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AiTO«, t£MOX A xD


n 1910 L

Entered according to tlie Act of Congi-esp, infiie vear 1835,

By Paul Beck, Jr., Treasurer,

m trust for the American Sunday-scliool Union, in the Clerk's

I«tE.ce of the District Court of the Eastern District of Penn-



The questions which are printed in
large type are such as may be answered
from the verses to which they refer. Those
in smaller type are intended to assist in
understanding and applying the passage.

Each passage of Scripture may be un-
derstood, and its practical lessons taught,
by asking questions just as they stand.
But it is expected that most teachers will
introduce questions and remarks of their
own, according to the age and character
of their scholars. When this is done,
some of the lessons in this volume may be
found too long. If so, they should be di-
vided by the superintendent or teacher.

Note. — ^Teachers and scholars will be much assisted
in understanding a large portion of the lessons of
this volume by referring to The Life of David,
published by the American Sunday-school Union.




[teah of the wohld 2944 — BEroiiE christ 1060.]

1 Samuel, chap. xxv. 1—19. 23—33. 35, 39.

1. Whose death is mentioned here ?

Where was David when Samuel died 1 — ch. xxiv. 1. 22.

Where did David go ?

Where was that wilderness 1

Who lived there once 1 — See Gen. xxi. 21.

Who was king of Israel at this time ]

2. Who is mentioned in this verse ?
Where was Maon 1

Where was Carmel 1

What is said of this man ?

What was this man doing ?

What is shearing P

Do you know who is first mentioned in the Bible Ufl
employed in this way ! — Gen. xxxi. 19.

3. What was the man's name .''
What is JK'ahal in English ] — See ver. 25,
What was his wife's name ?
What was her character ?
What was his character ?

What is the meaning of cinirlish ?

4. What did David hear ?
Where was David then ?

1 2 6


Do you know what was commonly done at the time o*

shearing 1*
Where do you read of a feast on such an occasion !—

2 Sam. xiiL 23.

5. What did David do ?

What directions did he give them ?

What is the meaning oi greeting him in my Tiame ?

6. How were they to greet Nabal ?
What was the common way ®f greeting a person If

7- What else were the men to say to Nabal .^
Where had David seen Nabal's shepherds ?
How near was Carmel to ihe wilderness of Paran 1

8. Who did he say could prove this was
true ?

What were the young men to ask for
How many men were with David 1 — ch. xxiii. 13.

9. Was all this done ?

10. 11. What answer did Nabal make ?
What was churlish and sinful in this 1

Do you know what is called the golden rule 1 — Luke
vi. 31.

12. What did David's young men do ?

13. What did David and his men do ?
How many went with him ?

W^as this the right way for them to act 1
What good rule should we constantly remember ? — 1
Pet. iii. 9.

14. What did one of Nabal's shepherds do ?
What is meant by railing ?

* See Nevin'9 Biblical Antiquities, jniWished by tlie Ameri*
can Sundav-school Union, vol. i. p. 83,84.
t Ibid. vol. i. p. 140.


15. What did he say of David's men ?

16. Of what service had they been to the
shepherds ?

'iow had they been as a -wall to them 1

7. What did he tell Abigail ?
Why did he not tell this to Nabal ?

What is a son of Belial ?

IS. What did Abigail do ?

19. What did she do with them ?

Did Nabal know of it ?

Verses 23—33.

23. What did Abigail do when she met
David ?

24. What did she say ?

25. What did she say of Nabal ?

26. What more did Abigail say ?

How had the Lord kept David from shedding blood 7
Why should we thank the Lord when we are pre-
vented from committing a sin 1

What did Abigail wish about David's ene-
mies ?

What did she mean by that 1

What is the Christian rule about this 1 — See Matt. v. 44.

Why should we pray for our enemies 1

27. What did Abigail offer ?
What had she brought ] '

28. What then did she say ?
What trespass ?

What did she say the Lord would do for
David ?


What is meant by that !
Why did she think so ?

What are meant by the battles of the Lord?

What did Abigail say of David's character ?
How was this true of David as to his general character ]

29. What more did Abigail say ?

Whom did she mean by the man that pursued David 1

What did slie sav about his safety ?

What does the word sozil generally mean ]

What does it mean ir such passages as Ps. vii. 5. Rer,
xviii. 13?

What does it mean here 1

W^hat is meant by the bundle of life P

Wliat docs David say in Ps. Ixvi. 8, 9 ]

Has the Lord made any promises to watch over the
lives of the pious 1 — See Ps. xci.

What promises has he made as to their souls 1 — See
John xiv. 2, 3. Rom. ii. 7.

What is declared of the lives of those who are not pi-
ous ? — See Ps. Ixxiii. 19, 20.

W^hat is declared about their souls'? — See Ps. ix. 17.
Job xxi. 30. Rom. ii. 9.

What will become of the souls of the righteous and the
wicked at the last judgment? — Matt. xxv. 46.

What did Abigail say about David's ene-
mies ?

What does the word souls mean here 1

What is a sling ?

What is meant by this comparison 1

Where is a similar one used ? — See Jer. x. 18.

30. What did Abigail remind David of?
Who is meant by the name Lord that is first men-
tioned ?

WHio is meant when the same name is again men-
tioned I


31. How did she end her address ?
What did she mean 1

32. What did David reply ?

33. How did he receive her advice ?
Is that a mark of wisdom ] — Prov. xix. 20.

Verses 35 — 39.

25. Did David receive Abigail's present?

36. Where did Abigail then go ?

What took place ? ^

VVliy is not a drunken man fit to be told any thing ^

37. When did she tell him what had
passed ?

How did Nabal feel then ?
What is meant by this ]

38. What became of Nabal ?

39. What did David say when he heard
of his death ?

What is the meaning of hi? saying that the Lord had

pleaded the cause of his reproach ?
From what evil had the Lord kept David 1
What is meant by Nabal's wickedness being returned

upon his oivn head?
What does David say of the wicked 1 — Ps. vii. IG.
What does Solomon say on the suV>ject 1 — Prov. li. 27

What did David do after Nabal's death ?

What is meant by this ?

Did he marry Abigail 1 — See ver. 42.

Whom had David married before this ? — See vor. 44.

What had become of her 1 — Soever. 44.

10 V^i ' - ■}T'JlSTIO>-S. L^^'^*

1 Samuci, chap. xxvi. 1, 2. 5 — 21.

1. What did tlie Ziphites tell Saul ?

Who were the Ziphilos ?

Where was the hill of Hachilah situated 1

2. What did Saul do ?

How many men went witli hi in ?
What did he go for ?

Verses 5 — 21.

5. Did David try to escape ?
What did he do ?

Is it meant that he came into Saul's: camp ?

Who was Saul's chief officer .''

When had Aimer lust seen David \ — fc^ee 1 Sam. xvii

How was Saul situated ?
V.'hat is meant by his l)eing ui the trench ?

6. What did David propose to two of his
men ?

Which of them a2;reed to go willi him ?

Can you tell what relation Abishai was to David ? —
See 1 Chron. ii. 15, 16.

7. At what time did David and Abishai
go to Saul's camp ?

Where was Saul ? '

What weapon was near Saul ?
Had Saul ever tried to injure David with his spear ot
javelin ? — See 1 Sam. xix. 10.

8. What did Abishai want to do ?


9. What did David say ?

Why would he not let Abishai kill *ttul?

How was Saul the Lord's miointed ?

Why was this a good reason for not killing him 1

10. What else did David say ?
What is meant by the Lord smiling- him 1
What is meant by his day to die ?

Does God know the very time in which each person

will die \
What did Job say about thisl — Job vii. 1 ; xiv. 5.
What was the third way which David

mentioned ?
In which of these ways did Saul die ] — See 1 Sam.

xxxi. 1 — r»

11. What did David tell Abishai to do ?
What is a cru3e ?

What was his object in doing this 1

Had Dav'id ever before spared Saul's life 1 — See 1 Sam.

XX iv. 3.
What did he do at that time ? — ver. 4.
What did he say was the reason of his doing so 1 —

ver. 11.

12. What did they take ?
Why were they not seen ?

13. What did David do next

14. What did he say ?

Could his voice be easily heard at night, and from th*.

top of a hill 1
Did Abner know who he was ?

15. 16. What did David then say ?
Was this in ridicule or in earnest ?

17. How did Saul know David ?


What (lid he call David ?

How was David the son of Saul 1

What did David call Saul ?

18. What did David say to the king ?
What was the true reason of Saul's hatred to David 1

19. What else did David say ?

Who had induced Saul to pursue David this time 1 —
See ver. 1.

What was David ready to do if the Lord

had sent Saul to punish him ?
If men had urged him to it, what did David

say about them ?
What is meant by David's saying that they had told

him to ffo mid serve other gods ?
Had he not been obliged to live among idolaters 1
.s it not very wrong for a person to cause another \a

keep bad company 1

20. What favour did David ask of the

king ?
What did he compare himself to ?
,21. "What did Saul confess?
What did he invite David to do ?
What did he promise him ?
What reason did he give for doing this ?
What is meant by soul here 1
What did Saul say of his conduct ?
How did this scene end 1 — ver. 25.

W^hat instruction may we get from this history 1

On whom did David depend for deliverance ]

What was he ready to do if he had sinned against the

Lord !— ver. 19.
How did he express his confidence in God 1 — ver. 21.



1 Samuel, chap, xxvii. 1 — 8. 10 — 12; xxviii. 3 — A9\
xxxi. 1—4. 6.

What was the subject of the last lesson 1
1 — 3. Where did David go ?
Why did he go ?

Had not Saul and he become friends 1 *

Why would not David trust Saul 1

Where was Gath 1

Why did he go out of the land of Israel ?

What had David once done to one i){ the people of

Gath 1 — See 1 Sam. xvii.
Who went with David ?
Who was tlie king of Gath ?
When had David been in Gath before 1 — 1 Sam. xxi. 10
Is it certain that this was the same Achish ]

4. How did Saul act when lie heard that
David had gone ?

5. What did David ask for ?

6. What town did Achish give to David
and his people to live in ?

". How long did they live there ?
8. What did David and his men do ?
Where were these nations ?
What had the Lord directed the Israelites to do with
these nations 1 — Dcut. vii. 1^ 2.

Verses 10 — 12.

10. What did Achish ask David ?
What is meant by malang a road ?


What did David tell Acbish he had done ?
Did the people that he had destroyed live to the south

of Judah 1
Did David mean to deceive Achish 1 ,

How was Achish deceived by what David said'?
"What is a falsehood 1
Is a person guilty of falsehood who tells even the truth

in such a manner as to deceive ]

11. Why did not David want Achish to
know the truth ?

What did he do to keep him from he54"ing

12. Was Achish deceived ?

Why was he glad for what he thought

David had done ?
What did he expect David would become

to him ?

Chap, xxviii. 3—19.

3 — 14. Can you give a general account of
what is related in these verses ?

What is meant in the Old Testament by persons w
had " familiar spirits" 1

"What is meant by " wizard" and " witch" 1

Can any being excepting God foretell what is to hap-
pen 1

How were the prophets enabled to predict ?

How do we know that God did not enable witches and
such persons to do what they pretended to do "! — Scfl
Exod. xxii. 18. Deut. xviii. 10 — 12.

What is the sin of consulting such people 1

What is the sin of such people themselves 1

Where did the woman live that Saul con
suited ?


Where was Endor 1

What did he ask the woman to do ?

What dill he mean 1

Could she have done it ?

Who alone can raise the dead ]

What did Christ call himsein— John xi. 25.

Did Samuel appear ?

[s it probable that the Lord caused him to appear, ihoX

Saul might hear the message from the Lord 1
W'hat makes it seem likely that the woman of Endor

did not expect to see any one appear 1 — See ver. 12,


15. Why did Saul want to see Samuel ?
16 — 18. What reason did Samuel give

for Saul being in such trouble ?
19. What did Samuel predict?

Chap. xxxi. 1 — 4. 6.

1. Who fought with the Israelites?
Which conquered ?

Where was the battle fought ?

2. What happened to Saul's sons ?

3. What happened to Saul ?

4. How was he killed ?

What is the crime called that he committed t
Why is it a sin to commit suicide 1

Verse 6.
6. Who else were killed in that battle ?

How long did Saul reign 1 — Acts xiii. 21.
Why was he made kingl — 1 Sam. x. 19.
What had Samuel warned the peopie of ? ch. vii Z^.


What was the first great sin that Saul committed as

king ? — ch. xiii. 9. 13.
V\'hat was to be his punishment for that offence ] — ch,

xiii. 14.
What was his next act of disobedience ? — ch. xv. 3, 9.
What was then told him 1 — ch. xv. 23.
Wliat happened to him when David was anointed to

be king after him 1 — ch. xvi. 14.
What crime did he afterwards attempt to commit ?—

ch. xviii. 11.
How else did he wrong and persecute David 1
What other sins are mentioned as the cause of his

death 1— See 1 Chron. x. 13, 14.
What do we learn from the life of Saul about the con-

sei^uences of sin ?
What would have been his condition if he had obeyed

God ]—ch. xiii. )3.
What do we learn about the certainty of what God

threatens !
Will he not then punish impenitent sinners as he has

declared he will 1
What should be our constant prayer 1 — Pe. li. 10, 11.

1 Samuel, chap. xxix. 4; xxx. 1—18. 21—24.

What was the principal subject of the last lesson !
Had David gone with the Philistines against Saul !

4. What prevented him ?

Chap. XXX. 1 — 18.

1. To what place did David and his men

return ?
To whom did the city of Ziklag belong ? — ch. xxvii. (\
What had happened whilst he was away ?


How long had they been away ?
Who were the Araalekitcs 1
Where did they Uve 1

2. What had the Anialekites done ?
Why did they take the people captive ? /
What was often done with the captives 1*

3. What had they done with the city ?
Was this a common mode of warfare 1

4. How were David and his people affected ?

5. What had David suffered ?

6. What else distressed him ?
Why were they angry with David ?
What did they talk of doing to him ?
What did David do in his distress ?

What is meant by he encouraged himself?

Can you mention some passages in the psalms which

explain this 1 — See Ps. xxvii. Ivi. 3, 4. 11.
What may the Christian say in times of trouble 1 — Rom.

viii. 31, 32. Hob. xiii. 6.

7. W>.at did David do ?

Who was Ahimelech ? — See chap. xxi. 1.

What became of him 1 — See chap. xxii. .18.

How did Abiathar escape 1 — ch. xxii. 20.

AVhat was the ephod 1

How many kinds were there 1

Who wore it 1

How was it used in learning the will of the Lord %

S. What did David ask of the Lord i

In what manner did he ask ?

Is it meant that David used the ephod, or that he asked
through Abiathar ?

* See Biblical Antioiiities, vol. i. p. 277.

Vox.. Aai. B


Why was this better than Saul's way of inquiring
what he should do 1

What was the Lord's answer to his ques-
tion ?

Is there an ephod now I

What must we do to learn our duty and to obtain the
direction of God 1

Who is in the place of high-priest for us 1

In what great respect does Christ excel the Jewish
priests 1 — Heb. vii. 25.

What does the apostle further say of him 1 — Heb. vii,

9, 10. What did David do ?

How many men were with him ?

1 1 — 1 5. How did he find the Amalekites ?

16. What were the Amalekites doing
when David came to them ?

17. What did David do ?
How many escaped ?

18. What did David recover ?

Verses 21 — 24.

21. Who came to meet them ?

Why had they not gone to battle with the rest 1 — See
ver. 10.

22. What sort of men are here spoken of.'*
What is meant by men of Belial ?

What advice did they give David ?

What was there disgraceful in this advice 1

Why should men be generous 1

Was it any fault in the two hundred men that they

had not gone with the others 1
What was dishonest in the advice 1


Are we entitled to the property of another if we get it

back from a thief 1
Why is it unlawful to keep property that we fincl, if

we know who the owner is 1

23. What did David say to them ?

To whom did he attribute the victory that
he had gained ?

24. How did he decide the matter ?

Who are meant by those that tarry by the stxiff?
What does this prove that the two hundred men were
doing whilst the rest were in battle \


Who was the author of this book 1

Could it have been written by Samuel 1

How may it have been written \ — See 1 Chron.

xxix. 29.
How many years history is contained in the second

book of Samuel ? — About forty.
What years of the world does it include ? — 2949 to


2 Sam. i. 12. 17. 19—21. 23 ; ii. 1—4. 8—1 1.

12. How were David and his men affected
when they heard of the death of Saul ?
Why were they distressed ?
How do you account for the sorrow of David for Saul*g
death ]

Ver. 17.
17. What did David write on *hisoccasion?

Ver. 19—21.

1 9. How does the elegy begin ?


Who are meant by " the beauty of Israel," and " th*
mighty" 1 — See 1 Sam. xxxi. 6.

20. What is the next verse ?

Where were the cities that are mentioned here 1
"Why would the PhiUstines rejoice ?
Why does he alUide to the daughters rejoicing 1 — See
1 Sam. xviii. 6. Judg. xi. 34.

21. What mountains are here addressed ?
What is meant by this 1 — 1 Sam. xxxi. I. 8.

JDid David really wish that there might be no dew nor
rain, or is it only poetical ?

Ver. 23.

23. W^hich of Saul's sons did David parti-
cularly mention ?

What had been the feelings of Jonathan and David to-
wards each other ]

How did David express it in this lamentation ? — ver. 26

Do you remember any of the interesting events of their
fnendsliip 1

Chap. ii. 1—4.

Where was David when Saul died 1

Who was now the king of Israel 1

How long was it since David had been anointed 1

Why had he been living among the Philistines 1

1. What did David now do ?

What did he first ask ?

Why do yoH think he mentioned .Tudah ?

To what tribe did David belong 1 — See I Saip. xviL \%

What did the Lord answer ?
What then did David ask ?
What was the repty ?
Where was Hebron 1


How far was it from Bethlehem 1
What can you tell about this place 1* '
What is its present conilition If
Why should we seek direction from the Lord 1
How does David pray in some of his psalms I — P»
xxvii. II ; cxliii. 8.

2. Did David go to Hebron ?
Whom did he take with' him ?

3. Who else went with him ?

H-'w many men had he] — I Sam. xxvii. 2, and I
Chron. xii. 1. 22.

Where is there a full account of the numbers that join-
ed David about this time 1 — In 1 Chron. xii.

Who were with the men ?

Where did they live ?

What are meant by the cities of Hebron 1

4. Who came to David at Hebron ?
What did they do ?

Why was he anointed king of Judah only, and not of

all the tribes !
Had David ever been anointed before ] — See I Sam.

XVI. 13.

Verses 8—11.

8. What other person was set up as king ?

By what other name is he called 1 — I Chron. viii. 3J,

Do you know the meaning of Ishbosheth I

Who brought him forward ?

Where was Ishbosheth planed ?

Why w^as that plaee called so 1 — Gen. xxxii. 1,S.

Had he any right to the throne 1

* Poe Geography of the Bible, published by American ftm-

dav-school Union, p. 15ti.
f Ibid. p> 157


Why (lid Abner act thus 1

What relation was Abner to Saul 1 — See 1 Sam. xiv

Did not Abner know that the Lord had directed Samud

t) anoint David to be king after Saull — See 2 Sam.

iii.9, 10.

9. Over what tribes did Abner place Ish-
bosheth ?

10. How old was he ?

How long did he reign ? — Compare with

ver. 11.
Who remained with David ?
What was the prophecy about tlxis tribe 1 — Gen. xlix,


11. How long did David reign in He-
bron .'*


Who were the kings of the Jews at this time 1
Over w'hor,- was David king ]
Over whom wa'' Ishbusihelh king 1
Where did David live ?
Where did Ishbosaeih live 1

2 Samuel, chap. iii. 1. 6. 9—13; chap. iv. 1, 2. 5, 6.


1. Wore the two parties at peace ?

Which was (.he larger [larty !

What change look place in Ihem ?

Ver. 6.
6. Who was the principal leader of the

house of Saul ?


Verses 9 — 13.

9, 10. When Ishbosheth displeased Abner,
what did Abner declare he would do ?

What is the meaning of translate here 1

What is meant here by Israel as different from Judah *

In what part of the land was Dan %

Where was Beersheba 1

What is meant by the expression " from Dan to Beer-
sheba" ]

How does this prove that Abner had been trying to op-
pose the will of God ]

Could he have kept the kingdom from David 1

On what did David rely? — Compare 1 Sam. xvi. 1.
Num. xxiii. 19. Ps. Ixxxix. 35 ; Ixxi. 1.

1 1. What proof is given here of Abner's
power over Ishbosheth ?

12. What offer did Abner make to David }

What is a league ?

13. Did David agree to Abner's offer ?
On what condition ?

What right had David to Michal 1

What had become of her 1 — See 1 Sam. xxv. 44.

How long had they been separated ]

Was Michal returned to him 1 — See ver. 15.

Was Phaltiel her true husband \

Can you tell what became of Abner ] — 2 Sam. lii.

26, 27.
What was Joab's motive in committing this murder 1
How had his brother been killed ] — 2 Sam. ii. 1 8 — 23.
What relation was Joab to David ? — See 1 Chron. ii

15, 16.
How was David affected by Abner's death ? — ver. 32.
What did he say of him 1 — ver. 38.
How was Joab punished for this 1 — See 1 Kings ii.



Chap. iv. 1, 2.

1. What was the consequence of Abner's
death in the rest of the kingdom ?

Who is here meant 1

How did Abner's death make Ishbosheth " feeble" 1
How were the people affected ?
Is it meant they were grieved, or that they we»
afraid P

2. What persons are here mentioned ?

What were captains of bands 1

Who was the father of these men ?

Verses 5, 6.

5. What did these men do ?
What time of day was it ?
Where did Ishbosheth live ? — ch. ii. 8.
What was the cUmate of Palestine 1*

6. What then did they do ?
What was their pretence ?
How did they kill him ?

What weapon did they probably use 1 — See ch. 'i. 23.

Verses 8—12.

8. How did David hear of this ?

What did the two murderers say to David ?

Who did they mean had sought David's life ]

Of whom did they say David was now

avens;ed ?
Did David wish any vengeance 1

* See Biblical Antiquities, published by American Sunday-
school Union, vol. i. p. 24.


9. How did David begin his answer to
them ?

What is here meant by his sonl?

vVhat is meant by its being redeemed from adversity 1

What expression of this kind do you remember in hia
psalms ] — See Ps. xxxi. 7, 8 ; ciii. 4.

What is the hope of the Christian both as to his protec-
tion in this world and in the next? — Ps. xxxiv. 22.
2 Tim. iv. 18.

10. What does David refer to ?
Why had he acted so ?— See 2 Sam. i. 16.

11. What made the murder of Ishbosheth
worse than that of Saul ?

What is meant here by righteous ?

Had he been slain in war ?
Was Saul killed in war 1

12. What was done to the two men ?
What respect was paid to Ishbosheth ?


What was the subject of the last lesson 1
What was the last event mentioned ?

2 Samuel, chap. iv. 4 ; v. 1 — 5.

4 Who else of Saul's family was living

at this time ?
How old was he when his father and

grandfather were killed ?
How old was he at this time 1 — Compa/e ch. v. 5.

1 3 4 5 6 7 8

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