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witnesses subpaenaed this time were John
Henry Smith, Charles W. Penrose, George
H. Brimhall, John Nicholson, Wm. Budge
and others.

Patriarch Alvin F. Steward died in
Mesa, Ariz.

Thurs. 15. Elder Heber Sutton Goddard,
the noted Utah baratone singer, died in Salt
Lake City.

Wed. 21. John S. Gleason,one of the or-
iginal pioneers of 1847, died at Pleasant
Grove, Utah Co. He was born Jan. 13, 1819.

Tues. 21. Charles Ellis, noted writer and
defender of the "Mormon" people, was ac-
cidentally burned to death in his own house,
in Salt Lake City.

Wed. 28. Elder Edward Rushton, a
Church veteran, died in Salt Lake City.


A Latter-day Saint hospital was dedi-
cated in Salt Lake City ; the railway con-
necting Salt Lake City with southern Cali-
forcia was completed; the Church pur-
chased the old Mack farm in Vermont (where
the Prophet Joseph Smith was born) and
erected a mouument thereon ; the first Lat-
ter-day Saint missionaries preached in
Greece, and the affairs of the Church, at
the close of the year, were prosperous.

January. Early in the month, the
fourth volume of the History of Utah, by
Orson F. Whitney, was placed on he

Mon. 2. The new State officers were in-
augurated in Salt Lake City; JohnC. Cut-
ler, the new governor of Utah, delivered
an appropriate inaugural address.

Tues. 3. Patriarch John W. Clark, a
pioneer of Tooele County, and a Church
veteran, died in Gran tsville, Tooele Co.

Wed. 4. The Dr. Groves Latter-day
Saints hospital in Salt Lake Ciiy was de-
dicated by Pres. Joseph F. Smith ; the hos-
pital was opened for the reception of pa-
tients Monday Jan. 9, 1P05.

Mon. 9. The sixth session of the Utah
State legislature convened in Salt Lake
City. Stephen H. Love was chosen presi-
dent of the Senate and Thomas Hull speaker
of the House.

Patriarch Henry Clark Jackson died
in Paradise, Cache Co.

Wed. 11. In the examination of the
Smoot case before the Senate Committee on
Privileges and Elections, the defense be-
gan the examination of witnesses. A large
number of conservative arid influential citi-
zens, mostly non- Mormons of Utah and
Idaho, were called to testify. The examin-
ation of these witnesses was continued until
the 25th, when the case closed and the
attornevs began their arguments, each side
having: five hours to their disposal. Senator
Smoot took the stand in his own behalf on
the 20th and his testimony made a favor-
able impression.

Thurs. 12. Elder John Frantzen died
at Spring City. Sanpete Co.

Fri. 13. Elder Jens J0rgensen, one of
the first local missionaries in Scandinavia,
died in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete Co,

Tues. 17. Elder William Edgar Hokan-
son, of Freedom, Wyo., died in Foxport T
Fleming Co., Kentucky, where he labored
as a missionary.

George Sutherland was formally elected
as U. S. senator by both branches of the
Utah legislature to succeed Senator Thom-
as Kearns.

Sun. 22. Beaver Ward (Beaver Co.) was
divided into two Wards, with Louis W.
Harris as Bishop of the East Ward and
Samuel O. White, jun., as Bishop of the
West Ward. The Frisco branch was also
organized as a Ward, with Wm. B. Ash-
worth as Bishop.

The Sugar House Ward (Salt Lake Co.)
was divided and a part thereof organized a&
the Emerson Ward, with Millen M. Atwood
as Bishop. John M. Whitaker was chosen
Bishop of Suar House Ward, succeeding
Bishop Atwood.

Wed. 25. Ralph Ramsey < who carved
the original eagle that adorned the Eagle
Gate, Salt Lake City, died in Snowflake r
Ariz. He was b >rn Jan. 22, 182*, in Eng-

Fri. 21. Harmon S. Cutler resigned his
position as Bishop of Kanab Ward, Kane
Co. Heber E. Riggs was appointed presi-
ding Elder at Kanab Feo. 5, 1905, and he was
succeeded in that capacity April 30. 1905, by
Zadok R. Judd, jun.

bun. 29. The Saints residing at Water-
loo, Salt Lake Co., were separated from
Farmers Ward and organiz^das the Water-
loo Ward, with Asahel H. Woodruff as

Tooele Ward, Tooele Co.. was reorgan-
ized with Silas C. Orme as Bishop.

Halsey Dean Fullmer succeeded Geo^
W. Hendricks r8 Bishop of Ltigh Ward.
Teton stake, Idaho.

Jesse S. Brown, of the Mormon Batta-
lion and a pioneer of Utah, died at Ogden*
He was born March 26, lb2 l J, in North Caro-

Mon. 30. The last spike on the San Pe-
dro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad was
driven with imposing ceremonies at a point
twenty miles north of the California State
line, in Nevada. This long wished for road
shortens the travel between Utah and
southern California points several hundred

February. Thurs. 2. Edson Barney,
a member or Zion's Camp and a pioneer of
southern Utah, died at Provo, Utah. At
the time of his death he was the oldest
member in the Church. He was born June
30, 1800.

Fri. 3. Lucy Biglow Young, widow of
the late Pres. Brigham Young, died in Salt
Lake City.

Sun. 5. Ishmael Phillipps, formerly
Bishop of Union, Salt Lake Co., died at
his home at that place.

Mon. 13. John S. Smith, a veteran of
the Navoo Legion, died in Kaysville, Davis.
Co. He was born March 10, 1809, in Wor-
cestershire, E gland.

Thurs. 23. Elder Leonard John Nuttall,
a member of the General Sunday School
Board, died in Salt Lake City.

Sun. 26. Alfred B. Lambson. a Utah pio-
neer, died in Salt Lake City.

Tues. 28. Senator Thomas Kearns, of
Utah, delivered a bitter anti- Mormon



speech before the U. S. Senate, at Wash-
ington, DC.

March. Mori. 6. Mrs. Ann Bolton
Smith, a pioneer of 1847, died at Provo,
Utah Co.

Tues. 7. The explosion of an acetyline
gas tank in the Granger Ward meeting
house, Salt Lake Co., killed Miss Nellie
Mackey and injured a number of others,
besides wrecking the building.

Thurs. ,9. Elder Serge L. Ballif , jun., suc-
ceeded Hugh J, Cannon as President of
the Swiss and German mission.

Sun. 12. Bishop James Nelson, sen., of
Perry Ward, Box Elder Co., was honorably
released and Morris Peters appointed
Bishop in his stead.

Sat. 25. Henry J. Piatt, a pioneer of
1847, died at T hatcher, Graham Co., Ariz.

Wed. 29. Robert H. Bradford succeeded
Albert W. Davis as Bishop of Center Ward
Salt Lake Co.

James F. S. Allred, a veteran of the
Mormon Battalion, died in Spring City,
Sanpete Co.

April. Sat. 1. The Saints' meeting house
at Gavin, Miss., was burned to the ground
by their enemies. The building hsd recent-
ly been repaired and fitted up with seats.

Tues. 4. The general presidency of the
Y. L. M. I. A. was reorganized, Martha H.
Tingey being chosen president instead of
the late E mina S Taylor.

Thurs. 6. The 75th general conference of
the Church commenced in Salt Lake City.
General sessions were held on that day and
on the 7th and 10th.

Elder Andrew Jenson returned to Salt
Lake City from his seventh mission (five
to foreign countries) for the Church.

Fri. 7. Don Carlos W. Musser and
Charles A. Smurthwaite entered suit in
the Third District Court against the Trus-
tee-in-Trust to enjoin him from handling
the funds of th Church. Their attorneys
were Charles S. Zane and Joseph W.

Sun. .9. A branch of the Church was or-
ganize d at Aberdeen, Scotland.

Thurs. 13. Anti- polygamy resolutions
were passed by the National Council of
Women in Washington, D. C.

Sat. 15. Willard T. Cannon was succeed-
ed in the presidency of the Netherlands
mission by Jacob H. Trayner.

Sat. 22. Bishop Ira Hogan, of Thatcher
Ward, Idaho, died at Soda Springs.

Sun. 23. Charles Kelly, President of the
Box Elder Stake, died in Brigham City,
Box Elder Co.

David P. Cheney was installed as Bishop
of Chapin Wa"d, Teton Stake, Idaho, suc-
ceeding Frank J. Stone.

The general assembly of the Presby-
terian church at Winona Lake, Ind., de-
nounced the "Mormon" Church and re-
solved against the retention of Reed
Smoot in the United States senate.

Mon. 24. Ira Nebefcer, Bishop of Lake-
town, Rich Co., and a pioneer of 1847, died
in Los Angeles, Cal.

Elder Mads J0rgensen, an early mis-
sionarv in Scandinavia, died at Lake View,
Utah Co.

Sun. 30. Georjre H. Robinson was chosen
Bishop of Laketown, Rich Co., to succeed
the late Bishop Ira Nebeker.

The Iona Ward (Bingham Co., Idaho)
was divided and the Lincoln Ward organ-
ized out of its western portion, with Heber
Austin as Bishop. Most of the members
constituting the new Ward were connected
with the sugar industry.

The San Pedro branch, which formerly
constituted a part of St. David Ward, Co-
chise Co., Ariz.), was organized as a Ward,
with Jesse N. Curtis as Bishop.

May. David Kinghorn succeeded Rich-
ard F Jardine as Bishop of Lewisville
Ward, Bingham Co., Idaho.

Andrew Steedman succeeded Fred
Lundberg as Bishop of Mammoth Ward,.
Juab Co.

Mon. 1. Elders Frederick Jacob S0ren-
sen and Oluf Jensen were brutally treated
by a mob in Tennessee.

Tues. 2. Mrs. Caroline Stoddard, a
pioneer oi 1847, died in Milford, Beaver Co.

Wed. 17. Albert R. Smith, president of
the San Luis Stake, died at his home in-
Manassa, Conejos Co., Colo. He was borns
April 1, 1862, in Paragoonah, Iron Co.* Utah.

Thurs. 18. Richard Brimley, formerly
Bishop of the Fifth Ward, Salt Lake City,
died there. He was born Aug. 26, 1822, m

Sun. 21. At a conference of the Nebo-
Stake, held at Paj son, the Tintic district of
the Juab Stake was annexed to the Nebo
Stake, it being more convenient for the
Tintic Saints to attend conference in the
Nebo Stake. The district of country thus
transferred included Eureka, Mammoth,
Robinson, Knightsville and Silver City.

John T. Russell succeeded John G. Ahl-
strem as Bishop of St. John Ward. TooeleCo.

James Ira May was ordained a Bishop
and set apart to preside over Jackson.
Ward, Teton Stake, Wyo.

Tues 23. Elder Junius F. Wells in be-
half of the Church purchased the Mack
farm, in Sharon. Windsor Co., Vermont,
where the Prophet Joseph Smith was bom.

Mon 29. At the conference held in Brig-
ham City, Box Elder Co., Oleen N. Stohi
was chosen as president of the Box Elder
Stake, (succeeding the late Pres. Charles
Kelly), with Lucins A. Snow as first and
Wm. Clements Horsley as second counselor

Patriarch Oliver C. Hoskins, formerly
president of the Mlad Stake, died at West
Portage, Oneida Co., Idaho. He was born
May 17, 1827, in Illinois

June. Fri. 2. Elder Joseph S. B. Gill,
of Westo", Idaho, who labored as a mis-
sionary in the Eastern States, died with
typho d fever, in a hospital at Pittsburg,

The first regular passenger train over
the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake
Railroad left Scilt L?.ke City and Los Angel-
es at the same hour.

Thurs. 8. Elder William C. Dunbar, a
Church veteran, died in Salt Lake City.

Thurs. 22. The annual excursion of the
old folks of Salt Lake City took place, Brig-
ham C!iTy being the destination. The special
train that carried the party from Salt
Lake City was the larg* st train in one sec-
tion that ever pulled out of the Oregon
Short Line depot

July. Elder Jens M. Christensen suc-
ceeded Christian D. Fjeldsted in the presi-
dency of the Scandinavian mission.



Mon. d.-Elder William J. Jolley, a Church
veteran, died atMt Carmel, Kane Co.

Hun. 9 Judge Thomas D. Dee, a promi-
nent Church worker, died suddenly at his
home in Ogden, Weber Co.

Hat. 15. Elder Joseph H. Ward, editor
of the German paper the Halt Lake City
Beobachter, died in Salt Lake City.

Su7i.46.-At* Stake conference held at
Maaassa, Conejos C ., Colo., Levi P. He'ra
was chosen as president of the San Luis
Stake (to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of Pres. Albert R. Smith), with
Tnornas A. Crowther as first and Erastus S.
Chnstensen as second counselor.

Ephraim Coombs was succeeded by
John W Shawcroft as Bishop of Richfield
Ward, Conejos Co., Colo.

Thurs. 20. John Tuttle, a pioneer, died
at Manti, Sanpete Co

Mon. 24. Elder William H. Hopkins and
Chester L Ijenquist, who had been arrested
the day before on a "trumped-up charge"
were imprisoned in Charleston, Tallahat-
chie, Miss. After a "mock triai" they
were liberated on the 26th.

August, Tues. 1. Dr. Ezra G. Willi-
ams, a, pioneer and Church veteran and a
son of Fred. G. Williams of early Church
fame, died in Ogden, Weber Co

The work of registering for the draw-
ing for honoesteads on the Uintah reser-
vation eommencad; it was continued until
the 12th. Registration was conducted at
Provo, Price and Vernal, Utah, and Grand
Junction, Co^o.

"ues. 8. Elders Charles C. Pulley and
Wm. R. McNeil, traveling in the Mississip-
pi conference, Southern States mission,
were subjected to brutal treatment at Shu-
gualak, Miss., by the constable Tom Me -
Ciure and others, who resorted to violence
in their efforts to force the Elders to leave
the town.

Thurs. 10. Elkers Heber C. Miller and
Joseph EL Walton, Jin., who were laboring
as missionaries in Tennessee, were brutally
assaulted while engaged in trading and
seeking entertainment.

Hun. 13. Bishop Arnold Goodliffe, of
Snowville, Box filder Co., was released
and the Ward reorganized by Apostie Rud-
gar Clawson, with Jonathan C. Cutler, jun.,
as Bishop.

FH. IS. The Ogden Tabernacle choir,
abo it two hundred voices, under the direc-
tion of Professor Joseph Ballantyne, sang
at the opening meeting of the irrigation
Congress at Portland, Ore.

Hat. 19 Patriarch Prime Thornton Cole-
man, a Church veteran, and a pioneer of
Utah, died at Thatcher, Graham Co., Ariz.

Wed. 23. Or. Milton H. Hardy, a leading
citiz m of Ucah and an acoive Church work-
er, died in Provo, Utah. He was born Sept.
20, 1844. in Massachuse.ts.

Fri. 2'). Vlary Isabella Home, a promi-
nent and influential Church worker, died in
Salt Lak^ City.

Tues. 29. Bishop William H. Maughan
died at Wellsville, Cache Co.

September. Hun. 3. Wm. W. Seegmil-
ler was installed as Bishop of Kanab Ward,
Kane Co., sueceeding presiding Elder Zad-
ak K. Judd, jun.

Mon. 4. While about twelve hundred
people were gathered at the race track near

Richfield, Sevier Co., a bolt of lightning
killed young Atlas Bean, and injured a
number of other people.

Tues. 5. Wm. H. Lewis, president of the
Benson Stake, died at Lewistm, Caehe Co.
He was born Oct It 1837, in Llmo s.

Wed. 6. Wilford Hudson, a veteran of
the Mormon Battalion, ded at Grantsville
Tooele Co.

On the generous invitation of Senator
Wm. A. Clark, president of the San Pedro,
Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad a party
of Salt Lake City business men left that
city on a special train for Los Angeles, Cal.

Hun. 10. Huntsville, Weber Co., was
divided into two Wards, the east end of the
Ward (with 29 families) being organized as
a new Ward called Middleton, with Albern
Allen Bingham as Bishop. Andrew P.
Rehnstr0m was chosen as Bishop of Hunts-
ville to succeed Bishop David McKay who
was ordained a Patriarch.

Tues 26. Patriarch Joseph Argyle died
ac Bountiful, Davis Co He was born Sept.
18, 1818, in England.

Catharine Phillips Smith, widow and
plural wife of Patriarch Hyrum Smith,
died in West Jordan, Salt Lake Co. She
was born Aug. 1, 1819.

Hat. 30. An interesting conference was
heldat Xiuvo-, III., under thepresidency of
Elder German E Ellsworth, president of
the Northern States mission. About sixty
Elders and several Saints irom other places
were present at the conference. A fast
meeting was also held in the Riverside

October. The Circuit Court grand jury
at Greenville, Tennessee, refused to indict
the leaders of the mob who brutaUy assault
ed Elders Frederick J. S0reusen and Oluf
Jensen in May, 190.">, statmg, that they re-
cognized no 1 AW for 'Mormons". The evid-
ence presented to the grand jury was
strong and ?ouclusive.

Hun. 1. Elder Henry Dinwoodey, a
prominent and influential busim ssman of
Salt Lake City,anda faithful Church work-
er, died in Silt Lake City.

FH. 6\ The general conference of the
Church convened in Salt Laice City with a
vary large attendance. It was continued
daily until the 8th.

Eider J Wnford Booth, presidentof the
Turkish mission, and his wife, prayed on
the historic sum ni& of Mirs Hill, at Athens,
Greece, and offered a dedicatory prayer to
the Lord in behalf of Greece.

Hun. 8. A Latter day Saint Sunday
school was organized in Nauvoo, 111., in the
old Niuvoo Mansion.

Pres J. Wilford Booth preached a gos-
pel sermon in a Young Men s Christian so-
ciety meeting at Athens, Greece, which
was the first sermon preached by a Latter-
day Saint Elder in that country.

Tues. 10. Rediick N. Allred, a member
of the Mormon Battalion and pioneer of
1847, died in Chester, Sanpete Co. Hi was
born Feb. 21, 1822. in Tennessee.

Tues. 1 7. Elder Uirini Whaanga, a Mao-
ri chief, and Elder in the Church, died at
the Latter-day Saints hospital in Salt Lake
City. He was baptized in New Zealand in
1882 and cime to Utah in 1891. In 1893 -99
he filled a mission to his native land, he be-
ing the tirst Maori Elder who was sent on




a mission from the headquarters of tbe

Wed 18. Elder Thomas Jenkins, former-
ly Bishop of the Fourth Ward, Salt Lake
City, died in that city.

Thurs. 19. The name of Hebron Ward,
Washington Co., Utah, was changed to
Enterprise; George A. Holt was continued
as Bishop.

Sun. 22. Pres. J. Wilford Booth baptized
five persons (Rigas Pofantis, Andromacha
H. Malaveta, Constantine Theodoseon,
George Zlralis and John Lazas) in the Sar-
onic Gulf at a point about two miles beyond
Old Phaleron, near Athens, Greece. These
were the first baptisms administered by
Divine authority in Greece in this dispen-

Tues. 24. A new conference, called
Norrk oping, consisting of the branches of
Norrkoping, Vingikei*, Vestervik and Kal-
mar was organized in Sweden, with Carl P.
Anderson as president.

Fri. 27. Tne new Salt Lake City Dublic
library, the gift of John Q. Packard, was
formallyaccepied by the city officials.

November. Fri. 3. Elder Wilford J.
Knudsen of Provo, Utah, who labored as
a missionary in Scand navia, died in St. Jos-
eph's hospital Copenhagen, Denmark,
from tuberculosis.

Tues. 7. At the election in Salt Lake
City the so called "American" party elected
most of their candidates, including Ezra
Thompson for mayor.

Thurs. 9. Elder Jese B. Higgs, lately
returned fom a mission to Great Britain,
died in Salt Lake City.

Fri. 10. Elder Charles B. Robbins, one
of the original settlers o; Cajhe county,
died in Logan, Utah.

Sat. 11. Mrs. Jane M. Carrington Young,
a pioneer of 1847, died in Salt Lake City.

Mon. 13. Elder James Armitstead, a pi-
oneer and Church veteran, died in Pleas-
ant Grove, Utah Co.

Wei. 15 Patriarch John L. Bench died
in Manti, Sanpete Co.. Utah.

Sat. 18. Patriarch Benjamin P. Johnson,
one of the oldest members of the Church,
died at Mesa. Ariz. He was born Julv 29,
1813, in New York state.

Wed. 29. The Salt Lake City post office
opened for business in the new Federal
buildings, the office being moved the even-
ing before.

December. Fri. 1. A terrible explo-
sion in a coal mine at Diamondville, Wyo.,
killed 21 men.

Thurs. 7. The Seventies residing in
Shelley, Basalt, Goshen. Taylor, Woodville
and Kimball, (Bingham Co., Idaho) were
organized by Rulon S. Wells as the 146th
quorum of Seventy, with Herbert D. Br..wn
as senior president.

Tues. 12.Wm.D. Park, a pioneer of 1847,
died at Mill Creek, Salt Lake Co.

Sat. 16. John Pincock, a Church veteran

and an early pioneer of Utah, died at Og-

Mon. 18. Pres. Joseph F. Smith and
abrut twenty five others left Salt Lake
City for Vermont; they arrived at South
Royalton, Vt.. Fridav, Dec. 22nd.

Sat. 23. The Jose>>h Smith Memorial
Monument was unveiled at Sharon, Windsor
Co., Vermont, and dedicated by President
Joseph F. Smith. Following are the names
of the visitors from Utah who composed
Pies. Smith's party and who were present
at the dedication : Joseph F. Smith, An-
thon H. Lund, Francis M. Lyman, John
Henry Smith, Hyrum M. Smith, George A.
Smith, Charles W. Penros-, Patriarch
John Smith, Seymour B. Young, Rulon S.
Wells Lewis W. Shurtliff, Elias A. Smith,
Jesse M. Smith, Frank Y.Taylor, George F.
Richards, wife and ba*>y, George Romney,
Angus M. Cannon, John McDonald, Brig-
ham F. Grant. Arthur Winter, Lorin
Farr, Ashley Snow, Benjamin Goddard,
Joseph F. Smith, jun., Edith A. Smith, Ida
B.Smith JulinaC Smith an a Susa Y.Gates.
Besides Pres. Smith's party tbe following
Latte- -day Saints were present at the
dedication: John G. McQuarrie, (president
of the Eastern States nassion), his wife
MaggieS. McQuarrie, Hyrum K.Porter, (se-
cretary of the Easiern States mission),
Murray K. Jacobs, Ferdinand F. Hintze,
Fred J. Pack, Sadie G. Pack, Gene G. Pack,
Emma Lucy Gates, Cecil Gates, Robert C.
Easton, Jennette Y. Easton, Henry Peter-
son, Frederick J Jackson, Orestes J. Bean,
Hyrum Homer, Joseph J Larsen, M. S.
Gudmansen, Fred J. Clark, Ellen Thomas
and Eva Y. Davis.

Christian D. Fjeldsted, one of the first
presidents of Seventies, died in Salt Lake
City. He was born Feb. 20, 1829, in Copen-
hagen, Denmark.

Sun. 24. Memorial services in honor of
the Prophet Joseph Smith were held
throughout the Church.

Pres. Joseph F. Smith and party at-
tended meetings with the Elders and Saints
in Boston, Mass.

Mon. 25. Pres. Josepn F. Smith and
other members of the Smith family visited
Boxford and Topsfield, Mass.

Tues. 26. Pres. Joseph F. Smith and
party vi ited Palmyra, N. Y.. the old Smith
home in Manchester township, the grove
where (according to tradition) Joseph
Smith had his first vision, and the hill Cu-

Wed. 27. Pres. Joseph F. Smith and
party arrived at Cleveland, Ohio, visited
Kirtland and Willoughby, and spent part
of the dayiu the Kirtland temple.

Fri. 29'. Pres. Joseph F. Smith and party
preached in the Latter- day Saints chapel in
Chicago, 111., in the evening, and about mid-
night started for the west. They returned
to Salt Lake City, Jan. 1, 1906.

Sun. 31. Berrill Covington, an old pion-
eer, died suddenly in Ogden, Weber Co.


Aarhus, Denmark. 19.
Abbott, John A., 16.
Abbott, Wm. E., 11.
Aberdeen, Scotland, 23.
Abo, Finland, 16.
Academy branch, Utah, 2.
Adair, John W., 16.
Adams, Charles, 11.
Adams, Orson B., 8.
Aetna, Canada, 1, 14.
African Mission, 16.
Aintab, Turkey, 13.
Ahlstrom, John G., 23.
Alabama, 12, 13, 16.
Alberta Stake, 7, 14, 17, 20
Alexandretta, Syria, 13.
Alexandria, Egypt, 12.
Alicel, Ore., 4, 10.
Allegheny, Pa., 15.
Allen, Clarence E., 15.
Allen, Heber S., 14, 17.
Allen, Ira, 7.
Allison, Edward M., 15.
Allred, James A., 19.
Allred, James T. S., 23.
Allred, John A., 19.
Allred, Reddick N., 24.
Almy, Wyo., 6.
Alpine, Ariz., 20.
Alpine, Utah, 8.
Alpine Stake, 8. 17.
Alta, Utah, 1.
American Fork, Utah, 6,

8, 9, 10, 11.
"American Party," 21, 25.
Amherst, Ohio, 17.
Ammon, Ida., 21.
Annconda, Mont., 3.
Andersen, Andrew S., 8.
Andersen, Lars S., 11.
Anderson, Andrew P., 13.
Anderson, Anthon, 4.
Anderson, Carl P., 25.
Anderson, John H., 4, 16.
Anderson, Lewis, 14.
Anderson, Parley, 19.
Anderson, Wilford E., 14.
Anderson, Wm. E., 17.
Andrus. Silas, F., 16.
Apia, Samoa, 2.
Archer, Ida., 12.
Argyle, Joseph, 24.
Armitstead, James, 24.
Armstrong. Francis, 2.
Arnhem. Holland, 2, 3.
Ashcroft, James A., 20.
Ashton, Edward T., 18, 19.
Ashworth, Wm. B., 22.
Astrup, Denmark, 8.
Athens, Greece, 13, 24, 25.
Atkinson, Charles H.. 8.
Atlanta, Ga.. 13. 14, 21.
Atwood, Leslie C, 13.
Atwood, Millen M., 22.
Auckland, N. Z.. 13. 20.
Ausley, Ala.. 6.
Aurora, Utah, 13.
Austin, Heber, 23.
Austin, Mark, 21.
Australian Mission, 3, 5,

7, 8, 21.
Averett. Jeduthan, 12.
Avon, Utah, 9, 21.


Baker City, Ore., 3, 5, 10.
Balfour, John, 16.
Ballantyne, Joseph, 24.
Baltimore, Md., 21.
Ballif, Serge L., 9, 23.
Bannock Stake, 7.
Baptists, 2, 20, 21.

Barker, Fred E., 3.
Barney, Edson, 22.
Barney, Joseph O., 21.
Barratt, Matilda M., 13.
Basalt, Ida., 6, 13, 20, 25.
Batapito, Mexico, 4.
Bates. John, 11.
Baxter, John M., 8.
Beal, John J., 11.
Bean, Atlas, 24.
Bean, Orestes U., 25.
Bean, Virginius, 18.
Bear Lake Stake, 7.
Bear River City, Ut., 3, 7.
Beaver, at., 2, 7, 13, 22.
Beaver Stake, 18.
Beecher, Wm. J., 5.
Beesley, Ebenezer, jun., 13
Bench, John L., 25.
Benjamin, Utah, 8.
Bennion, Edwin R., 3.
Bennion, Samuel R., 8.
Benson, Elizabeth G., 16.
Benson, Utah, 6, 9.
Benson Stake, 9, 24.
"Beobachter," 24.
Berg, Henry W., 4.
Berg, Ole H., 5.
Berlin, Germany, 4. 12,16.
Bethlehem, Palestine, 12.
Beus, James, 12.

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