York, N. Y 202

United States Gauge Co., 67 Wall St., New York, N. Y 326


Van Dorn & Dutton Co., Cleveland, 141

Van Dorn Electric Tool Co., Cleveland, (> 141

Vasil Steam Systems Co., Hudson, Mass 63

♦Veeder Mfg. Co., Hartford. Conn 34 1

♦Vilter Mfg. Co.. 1 194-1 196 Clinton St., Milwaukee, Wis 277

Vogt Machine Co., Henry, Louisville, Ky 55


Ward Engineering Works, Charles, Charleston. W. Va 56

Ward's Sons, Edgar T., 50 Famsworth St., Boston, Mass 2()9

♦Warner & Swasey Co.. Cleveland, ( ) 225

Washburn & Cirangcr, 50 Church St., New York. N. Y 72

Webster & Co., Warren. Camden, N.J 80. 81 , 82, 83

Weller Mfg. Co., 1820-1856 N. Kostner Ave , Chicago. Ill 180. 181. 182

♦We.ston Electrical Instrument Co.. Waverly Park. Newark, N. J 333

Wetherill & Co., Inc.. Robt., Chester. Pa 19

Wheeler Mfg. Co., C. II., Philadelphia, Pa 85

Wheelock, l.ovejoy & Co.. 2.^ Cliff vSt.. New York. N. V 210

♦Wickes Boiler Co., Saginaw, Mich 57

Willcox Engineering Co., Saginaw, Mich U7

Williams Patent Crusher & Pulverizer Co., Old Colony MIcIk.. Chica^d, 111 302. 303

Williams, White & Co., Moline, 111 215

♦Wood & Co., R. I)., Philadelphia, Pa 294. 295

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