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Curves thereon 38

Draught, Light 16

Dropping a Weight Overboard,

effect of 103

Dynamical Stability and Defini-
tion of 98

Dynamical Stability, Moseley's

Formulae 99

Eddy-making Resistance ... 113

Effective Horse Power 117

Effect of Dropping a Weight

Overboard 103

Effect of Free Water in the

Tanks 70

Effect of Inclination and Suc-
cessive Metacentres ... 57
Effect of Superstructures ... 146
Effect on Initial Stability due to

adding Water Ballast ... 75
Effect on Stability due to a ves-
sel being partly in mud ... 85


Effect on Stability when passing

from Salt to Fresh Water ... 81

Equilibrium, Neutral ... ... 44

Stable 44

Unstable 44

Estimate of required amount of

Displacement ... ... 26

Estimating Horse Power ... 123

Estimating Trim 108

Example of Inclining Experiment 66

Experiment, Inclining ... ... 61

Experiments, Model ... ... 115

Extended law of Comparison... 125

Extreme Breadth 2

Five, plus eight, minus one rule 6

Flotation, Centre of ... ... 41

Formulas, Attwood's 93

for Block Co-efficient 26
Freeboard and reasons for its

Provision ... ... ... 147

Freeboard, Corrections for ... 150

Curves 149

Effect on Stability... 148

Effect on Strength... 148
Free Water in the Tanks, effect

of 70

Frictional Resistance Ill

Froude's, Mr., Experiments ... 112

G. M. by Experiment
G. M., Values of...
Gravity, Centres of
Gross Tonnage ...





Grounding, Loss of Initial Sta-
bility .... 81

Heeling of Sailing Ships produced

by Wind Pressure 100

Heights of Centre of Gravity,

Co-efficients for 69

Hogging ... ... ... ... 143

INDEX Continued.



Horse Power ... ... ... 110

Effective 117

,, Estimating ... 123

,, Indicated... ... 117

,, Nominal ... ... 122

Hull Efficiency 121

Hull Weight 28

Inclination, Effect of, and suc-
cessive Metacentres ... 57

Inclining Experiment ... ... 61

Inclining Experiment, Example

of 66

Independent Method of Estim-
ating H.P 127

Indicated Horse Power 117

Indicated Horse Power, Com-
position of andLosses in ... 119

Inertia, Computing the Moment

of Section ... ... ... 144

Influencing the Shape of Stabil-
ity Curves ... ... ... 96

Initial Stability, Effect on, due

to adding Water Ballast ... 75

Law of Comparison, Extended 125

Length between Perpendiculars 1

Length Overall ... ... ... 2

,, Registered ... ... 1

Light Draught 16

Lightweight 16

Lines, Construction of ... ... 32

Liquid Cargo in the Holds of

Vessels, effect of 70

Loading of Ships, Positive and

Negative 143

Loads, Curve of ... ... 142

Longitudinal B. M. ... ... 104

,, Centre of Buoy-
ancy and Trim 30
Metacentre ... 104
Metacentre, Calcu-
lation for . 104

Loss ot Initial Stability due to

Grounding ... ... ... 81

Mean Draught Displacement . . . 40

Mean Water-line 36

Measured Mile, Progressive

Trials on ... ... ... 130

Measurement and Computation

of Tonnage 153

Metacentre, Calculation for

Longitudinal ... 1 04
,, Calculation for

Transverse ... 51
,, Definition of

Transverse ... 46
,, Formulae for

Transverse ... 47

,, Longitudinal ... 104

Metacentric Diagram 51

,, Height, Values of... 50

Stability 57

'Midship Section, Area Co-
efficient ... ... ... 23

Model Experiments ... ... 115

Method Es-
timating H.P. 127
Moment of Inertia of Section ... 144
Moments and Centres of Gravity 4
Moment to Change Trim 1" ... 107
Moseley's Formula? for Dynam-
ical Stability ... ... 99

Moulded, Breadth 2

Depth 3

Multipliers, Simpson's 4

Net Registered Tonnage ... 155

Nominal Horse Power .. .122

Overall Length ... ... ... 2

Partial Awning Deck Vessel ... 162
Perpendiculars, length between 1

INDEX Continued.


Planimeter ... ... ... 35

Power, Effective Horse... ... 117

Horse 110

,, Indicated Horse ... 117
Precautions necessary on Trial

Trips 132

Pressure, Centre of, on Rudders 137
,, On Rudder, Calcula-
tion for 136

,, On Rudders ... 136
Prismatic Co-efficient of Dis-
placement ... ... ... 23

Progressive Trials on Measured

Mile 130

Propeller Horse Power ... ... 119

Slip 119

Propelling Space, Tonnage of ... 156

Propulsive Co-efficients ... 118

Raised Quarter Deck Vessel ... 161

Registered Breadth ... ... 3

Depth 3

,, Length ... ... 1

Relation of Co -efficients to each

other 25

Reserve of Buoyancy ... ... 147

Resistance ... ... ... Ill

Air 115

,, Eddy-making ... 113

,, Frictional Ill

,, Tow-rope ... ... Ill

,, Wave -making ... 113

Rudder, Centre of Pressure on 137

Head, Diameter of ... 139
Rudder Head, Twisting Moment

in 137

Rudders, Types of 135

Rudder, the Pressure on ... 136
Rules, Board of Trade for Free-
board 148

Rules, Five, plus Eight, minus

One ... 6

Rules for Finding Areas ... 4


Rules Simpson's First ...
,, Simpson's Second
,, Six Ordinate

Sagging ... 143

Sailing Ships, Heeling produced

by Wind Pressure 100

Scale, Displacement

and Various

Curves thereon... 38

Shade Deck Vessel 162

Shearing Forces, Curve of ... 142

Sheer Draught ... 32

Shelter Deck Vessel 160

Simpson's First Rule 4

Simpson's Second Rule... ... 6

Sinkage in Inches when passing

from Sea to River Water... 19
Six Ordinate Rule ... ... 7

Slip of Propeller 119

Spar Deck Vessel 159

Speed length Ratio 128

,, to obtain True Mean ... 132

Trial Trips 129

Stability, Case of Vessel in Dry

Dock 82

,, Conditions of Initial

Statical 44

,, Construction of Dy-

namical Curve of ... 99
,, Cross Curves ... 95

,, Curves Influencing the

Shape of 96

Dynamical and Defi-
nition of ... ... 98

,, Effect on, due to Ves-

sel being partly in

Mud 85

,, Effect on Passing from

Salt to Fresh Water 81
j, Loss of Initial, due to

Grounding ... 81

,, Longitudinal ... 104

INDEX Continued .


Stability, Metacentric ... ... 57

,, Moseley's Formulae ... 99
,, Ordinary Curve of ... 94
Sailing Ships ... 100
,, Statical, at large An-
gles of Inclination. . . 92
Steering of Ships ... ... 135

Strains caused by Positive and

Negative Loading ... ... 141

Stream Line Theory ... ... Ill

Strength of Ships 141

Stress, Formulae for ... ... 144

Subdivision of Intervals ... 7

Superstructures, Effect of ... 146

Surface, Wetted 30

Tipping Centre 41

Tonnage 153

Gross 154

, Measurement and Com-
putation ... ... 153

Net Register ... ... 155

Under-deck 153

Tons per Inch ... ... ... 17

Tow Rope Resistance ... ... Ill

Transverse B. M. 46

,, Metacentre, Calcula-
tion for ... ... 51

Transverse Metacentre, Defini-
tion of ... ... ... 46

Transverse Metacentre, Formulae

for 47

Trial, Coal Consumption on ... 134

Trials, Turning 139

Trial Trips, 129

Precautions necess-
ary on ... ... 132

Trim and Moment to Change

Trim 1" 106

True Mean Speed, to obtain... 132



... 137




Twisting Moment


Types of Rudders
Types of Vessels
Types of Vessels, Awning Deck
,, Combined Poop

and Bridge 161
Full Strength 159

,, Partial Awning

Deck ... 162
Raised Quar-

ter Deck ... 161
Shade Deck... 162
Spar Deck ... 159
Three Island 160

Under Deck Tonnage ... ... 153

Values of Metacentric Heights
Vertical Centre of Gravity
Volumes ..




Wake Gain 119

Water Ballast, Effect on Initial

Stability due to adding... 75
Water, free, Effect of, in the

Tanks 70

Waterline, Mean 36

Waterplane, Area Co-efficient ... 24

Wave-making Resistance ... 113
Weight, Change of Trim adding

or deducting a ... 108

,, Curve of 141

,, Position to place, so
that the Draught Aft

is unaltered ... ... 110

Wetted Surface . . 36



Marine Engineering,
Navigation, Etc.





Reed's Engineers' Hand Book

To the Board of Trade Examinations for First and Second

Class Engineers.


Illustrated by 450 Diagrams and Plates.

TWENTY-FIRST EDITION, Revised and Enlarged.

Price 27/6 Net. By Post 28/6.

Part I. Practical Mathematics. Part II. General

Engineering Knowledge.

With 310 Elementary Questions and Answers.

The Practical Mathematics portion of the work has been com-
pletely remodelled to conform with the great changes that have
been inaugurated in this part of the examinations. The prominent
facts in connection with elementary mathematics, mechanics,
heat and steam, are set out in simple language, and illustrated
by examples. About sixteen complete sets of recent examina-
tion papers are given for each grade. Skeleton solutions for all
examples are included, but, for backward students and others
who desire the complete working where all the detailed steps
are clearly and fully shown, a " KEY TO THE ENGINEERS' HAND
BOOK," has been published.

Part II., comprising sections on Electricity, Oil Motors, Refri-
geration, Turbines, Machine Drawing, etc., contains much valuable


information concerning the running and maintenance of the main
and auxiliary machinery.

CONTENTS. PART I. The Simple Rules of Arithmetic. Elemen-
tary Mensuration. The Simple Machines. Heat Steam Power.
Strength of Materials.

CONTENTS. PART II. Oil Motors. Electricity. Refrigerating
Machinery. The Hydrometer, Salinometer, &c. Boiling Point
of Salt Water at different degrees of density. Barometer Readings.
Ingredients in Salt Water. Constituents of Scale. Boilers
Corrosion, Rusting, &c. Indicator Diagrams. The Slide Valve.
Safety Valves. Boiler Rules. Mechanical Powers. Friction.
Barometer. Thermometer. Simpson's Rules for Areas. Turbine

Engineering Knowledge Papers. Instructions in Drawing. Hints
for Drawing. Drawing for First-Class. Drawing for Second-
Class Regulations for Examination of Engineers. General Rules.
Qualification for Various Grades. Conduct of the Examinations.
Examination Days. Specimen Set Papers for Extra-First. Dia-
grams. Drawings.

The KEY to the Twenty-First Edition of
Reed's Engineers' Hand Book

To the Board of Trade Examinations for First and Second
Glass Engineers.

Containing the working of all the Questions given in the
Examination Papers.

8/6 Net. By Post 9/-.

The Handbook contains skeleton solutions to all the examples,
but the Key shows very fully how all the answers are obtained.
A student may arrive at the correct answer by a roundabout way
of his own, but, with the aid of the Key, he may see how the labour
entailed might be shortened, or the alternative method suggested
may be useful in solving problems of a similar character.
Students should bear in mind that at least half marks are given
for the setting down or " stating " of the questions and the re-
mainder for the correct numerical figuring.

Reed's Guide to the Board of Trade Examinations
for Extra First Class Engineers

By W. H. THORN (Member of the N.E.C. Institute of
Engineers and Shipbuilders).

Containing 364 Problems fully worked out, also 220 Dia-
grams, 17 Large Plates, and Appendices on Logs, Trigon-
ometry, Calculus, &c.
FIFTH EDITION. Enlarged and Improved.
535 Pages. Price 18/- Net. By Post 18/9.

CONTENTS. Syllabus of Course of Study. Force and Motion.

Stress and Strain. Beam Problems. Statics. Mensuration.

Thermo -Dynamics and Heat. Combustion and Fuels. Strength
of Parts of Engines. Boiler Strengths and Seams. Problems
relating to Propulsion. Theoretical Naval Architecture, Indicator
Diagrams. Miscellaneous Problems. Appendix : Algebra. Lo-
garithms. Hyperbolical Logs. Trigonmetry. The Calculus.
Tables of Properties of Steam.

Reed's Elementary and Verbal and NEW (310;
Questions and Answers

For the Board of Trade Examinations for Engineers.
Illustrated by 122 Diagrams.
4/6 Net. By Post 5/-.

CONTENTS. Preliminary On Boilers, &c. Preliminary On En-
gines, &c. Form to be filled up. 310 Elementary Questions and
Answers. Drawing Examination. Regulations for Examinations
of Engineers Qualifications, Conduct of the Examinations,
Examination Days. Reading the Water Guages. Examination
of Masters and Mates. Colonial Certificates.

Reed's Useful Hints to Sea-going Engineers

And how to Repair and Avoid " Breakdowns."

Also Appendices containing Boiler Explosions, Useful

Formula, &c.

With 90 Illustrations.

By PETER YOUNGSON, B.Sc., (Engn.) Lon., Extra

Chief Engineer.

SIXTH EDITION. 6/- Net. By Post 6/9.

CONTENTS. The Junior Engineer. Engine Room Hints xor
Juniors. The Examination for Second-Class Engineer. The
Second Engineer. The Examination for First-Class Engineer.
The Chief Engineer. Hints for Senior Engineers. Extra First
Class and Surveyors' Examinations. Boiler Explosions. Rngine
Breakdowns. Miscellaneous Information.

Reed's Hand Book to the Examination of
Engine Room Artificers

New and Enlarged Edition.
5/- Net. By Post 5/4.

CONTENTS. PART I. CALCULATIONS. Vulgar Fraction?. Decimals.
Weight Length. Square Measure. Cubic Measure. Miscellan-
eous Problems.' Percentages. Areas. Volumes. Theoretical
Indicator Diagrams. Indicated Horse Power. PART II. MARINE
BOILERS. Tank Boilers. Boiler Mountings. Water-tube Boilers.

General Notes. Combustion. Deposits. Corrosion. Boiler Ex-
aminations and Tests. PART III. ENGINES. Steam and Heat.
Essential Engine Parts. Cylinders. Crossheads. Cranks. Main-
bearings. Thrusts. Stem-tubes. Propellers. Alignment.
Arrangement of Valves. Slide Valves, indicator. Indicator
Diagrams. Condensers. Air Pumps. Circulating Pumps. Weir's
Feed Pumps. Weir's Evaporating Plant. Hot Bearings and Hot
Rods. Efficiency of the Engines. Naval E.R.A's. How to
answer Questions. Recent Examination Questions Arithmetical,

Reed's Hand Book to the Examinations of
Artificer Engineers in the British Navy

With 104 Illustrations.

Price 6/- Net. By Post 6/9.

CONTENTS. PART I. Calculations. PART II. Boilers.

PART III. Engines and Auxiliary Machinery.

Reed's Guide to the Use and Management of
Yacht, Trawler and Launch Engines

Including Deck and Auxiliary Machinery.

By J. DENHAM YOUNG, M.I.N.A. (Whitworth Scholar,

and Gold Medalist of the North East Coast Institution

of Engineers and Shipbuilders).

Illustrated by 12 Plates and 120 Diagrams.

6/- Net. By Post 6/9.

CONTENTS. Various forms of Engines in use. Small Launch
Engines. Stern Wheel Steamers. Propellers. Steam Pumps.
Feed Heaters and Filters. Evaporators and Distillers Steam.
Steering Gears. Deck Machinery. Valve Gears. Management
of Yacht and Steam Trawler Engines. Valve Setting, &c. Manage-
ment of Steam Launch Engines. The Marine Steam Turbine.
Oil Motor Launches. Priestman Oil Launch Engine. Appendix.

Reed's Guide to the Use of the Slide Valve


Illustrated by 46 Diagrams and 2 Plates.

4/- Net. By Post 4/4.

CONTENTS. What a Slide Valve is and what it does. Normal or
Elementary Valve. Effects of Steam Admittance, &c., with
Elementary Valve. Valve with Steam Lap. Eccentric Sheave,
what it is, and the Placing for a Mormal Valve. Eccentric Sheave
Placing for a Valve with a Steam Lap and Lead. Cushioning, &c.
Valve with Exhaust and Minus Lap. Reasons for giving these to
Valves. Effect of Back Pressure. Key -Way Diagrams. "Inside"
Steam Admission. Proportions of Slide Valves. Generation o*

Steam. Preparatory Construction for Zeuiier JDiagram. Steanl
and Exliaust Portion of Zeuner Diagram. Given Travel.
Cot Off and Lead to find Lap. New Angle GJ. Advance
for New Lap. Changes Produced by Alteration in Laps, &c.,
by Liners. Efiect of Angularity of Rod. Valves for Reducing
of Travel, i.e., Double Ported and " trie " Piston Valve. Relief
Rings, trouble with these. Rule for Leakage of Steam Balance
Cylinders and Piston. Joy's Assistant Cylinder. Velocity of
Sheave. Link Motion. " Linking Up." with Stephenson Gear.
Loose Eccentric. Gab Lever and Pin. Reversal with a Loose
Eccentric Gear. Hackworth Valve Gear. Valve Ellipses for
same. Marshall's Valve Gear. Ellipses for same. Joy's Valve
Gear. Expansion Valve. Meyer's setting Slide Valves. Taking
Laths from Valve and Cylinder Face. Setting Laths against each
other. Alteration to Leads, &c. Table of Alteration in Valve
Setting. Friction of Slide Valves. Pressure in Exhaust Passage.
Estimation of Force pressing Valve against Cylinder Face. Cal-
culating Diameter of Spindles and Area of Ports. Investigation
of Formulae. Questions and Answers on matters relating to
Slide Valves.

Reed's Drawings of a Triple Expansion Engine

And the Pipe Arrangements, On 2 Sheets 40 x 25
Inches. With an Index to all the Parts of the Engine
and Pipes. In a Cloth Case. 3/6 Net. By Post 3/10.

Reed's Marine Engineers Stock Requisition
and Private Log Book

An Aid to Memory.

1/6 Net. By Post 1/10.

FIFTH EDITION, Revised and Improved.

Reed's Drawing of Compound Marine Engines

30 in. X 22 in. With an Index to every Part of the
Engines. In Cloth Case. 1/6 Net. By Post 1/8.

Reed's Drawings of the Engines of a
Steam Trawler

And the Pipe Arrangements and Sizes, with Index to
all the Parts. In Cloth Case. 1/6 Net. By Post 1/8.

The Theory and Design of British Shipbuilding

For Marine Engineers, Ships' Officers, Draughtsmen, etc.
By A. L. AYBE, Honours Medallist and King's Prizeman.
Price 6/6.

Reed's New Guide Book

To the Board of Trade Examinations of Masters and Mates,
with Answers Complete. Also the Elements from the
Abridged Nautical Almanac. TRIGONOMETRY AND

By C. M. SWAINSTON, Nautical Instructor.

NEW EDITION (16th). Just Published. 600 Pages.

With 5 Plates and Numerous Illustrations.

12/6 Net. By Post 13/3.

This edition has been entirely re-written from beginning to end,

to comply with the new work which came into force at the

beginning of 1918.

All the Nautical Astronomy problems have been revised and

worked from the Abridged Nautical Almanac, exactly as required

for examination.

The Trigonometry, both plane and spherical, is most complete,

and numerous problems as set to candidates are iully explained.

The Soundings are brought right up to date.

All the new Deviation and Meteorological questions are inserted

and answered.

The Examination Papers have all been revised, giving examples

of the latest Logs, Day's Works, and Trigonometry problems.

The answers for all parts of the problems will be found at the

end or the book, and the Elements from the Nautical Almanac

are laid out and given in the abridged form. The Tides are also

given as in the latest Tide Tables.

Reed's Seamanship, Meteorology and

.Compiled for Candidates preparing to pass the Marine

Board Examinations for Certificates of Competency as

Mates and Masters.


Illustrated with 135 Useful Diagrams.

22nd Edition. Revised and Enlarged.

6/- Net. By Post 6/9.

Reed's Trigonometry and Soundings

FOR MASTERS AND MATES, containing Examples
exactly as set for Examination.
With numerous Diagrams.
3/- Net. By Post 3/5.


This book on Trigonometry and Soundings will be found to meet

the requirements of Board of Trade candidates, as the problems

are given exactly as set for examination.

Beginners must thoroughly learn all formulae for solving traingles

before commencing the miscellaneous problems ; numerous examples

are given to enable him to practice this.

It is customary at examinations to get one trigonometrical expression

to prove, and one problem to solve.

A few of the new problems in the use of logarithms are given

and explained.

CONTENTS. Involution. Evolution. Miscellaneous Examples

(Logs). Tidal Soundings. Plane Trigonometry. Rignt Angles

Ratios. Right Angled Trianles. Examples for Exercise. Oblique

Angled Plane Trigonometry. Two Sides and One Angle. Two

Angles and One Side. Examples for Exercise. Ambiguous Case.

Two Sides and included Angle. Three Sides given. Miscellaneous

Proplems. Examples for Exercise. Explanation of Examples.

Proof of Trigonometrical Expressions. Napier's Rules. Right

Angled Spherical Trigonometry. Examples for Exercise. Tide

Tables for 1919. Answers to Problems. Appendix. Additional

Equations. Problems in Changing Positions.

Reed's Plan and Chart Work

Required for the Board of Trade Examinations of Masters
First and Second Mates.

With a Complete Chart and Plan, Curve and 13 Illus-

Price I/- Net. By Post 1/4.

CONTENTS. Converting Courses. Compass to True and True to
Compass. To find the Deviation from Card. Deviation Card.
Explanation of Charts. True and Magnetic. New Pattern
Compass. Field's Parallel Rulers. Courses and Bearings. Rules
for True Chart. Magnetic Chart or Plan. Station Pointer.
Tracing Paper in lieu of Station Pointer. Explanation of Chart.
Eurve in lieu of Card (lor Masters). Plan different to Chart.
Explanation of Plan. Explanations of Signs and Abbreviations
on Charts. Examination Papers. Answers to Examination

Reed's Naval Seamen's Assistant

In acquiring the Mechanical Knowledge necessary to the
Able Seamen in the British Navy.

By " VULCAN." Author of Reed's " Marine Stoker's

With 94 Illustrations.

Price 2/- Net. By Post 2/3.


Reed's Practice Charts for Chart Work

No. 1 English Channel. No. 2 Cape of Good Hope.
6d. Net. Post free.

Reed's Charts for Working Sumner's Method

6d. Net. Post free.

Reed's House Flags and Funnels

Of the English and Foreign Steamship Companies and
Private Firms. Containing 648 Different Flags with an
Alphabetical Index.

FOURTH EDITION, Revised and Improved.

In a Book, 8| in. x 5| in. 3/6 Net. By Post 3/10.

Reed's Shipowners' and Shipmasters'
Handy Book


EIGHTH EDITION, Emlarged and Re-written.

6/- Net. By Post 6/9.

CONTENTS. Tables of Proportionate Rates of Freight. Tonnage
Scales at various Ports. Customary Discharge at Ports in the
United Kingdom and Continent. Opening and Closing of Ice
obstructed Ports. Distance Tables. Freeboard Tables. Regu-
lations for Suez, Kaiser Wilhelm and Manchester Canals, &c.

Reed's Tables of Distances

Between Ports and Places in all Parts of the World,

Including a large number of Distances via the Panama
Canal, comprising over 31,000 Distances, with a Table of
Contents and Complete Alphabetical Index.
Compiled by H. WHITTINGHAM and C. T. KING.
TENTH EDITION, Revised and Enlarged.
3/- Net. By Post 3/4.



Syren & Shipping


Founded and Edited by JOSEPH L. CAROZZI.


is an informative Trade Journal for business men, and is
read by the principal SHIPOWNERS, SHIPBUILDERS,
MARINE ENGINEERS, etc., throughout the World.

Printed on Art Paper and Profusely Illustrated.


At Home
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91 & 93 Leadenhall St. LONDON, E.G. 3.


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166 Buchanan Street.

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'Phone- CENTRAL 3383,

35 Arcade Chambers,

St. Mary's Gate.
'Phone- CENTRAL 2559,

13 Bishop Lane.

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'Phone- 5233 SCHUYLER.


20 Vinz Lunges gt., Bergen.


Hoveniersdwarsstraat 3a.


7 Harima Machi, Kobe.




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