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2. Ewen of Griminish, who was a lieutenant in the army.

He married Jane Bruce, and had issue —

(a) William, died without issue.

(b) Ewen, died without issue.

(c) Harriet, who married Major Oakes, H.E.I.C., with


(d) Mary, who married General Tod, H.E.I.C.S., with

issue— Ewen Macdonald Tod. Mr Tod, who lives

in Edinburgh, is a notable authority on angling,

has contributed valuable articles on the subject

to sporting journals, and has in recent years

published an important and well-informed work

on the subject of dry fly fishing.

Ewen of Griminish was celebrated in song by one of

the Uist bards, Alexander Macdonald, the " Dall Mor,"

an enthusiastic admirer of the Vail ay family.

3. Mary, who married Rev. Allan Macqueen, minister of

North Uist, with issue —

(a) Donald, who was an officer in the army.

(b) Mary, who died unmarried.

4. Susan, who married Rev. James Macqueen, minister of

North Uist, with issue —

(a) Rev. William Macqueen of Trumisgarry.

(b) Alexander, an officer in the Macqueen East ludiaman.

He died unmarried.

(c) Alice, married Captain Alexander Maclean, Hosta, of

the 79th Cameron Highlanders, with issue.


5. Margaret, who married as her first husband Captain

Mackinnon, without issue. She married, secondly.
Captain Mertoun of the merchant service, with issue,
an only daughter, Mary. She died unmarried.

6. Janet, who married John Macdonald, Malaglet, without

, issue.

7. Catherine, who died unmarried.

On the authority of John Mac Codrum, the North
Uist bard, William Macdonald of Vallay died within
six months of his father's death —

Mu 'n d' thainig leth bhliadhna slan
Chaile sinn fear Bhalaidh 's a mhac.

He died in 1770, and was succeeded in the repre-
sentation of the famil}' by his older son,

IV. Alexander. In 1777 he obtained a tack
of Vallay and Malaglet, and in 1796 received a com-
mission of factory for North Uist from Sir
Alexander, first Lord Macdonald. At the latter
date he held the rank of captain in the Fencibles
raised in that time of national emergency, and was
afterwards promoted to the rank of major. Alex-
ander Macdonald, the blind bard of North Uist,
composed some felicitous verses in eulogy of Major
Macdonald, which, along with the song to his
brother Ewen, have been printed in the Uist Col-
lection. He married, in 1786, Harriet, daughter of
Coiin Macdonald of Boisdale, with issue —

1. Alexander, his successor.

2. Margaret, who married Neil Maclean, C.E., Inverness,

with issue, several children, all of v/hom died young.

She died in 1854, aged 69.
• 3. Mary, who died in 1868, aged 82.
4. Isabella, who married Rev. Nfil Maclean, minister of

Tiree, with issue —

(a) Donald Maclean, M.D., \\ho married Jane Cameron

of Glen Nevis, without issue.

(b) Alexander, who went to Australia.


(c) Lilias Margaret, who married Mr Mitchell of Wood-

lands, Stirling, and died without issue in 1877.

(d) Mar\' Flora, who died young

(e) Isabella, who married Mr Camerou of Glen Nevis,

with issue.

(f) Harriet, who died unmarried.

Alexander died about 1820, his wife surviving him
till 1839, which year she died at Inverness, and was
succeeded by his only son,

V. Alexander. He was born 14th July, 1788.
He was a midshipman in the Eoyal Navy, and
afterwards served a short time in the Army. The
traditions of North Uist describe him as of
splendid physique, one of the most athletic men
of his day, and, withal, a true Highland gentle-
man. About 1825 the family left Vallay, and went
to live in the ancestral region of Troternish, where
Alexander was for a number of years tacksman of
Airdviceolan. He married, on 2nd February, 1826,
Flora, daughter of Duncan Macrae of the Inverinate
family, captain in the Royal York Eangers, with
issue —

1. Duncan, who died young.

2. Alexander Ewen.

3. William John, of whom afterwards.

4. Macrae, who went to Australia unmarried.

5. Colin Hector went to Australia, nnd married there, with


6. Duncan, went to Australia, and married there, with

issue several sons and daughters.

7. Christina Mary. She married Rev. John W. Tolmie,

minister of Bracadale, and afterwards of Contin, with
issue —

(a) John, Register House, Edinburgh, married Alex-

andrina, daughter of Donald Macrae, Luskintyre,
with issue.

(b) Rev. Alexander Macdonald Cornfute, M.A., minister

of Southend, Kintyre, unmarried.



(c) Hugh Macaskil], who went to Australia, unmarried.

(d) Gregory, who went to New Zealand. He married

Ethel Briton, with issue.
(b) Margaret Hope, who married Rev. Archibald Mac-
donald, minister of Kiltarlity, with issue (inad-
vertently omitted from Clangorrie genealogy) —
(a) Marion Margaret Hope, (b) Christina Mary,
died in infancy, (c) Flora Amy Macruari.

(f) Mary Macrae, married Robert Smith, Glasgow, with


(g) Flora Macdonald, who married Charles Hoffman Weth-

rall, V.S., Allahabad, N.W.P., India, with issue.
(h) Williamina Alexandrina.
8. Harriet Margaret. She married Alexander A. Gregory,
Inverness, with issue —

(a) Alexander, married Miss Stewart of Murdiestoun,

with issue.

(b) William.

(c) Neil.

(d) John, in the R.N.

(e) Reginald.

(f) Margaret Maclean, married Francis Foster, H.M.

Customs, with issue.

(g) Harriet, married William Lindsay Stewart of Murdies-

toun, with issue.
(h) Catherine Christina, married Charles William Dyson
Perrins, of Davenham, Worcestershire, and of
Ardross, Ross-shire, with issue.
9. Mary Isabella, married Rev. Kenneth A. Mackenzie,
LL.D., Kingussie, with issue —

(a) John, who died young.

(b) Mary Flora, who married Dr De Watte ville, King-

ussie, with issue.

(c) Elizabeth Hannah Frances, unmarried.

Alexander Macdonald, 5th of Vallay, died of fever
in 1845, and was bm^ied in the Churchyard of
Kilmuir. He was succeeded in the representation
of the family by

VI. Alexander Ewex. He went to Australia
and married there, but his male descendants havino-



become extinct, the representation of the family of
the Tutor of Macdonald has devolved upon the
third son of Alexander 5th of Vallay, Senator for
British Columbia,

VII. The Hon. William John. He was born
in Aird, Skye, in 1832. Having been educated
partly by private tutors and partly in the Parish
School of Kilmuir, he acted as secretary to Admiral
Fishbourne, who administered the Destitution Fund
in Skye in 1847 and 1848. In 1851 he received an
appointment in the service of the Hudson Bay
Company as one of its secretaries, arriving in
Victoria, now the capital of British Columbia, after
a voyage of 190 days. On the discovery of gold in
that province in 1858, Mr Macdonald acted in
various capacities, such as collector of customs,
postmaster, coroner, captain of a mounted company
to guard the coast from Indian depredations, and
commissioner to organise the free school system, and
road commissioner. He was elected to the Legis-
lative Assembly of British Columbia in 1859, elected
Mayor of Victoria in 1866, and for the second time
in 1871, called to the Legislative Council on the
Union of the Colonies of Vancouver Island and
British Columbia in 1867, and called to a seat in
the Senate of the Dominion of Canada on the
Colony joining the Federation of the North
American Colonies. He married Catherine Balfour,
daughter of Captain James Murray Reid, of tlie
Hudson's Bay Company, v/ith issue —

1. Keginald James, Captain in the Royal Artillery. He

married Madge, daughter of Dr Scliofield, Loudon,
with issue, Reginald Alastair.

2. William Balfour, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. He

married Isabella, daughter of Colonel Capel Mier, of
the Cameron Highlanders.


3. Alastair Douglas, B.A. of Cambridge, and Barrister of

the Inner Temple, Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers;
served some years in India.

4. Flora Alexandrina, married Gavin Hamilton Burns, of

the Bank of British North America, with issue.

5. Edythe Mary, married Ernest Fleet, Captain R.N.

6. Lillias Christina, unmarried.


This family is descended from

I. Archibald, third son of Sir Alexander Mac-
donald of Sleat by his wife, Lady Margaret
Montgomery. He was born in 1747 after his
father's death. He studied for the legal profession,
and was in due time called to the English Bar. He
had a most distinguished professional career, and
attained to the position of King's Counsel at a
comparatively early age. In 1777 he was elected
M.P. for Hindon, and at the General Election of
1780 was returned for Newcastle-under-Lyne, being
afterwards re-elected in 1784 and 1790. In 1780
he was appointed to a Welsh Judgeship, in 1784 he
became Solicitor-General for England, and Attorney-
General in 1788. In 1793 he became a Privy
Councillor, and the same year was advanced to the
position of Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer.
In 1813 he was created a Baronet. He married in
1777 Lady Louisa, eldest daughter of Granville
Leveson Gower, first Marquis of Stafford, and had
issue —

1. James, his successor.

2. Francis, a Captain in the R.N.; died 1826, without


3. Caroline Margaret, who died young.

4. Louisa, died unmarried

5. Susan, who died young.




6. Caroline Diana, who married Rev. Thomas Randolph,
M.A., Prebendary of St Paul's, Chaplain to Queen
Victoria, and Rector of Hadham, Herts. She died
13th December, 1867.

Sir Archibald died on 18th May, 1 826, and was suc-
ceeded by his older son,

II. (Sir James, who was born 14th February,
1784. He was in 1805 elected M.P. for Newcastle-
under-Lyne, and re-elected in 1806 and 1807. He
afterwards represented Calne. In 1829 he was
elected M.P. for Hampshire, and was appointed one
of the Clerks of the Privy Seal. He died of cholera
in 1832, having just been appointed in May of that
year High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands. He
married, 1st, on 5th September, 1805, Elizabeth,
daughter of John Sparrow of Bishton, Stafford-
shire, without issue. He married, 2nd, on 10th
August, 1810, Sophia, eldest daughter of William
Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle, with issue —

1. Archibald Keppel, his successor.

2. Granville-Southwell, died young.

He married, 3rd, on 20th April, 1826, Anne
Charlotte, daughter of Rev. Saville Ogle of Kirkley
Hall, County Northumberland. Sir James was
succeeded by his older son,

III. Sir Archibald Keppel Macdonald,
Baronet of East Sheen, County Surrey. He was
born on 15th October, 1820, and was educated at
Harrow. He was a Captain in the Scots Fusilier
Guards, from which he retired in 1849, and equerry
to the late Duke of Sussex. He was a Deputy-
Lieutenant and Magistrate of Hampshire, and was
High Sheriff of the County in 1865. He died in
1901. He married, 1st, on 1st May, 1849, Lady
Margaret Sophia Coke, daughter of Thomas William,


1st Earl of Leicester, which lady died without issue
on 4th November, 1868. He married, 2iid, on 25th
November, 1869, Catherine Mary, widow of the
Hon. Thomas Ed\vard Stonor, and daughter of
J. Conkhurst, of Gargrave Hall, Yorkshire, with
issue —

1. Archibald John, born 2nd February, 1871.

2. Mary Catherine.

Sir Archibald was succeeded by his son,

IV. Sir Archibald John Macdonald, Bart, of
East Sheen, the present representative. He married
in 1900 Constance Mary, daughter of Rev. H. M.
Burgess, of Bramshott, Hampshire.


The MacLavertys, whose name is spelt in various
forms, as McLeverty, MacLarty, and McLardy, are
descended from the Family of the Isles, and had
their original habitat in Kintyre. They broke out
early from the main stem, and claim descent from
the founder of the Monastery of Saddell. The pro-
genitor of the family from whom they take their
name was known as Fear Lahhairt an Righ, or the
King's Speaker, who received this distinction from
the circumstance of his being employed by the King
of the Isles as special ambassador to hostile tribes at
feud with that potentate. The office appears to
have become hereditary in the family. The name
arose, as we have it in its present form, from Mac-
Labhairt, or son of the Speaker. It is on record in
1524 in the form of Maklafferdich, one of the Clan
Donald following in Kintyre. On the disjoersion of
the Kintvre branch of the Clan Donald in the first


half of the 1 7th century, the MacLavertys followed
many of them to the Antrim Glens in Ireland.

Tver MacLaverty, who was born in the North
of Ireland in 1667, and whose father possessed an
estate of five farn)s near Cushendall, came over to
Kintyre, no doubt, to claim the lands of which his
family had been deprived. One of the places
originally occupied by the family was Chisken, and
another is believed to have been Keill. Iver settled
in Machairemore, and leased several farms from the
Argyll family. He died at Machairemore, October
12, 1724, and was buried at Kilcolmkill, where his
tombstone is still to be seen bearing his coat of arms,
the quarterings clearly showing his descent from the
Family of the Isles. In the first quarter is a dexter
hand couped and erect (Lamh Dhearg) ; in the
second the fi-ont of an ancient monastery ; in the
third two stars of six points ; and in the fourth a
galley surmounted with an eagle displayed.

Iver MacLaverty left issue —

John, who married Agnes Robertson, and had —

1. James, born 19th June, 1726. He married, and had a

family, but no male descendants have sm'vived.

2. Archibald, born 18th October, 1728, and has no repre-


3. Alexander, born 12th June, 1731.

4. Angus, born 25th May, 1735.

Alexander, the third son of John, who owned
some merchant vessels trading to the West Indies
and 'America, married Jane Johnston (heiress, and
Ward*of Campbell of Skipness), descended from
Alexander Macdonald, son of Glencoe, who escaped
from the Massacre in 1692. By her he had —

1. Colin, born November 16, 1756.

2. John, who died young.

3. Archibald, who died young.


4. Alexander, who was born in 1772, and married Isabella

Rattray, and had (1) Colin, who married Miss East,
and three sons and three daughters ; (2) Alexander,
M.D., who married Miss Iver, and had (a) Iver,
Colonel R.A., who married, and has a family ; (b)
Alexander, Rector of Llangattock, Monmouth, who
married, and has a family ; (3) Isabella ; (4) Jane.

5. Annie, born November 3, 1757.

6. Margaret, born June 1st, 1761.

7. Jeanie, born 23rd January, 1767.

Colin, the eldest son of Alexander, held in
early life a Lieutenant's commission in the 24th
Regiment, in which he served during the American
War of Independence. He was also M.D. of Edin-
burgh. He married in 1795 Elizabeth Susanna
Breon, of Chestervale, Jamaica, and had —

1. Edmund, who died in Jamaica.

2. Colin, who died in Greenock.

3. Alexander, who died at Campbeltown.

4. Edmund, who died at Campbeltown.

5. John Freeman.

6. Mary Anne, who died at Jamaica.

7. Jane Johnston, who married Colonel Fullartcn, of the

Rifle Brigade and 86th Regiment, without issue.

8. Suf5an, who died in Edinburgh.

9. Mary Anne, who married Rev. Mr Campbell, with issue.

John Freeman MacLaverty, who was born at
Sanda House in 1806, succeeded to Keill and
Chestervale, Jamaica, on the death of his father in
1834. He married in 1842 Annie Barbara Brodie,
daughter of Alexander Brodie and Louisa Mercer.
He died at Mount Devon, Dollar, in January, 1882,
havirjg had issue —

1. Colin Edmund Breon, brrn 1845; died 1877.

2. Graeme Alexander.

3. William, born 1848; died 1866.

4 John Freeman, born 1851 ; died in Jamaica, 1882.
5. George Francis, born in 1852 ; died the same year.


6. James Eyton Camitbell, born in 1855.

7. Charles Louis, born in 1856.

8. Louisa, born in 1843 ; died in 1897.

9. Elizabeth Susanna, born in 1847 ; died 1899.

10. Margaret Elizabeth, born in 1853.

11. Jessie Brodie, born in 1858.

12. Annie Barbara Forbes, born in 1859.

Graeme Alexander MacLaverty, now of
Chanting Hall, Hamilton, born at Keill, 22nd
March, 1840. He is an enthusiastic clansman, and
has for years taken an active interest in the affairs
of the Clan Society in Glasgow. He married at
Singapore, in 1879, Eliza Anne Lockhart, only
daughter of Thomas M'Call, of Craighead, Lanark,
and grand-daughter of Eobert Lockhart of Castle-
hill, and has —

1. Ronald Graeme, born at Singapore, 7th November, 1879.

2. Iver Edward Breon, born at Hamilton, 12th December,


3. Constance Maud Lockhart, born at Hamilton, 3rd

October, 1884.


When the Macdonalds of Ardnamurchan,
patronymically known as Maclains, were driven out
of their native territory, in the first half of the 17th
century, many of them found shelter in the other
territories of the clan, principally on the Clan ran aid
Estates. One family at least settled in Morayshire,
to the members of which occasional references are to
be found on record. Several members of this family
were afterwards merchant burgesses of Elgin. One
line of this branch, descended from John Maclain,
has survived and preserved its identity. The name
is variously spelt even by members of the same


family. It Is to be met with at home and abroad as
MacKain, MacKean, and MacKeand.

Archibald MacKain, merchant, Elgin, son of
James, son of John, of the Ardnamnrchan family,
married Elspet, daughter of Andrew Leslie, mer-
chant, Elgin, son of Andrew Leslie, of the Glen of
Rothes, cadet of the Earl of Rothes. By her he
had a son, James, of Bungay, Suffolk, who left Scot-
land in 1776, and married Annie Honywood, who
died in 1827. He died in 1828, and left issue—

1. James, born in 1782 ; Naval Officer, in charge of Lisbon

Dockyard, 1808-15, and subsequently of H.M. Dock-
yards, Pembroke, Sheerness, and Woolwich.

2. Elizabeth, born 1787, married John Graham Dow, with

issue, two daughters.

3. Archibald William, born 1789, and had issue, Archibald

and James.

James married Catherine Lewis Dobbin, daughter
of Captain William Dobbin, R.N., who died in
1844. He died at Bordeaux in 1845, and had
issue —

1. James Dobbin, born 1822 ; died 1847.

2. William Fergus, born 1825.

3. John Honywood, born 1826 ; died 1875.

4. Archibald Elgin, born 1830 ; died 1864.

5. George Innes, born 1833.

6. Frederick, born 1835 ; died 1853.

7. Kate Evelyn, born 1824 ; married Sir Humphrey- C.

Jervis-White-Jervis, Bart., and died in 1895.

8. Harriet Johanna, born 1828 ; married Adolphe Renaud,

and died in 1890, leaving two sons and two daughters.

9. Anne Elizabeth, bom 1838 ; died 1847.

Wiilliam Fergus, late of the Admiralty,
married Catherine Anne Dobbin, and had —

1. William James, born 1854.

2. Fergus Henry, born 1856, civil engineer, married Georgia

Anna Smith, with issue, two sons and four daughters.
He died in 1896.


3. Charles Sydney, born 1858.

4. John Elgin, born 1860, married, 1890, Margarite Lejeune

Vincent, and has two sons and one daughter.

5. Katie Mary Isobel, born 1861 ; died 1879.

6. Edith, who married Dr F. T. G. Pritchard, Dewsbury,


7. Alice, who married Rev. G. F. Seaton, British Chaplain

at Homburg, with issue, two daughters and one son.

William James MacKain, Clerk In Holy
Orders, Rector of Parham, Sussex, 1890-94. He
married Helen Clifford Morecroft, and has —

1. James Fergus, Lieutenant in the Indian Army, born 1885.

2. Clifford Arthur, born 1887.

3. Irene Helen, born 1891.

The MacKain arms are : Argent, three Bendlets
Vert, on a chief gules a demi-eagle, or with the
motto—" Le Tout Ne Vaut Pas La Moitie."


The Darroch tribe is very probably — as is claimed
by its members — a real branch of the Macdonald
Clan, though the received origin of the name and its
traditional connection with an oak stick may well be
regarded as a legend very naturally growing out of
the particular form which the name has assumed.
The sept is styled in Gaelic Clann 'ille Riahhaick,
sometimes Clann Domfmuill Riahhaicli, and in 1623
we find a family of this name in Skye entering into
a Bond with Sir Donald Macdonald, 1st Baronet of
Sleat, in which they acknowledge him as their chief,
and he promises them due protection. Whether
this is the origin of the claim to belong to the Clan
Donald cannot be determined. In more modern
times the island of Jura is the nursery of the race,
and there the name is most frequently met with in


its special form of Darroch. In this form it is
supposed to be a corruption of the words Dath
riabhach, or brindled colour, to distinguish the sept
from those of the Dath buidhe, or yellow colour,
there being many of the Clan Bowie also among the
inhabitants of Jura. From the Darrochs of Jura
have sprung the family of Gourock and Torridon,
whom we now proceed to trace genealogically from
their founder.

I. Duncan Darroch. He was born in Jura
before the middle of the 18th century, and having
goDe to push his fortune in Jamaica, he succeeded so
well that on returning to Scotland in 1784 he pur-
chased the estate of Gou,rock, on the Clyde, from
the existing owners, the Stewarts of Castlemilk.
About that time he matriculated arms, and the
story of the oak cudgel found an honourable if also
a somewhat mythical position on the shield. Duncan
Darroch of Gourock died in the early years of the
19th century. He married, and had a son,

II. Duncan Darroch, who succeeded him at
Gourock. He had a command in the Glengarry
Fencibles, and eventually attained to the rank of
Lieutenant-General. In 1799 he commanded the
Glengarry Fencibles, with the local rank of
Lieutenant-Colonel, and received the public thanks
of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland — Marquis Corn-
wallis — for bringing the regiment into a proper
state of discipline. There had been, prior to his
holding the command, great feuds between the Pro-
testants and Roman Catholics, which he succeeded in
appeasing. He died 16th February, 1847. General
Darroch married in February, 1799, Elizabeth,
daughter of the Rev. George Sackville Cotter, M.A.,
Rector of Ighter Morrough, and granddaughter of


Sir James L. Cotter, baronet, of Rockforest, Ireland,
by whom he had —

1. Duncan, his heir, born 19th February, 1800.

2. George Sackville, born 15th June, 1801 ; died 14th

August, 1802.

3. Donald Malcolm, born 21st August, 1805; died May,


4. Donald George Angus, born September, 1814. He went

to the Army, and rose to the rank of Major, He
married Eliza, daughter of Major Scott, with issue, a
son, Donald, and two daughters.

5. Elizabeth Arabella. She married William Wright Swain,

a Major in the Army, with issue, two sons, William
and Duncan, and three daughters.

6. Margaret Janetta Louisa, who married George Rainy of

Raasay, with issue.

General Darroch was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. Duncan Darroch. He went to the Army
and became a Major. He married Susan, daughter
of Charles Stuart Parker, of Fairlie, a West Indian
merchant, and niece of George Rainy of Raasay,
with issue —

1. Duncan, his heir.

2. Charles Stuart Parker, Rector of Medstead, Hampshire,

who married Alice Maude, eldest daughter of Sir
Edwin and the Hon. Lady Pearson, with issue — (a)
Donald Stuart, who died young ; (b) Malcolm Stuart,
born 4th July, 1876 ; (c) Angus Stuart, born 3rd
August, 1877.

3. George Edward, born 22nd April, 1846, who married

Adelaide Frances, daughter of Richard Valpy, of
Champneys, Tring, with issue, Richard George
Hutton, and three daughters.

4. Eliza Cotter.

5. Margaret Parker, who married James Stewart of Gar-

vocks, M.P., with issue — (a) Susan Caroline ; (b)
Margaret Parker Darroch. She died 3rd October,

6. Cai'oline Anne, who married R. B. Baxendale, and died

in 1857.


7. Susan Louisa, who married John Morgan, Eccles, near


8. Mary Babrington, who married Duncan MacNeill, of the

Bank of Scotland, London, with issue, two daughters.

Duncan Darroch, 3rd of Gourock, died on 13th
October, 1864, and was succeeded by his oldest son,
IV. Duncan Darroch of Gourock and Torridon.
In 1873 he purchased the Estate of Torridon, in
Ross-shiie, from Lieutenant-Colonel MacBarnet. In
1864 he married Annie, daughter of S. P. Hickman,

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