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was among the gentlemen of Clan Uisdein, cousins
of Sir Donald, who perished on that field. Accord-
ing to Martin, on the night of the battle of Killie-
crankie, his cows in Skye gave blood instead of milk,
which was regarded as a serious omen at a time of
peril. James of Capstill married, and had a son
John, who succeeded.

IV. John of Capstill appears on record in 1686
and 1697, but little further is known of his history.
He married, and was succeeded by his son,

V. James, with whom this branch of the Clann
Domhnuill Ghruamaich terminated.



This family is descended from

I. John Og, second son of Donald Gruamach
Mac James. While James, the older son of Donald
of Ostaig, remained in the native region of SI eat,
John Og appears to have migrated to Troternish,
where he and his descendants are to be found in the
lands of Rigg and Balvicquean. John Og married,
and had —

1. James, who succeeded him.

2. Kauald, who also lived at Trotevnish, and is buried

there. He married, and had a son James, who lived
at Troternish, and is buried there. James married,
and had a son Archibald Ban, who settled in North
Uist, having gone there along with Ranald, son of Sir
James, 2nd Baronet of Sleat, when he became tacks-
man of Baleshare. From Ranald of Baleshare he held
the lands of Grianan. He died at Grianan, and was
buried in Roilig Chlann Domhnuill in Kilnmir Church-
Yard, North Uist. Archibald Ban married, and had —

(a) James.

(b) Rev. Coll Macdonald, for many years minister of

Portree, and highly respected by all classes of his
parishioners. He was twice married, with issue,
a daughter.

(c) Marion, who married Donald Macdonald, grandfather

of the late Rev. Hugh Macdonald of Trumisgarry.
James the older son of Archibald Ban Grianan, settled at
Torlum, Benbecula, in the parish of South Uist. He
married Christina, daughter of Malcolm Macdonald of
the Siol Ghorraidh tribe in ISorth Uist, and had
issue —
(a) Rev. Donald Macdonald, minister of Stencholl, in

Skye, who died unmarried.
(b; Norman, tacksman of Nunton and Vallay.

(c) Archibald, tacksman of North Bay, Barra, who died


(d) John, who died young.


(e) Catherine, who marriiid Archibald Macdonald of

AUasdale, Barra, with issue.
Norman, second son of James Macdonald, Torlum, was for
many years tacksman of the farms of Nunton in
Benbecula, and of Vallay in North Uist. He was
one of the most capable and energetic farmers in the
Western Isles, and was held in much esteem by a
large circle of friends as one of the most genial and
hospitable of men. He married Jessie, 3rd daughter
of Rev. Roderick Maclean, minister of South Uist,
with issue — (a) Rev. Donald John Macdonald, Minister
of Killean and Kilkenzie, a clergyman of the highest
character, who commands great respect throughout
the district of Kintyre. He married Margaret,
daughter of the late Robert Colvill of Bellgrove,
Campbeltown ; (b) James, who succeeded his father
as Tacksman of Nunton and Vallay, now abroad ;
(c) Roderick, M.D., now in Australia ; (d) Norman,
in Australia ; (e) Lizzie ; (/") Christina, who married
James Macrae, LL.B., solicitor, Glasgow, with issue ;
(g) Flora, who married Mr Whitaker in Australia.
John Og, son of Donald Gruamach Mac James, was
succeeded in the representation of this branch by his
oldest son,

II. James. He married, and had issue —

1. Donald, who succeeded.

2. John, who died without issue.

III. Donald of Balvicquean and Rigg. He
married, and had issue —

1. James, who succeeded.

2. John, who had Balvicquean and Rigg.

3. Anna, who married John Macdonald of Griminish and

Scolpig, with issue.

4. Mary, who died unmarried.

He died c. 1720, and was succeeded by

IV. James, who, though the oldest son, did not
hold Balvicquean and Rigg, but is designed of
Kendrom, which is adjoining the former lands. He
married a daughter of John Martin of Kingsburgh-
more, and had^issue. He was succeeded by his son,


V. Donald Gruamach. He married, and had
issue —

1. John,

2. Margaret, who married Donald Macdonald of Skeabost,

with issue.

VI. John Macdonald, an officer in the Custom
House in Stornoway. He married, and had —

1. John, who went to Jamaica, and died without issue.

2. Donald, captain of a vessel trading with China, who

married Margaret, daughter of Donald Macdonald,
of Skeabost, and had three daughters — Johanna,
Margaret, and Jemima.

3. Maigaret, died unmarried.

4. Betsy, died unmarried.

5. James, died unmarried in Jamaica.

6. Barbara, died unmarried.

7. David, went abroad.


This family — one of the most important of the
Cadets of Sleat — derives its descent from

I. Donald, youngest son of Sir Donald Mac-
donald, first baronet of Sleat, by his wife Janet,
daughter of Kenneth, first Lord Mackenzie of
Kintail. Donald, who was designed of Castleton,
in Sleat, was a distinguished soldier, and as Colonel
commanded the Clan Uisdein contingent at the
battle of Killiecrankie. He possessed either by
tack or wadset the lands of Castleton, Knock,
Totamurich, and Camuscross, and of these he
obtained a new wadset from his brother, Sir James
Macdonald, in 1665. He likewise held the lands of
Ord, Croswaig, Tockvaig, and Tarsgavaig, also in
the barony of Sleat. In 1691, he appears on the
Valuation Roll of Inverness as a landowner in the
county. He died before 1700, but the particular


year is not on record. He married Margaret,
daughter of John Cameron of Lochiel, and had —

1. Ranald, who succeeded.

: 2. John of Castleton. Former genealogies have been con-

structed on the principle that the descendants of
John of Castleton were the senior family, and on
becoming extinct in the male line, writers have gone
back to Camuscross to carry on the representation.
This course is entirely unsupported by the evidence
on record. The seuior line of Donald of Castleton
consisted of the descendants of Ranald of Camuscross,
to whom we shall return after disposing of the
descendants of John, the younger son. He married
Anne, daughter of John Maclean of Boreray, with
issue —

(a) Donald, who succeeded.

(b) Archibald.

(c) Margaret, who married, as his second wife, Sir James

Macdonald of Oransay.

(d) Florence, who married Alexander Macdonald of

Kingsburgh, with issue.

(e) Isabella, who married John Mackinnon of Kinloch,

with issue.

(f) Mary, married Alexander 2nd of Glenmore, with issue.

John Macdonald, 2nd of Castleton, died about
1720, and was succeeded by his older son,

2. Donald. He was a prominent and distinguished per-

sonage in the 18th century Annals of the House of
Sleat. He, along with his chief, espoused the Govern-
ment side at the '45, and commanded one of the Skye
Companies during the Jacobite Rising. He afterwards
became a Colonel in the British Army. He wrote a
letter to President Forbes after the '45, which has
been printed among the Culloden papers, and in
which he appealed for the release of Alexander of
Kingsburgh, who had become implicated in the rescue
of Prince Charles. The letter was written on behalf
of Lady Margaret Macdonald, and through the inter-
vention of the President the appeal was successful.
He died about 1760. He married Isabella, daughter
of William Macleod of Hamer, with issue, his suc-


3. John Macdonald of Castleton, Sheriff-Substitute of Inver-
ness. He married Margaret, daughter of Macleod
of Arnisdale, Glenelg, with issue —

(a) Donald, who died in Skye, without issue.

(b) Norman, who died in the West Indies, without issue.

(c) Alexander, a major in the Army, died in the East

Indies, without issue.

(d) John, a captain in the Army, died at Skii-inish, in

1833, without issue.

(e) Magnus, died in the East Indies, without issue.

(f) William, a captain in the Army, died in the East

Indies, without issue.

(g) Flora, died unmarried.
(h) Catherine.

(i) Margaret.

Sheriff Macdonald died at Skirinish on 25th
December, 1826, at the advanced age of 87, and his
wife died there in February, 1835, aged 89.

3. Archibald, died without issue.

4. Mary, married her cousin. Sir Donald Macdonald, 4th

Bart, of Sleat, with issue ; and (2nd) Alexander
Macdonald, 1st of Boisdale, also with issue.

Donald Macdonald, 1st of Castleton, was succeeded
in the senior representation of the family by his
elder son.

II. Kanald. For some reason unexplained, his
father did not, according to use and wont, provide
that the succession to Castleton, the original hold-
ing, should be vested in his older, but rather in his
younger son, John, whose descendants we have just
traced. Instead of this, Ranald, in 1670, got
seasing of the five penny lands of Tarsgvaigbeg,
and of the five penny lands of Tarsgvaigmore, and
in 1673 he obtained a wadset for the same lands,
with Ord, Crossvaig, and Tockvaig additional.
Both he and his brother John appear on record
respectively as younger of Castleton, and Ranald
also appears as younger of Ord. We do not find a


trace of Ranald after 1689, and we are inclined to
think that he was one of the five cousins of Sir
Donald Macdonald who fell at Killiecrankie. This
seems confirmed by a line from a poem by John
Lorn Macdonald, the Lochaber bard, in which he
laments the losses sustained by Sir Donald upon
that field. In the course of the poem he says :

^'B'ann diubh Kaonull is Eoin is Seumas."

Ranald of Camuscross married, and had —

1. Angus, his successor.

2. John, who succeeded Angus.

3. Christina, who, in 1707, married Somerled Nicolson of


He was succeeded by his son,

III. Anc4US. He appears repeatedly on record
as Angus Macdonald of Tarskvaig, one of the
properties contained in the wadset of 1673. He
married, and had a daughter, Mary, but left no
male issue. He died in 1728, and was succeeded
in the representation of the family by his younger

IV. John. He is at Barivaig in 1713, and on
his succession to his brother Angus, is designated
both as of Culnacnock and Camuscross. He married,
in 1716, Rachel, daughter of Rev. Donald Nicolson,
of Scorribreck, minister of Kilmuir, in Skye, and
had issue —

1. Roderick, of Camuscross.

2. Archibald, of Culnacnock, who died without issue.

3. A daughter, who married Martin Martin, Marishadder.

John died in 1734, and was succeeded in the senior
representation of the family by his older son,

Y. Roderick, who was known in his day as
Ruairidh Mac Iain. He married (1st) Anne,
daughter of John Macleod of Drynoch, with issue —


1. Alexander, who succeeded.

2. James, of Tormore and Knock. He married Grace,

daughter of Major Macdonald of Breakish, with issue,
a son, who married Miss Mackay, Inverness, without
issue. He appears m 1776 as a freehold voter of

3. Donald, who with his older brother James was joint

tacksman of Tormore.

He was a captain of marines, from which he retired
before 1774, in which year he was enrolled a freeholder
in Inverness-shire, a liferent and disposition having
been assigned in his favour by Lord Macdonald of the
lands of Tormore and others. He married Elizabeth
Macfarlane of Gavistock, with issue —

(a) Alexander, who succeeded at Tormore. He married

Isabella, daughter of Alexander Chisholm of Samala-
man and Lochans, Moydart, and had —

(a^) Alexander, died young.

(b^) Donald, the present representative, unmarried.

(c^) Malcolm Neil, an indigo planter, residing at Willow-
vale, Nairn. He married Ethel, daughter of
Rev. Mr Wright, with issue — (a) Donald, (b)
Somerled, (c) Malcolm.

(d^) John Macleod.

(e^) Eliza, who married Mr Hutchins, Edinburgh, with
issue — (a) Macdonald, (b) Ada, (c) Ella, who
married D. A. Martin, son of the late Rev.
Angus Martin of Snizort.

(f^) Penelope, who married Roderick Maclean, M.D.,
South Uist, son of Rev. Roderick Maclean, parish
doctor there, with issue — a daughter, Isabella,

(g^) Barbara Diana, who married Mr Oxley, with issue.
They emigrated to America.

(h^) Annabella, who married Mr Oxley, brother of her
sister's husband, with issue. They also emi-
gi'ated to America.

(i^) Johanna, who married Dr Edward Campbell, Medical
Officer for Sleat, with issue — a son, Donald.
Captain Donald of Tormore died in 1799, and
his son Alexander died in 1857.

(b) Roderick of Caps till, a Captain in the Army.

522 THE CLAN DOi^ALt).

(c) Anne.

(d) Jennie.

(e) Diana.

(f) Magdalene. In 1788, Roderick Mac Iain, their grand-

father, bound himself to make provision for them,
they being all under age at the time.

Roderick Macdonald of Camuscross died about 1790,
and was succeeded in the representation of the
family by his oldest son,

VI. Alexander. He married Jane, eldest
daughter of the Hon. Captain John Johnstone of
Staple ton, second son of James, second Earl of
Hartfell, who was created Earl of Annandale in
1661, and had —

1. Donald, his successor.

2. Alexander, Avho married A.nne Salterford, and had an only

son, Alexander, who died in infancy.

3. Mary, who died young.

He was lost at sea on the Irish Coast in 1758, in
which year his wife also died, and was succeeded by
his older son,

YIL Donald. He married Johanna Manning,
and had —

1. James, his successor.

2. Donald, a Lieutenant in the 62nd Regiment. He

married Susan, daughter of Denis MacCarthy of Kil-
coleman, with issue— (a) James, (b) Donald, (c) Jane.

3. Johanna, who married George Gwynne.

He died in 1804, and was succeeded by his eldest

VII I. James. He was one of the claimants for
the Annandale Peerage, through his grandmother,
Jane, daughter of the Hon. Captain John Johnstone
of Stapleton. He married Catherine, daughter of
Denis MacCarthy of Kilcoleman, and a sister of his
younger brother's wife. He had —

The genealogy of clan donald. 523

1. Donald, who died unmarried in 1853.

2. James Alexander, a Wesleyan minister in England.

3. Sir John Denis, K.C.B., M.D., F.R.S., Inspector-General

of Hospitals and Fleets, R.N. He was born in 1826.
He married (1st) Saiah Phebe, daughter of Ely Walker
of Stainland, with issue — (a) James Alexander Walker,
who died in infancy ; (b) John Denis, (c) William
Richard, (d) Elyna Mai-y, (b) Catherine Janet.

He married (2ndly) Erina Christiana Cunningham,
daughter of Rev. William Archer, M.A., of Wicklow.

4. Jane Masters, who married William Richard Rogers,

M.D., with issue.

James Macdonald died in 1865, and was succeeded
in the representation of the family by his son,

IX. The Eev. James Alexander Macdonald.
He married Harriet, daughter of Edward William
Mackie, with issue — ■

1. Rev. James Alexander Donald John, Wesleyan Minister.

2. Edward William Johnstone.

3. Rev. Roderick John Johnstone, M.D.

4. Somerled Hector Norman.

5. Harriet Flora.

6. Catherine Amelia.


This family is descended from Hugh, second son
of Sir James Macdonald, 2nd Baronet of Sleat. In
a deed of entail by Sir James, executed in 1657,
Hugh is mentioned as next heir after Donald, after-
wards Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat. His father
gave him a feu charter of the lands of Glenmore,
Glenteltine, Skirinish, and others, in the year 1661.
In 1691, he is entered in the Valuation Roll of the
County of Inverness as a freeholder of considerable
standing. He married, first, in 1671, Anne,
daughter of Alexander Robertson of Struan, Chief
of the Clan Roberison, and had by her —


1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Angus of Penbeg.

3. Janet, who married John Macdonald of Lochgarry,

brother of Glengarry.

4. Margaret, who married Donald Macqueen, Minister of


Hugh married, secondly, in 1682, Katherine,
daughter of Colonel Allan Macdonald of Kytrie
(Cadet of Glengarry), and by her, who afterwards
married Archibald Macdonald of Barisdale, had —

5. Hugh, Minister of Portree. He graduated at King's

College, Aberdeen, in 1719, and in 1726 was presented
by the Crown to the Parish of Portree. He married,
in 1729, Elizabeth, daughter of John Macdonald of
Balconie, son of Sir James Macdonald of Sleat, by his
second marriage, and had

(1) Alexander, a Major in the Army, proprietor of Court-
hill, Lochcarron, and latterly Tacksman of Monkstadt,
in Skye. He married a daughter of Alexander Mac-
donald of Cuidrach by Annabella, daughter of Hugh
Macdonald of Armadale, and half-sister of Flora
Macdonald. By her Major Macdonald had —

(a) Alexander, who died unmarried.

(6) Hugh Peter, tacksman of Monkstadt, who married
Jessie, daughter of Donald Macdonald of Skae-
bost, and by her had — (a^) Alexander. He
emigrated to Australia, and was twice married.
One of his sons is Hugh Macdonald, M.P. for
Coonamble, and a newspaper editor in New
South Wales, (b^) Donald, sometime factor for
Lord Macdonald in North Uist, who married
Jessie, daughter of James Thomas Macdonald of
Balranald, with issue, all in Australia, (c^) John.
(d^) Hugh, (el) Bosville. (/i) James, (g^) Mar-
garet, (h^) Jessie, (i^) Julia, (j^) Johanna.
(k^) Eliaa.

(c) Elizabeth, who married Alexander Macleod of Lus-

kintyre, without issue.

(d) Alice, who married Dr Miller, Stornoway, and had

Johanna Eliza, and Janetta Macdonald.

(2) James, (3) John, (4) Janet, (5) Alice, (6) Margaret,
and other nine children.


The Rev. Hugh Macdonald of Portree died in 1756.
Hugh Macdonald of Glenmore died May 6th, 1696,
and was succeeded by his son,

II. Alexander. He was one of the curators
of Sir Alexander Macdonald of Sleat during his
minority. He married, first, Mary, daughter of
John Macdonald of Castleton, and had by her —

1. Hugh, his successor.

2. Somerled, who, in 1734, received a tack of the lands of

Brogaig and others from Sir Alexander Macdonald.
He afterwards received a lease of the lands of Bresk-
lan. He married Isabella Maclean, and had — (a)
Alexander, (b) Donald, (c) Hugh.

3. John.

Alexander married, secondly, Mary Macleod, and
had by her —

4. Anne, who married Donald Macqueen, minister of Kil-

muir, with issue.
Alexander died in 1735, and was succeeded by his


III. Hugh. He married Janet, daughter of
Donald Macdonald of Garth, and had —

1. Alexander, whose issue, if any, is extinct.

2. Hugh, born in 1737, an officer of the 59th Regiment.

He was at Bantry, in Ireland, with his regiment in
1762. He married, in 1762, Abigail Susanna,
daughter of Colonel Evans, and had —

(a) John, born 1765. He served with the 4th Cavalry,

The Black Horse (afterwards the 7th Dragoon
Guards). He married Anne Belton, and had
John Dixon, and others, of whom the male issue
is extinct.

(b) Alexander, born 1770.

(c) Hugh, born 1777. He served in the 25th Regiment.

married Mary French, and had issue, now extinct.

(d) Henry Francis, born 1779. He married, in 1811,

Mary Frances, daughter of Rev. Peter Mosse,
M.A., of Clonrusk, and had (a) John Mosse, bom


1814, died, without issue, in 1850; (b) Henry
Francis, born 1816, M.A., T.C.D., Canon of
Christ Church, Dublin, Rector of Athy. He
married, in 1845, Margaret, daughter of Gilbert
Cockburu, and died in 1891, leaving issue —

{a}) Henry Francis, born March 8th, 1846, M.A.,
T.C.D., Canon of Derry, Rector of Ramelton,
married June 11th, 1874, Marion, daughter of
— Tyler (which name he has since assumed,
and has (1) Henry Hervey Francis, born February
13th, 1887, B.A., Selwyn College, Cambridge.
He is in the Indian Civil Service ; (2) George
Mosse, born December 28th, 1881, Lieut. Royal
Artillery ; (3) John Ronald Coltier, born March
6th, 1889 ; (4) Margaret ; (5) Aileen Maura ;
(6) Marion Eirene ; (7) Theodora Frances ;
(8) Flora.

(61) John Mosse, born April 24th, 1851, Vicar of
Sherfield, married Miss King, and has John
Henry Lloyd, born March llth, 1892; Douglas
King, born October 8th, 1894 ; and Margaret

(c^) Thomas Mosse, born in 1853, B.A., T.C.D., in
Holy Orders.

(c?i) Gilbert Stewart, born Ajjril 12th, 1855.

(e^) Augustus Le Clere, born June 6th, 1856, Royal
Irish Constabulary, married in 1883 Kathleen,
daughter of Rev. William Dockeray, and has
Ronald Francis Keith and Margaret Esme.

(/I) Charles Montague, born March 6th, 1860, Royal
Irish Constabulary, married Katherine, daughter
of Dr Riugland.

(g^) Margaret Celestina, who married Surgeon-General
Charles B. Mosse, C.B., C.M.G., and died June
2nd, 1892, leaving issue — (1) Arthur Henry
Eyre, born September 28th, 1877, Lieutenant
Indian Army ; (2) Herbert Augustus; (3) Cecil;
(4) Mary.

(A^) Frances Emma.

Thomas Mosse Macdonald (third son of Henry
Francis Macdonald and Mary Frances, daughter
of the Rev. Peter Mosse), born May 14th, 1820,


M.A., Canon of Lincoln, Rector of Kersal. He
married, March 14th, 1848, Loveday Lavinia,
daughter of William Carson, and has —

1. Henry Francis, born January 28th, 1851, M.A.,

Hertford College, Oxford, Vicar of St Paul's,
Leamington. He married, in 1877, Helen,
daughter of Jonathan AylifF of Grahamstown,
and died June 11th, 1878, without issue.

2. William Mosse, born August 9th, 1856 (hon.

captain in the Army), late Captain 3rd Battalion
Cameron Highlanders. He married, November
15th, 1888, Helena, daughter of Samuel Harvey
Twining, and has — (a) Ronald Mosse, born
December 9th, 1890; (l>) Stuart Hugh, born
May 16th, 1893.

3. Thomas Mosse (twin with William), born August

9th, 1855, M.A. Brasenose College, Oxford (New-
digate Prize, 1879), Vicar of West Malvern,
married, September 2nd, 1903, Annie Louise,
daughter of John Spooner.

4. Frederick Charles, born March 22nd, 1860, M.A.

Oriel College, Oxford, Vicar of Cnrist Church,
Gateshead, married, April 25th, 1901, Maude,
daughter of Jonathan Ayliff of Grahamstown,
and has Harry Frederick, born June 25th, 1902.

5. Loveday Elizabeth, died young.

6. Maiy Frances, died 1864.

7. Constance Gertrude, who married, July 10th, 1879,

Theodore Drayton Grimk^ Drayton, of Clifford
Manor, Gloucestershire, and has (a) Christopher
de Vere Drayton, born July 16th, 1882, B.A.
Trinity College, Cambridge ; (6) Alan Drayton,
born July 16th, 1885, Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ;
(c) Hugh Drayton, born 16th August, 1886;
(cl) Norman Drayton, born March 6th, 1887 •
(e) Gertrvide Drayton ; (/") Winifred Judith

8. Amy Lavinia, who married, June 7th, 1893, Vernon

Roberts, and has (a) Hugh Macdonald Vernon,
born October 16th, 1899 ; (b) Sheila Macdonald

9. Florence Mary, who married, November 14th,

1894, the Rev. Robert Noble Ferguson Phillips,


M.A , Vicar of Emmanuel Church, South

Abraham Augustus, the fourth son of Henry
Francis Macdonald and Mary Mosse, died young.
His sister.i were (1) Eliza, (2) Abigail Susanna,
who died in 1899, nged 86 ; (3) Eliza Frances.


This family is descended from

I. John, second son of Sir James Mor Mac-
donald, Second Baronet of Sleat. He received some
time before his fathei-'s death in 1678 a wadset of
Totscor and other lands in the district of Troternish.
He married, and had two sons, who appear on
record —

1. Donald.

2. Norman.

John died about 1710, and was succeeded by his
older son,

II. Donald, as wadsetter for the lands of
Totscor, Pennymore, and others. He died without
issue before 1721, and was succeeded in the repre-
sentation of this family by his brother,

III. Norman, who appears among the gentle-
men of Troternish in 1721. He died about 1740.
He had a son, John of Kinlochdale, of whom the
family of Bernisdale and Scalpay. He was drowned
in 1748. He married Margaret, daughter of Rev,
Donald Nicolson of Scorribreck, minister of Kilmuir
in Skye, and had issue —

1. Donald, who succeeded his father at Kinlochdale.
He was a freeholder, in 1777, in the lands of* Glen-
more and others. He had a son, Hugh, who appears
on record in 1810,


2, Archibald, whose son, Donald, served in the Penin-

sular War, and was a Captain in the 42nd lleginient.

3, Norman. He is a frechohler of (Jamboll in 177C.

He was a favourite with Sir James Macdonald, the
"Scottish Marcellus," who, in his will dated 16th
July, 1766, at Rome, left him a legacy of £100.
This sum he discharges as late as 1801. He

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