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in Skye. He married Mary D. Andrews,
with issue — (a^) John, M.D., who married Sophia
de Cowes, with issue — (a^) Reginald Norman ;
(b^) Alastair Kenneth ; (c^) Mary Alexandrina
Beatrice, (b^) David Andrews, deceased, (c^)
Kenneth. He married Mary Jane Watson,
with issue — (a-) Alexander ; (b^) Mary
Andrews ; (c^) Elsie, died ; (d^) Flora Shields.
(d^) Robert Andrews, died. (e^) Lauchlan
Alexander. He married Annie Shields Watson,
with issue — Alastair Brian. (/^) James Wil-
liam, (^ri) Donald. (A^) Elizabeth Andrews,
(ii) Maria Campbell, (j^) Mary. (k^) Mar-
garet Flora, (l^) Alexandrina.

(b) Kenneth MacCaskill, died unmarried.

(c) Duncan. He married Anne Macdonald with issue

— (a^) John Bunyan ; (b^) Donald John ; (c^)
Alexander; (cZ^) Dr Duncan, in practice in
Oban, and well known for his high pro-
fessional attainments ; (e^) Roderick Macleod,
died in childhood ; (/^) Margaret Anne, died
young ; ((/^) Marion Campbell ; (h^) Mary
Flora ; (i^) Josephine Catherine, died young.

(d) Catherine, married Angus Macrae, late of Lan-

gash. North Uist, with issue — (a*) Norman ;


(b^) John ; (c^) Donald, died ; (d^) Marion ;
(e^) Gormshuil xlnne, died ; (/i) Flora Mar-

2. James.

3. Francis, a distiugnished ecclesiastic.

Randal 1st, Earl of Antrim, died at Dunluce on
10th December, 1636, and was buried at Bunmargy.
He was succeeded by his oldest son,

IV. Kaxdal, 2nd Earl and 1st Marquis of
Antrim. He married (1st) Catherme Manners,
Duchess of Buckingham, without issue ; (2nd) Rose
O'Neill, daughter of Sir Henry O'Neill, without
issue. He died 3rd February, 1682, aged 72.
Dying without issue, he was succeeded by his
younger brother,

V. Alexander, 3rd Earl of Antrim. He married
(1st) the Lady Elizabeth Annesley, second daughter
of Arthur, 1st Earl of Anglesey, without issue. She
died in 1669. He married (2nd) Helena, third
daughter of Sir John Bourke, Kt. of Derry-
maclachtney, Co. Galway. By her he had —

1. Randal, his successor.

2. A daughter, who married Henry "Wells of Bambridge,

He had also a natural son, Donald.

Alexander, 3rd Earl of Antrim, died in 1696, and
was succeeded by his only legitimate son,

VI. Randal, 4th Earl of Antrim. He married
Rachel Skeffington, third daughter of Clotworthy,
2nd Viscount Massareene, of the second creation, by
his wife Rachel, daughter of Sir Edward Hunger-
ford. By her he had —

1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Helena, who died unmarried, June, 1783, aged 78.

The 4th Earl of Antrim died in 1721, aged 41,
and was succeeded by his only son,


VII. Alexander, 5th Earl, when he was at the
tender a^e of eight years. He married (1st) Ehza-
beth, daughter of* Matthew Pennefather, Comptroller
and Accountant-General of Ireland, without sur-
viving issue. He married (2nd) Anne, eldest
daughter and heir of Charles Patrick Plunket of
Dillonstown, Co. Louth, M.P. during many years
for the town of Bannagher. By her he had —

1. Randal William, his successor.

2. Rachel, who married Joseph Sandford, Esq., of Somerset.

3. Elizabeth Helena, who married Lieut -Colonel James


He married (3rd) Catherine, daughter of Thomas
Meredyth of Newtown, in the County of Meath,
without issue. He died in October, 1775, and was
succeeded by his son

Vin. Randal William, 6th Earl and 2nd
Marquis. He married Letitia Trevor, widow of the
Hon. Arthur Trevor, and eldest daughter of Henry
Morris, 1st Viscount Mountraorres, and by her, who
died 1801, he had—

1. Anne Catherine.

2. Letitia Mary, who died unmarried.

3. Charlotte.

In 1785, Lord Antrim, having no male heirs, was
re-created Viscount Dunluce and Earl of Antrim,
with remainder to his daughter primogeniturely ;
and in August, 1789, he was advanced to the
Marquisate of Antrim, wdiich was revived in his
favour, but without any reversionary grant. He
died 28th July, 1791, when the ancient honours
terminated, but the new patent of 1785 remained
in force, and the titles devolved, according to the
special limitation, upon his elder daughter,

X. Anne Catherine, as Viscountess Dunluce
and Countess of Antrim. In 1799 she married Sir


Henry Fane Tempest, Bart., and by him, who died
in 1813, she had one daughter. Lady Frances Ann
Emily Vane. She married Charles William, Marquis
of Londonderry, and died, his widow, in 1865. The
Countess of Antrim married (2nd) Edmund Phelps,
who assumed the name of Macdonald. She died
in 1834, and her sister, Letitia, having died, she
was succeeded in terms of the settlement of 1785
by her youngest sister,

X. Charlotte. She married 18th July, 1709,
Vice- Admiral Lord Mark Kerr, third son of William
John, 5th Marquis of Lothian, and by him, who
died 1840, had issue —

1. Charles Fortescue, Viscount Dunluce, died 28th July,


2. Hugh Seymour, 7th Earl.

3. Mark, 8th Earl.

4. Arthur Schomberg, born 16th May, 1820; married, 16th

March, 1846, Agnes Stewart, daughter of J. H.
Frankland, Esq., of Easting House, Surrey ; and died,
14th August, 1856, leaving a daughter, Agnes.

5. Letitia Louisa, married 2nd Sept., 1870, to Coortlandt

George Macgregor of Carisbrook House, Isle of
Wight, Captain 1st Dragoon Guards.

6. Georgina Emily Jane, married, 1825, the Hon. and Rev.

Frederick Bertie, fourth son of the fourth Earl of

7. Caroline Mary, married, in 1826, Rev. Horace Robert

Pechell, Chancellor of Brecon and Rector of Brix,
Oxon., and died 28th March, 1869.

8. Charlotte Elizabeth, married, in 1835, Sir George Osborn,

Bart., and died 17th January, 1866.

9. Frederica Augusta, married, 1841, Montagu, 5th Earl of

Abingdon, and died his widow 26th November, 1864.
10. Emily Frances, married, 1839, Henry Richardson, of
Somerset, Co. Derry, Avho died 1849, and secondly,
in 1864, Steuart, younger son of the late Sir F. W.
MacNaghten, Bart, She died 5th June, 1874.



Countess Charlotte Ker died 26th October, 1835,
and was succeeded by her oldest surviving son,

XL Hugh Seymour, 7th Earl. In 1836 he
married Laura Cecilia, 5th daughter of Thomas,
3rd Earl of Macclesfield, and died 19th July, 1855,
leaving an only daughter, Helen Laura, who was
married, on 26th October, 1864, to Sir Malcolm Mac-
Gregor, Bart., with issue.

The Earl was succeeded by his next brother,
Xn. Mark, 8th Earl of Antrim, Captain in the
Royal Navy, Deputy Lieutenant for Co. Antrim.
He married, on 27th September, 1849, Jane Emma
Harriet, daughter of the late Major Macan of Cariif,
Co. Armagh, and had —

1. Willi.'im Randal.

2. Mark Henry Horace, Lieut. 18th Regiment.

3. Hugh Seymour.

4. Alexander.

5. Sir Schomberg Kerr, First Commissioner of Works.

6. Caroline Elizabeth, who married the Hon. and Rev.

Alberic Edward Bertie.

7. Mabel Harriet, who married Henry Charles Howard of

Greystoke, Cumberland.

8. Evelyn.

9. Jane-Grey, who married the Hon. Charles John Trefusis.
10. Helena, who married Charles B. Balfour.

He died 19th December, 1869, and was succeeded
by his oldest son —

XHL William Randal, the present Earl of
Antrim and Viscount Dunluce. He married, 1st
June, 1875, Louisa Jane, third daughter of the late
Hon. General Charles Grey, son of Charles, 2nd
Earl Grey of Howick, K.G., and has —

1. Randal-Mark-Kerr, Viscount Dunluce, born 10th Dec,


2. Angus, born 7th June, 1881.

3. Sybil-Mary, born 26th March, 1876.




Alexander, known as Alastair Carrach, the
progenitor of the family of KejDpoch, was the fourth
son of John, Lord of the Isles, and the Princess
Margaret of Scotland. He married Mary, daughter
of Malcolm, Earl of Lennox, by whom he had
Angus, his successor. MacVurich is in error in
saying that Angus was a natural son of Alexander
by a daughter of MacPhee of Lochaber. In two
charters by John, Earl of E-oss and Lord of the
Isles, of the years 1463 and 1464 respectively,
Angus, who was a witness on both occasions, is
designated a lawful son of Alexander.

Alexander, who was styled Lord of Lochaber,
died about 1440, and was succeeded by his son,

II. Angus. Angus, who was known as Aonghas
na Fearste, married a daughter of MacPhee of Glen-
pean, in Lochaber, the head of a powerful sept ah
that time, and had by her^ —

1. Donald, who succeeded him.

2. Alexander, afterwards chief.

3. Mariot, who married Allan Cameron of Lochiel, with


Angus died at Fersit about 1484, and was succeeded
by his son,

III. Donald. He married a daughter of Cameron
of Lochiel, and had one son. Donald fell fighting
against Stewart of Appin at Glenorchy, in 1497, and
was succeeded by his only son,

IV. John, known as /am Aluimi. John married,
and had several children, among whom Donald, who
had a son, John, who had a son, Donald, the father
of John Lom, the famous Keppoch bard. Iain
Aluinn had been chief only for one year when he

1. Ranald Macdonell of Keppoch. 3. Major Alexander Macdonell,

2. Major Alexander INIacdonell of brother of Keppoch.

Keppoch. 4. Richard Macdonell of Keppoch.

5. Sir Claude Macdonald.


was deposed, and his uncle, Alexander, elected in
his stead.

V. Alexander, known as Alastair nan Gleann.
From him came the earlier designation of the
Keppoch Chiefs as Sliochd Alastair 'ic Aonghuis.
He married a daughter of Donald Gallach Mac-
donald of Sleat, who was known in Lochaber as
A Bhaintighearna Bheag. By her he had —

1. Donald Glass, who succeeded him.

2. Ranald Og, who died before his father.

Alexander was killed at a place called Cam
Alastair by a Cameron in 1499, and was succeeded
by his son,

VI. Donald Glass. He married a daughter of
Cameron of Lochiel, and had by her one son. He
died about 1513, and was succeeded by his only son,

VTI. Eanald Mor. From him was taken the
later patronymic of the family — Mac 'ic Raonuill.
He married a daughter of Mackintosh, and had by
her —

1. Alexander, who succeeded him,

2. Ranald, who grants a bond to Mackintosh in 1572.

3. John Dubh of Bohuntin.

Ranald was beheaded at Elgin in 1547, and was
succeeded by his son,

Vin. Alexander, known as Alastaii^ Boloine.
He died unmarried at Kingussie in 1554, and was
succeeded by his brother,

IX. Kanald Og. He married a daughter of
Duncan Stewart of Appin, and had by her —

1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Ranald of Inch. He married, in 1600, Janet, sister of

John Grant of Glenmoriston. Fn 1612 he is prose-
cuted for refusing to help liis brother, Alexander of
Keppoch, against the Clan Gregor. He was succeeded
by his son, Ranald II. of Inch, who was succeeded by


' his son, Alexander III. of Inch. He is mentioned in

record in 1661, and was succeeded by his son, Ranald
IV. of Inch, mentioned among the followers of Coll of
Keppoch in 1691. He had a son, Donaid V. of Inch,
and another son, Alexander, who, in 1709, married
Catherine, daughter of Ranald Macdonald of Fersit.

3. Donald of Fersit.

4. Angus.

Ranald died in 1587, and was succeeded by his son

X. Alexander, known as Ala stair nan Cleas.
He married Janet, daughter of Macdougall of
Dunolhe, and had by her—

1. Ranald Og, his successor.

2. Donald Glass, who succeeded his brother.

3. Alexander, afterwards chief.

4. Donald Gorm of Inveroy.

■ 5. John Dubh, killed at the siege of Inverness in 1593.

6. Angus, from whom the Macdonalds of Achnancoicheau.

7. Agnes, who married Robertson of Struan.

8. A daughter, who married John Stewart of Ardshiel.

9. A daughter, who married Macdonald of Dalness.

10. A daughter, who married Robertson of Colebuie.

11. A daughter, who married Donald McAngus of Glengarry.

12. A daughter, who married Macfarlane of Luss.

Alexander Macdonald of Keppoch died in 1635, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

XI. Ranald Og. He married Jean, daughter of
William Mackintosh of Borlum, without issue. He
died shortly after 1640, and was succeeded by his

XII. Donald Glass. He married, first, Jean
Robertson, of the family of Struan, without sur-
viving male issue. He married, secondly, a daughter
of Forrester of Kilbeggie, and had by her —

1. Alexander, who succeeded him.

2. Ranald, who was murdei'ed with his brother.

3. A daughter, who died unmarried.

Donald Glass, who died before 1650, was succeeded
by his son.


XIII. Alexander. Alexander, who was edu-
cated in Rome, was murdered by members of his
own family in September, 1663. He was succeeded
by his uncle,

XIV. Alexander, known as Alastair Buidhe.
He married a daughter of Ancrus Mor Macdonald of
Bohuntin, and had b}^ her, who was drowned in the
River Roy —

1. Allan, known as Ailein Dearg, said to have left the

country on account of the part he took in the Keppoch

2. Archibald, who succeeded his father.

3. Alexander, who died without issue.

Alexander married, secondly, and had —

4. Donald Gorm of Clianaig.

5. Ranald, known as RaoniUl na Dalach, who died without


Alexander, who, it is said, was drowned in the
Spean in 1669, was succeeded by his second son,

XV. Archibald. He married a daughter of
Macmartin of Letterfinlay, and had by her —

1. Coll, who succeeded him.

2. Ranald Mor of Tirnadris.

3. Alexander, who in 1718 received from Lachlan Mackintosh

of Strone a tack of Gaskmore.

4. Angus Odhar, who is said to have composed many

Gaelic songs, died unmarried.

5. Juliet, known as Silis Nt Mhic RaomdlL, a celebrated

poetess. She married Alexander Gordon of Candell,
who succeeded his cousin, Gordon of Wardhouse, in
the Estates of Wardhouse and Kildrumray. By him
she had issue, and the present Gordon of Beldornie,
Wardhouse, and Kildrummy is her direct descendant.

6. Catherine, who married Macpherson of Strathmashic,

whose grandson was Lachlan Macpherson, the poet
and Gaelic scholar, of Ossianic fame.

7. Marion, who married MacLachlan of MacLachlan.

8. Janet, who married Maclntyre of Glenoe.

9. A daug-h4;er, who married Macleaii of Kingairluch.


10. A daughter, who married Campbell of Barcaldine.

11. A daughter, who married a MacLachlan.

12. A daughter, who married the Laird of Fassifern.

13. A daughter, who married a Campbell.

Archibald died in 1688, and was succeeded by his

XVI. Coll. He married Barbara, daughter of
Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat, and had by her —

1. Alexander, who succeeded him.

2. Donald, killed at Culloden.

3. Archibald, who was a Captain in Keppoch's Regiment,

killed at Gladsmuir.

4. Margaret, who married Cameron of Erracht, whose son,

Allan, raised the 79th Cameron Highlanders.

5. A daughter, who married Mackenzie of Toridon.

Coll Macdonald of Keppoch died about 1729, and
was succeeded by his eldest son,

XVII. Alexander. He married Jessie, daughter
of Stewart of Appin, and had by her —

1. Ranald, who succeeded him.

2. Alexander, a Major in the Glengarry Fencibles, known as

A Maidseir Mor. He went to Canada, and settled in
Prince Edward Island, where he purchased a property,
and named it Keppoch. He married Sarah, daughter
of Donald Macdonald of Tirnadrish, and had by her— -

(a) Chichester, who afterwards succeeded as representa-

tive of tlie Keppoch family.

(b) John, who died unmarried in Montreal in 1832.

(c) Mary.

(d) Isabella.

(e) Janet, a nun in a convent in Montreal, where she died

in September, 1832.
Major Alexander died in December, 1809.

3. Anne, who married Dr Gordon, with issue.

4. Clementina, who married, first, a Buchanan, and, secondly,

John Macdonald of Dalness, without issue.

5. Barbaia, who married Patrick Macdonald, minister of

Kilmore. He was presented to the parish by Archi-
bald, Duke of Argyll, in 1757. He was an eminent
musicicin, an original composer, and played several


iustiniiuents with great skill, particularly the "violin.
He published a collection of Highland vocal airs in
1784. He married Barbara, of Keppoch, 28th Dec,
1757, and by her, who died June 13, 1804, he had —
(a) Alexander ; (b) Murdoch ; (c) Ranald ; (d)
Dougall ; (e) Joseph ; (f) James ; (g) John ; (h)
Donald, minister of Killean, Kintyre, who died in
1851, and left issue; (i) Archibald; (j) Janet; (k)
Anne ; (l) Flora, who married, in 1800, Dr Kenneth
' MacLeay, Oban, and had Kenneth, R.S.A.; (m)


6. Katherine, who married John Macdonald of Aberarder,

with issue. -; '

7. Jessie, who married Alexander Macdonald of Tulloch-


8. Charlotte, who married Alexander Macdonald of Garva-

beg, with issue. ...

Alexander had by a young woman, a native of the
Isle of Skye, with whom he formed a secret or
irregular union before his marriage with Jessie
Stewart of Appin, a son, Angus Ban of Inch.
Keppoch was killed at Culloden, April 16, 174&, and
was succeeded by his son,

XVIII. Ranald, Major in the 74th Regiment.
He married Sarah Cargill, Jamaica, and had b}^ her —

1. Alexander, who was born in Jamaica, 29th October, 1772.

2. Richard, .born at Keppoch, 26th November, 1780. ;

3. Elizabeth, born in Jamaica, 15th November, 1774, died

at Keppoch in 1793.

4. Clementina, born at Keppoch, 8th February, 1777, died

unmarried. -

5. Janet, born at Keppoch, 26th Novembei", 1782, married

Duncan Stewart, W.S., Edinburgh, and had (a)
James ; (b) Ranald ; (c) Alexander ; (d) Mary ; (b)
Clementina ; (f) Eliza, who married a Mr MacJN icoll,
with issue.

Ranald died at Keppoch in 1788, and was succeeded

by his son,


XIX. Alexander. He was a Major In the 1st
or Royal Regiment of Foot. He died at Jamaica,
unmarried, in 1808, and was succeeded by his

XX. Richard, a Lieutenant in the 92nd Regi-
ment. He died unmarried in Jamaica in August,
1819, and was succeeded in the representation of
the family by his cousin, the son of his uncle, Alex-

XXI. Chichester. He married, and had two
sons, who died in Canada before their father.
Chichester, who lived at Greenock, died there in
1848, and with him the male line of Keppoch from
Coll, the 16th chief, became extinct.


The family of Bohuntin is descended from John

DuBH, third son of Ranald VII. of Keppoch. He

is frequently mentioned in record as playing a

prominent part in the affairs of the House of

Keppoch in the stirring time in which he lived.

He was, undoubtedly, a great warrior, and his

romantic life and hairbreadth escapes were the

theme of song and story for many generations in

Lochaber. The remarkable poetic talent which

distinguished many of his descendants has preserved

many pictures in verse of the early days of feud and

foray. John Dubh is said to have been a man of

noble appearance, ready wit, and great capacity as a

leader of men. His prowess at Bothloine has been

already referred to in the first volume of this work.

In 1587 he is, with others, prohibited, at the instance

of the Privy Council, from gathering in arms. In

1594 he, with his nephew, Alexander Macdonald of


Keppoch, joined the Earl of Huntly, and took part in
the Battle of Glenlivet, where Argyle, the^ King's
Lieutenant, was defeated. He is afterwards
accused of taking part in a herschip and fire-
raising at Moy. In December, 1602, he and
Allan and Angus, his sons, are denounced rebels
for not appearing personally before the Privy
Council to answer for the herschip of Moy and
other crimes.

It has been said, on the authority of tradition,
that John Dubh was not a lawful son of Ranald of
Keppoch, but tradition has been found to have been
invariably very wide of the mark when looked at in
the light of authentic documentary evidence. There
are many references on record to John Dubh which
might be taken as implying legitimate descent in
the strictest sense, but in an original document in
the Charter Chest of Lord Macdonald, to which
several members of the Keppoch family were
parties, it is expressly stated that he was the third
lawful son of Ranald Macdonald Glass of Keppoch.

John Dubh married a daughter of Donald Glass
Mackintosh, referred to in several manuscript gene-
alogies as of Dunachtan. By her he had —

1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Angus of Tulloch.

3. Allan of Gellovie.

4. Donald.

5. John.

6. Kanald.

The last three are said to have been put to death by
Alastair nan cleas.

John Dubh died about 1604, and was succeeded by
his son,

11. Alexander. He appears in record in 1633,
and was then at Bohuntin. He married a daughter


of Macdonald of Glencoe, and had by her, among

III. Angus Mor, who received a feu charter of
Bohuntin from Mackintosh. He married a daughter
of Cameron of Strone.

At this stage it should be stated that it is quite
impossible to reconcile the conflicting accounts given
in several manuscript genealogies of this family. In
the absence of authentic documents and dates, it is
difficult to determine how far any of these various
accounts is accurate. According to one authority,
which has the appearance of accuracy, at least as far
as the heads of the fajnily are concerned, Angus
Mor had one son, Alexander, and two daugriters,
one married to Alastair Buidhe of Keppoch, and
another to Donald, son of Angus of Tulloch. Angus
Mor was succeeded by his son,

IV. Alexander, who married a daughter of
Macdonald of Murlaggan, and had one son, by
whom he was succeeded.

V. Alexander, who married a daughter of
Alexander Macdonald of Tulloch, and had by her —

1. Angus, who succeeded.

2. Alexander, who married a daughter of Macdonald of

Cranachan, without issue.

3. Donald, who married a daughter of Macdonald of Tirna-

drish, and had Angus.

Alexander was succeeded by his son,

VI. Angus. He married a dauofhter of Mac-
donald of Scotus, and had one daughter. After him
the succession fell to Angus, son of his brother,
Donald, who, being deaf and dumb, the legitimate
line of Bohuntin became extinct.

According to other authorities, Angus Mor HI.
of Bohuntin had —


1. John, his successor.

2. Aonghas a Bhochdain. He married a daughter of Mac-

gregor of Glencearnaig, and had Alastair Mor, who
for his share in the battle of Muh'oy was transported
to Holland, where he died in 1688. He married a
daughter of Macdonald of Murlaggan, and had —

(a) Angus, who married Nighean Mhic Aonghuis Oig,

the poetess.

(b) Alastair Ban, who married a daughter of Archibald of

Clianaig, with issue.

3. Alastair na Rianaich.

4. A daughter, who married Alastair Buidhe of Keppoch.

Angus was succeeded by his son,

IV. John. He married a daughter of Cameron
of Glenmailhe, and had —

1. Alastair Mor, his successor.

2. Donald, well known as " Domhnull Doun Mac Fir

Bhohuritainn." He was a celebrated poet, and led a
most eventful and romantic life. He fell in love
with Mary, daughter of the Laird of Grant, who lived
at Urquhart Castle, but the family made the most
strenuous opposition to their marriage, as Doaald was
a noted cateran. He was at feud with his own chief
for his lawless deeds, and roused the ire of Iain Lom,
whose son he had killed in a duel. He was then
driven to lead a w'ld and lawless life among the hills,
going for creachs as far north as Sutherland and
Caithness. He was at last taken by treaehei-y by the
sons of the Laird of Grant, who enticed him to their
home with a pretended message from their sister, and
then with feigned friendship received him. While
he was trustfully sleeping under their roof they
deprived him of his arms, but it took " tri fichead 's
triuir," by bis own telling, to pursue and overcome
him. He was tried and executed at Inverness in
1692. Some of his finest songs w^ere composed while
in prison. He died with the reputation of having
never injured a poor man.

3. Donald Gruamach.

John was succeeded by his son,


V. Alexander, known as Alastair Mor, who is
said to have fought at Muh^oy. He had —

1. Angus, who succeeded him.

2. Alexander, who had a son, Angus.

3. Ranald.

4. John Og.

5. Donald Glass. He and his brother, John Og, were

transported to North Carolina for taking part in the
Rising of 1745.

Angus, Alexander, and Ranald, the other sons, died,
according to one authority, of pleurisy about 1720,
without issue.

Alexander was succeeded by his son,

VI. Angus. He had one son, Angus, who,

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