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Rose Hill, Cecil County, Maryland.

Reproduced by courtesy of
Miss Mary Forman Dav.
Paracrraph 95.



Descendants of Robert Forman of Kent Co., Maryland,
who died in 1719-20;


Descendants of Robert Forman of Long Island, New York,

who died in 1671 :
The Forman Family of Monmouth Co., New Jersey;


Notices of other Families of the Name of Forman.












R 1 904 L


I; f.




Descendants of Robert Forman of Kent Co., Maryland :

Robert Forman the Immigrant, his acquisitions of land, his will probated 1720. His son

Robert's will. Order of his children, 1

Arthur Forman 1st, eldest son of Robert, will probated 1757. 2

Francis Forman 1st (1702-1758), son of Arthur let, abstract of will 3

John, eldest son of Francis 1st (d. 1785); abstracts of his will, and of the wills of Henrietta

his widow, and of Alice their daughter __ ' 4

Sweatnam Forman of "Royston," Q. A. Co. (d. 1807), son of John 5

Arthur Forman 2nd, second son of Francis Ist, d. intestate 1785, abstract of inventory, will

of Mary his widow, d. 1817- 6

William, second son of Arthur 2d, sketch of his life 7

Jesse Forman, son of William, and Dr. S. E. Forman of Baltimore, grandson of Jesse Forman 8

Francis Forman 2nd (1773-1857), son of William, sketch of his life. His will ; the will of

his widow; inscription on tombstones 9

Arthur Immel Forman (1807-1867), eldest son of Francis 2nd, sketch of his life. Ancestry
of his wife, Mary Ann Booth of Virginia. Civil War reminiscences of his son. Dr.

William Booth Forman of Florida (Confederate Army) 10

Mrs. Anne E. (Forman) Dismukes, daughter of Arthur Immel Forman U

Mrs. Anne E. (Forman) Jones, daughter of Francis Forman 2nd 12

Mrs. Caroline (Forman) Howard, daughter of Francis Forman 2nd 13

William Raymond Forman, son of Francis Forman 2nd- . I4

Arthur Thomas Forman, son of William Raymond Forman 15

Mrs. Mary Jane (Forman) Vickars, daughter of Francis Form^ 2nd- 16

Table of Descent / -in

Extracts from Church Registers, from other Records, etc.../. 18 to 32

Wills recorded in Annapolis .' jg

Rev. John Forman (1773-1840) 20

Letters of Administration recorded in Baltimore - -vi 21

Wills recorded in Baltimore ;. 22

Abstracts of some Baltimore wills. / 23 to 27

Pedigrees from same. ^ _ 28 and 29

Items from Baltimore newspapers ( on

Wills recorded in Centreville, Md. ./ 3I

Administration accounts from Centreville ( 32

CONTENTS-Coi^TmuED. p^bagbaph no.


SwKATNAM Family — Genealogy of -'


Will of Sweatnam Burn, etc "'

The Family of Hon. E. E. Farman of Warsaw, New York

Descendants of Robert Forman of Long Island : 66


...39 to 41

The English Genealogy ^ .

Co 42

Robert Forman the Immigrant, his will, etc

Moses, son of Robert "/',■""'

L1 44

Samuel, son of Robert - "" "'

6 7 45,46,47

Aaron, son of Robert, and his sons

Samuel Forman, son of Aaron, his commission as High SherifE of Monmouth County, New ^^


■' . ,. 49

Extracts from New Jersey Archives.- - -

The children of High SherifE Samuel Forman

JuBGE Jonathan Fokman (d. 1762), second son of High Sheriff Samuel Forman of Mon^^ ^^ ^^

mouth Co., N. J., aiid his descendants ^-

Samuel Forman of Middletown Point, eldest son of Judge Jonathan

Gen. Jonathan Forman, eldest son of Samuel of MWdletown Pointy Goyernor Horatio Sey- ^^

mour of New York, and other descendants of Gen. Jonathan Forman
lip Freneau, son-in-lai
Major Samuel S. Forman

Philip Freneau, son-in-law of Samuel Forman of Middletown Point.

^ 56

Peter Forman, second son of Judge Jonathan, and his descendants. -57 to 69

59 to 66

Garrett Forman and descendants


Judge William P. Forman

Jonathan Clayton Forman of Cleyeland, Ohio -

SherifE David Forman, youngest son of Judge Jonathan, and his descendants 70 to 74


Tunis Forman

AAKON Forman (d. 1742), third son of High Sheriff Samuel Forman of Monmouth, and
his descendants, William Henry Forman of New York City and others.... -

Captain John Fobman (d. 1748), fourth son of High SherifE Samuel Forman, and his ^^
descendants. Col. Samuel Fon-ian of the Revolution -

Joseph Fobman (d. 1775), fifth son of High Sheriff Samuel Forman and his descendants. 77 to 102

Joseph Forman 2d, eldest son of Joseph

The Forman family at Natchez and in Mississippi


Richard Howell Forman - - '


Stephen Samuel Forman -

Ezekiel Forman, second son of Joseph 1st -


Will of Thomas Marsh

Gen. Thomas Marsh Forman of "Rose Hill," Cecil Co., Md

,„ 96

Col. Joseph Forman of Queen Anne s Co.

CONTENTS— Continued.


Major Ezekiel Forman of " Cloverfields," Q. A. Co 97

Ezekiel Marsh Formaa of Centreville 98

Hon. Ezekiel F.Chambers 99

Gen. David Forman of the Revolution 102

Ezekiel Fokman of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey (d. 1746), sixth son of

High Sheriff Samuel Forman of Monmouth, and his descendants 103 to 149

Thomas Forman, second son of Ezekiel of Upper Freehold, and his descendants in Kentucky

and elsewhere 104

Ezekiel Forman of Mason Co., Ky., eldest son of Thomas 106

Thomas Seabrooke Forman of Louisville, Ky., eldest son of Ezekiel of Mason Co 107

Col. James Brown Forman of the Union Army, son of Thomas Seabrooke Forman of

Louisville lOg

John Samuel Forman, third son of Ezekiel Forman of Mason Co., Ky 110

Eev. Ezekiel Forman, D. D., of Kentucky, son of Ezekiel Forman of Mason Co 116

Benjamin Rice Forman of New Orleans, sou of Rev. Ezekiel Forman, D. D 117

Thomas Throckmorton Formau of Lexington, Ky., son of Rev. Dr. Ezekiel Forman 118

Rev. Charles William Forman of Lahore, India, son of Ezekiel Forman of Mason Co., Ky. 119

Whiteman W. Forman of Paris, Ky., sou of Ezekiel Forman of Mason Co 121

Joseph Forman of Mason Co., Ky., son of Thomas 124

Hon. George Lewis Forman of Mason Co., Ky., son of Joseph 130

Lieutenant Samuel Tebbs Forman of the Confederate Army, son of Hon. Geo. L. Forman. 131

Samuel Forman of Mason Co., Ky., sou of Thomas 135

Gen. Thomas Morgan Forman of Mason Co., Ky., son of Samuel 186

Dr. Aaron Forman of Hunterdon Co., N. J., third sou of Ezekiel of Upper Freehold, Mon-
mouth Co., — his sous, and their descendants 145 to 148

Ezekiel Forman, fourth sou of Ezekiel Forman of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., N. J.. 149

Descendants of Robert Formau of Loug Island, in Westchester^and Tioga Counties, N. Y., in

California, Canada, and elsewhere , 150

Other Families whose connection with the foregoing has not been traced 151 to 153

Judge Joshua Forman, the founder of Syracuse — sketch of his life, etc 151

Aaron Formau, Revolutionary Soldier from Virginia^ 152

Hon. William 8. Formau of Illinois 152

Rev. Aaron Parker Forman. . _ l52

The Forman family of St. Clair Co., Ala., descended from Samuel Forman of Halifax Co.,

N. C ,53

Extracts from Annals of Newtown, Loug Island I54



Rose Hill Frontispiece

Francis Eagle Forman 19

Samuel Eagle Forman, A. M., Ph. D 19

Francis Forman - 20

Mrs. Anne E. (Immel) Forman 23

Arthur Immel Forman 27

Residence of Arthur I. Forman 29

Booth Coat-of-Arms 30

Mrs. Mary A. (Booth) Forraau 30

William Booth 32

"Leinster," Nottoway Co., Virginia 34

Major William Fitzgerald 34

Mrs. Sarah (Ei^es) Fitzgerald 34

Dr. William Booth Forman 37

Mrs. Elisha Paul Disnuikt^s 41

E. Paul Dismukes, Jr 42

Children of E. P. Dismukes, Jr 42

Robert Ernest Dismukes 42

The Tennent Parsonage 75

Mrs. Eleanor Forman Hankiuson 81

Ebenezer Forman 82

Garrett Forman 85


Mrs. E.sther Foriuan Cadmus 86

William P. Forman 89

Samuel William Forman 91

Jonathan Claytou Forman 91

Samuel William Forman, 2d 91

General Thomas Marsh Forman 105

General David Forman 112

Colonel James Brown Forman - 117

Rev. Charles William Forman 123

Lieut. Samuel Tebbs Forman 127

William Forman 130

Judge Joshua Forman 135

Mrs. Elizabeth Forman Buckelew 140

Fransiuchy Forman 140

Mrs. Catharine Forman Way 140

Emma Francis Way 140

Jonathan Forman 144

John Clayton Forman 144

Mary JaneFormau 144

Jonathan Clayton Forman, Jr 152

Elizabeth Mary Forman 152

Residence of Jonathan Clayton Forman 152



Booth Family, further information. Appendix A 145

Wyckoff Family, Appendix B - - ^'^'^

Jonathan Forman, of Freehold, N. J., Appendix C. 148

Hamilton Forman, Appendix D

George V. Forman, Appendix D

Justus Miles Forman, Appendix E

Robert Henry Forman, Appendix F

Hon. William S. Forman, of East St. Louis, Appendix G - - - - - - 149

Jacob Forman, of Westchester County, N. Y., Appendix H. - - - loO


At the beginning of the researches made by Miss Anne Spottswood Dandridge
on the genealogy of the Forman family in Maryland, it was hoped that a common
ancestor for all persons of the name could be found. This hope is as yet unfulfilled,
but it has nevertheless been thought best to include in the book not only the
descendants of Robert Forman, who died in 1719-20, but also another family whose
ancestor came to Maryland from Monmouth Co., New Jersey, later in the same cen-
tury — the eighteenth. Much information had been collected regarding the New
Jersey family before it appeared that the connection, if any, was remoter than at
first supposed, and a good deal has been since added relating to other branches of
the New Jersey family whose earliest ancestor in America, also named Robert For-
man, died in Long Island in 1671. There will also be found in these pages notices
of other families of the name whose connection with the two mentioned is as yet

It is proper to state that, while the book has been principally compiled by
Miss Dandridge, much additional matter has been added by various contributors, to
all of whom I desire to renew the expression of my thanks. The following have been
especially helpful in rendering assistance:

Mrs. Josephine Forman Rodgers of Washington, D. C, Hon. E. E. Farman of
Warsaw, N. Y., Mr. J. Clayton Eorman of Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. W. B. Forman of
Florida, Mr. Charles Forman of New Orleans, La., and Hon. E. P. Dismukes of
Columbus, Ga., and others whose names will be mentioned in the body of the work.

Additional information and corrections will be welcomed.
1515 Third Avenue, A. E. F. Dismukes.

Columbus, Ga. (Mrs. E. P. Dismukes.)


Genealogy of the Forman Family of Maryland— Descended from

Robert Forman who died in 1720.

1. From the Index of Early Settlers in the Land office at Annapolis, Mary-
land, Liber 18, folio 94, it appears that Robert Foeman arrived in Maryland in the
year 1674. Whether he came directly from England or was an offshoot of a family
already settled in the colonies — perhaps of the family which had settled in Long
Island a generation before, is unknown. That such a removal would not be singular
is shown by the case of Augustine Herman who came from New Amsterdam, made
the famous map and founded Bohemia Manor in Maryland.

Robert Forman became the owner of "Lewstern," a tract of land of 200 acres
on the north side of the Chester River, surveyed for him on October 12, 1704 (Rent
Roll of Kent Co. page 65, MS in Md. Hist. Socy.), and granted to him, according to
the deed to Calder hereafter to be mentioned, by letters patent of the Lord Pro-
prietory, on October 10, 1707. His will (at Annapolis) shows that he also owned
the upper part of " Blackhall's Hermitage," 100 acres, also on Chester River. In
1707 it appears (Rent Roll of Kent Co. page 59) that 100 acres of "Blackhall's
Hermitage" was "possest" by Edward Forman^ whose relationship to Robert is
unknown. Prom Edward it seems to have passed to Robert. Nothing more is known
of Robert's life except what may be learned from the following :

" Whereas There hath been Eight hundred twenty-five thousand Nyne hun-
dred Seventy Nyne pounds of Tobacco Expended Layd out &, disbursed by several
of the Inhabitants of this Province in the late Expedicon against the Nanticoke
Indians and other the necessary Charges of this province which hath been examined
stated and allowed by the upper and lower houses of this present General Assembly
To the intent therefore That the same may be satisfied and paid to these persons to
whom the same is due Bee itt Enacted by the Right Hon^'e the Lord Proprietary
by and with the advice of this present General Assembly and the Authority of the
same That the said Eight hundred twenty five thousand Nyne Hundred Seventy
Nyne pounds of Tobacco be paid in the manner <fe form as is hereafter Expressed by
an Equal Assessment uppon the persons & Estates of the Inhabitants of this Province
And be payd to the severall persons to whome the same is due as aforesaid Any Law
Statute Custome or vseage to the Contrary thereof Notwithstanding."


Then follow the amounts to be paid to the persons named, among whom Robert

Foreman of Kent County is to be paid 300 lbs.

(Procedure of the Assembly of Maryland, October, November, 1678.)

In Robert Forman's will, which is extant, and which we subjoin, the name is

spelled Foreman. To those who are at all acquainted with old records it is well

known that small differences in the spelling of proper names signify nothing, being

generally due to the carelessness or ignorance of the clerk.


In the name of Grod Amen. I Robert Foreman being sick and weak in body
but of sound and perfect memory praised be to God for his mercy, Do make this my
last will and Testament, in manner and form as followeth.

Item First I bequeath my soul to God AUmight who gave it and body to be
decently hurried at the direction of my Executor hereafter named.

Secondly, I will that my debts be oneslly paid.

Thirdly, I will that the Dwelling plantation I now live upon shall be for the
use of my loving wife Mary Foreman during her life for to live upon for her and her
children's maintenance but in Case She after should marie <fe be renounced from the
Plantation that then it shall be Lett yearly rent for the good of my children born

of her body.

Fourthly, I give to my son Robert Foreman fifty acrers of Land called Luse-
tren, being a part of a Tract of two hundred acrers at the North East End of the
Tract and the rest of my three youngest children as followeth.

Fifthly, I give to my youngest son Charles Foreman Fifty acres of Land with
the plantation upon itt.

Sixthly, I give to my son Wm. Foreman fifty acres of Land adjacent to the

second part.

7th,ly, I give to my son John Foreman the last Fifty acres of Sd. Tract to
them their heirs & afd & assignds for ever.

8th,ly, I give to my youngest Daughter Eliz^. Foreman two cows and calves
and sow & piggs young mare & two ewes.

9thly, I give to my son Aurther Foreman the plantation with the hundred
acres of Land that he lives upon called the Upper part of Blackhalls hermitage, his
heirs an assignis forever.

lOthly, I give to my Daughter A. Mildratt Hendrickson one shilling.

llthly, I give to my Daughter Mary Fanning one shilling.

12thly I give to my loving wife Mary Foreman ail the rest of my Temporal


And in Case that any of my four youngest Children should Dye without heirs
that then the Land be Equally Divided among the rest of the surviving of the four
& my Daughter Eliza then to have an Equal part of said Land with the rest of the

1 Annapolis Records T. B. 1-341.


And lastly I constitute my well beloved wife Mary Foreman and my Son
Aurther Foreman my sole Executors of this my Will and Testament as witness my
hand <fe Seal the Twenty Seventh day of Sept Anno Dom 1711.

Robert Foreman (Seal)
Signed Sealed & Diliverd before us
Thos Winn
Michael Haskett

This Day Micheal Haskett & Thos. Winn came before me James Harris D.

Conty of sd County &, made oath upon the Holy Evangelist that they Saw ye above
Robert Foreman signe, Seale publish &, declare the above will to be his last will &
Testament & that he was of sound sense &, perfect Memory

Sworn this 15th day of March 1719 Jas. Harris D. Conty.

Note : — Although as a rule it has been attempted in this work to finish with
each branch before taking up the next younger, we now give the will of the second
son, a little out of the proper order, since the line is not carried further.


" I Robert Foreman of Kent County in the province of Maryland

I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth, my dearly beloved wife, all my stock of horses,
cattle and hogs, together with all my household goods and movables.

I give to my well beloved son, Walter Foreman, all and singular the lands,
messuages and tenements to him and his heirs forever. . . .

Exrs. wife Elizabeth and son Walter.

prob. July 27, 1762. Robt. Foreman's K i seal i"

The order in which Robert Forman's children were born is not altogether cer-
tain, and is obtained j)artly from the will and partly from a deed from Robert's
oldest son Arthur, another son John and his wife, and Elizabeth their sister and
her husband Richard Chaddock, by which they all convey to James Calder, attorney
at law of r hestertown, Md., the portion of the Lewstern estate which had been de-
vised by the will to William and John. The deed recites that William died after
his father without issue, and the will is attested by only two witnesses ; the lands
presumably did not pass thereby, and estate in fee descended to Arthur as heir at
law of Robert. Arthur therefore became a party to the deed for the benefit of the
others. The price paid was twenty pounds Maryland currency to John and his wife
and Elizabeth and her husband, Arthur receiving the nominal sum of five shillings.
This deed is dated February 8, 1733, and is recorded in Liber J. S. No. 16, folio 432
etc. (A Land Record for Kent Co., Md.).

Arthur was clearly the eldest son. That the daughters Mildred and Mary,
who were married at the time of the will, were older than their brother Robert is

1 Wills, Chestertown, Kent Co., Md.


uncertain, but since Robert tbe younger seems to have been not yet provided with
an establishment of his own as his eldest brother had been, it is presumed his mar-
ried sisters were older than he— they may, indeed, have been older than Arthur.
As the three youngest children are named as Charles, William and John, and
Charles is stated to be the youngest, the proper order would seem to be— John, Wil-
liam, and Charles. The proper place of Elizabeth, the youngest daughter, is as
difficult to determine as the places of her sisters. She may be assigned however to
the place between Robert and John.

The family of Robert, thus conjecturally arranged, is as follows :

Robert Forman, d. 1719-20.
m. Mary (or Margaret )

1, Arthur Form an, d. 1757

m. 1st Mary Reed

m. 2nd Elizabeth , who survived him.


2, Mildred Forman, m. Hendrickson.


3, Mary Forman, m. Fannnig.


4, Robert Forman, d. 1762

m. Elizabeth , son: Walter Forman.

5, Elizabeth Forman, m. Richard Chaddock, Planter, of Kent Co.


6, John Forman, m. Mary .


7, William Forman, d. without issue.


8, Charles Forman.

2, Arthur Forman. son of Robert, owned a plantation of 100 acres called
the upper part of Blackhalls Hermitage, devised to him by his father's will. He
was church warden in 1723 of St. Paul's parish in Kent Co. (Old Kent, p. 353).


Arthur Forman
m. 1st May 13, 1700, Mary Reed, buried May 10, 1713.
I (Register of St. Paul's Parish pages 27 1 etc.)

— ^n 3

1, Francis Forman, b. Oct. 28, 1702, d. 1758

m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Sweatnam.


2, Arthur Forman, b. Nov. 3, 1706.


3, Mary Forman, b. June 19, 1711.

m. 2nd Elizabeth , who survived her husband.

' 1 3

4, Robert Forman, b. Jany. 12, 1723.



" I, Arthur Forman of Kent County " . . . " To wife Elizabeth all per-
sonal estate." . . . " To my son Francis my dwelling plantation, 100 a." . . .
Jan. 26, 1756. Prob. Nov. 7, 1757.


3. Francis Forman, of Queen Anne's Co., Md. Born October 28, 1702, died
1758. (Will prob. Feb. 13, 1758. Lib. W. H. N. fol. 146, Q. A. Rec.) Owner of
land in Kent Co. " Blackhall's Hermitage;" and land in Queen Anne's Co., "Roys-
ton" and "Fishingham" (the latter estates in right of his wife.)

m. (prior to 1731) Elizabeth Sweatnam, daughter of John, son of Richard
Sweatnam of "Royston." By will, 1697, Richard Sweatnam devised
"Royston," then 1200 acres, to his son John, from whom it was inherited
by John's two daughters, Elizabeth and Hannah. In 1731 mutual deeds
to "Royston"^ etc., were signed by Elizabeth and her husband, Francis
Forman, and Hannah and her husband, Matthew Dockery.
(Deed Oct. 21, 1731. Lib. R. T. No. A., fol. 85.101.)

9 children


Francis Forman, son of Arthur and Mary (Reed) Forman, b. Oct. 28, 1702,

d. 1758.

m. before 1731 Elizabeth Sweatnam, dau. of Capt. John Sweatnam :
I (See account of Sweatnam family to be given later.)

r 4 *

1, John Forman, d. 1785. 5, Francis Forman.

m. Henrietta , d. 1791. 4

4 6, Anne Forman.

2, Mary Forman. 4

m. William Cockrall. "^^ Rebecca Forman.

4 4

3, Arthur Forman, d. 1785. 8, Hambleton Forman.

m. Mary . 4

4 9, James Forman.

4, Elizabeth Forman.


I, Francis Forman, being sick and weak in body but of sound and disposing
mind, &c. . . .

To my son Arthur Foreman and his heirs one hundred acres of Land in Kent
County known by the name of Blackballs Hermitage . . . and failing issue from
my son Arthur Foreman I give aforesaid hundred acres to my son, Francis Foreman,
and failing Francis heirs I give it to my son Hambleton Foreman and failing heirs

IB. T. 2, 414 lAncap.). - 567 acres. „,„„.„„ ^ , • i

^WiLLS Queen Anne's Co. W. H. N. 1.— This will is recorded in Annapolis, B. T. 2, 433; by a clerical error
the name is there given "Freeman " in the beginning of the paper. It is signed Foreman.


from his body to my son James Foreman. . . . To son Arthur Foreman my best
bed and furniture (for it) . . . To daughter Mary Foreman my next best bed
and furniture ... to daughter Elizabeth Foreman the next best bed (&c) to
her sister Mary's.

All remainder of Personall estate to be equally Divided amongst my children
Mary, Arthur, Elizabeth, Francis, Anne, Rebecca, Hambleton and James . . .
my four sons and four daughters having before given a legacy to my eldest son,
John. ... I appoint John Small Ex'r. Francis (sic).

Arthur Forman. Edward Crupper.

Arthur Chrisfield. prob. Feb. 13, 1758.


4. John Forman, son of Francis and Elizabeth (Sweatnam) Forman, d. 1785.
m. Henrietta , d. 1791.

1, Ann Forman, m. Smith.

2, Sweatnam Forman, m. 1st Elizabeth Kent | ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ing.

m. 2nd Elizabeth Kent j

m. 3d Hannah Wroth.

3, ^John Forman, m. Sarah ; no children.

d. 1798. (Will prob. March 31, 1798.)

4, William Francis Forman, d. unm.

5, Margaret Forman, m. Cox, 1 dau., Margaret Cox.

6, Alice (Alsey) Forman, Will prob. Feb. 19, 1793.


I, John Foreman, of Queen Anne's Co. . . . Imprimis I give unto my
son Sweatnam Foreman one negro boy named Jacob to him and his heirs forever.

Item. To my son John Foreman two negro boys, Simon and Cleynus. . . .

Item. I give unto my son William Francis Foreman two negro boys Davis
and Phill.

Item. After my just debts and funeral expenses be paid I give all the rest
of my negroes and all my other personal estate to my beloved wife, Henriette and
her Heirs, reposing in her the highest Confidence that from the profits thereof she
will support and maintain my daughter Alice who is troubled with a Parolitic Com-
plaint. . . . Lastly, I do hereby appoint my wife sole Executrix. . . .
In witness whereof (etc.) this 4th Day of November Anno Domini 1782.

^^t^^^^*^^- John Foreman, i" Seal'i
Thos. Hackett, ' •

Henry Foreman, 21st of May 1785. Then came Henrietta

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