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a «on, Archil)ald, who succeeded him at Glcnmeddle,
and a daughter, Amelia, who married Major Simon
Macdonald of Morar, with issue.

4. Charles, a Captain in the 78th Highlanders, killed at

Quebec in 1759, without issue.

5. Anne, who married Ranald Macdonald of Scotus.

6. Isabella, appointed his sole executrix by her brother,

Alastair Ruadh.

John died at Edinburgh, Sept. 1, 1754, and was
buried at Holy rood. He was succeeded by his son,

XII. Alastair Ruadh. He died unmarried,
Dec. 23, 1761, and was succeeded by his nephew,
the son of his brother, Angus,

XIII. Duncan. He married, Dec. 5, 1772,
Marjory, daughter of Sir Ludovick Grant of Dalvey,
and had by her —

1. Alexander-, his successor.

2. Lewis, a Captain in the Army, who died unmarried.

3. James. He was educated at Cambridge, and entered

the Army as Ensign in an independent company in
1793. He joined the 78th Regiment in 1794 as
Lieutenant, and exchanged into the 101st as Captain-
lieutenant the same year. In the following year he
became Captain in the 17th Light Dragoons, in which
he remained for nine years. In 1804, he was
appointed Major in the 2nd Battalion of the 78th,
and served in it under Sir John Moore in Naples and
Sicily, including the descent on Calabria in 1806,
and the Battle of Maida (gold medal), and in the
expedition to Egypt in 1807, where he distinguished
himself by surprising a Turkish battery near
Alexandria. He became Lieut. -Colonel in 1809.
In 1811, he exchanged as Lieut. -Colonel into the
Coldstream Guards. He served with that regiment
in the Peninsula from 1812 to 1814, including the
Battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive


(medal), and commanded the 2nd Battalion in
Holland in the summer of 1814.

The night before the Battle of Waterloo he was
sent with some companies of his regiment and the
Scots Guards to occupy the Chateau of Hougoumont,
the garden and orchard of which were defended by
other companies under Lord Saltoun. Hougoumont,
which was regarded as a point of vital importance,
was stubbornly defended against overwhelming^
attacks of the French in the early part of the battle.
Dense masses of assailants rushed against the gates,
and shouted as they flew open. Not a foot would
the defenders yield, and at last the bayonets of the
Guards carried all before them. The French were
finally driven out, and Macdonald, assisted by a few
of his men, by sheer dint of personal strength and
extraordinary bravery, closed the gates upon them.
He was warmly complimented by the Duke of Wel-
-lington, and has ever since been known as the "Hero
of Hougoumont" and "The Bravest Man in Britain."

Macdonald was Colonel of the Coldstream Guards
froui 1825 to 1830, when he was promoted to the
rank of Major-Geaeral. From 1831 to 1838 he com-
manded the Armagh District. He commanded the
Brigade of Guards sent out to Canada during the
troubles of 1838, and succeeded to the command of
the troops there, which he held till promoted Lieut.-
General in 1841. He became a full General in 1854.
He was made K.C.H. in 1837, K.C.B. in 1838, and
G.CB. in 1855. He had the decorations of Maria
Thei'esa of Austria and St Vladimir in Russia, and
was Colonel in succession of the 79th and 71st Regi-
ments. Sir James died, unmarried, in London, May
15th, 1857.

4. Angus, who died young.

5. Somerled, a Midshipman in the Navy, who died in the

West Indies, unmarried.

6. Elizabeth, who married, in 1795, William Chisholm of

Chisholm, with issue, Alexander and Duncan, both of
whom became Chiefs of Chi'iholm. She married,
secondly. Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain.

7. Sibella, who died young.



8. Margaret Isabel, who married Major James Downing,
with issue, Mrs Macdonald Stuart of Dahiess,

Duncan Macdonald of Glengarry died at Elgin, July
11th, 1788, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

XIV. Alexander, who was educated at Oxford,
and married, in 1802, Rebecca, daughter of Sir Wil-
liam Forbes of Pitsligo, who died in 1840. By her
he had —

1 . Aeneas^ who died young.

2. Aeneas, who succeeded him.

3. Alastair, who died young.

4. Duncan Alastair, who died young.

5. Elizabeth, who married Roderick C. Macdonald of Castle-

tirrim, P.E. Island, with issue.

6. Marsally, who, in 1833, married Andrew, son of Andrew

Bonar of Kimmerghame, Berwick, with issue.

7. Jemima, who, in 1833, married Charles, second son of Sir

William Forbes of Pitsligo, with issue.

8. Louisa Christian, who lived at Rothesay, a lady of many

accomplishments, who laboured for many years in the
cause of education and religion. She died at Rothesay
in 1900.

9. Caroline Hester, who died, unmarried, at Rothesay.

Glengarry died January 14th, 1828, and was
succeeded by his only surviving son,

XV. Aeneas. He married, in 1833, Josephine,
eldest daughter of William Bennet, and had by
her —

1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Aeneas Robert, who was drowned in the Medway in 1855,

in his 20th year, unmarried.

3. Charles, who succeeded his brother.

4. Marsali, who, in 1869, married Hector F. Maclean, W.S.,

without issue.

5. Eliza, who died, unmarried, in 1857.

6. Helen Rebecca, who, in 1866, married Captain John
(j Cunuinghame of Balgownie, and had —

John Alastiir Erskine, now of Balgownie, who suc-
ceeded to the Glengarry family heirloonjs.


Glengarry died in 1851, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

XVI. Alexander, who was born October 5th,
1834, and died, unmarried, at Dunedin, New
Zealand, June 2nd, 1862, when he was succeeded
by his brother,

XVI. Charles, who was born in 1838, and
married, in 1865, Agnes Campbell, daughter of
Alexander Cassels, without issue. He died on his
way home from New Zealand, on 28th June, 1868,
when the male line of Alastair Dubh of Glengarry
became extinct, and he was succeeded in the repre-
sentation of the family by Aeneas lianald Macdonald
of Scotus as nearest heir male.


The Macdonalds of Shian are the oldest cadet
family of Glengarry. Angus Mor, the first of the
family, was a son of Alexander III. of Glengarry,
and his name appears on record in 1496, but he was
then dead. The lands occupied by him were the
10 merk lands of Slisgarry, including the lands of
Shian and Glenlee. Angus Mor had three sons —

1. Angus, his successor.

2. Alexander.

3. John.

He was succeeded by his eldest son,

II. Angus. He is on record, in 1548, as Angus
MacAngus Mor of Shian when he died. He was
succeeded by his son, known as

III. Angus Dubh Mor. He had three sons —

1. Donald, his successor.

2. .John.

3. Angus.

He was succeeded by his son.


IV. Donald, known as Donald MacAngus Mor.
He had three sons —

1. Angus, his successor.

2. John.

3. Ranald, who married Mary, daughter of Ranald Mac-

donald of Lundie.

Donald, who died in 1597, was succeeded by his son,

V. Angus. He had two sons —

L Angus, his successor.

2. John, who had two sons, Angus and Donald, who had
He was succeeded by his son,

VI. Angus. He died in 1684, and was succeeded
by his nephew, the son of his brother, John,

VII. Angus. He has a sasine of the lands of
Shian in 1684. He left one daughter, Mary, who
married her cousin,. John, who succeeded his uncle,

VIII. John. He is in possession of Shian in
1704, and signs the Address of the Highland Chiefs
to George I. in 1714. In 1719 he and his wife,
Mary, dispose of their lands to Alexander Macdonald
of Glengarry, and receives a wadset of the same
lands in return. He commanded, with Donald
Gorm, 150 Glengarry men at Glenshiel, 10th June,
1719. John died in 1731, and was succeeded by
his son,

IX. Kanald. He and his mother received, in
1731, a wadset of Shian from Glengarry. Ranald
was out in the '45, and a Captain in the Glengarry
Regiment. He sold whatever right he had to the
lands of Shian to James Macpherson of Killyhuntly ;
but, in 1756, a decree of reduction was obtained by
his son, Donald. In 1771 Duncan Macdonald of
Glengarry sold Shian to General Simon Fraser.
Ranald married Anne Macdonald, and had by her —

1. Donald.

2. Angus, who died without issue.


He was succeeded by his son,

X. Donald, who was a Captain in the 42nd
Regiment. He was succeeded by his son,

XI. James, a Captain, E.I.C.S. He married a
daughter of Alexander Macdonald of Mihifield,
Inverness, and was the last of his race.


The family of Lundie is descended from Alex-
ander V. of Glengarry. Allan, the first of the
family, received, in 1571, a charter of the lands of
Lundie, in the district of Ardochy, from his brother,
Angus of Glengarry.

Allan married Mary, daughter of Donald Cameron
of Lochiel, and had by her —

1. Rauald, his successor.

2. Jolin.

3. Angus.

4. Donald Beag of Drynachan, who had a son, Allan II. of

Drynachan, who was succeeded by Alexander III. of
Drynachan, who was succeeded by Angus IV. of Dry-
nachan, who married Heudriet Chisholm, and had a
son, John V. of Dr^'nachan, in 1735.

Allan died in 1575, and was succeeded by hi's son,

II. Ranald. In 1575 Ranald received a Precept
of Clare Constat from Glengarry of the lands of
Lundie and others. In the time of this Ranald the
family played an important part in the history of
Glengarry in their struggles with the Mackenzies,
already referred to in another part of this work. He
added considoably to the family patrimony. Ranald
married Isabel Macdonald, and had by her—

1. Allan, his successor.

2. Donald.



3. Mary, who married, first, Ranald, son of Donald Mac-
Angus Morof Shian, and afterwards, in 1012, Donald
Macdonald, alias MacAlastair Mhoir, in Ahcrclialder.

Ranald died in I G24, and was succeeded by his son,
III. Allan, the hero of the Raid of Kiichrlst, in'
1603. and afterwards of many other exploits. After
the Raid of Kilchrist he was declared rebel, and his
goods were confiscated ; but, through the friendship
of the Laird of Freuchie, he overcame these difficul-
ties, and attained to great prosperity. In IG2 4 he
was "seised" in his father's lands, aiid, in 1(531, he
added considerably to the family inheritance by the
acquisition of Achteraw in Abertartf, Ardnabie in
Glengarry, and Frichorie in Olenciuoich. In the
Valuation Roll of 1G44 he is returned as hokling
lands in Kilmorack, Glenelg, Knoydart, and Kil-
marie, the total rental of which amounted to £1535.
Allan married Catherine, daughter of Angus Mac-
donald of Shian, and had by her —

1. Ranald, his successor.

2. Donald.

3. Alexander.

4. Mary, who married Ranald, son of Donald Macdonald of


He married, secondly, Marjory, daughter of William
Mackintosh of Borlum. Allan died shortly after
1644, and was succeeded by his son,

IV. Ranald. He married Mary Cameron, and
had by her —

1. Donald, his successor.

2. Alexander.

3. Angus.

Ranald died in 1661, and was succeeded by his son,
\ . Donald. He married twice. By his first
wife he liad —

1. Donald, his successor.


By his second wife, Margaret Macdonald, he had —

2. Allan.

3. Ranald.

4. Angus of Kenlochurn, who married Katherine, daughter

of Lieut. Macdonald, in Aehlicknaich.

5. Mary.

6. Margaret.

7. Janet.

8. Isabel.

Donald signed the Address of the Highland Chiefs
to George I. in 1714, and died in 1727. He was
succeeded by his son —

VI. Donald. He was " out " in the '45. and was
a Captain in the Glengarry Regiment. He had
two sons —

1. Donald.

2. Allan.

Donald died in 1761, and was succeeded by his son,
YII. Donald. He was also " out " in the '45.
The family became greatly reduced in circumstances
in his time, and having been deprived by Glengarry
of what remained to him of his patrimony, he is
described as "late of Lundie " in 1784. He was
latterly in great poverty, and had to be assisted by
his friends to emigrate to Canada, where he died,
at Chambly, in 1805. His brother, Allan, was
living there in 1814, and was then 90 years of age.


The lands of Scotus consisted originally of 12|-
penny lands, being part of the 60 penny lands of
Knoydart. Donald M' Angus of Glengarry bestowed
these lands of Scotus by feu charter upon his son,
Donald Gorm. Donald, who was " out " in the
Montrose Campaign with his nephew, Angus of


Glengarry, married Mary, daughter of Sir Donald
Macdonald of Sleat, and bad by her —

II. Ranald. He succeeded, in 1G80, bi.s cousin,
Angus, Lord Macdonald, in tbe Estate and Chief-
ship of Glengarry.

He married Flora, daughter of John Macleod of
Drynoch, and had by her —

1. Angus, who succeeded him at Scotus.

2. Alexander, who succeeded him as Cliief of Glengarry.

3. John of Sandaig, from whom Lochgarry.

4. John, who w^as killed at Killiecrankie.

5. Archibald of Barisdale.

Ranald, on his succeeding to Glengarry, was suc-
ceeded in his Estate of Scotus by his eldest son,

III, Angus. He is represented as being a
retired, quiet man, unfit to lead the Clan, and there
is a tradition in the family that Lord Macdonald
made choice of Alastair Dubh to succeed him with
the consent of all parties. Alexander undoubtedly
led the Clan in the lifetime of his father, thouofh
Angus, and not Alexander, was the eldest son.

Angus married Katherine, daughter of Sir
Norman Macleod of Bernera, and had by her —

1. Donald.

2. John of Crowlin. Being intended for the C*hurch, which

he afterwards abandoned, he was educated at the Scots
College, Rome. He was " out " with the Prince, and
held the rank of Captain. He married in 1723
Janet, daughter of Donald Macleod of Arnisdalc, nnd
had by her a numerous family of sons and daughters,
among whom, John, known as " Spanish John." At
the early age of 12 he was sent, in 1740, to the Scots
College, Rome, to be educated for the priesthood.
After being three years at this college, he gave up the
idea of becoming a priest, and resolved to become a
soldier inste;id. A Spanish army was at that time in
Italy, and he decided to join the Irish Brigade, under



General Macdonald (of the Macdonalds of Antrim),
who was second in command of the army. He after-
wards saw a good deal of service, and suffered many
hardships, being dangerously wounded in one of the
battles. Hearing of the success of Prince Chai'les in
Scotland, he and others of the Irish Brigade left Dun-
kirk in April, 1746, to join liis standard. They landed
at Lochbroora, and were informed of the defeat of the
Prince at Culloden. Spanish John had been entrusted
by the Duke of York with letters and a sum of ,£.3000
for Prince Charles. In the attempt to carry out the
Duke's instructions he had many adventures, and was
finally made prisoner by Captain Ferguson, who took
him for Archibald of Barisdale, who was wanted. He
was detained at Fort-William for nine months, and
was released for want of evidence against him. He
aftei'wards settled down at Kno^'dart, and had a tack
of Inverguseran from Glengarry. He emigrated to
Canada in 1775. He married in 1747, and had

(a) Miles, who succeeded his father.

(b) John, who lived in the North-West, and had, among

others, Godfrey, whose daughter, Hortense,
married Andrew Cullen of Templetown.

(c) William Johnson, who mai'ried Lucy Waters, of Boston,

and had (1) William John, French Consul in
Toronto. He died without issue in 1893. (2)
Lucy Katherine, who in 1827 married Henry
Jones. (3) Mary, who married, first, William
Macqueen, and after him Charles Palgrave, of

(d) Penelope, who married John Beikie, without issue.

(e) Mary, who died luimarried.

Spanish John died at Cornwall, Upper Canada. April
15, 1810, and was succeeded b}- his eldest son. Miles
III. of Crowlin. He was at one time Governor of the
Hudson Bay Company. He married Isabella, daughter
of John Macdonald of Morar, and after her Catherine,
daughter of Captain Allan Macdonald of Culachie,
and had

(a) Alexander, Avho was Colonel of the 104th Regiment ;

drowned in 1814.

(b) Donald Aeneas, who succeeded his father,


(c) Amelia, who married William Jones, Collector of

Customs at Brookville, and after him Captain
James Macdonald of Matilda.

(d) Katherine.

Miles Macdonald, wlio married as his third wife .\nne
Macdonald, without issue, was succeeded by his son,
Donald Aeneas, as IV. of ('rowlin, of CrowHu House,
Brookville, Canada. He was for some time M.P. and
Sheriff of the Eastern Division. He married in 1819
Mary, daughter of Captain Archibald Macdonald,
brother of Leek. He died in LSTO, and had by her

(a) John Alexander V. of Crowlin.

(b) Alexander Coll, wlio died unmarried in 1884.

(c) Amelia.

(d) Mary Louisa, who married Captain William R.


(e) Julia, who married, first, Dr Allan Fraser, and after

him James Duncan Macdonald of Brookville,

(f) Ada, who married Alexander Macdonald.

(g) Ann Amelia, who died unmarried.
(h) Katherine Frobisher.

3. Allan of Ardnaslishnish. He was " out " in the '45, and

was a Captain in the Prince's Army. He had a
daughter. Flora, who married, as his second wife,
Ranald Macdonald of (Jerinish, and a son, Captain
John, who fonght in the American War, and left a
son, Angus, wiiose daughter, Annie Cecilia, married,
in 1861, James Sutherland Chisholm of Cliisholm,
and had a son, Roderick, who sncceeded his father,
and two daughters,

4. Ranald.

Antriis of Scot us married secondly, and liad —

5. Alexander, a priest, known as .Muighstir Alastair Mor.

Angus III. of Scotus, who died in 1746, was suc-
ceeded in his estate before bis death by his eldest

IV. Donald, knowMi as Domhnull nan Gleann.
Donald, who was a remarkably handsome and brave
man, engaged in the rising of the 45 from the out-


set, and followed the standard of Prince Charles
throughout the campaign. He fell, it is said,
mortally wounded at Culloden. The men who were
carrying him from the field reported that when
closely pressed by the enemy he begged them as he
was dying to leave him and save themselves. They
did so, and on looking back saw their pursuers des-
patching him. Notwithstanding this testimony,
evidence has been found in the Windsor Collection
of Jacobite papers which seems to prove that
marauders from a ship landed at night, and bore
away a number of the wounded to sell for the
plantations, and among them Donald of Scotus, who,
after various adventures, was captured by Turkish
pirates, and held in bondage ever afterwards.

Donald married, first, Helen Meldrum of Mel-
drum, and had by her —

1, Margaret, who married Alexander Macdonald of Glen-


He married, secondly, Elizabeth Cumming, and had
by her —

2. Ranald, his successor.

3, Angus, who died young.

4. Flora, who married Ranald Macdonald of Gerinish.

He married, thirdly, Mary Cameron of Glennevis,
without issue. Donald was succeeded by his son,

V. Ranald. Contrary to the " general ideas of
the Clan," Ranald joined Lord Loudon's Regiment
as a volunteer, and was on the Hanoverian side
throughout the whole campaign of the '45, Li
1747, he obtained a commission in Lord Drum-
lanrig's Regiment in the service of the States
General, from which he retired on half-pay when
the regiment was reduced. When the French War
broke out in 1757, he again served the States


General in Halkett's Kegiment, and remained with
it till peace was established, when he retired with
the rank of Captain. In 1796, though an old man,
he petitioned to be allowed again to serve in the
army, and his petition being granted, he joined the
Glengarry Regiment, and served with it in Ireland
and elsewhere.

Ranald married, first, Helen Grant of Glen-
moriston, and had by her —

1. Aeneas, his successor.

He married, secondly, Amie, daughter of John
Macdonald of Glengarry, and had by her —

2. Charles, who was educated in France, and became a

Major in the 72nd Regiment. He had a daughter,
who died in 1806.

3. Donald, who was also educated in France, and entered

the H.E.I.C.S. Madras Presidency as Ensign in 1791.
He retired in 1815 with the rank of Lieut. -Colonel.
He married in 1818, Anne, eldest daughter of Archi-
bald Macdonald of Rhu and Lochshiel, and had by
her —

(a) Eneas Ronald, born Oct. 26, 1821, and educated at

Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, and Edinburgh
University. He became an advocate at the
Scottish Bar, and practised for some years. He
purchased the Estate of South Morar in 1855.

He married Catherine, only surviving child
of James Sidgrcaves of Inglewbite Hall, Lan-
cashire, and had (1) Ronald, who died unmarried ;
(2) James Sidgreaves ; (3) Alastair Young
Crinan ; (4) Catherine, who married Major
H. F. Lyons Montgomery.

Eneas, who was a J. P. and D.L. of Jnverness-
shire, died at Camusdarroch, January 13, 1898.

(b) Donald, who entered the H.E.I.C.S., and became a

Captain in the 2nd Grenadier Regiment. He
married Francis Eyre of Eyrecourt, Ireland, and
had an only child, a (laughter, who died young,
Donald died in India holding a civil appoint-
ment as Conservator of Foi-ests.


(c) Anna Maria, who married Captain Gibson Stott of the

92nd Regiment, and had (1) Joseph Gibson
Stott, banker in New Zealand ; (2) Anna ; (3)
Ahcia ; (4) Elizabeth ; (5) Frances. Mrs Gibson
Stott died May 3, 1903.

(d) Catherine.

4. John, who died unmarried.

5. James, who died unmarried.

6. Cathernie, who died when engaged to be married to a

French gentleman.

7. Marjory, who married James Galbraith.

8. Elizabeth.

9. Helen.

10. Flora.

11. Clementina.

12. Margaret.

13. Anne.

Ranald V. of Scotus died in June, 181 J, his wife
having died in i79S. Having disposed of his estate
in 1788 in favour of his eldest son, he was succeeded
by him in that year.

VI. Aeneas. In 1777 he obtained a commission
in the 76th or Macdonald Regiment, with which he
served in America, and was reckoned an officer of
great courage and abiUty. He married Anna,
daughter of Wilham Fraser of Culbokie, and had by
her —

1. Aeneas Ranald, his successor.

2. William, who was educated at Marischal College, Aber-

deen, and became a Surgeon in the 19th Regiment.

3. Helen, who married Colonel Kyle of Binghill, Aberdeen-

shire, and had a son, James.

Aeneas clied at Dunballoch, near Beauly, Dec. 9,
1792, and was succeeded by liis eldest son,

VII. Aeneas Ranald. He was educated at
Marischal Cyollege, Aberdeen, and entering the Civil
Service he became First Member of the Board of
Revenue, Madras, The estate of Scotus being


heavily burdened, was sold by Aeneas 's trustees in
1803, the purchase price being over £16,000. The
purchaser was Grant of Glenmoriston, who a few
years later sold the estate to Glengarry. On retir-
ing from active service in India, Scotus lived at

He married Juliana Charlotte, daughter of Arch-
deacon Wade of Bombay, and had by her —

1. Aeneas Ranald, who married first Emma, daughter of

General Briggs, H.E.I.C.S., and had by her —

(a) Aeneas Ranald, who succeeded his grandfather.

(b) John Bird, an officer in the 12th Regiment.

(c) Jeanie, wlio married P. H. Chalmers, Advocate, Aber-

(u) Charlotte Lindsay.

He married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Dr Johnson,

and had
(e) Angus.

2. William Fraser, V.C, Judge of the High Court of Cal-

cutta. He married Annie Louisa, daughter of Captain
DutF of the H.E.I. C.S., and had (a) William, (6) (c)
Julia Charlotte, (d) Annie Lindsay, (e) Helen, (/)

3. Thomas, who left no issue.

4. Kyle.

5. Anna, who married Hugh Hamilton Lindsay, grandson

of the Earl of Balcarres.
G. Julia, who married John Bird, of the Madras Civil

Aeneas died October 24, 1868, having on the •28th
of the previous June succeeded Charles Macdonald
of Glengarry in the representation of that family.
His son, Aeneas Ranald, having predeceased him,
he was succeeded in the representation of Scotus by
his grandson,

VIII. Aeneas Ranald. He was educated at
Eton, and entering u]ion a commercial career he was
latterlv connected with a well-known firm of oil
producers in London and Moscow.


He married in 1874 Catherine Frances, daughter
of Henry Herries Creed, and liad by her —

1. Aeneas Ranald, his snccessor.

2. Alastair Somerlcd.

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