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3. John Dall, who left one son, John.

5. Angus Riabhach. His father bestowed upon him the
lands of Moi-ar, and others, which Tiis family occupied
till the first half of the 16th century, when the family
of Dougall, the deposed Chief of Clanranald, succeeded.
His son, Angus, succeeded Angus Riabhach in these
lands. He is witness to a charter by Angus, Master of
the Isles, in 1485. In 1498, King James IV. granted
to Angus, whom failing to his son, Angus, a charter of
the 1 2 merk lands of Benbecula, 9 merk lands in Eigg,
6 merk lands in Arisaig, and the 14 merk lands of
• Morar, all of which. were resigned in his favour by
John, son of Hugh Macdonald of Sleat. Ahgus'was
succeeded by his son, Angus, and he in turn was
succeeded by his son, John, who was dead in 1538.



In that year a gift of the non-entry duties of his lands
was granted to Allan and Lachlan ^^'^V)ull ^r'Ranald
until the lawful heir came of ugc. Tn the fc^llowing
year this gift was reeallel, and the Earl of Argyll
received a similar gift of the same lands. No further
gift of these lands seems to have been made to the
family of Angus lliabhach, who now disappear as
landowners among the Clanranald. Angus llialjhacli,
who, according to MacVurich, became a friar at Tona,
died in 1440, and was buried at llollaig Grain.
5. Dougall, designated as Dougall of Sunart, from whom the
.Siol Dhiighaill. He was succeeded by his son. Angus
the Red. Dougall died at Resipoll in 1426, and was
buried at Rollaig Grain.

Reginald, the founder of the Clanranald family, died
at Castletirrim in 1386, and was buried at Kollaig
Grain. He was succeeded by his eldest sou,

II. Allan. Allan, according- to MacVurich.
married a daughter of Stewart of Appin, and,
according to another family historian, he married
a daughter of John, Lord of Lorn, who may have
been his second wife. Allan's family were —

1. Roderick, who succeeded him.

2. Allan, from whom the Macdonalds of Knoydart, known

as Sliochd Alein 'ic Alein.

3. John, who left a family.

Allan 11. of Clanranald, who was living in 1428.
died at Castletirrim, and was buried at liollaig
Grain. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Roderick. Roderick married Margaret,
daughter of Donald Balloch Macdonald of Dunny-
veg and the Glens. He had by her —

1. Allan, his successor.

2. Hector, who obtained lands in Morven, and from whom

the MacEachen?.

Roderick married, secondly, Marion, daughter of
William Mackintosh, Captain of Clanchattan. He
had, by a daughter of Maclean of C/oll, Duncan


Garbh. He had other children — Farquhar and

Roderick III. of Clanranald died in 1481, and
was buried at Kollaig Grain. He was succeeded
by his eldest son,

IV. Allan. Allan married Florence, daughter
of Donald Macdonald of Ardnamurchan. He had
by her —

1. Ranald Bane, his successor.

2. Alexander, who afterwards succeeded to the chiefship.

3. Marion, married to Donald Herrach Macdonald, North


Allan married, secondly, Isabella, daughter of Thomas Lord
Fraser of Lovat. She afterwards married John Mor Grant I. of i
Glenmoriston. Allan had by her Ranald, known as Ranald
Gallda, whom his mother's kindred, backed by the Scottish
Government, attempted to foist on the Clanranald as their chief.
Ranald, who was killed at Blar Leino in 1544, left no legitimate
issue. A Precept of Legitimation was obtained from the Crown,
in 1555, in favour of his sons, Allan, John, and Alexander.
Allan, designated of Easter Leys, the eldest of these sons,
received from the Crown a gift of the non-entry duties of .
Moydart and Arisaig in 1562. In the same year he married I
Margaret, daughter of Hugh Lord Fraser of Lovat, and had
three sons, John, Angus, and Alexander. In 1582, James IV.
granted in heritage to Allan M 'Ranald of Easter Leys the non-
entry and other dues of the 23 merk lands of Kendess and the
14 merk lands of Benbecula. John is on record, in 1588, as son
and apparent heir of Allan MacRanald of Easter Leys. In 1599,
he and Alexander, his brother, were murdered by Mackintosh.
John was succeeded by his brother, Angus, who appears on i-ecord
as Angus MacRanald of Moidart, and at whose instance, with
John, his son, and his daughter, Elizabeth, Donald of Clanranald
was declared rebel, in 1G15, for not removing from the lands of
Moidart and Arisaig. His family, of whom we now hear no
more, had made strenuous efforts for many years to obtain
possession of what they believed to be the inheritance of Ranald



Allan IV. of Clanranald had another family —
Allan Riabhach, John Bronnach, Donald who had
a son, John Molach, and James.

Allan died at Blair- AthoU in 1505, and was
buried there. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

V. Ranald Bane. Ranald married Catherine,
daughter of Lachlan Mackintosh of Gellovie, com-
monly called Lachlan Badenoch. He is also said to
have married a daughter of Roderick INIacleod of
Lewis, probably his second marriage. He had three
sons —

1. Dougall, liis heir and successor.

2. John.

3. Allan.

4:. Agnes, married to Robert Robertson of Struan.

Ranald died at Perth in 1 509, and was succeeded by
his eldest son,

VI. Dougall. Dougall, according to one manu-
script authority, married a daughter of Cameron of
Lochiel ; according to another he married a daughter
of Norman, the son of Patrick Obeolan, of the clerical
family of Applecross ; according to a third he married
a daughter of Sir Alexander Macdonald of Lochalsh.
He left four sons —

1. Allan, from whom the ^lacdoualds of Morar.

2. Lachlan.

3. Alexander.

4. Ranald, from whom the Macdonalds of Bornish.

Dougall was assassinated in 1520, and his sons were
excluded from the succession. He was succeeded in
the chiefship by his vuicle,

VIL Alexander. Alexander had three families.
By Dorothy he had —

1. John Moidartach, his successor.

2. Angus.

3. Rory Roy of Borodale.

4. Donald of Lochan.


By the daughter of Noram MacGillipatrick he had —

1. John Ard.

2. Allan Odhar.

3. Rory, rector of Kilchoan, in Ardnamurchun, which, after

a time, he held with the rectories of Arisaig and
Kuoydart. He was promoted to the Deanery of
Morveu in 1540, and in 1545 was recommended by
the Islesmeii for the Bishopric of the Isles in opposi-
tion to Roderick Maclean, the nominee of the Scottish
Regent. He ultimately became rector of Islandfinnan.
He was buried in Ardchattan. The following is the
inscription on his tomb (the date of his death
benig omitted) : — " Hie jacet venerandus et egregius
vir Rodericus Alexandri, Rector quondam Funnanni
Insulae, qui obiit Anno Dom. ."

By Marion, daughter of Farquhar Mackintosh, Alex-
ander had

Farquhar of Skirhough, in South Uist
He had a daughter Catherine, who married Donald
Gruamach, 4th Baron of Sleat. Alexander died at
Castletirrim before 1530, and was succeeded by his

VIII. John Moidaetach. He married Margaret,
daughter of Macdonald of Ardnamurchan, and by her

Allan, his heir and successor.
By the daughter of Macdonald of Knoydart he had —

1. John Og, from whom the Macdonalds of Glenaladale.

2. Donald Gorm, tacksman of Gerinish in 1610. Angus, his

son, was Bailie of South Uist in 1629.

3. Rory Og, who left two sons, Donald and John.

By the daughter of Neil, son of Charles, he had —

1. Rory Dubh.

2. Ranald. He had a son, John, rector of Islandfinnan.

3. John Dubh.

4. Angus.

He had a daughter, who married Allan Maclean of
Ardgoui. According to the Clanranald Book of


1819, he bad by Penelope Erskine a daugbter, who
married Jobn Stewart of Appiii.

Jobii Moidartach died in 1584, and was buried
at Howmore, in Soutb Uist. He was succeeded by
his eldest son,

IX. Allan. Allan had by the daughter of
Alastair Crotach Macleod of Dunvegan
Allan Og, killed by his brothers in Arisuig.
Allan repudiated his wife, m4io had formerly been
married to John Og, son of Donald Gruamach of
Sleat. She afterwards married Ranald Macdonald
of Keppoch. After her Allan married Janet,
daughter of Hector Mor Maclean of Duart, and had
by her

1. John, accidentally killed at Strome, where he was fostered

by Glengarry.

2. Angus, who succeeded.

3. Donald, afterwards of Clanranald.

4. Ranald, of Benbecula.

5. John, from whom the Macdonalds of Kinlochmoidart.

6. Rory, of Boisdale.

7. Margaret, who married Donald Macdonald of Glengarry.

8. Marion, who mai'ried Roderick MacNeill of Barra, with


9. Letitia, who married Alexander Macdonald of Glen.


Allan died in 1593, and was buried at Islandfinnan.
He was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

-X. Angus. Angus's marriage is not recorded.
He had a son, Donald Gorm, of Borrodale, who for
some reason did not succeed him. He married
Janet, daughter of his uncle, Donald of Clanranald,
with issue —

1. Donald, killed at Philiphaugh.

2. Alexander.

He left other sons, Angus and Ranald.

Donald Gorm was dmwaed between Colt and Muck
with his wife and household. Angus was killed


shortly after his succession to the chiefship, and
was succeeded by his brother,

XL Donald. Donald married Mary, daughter
of* Angus Macdonald of Dunnyveg and the Glens,
and had by her —

1. John, his successor.

2. Kanald Og, who died without issue, and was buried at

Islandfinnan in 1636.

3. Alexander Og, who died without issue,

4. Donald (Jlas, who died without issue.

5. Marion, married to Lachlan Maclean of Torloisk, with


Sir Donald, who had been knighted at Holyrood by
King James IV. in 1617, died at Castletirrim in
December, 1618. He was succeeded by his son,

XII. John. John married, in 1613, Marion,
daughter of Sir Kory Mor Macleod of Dunvegan,
and had by her —

1. Donald, his successor.

2. Marion, who married Lachlan Maclean of Coll, with issue.

She afterwards married Rory Maclean of Pennymuloch,
eldest son of Lachlan Maclean, liesiboll.

3. Catherine, wiio married, in 1653, Galleon MacNeil,

younger of Barra.

4. Anne, who married, in 1653, Ranald Macdonald of Ben-


John died at Eriska in 1670, and was buried at
Houmore. He was succeeded by his son,

XIII. Donald. Donald married, in 1655, Janet,
daughter of Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat. He
married, secondly, Marion, daughter of John Mac-
leod of Dunvegan, widow of Norman, son of Sir
Norman Macleod of Bernera, by whom she had a
son, Alexander. Donald had by his second wife —

1. John Moidartach, who died unmarried, at the ago of '21.

2. Allan, Avho succeeded his father.

3. Kanald, who had a tack of Boisdale, and succeeded his

brother, Allan.


4. Marion, married to Allan Macdonald of Morar, with issue.

5. Janet, married to Donald Macdonald of Benbccula, with


6. Mary, married, in 1703, to Captain Allan Maclean, witli


Donald, who lived for the most part at Castletirrim,
on which he made extensive repairs, died at Canna
in 1686, and was buried at Howmore. His widow
married Ranald Macdonald of Milton, and died in
1710. Donald was succeeded by his eldest surviving

XIV. Allan. He was educated at Inverness,
and under University tutors at home. Castletirrim,
his principal residence, was garrisoned by William of
Orange shortly after the battle of Killiecrankie, in
1689. The garrison, under the command of a Lieut,
Calder, was removed in 1698. Allan married Pene-
lope, daughter of Colonel Alexander Mackenzie, of
the Killichrist family, without issue. Allan fell,
mortally wounded, at Sheriffmuir, and was carried
to Drummond Castle, where he died next day. He
was buried at Innerpeifray, in the burial-place of
the Perth family His widow died in 1743. Allan
was succeeded in the representation of the family
by his brother,

XV. Ranald. Ranald, who never married, died
at Fauborg St Germains, June 13, 1725, and was
buried in the Church of St Sul23ice, in Paris.
Ranald was succeeded in the representation of the
family by Donald Macdonald of Benbecula, to whom
the forfeited estates of Clanranald were afterwards

XVI. Donald. Donald married, first, Janet,
daughter of Donald Macdonald of Clanranald, with
issue —

1. Ranald, his successor.


He married, secondly, Margaret, daughter of George
Mackenzie of Kildun, third son of George, second
Earl of Seaforth, and had by her —

2. James, who was educated in France. He died, in 1719,

unmarried. His elegy is in the Book of Clanranald.

3. Alexander of Boisdale.

4. Aiuie, who married John Mackinnou of Mishinish, second
.; son of Lachlan Mackinnon of Strath.

Donald died in 1730, and was buried at Oladh
Mhuire, Nunton. He was succeeded by his eldest

XVn. Ranald. Ranald, w4io was born in 1692,
married, in 1720, Margaret, daughtei' of William
Macleod of Bernera, eldest son of Sir Norman
Macleod of Bernera and Katherine, daughter of
§ir James Macdonald of Sleat. By her he had—

1. Ranald, his successor.

2. Donald, to whom his father gave the lands of Benbecula,

which he afterwards renounced in favour of his brother,
Ranald. He engaged in the Rebellion of 1745-6, and
was a captain in the Prince's Army. He was after-
wards imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle, but was
liberated without trial, when he followed his brother,
Ranald, to France. In 1756 he returned to Scotland,
and was appointed to a company in Fraser's High-
landers. He served with that regiment in the
American War, and greatly distinguished himself in
several actions. " Captain Macdonald," writes General
Stewart of Garth, " was an accomplished, high-spirited
officer. On the expedition against Louisburg and
Quebec he was much in the confidence of Generals
Amherst, Wolfe, and Murray, by whom he was
employed on all duties when more tlian usual
difficulty and danger had to be encountered, and
where more than common talent, address, and spirited
example were i-eqiiired. Of this several instances
occurred at Louisburg and Quebec." Donald was
killed at the Sitge of Quebec in 1760. He died


3. Gordon Alexander. He was sent to Douay to Ije educated

for the priesthood, but he did not continue his studies.
He afterwards lived in South Uist, and died there,
unmarried, in 1809.

4. William. He served as a lieutenant in Geiicral Simun

Fraser's Regiment, or 78th Highlanders. He retired
from the army, and became tacksman of Ormiclate, in
South Uist, where he died in 1779, leaving two sons,
Donald and James, then under age.

5. Alliin, who lived in South Uist all his life, and died there.

6. Norman. He studied law in Glasgow. Nothing further

is known of him.

7. Hugh. He studied medicine. Nothing further is known

of him.

8. Louisa, who died unmarried.

9. Margaret, who was educated in Ireland. She afterwards

lived in South Uist, where she died unmarried, at
Ormiclate, in 1826, in the 88th year of her age.

Ranald died at Nuiiton, March 6th, 176G, and was
burled there. His widow, Margaret Macleod, died
at Oi-miclate, Sejitember 20. 1780, and was buried
at Nunton. Ranald was succeeded by his eldest

XYIII. Ranald. He was educated at St Ger-
mains, in France, at the expense of Penelope, widow
of Allan Macdonald of Clanranald. During his stay
in France he became intimately acquainted with
Prince Charles.. He was there in 1740, and had for
his tutor Neil MacEachen. He married Mary,
daughter of Basil Hamilton of Baldoon, sister of the
Earl of Selkirk. By her he had —

1. Charles James Somerled, who died in Edinburgh, May
'2b, 1755, in the 5th year of his age, and was
buried at Holyrood. His mother died May lltli,
1750, aged 30.

Ranald married, secondly, in June, 1759, Flora,
daughter of John Mackiiuion, younger of Mac-
kinnoii, and liad by her, who died in 1820 —


1. .John Moidartach, his successor.

2. .James, who entered the army, in 1783, as ensign. He

was afterwards a Heutenant in the 19th Regiment, and
captain in the 73rd in 1791. He served both in the
East and West Indies, and was dangerously wounded.
In 1803 he was major in the 93rd Regiment, and
latterly its Lieutenant-Colonel. Colonel Macdonald
married, and had four sons, Archibald, James, and
two others. He had one daughter, Flora Mar}'^, who
married, in 1836, the Hon. Arthur Annesley, eldest
son of Viscount Valentia, with issue, among others,
Arthur, who in 1868 succeeded his grandfather as
11th Viscount Valentia. The Hon. Mrs Arthur
Annesley mai-ried, secondly, in 1847, Colonel the
Hon. George T. Devereux, without issue. She died
November 5th, 1884. Colonel James Macdonahl died
in 1838.

3. Margaret, who died unmarried in 1838.

4. Mary, who died unmarried.

5. Penelope. She married, in March, 1789, William, 7th

Lord Belhaven, with issue — Robert Montgomery, 8th
Lord, and others. She died in 1816.

Ranald died at Nunton, October 2, 1776, and was
buried there. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

XIX. John Moidartach. He married, first,
March 3, 1784, Katherine, daughter of Robert Mac-
queen of Braxfield, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland,
with issue —

1. A daughter, born March 29, 1785, died in infancy.

2. Ranald, born April 3, 1786, died in infancy.

3. Ranald George, born August 29, 1788, his successor.

4. Robert Johnstone. He died, at Hartlepool, unmarried.

5. Donald. He was educated at the University of Leyden,

where he took his degree in 1817. He entered the
Civil Service, and lived for some time at Demarara.
He is in Berbice in 1829-34. He died unmarried.

John Moidartach married, secondly, Jane, second
daughter of Colin Macdonald of Boisdale and
Isabella Campbell, without issue. She died June 2,
1847. Clanranald died in Edinburgh, November 18,


1794, and was buried at Holyrood. He was suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son.

XX. Ranald George. He manied, February
13, 1812, Lady Caroline Anne Edgcumbe, second
daughter of Richard, second Earl of Mount-
Edgcumbe, Lady Caroline, who was boin October
22, 171)2, died April 10, 1824, and was bui-ied nt
Holyrood. By her Clanranald had —

1. Ranald John James George, his successor.

2. Caroline Sophia, who married 8th September, 1S42, tlio

Honourable Ciiarles Henry Cust, second son of John,
Earl Brownlow, with issue. She died Oct()l)er IG,

3. Emma Hamilla, who married, April 21, 1810, the

Honourable and Reverend Alfred Wodehouse,
youngest son of -John, Lord Wodehouse, with issue.
She died April 5, 1852.

4. Louisa Emily, who married Charles William Marsham,

eldest surviving son of Robei't Marsham of Stratton
Strawless, county of Norfolk, with issue— Charles
Robert Marsham, now of Stratton Strawless She
married, secondly, December 4, 1856, Colonel Hugh
Fitzroy, Grenadier Guards, second son of Lord
Henry Fitzroj^ third son of Augustus Henry, Duke
of Grafton, with issue.

5. Flora, ^laid of Honour to Queen Victoria, died December

2.5, 1899.

6. Sarah Anne, who married, first, in 1818, Raron Porcelli,

a Sicilian nobleman, with issue. She married,
secondly. Major Wodehouse.

(Jlanranald married, secondly, Anne, daughter of
William Cunningham, and widow of Richard Barry
Dunning, Lord Ashburton, without issue. She
died July 8, 1835. Clanranald married, thirdly,
November, 1855, Elizabeth Rebecca Newman, with-
out issue. He died at Clarendon Road, London,
March 11, 1873, and was buried at Brompton
Cemetery. He was succeeded by his son.


XXI. Admiral Sir Reginald. He married,
June 12, 1855, the Honourable Adelaide Louisa,
second daughter of George, Lord Vernon, with
issue —

1. Allan Douglas, born April 6, 18.56.

2. Angus Pioderick, born April 29, 1858, a Civil Engineer

in the Indian Public Works Department. He married,
24th September, 1884, Leucolene Helen, daughter of
llev. Henry Clarke, now of The Cote, Torqua}', and
Kirkland Hall and Beaimiont Cote, Lancashire.

.3. Adelaide Effrida.

4. Maud.

Clanranald died at his residence in London, Decem-
ber 15, 1899, and was succeeded in the representation
of the family by his son,

XXII. Allan Douglas. He entered the army
and became a Captain in the Royal Artillery, from
which he retired, and is now living in Austraha.
He married at Adelaide, December 25th, 1897,
Marion Ceciha Sabelberg, widow of D. F. Connell,


According to the best authorities, the Mac-
donalds of Knoydart, long since extinct as a terri-
torial family, were descended from Allan II. of
Clanranald. Allan gave to his son, Allan, the
first of this family, the 60 penny lands of Knoydart
for his patrimony. Of old, Knoydart was a 3 davach
land. Allan was succeeded by his son,

II. John, who in turn was succeeded by his son,

III. Ranald, and he was succeeded by his son,
ly. Allan. This Allan, who is designed Allan

Ranaldson M'Eanson, was decerned to remove from
the lands of Knoydart by decree of the Lords of
Council in 1501, in consequence of his being in nou-

1. Alex. Ruadh Macdonell of Glen- 3. Oen. Sir James Macdonell rrjeii-

garry. ,t;arryi.

2. Captain Macdonell, R.N. (Glen 4. Allan I). :\Iacdonald of Clan-

garry). ranald.

5. Angus R. Macdouald (Clanranald).


entry. He nevertheless retained possession, but in
1536 King James V. granted to Donald, son of
Ewen j^ Hanson of Lochiel, a gift of the non-entry
duties of the 60 penny lands of Knoydart, due since
the death of John MacRanald. Allan TV. of Knoy-
dart was succeeded by liis son,

V. Angus. In 1548, he received a respite from
tlie Crown for his share with the rest of the Clan-
ranald in Blar Leine, which was follo^ved by a
remission in 1566. He had been in 1545 one of the
Councillors of Donald Dubh. In 1576, he and his
son, Allan, gave their bond of mam^ent to Lord
Lovat. Angus V. of Knoydart was succeeded by
his son,

VI. Allan. He is on the Roll of Landlords in
the Highlands in 1587. He was succeeded by his

VII. Ranald. This Ranald was the last of the
family in actual possession of the lands of Knoydart.
About 1010, the Knoydart men raided the lands of
Laggan Auchindoun in Glengarry, and brought
upon themselves the vengeance of Glengarry and
the Privy Council. Steps were .taken to punish
them, and they were finally ousted from possession.
Lochiel, who possessed a Crown charter of these
lands, handed over his rights to Glengarry in 1611,
which King James VI. confirmed in Glengarry's
favour in 1613. Sometime after this, Ranald of
Knoydart, it is said, was murdered by the men of
Glengarry, at a point known to this day 2iB Rndha


The ])rogenitor of this branch of the Clanranald
was Hector, the second son of Roderick III. of


Clanranalcl. This Hector is on record as of Kil-
malew. John, Lord of the Isles, bestowed upon
him tlie lands of Kihnalew, and many others, in
the Lordship of Morv^en, in all 33 penny lands —
a large estate. Hector had five sons —

1. Ewen.

2. Farquhar.

3. Neil, who married Marion, daughter of Colin Mackintosh.
4 Charles.

5. Alexander, who married Margaret, daughter of Hugh,

Lord Fraser of Lovat.

6. Ranald.

Hector of Kilmalew was succeeded by his son,

n. Ewen. After the final forfeiture of John, Lord
of the Tsles, Ewen and his brothers, Ranald and
Farquhar, were summoned for wrongous occupation
of their lands in Morven. Ewen, however, was
afterwards confirmed in these lands. In 1509,
King James IV. granted to him and his heirs, with
remainder to his brothers and their heirs, a charter
of the lands of Kilmalew, and others, already held
by the family, for the service of a ship of 22 oars.
Ewen was succeeded in these lands by his son,

III. Donald. He, who is referred to in record,
was succeeded by his son,

IV. Ewen. He, also mentioned in record, was
succeeded by his son,

V. Hector. Hector was served heir to his
father in the Morven lands in 1615. By this
time several members of the MacEachen branch
held lands of their chief, both on the Mainland
and in Uist. They apparently lost their lands in
Morven about the middle of the 17th century.
At all events, they disappear as landowners in
the district about that time, and were probably


was held at court, but there is nothing more certain
than that he never reaped any benefit from the
lands of Sleat and Troternish, for which he received

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