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4. Charles, who married Miss Nassau, without

8. Elizabeth, who died in 1827.

9. Jacobina, who married Sir Joseph Radcliffe,

and had Eliza Matilda Mary, who married
Sir Geoi'ge Army t age, Bart, of Kirklees



Park, with issue, Sir George John Armytage,
Bart., now of Kirklees Park.
10. Helen, who married Thomas Nassau, wdth

issue, Alpina, a nun.
John Macdonald of Leek died in 1807, and was
succeeded in the representation of the family by his
eldest son,

VI. Wolfe Alexander, On his death, he was succeeded by

his next brother,

VII. George.

P. .518. John Macdonald of Castleton, who died in 1711, married
Anne Maclean of Boreray in 1690, and had by her —
(1) Donald, (2) John, (3)>rchibald, (4) Margaret,
(5) Florence, (6) Mary.

P. 5.34. Roderick Macdonald, Notary, who was latterly styled of
Borniskittaig, had by his first marriage two daughters,
Flora and Margaret. He married, secondly, Anne,
daughter of William Macdonald, the Tutor, and died
in 1788.

P. 543. III. William Macdonald of Vallay had, besides the

daughters already given (a) Peggy, who married

Monkman, (i) Kittys and (c) Janet



Cha gliairdeachas gun Chlanu Donnhnuill,

Clia mlior toil gain, mor Sliiol Cliolla.

Treibh am bi an fheile,

Leannana ceil is coniuinn.

Clann Domlmnill ni clajin mar chach,

Air meidh gai bralli 'nar guiomh ceart,

Ni bheil finne mar tai iad,

An iochd, am. feile, no' neart.

Dlig'hear ceannas far gacli slogli,

Do Chlann Donilmuill na, breitli mall,

Eilde' catli nan comlilan cruaidh,

Bheireadli buaidh air clanna, Ghall.

Abliaill abuich gacli coill chniiasaicli,

Cruinneach, tuathachd gaoh magh min,

Reidtaich, sgeimli is iuil gach fine,

An flieilo ceil gach duine dibli.

Leomhanta curraiitai gaoh fasaich.

Is doblirain aglimhor gach linne,

Seabliagai gach ealltuinn uasail,

An treibh is uaislei 'sa. chruinne.

Eaiiach Claam Dornhnuill an aigh,

Mar fhreumhau abuich iiach crion,

Mar fhasgadh nan caodre milis,

Gach meaghlan a sileadh fion.

An fhinne chaomh le 'n sgaoilte an t-or,

Saor mar a mhuir mhor o'n t-siar,

Le 'm b' annsa onoir, feil, is cliu,

Na brib stoir an cuil mar Dhia.

Mar fhoillicheas dealradh na grein

Na reultaibh le barrachd sgeimh

An neart, 'n iochd, 'm feile.

An eanach ta.r gach fine, clann, is treibh.

Mar ghathaibh greine ri featli


Air blathaibh sgeimh nan magh min,

No cuan ciuin ri maduinn cheitein,

'Samliuilt an seimh san sith ;

Ach 's mairg le 'n duisgear an doininn,

Air chuan goilleach nan lunn bras,

Mar chaioire teine 'dol 's na speuran.

Gun tig ac ansgeul bais,

An tra thogar na fheirg air srol dearg

An leomhan garg na bheucadli borb

Bidh driuchd nimlie ag eigheach comhraig

Air roinn gach roine de cholg.

Clann Domlmuill an tus na doiaiinn

Nathara leomhanta an curaibh

Ni bheil prionnsaibh mar an triathaibh

Ni bheil triathaibh mar an giollaibh.


At Glasgow the iFyftene day of fFebruare the yeir of God j™vi'=
threttein yeiris It is contractit and siggreit betwix the honorabill
persounes pairties undirwrittin viz Rorie Makcloid of hareis for
himself and takand ye burdene in and upone him for Moir Mac-
cloid his lauchfull dochtir on the ane pairt Donald Makallane Vic
Keanne of Ilandtirme for himself and takand the burdene in and
upone him for Johnne Moydort his lauchfull sone on the uther
pairt in maner following fforsamekill as ye said Johnne and Moir
with consent of thair saids parentis obleiss thame god willing to
performe the band of matriraonie with utheris in presens of
Chrystis Kirk with all dew solempnitie requisite at sic tyme as
thair saids parentis thinkis gud And befoir the compleiting of ye
said mariage The said Donald M*=Allane obleiss him dewlie and
sufficientlie to infeft ye said Johnne his sone and Moir M'^Cloid
his future spouse and the longest livar of thame twa and the airis
to be procreat betwix thame and failzing thairoif the airis of ye
said Jo" q* someuir In all and haill ye perticular landis eftir
specifeit extending to twentie twa merk land being ane pairt of
his twentie pound land in Arrasyke with ye pertinents thairof
haldin be him of our sovrane lord ye King his maiestie his
undoubtit superiour of ye samyne lyand within ye Sherefdome of
Innernes Be resignation thairof in j e handis of our sovrane lord or
some uthir persoun his superior of ye samyne having power to


receave ye said resignatioun ffor heritabill infeftment to be iraid
gevin and grantit thairof to ye said future spouss and ye longest
lewir of thame twa and to thair airis foirsaid the quhilkis laudis
y*" intill yai ar to be infeftis naniit efter yis manor viz thrie penny
laud of Kaiboth (here lands ennumerated) extending in haill to ye
foirsaid twentie twa merkland Attoure ye said Donald M'^Allane for
himself and takand burdene on him for ye said Jo" Moydort Ins souuc
and ye said Jo^ for himself obleiss yame and thair airis to ye said
Rorie M'^Cloid and to ye snd Moir his dochter that quhatsomevir
landis heritages takis po^sessiounis and annuel rentis that it sal
happin ye said Johnne to oonqueis in ye tyme of ye said Moir To
provyde ye same conqueis q* someuir to him and ye said Moir in
lyfrent and to ye longest leuir of yame twa and to thair airis
abovewrittin fFor the quhilkis premiss to be done and niariage to
be completit The said Rorie M^Cloyd obleiss him his airis ex'"« and
assignayis to randir and deleuir to ye said Johnne Moydort his
airis ex^^ or assignayis in name of tochir with ye said Moir nyne
scoirof gud and sufficient quick ky togidder with uthir twentie ky
ma giue ye said Johnne sail desyre thame and ane gaillay of
twentie foure airis with thri sailling and rowing geir gud and
sufficient within ye space of ane yeir eftir ye completioun of ye
said mariage bot f order delay And for securitie ye saids pairties
consents thir puts be insert and registrat in ye buikis of Counsale
y* Ires and exel of horning on ane simple charge of sax dayis
puynding and warding hut preiudice of uyr be diiect yrupone and
to y* effect constitut y prors coniunctly and severallie promitten
de rato. In witnes q*"of (yis pnt writtin be Jon Craig notar in
Glasgow) ye saidis pairties herein snbscryue as followis at day
yeir and plaice foirsaid Befoir thir witness Lauchlane M^Kinnon
of SlraquhorJell Allan M'^Allane appeirand of Moror Jon Ronald
persoun of EUanfiunan Allane Macklorgane Ministir at Durneis
Mathew Trumbill baillie of Glasgow Hew Cameroun mercliand
burges & Thomas Donaldsoun seruitor to ye said Donald M'^Allane.

Macfionguine Johne Macdonali)

mar fionuis. Aleas Moydord.

Allan M°Ronald vitnes. Mom MacCloud.

Johne Rannaldsoun

Persone of Ellanfynan. Ita est Joannes Craig notarius

Mathew Trumble witnes. publicus de mandato dicti Don-
Allane Ocolganr vitne^-. aldi M^Allane de Illandtirme

H. Cameroun wimes. scribere nescientis ut asseruit

rogatus teste manu propria.



Be it kend till all men be thir present letters Me Sir Donald
Donald Macdonald of Slaitt Knicht To have sett and in tak
and itssedatione lattin, and be the tenor hereof settis and in tak
and assedatione for the maill and dewtie nnderwrittin lattis to
Neill Maclaine sone lauchfull to Donald Maclaine in Ust for all
the dayes of his lyftyme and after liis deceise to his nearest and
lauchfidl airis and assigneis quhatsumever for all the dayes, space,
yeiris and terms of twentie ane yeiris of all and haill my aucht
penny land of Burray and ane penny land in Solas with partes
pendicles and pertinentis thereof, lyand in North Ust, within the
Lordship of the lyles and Shereffdome of Innernes, together with
the teynd scheaves and uthir teynds, baith personage and
vicarage of the lands above writtin with the pertinentis, Togidder
also with the office of baillerie of the Loches of North Ust the
s'i Neill^ his duteis thereof quhilk sail begyn at the terme of
Whitsonday nixt imniedetlie following the deceis of the said
Donald Macleane quhilk sail happin at the plesur of God, and
fra thyns furth to endure, and the saids lands with the teynds
thereof and office of bailliarie of the saids loches to be peaceablie
bruikit joyit and possest be the said Neill and his forsaidis, as the
saids landis and utheris for saidis lyes in the lenth and breadth
with howsis biggingis, mossis, mures, fields, pasturage, leasses,
commoun pasture frie ische and entrie, and with all and suudrie
uses commodities, friedomes, easements, liberties, priveledges, and
righteous pertinentis quhatsumever perteiuing thairto, and the
same are presentlie possest and bruikit be the said Donald
Maclaine, freelie, quietlie, weill and in peace, but ony revocatione,
obstacle, impediment, or agane calling quhatsumever Payand
therefor yeirlie the said Neill during all the dayes of his said
lyfetime, and after his deceis his airis and assigneis or charmerlane
or factor in our names during the said space the sowme of Forty
punds monie of this realme with ten bollis here of the countrey
mett and ten merkes of teynd dewtie, togidder also with the
Kingis Majesties Maills and taxationes yeirlie at Mertinmas in
Winter beginning the first yeiris payment thereof at the feist of
Mertinmas after the deceis of his said father and suae furth to
continue during the haill yeiris tyme and space of this present
tuk, and also the said Neill and his forsaids doand service to me


baith by sea und kuul, according to use and want, and answer
unto my courts and keepand his Maj*'**^ peace as becomes, and
qubilk he is subject and obleist be dewtie to doe And I forsnith
the said Sir Donald my airis and assigneis this put tack and
assedatione in all and be all thingis as is above exprest during the
space foresaid sail warrand acquyet and defend to the said Neill
and his foresaidis against all dcidlee as law will, but fraud or gyl
provyding always that this present warrandice of tlic icuidisof
the saids lands sail only be extendit during the space and yeiris
that I sail have right to the saniyii teyndis standing in the persone
of me and my foresaids sua that gif the richt of the said teyndis
sail expire befor the out running of the present tak in that caice
I sail not be subject in warrandice of the said teindis thereof, and
for the mair securitie I and als the said Neill in taiking of Iiis
obleisment to me in manner above writtin are content and
consentis thir presents be insert and registrat in the 1 uiks of
Counsell and Sessione or Sheriff-court bulks of Inverncs to liave
the strenth of ane decreit of ather of the judges thereof that
excells of horning on ane simple charge of fyftene days alhmerlie
and uthers neidful maybe direct in forme as effeiris and con-
stitututes Mr James Nisbett Advocat our lawfull jn-ocurator
promittem de rato. In witnes whereof written be Johne Gilbert
servitor to Ro* Kirkwood Wryter to his Majesties Signet I and
als the said Neill has sub* thir puts with our hands at Ed'" the
seventene daye of Merche the yeir of God j"^'vi'^ and twentie six
yeiris Before thir witness Alexander Rae Measone, Neill Mac-
ffingon messrs with diverse utheris.

Sir Donald Macdonald
of Sleat.

Neill M'^ffingon Messre witnes,

Al? Rae Measoun Witnes.

OF SLEAT. 1630.

Be it kend till all men be thir put Ires me Johne be the
mercie of God bischope of the lies to the ([uhiik bisehoprik the
abacie of Icolmekill and pryorie of Ardchattane ar now unit and
annexed with avys'? and consent of the Deane and chapter of the
a id bisehoprik Hor certaine sowmes of money pntlie at the dait


heirof reallie and with effect advanceit payit and dely verit to me
be the richt honorable Sir Donald M'^Donald of Slait knicht in
name of girsiime ffor making and granting of thir pntis quhairof
I hold me weill contentit and satisfeit and for me my airis
exer'* and assigneyis exoner quytclame and simpliciter dischairge
the said Sir Donald McDonald his airis exer^ and all utheris
quhorae it effeirii of the samen for now and evir rennounceand be
thir pntis the exceptioini of not numerat money and all uther
exceptiounes q* sumevir that may be proponeit or albeit in the
contrair To have sett and in tak and assedatioun for the yeirlie
meill and dewtie mider writtin lettin lykcas I w*- consent foresaid
be thir j)ntis sett and in tak and assedatioun for the yeirlie meill
and dewtie and under?. rittin lett to the said Sir Donald M<=Domdd
his airi!^ maill and assigneyis q*' somevir My thrid Commounlie
callit the bischopis tliird of all and sindrie the teind scheavis and
utheris efter mentionod viz The fourscore merkland of Tronternes
the twentie pun'l land of Slaitt quhairof the twa merkland of
Armadellis haldin of auld of the bischopes of the Tsles is proper
pairt and pertinent The Fourtie pund land of North Wist
quhairof thair was audit merklan 1 haldin of auld of the bischopes
of the Isles with all their annexis connexis pairtis pendicles and
pertinentis q* sumevir pertaining to the said Sir Donald M'^Donald
heretablie lyand wHu the sherofdome of Innernes Togidder with
all uther teindis als weill personage as viccarage of the landis
above specifeit w*^ the pertinentis or any pairt thairof quhilkis ar
kiuiwn or mey be fund to appertein and belang to me as bischop
of the said bischoprik haveand the uthir benefices above specifeit
annext thairto or ony of thame as my thrid of the samen teindis
exceptand and reserveand to me and my successouris the teind
fische of the haill seals and locheis perteining and adiacent to the
saidis landis ffor all the dayis yeiris termes tyme and space of
nyntein yeiris nixt and immediatlie following the said Sir Donald
his entrie to the saidis teindis be vertew of this pnt tak and
assedatioun quhilk sail be -and begin at the day and dait of thir
pnts and therefter to endure and the saidis teindis to be
peaceablie bruikit uyscit be the said Sir Donald and his foresaidis
dureing the space exprimeit with full power to the said Sir Donald
and his foresaidis to gadder teind leid collect ask crave ressave
intromeit w* and uptak the foresaidis teindis personage and
viccarage of the landis above writtin with the pertinentis (except
before exceptit) dureing the space abovementionet and thairupon
to dispone at thair plesur and to call and persew thairfore as


accordis of the law and to rais and cans execute inhibitiovuies
veirlie in tliair awin nanich upoun the saidis teindis and to give
acquyttances and discha,irges thairupoun transact compone and
ao-rie thaiianent siclyk and als fulie in all respectis as I
w*^ consent foresaid micht haif have done niyselt hefore the
making heir of or may docat ony tyme hereftir Pay and thairfor
yeirlie the said Sir Donald jVPDonald his airis maill and assigneyis
foresaidis to me and my successors oure factors and chalmerlanes
in o^' names the sowme of ane hundreth pundis usuall money of
this realmc togidder w* twentie eliies of fyne plaiding at the feist
of Mertinies Beginnand the first yeiris jjayment thaimf at the
feist and teruie of Mertimes nextocum in this instant yeir of God
jaivic and threttie yeiris and sua furth yeirlie thairefter at the
terme above specifeit dureing the haill space above exprimeit
And likwayis reliveand me and my foresaidis of the furueising of
the elementis of bread and wyne to the celebratioun of the ('om-
munion at the kirkis quhair the saidis lar.dis lyis sa oft as the
sameu sail be celebrat thairin dureing the haill space of this pnt
tak and assedatioun proportionallie and pro rata efteirand to the
rait and qualitie of the foresaidis teindis of the landis above
specifeit. And in caice it sail happin that the said Sir Donald
or his foresaids to failzie in thankfull payment of the yeirlie
dewtie above specifeit than and in that caice the said Sir Donald
and his foresaidis sail be haldin to pay to me or my successf.nrs
the sowme of twentie pundis money foresaid as for cost skaith
darapnage expenss and interes. That in caice it sail happin that
the said Sir Donald or his foresaidis to failzie in the thankfull
payment of the yeirlie dewtie sua that twa yeiris dewtie thairof
rin togidder in the thrid yeir unpayit than and in that caice this
pnt tak and assedatioun sail ex pyre in ilt self ipso facto and
beciau null and of nane availl force nor effect fra thyn furth for
evir Quhilk tak and assedatioun abouewrittin I w* consent
foresaid bind and obleis me my airis and successouris to warrand
to the said Sir Donald and his foresaidis in all and be all thingis
as is aboue specifeit fra my awin proper fact and deid allernierlie
and for the mair securitie I and the deane and chapter of the
said bisclioprick ar content and consentis that thir puts be insert
and registrat in the buikis of counsall and sessioun thairin to
remaine ad futuram rei memoriam and for regrating heirof

Oure prors promitten de rato Tn witness of the quhilk thing
to this pnt tak and assedatioun (written be W Johne Moncreif



servitor to M^' Francis Hay wrettar to his ma*^^** signet) subscry
veit w*- oure liand's my proper seill togidder w*^ the commoun
chajDter seill of the said bischoprik are ap^jendit at Edinburgh the
ellevint day of August jaivic and threttie yeiris Before thir
witness respective viz the subscriptioun of me the said Johne
Bischope of the lies and of M'' Patrick Stewart minister at
Rothesay subdean of the said bischoprik subscryveit be us at
Edin^' the said ellevint day of August jaivic and threttie yeiris
Alexander Guthrie of Gagie the said M^' Francis, James Logic
induellar in Edin'" James Guthrie wrettar tlicre and the said
M^' John Moncreif wrettar heiroflf

Fina'one ^PMillen Maistr Thomas Moore

Vicar of Ico'keill

Deane of the Eylis


Francis Hay


James Logic

A. Guthrie

witnes and consents
J. Guthrie

MinisLei" at Curabray
Prebendei' conseutis
A. Alexander

Minister at Killerow
Prebender consentis
Ml" Merteane M'^Hievra
Minister at Killeane in
Mull consents

Johanne-i Leslaeus

Epus Sodorensis

M^' Patrick Stewart
Persouu at Pothesay


Be it kend till all men That we undersubscribers do testify
and acknowledge that Sir James Mo.cdonald of Sleat is chief of the
whole Name and Family of the Macdonalds in Scotland and that
we all are descended of the said Family whereof Sir James Mac-
donald is now undoubtedly chief and lineally descended of the
Earl of Ross which we testify by this declaration subscribed with
our hands.

D. Macdonald of Moydort.

A. Macdonald of Arinamurchin.

G. M'^Alester oF Loup.

Angus M'^Donald of Leargue.

Alexander Macdonald of Glencoe.

John Donaldson Esquire.



Be i1, kend till all men that I Coll Mackclonald of Keaiipoch do
testify and acknowledge that Sir Donald Macdonald of Sleat is
Chief of the whole name of Macdonald in Scotland and tliat all
other families of the Macdonalds are descended (jf : he said family
whereof Sir Donald Macdonald is now nndoubted Chief and lineally
desc. nded of the Earl of Ross which I testify by this Declaration
sul)scribed with my hand Before thir witnesses John Macdonald
Chamberlain in Sleat and James Macdonald attending the said

Sir Donald Macdonald

Coll Mackdoxald

J. Macdonald witness.
James Mackdonald witness.


At Castletirholme the sixth day of November one thousand
six hundred and seventy-four years, It is appointed, contracted,
finally agreed and ended betwixt Donald M^Donala of Moydart
Captain of Clanranald heritable proprietor of the lands and others
underwritten with the pertinents on the one part and liorie
M'^Donald of Glenalladale on the other part in manner following—
That is to say Forsameikle as the said Rorie M<^Donald has con-
tented and paid to the said Donald McDonald certain sums of
money for granting thir presents Therefor the said Donald
M-^Donald of Moydart has given, granted, and disponed and in
feu farm Letts to the said Rorie M-^Donald and his heirs mail All
and Haili the two merks ten shilling lands of Glenalladell, and
the thirty shilling land of Glenfinen with houses, biggings &c.
lyand within the Baronie of Moydart and Sherefdome of Inverness,
and in real warrandice and securitie of the said threttie shilling
land in case of eviction of the samen by qt sumever person from
the said Rorie McDonald All and Haill the seven penny land of
Cervelteos, houses, biggings Arc. lyand within South Uist and
Sherifdome foresaid, Likeas the said Donald McDonald be thir
presents Binds and obliges him his heirs and successors to obtain


himself dewly and sufficieutlie iiifeft and seasit ki the saids
lands and being sua infeft and seasit to dewhe, hiwfuliy
and sufficiently infeft and seise the said Rorie M'^Donald To bo
holden of the said Donald McDonald his aires and successors in
feu farm and heritage for the yeirly payment to him of the suincs
of mone} and others underwritten the said Donald JVPDonald
binds and oblidges him to warrand acquit and defend the foresaids
infeftments to be sufficient, free, safe and sure to tlie said Rorie
M'^Donald from all and sundrie wards, reliefs, nionentries, c-xheit,
life rents, forfaultures, recognitions, disclamations, hastardries,
ladies terces, tacks, infeftments, sasines, duties, stents, impositions
for ont reiking of Horse or Foot, Ministers and Schoolmasters
stipends, and other public burdens ic. For the quhilk causes the
said Rorie M'^ Donald be thir presents binds and oblidges him and
his foresaids to content and pay to the said Donald aud liis fore-
saids the sow me of Foiire hundereth merks Scotes money ye.a'lie
at two termes in the yeare Whitsunday and Martinies by equal
portions in the name of feu farm. Likeas the said Rorie APDonald
and his foresaids shall be holden to i:ompeir be themselves or their
attourneyes yearlie at the said Donald his court to be holden at
Moydort being lawfully warned for that efifect, and also to grant
to the said Dor aid McDonald and his foresaids their personall
service at their hoisting and hunting as all remanent of the
countrey gentlemen shall do and perform with the half of all
unlaws, bloodwitis, and americaments of Courts of the said lands
retaining the other half to their own proper uses, and releiveand
the said Donald and his foresaids of the Kings taxationes, and all
other public burdens &c. And also payand and releivancl the said
Donald McDonald his airis and successores of the servicis, furnish-
ing of men and others servicis and conditions wherein he stands
obliged to the Earle of Argyhj his superiore he the Reddendo of
his infeftments proportionally effeirand to the saids lands viz the
said Rorie M*'Donald shall be holden and obligit and be thir
presents binds and oblidges him and his forsaids to relieve the
SMid Donald McDonald and his forsaids of ane proportionall part
effeirand to the saids lands of ane sufficient galley of sixteen oares
which the said Donald M'^Donald is oblidgit to furnish to the said
Earle of Argyle and his aires and successors sufficieutlie appoynted
with men and necessaries be the space of fourteen days yearlie
betwixt the poynt of Ardnamurchan and Assint when he shall be
advertised and required for that effect. And also the said Rorie
M'^Donald and his forsaids shall be obleiduit to relieve the said


Donald McDonald and his foresaids of ane proportional part
effeirand to the saids h\nds of an hundredth sufficient men Avhich
the said Dunald and his foresaids are obledgit be themselves iu
their own proper persones, or be their neirest and worthiest kins-
men being of lawfull age to serve the said Earle of Argyle and his
foresaids in warr and hostings duly prepared iu all the said noble
Earl his lawfull occasiones and business betwixt the Isle of Mul
and Storehead and Assint furnished with eight dayes provisioune
after ther coming and that in all tymes quhatsoever they shall be

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