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Nannio Law Bpov/n, born March 1895, ..alter -iaby Brown, born
July 1897, ■.;illia!:i Jadcaon Brov/n born February 1900,
Dollic Loona Brown, born August 1902, Iva Burro 1 Brown born
March 1905.

Kai.ios of her ;paront3 v/orc Bill Driskill,
and uary (Thomas) Dri skill, and lived in Chorokoo Nation in 1851.
Ilotior diod April 9, 1883, and fat.or still living.
Kar.ios of all brothers and sisters wore;
Donnis L Dri skill, Italy Texas born 1865,
John Driskill, born Sia Italy, Toxcs
Jai.'es A Dri ski 11, Tanner Toxas
/innie Driskill, Italy Ellis county Texas
Llary Day^ Dolborg, Indian Territory

/(I cannot find this na;r:C in Postal r-uldo )
Nauos of grcnd parents v/CiC;
John Drisklll, a -.d Catharir-0?"Dri3klll,

(my fat>(;r gets his indirn blood from his (jrcnd mother £b
Chrlstiannic 2aton.

ilothcr's side was Joseph Thomas and I'ory Thoras
Nni/.os of all children wore*'

Bill Driskl.ll, John, George, Pairlio, Lizaboth and Jnno Drisklll.
iuICSSTC'RS r.AC: to 1835;

Bill Driskill , do not knov/ whether he
was born as early that dato, John Drisl'ill, (grcnd father)
Catherine Driskill (grand r.i thor)

1 hereby appoint Bclva A Lockv/' d of i^ash, D C (prob nionn s
l/ashington b C liy true and lawful attorney and allov;
h>-r a ccLomisslon of tpn por cent.

signed Jennie Br wn, 2nd Au^ 1907.

2 v/itnoss were John M Brovm and J C Snycr.

i. card in the file shov.'S the action was rejected.
She was a sister of No 13191,

(not sistor of 13191, residence Italy Texas,
(also a note in the files as follows:
Tills case was incorrectly grouped and t::oreforo,
should be roc jnsidered - shows no relation to No 13191

No. 34400 PQge 94.

JAI.ES YOUIiG CRAV;F0RD BROVJ"! of Eastern Corokooa, ap llcatl n

Reaidenc© at V/hltesburg, Tennesaoo, Har.iblon county, ago 69

born January 27, 1838, bom at War Gap, Hav/klna County Tonnosaee.

and Is narrlod to Rebecca J Brovm, ago 63.

The ansv/er to question No 9. wliich statoa, to v/hat trlbA of

Indians does sho bo long; Ansv/or; does not claln Indian blood.

Na.iQs of all their child ron living Hay 28 1906 are;

Iheo G Brmnn born Nov 13 1861

George I.; and Frank 17 Br jvm , (T\'/INS) born March 2 or 12,1864

Tlios jZ Brov/n born Dec 9 1865

Clinton A. Brown born Oct 12 1867

Uillian V/ Brov/n born Doc 28 ^ 1869

Ja.ies Y Brov;n bom November 23, 1874.

Fannie L. Brov/n born Novonber 20, 1878
Ihomas ^ast Brown, and Sarah Brown, whoso niai.. .. ;. _ .as

SARAH SIZEi.!ORE. Born in North Carolina
Tliey resided at ' Gap, Hawkins County Tonnessoe in 1851.
Father diod February 22 1867 aid mother died Aupust 26, 1853
Na.-.!Os of all brothers and sisters wor.:
Iradoll C Br.vm docd, bori July 27 1817,
Jessio Brov/u deed, bom Oct 17 1819
Thos '^ Brov/n docd, born Jan 12 1822
Nancy Br.v/n deed, born Nov 26 1825

Owen 11 Brov/n bom Jan 10 1030
Sarali T Brov/n born Jan 5 1032 deed
Clinton A Br v/n docd bom Oct 31 1833
Llatilda L Brovn , deed, bom Avz 27 133G

Ihcy v/orc born in North Carolina,
Ihcy wore dead In 1851.

na:"es of all their children v/e e

FAT-^ER'S SIDE: Jesse Brov/n, Hios L Brov/n, Sam Brov/n.

A nane blurred Nurygau Sizonoro, Foraby Sizemoro,
Alsy Sizenoro, Tabitha Sizemorc , Cynthia Sizenoro and
Sarah Sizomore. A'ICESTORS "ACIC TO 1055;

Tlios E and Sarah B^own, Sar.i and Hannah Bro\vn , Grcnd parents

on father's side; Ov/en and Sizonore, grand parents on

mother's Sizomcro side cannot give Indiwn na os.
REI.IARICS : At this tine were unable to give Indian of ny
cherol-oc ancestors x Sizenoro, is tho English nane.

Signod, Jainos Young Grav/ford Br"V/n, Au,"^ 3 1907.
2 witness v/orc Rev D T Sk Lawson, and M A Crooch

A card in the file shows tlio Action was rojoctod.
and that it was the a± Sizenoro case. Residence at i^hiteabur^
Tennessee for Janos Y C 3f 3r0V/n.



RESIDENCE Rogeraville, Tenneaaee, Hav/'iins county age 56.
Born Hay 15, 1851, In Loe Valley, and is iimrrled to Nellie P.

Nonol of all chlldron wrtio were living Hay 20 1906.
ilary E Brovm born May 11 1882- Katie ?I Brovm Apr 17 1804
Maude ., Br. vm Born I.'arch 18 1086
FranJc C 3r v/n Born Aug 15, 1088
Anna Brown Born Nov 27 1090

Johnle B Brown born Jan 15, 1893
Louiza Brov/n born Oct 1, 1895
Mildred Brown born Feb i 7, lo99
Ralph Brown Born February 10 1901

Hilda ? Brov/n born Se;.t 14, 1903

r.ame3 of parents were
Iredell Carapbel" Brov/n, and mother was Mary An^ (V.T'IS) BROV/N
Father was born at '..'ar Ga'j, Hawkins County ?enn.
rnothor in Loe Valley, Hawl'.ins county Tennessee
T.iey li>. ed in Lee Valley Tonn in 1851.

Fat.:or died December 30 ir.OO, and motlior died Juno 21, 1887.
Name of brothers and sisters wero:
#34405, Salllo ^ Johnston, Rogorsvil.o, Tonn
Anna R Starnos, Morristovm, Tonn no niunber givon
No 34404, Argyra C Boal? V^hitosbur^ Tonn
John wosluy Brown, Rogcrsvilxo, Tc .n
Larkin \<lllis Br^v/n, Morristov/n, Tcnn
Mary A Orr, Morristovm,
No 34403, Mnttio '^ Brovm, Vihi tosbur;; Tunn

Na OS of grand parents
Thos ^J Brov.Ti and Sarah Slzonorc

on Mother's side vms Ja.ios V/illis and Sarah Stublotown?
(might bo mount for Stuff loboan? vory illegible -
lYioy v/cro Bom in North Carolina, on father's side}
Tonnossoo on mother's side. Tncy resided 1051 at V/ar Gap, Tonn
on fatnor's side and Loe Valloy, Tonn on mother's side.

Names of all thoir children. Xollov/;
Iredell C B^ov/n , deed. Jossie B^ov/n, deed, Thos Z. B^'^vm docd
i'lancy Brovm, docd, Sarah T Brown, docd, Clinton A.Br')V.'n, docd
KlM Nealson:? L Brov/n, deed, Ov/en M Brov/n, deed
J Y C Brov/n, V.hitcsburg, Tonn

Mary A \/illis, deed J M D V.lllis deed, Annis R Willis, deed,
VVra l/illis, deed, Iredell Willis, deed, LaFayette V/illls, deed
Blackv/ater, Virginia. Perry or Berry './illis, deed, San V.'llla
docd, riizabeth '/illis deed, Svimmervil3e V.illis, V.ashburn Praldlo
Prairio, Missouri his rosidonc .

Ancestors bade to 1835 v/er« Ir^-dell C and Mary A ^„'v,-n,
Tnos E and Sarah Brov/n , father's side , JairjOs and Sal
Willis, on mother' 3 sidij . signed F A Brov/n Aug 5, 1907, and 2
witness S H Eidson and J L Cope.. A caixi in the file shows
this Action v/as Rejected, and that it v/as a Sizonorc case.

residence Rogeraville, Tonnossee*

■ ■, :■ - ■ '.'. -■ .t: 1 ■


Bieophulus Drown residence at ICnoxville, 'I>enn. Page 96

ICnox County, a^e 46, born Nove;::ber 13 18C1.

STATES HE V;AS BORN IN CLAY COUNTY 'iZL TJC^ . end is rnarrlod to


Nanes of their children living t!ay 23 1-.
Ray or Roy H Brov/n born 3o_.'t 25, 1887
James Harvey? Brown born JQn 1890

Eaanest C Bj,own born ? 1893

Thos G Brovm bom April 1898

Names of parents were :
Ja;vies Young Crawford Dj,ovm, and Rebecca J Brov/n, whose nadien
name was Rebecca J Us. Verr.illllon.

father was born at l/ar Gop, Hawlcins County Tannessec and mother
at V/illow Springs, Russell County Virginia.
Ihey resided, in 1851 at './ar Gap, Hawkins County Tenn and
mother at Stickloyvillo, Scott County Vlr'-inia.
his parents v/oro both still living when ho signed this ao llca-
tlon 1907 A ug 6.

Na'-.os of brothers and sistors wore
Goorgo IxClolland and

Franl-: Bpov/n, (TWINS) BOai I.IARCH 12, 1864
Loos Springs, Tonnossoc and Big Stone Gap Virginia.
TI':0 3 iii Brown, whitosbur:; Tennessee, born Ooc 9 1865

Clijton £ A }3rown, '..hitosburg. Term born Oct 12 1867
VAn \i firw Brov/n, St Clair, Tonn born Doc 28 1869
Jamos Y BrovAi, Bulls Gap Tonnossoo, bom Nov 23 1874
Faiinio Loonia Br-wn, 'wMtoaburg, Tonn, born Nov 20 1873

Ti:o na!..C3 of grand parents follow;
Ihoa r- or A? Brov/n and Sarah Slzonorc and on nothor's side
wcro \/n Vo million and Nancy Ov/on.

Fat'oor's side v/oro bom in North Carolina, and
nothor's side born in Vir'^inia.

Tlioy resided in 1851 on father's side at ' Gap Tonnossoo,
and nothor's side in Soott County Virginia

Names of all thoir children v/ere/
Iredoll C Brov/n, deed, Josseo Drov/n, deed, Ihos-E 3r-^vm docd
Nancy Br v;n docd, Ov/on :: Drov/n deed, Scnuol T By,ovm docd
Clinton A Brov/n deed, ::atilda L E^o\7n deed, James Y C Brown
livos at I'liitesbur ■ Tonn. On mother's sido was John
Vermillion, /irch E, Augustis, V/n Douglass, Ilary 3, Sarah C
and Robocca J Vernilxion.

Ancestors back to 1835 follows; J Y C Drov/n and Rebecca
J Br-v.TL, Thos A ? and Sarah Br.w:, "..•.n and Nancy Vermillion

He signed this Olaoopholus G Brxnvn, Aug 6, 1907
v/ith 2 witness; G E Bradford, and L TX Hickman.

One cari in the file shov/s residence ivnoxvillo, Tenn
that Actio was rejected, and it v/as a Sizcnoro case.


1 '.->-•- ' , ':'■"

NO, 33907 Tl:X/iII:'A BROMI EASTCRl! CiLEROKEE Page 97


(t is i.iay be either for a nan or v/ouan, as It
Is a little blurred as to v/::et' It nlp;ht bo Texasaa,
shows the Indian nano was Texarius Jefferson, res denes
Riceville Tennessee, ■Iclilnn county Tennessee, ajc 32 or 52?
bom 1855. in said licl.linn county and is married but does not
show nane of to whom they were riarried, and nane of wife or
husband a was 69, but no na:.:o shov/n.

Wanes of all children living on '.lay 28 1906, were
Lilie born 1876 ' born 1894, Hulo born 1896,
and another na:io wliich is very illegible - Liight be meant for
Dopoin or anything born 1897 .

T J JACSOK Indian na:r.o T J Jefferson, and Lucy ,::eGeo
and Indian name Lucoy Jofforson, and Luccy Jabson or
Jobson maiden name.

Fat.. or was born in Jofforson County Tcnnossoo
and i.Iothor born in Jouth Gar u Una

Tlioy rosidod 1051 in Jofforson county Tonnossoo, and nothor
in South Carolina.

Father died 1903 and mother still living

Names of all brothers and sisters v/cre
Tinnic Jobson? born 1843, llauda Jabson born 1363, and
JIm Jabsoa or Jolson bom 1869, Latti. o Jolson? bom 1875

Yil^.ES OF GJU.m PaRE.:TS VVEHIJ uj grand father
was Rcocc Jofforson? some more words, w-.ich are too illogiblo
to decipher. they wore b._-'rn in Jofforson Cc Tonn
and resided t'jcro in 1351.

1\,cir children were Jlnno Jefferson, Salli<
Sallio Jofforson and T J Jefferson.

Tlie ap -11 cant signed Tcxanna (her x !:arl:) Drov/n,
Aug 12 1907 and 2 witness J ' McDeruott and G '.' Vhite.

il-ioro is a card in tre file shov/ing Action Rejected
Applicants parents were SLA'^IIS. RI^SIDI^iCC ; RIC:,YT^ 2 TENM.


#25591 last:;;:!'" CHJROinSES AiMlCA'ITON OF ?ap-Q 96'

HIS ;.:iDDIE NA-E WAS V/ILLIA:: ALVIS BR '.::;, Indian descent
was Haynes .

Residence uarlo' Couritv Tennessee, i'oat Offioe Roo">e ,
Marion County Tennessee, and is a^e 34, horn Aril'lB, -1873
near Ringgold, Catoosa County Georr-ia, and is married to
I.iousie Drov/n, v/ife, a. e 26,

Tr.oir children living on May 28 1906, were 2
Oscar Brovm, born July 1901 and AlvJLs Drov/ri born Jan 14 1905.

Kaiies of parents we© V/illian D ovm and Nancy Heatherley
(after hor marriage was Nancy Brown^ h Indian na'no was
Nancy Haynes, maiden na lO was Nancy Heatherley.
raronts both born in Campbell county Ton ossee .
In 1851 in Bartersvil '.e, Indian Territory tnx9»9i-i
QUESTION NO 15, Vvore thoy ever enrolled for monoy, annuities
land or other benefits:? States], liy mother infeirmod mo
that we were onroL.ed at TELLEQUAH, CILhiROI-OiE liATIOH: C liiROICEE .

Nap.os of all brothers and sisters v;orc :
James H Brown, born Jm 22 1860, Bartorsvillo, Indian Torritorj'
Rufus K Brovm Bom I.Iay .3 1361, last account in Toxas reside nco
I.Iary /uin x Brown, deed, born Jan 3 1863
America 3rov/n, April 21 186^ (1863, married L L Ross

residonco; Victoria, ikarion County, Tonn.
Sarah Lilizabcth Brovm, born Nov 20 1865, -arried J ?I Ross
reside r CO V:'. ctoria , Harion County Tcnn.

Celia Bj,own, born June 21, 1868, married husband H A Hartman,
residence Bartersvil Ic, Indian Territory.

JAllSS R BRCV/il and Sallie Alder, no Indian descent

mother's sid>. v/erc Ja^.os Heatherley, indian na:r.e was

Jamos and Betty ?

Names of all their children were
Tliomas Heatherley, deceased,
Ja-.-.-Os Hoat: erloy ii Can;.bcll Co Tcnn
Tncre arc other children, but ayplicant does not knov/ t'.ieir

na.-cs .

Ho si nod this '.71111 am A Bj,ov/n, Juno 18 19u7
with 2 witness; D B Plllsbury and i.l i: Strawn.

A caixi in the files shows this action was Rejected
residence Roopo Tonne sseo; Uncle of No 20589, claims thru
same source..



Inc3,ian N II or H? H J W B, reaidonco Cherokee nation,

Indian Torritory, town and post office Chocotah, Indian Terrlt-

or-y, coiuity - 'Jt Creek Matlon, Indian Iferritor-y,

date and place of birth; CiIiil'tvKUi; NATION :,lARGh 31 1055

and claims right to sharo, through .my mother Lucy Brov/n

(NEE LGV/RY OR LOVVREY) xxn Tiy grand f at lOr Jq;.ioo Lov/roy,

ray grand mother Botaoy Lov/i^oy, also throu h GEORGE BRCW;;,

Elizabeth Bv,ovm and Lov/ry or Lorey Brov/n if on the 1851 roll.

and is mfi.rriod to Sal lie Brewer ago 35.

Name of paixDnts aro :

John Brown indian name or N? to N ct V/ BV Lucy Browo:
Browcr, indian nano F W" P? J V/ B, maiden Lucy Lowrcy
and he did not knov/ v/horo they woro born, but the-.' lived in
1851 in Cherokco Nation. Pat jor died March 15 18b4, and mother
in 1863,

Names of all brother's and sisters v/crc
George Brov^i. born Oct 4 1844 died 1859

Elizabeth B ovm. born Oct 3 1847 Lorcy (might be Lucy? Brown
born SoDt l5 1850, Alc::a idcr Brov/n Born Juno 11 1853, died Apri:
Aoril 27 1872, and Tecv. ;?.'oh 3r ^v/n born Oct 9 1857
Worcester B V/-n. born I.iai^^.i 31 1859, and Sarrh Br^v/n born Se-it

28, 1861.

Naries of grand parc.ts on his father's sido were
not known, but on his mother's sido was Jc.r.cs Lowrey

H L Q T V; H P?indian na-ie
They resided in 1851 in (J^crokec Nation.

The ansv/cr to question no 20 v/as ;
Have you over been enrollod for annuities, land etc he stated.
At Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nati n InJiiJi Territory, and dont
romcmbor date.

In a long hand written application it stat s.
No 465 For eastern or Caor koe e.iigroi-it
Claim answer to Guion Llillcr, letter to J ■ .. 'O s
Brown docoascd; State of Oklalioma, County Ox;

On this 4 Jan 1908 came before me a Notary public in and 1.
for said stato Ja.r.os Barnes of Kocfoton x'ost Office Oklahorm
administrator on estate of James Br.m, deceased, and guardian
of his minor children. 1. Watie B^.v/n , ^GO 1^
2^Ja.;o3 Br.v/n Jr ago 12. who being sworn ^^^^i^^^, ^^'^^^'o' in

Slrf VroS li, 1C55 in Illinois District C'*'*"" J?"5Shn
^ra'son .f John Bro>^ *cr...oo ln.x.n na« of^saW

Eost^in or-Enl;rant acr^'.oc on the ;^™Erant rol. of ia51^_^^_^^
^ S^^r^rr oso jr .Ju.^^^^^^^
?r«roo Sfon?* -"-^oS .:,?'|u| Lo»rc.^Bpv,n „ero

SisualilDu- Bill i-owry, Jo^m Lowro lo

''ir.o childron of Jf^" Br™n or Sc^..r ^m ^^_^^r ^^^^^^
and Lucy Br;wn, noo LowrOj , aoooraine
wcro ;


HO 465 cuntinuod of EAST-oIil C iLROiCSii ... rLI CATION ^Pa,;^e
J>L.j..S BR*.'»rri: 100 -

1. George Brown

L./ born Oct 4 1844

2. Elizabeth Brovm , deed, born October 3 1047

3. Larey Brov/n.decd, on oepteiber 10 1050

4. Alexander B^ov/n deed, born June 11 1852 - 1055

5. Jaivies Brvn"/n deed, born iiarch 31 1855

6. Tecunshie Drav/n, born October 9 1857

7. VYorchester Brow;-, deed born i;arch 31, 1059

0. Sarah Brov/n, deceased, born September 28 1361.

John Scrogen or Seoryor, or Bu^ Brcwn and his v/ifo
Lucy Lov/roy Brown, parents of Jai.ios Brcnvn deeoased,
father of V/atie and Ja;-.e3 Br v.n Jr, riinors lived in Illinois
District, Cheroicoo Nation in 1851, so I an infoiriod.

iiajor George Lov/rey long Second Chief of Chero'ceea
and his wife Lucy BEIIGE LOV/REY, were father and mother of
Janes Lowrey, father of Lucy Brcv/n, Kee Lowrey.

sij.iod Janes Barnes guardian of illnor
V/atio 3rov/n, and Minor ." .'ou Brovm, Jr Ihj.s Jan 4 1908

Certificate: Hon Guion ilillor, Co -jnissioner of Chero'cee
Emigrant clairas, Washington J C

I certify that Lucy B cwn, nee Lov/rcy v/as the
mother of Ja:.ies Brcwn deceased c 3ho was dau^;htor of Jamos
Lowrey son of .-is uajor George Lowroy and Luc;/ BENGE LOWREY.

Hc-r mother was nai.iod BETSEY LOV/REY of
Flint District, Chorol<»o Kjjtion in 1851.

Scoryer Brown or Bug Br. wn, or
John Brov/n was sheriff of Illinois District, Chorokoo Haticn
in 1051.

signed Joshua Ross ..uslco .oo Oklaho;;ia
T-'.is claim was AD.-ITTED; JA..ES BROV/I-. ilO 465

who died ilay 5 1907 residence Ghocotoh. 03:lahona
aolicant's mother enrolled by DRSlIirLII IN 1051

Flint 84.





II©IM TERRITORY BORN 1365 in Dolav/arc District', Cherokee

Nation, and is raarrled ; t at her hvaband v/an b m 1864,

but did not state his na ic hore; fn; t ' • .astern


Name of children living on liay 28 1906 were;
N • 24523 Adair J Brcvm born 1806 a^e 21 v/hon she a' ^ this

in 1907, and No 24524 Lizzie Truslor born 1088.
JossQ Brov/n , no numbers on the balcne of then, bor;; 1390
Garland A Brown born 1892 ii^fio E Brovm born 1897

and otolla M^g.-V/^e^8^8a^8??dd by the Daws or Dawes Cc.:rd3sion
in Dolauare District Cher o'. fee Nation, and thoy
allotted lards to thoia .

Tne above 4 na:.:es were enroled as cherolcoos
In Dolav/are District chcro!:ee nation and drew of the strip
money that was paid out in 1894.

A card in the file No 266 shows the /iction was ad;.iitted.
Residence Karcj^^sa^Ok^ai-igna^gQ Clainanfs mother enrolled
by DREOTIEN IN 1851 Dol.T- arc 142.

Sarah A Brv/n statoci in 1909 in Narcissa Oklnhcma,
that her husband's nanc was FRANTC B BROV/N.
That ho has never made ap'-ilication f:r any
Eastern Cherokee funds kx for himself.


il^ 557 l^ASTi^R.; CK^HO.J^ Ar.LICATIOH cP GJ. HGr) HA^Sl BnJ.rW^°^""'
Rn^SIp^..'.:. W^.S Linapaii, Loi.apah, Ci-iero'-oe l.ation, Indian
Territory, born 1839 In GtofSIA.

CLAI..S RIGHT TO SHARE for uyaelf, ny mother .^chel Brovvn. ,iy
grand mother, Susie Vdlcox, ny brother and sister, Silas
and Sallxe Ross, or Brown, both of v/hon died v/if ut descent
- i-y aunts I'olly and Jane \<llcox, both of \^on died without
this^ls'lOOel ^^ "a^^^ied to ::ahala Brovm a-e 57 v/hen he signed

They both were born in Choro':ee Nation, and died in Saline
District, about 1851.
Father died sinco the Civil V/ar, mother died about 1851

Tney wore enrolled on emigrant cheroicoo oayroll in Snlino
district in 1351.

Kar.E s of brithors and sis tors;
No 558 AE.EIE BROVfJ, at Lcnapah, Indian territory
Silas Ross died wihout descent
Ja:ies £e±1 Ross deceased
Salllo r?03s died v/it ;out descent
Perry Ross, Clarimoro In*.:' n Territory.

Kones of grand parer :.m on his mother's side was
SUSIE BROlTw, afterwards Susie i.'ilcox.
Susio Brown was born in GhcrD::ee Nation EAST.
Taoy resided 1851 as fol cv/s ; Susci '..ilcox lived in So lino
District .

Nar.»G of all their children woro Rachel Br.'v;n,
my m.ther, docoasod^ Polxy jctx V.ilcox, deed, wit^^out descent
Jane Ullcox died without dc secret.

Tliat ho was enrol j.od for annutios, and etc. on the o:;:igrant
roll of 1851 on Gnor.'^-.oo authonticatod roll of 1380 and
am a chcrokoe allottee .

S my great grand fat er Alexander Brovm lived

signed Sojit 22 1906 as Gcrgo Hammer Brovm (with x narl:)
2 witness v/erc J H Shifclott and 3 A Been
p 7 c follov/ing typed pa~c is in the file, of Ano. No 947 and 325

Perry ross, being duly aew« sv/orn, deposes and says;

ily is Perry Roa3.„ I, am about 59 -I claim chcr.>keo blo.d

through my mothfcr. ..v fatncr was colored and a slave.

Hor v/as aachcl Dr^v/n, and my father' o na'io v/as Rcss,

after his ovmor. I v/as enrolled by the Dawes Goiinissicn as
Chcro]:ee freedman Gncro^ree roll No 2590. I got tie strip money
and bread money. I v/as never a slave. :iy mother was never a
slave. Tie Dav/es C->rr.:issicn asl'cd mo which rell I wanted to
go on and I v/as scared and said Freedman as they had told me I


She has been dead. She was enrol^-w^ ^.. -

I knew her mother. She ^ot Indian blood from both parents.
Pier mother went by name of Susie ., ilcox. She lived in the
Iterritory, she called mo her grand son. She was Indian. I
cant recall my grand father ».ilcox. I never joined any other
tribe of Indians, but alv/ays v/ent -.rith the Gier ':ees. I dont
renerabor my mother's brobhers caid sisters, hy half br^.tners are
Ge - rge H Brown at Leaaoah or Ha!ii:::or Brown, Acbie Brovm is my

...'V i : '■

^\ .


Pago 103

No 557 continuod, EASTiCR.i Cia:.ROICEL Ar.LICAriCH OP
GijORuE HAi... ER BROkrN:

Har.imor Brovm did not talco tho Proodinan Roll but his daughters
follov/cd the nothor and took it. Ky other relatives arc all
docoasod. V.o had the nothor. Signed I'crry R: 33

His grani nothur v/as Susie V/ilcox , noo x 3r:wn. She was
tho mother of Rachol Bj,.-v/n, Polly, Je ;03 air' Ihonpson Wilcox.
Rachel Br '\vn was tho nothor of x-'orry. According to llr . Starr.

Tlio follov/ing is mar^rod "EXHIBIT A"

CI-ISROIvEE ENROLL. ;S] IT 601 Ouray Building, •.Vr.shingtjn D C

Lonapah, Oklahona Feb 29 1808
Dear Sir: Replying to yovr letter of the 24th l'J08, I bog to su
submit the follov/ing sv/orn statenent;
v/Lich v/as signed by George Br v/n;

"l.Iy mother v/as a ful?L blood chernkoo Indian and ny father was
Stephen Taylor a negro be '-onging to Ton Taylor a chcr koo Indian

i.Iy mother died bef.'re tlio money v/as paid out at Tahlequah, and
it was paid to BRICE IiARTIi'S V/IDOV/ and .ibby, my sister.

Briee (spelled Bris'; .artin v/as a Cherokoo Indian,
f'erry Ross is my half 01 ■..■^.or. V/o hal tho sane mother but
fathers' s were differeneo. r'orry Ross's father v/as Joss Ross w
who belonged to Lev/is xicss a Clacr..koo Indian.

John Brov/n was ny mother's brother a full blood caorokoo.
EV;^:S, OSCAR, SUSSIE, /JID PEGC-Y BROVai all children of tho said
John Brov/n, all full blood Indians and all my first cousins.

I cario to this country v/ith Lige Hicks and Govrge Fields,
wiio were both full blood Indians and also my mother and sister
.ibbie from Gcwrgia. I can nut roi.ior.ibor jlloxar.der Bru'.m, for
that v/as before I v/as born.

I v/as never hold as a slave, neither v/as my mother,
held as a slave by the chcrokee Indians.

I do not kn v/ hov/ many tii.ios my nothor
Su s i e Br o v/n my g r on d mo th or v/ a 2 mar r i ed .

Judge Brov/n, better knov/n as Jim Br v/n vrtis judge
at Tahloqv.ah, He v/as my mother's uncle and my great uncle
He v/as a full blood Indian.

Tnorc is another very long ap; li cation written in
ty:^^od material .

■■■■ .:r

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Vlhose Indian name v/as Lla-Lee, rGs^donce in Che. : -
Nation, m tov/n of Ketcnuw, Indian I^erritory,

Cherol:ee Nation, Indian Territory, date and Dlcce of birth was;

about 1843. in FLINT DISTRICT, CHXR- -IGEiE IIATi".!.

Claims right to share; States; I claln my individual share,

IIARY I.IILLER. Interest In my mother's Ollio Miller. I claln an

interest in my grand mothers, Han (CALLED: TEIiilESSEE NAN).

1 claim an interest in my brothers './illiajn Miller. I claim on
Interest in my brother's Calvin I.iillor also Daniel Miller, a
brother. And is married to THdAS BRoV/II, age about 53, when
she signed this 1906.

TA-LA-LA. flor mother was Ollie Miller, Indian nanc v/as OLLA.
She did not know her maiden . Stated her father and mother
were both bom in TErllESSEE. That her father v/as dead by 1851.
Her mothor still resided 1S51 on VIRDEGRIS IN CffiRC?CEE NATIOi:.

a States " My mother v/as enrolled for the 1851 payment.
Names of all her brotliors anO sisters v/oro;

MILLER, but she did not ,:o\i their birth dates.

Did not i:now hor grand parents names.
T.iat in 1851 her father was deceased but her mother v;as enrolled

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