Annie L. Stringfellow Morrison.

History of San Luis Obispo County and environs, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county and environs who have been identified with the growth and development of the section from the early days to the present online

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Online LibraryAnnie L. Stringfellow MorrisonHistory of San Luis Obispo County and environs, California, with biographical sketches of the leading men and women of the county and environs who have been identified with the growth and development of the section from the early days to the present → online text (page 1 of 125)
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San Luis Obispo County
and Environs



Biographical Sketches


The Leading Men and Women of the County and Environs

Who have been Identified ivith the Growth and

Development of the Section from the

Earlv Davs to the Present

Mrs. Annie L. Morrison and John H. Haydon








liy Airs. Annie L. Alorrison


Introduction 17

"Memories Green," by Horace Annesley Vachell, noted English novelist and
dramatist — Beginning of San Luis Obispo County — Cabrillo in 1542 names
Morro Rock, visits the bays, and names Piedra Blanca — Beauty of the natural

scenery — Topography of tlie county.

The Spanish Quest p^ok "Et. Dorado" 21

How our state got its name — Spanish formalities in taking possession of the
state — Cabrillo, his voyage to Cape Mendocino ; his death and burial place —
Indians in San Luis Obispo County — Piedra Pintada, or Painted Rock, an
ancient temple of sun worship on the Carissa plains.


The Pounding op toe Missions 24

The Jesuits expelled from Spain's dominions by order of Charles the Third,
of Spain — The Franciscans establish missions in Alta California — Don Caspar
de Portola and Fathers Junipero Serra and Francisco Palou, and the two expe-
ditions, by land and by sea — The founding of the San Diego Mission — ^Transla-
tion of Father Juan Crespi's diary describing Portola's journey through San
Luis Obispo County — Manner of founding a mission — Construction of the mis-
sions — Founding of ^Mission San Luis de Tolosa — Wealth of the mission —
Later history of the mission — San Miguel Mission — Relics of mission day.s —
Origin of the introduction of the tiled roofs.


California During the Mexican Revolt 33

Mexico a dependency of Spain from the conquest of Cortez — Father Hidalgo,
and the revolt of 1810 — Mexican independence acknowledged, and a republican
form of government adopted — Execution of Iturbide — The Indians of the mis-
sions inaugurate a little civil service reform of their own — The Indian revolt
at Santa Ynez — California declares her independence of Spain and her allc.i»iance
to Mexico — The beginning of the end of ecclesiastical rule — Tlie act of seculari-
zation — The end of mission rule.


The American Conquest 3(5

The early Californians — Their speech and manner of life — Captain John Wilson
— Prominent families of the early days — Means of travel — Julian Estrada and
Joaquin Estrada — Rufus Burnett Olmstead, Jerry Johnson, the Mathers, and
the Leffingwclls — Trade by barter — Mexican governors of California — The com-
ing of the Americans. The Conquest: .-X move by the .Vmericans — Fremont —
The trip to Sonoma, and the raising of tlie Bear Flag — Ford's address — Sloat
at Monterey — Fremont goes south — .\ Iiluuder — Juan Flaco (Lean John) or
John Brown's ride — The trouble in tlie south — Flores ahead — Stockton to the
rescue — The Americans are defeated — Merritt retakes San Diego — Kit Carson
and Stephen W. Kearny reach the crossing of the Colorado — Gillespie and Beal
are sent to their relief — Pico defeats the .-\mericans at San Pasqual — Lieutenant
Gray to the rescue — Kearny and his dragoons reach San Diego — The Battle of
the Mesa, and the capture of Los .'\n.geles — Fremont goes north for recruits —
San Luis Obispo captured — Pico a prisoner — Pico's life saved — The departure
of Fremont — The struggle through the storm over San Marcos Pass — Terms
of peace — Governors of California after the conquest — Fremont's great ride.


Spanish Grants and Old Faiuues in San Ll'is Obispo County 51

The Grants : A list of the grants made in San Luis Obispo County — The
breaking up of the grants with the coming of the "Gringos/' Old Families:
John M. IVice — William G. Dana — Francis Ziba Branch — Isaac J. Sparks —
Francis E. Quintana — Captain John Wilson — Mrs. Ramona Hillard — Mrs.
Estafana Esquar.


Discovery of Gold, and Early History op" the Countv 56

Government under Kearny and Mason — Peace proclamation published — Discov-
ery of gold — Governor Riley and the first constitution — First state election —
California admitted to the Union, September 9, 18,S0 — A jubilee — Counties estab-
lished — First county elections — First courthouse, and laws of the court — First
Sunday liquor law — First board of supervisors — Tax list and taxes in ISSO —
A few items of interest — A little episode not confined entirely to the pjist — A
tribute to the early pioneers.


History prom IS.'O th ISCO. A Ijand op Crimes 62

Cattle-raiHii: ilu iiimipal industry — Travel limited — The whole county infested
by bancK .i di i.. i.uKirs — Love's Rangers — Murrieta, Vasquez, and Jack Powers
— Murder oi lv\o Frenchmen — Murder at San Juan — Murder of the Read
family at San Miguel Mission — Other crimes — Organizing of a Vigilance Com-
mittee — The pledge — Roll of members — The mvsterious disappearance of O. K.


The Great Drought. The Early Pioneers _

Development of the county hindered by various conditions — The early land-
holders — Manner of life before the great drought — The dry years of 1862-
63-6-1 — J. P. Andrews raises hogs — The cattle die, new settlers come in, and
a new era is entered upon — A pioneer woman, Mrs. Neal Stewart — Other
p'oneers of the coast section — Settlers in the Salinas vallev — Earlv office holders
-J. B. Kcster tells about Old Creek— G. W. Hampton— R W. Murph\-— Afessrs.
James and D. D. Blackburn— D. W. James— John H. Hollister— Charles H.
Johnson— Myron Angel— Henrv M. Osgood— C, H. Phillips- T. 1. Simmler—
J. W. Slack— Major William Jackson and Mrs. Mary Jack<on.


Products op the Soil, Dairvinc;, Grazing .\nd the Great Landholdings

Wlieat and barley— Cultivation of the wheat— Mills— Irrigation-Vegetables—
Beans— Orchards— Dairying; Its history and growth— The Steele brothers-
Production of butter and cheese— J. H. "Orcutt and Laurel ranch— Grazing and

the yr



Coi.m: Where found- Early Indian and Mexican operations in the La Panza
niMu-;— (lold production in De la Guerra gulch— Prospecting on Navajo creek
I," 'S'"^-— The stream and pool in Haystack canon— Crevice deposits near the
"1 auited Rock"— Findings of an old prospector in 1879— Report of Mason and
Stdl. Salt: The salt springs around the headwaters of the Salinas— The dry
lake bed on tlic Carissa plains. Coal: Outcroppings in northern end of the
county— The rocks along the bay at San Simeon— Coal- Mountain. Quicksilver :
Josephine mme— Klau mine- Pine Mountain mine— The Keystone mine— Oceanic
mine. Coi>i>i;r : Good Will mine Coodwill Mining Svndicate. Chromit'm:
Ranks next to quicksilver— TwrKr-niile vein northwest of San Luis Obispo—


Deposits at the head of Chorro creek — Assay and production — Deposit between
San Luis Obispo and Avila — Shipments. Other Minerals and Stonks: SiHca
— Iron — Lime — Gypsum — Alabaster — Onyx. ,\sphaltum: Deposits on the
Corral de Piedra, Pismo, and Santa Manuela grants — Uses — The beds below
Edna — Shipments— fThe Huasna deposits — Tar Springs ranch. The Oil In-
dustry: Early operations in Price's canon — Tiber Oil Company — Operations of
the Baker Ensign Company and the California Paint Company at Hadley — The
Producers Transportation Company — The Tank Farm — Ships and shipments.
Building Stone: The yellow sandstone quarries near Arroyo Grande — The
green granite of Bishop's Peak and San Luis Mountain — "Chalk rock" — The red
granite of Morro Rock. Statistical Data: Items from assessor's report, and
statistics of the State Mining Bureau.


Roads, Whakxes. Raii,K((.\i)s. Stage Lines axd Mail Routes, County

Buildings .vnd Countv Finances 103

Roads : Travel in the early days^— Early road laws — Roads and bridges — State
highway. Wharves: Pismo wharf — Morro wharf — San Simeon wharf —
Cuyucos wharf — Wharves on San Luis bay — County wharves. Railroads : Bill
enacted, authorizing construction of a railroad from San Luis bay to Santa
Maria valley — San Luis Obispo Railroad Co. — San Luis Obispo & Santa Maria
Valley Railroad Co. — Fares — Oregon Navigation Co. — Pacific Coast Railway Co.
— Southern Pacific Railroad — Excursion and land sale — Tunnels — May 5, 1894,
a historic date in the county's history — Completion of the line from San Fran-
cisco to Los Angeles — From surf boat to parlor car. Mail Routes and Stage
Lines: First regular mail route — First post office — Early passenger service to
Monterey, San Jose and San Francisco — Tri-weekly and daily stage and mail
service from San Francisco to Los Angeles — Coast Line Stage Co. — A typical
stage driver — Other mail routes and stage lines — Post offices and post office
receipts. County Buildings : Courthouse and Hall of Records — Walter Mur-
ray's stand in the interest of public progress — County hospital. County Fi-
nances : Early property valuation, tax rate and taxes, state and county — Work
of present advisory board — Present valuation, debt, and tax rates on city and
county property.


Schools, Churches and Lodges .113

Edwin Markliam and his "Oak-tree College." Schools: The first schools in
California — First .American schools — Provision of public school fund — Public
school sj-stem established — First public schools in San Luis Obispo County —
Early teachers, and county superintendents — .\ttendance in 1882 — Pioneer
teachers — Growth of the schools since 1882 — School funds — A much misunder-
stood law. High Schools: San Luis Obispo high school— Paso Robles high
school — Templeton union high school — Arroyo Grande union high school. New
Grammar Schools: Paso Robles. Santa Margarita, Atascadero, San Marcos.
Other Schools: Academy of the Immaculate Heart— The State Polytechnic
Scliool. Our Honored Veterans: Mrs. Mary S. Spaulding — Clara Belle
Churchill— Flora E. Armstrong— William M. .'\rmstrong— Clara E. Paulding—
F. E. Darke. Churches; Pioneer churches and preachers — Episcopal Church —
Presbyterian churches. Lodges : Early and later Masonic and Odd Fellow
lodges — Rebekah lodges and Eastern Star — Knights of Pythias — Native Sons
and Native Daughters — Other lodges


The Press, the Bench and I5ar, Piivsici ans and Others

The Press: The Californian— The Pioneer— The Tribune— The South Coast
— The Southern California .\dvocate — The Mirror — The Breeze — 'The Telegram.
Bench and Bar: Early judges — Judges Beebe, Venable, Gregory, Gregg.
Unangst, and Murray — Present judges and lawyers. Physicians: The pioneer
doctors — Present practitioners. Other Prominent Names: Dana, Mallah,
Leland, Rodriguez, Kelshaw — Present county officials — Paderewski's ranch —
The .\tascadero Colonv.



Cities, Towns, and Villages 136

San Luis Obispo, the City of the Bishop: Description of the early settlement
— Land rights — Organized under state law in 1859 — Incorporated as a city in
1876 — History of the water works — Progress in development and in population
since 1868 — Present city government — Public improvements — Fires — Churches
— New Federal Building — Banks — San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce — The
Woman's Civic Club of San Luis Obispo — Climate. Paso Roples : Incorporated
in 1889 — Pioneer business men — Dr. J. H. Glass — Other pioneers — Products —
Churches — Banks — Upper Salinas Valley Fair — Newspapers — Public improve-
ments. Templeton: Settlement — Pioneers: Albert Crum, H. C. Whitney, Ly-
man Brewer, Frank Hansen, Harry Scheele, Will Lawton, Drs. Pendleton and
Heath, Dr. S. Helgesen, G. H. Fisher, Eben Ward. H. B. Morrison, Jean Donel-
son, William Horstman, Hans Petersen — Other pioneer business men — Pioneer
families: The Wessels, the Bierers, the Mercers, the Thomas's — "College Hill"
— Present business men — Churches — The first entertainment — Attractive features
of the town. San Miguel: Settlement — Celebration of the one hundredth an-
niversary of the Mission — Improvements and industries. Creston. Santa
Margarita: Location and settlement — Industries and improvements. Nipomo:
Location, improvements and industries. PiSMO: Pismo beach — Pismo clam
beds — The baths — Scenery and climate. Arroyo Grande : Location — Develop-
ment since 1867 — Incorporated in 1911 — Improvements and industries — Bank of
Arroyo Grande — Newspapers — Seed farms — The valley. Oceano: Location —
Shipping interests— "Le Grand Beach." Newsom's Springs: Location— .As a
resort — The springs. Behros : Location and industries. San Simeon: Early
shipping interests — Early stage line — Ocean View mine — Captain Clark's whaling
station — Industries and improvements — Piedra Blanca lighthouse. CAMnRiA:
Government land surveyed and thrown open to settlement — Early settlers —
Adoption of its name — Early enterprises — Improvements and industries.
Cayucos ; The name — Captain Tames Cass — Early settlers — Pioneer ministers —
Pioneer business men — The abalone cannery — Other business firms — Another
O. K. Smith item — The Cayucos bank robbery. MoRRO : Morro Rock — Campers
on the "Point" — The legend of Morro Rock — The town laid out in 1870-71 —
Celebration on Toro creek, July 4, 1870 — Atascadero Beach — Morro Rock Inn —
Improvements and industries. Avila : Laid out by the Avila brothers — Avila
beach — The county wharf. Port San Luis : Wharves — Hotel Marre — The har-
bor — The lighthouse — San Luis hot sulphur springs — The climate. Pozo : The
name — The Salinas river — The climate. Shandon : .\doption of the name —
Laid out by the West Coast Land Co. — The staple product — Starkey — Pioneer
settlers — Products and climate.


PREsinEXTiAi. Visits, and the G. A. H.. JGP

President McKinlev's vi'iit- President Roosevelt's visit— G. .A. R. of San Luis
Obispo County: Colonel Harper Post, No. 126, roster and charter members;
Fred Steele Post, No. 70, charter members and present officers — Woman's Relief
Corps of .-\rroyo Grande, organization and charter members — The Fred Steele
Relief Corps, past presidents and present officers.


A Celebrated Land Case, and Old County Documents 173

The story of the litigation over the Cuesta rancho — Copy of old documents
found in the county clerk's office — .An old account, illu.strating old-time trans-


A Chapter op Politic.vl History, and Items from the Tribune MG county election — Early political parties — First Republican state convention
in 1856— The county divided into election precincts in 1859- Election of 1860;
the state carried for Lincoln— The first Republican county convention, in 1873—
Various parties— The state divided into six Congressional districts— Organiza-
tion of the Grangers, the Good Samaritans, and the Good Templars— .A new
issue: .Saloons or no saloons — The Farmers' .Alliance — Progress of Prohibi-
tion-Items of interest taken from the files of the Tribune.



P.y John H. Haydon

Santa JIaria 1S3

Laid out in 1875— Change of name— Early buildings— Churches— Early school
districts— Pacific Coast Railroad— First hotel— First brick buildings— Reuben
Hart— An eye for the beautiful— Efforts at fruit industry— Banks— Homicide—
Telephone— Incorporation— Temples and halls— Lodges in the city— Santa Maria
high school— Grammar schools— Hotels— Roads— Santa Maria oil fields— Opera-
tions of the oil companies— The Palmer field, and the Santa Maria Valley and
Southern Pacific railroads — Sisquoc.

Santa Maria Valley and Environs 189

Location and description of valley— Fremont's expedition in 1846. Guadalupe
rancho: Original grant— The "Old Adobe"— Industries— Settlement of Guada-
iupe— Pioneers— Chisito Olivera— Lodges— History of growth. Rancho Punta
de la Laguna: Original grant and patent— The Laguna— Santa Maria water-
shed — Early industries — The Union Sugar Company — Improved farming methods
—Public improvements— Bean culture. Suey rancho: Original grant and
patent — Location — Stock, grain and beans. Rancho Tepesquct : Original grant
— W. D. Foxen— Pacifico Ontiveros, patentee— Santa Maria mesa. Sisquoc
rancho : Location and description — Industries. Rancho Tinaquaic : Original
grant and patent — Industries. Rancho Los Alamos: Original grant and patent
— Contest over title — Industries — Los Alamos. Todos Santos rancho: Original
grant and patent— La Graciosa pass— The great gusher, Hartnell No. 2. Town
of Garey: Thomas A. Garey— Kaiser brothers— Attemps at fruit culture. Or-
cutt : Charter provision — Improvements and industries. Cuyama Valley :
Description — Pioneer settlers— Early school districts— The drought of 1897-98
— Products and improvements — Cuyama rancho : Original grant and patent —
Ranches No. 1 and No. 2 — Improvements — "A Tragedy of thf. Range," by
Augustus Slack. What Was Public Domain of Santa Maria Valley : Loca-
tions by early settlers — La Graciosa district — Santa Maria city and vicinity.

A Chapter on Education 202

Education under the Mexican regime — .\merican influence — Early commissioners
— ^Early county superintendents — Recent county superintendcnLs — The schools
of the Santa Maria valley — The high school district — The Bell district.


Aaroe, Hans Nissen 924

Aaroe, Laurits N 72.S

Abbey, Thomas F 303

Abels, Henry John 939

Abies, Asa W 455

Ahramson, Martin Theodore 767

Acebedo, Manuel C 689

Albert!. Lorenzo 986

Anderson, Charles \V 655

Anderson, Herman 798

Anderson, James Robert 897

Anderson. John S - 601

Anderson. Victor 654

Andrews. George H 352

Andrews, George Leslie 607

Andrews, John Pinckney 207

Angel, Myron 78

Arata, P. A. H 531

Armstrong, Flora E 127

Armstrong, William M 127

Asebez, Edward - - 807

Asmus. T. C 920

Atkinson, J. W 941

Avila, Manuel F 972

Await, William Henry 610


Bagby. William C 802

Bagnell. John D 866

P>akeman. George A 783

Ballard. Edward Boucher 814

Ballard. Thomas Jefferson 375

Bank of Santa Maria 389

Barba, Ramon K 79.5

Barlogio, Joseph 98.-1

Barnhart, James 71S

Barr, Sidnev Montgomery 91)2

Bassi, Alessio 1"31

Bassi, Angiolino lOl.-'

Bassi, Rinaldo WM)

Bassi, Ugo 1032

Bassi, Vincenzo /33

Beckett. John F £.52

Bell, George F /81

Bcnnedsen. Jens 515

Bennett, Frank E S79

Bennett, Warren C 275

Berkemever, John B S97

Bettiga,. I^uis 9/9

Biaggini, Ercole 309

I'.ianchini. Eugenio 739

Biasoni. Alex ?93

Bick.nnre. Elery 582

Biddlc, I'hilip and John 587

Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. John D 31/

Bigler, A. B 442

Bilton, Leonard Law 691

Black, John P 246

Black. Patrick James 256

Blackburn D. D 76

Blackburn, James 76

Bondietti, A 995

Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R 667

Borkey, Mr. and Mrs. .Andrew Paul.. 557

Bosse, Henry 767

Botts, John Franklin 632

Bowen. Royal Eugene 713

Bowers, Frank J 935

Boyd, John : 393

Boyd, Thomas 362

Bradhoff, John Henry 591

Bradley, Charles 232

Brainard. John H 602

Branch, Francis Ziba 54, 394

Branch, J. Fred 377

Bras, Anton V 1005

Brass, John V 1003

Brass, Joseph, Sr 1003

Bray, Egbert D 546

Brewer, Lyman 657

Brintnall Eucalyptus Ranch 949

Brooks, Benjamin .503

Brooks, Herbert E 624

Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. Myron H 497

Brophv, John 786

Brown. Evan 848

Brown. James M 355

Brown, Richard 433

Brubaker. Mr. and Mrs. Elias P 3.38

Bryan, George W 925

Budan. Edith B 31!?

Budan. Herman 318

Bulcy, Rev. Thomas McPherson 779

Bunch, John H 927

Burke, William G 587


Cahill, Hiram S 661

Caldcron, Jose J 1020

Caldcron, Jose S 1013

CamiJodonico, S 335

Campodonico, Stephen V 1034

Careaga, Bernardo F 658

Careaga, Charles M 735

Careaga, James F 613

Careaga, Ramon A 908

Careaga, Ramon F 217

Carr. Thornton Washington 310

Carranza. Geronimo 397

Carroll. John 617

Carson, Charles 4ri9

Carson. Ellard W 815

Cass. Charles Albert 400

Cass. Capt. James 435

Castillo. Graciano 730


Castro, Rosamel 943

Castro, Vicente 943

Cesmat, Ernest F ol9

Cliaffin, Mrs. George 943

Chapek, John 569

Chase, Samuel P 910

Cheadle, Charles A 419

Childs, Mr. and Mrs. John E 29!

Christensen, .\braham 639

Christensen, C. A 679

Cliristensen, John 581

Churchill. Arthur C 749

Churchill, Clara Belle 126

Clark, Capt. Abner 450

Claus, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T 810

Clausen, Fritz 734

Clink. Frank 889

Coiner, Samuel T 330

Colbcck. William Thomas 797

Colby. H. H., D. 788

Conkey, John F 551

Conkcy. Robert M 938

Conrad. William .Arthur, Jr 560

Cook, Ale-K Stirling 609

Conterno, Othello Charles 611

Costa, Frank 516

Cox, Arthur E 860

Cox. Marion 959

Craig, Edgar 863

Crediford, Joseph 785

Crossett. Fred D 596

Cruni, Albert 685

Cuendet, Frederic 727

Culp, William W 376

Curti, Joseph 1025


Dana, Richard H 538

Dana, William G - 53

Daniels, Edward J 90S

Darke, Frederick E 128, 229

Dauth, Otto Edgar 895

Davis, Anthony Tinsley .. 871

Davis, Joseph Benjamin 349

Dean, Fred A 835

Deising. Walter Hugh 950

Deiss. George F 545

Dflcissegues, Alberto 854

Delcisscgues, Benjamin Pierre 953

Dille, Stephen P 631

Doane, George M., Sr 521

Dodd, Willis 899

Domingues. John P 998

Donclson, Virlin Eugene 705

Donovan, Con 499

Donovan, Jerry 293

Doty, Jacob R 855

Doty, Sherman 1 840

Dowell, William II 568

Doylc, Patrick 888

Draper. Harry 1) 400

Dresser, William Orlando 744

Drumm, Calviu R 494

Dubost, .Mfred .\uguste 823

Dubost, -Augustc 402

Dudley. Albert Allen 845

Dughi. I'.dwin P 1024


F:ames, Abraham Lincoln 859

Earl, Fred 922

Earl, John Robert 919

Earl, Robert Wesley 413

Eddy, William Tyler 405

Ellis, William 828

Emerson. Mrs. Dove 647

linos. William L 1001

Erickson, Matt William 729

I'irickson, Oscar F 790

Estergren, John P 877

Exline, Bernard 237

Exline, Mrs. Harriet Esther 281

Exline, Levi 271

Exline, Vernon 613


I'arnum, Lucius Lamar 870

I'"ast, Gustav W 833

Feliciano, Antone 1028

hY-rrari, Severino 914

Ferrasci, Louis 980

I-'ilipponi, Laurice 988

Filoucheau, F. J 930

Fink, Carl 413

Fink, Charles 412

Finley, Hon. T. R 2.V

First National Bank of Santa Maria.

The 520

Fiscalini, Charles 982

Fiscaliui, John D 977

Fleig, Joseph 804

Foley, Patrick 881

Forbes, James F 868

Ford, John J 801

Fotheringham, Frank E 751

Fouch, Erastus 573

Fowler, Cecil H 960

Foxen, Thomas Frank 543

Franklin. J. H., M. D 590

Fratis, Frank M 1032

Fratis, John J 987

Fredrickson. Gustav Robert - . 793

Freeman, Mrs. Albert J 945

Freeman, John C 6^3

Freeman, Josiah 743

F'reeman, Rega Dent 504

Freeman, Thomas Francis 730

Frick, Norman F 576

Fritzinger, Edward Henry 899

Froom, John R 626

Fruits, George A 803

Fuller, George Lesh 906


Gallup, Howard A., M. D 581

Ganoung, Mrs. Priscilla 443

Garcia, Lazaro Silvers 881

Gardner, Mrs. Helen L 420

Garkee, Mrs. Lulu Terrill 332

Gates, Marion Francis 723

Gerst. Michael 409

Ghigliotti. John 976

Gilibons. Lewis D. and Carrie 226


Gibson, Alex Franklin 787

Gibson, Ernest H 502

Gillespie, George Winfield 514

Gillis, Archibald 757

Gillis, Mrs. Lucy 416

Gingg, G. Conrad 589

Giumini, Innocenti - 971

Glass, Karl Bevan 652

Glines, Cassius H 244

Glines, John T. and Dora B 948

Glines, Robert Cassius 867

Gnesa, Henry Andrew 1022

Goodchild, James Wilson 476

Goodchild, John Thomas 447

Goodchild, Ramon W 915

Gorham, Thomas P : 829

Goulding, James M 849

Grafft, Herbert W 911

Gragg, George T 231

Grant, John - 847

Gray, Samuel 278

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