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The English secretary, or Methode of writing of epistles and letters ... Also the parts and office of a secretarie, deuided into two bookes. Now newly reuised and in many parts corrected and amended: online

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Online LibraryAngel DayThe English secretary, or Methode of writing of epistles and letters ... Also the parts and office of a secretarie, deuided into two bookes. Now newly reuised and in many parts corrected and amended: → online text (page 1 of 28)
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z5\dcthode of writing of

Eptftles and Letters:


A declaration of fuch Tropes^Figures^

and Schemes, as either vfualJy or tor

ornament fake are thcrin required.

Alio the parts and office of a

Dcuidcd inco two bookes*

How newly reuifed and in m any parts cor-
rected and amended:

By Angel Day.

Printed by ^.^.for C. Burble and arc
to be fold at his ftiop,at the Roy all
Exchange. 15pp.













To the right Honorable, Edward

de Vere, Sarle of Oxcnior&fUicount'&vX-
bcckc, Lord Standford W^Badkfmcrc,
and Lord great Chambcrlainc





T is now a fewc y cares paf-
fed (Right Honourable, &
my very good Lord) fince
emboldned by your fa-
uour 3 this booke rudely di-
gefted, and then roughly
deliueredjldidinthe very nonage thereof
recomend vnto your Patronage. And how-
bcit at that time,very little therin appeared
worthy fo honourable acceptance:yet plea-
fed it your L* the fame Ihould then paffe vn-
der your fauourable countenance.

To anfwer fo great bountie therein (hew-
ed, I haue naught but my fimple acknow-
ledgement: and in fignification of the will t
haue to do vnto your Lordfhip any accep-
table feruice,no other matter in fhcw,then a
frefti renouation of thefclfe fame title by an
other prefentment,howbeit in far more or-
I derly manner then formerly was deliuercd.
|o Your Lordlhip may plcafe of your owns
ennobled condition to well dooing, in par-
doning the prefumption of the former, >
vouchfafeyonr liking to this latter, wherc-

A 2 in

The Epiftle r Dedicatorie,
in ( notwithstanding the title all one ) yet
{hall you findc the worke both in order,ha-
bit and (hape,to be diuerfly chaunged.

To excufe the defe&e of the one 5 or en-
large mypaines taken inpublifhing the o-
ther,wereon either part needleffe: feeing
my defire in both^hath principally fortcd to
one felf meaningrlf your L. find ought here-
in anfwerable to your iudgmetjt is inough:
and the vfers fhall thereby (I hope) finde
morecaufetobefatisfied. Thewifeft of all
ages 3 haue notatoneinftant collected their
experience:?/^ in his firft original was no-
thing fo diuine: Socrates in his cradle had no
tafte of his after \vi{domc:Hcrcules paft ma-
ny yeres ere he grew famed by his labors, &
onely vfe and practize enableth vnto the
greateft perfection.

This being fojlt will, I truft/eeme in me a
matter the more pardonable,to haue aduen
turedasldid the formoftofthis purpofed
labor,regarding that by a reuew of the fame
ithath now receiued fome fliape and pro-
portion. Suchasitislhumblie recommend
as beforejVnto your honorable liking. Ami
foi*ny felfe do remain ejalwaies

Byyonr honorable L. to be commanded,

Angel Day.

To the learned and courteous

Readers in general/.

Entlemen/P/&«* 1 do begin firfi to fpeake
vnto you tn this aclion,me thtnk^you doe
efpietn me the farts ofanillSch.o\\tx i who
in till his dooinges, is forced to crane far"
donj&ut hardly fndetb the way that may
yur -chafe vnto htmfelfe the benefit e of fuck
a pardon.

In reformation, rwo notable inflances are held,the which as I
conceiue do crane allowance ^though no prerogatiuc in we I doing,
and thefe are for a man tofinde his defett ,andfecoxdly to haue a
will to amend it .

IwillaffnreyoujhoHvh I benct grationsjwouldbe loath t&.
feemegraceleffe, and this benefite I will haue to gaineyour allow ••
*nce,tbat I will blufb for mine errors jvhere I fault in abilit'e, I
will (hewyoHmy will: Andwhenin all I cannot tie are me from
your cen fare s^yet Jhallyour courteous forbearance be in me no
waies mtjprijed,

Ihaue toforetimeas now (liiltrauclledwith the gardenerjxho
firfi throweth vp hi-s earth on arudeheape, thefcattereth it, af-
ter, fmootheth itfjextfquarcth it,& laflly bringeth it into knots
andworhman{h:p,bef ore which you know, there are many weeds,
loofe hearbesygrajjes, flicks \andrubbijh to be picked vp & thrown
tut: Andthcn andnot before bcvtnnetk his wcrke to draweto-
rvards the perfection.

tAs hefo I^at the firfi threw vp this groundworkjn aheape,
(indwell did fcatter it: after, and he thervnto Ihaue endeuored
tofmooth and to fijuare it , pickma- out thereof many things
which lay to too much difbrdered. It onely now wanteth to be labo-*
red on by it more curious workman/hip, but becaufe it is tnygar~

iA$ d*n

To the Reader.

den fl4t,(fr my prouijion is too fmallto perfect on a fbdatne fo fpa-
ctous agrottndworkcjwtlltemporiz* withthofe dnties jskick
either by time may tn me be [upper ted or by a greater habtlitytn
ethers m ay happilie hereafter he performed.

Now becaufe it is in allomijjions thegreatejr omijjion not te
bee thanke full for c our t e fie s } l will acknowledge that as you haut
hitherto benignly delt with me in thefuruey ofthefe labours ^fo
haueyoubour-dmee the more vnto \ou byyourfauourablecen-
fures. nyindyet if after this continued trauell vnte this pre-
fent^you either tn mine or in the print er s efc apes find any thing
blame worthy ,couer it I pray you as before you bane done with
the vatle ofyourcourtefie. The copies before this, done bene I
confejfe errontoujly many way es deltuered, and this by the blot-
tings and tnterlinings had in the former amendements hatbper-
aduenteralfo his efcapes ormifiakings: If*»y be, they are f ewe
I hopc y and therefore the more eajie to be t oiler ated Onely correct
where fault is^andthe printer and \fhalbe beholding vnto yon.

Hauing thus per formed for myfelfe what vnto your vrortbt-
nesfioode meete to he confidered, giue mee now leaue I pray yon,
touching the order and com fe in this Methode hereafter obfer-
nedfo fay fomthing to them which therby are to talee any benefit
or prof te. In which cafe, the learner -is ctrcumfpettlywith him-
felfe to conjider, thefeuerall rules in the particular chapters
preceeding the orders of thofe Epi{\\cs,tnfuchfort as afterwards
they are difiingttijhed t (jr t here tn fee J^hat to the better ordering
andprinctpalldirecJionjofwhatfoeuerhee /hall take in hand to
write y is there(for his better tnftruBion)entoyncd. By diligent
animaduerjionwherof, he fhallthe better vnderfiand the feue-
rall natures and properties y that in the parts ofeuery Epiltle ,are
ordinarily to berecfuiredjbefides the vfe of them tn their fetter al
places, and what force they bearejbeingfofortedont^accordtng to
their fpeciallpurpofes and directions .

Nextfor the better inducement andleadinghtm into apUine
and per fefl plat forme of this Methode following^ to the intent
he mayasneere as may be^or as hu capacittefat leafiwifi)may a-
nywaics reach vntojjinowef skilfully & nvtby rote) haw or in
what fort he .Shall happen to doe either well or ill, I have firkin 4


To the Reader.

treamhle or intermixed difcotsrfc , cither precceding cr inter*
change aUypaffingJbe fore er with the kindes ofeuery forte of E-
piftles) declared the properties' and vfe of tbofe Epiftlcs, vpou
what farts and p Lice s 9 they and euery of them doo confiftjvttk
what vehemencie or lejfe application they are to bee in forced or
mualltfied^fothathewho feemetbtohaue leafi knowledge at all
(^be it that be baueperfeuerance to conceiue or to difiingutfb the
parts befeeth there laid out before his eyes)may with great fa*
tilitie/tttaine to what feeuer \herein pre fcribed t or by the circum
fiance thereof intended to be in any fort delittered.

To the greater ornament whereof I batte applied a number of
Figures, Schemes,**^ Tropes in the margent ofeuery Epi-
(\\c,euen with the places where they are v fed. And at the end of
this worke, bane Jet them altogit her \and therein explaned to the
Learners vtew,andfor his readier vfejbeir particular natures,
and qualities yto the end that they who (being vnlearned^ cfr ha-
tting aprette conceit of intention of them f slue s)hxuc heretofore
vnknowing done well,mayfee bow with sktUanddtfcrctwt here-
after topurfue the fame jfr the ignorant alfo hereof who fe reach
hath not beenfo ample as others /nay be thereby informed what
vnto welldoing is mofi confonant and agreeing.

Now for the readier finding ofthofe Epiftles,^ each of their
itindes are fitted forth infitndrie ExMaplcs.-Terufe bat the head,
ofeuery page and there you Jhdllfind xobatin the fame page is
sontained, y\%JVhere the Epiflles be,youfballhaue them noted
in their kmdes^as Epifiles Hor tatorie, Dehortatoric,S waforie,
or Diflvvaforie, &c. Andlikewife in the admtxtions y you Jhall
findePhccsor Pans Hortatorie, Commendatorie, Pctitoric,
(frc as they fall out to be handled.

This booke thusjhewing tbefeparts before remembredj haue
termed as yon fee by the name of The Secretoiic, beingin the
tonfideration thereof nothing ignorant what great ycrfettion is*
to be requiredtn fuch a onejjy wbofe title the fame is deltuered,
neither fuppofingtbe matter herein contained to appear e fofuf-
ficient, as per felt ly thereby to enable what in the fame funSl ion is
to bee required Jbut becaufe the orderly writing of Letters, betng
* principal/ part belonging to aSectetatiC) is by the M«hodc


To the Reader.

hereof deliuered to any Learners capacttiephereottt the Scbol-
ler or any other that is vnfurnifhed of the knowledge thereof y
may gather ayde and furtherance^, haue therefore endeuored to
tearmeitbytht name of the Sccrctarie.

Thefe with my milling minde^and de/ire of well doing herein^
I doofrefent to the q^enerall and friendly regardofall^ wnfbwf
that tncourtejie they repute of my trauels, as formoft of all •-
ther thin gSyl therein refpetted their benefites . In affoording
whereoftheyjballdoono more then belongeth to goodmindes t
and encourage me by wh at footer other meanes hereafter ,togra-
ufie their fauettrs.


The English


Of an Epiftle,the commodities and vfe thereof.

Chap. i.

]■, £)<:afmnrij as toe baue betcm cnDcuourcD f o lap
ooiunc a platfojme 03 metboD fo; touting of C#
piffles B;t 0>aU not be amtfi^rbat fotlototng tbe
o:Dcr of allottee itnftcrs, toee flrtt Define onto
pou fefcat an Cpfffle is. 0n CBptOlc tberefsie, ts
tbat txbicbofuallp toe in one oulgar , Doe tearme *
a ILcttcr , ano fo; tbe refpectes rbcreof is calleD tbe meflenger , o?
familiar fpeactj of tt>r abfcm, fo; tbat therein is Difcouereo ftbat*
foeucr ttje mtnDe toltycrb in fact) cafes to bane oekumo. CbeDf'
acrfities of <£ piffles are ma nif oio, as feber of enfactb a platfojme
to eucctc motton } bctng in trutl) fo infinite as are p imaginations
of eaoj ones fantafie, feeing tbe Declaration of euerie letter, is no
mo?e r&en tibat nje mtnDe toiltetb tn all occafions to be per four-
mcD , anD accojDing to fact) iufflg ations Ecberetoitb at tbat tntf ant
mcnarefcDfcbenrbcp toatc ,taUctb bis fojmall fubttancc , utc»
ttjer it be to require,counfel,erbo;t,comm inD^nfoime^ommcnD,
entreat, aDuerttfc,gratulate ,02 tobatfoeuer otberpurpofe tbere*
in pjetenbeD , as canfe ano matter mate fall oat to bee reqaireD.
£fje ant (qui tp ts as ancient as trje benefite njat ttjerof enfuetb in
great , fcbereof onlie njofe tbat are farfictcntltc enable o toittj tfjc
quatitie, can giue trje greatcu" teff imonie . ^eeDeleffe toere ft fo j
me to commenD ttje t)fe, ft&:n aftoellbp ttje annuities of a mini'
ber tbe belt leameD , fobo to aonance trje efficacte tnercc: , tjaue in
funtnie languages pjefcrfbcD rules ano metboDS fo; tbe fame, as
of orbcrs befiDcs ,ftbofe molt erceUcnt tojitlngs of Gfcpifflcsare
at tbis pjefent ertant , it is mod plentiful!? aDuaneeD . 0nD al- .

ftoagb pregnant \oit enfuing bp nature toas tbe fo: rmot! caufe
n)at tlrff bjco tbe inuention of gutters , ano tbat euerp one nata>
rallr can fpeaUe,o? in Tome foU 0; onjet fe t octon n>ir meaning:

55 V#

* ttef<asmfrsmwgofdntfiJlle. TheEnglifli

pet Art p?eaat I (ng in tbe caufe , ano bp canning fed! ma r$ ailing
cnerp tying in bis one ojocr, place ano p;o po:tion,&oto mncb mow
tbe fame is tben beaBtffieo s aoo;meo,ano as it toere in a ncte u}ap$
tranfmuteo bp fact) hind of bnotulcoge, u)c deference t^at oaiiu
appeared map peelo p;oofe fufftctcnt ♦

Wtat is chiefclie to be rcfpe&cd in framing
ofanEpiftle. Ch<p.2,

4D#fmncb as bp nje ne cetTarfe bfc of Letters be*

fate la id ootone, a commenoable maner of to;U

ting ano framing flje fame batb bene alreaop re«

memb?eo : it Cball not be e amfffc , tbat in ftji*

Qaptcr toe note enoenonr to anfmere tbe par*

pore therein p;ctenoco . if o; tbe manifeffatton

fobereof , 3 bane rtjongbt gao to o;atoe onto poor eoneoeration

certaine p?incf pall point s,fob< cb ttjerennto are fpectallfe to be re-

qnitc&:firfl,Aptnes of words ano fcntcnccs,refpecting tbat tbcp be

neate ano cboifelie picheb , ano o^oerip banoleo : nert , Breuicy of

fpcac h .acco2D in g in matter ano c( rcumff ance fit lie to be fra im & :

iaaip,Com!incs in dcliucrancc , concerning tbe per ton ano canfe,

hereupon tbe Direction is groonoeD.

Ejjcflrff, being ApmefleofwordcsandfcncenceSjConflffctb in
cboice and goo tcanms,in ffef Iful ano pjoper application of tbcm
acco;oingto exit true mranmgs,tn toel fitting ano fitting trjem,
to their feocrall purpcfcs.Cboifc ano goo trarmes, are in too; Ds
t)fual,ano plain fo? fie matter in oelfnerie,not improper no; nt to
eoineo, no; to oloe,as baning not of long time befeje be ne bfeo.
Skilful] application is } txben in (beirfettmgootDn tbcp bane eitbec
fbetrtrttei proper fignification fc: oclfncrp,o; clfe bp a mo:e ttli*
tate 02 - teafant tnnenri on map be carieo cone elf colp. Well Toning
I fitting them, reftetb in tbe maitfrinrjanclmg,njatflie rein be a
concwoancefottbtbcn; applications, txbereof mapeufnea on*
conffraetton,ano no otfojoetlU miflafef ng.

£be nert , being Breuity of fpeach , is not as fome bnDlfera tits
|aue tmagtneo,tbat febf cb conflfletb in fr tones of lines,! fljoi tnes
if rmrne in u)cto of a fioe of pa per , bat b?enitie of matter, tobcr*
In (cope ftrabcUnt remaining f« tbe rcceflarp be monffration ano

Secretorie. Rtfpetls in framing of 'M*EpJlk 9 5

odmerte of anp wtofull oeeaQon, men are barreofrom frfaoloaj
drramttance^arfciniflmeoayrinto abbojreaU matter of teDf<
onfacs: jf oj tifcift eaufe fomc baue beene of opinion , ft at confine*
«nce of matter ougbt not to be tofeo tn an Epiffle,foj ft at tt ftcre*
bp tofeftfte tyeto of an Epiftlc,ano tabcft bpon it fte babtt of an
£);ation t yet of fact fo?t ate tn ftts method funojp Epiftles, fte
titles Ufterof are, Hortatorie,DehoitaK>rie, Laudatoric, Vitupera-
toric,Suaforic,Pctitoric,Monicoric, Accufatorie, Excufatoric , Confo-

latorie,lnueaiue ano toft Wse, tftofefpeeiaUbfes do of neceffitfi
ao mit faft fcope as in euerte ojot natte Cptffle ts not fonno , ami
tbougb ftep beare in ftem manpOratorie parts , pet lofe ftep not
ataUfo>ftai,neffternamenojbabttofanEpiftlc. fffce toBerato
on ano ozoinartebfe of fcftf ft,boft eramples of many learneo,ano
common cuflome baft toarranteo. ano fterfoje.taben to be b?ic ft
it is bercfn tntopneo, it is altoapes fterebp to be intenoeo, ft at 8
man tot ft onelte nteeffarte rp&ftea map beepermttteo to oelfuec
%i% meaning, neffter is ft lei ft out fte limits of b;cui t ic, tft en apt*
lie ano at mil fte fame ft all be in ftis fojt repotfeo.

$no ft % fte better Declaration, botoc far re fte conceit bereof
map be inonceo onlp in tarttn g of betters,! toiU fir a limit tft at
map be accounted nccelTaric trjerem,anoaftcrtoarcs enoeuourto
tapoonjne,botoecontrartetttfreunto,mcn(aftocBfn ftetfe, as
in neglecting ftereor ) bane be re tofoje erceD • #eeeffar ie fpee-
cbes, 3 oo account tftatfocner is let bourne, fo)fte|ptaine ano
open belinerte of euerie occafion , to fte intent fte minoe of fte
Id? iter, ano tftat be purfaeft map aptlp ano in goo ano reabp fo;t
be eoncef ueo. 2^e repngnancie bereof iB tften eiftec fotft too
tnnft curtailing one arguments,tn conceit to auopoe f eof oufrtes,
wtofft toomanie 02 oner often repetitions , nener ftinbingta
baue (poke faffi cientlp,ciftcr to tnouce remr mb;ance , o? put fbj*
toarocrarmeaning,tjDeabb;eulater:amplJSeonrCpmies. 2nd
fcfeen ibme oftcrs a!&, of a conceit mo;e carious ftan necedarie,
0rf uing to crceB in bariette of fentence^anr copie of too?D0,cop-
neo all of one fufe,fttnke ftetftee m paining ftcmfclucs to tojfte
mm ftan nsoeft, to be counteo mo:e eloquent . Ebefe fa 11 tng
out to beciroperfetffons, as each of ftem are in truft to bee bt&
meo, fotftere fte Defect remameft, are ftep(foj toeft looting)

4 ' Refpetfs in framing of an Epiftle. TheEnglifli

Clje ft)irDattD laffnofoe being Comelinefle in ileliucrance tou-
ching the perfon and caufe , feemctb fo bee tied unto ttoo feuerall
refpects : tbat is , to n)e reputation of foe partte to ftfcome toe
to:itc, t) ts conotttan,agc,boncur, ano oifpoQUon, ano to tbe firms
of tte matter thereof Xue take bpon fcs to to;tfe: foj as it is moft
decent tljat in trje matter toe mane djotce of, toe giue unto euxrie
taufe tjis proper ano ojoerlp effect:fo is it eucrp toap as eor ur ni>
ent toarTcotfialihe Decorum of trjofe to m;ome oar letters are &

iE ipe reputation of ead) partte, is meafureo scco:&iug to I is
ofgnitie o: toozrtjtncffe, toberebp tjee bearett) reckoning ano place
befoje t»0. CbeeonDitfon,bptbcageo;manerofl(umg,rrbercui
retfetb either grauitte o: poutbfulneffe. C^c liumcut bp cjjc Off*
petition, as trbetber orfirons to be reucrrnceo, fatoneo on,oj tottb
plaine termes fc-fcD. 25p tins reafon, tbe metbooc o: ttile of our
letters failcnj out ofucrfltc to be conQberco : in one fort toe frame
tfjem to oloe men, in an otber fort to young men, one toap to fao
anagraucperfons 3 anotbcrtoHgbtanfcp3ngfcRoU)cs : one plat/
fomic to Courtiers, anot&cr to Pbilofcp&crs. Co great ant no*
table pcrfonages , totfb a untie fpcciall , app;op;tate to tin ir
calling : Co our belters, altoapes tola) fubmtffton : Co onr infc<
riours, benignly ana faueurablp : Co our fricnos, lenmglic : Co
our enemies ujsrplic ano nippinglie, £[)us farre as toudjtng tije
gerfon,ano noto foj rbe caufe.

Jn this point it fdemetb ftjatibe matter of eurrle totting
Cjonlo Sill be meafureeo accojoing to il)c umters a, ere
lit 02to02tty ne0,$at fyc fcaliottp tbereof njoulo be anftoerable to
fbe one o; tbc otbers great ties, o: gonneffe : tbat tbc intenoment
be (ounD.latDfuQ, ano to no euillpurpofes : tljat it contamc not
bafg,ilUi)te, o; fcurrile matter, bnbefcemtng a Direction fo too;#
rbie.£3)en trjatcucrictlimgtxjbeetonttcn of frjoulD brcocliucreo
acceding fo tjfsj)2oper qualitte : ccrmes mo;c officious tbaa
befceming, ate unfitting: not fufficienilie to confioer of eacb re*
putarfon,toerr oner rjomelie.3 matter of grauitte is to bee of U«
ucrco totrbtoatgut : a matter of fonotoeQjoulDbe rcpo;t:DUm&
grie,fe: a matter of pa(fime,to be DifcourfeD toM; pleafuce: a mat'
let of foBp /• ^mglcotoitb laugbter. ijiofo eontraritolfcto a >
perfcnfo- £. - : * ^te of iegSjtg talUe leanteolp to a clotone, *

Secrctoric. Rcfpctfs in framing of an Epiftk, $

to falufe an oloc man Imtb rtjf lo(U) fanfafics:fn cafes of foafgbt,
to aouancc trifles: mere alrogftbcr as improper aspatifu), erne
nioje abfuro njan fitted to be tolleratc D in ante flulftiH Wage.

ftnDbtcaufc 3 Ijauc tahcn ttpon me fome oiflinguKbmc nts of
batting, tibercin 3 f^eciall tc &am> t>pon rljoife ano mate fcrmes
6nofpeert)cs,toitt) proper applications : 3 ttnnhe it notamifle to
fct ooton Unto pou fome Ibcto of tlje contrarfc tnurements,rajer-
bp pou map iuitbtbe greater Difcretionconcciue tbeernw tbete-
of, tbe tt&icb 31 (jane fomerimcs notebinoijer mens footings:
#nb firtf ,of unfcemlp applications : as foj erample:one tbat fome
times intenoeo not a luie of rjis ottmc indention, tolw bpon t)im
to Unite a loue letter to a mom an of fcer ie meant rec honing , in
fcbtcb, after be bafc ojatone (dpoo Cupid bp. tbe name of tt> blut-
tjeo bop)b£tt)ofe parts of fauo? ttjat newer mere in bet, anb Qcto*
cu blmfelfe mucb paffionat foj rrje loue be ougtjt to ber,be conclm

Sett) tbe mcatter in tl)iS fojt. Thuscrauing yoinlavvfullbcneuo-
lence,in not mec reiedting, your anfvvere comfortable and not intol-

lerable^&c STbe toomaii not accuffomeoto fu;b bote tntertaiw
ment, anoratber bluntlte befoje time purfueo, n>n Bamtilie On
freateo,bcganne berebpon (fojfcotb) to mare cop, ana to tntenbe
great matter of (jer felf,ano hunting ber fauanr at a bigger rate
tbcnbebelthcfi&meDaftertoaroe milling to become a psrebafee
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Dingtoacbaritable reliefer curfcous contribution of money,
tfjen to ante fucb purpofe as be meant it. iBefioes, your anfwerc
comfortable , and not intolerable. Jf tbcfe bao pafieO in a if 0\it

bao banc mo;e conuem'cnt.but V)feo bona ftdcjt mas too too ban,
cfpeciattte refpecting tbe partie febat flje mas , from lubomc one
iuoulD baue fuppofeo tbat fucb a one as rjtmfclf, ccaio neuer bane F
receiueo (but bp to mucb tollerationj anp Difr antcntment at aU. foThe it°JS
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fyaityemcD me tlje letter) mas weB rrputca of , but alfo fome of
tbe fojmaroer fort, onlie bp affectation of tno;Ds, totyd) tbep bauc
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qoent m too3W,ano ftub as enerp Carter fyonlo not conceit* of,
began an fcpiffle to a booae bp fytm pnblf $e* in fl)ts fo;t tftbere-
tn feconblp appeared ttjts erronrotolouitpzoper 03 neb copne*
tcrmcs.ino a)ts to as tbe fojine.

Egregious Dolours and Maimers ©f the eximbus and Aiw
Chane Science of Phyfickc, of your Vrbanirie exa/pcrace not jroct
felues agaynft mee, for making of this little volume of Phyficke.
Confidering that my pretence is for an vtilitie and a Common*
wealth. And this notonelie, butalfo I doe it for no detriment,
but for a preferment of your laudable Science , that eucrie mas
fliould e(iccme,repute, and re garde the excellent facultie. And alfo
you to bee extolled and highlie preferred, that hath and dooth ftu*
die, praclife and labour this (aide Archane Science , to the which
none marciouspcrfons, can nor (hall attainetoihe knowledge: yet
notwuhfhnding fooles and infipicnt pcrfons, yea and manie the
which doth think themfelues wife(the which in this facultie be fooles
indeed) will enterprife to fmatter, &c. WB, ZB tijCtt tWX fa ne from

a learncD man a moze pjepotteron* t contafco feino of netting,
farceo toftb (b manp ano fneb oooe coprteo tearmes fn lb litt k W
tertng.-'Bnt turelp , ttic man d (d it or a great concefte, foj as ap*
pearetb bp (be conrfc or all bis Cpfffle foOototng, bis bitten
tocrt fe peHereD toifij an angrfe mtQifec of tbe bad oenuanoj of
Tome bnlearneo bfets or bts fctence(as be tbongbt toi ttj bf mfelfe)
ffjat cuerte bottber tyoulo not be able to bent fjtm, but bee tyonl*
bee a man of (btne reacb at lead tbat ftjoulo finoc turn. # cut r tbe*
teffebotoe foifc fo ener QcdD bis imaginations : n)is one tying ooa
ianotoe, tbat ofnerfetoubome 3 bane u)ctoeo tbe bcoae banc
bcrle bearttlie laugbeo in peruSng t&e parts or bis uniting, if oj

fijefe egregious, eximious, rrbanitic, ant) exafperate , altyongb ttjC

foo;ocs be in fomc foit toQerable , pet becanfe ante of tbe m act
smongfftis toerie rarellebfcD, ano intbis netting ttooof n>m
efpEctaUpberpbnpwperlpplaceD.tbc maner tbereof (bnnDeft(ai
mine optnion)notbina,pleafant. Jnfomucb as exafperate is p;o<
pcrlpto fctbim in af,irr?trrage,tbat is atreabie fononQp brnt
tn a (bing,ano befioes, Up tbe action of anotber man tbr n bimfclft
tibo as it toere or a refolnte totU ano meaning , too olo got about
top;ocnrt it, fo$at it maie be toenfaioc , hec didesafperate hut

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