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Nicholas Hodsdon-Hodgdon


HiNGHAM, Mass, and Kitteky, Maine.


Andrew Jackson Hodgdon


Almira Larkin White







This work has taken a considerable part of ni)- time for nearly
ten years, and has been quite expensive in many ways. If a full
year's time and the expenditure of two thousand dollars could
have been given in addition for research in England, the comi)lete
English record of the family could have been secured, but I have
not felt that I could afford either time or expense.

I started with the idea, simply, of tracing my own line of an-
cestry, but have found this pleasant work leading me into so many
other different lines that as a record of the Hodgdon family in
America it is more complete than was at first intended.

Thanks are due to Frederick M. Hodgdon of Haverhill, Mass.,
also to Fordyce C. B. Hodgdon of Key West, Fla., who have
kindly offered to share in the expense of publication ; also to Miss
Almira L. White of Haverhill for the able and conscientious man-
ner in which she has edited the book, and to all others who have
kindly furnished information and pictures.

In the years of expansion of this country the Hodgdon family
has had its share, and in the pursuit of industry and commerce
has gone into many of the states of the union. Naturally the
tracing of genealogical records has, therefore, met with some diffi-
culties and the result is likely to fall short of being absolutely
complete and perfect. The following record is, however, the
result of careful and persistent inquiry, and no line has been left
until satisfactory information has been secured, or the futility of
further inquiry demonstrated. I trust that the book will meet
with the approbation of the members of the Hodgdon family,
that they may take pleasure in its reading, as I have in its




?ill^^^lnt nf TJnftj^^ini.


In arranging this work it has been my object to give all the
authentic history and genealogy of the first hve generations of
Nicholas Hodsdon and his descendants in the plainest manner.
The work is carried forwartl in the usual form to the fifth genera-
tion, then we have onl}' attempted to trace the families of Maj.
Caleb and his brothers, Israel, Peter and John, and his sister,
Abigail (ITodgdon) Peaslee.

We find the name variously spelled and have copied it in every
instance as we found it, one brother using the s and the other

The Arms of Hodsdon of Hodsdon, County Hertfordshire,
England, were procured from Cullerton's Heraldic Office, Lon-
don. They are inserted as the Arms of the family in England ;
although, for want of time and money, we have been unable to
trace the English ancestry of Nicholas Hodsdon.

Arms : Argent, a bend wavy gules, between two hoi-se shoes

Crest : A man's head couped at the shoulders prosier, vested
argent, on the head a cap or.

Motto : Aninio et fide (By courage and faith).

I have made use of no unusual abbreviations, using those of
months and states, also, b., born ; bapt.,' baptized ; m., married ;
d., died; p., page; vol., volume; dau., daughter. Each member
is numbered at birth, and when the name is followed by -|- it will
be found again in its proper place with the birth number in a
bracket at the right of the name. If no -|- follows, all I could
learn is recorded at the birth. The small sui:)erior figure at the
end of each name denotes the generation.



Andrew J. Hodgdon (Frontispiece)

Arms of Hodsdon of Hodsdon

Almira L. White . . . •

Nicholas Hodsdon Homestead

Homestead of James Gowen .

Homestead of Maj. Caleb Hodgdon

Israel Hodgdon

Moses Hodgdon

Mrs. Moses Hodgdon

Hanson Hodgdon

William C. Hodgdon

John Hodgdon .

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Hodgdon, Jr.

Homestead of Moses Hodgdon, Jr

Charles N. Hodgdon

James C. S. Hodgdon

David T. P. Hodgdon

FoRDiCE C. B. Hodgdon

Frederick M. Hodgdon

Edward J. Hodgdon

Shedd Boys

Homestead of John Hodgdon

Charles Hodsdon

Mrs. Irene (Hodsdon) White

Timothy F. White .

Charles H.White .

Mrs. Charles H. White .

White Family .








1. Nicholas Hodsdon of Hingham, Mass, 1635; and in 1636,
the town of Hingham, granted him a house lot in the center of
the town, and later, two or more meadows were granted him in
the same town; reference is made to these meadows, in a deed
given by Samuel Ward of Charlestown, Mass., to Edward Wilder,
Mar. 30, 1665.

(Suffolk deeds, Vol. 4, p. 282.)

Nicholas was made freeman Mar. 9, 1636-7, (in the record the
name is given as Hudson), he remained in Hingham until alxuit
1650, when in company with John Winchester, Thomas Ham-
mond, John Parker, Vincent Druce and others, he purchased
large tracts of land at Cambridge Hill, now Newton, Mass., near
the line which divides Brookline and Newton.

"Nicholas Hodsdin at Mr. Hibbins farme in Boston in Suffolk,
hath souled to Thomas Hammond and Vincent Bruse (Druce )
both of Hingham, in the same County, a parcell of land containing
sixty seaven acres more or less, lying on Cambridge Hill adjoining
to John Parker's to the North, Northwest and Northeast of the
said John Parker's with thirteen acres more or less of meadow
belonging thereunto, the which land was by the Towne of Cam-
bridge given to Robert Bradish. Also sixteen acres in Boston
bounds next to Cambridge Hill to the South of it, and to the East


and North cast of Mr. Hibbins' land, to have and to hold "

Dated, Feb. 4, 1650; recorded, Aug. 20, 1651.
Middlesex C"iinty deeds, Vol. I; p. 24.

"Nicholas Modsdon of Boston to John Parker of Cambridge
a just third part of all the lands bought by him of Robert

Bradish. Wife Elizabeth gives her consent and yields up her

right, Mar. 20, 1651."

Dated, Aug. 6, 16 — ; recorded. May 24, 1656.

Middlesex County deeds.

We find no deed or land grant between the above date and Oct.
15, 1656, when he received a grant of land from the town of Kit-
tery. Me., but seems to have been living there prior to that date
as see grant below.

"Granted, lotted and layed out by the Selectmen for Kittery
unto Nicholas Hodsdon, his heirs and assigns forever, a lot of land
above his house, bounded on the South side by Miles Thomp-
son's land as may appear by several marked trees which go upon
the line south east and by east unto the woods one hundred and
sixty poles unto a tree marked four ways, and from said tree to
go upon the line north and south and by east unto a marked tree
Standing by the brook of Birchen Poynt and to come down the
said brook unto the water or river, which brook is the bounds of
said lot."

Dated Oct. 15, 1656.
Kittery town records, p. 9.

Dec. 13, 1669, Nicholas received another grant of land from
the town of Kittery, this lot being sixty poles in length, and ad-
joining Birchen Point Brook. This lot was laid out Jan. 1672.

In 1673, Nicholas received still another grant of land from the
town, which was for 100 acres of land. This grant however was
not laid out during his lifetime, but was sold by his descendants
at various times.

The following deposition of Nicholas and his wife is of interest,
and shows that at the time they settled at Kittery, they resided
at Quamphegon :

" The deposition of Nicholasse Hodesden and his wife, aged 40



















z oa





years and upwards. These deponents being sworne saith that
fifteene or sixteene yeares agoe that Thomas Spensecr being at
Quamphegon at the house wee lived in sayd, that he had given
the one half part of the mill & timber thereunto belonging,
being one quarter part of the mill unto Daniell Goodin for his
dafters portion. Nicholas Hodsden & his wife replied & said,
neybouer Spenser I wish you well to consider what )ou doe. for
you had many children & every one would have a littcll and you
cannot give every one such a Portion, and he answered & said,
that she was the eldest dafter & hee had don yt & farthensaith
not." Dated, Apr. 18, 1670.

Nicholas purchased several lots of land in the vicinity of
Birchen Point Brook. Peter Wittum sold him " forty acres of
upland and swamp, butting upon the land of said Nicholas, and
running back to Rocky Hills."

John Wincoll sold Nicholas "one Tenement with about 30
acres of land, bounded by land of Miles Thompson on the South,
the River on the West and Birchen Brook and Co\e on the North
and highway that leadeth toward Sturgeon Creeke."

Dated June 16, 1674.

The farm which Nicholas occupied the latter part of his life, is
undoubtedly the one just montioned as having been i:)urchased of
John Wincoll in 1674. It is situated upon the easterly side of
the Piscataqua river, which divides Kittery from Dover. It is
located in the extreme southerly part of South Berwick, and is
bounded on the North by Birchen Point Brook ; on the south by
the farm formerly owned by Miles Thompson. This last men-
tioned farm was bounded on the south by Thomj^son's
Brook, which Brook divides the towns of Eliot and South Ber-

The homestead, as will be noticed later, was given by Nicholas
to his son Benoni, from whom it descended in regular gradation
to John and Henry Hodsdon; who sold it to Theo. F. and Thom-
as Jewett, May 17, 1828, (York deeds, Vol. 130. p. 82.) at which
time the estate passed out of the Hodsdon family. The Jewetts
sold the entire farm to William Flynn by deed of Jan. 28, 1850,


(York deeds, \'ol. 210, p. 449.) and it is still occupied by the
widow and children of Mr. Flynn.

" Agreement Ijetween Nicholas Hodsdon of Kittery, husband-
man, and Benoni Hodsdon, son of said Nicholas, agrees that
Bcnoni shall during the Natural life of Nicholas, have, hold and use
in Partnership with his father, all that farm that his father has for
several years lived upon, with all lands, medows, Orchards, Marshes,
garden and all the privileges thereunto belonging or in any wise
appertaining without any division of lands or houses, but in part-
nership and the same shall hold during the Natural life of said

It is agreed that all of the stock of any nature heretofore be-
longing to the said Nicholas or Benoni are to be one half the said
Nicholas and the other half the said Benoni.

The said Benc^ni agrees to take the best of care of the farm and
pay all charges and any profit arising from the product of the
farm to be equally divided every year.

It is agreed after the death of Nicholas the goods and imple-
ments of the farm shall belong to Benoni."
Dated, Dec. 9, 1678.
York deeds. Vol. 3, p. 41.

"Nicholas Hodgsden of Kittery for iJ"130 sells his son Benoni,
all that my mansion or dwelling house and all barnes and edifices.
All of which I heretofore purchased of John Wincoll, containing
40 acres. Also 56 acres of land long since Granted unto me by
the town of Kittery; Bounded by the great River Pischataqua, or
at least a branch thereof on the West, and with a fresh brook on
ye North, which brooke devides between my lands and one Left.
Playstead's land, late deceased. And on ye East with certain
marked trees, and on the South with land of Miles Thompson.

except about seven acres given John Morrell and his wife


Ik-noni to pro\ide for Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth. Benoni
to pay her £(> yearly during her natural life."
Dated, Oct. 22, 1678.


York deeds, Vol. 3, p. 31.

The seven acres given to John Morrell and his wife Sarah,
were deeded them by Nicholas and his wife Elizabeth, Dec. 3. 1674.
The lot was situated in the northeast corner of the homestead,
and was bounded on the north by JiirclTcn Point I'look. Aiicv
beini;- owned b)- various parties, the lot was purchased by IV-noni
Ilodsdon in 17 03, when the entire homestead was once more
owned by one of the Hodsdon family, where it reiv.ained for tlie

succeedine: 125



Nicholas Hodsdon m. about 1639, Esther Wines, a cousin
of Faintnot Wines of Charlestown, as proved b\- the foljowin*;-:

Faintnot Wines, Flaxdresser, inhabitant of Charlestown, Mass.,
1635, with wife Bridget. He d. Feb, 25, 1664. will dated Sept. 1,
1663, proved June 20, 1665. Devised legacies to five of Nicholas
Hodgdon's children by his cousin Esther Wines. Wife Esther
d. in Hingham, Mass., Nov. 29, 1647, and he m. (2) between May
25, 164S, and Oct. 2, 1650, Elizabeth, widow of John Needham,
as proved by the following, from Aspinwall Notarial Records :

"25. 3. 1648, I did testifie unto a Lee of the Attorney made
from Eliz. Needham to John Scarlet to recei\-e all such goods ns
were due or belonging to her husband in Virginia. She being
credibly informed of his death." p. 128.

"2. 8. 1650, Nicholas Hodsdon and Eliz. his wife (formeily
wife of John Needham) did make ordeine &c : Peter I>rackett of
Braintre in N. E, theire true & lawful Attorney to ask &c : of
Capt. Varvell or any other in whose hands maybe certaine goods
of her former husband John Needham, shipped aboard the sliip[)
of the said Capt. Varvell to carry to V^irginia, ^ of the receipt to
give acquittance &c : also to compound &c : & to apjiear in an\'
Court or Courts &c : & generally to doe all things &c : with
power to substitute &c : ratifying &c : " p. 324.

The place and date of death of Nicholas and Elizabeth is un-
known. They were probably buried in the graveyard which was
laid out on a portion of the homestead, to which reference is made
in the deed given May 17, 1828. " Reserving and excepting fp-m
this conveyance one eighth of an acre on the homestead (irst


above mentioned, which has been heretofore used as a place of
burial by our ancestors." Children :

2. Esther Hodsdon,"^ -|-

3. Mehitable Hodsdon,^ -|-

4. Jeremiah Hodsdon,- -|-

5. Israel Hodsdon," -|-

6. Elizabeth Hodsdon;"-^ bapt. Hingham, July 19, 1646; d.


7. Benoni Hodsdon,-^ -|-

8. Sarah Hodsdon,'^ -f-

9. Timothy Hodsdon,- -[-

10. John Hodsdon,"^ +

11. Joseph Hodsdon,^ -|-

12. Lucy Hodsdon,^ -|-

ESTHER Hodsdon'' (2), bapt. in Hingham, Mass., Sept. 20,
1640; m. in Dover, N. H., Dec. 25, 1663, Edward Weymouth
(perhaps son of Robert of Kittery, who came from Dartmouth,
Co. Devon, England as early, says Farmer; as 1652.) Edward
b. 1639, was taxed in Dover in 1662. He had a grant in Kittery,
Me., in 1671 and bought land in what is now the northern part of
Eliot, Me., in 1672. Their house was burned by Indians in 1677,
he was a tailor by trade and they were living in 1710. Children :

13. Timothy Weymouth,-^ -|-

14. Mehitable Weymouth, "^ -f

MEHITABLE Hodsdon,- (3), bapt. in Hingham, Mass. Nov.
1641 ; m. in Salem, Mass., Nov. 3, 1665, Peter Welcome of Bos-
ton, Mass. They lived for a time in Salem then in Boston where
she d. between 1673-81; and he m. (2) widow Mehitable Howard
who had a dau. Mary Howard mentioned in Peter Welcome's will
as his dau-in-law, giving her one half his dwelling house, shop,
.salt house, wharf, &c. She paying to his son (her half brother)
Joseph Welcome now at sea thirty pounds on his coming of age.
He also gives his dau. Mary Townsend the household furniture
which he had before his marriage with widow Mehitable Howard,


who had d. Oct. 23, 1694; his will wa.s dated Feb. 23, and pro-
bated Mar. 28, 1695. His inventory £245M).(). Children :

15. Peter Welcome,'^ b. 1666.

16. Mehitable Welcome,^ b. 1667.

17. Mary Welcome,^ -|-

18. Samuel Welcome,* b. Dec 22, 1673, not mentioned in his

father's will.

JEREMIAH Hodsdon,- (4), ba])!. in Hin^^ham. Mass., Sept.
6, 1643 ; moved with his father to lioston, Mass., and later to
Kittery; Me., where he he had grant of land laid out to him in
1666, being about twenty acres which he afterwards sold to his
brother Israel, as five years later James Emcr)- and Richard
Nason testified that they laid out to Jeremiah Ilodgdon the land
that Israel's house now stands on dated 1671. Kittery town

Jeremiah Hodsdon was taxed in Cochecho, (now Dover,
N. H.,) 1666. He m. about 1666-7, Anne, dau.of Alcxantler and
Anne Thwaits, he came in the Hopewell from London, in 16J5,
aged 20, he was first at Concord, leaving there in 1640, antl we
find him afterward in Maine owning land at the head of Casco
Bay and then on the Kennebec River near Bath. His chiklrcn
were Elizabeth, Anne, John, Rebecca, Alexander, Lydia, Jona-
than, Mary and Margaret Thwaits.

Jeremiah settled in Portsmouth, N. H., and later at Great
Island (now Newcastle); he died before 1716, and his widow after-
ward lived in Boston where she joined the Brattle Street Church,
June 7, 1719. She and her sister Mary, wife of Edward Ciilling,
sell land once belonging to their father lying in Maine on the
Kennebec river Mar. 5, 1724 ; and in said deed it is stated that
five of her father's children are dead leaving no heirs. Children :

19. Alexander Hodgdon,^ -\-

20. John Hodgdon,** -\-

21. Elizabeth Hodgdon,* -|~

22. Nathaniel Hodgdon,*^ -f

23. Rebecca Hodgdon,* -|-


ISRAEL Hodsdon" (5), bapt. at Hingham, Mass., July 19,
1646, moved with his father to Boston, and later to Kittery, Me.;
m. about 1670, Ann, dau. of Miles and Ann (Tetherly) Thompson
of Kittery. The first record concerning Israel Hodsdon in Kit-
tery is the following land grant:

"Laid out unto Israel Hodgdon, his grant of ten or twelve
acres, at ye east end of his house lot, Eightie rods in length to a
great white oak, bounded on ye North with Etherington's land
and on ye East with land of William Gowen, and on ye South
with land of Tristram Harrison."
Dated, Mar. 2, 1671.
Kittery town records.

Also " James Emery and Richard Nason testified that five
years ago they laid out to Jeremiah Hodgdon, the land that Israel's
house now stands on, being about twenty acres, bounded on the
North by Ethrington's land and ye Commons on ye East."
Dated, 1671.
Kittery town records.

And "Laid out to Daniel Emery twenty-two acres and half of
land, it being part of a grant of 40 acres that was given to Israel
Hodgdon by the town of Kittery Apr. 13, 1671 "
Dated, 1722.
Kittery town records.

The last mention we find of Israel Hodsdon is the following :
"Miles Thompson and wife, James Heard and wife, Nicholas
Hodsdin and wife, Thomas Spencer and wife, William Furbush
and wife, Israel Hodsden and wife and Richard Nason and wife
were presented for not attending meeting."
Jul. 6, 1675.
York county Court records.

It would look as though Israel Hodsdon and his father as well
as some of their neighbors favored the Quakers, who were not
popular at that time, for we find Nov. 12, 1659, in company with
John Hoard of Kittery, Nicholas was ordered to appear at the
second session of the General Court, to be held at Boston, and
answer to the charge of entertaining Quakers. To this Nicholas


plead not guilty, but it was ordered that he be admonished by
the Governor.

We do not find the date of Israel Hodsdon's death, but his
widow m. (2) about 1675-6, Robert Evans of Dover, N. II. He

had had former wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward and Ann ( )

Colcord of Hampton, N. H. We do not find the death of Eliza-
beth, but her last child was b. Jan. 25, 1671-2. and the first child
of Robert and Ann Evans was b. in 1676. Robert Evans d. in
Dover, Feb. 27, 1697, and his widow Ann was bapt. in the first
church in Dover, Oct. 30, 1720, and admitted a member of the
church the following month. She d. about 1727, and administra-
tion on her estate was granted to her eldest son, Israel Hodsdon,
May 30, 1727 ; in one of the papers in the case he mentions her
as his mother. The children of Robert and Ann (Thompson-
Hodsdon) Evans, b. in Dover, were :

1. Mary Evans, b. 1676 ; m. Samuel Hart.

2. Joseph Evans, b. June 4, 1682 ; m. Mercy Horn.

3. Sarah Evans, b. Nov. 9, 1685; m. William Lewis.

4. Benjamin Evans, b. Feb. 2, 1687 ; m. Mary .

5. Hannah Evans, b. June 21, 1690; m. Zachariah Field; m.

(2) Richard Hussey ; they were ancestors of John
Greenleaf Whittier.

6. Patience Evans, b. Sept. 5, 1693; m. Sanniel Scarlc.

The estate of Israel Hodsdon was not settled until after his
only son, Israel Jr., came of age, as shown b)- the following :

" Administration is granted to Israel Hodsden of the estate of
his deceased father Israel Hodsden, late of Kittery, in ye County
of Yorke, and the said Israel Hodsden, as principal, Bartholomew
Thompson and Thomas Thompson as sureties, own themselves
to be holden and firmly obliged unto Samuel Wheelwright, Esq.,
his Successors in ye office of Judge of Probate, within the County
of York, in the sum of seventy pounds. That the said Israel
Hodsdon shall well and truly administer on the Estate of his de-
ceased father Israel Hodsden, aforesaid, according to law."
Dated, Jan. 19, 1696.


York County Probate Records,

"A true Inventory of all and Singular the goods, chattels and
credits of Israel Hodsden, planter deceased, praised at Berwick
this 19th. of Jany. 1696-7, as follows:

Imp. The house lot with the addition ^25 — 00 — 00

fifty acres of land, near ye third Hill 05—00 — 00

that piece of land and meadow in partnership.
Lying at the Heathy Marsh 08—00—00

total. ^38—00—00

Nathan Lord.
Andrew Neals.
Nicholas Gowen.
Inventory returned, Apr. 1697."
York County Probate records.

Israel Hodsdon, as administrator of his father's estate, sold the
entire to Daniel Emery by the following deed:

"Israel Hodsden of Portsmouth sell Daniel Emery of Kittery,
a piece or Parcel of land containing twelve acres situated in Kit-
tery, bounded as follows: on the North with Etherington's land,
on ye East with William Gowen, on ye south with Tristram
Harris, on ye West with land formerly laid out to Jeremiah
Hodgdon; together with fifty acres in Kittery; near the Third
Hill, bounded East by Edward Weymouth, South by William
Gowens and John Breadens, West with ye Common and North
by Stephen Jenkins."
Dated, Feb. 7, 1697.
York deeds, Vol. 4, p. 98.

Israel Hodsdon seems to have d. in 1675, as his widow m. (2)
early in 1676. Children :

24. Ann Hodsdon, ** -|-

25. Israel Hodsdon,^ -|-

BENONI Hodsdon- (7), bapt. in Ilingham, Mass., Dec. 5.
1647 (after the death of his mother). Moved with his father to
Boston and later to Kittery, Me., where he m. Abigail, dau. of
Thomas Curtis of Scituate, Mass., and York, Me. He lived first


at Ouamphegon, near Salmon Falls, N. II., where his house was
burned by the Indians, Oct, 16, 1675, and a number of
the inhabitants slain. He was given the homestead at Birchen
Point, Kittery, by his father Oct. 22, 1678. He was a prominent

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