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for 1851 payment. I^^at her parents died v/hon she was small.

Tiat oho v/as enrolled and drev/ in 1351 nay-rxit.
Also drew in 1875. 18 jO 1883 18 6 1390 and 1894.
That 'I nov/ have an allotment in the Chorohec Nation. She v/as
left an orphan and does not knov/ much about her ancestors.
Si g end Mary Brovm ( her x mark)

2 witness to her signature were J D IJuskrat and .7 H Drew

The names of her children living on May 28 1906 v/ore
FMJNIE M BR0\m BORN I.iiy 22 1896
Bertha L Brov/n born Sc jtonbor 28 1897
Sadie M Brov/n born January 14 1001

(included in No 26305 v/as George P C Curtis Brov/n born July 27


She made the last statement 1907 and 2 witness v/cre;

J K Raper and Henry F B ov/n. „.,„^^^„„_

IvETCHlTM, OICLAiiOI.iA, that Sister of No 907, is enrolled in 1851
by Drennon, Saline No 557.


Cherokee Nation, Born February 15 1845, North Carolina

Stntos ''I am on rolls of 1<351 and dauc^htor of Eliza Bro\m,
who aio,:iear3 on rolls 1351 as a Cherokee by blood and la
rocognizod as sane dow to present tl ".e. And she is not narriod.

Nanos of parents were Jai.ies Brov.Ti, v/hi to adopted
and her mother was Eliza i Brov/n, v/hose maiden nano was Eliza
RAPER. Ihey v/ero both born in North Carolina, ar-»d 1851 resided
thoro in Clierokeo county NC Father died Docor.bor 25 1004
and hor mother v/as still living when she signed this 1906.
Tioy -\7oro enrol ed for annuities, land etc in North Ccrclinu
and Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation.

Kqi.ics of all brothers and sistora were
No 975, NARSISSUS BROVvlI BORN N. v 21 1347 still living
No 974 John \1 Brcv,-i., born December 30 1849 still living
Henry i.Iarshal Brov;n born Feb 30 1854
I.Iartha a B^ov/n born A ril 16 1856 died iuay 1882
Jose phono Brovm born April 15 1053 died Fob 1880
Joiios S Bpown born Oct 20 1860 living
Florence Brov/n born i.Iay 1 1871, still living
Pov/cl Brown born Nov 2 1872, died iiay 13 1371

Naiuos of grand paro/its \/oro :
(that hor hrand father v;as a white man)

hor J rand mother v/as Jessie Rapor and i.inry rlapor.
Tlioy v/oro born in North Carolina.

Dicy resided in said N C in C^cr-keo county 1851.
Names of their children v/erc
I.inrtin J Raper, resided Chance Indian 'Torritory
Charles Rapcr died about 1063
Catherine Rapcr died about 10^5
Martha Rapcr died ab^ut 1903
Lov,-is Raper died about 1854
Gabriel Raper died about 1852
Pov/el Rapor still living
Elonzo Raper died 1864
Rachel Rapcr stil living.

T.iat she has boon on 11 rolls from birth dov;n to
present time. She stated hor great grand father was Alexander
I.icDaniel, and her grand father was Jessie Rapor and grand mother
was Mary Kanor. 2 v/itnoss to her signature v/oro T^iomas L.
Johnscn%.nd'Gco \: Dickie - sighed 1006 September 5.

i.Iary A Brown clai;:i v/as AD..IT1ED. RESIDENCE CILA..CE OivLA
Tiot she claims through mother enrolled by Chapman in 1051
as Eliza Brov/n, sister c:irolled as Polly Brov/n sister Narcissa
Brov.^, brother John Brown. All v/ere enrolled by Chap 1 51.
Sec Chapman roll Nos 1290 to 1293 inclusive.


Page 106 - -

No 953 Eastern Clierckee ap li cation of Zlisa Brov/n :

Residence; Chance Indian Territory, Chero^ree Hat Ion, ':

place born, Cherokee County North Carolina, born Au^ 7 1827.
Claims ri^ht to share through i-iary PlE per wife of Jesse Haper.
(adopted white nan). Gabril Rapor Son of Mary Raper and
Ilartha Raper daughter of ;iary Raper, Elonzo Raper son Mary Raper
and she is r.mrried to Jaes Brown, a^e 88.

Names of parents were Jessie Rapor and Mary Raper, whoso
maiden nane was MARY HcDAilNIilL

Kioy wor'- both born in North Carolina.
Ihey resided there 1851 in C,^erokoc county NC.
Father was deceased 1387 and mother deceased 1800.
dey were on all the Cliorokee rolls t^iat was over ta':on since
1851 to dato of death.

Na.-nos of all brothers and sisters were;
No 976, I.IARTIN J RAi-ER X BORl.' A.TlUT 1008
Charles Raper 1318 died about 1063
Catharine Raper born about 1820 died about 18C5
Ilartha Raper about 1822 diod about 1903
Lev/is Raper born about lo:?4 died about 1854
Gabriel Raper b rn about iiiSfit (ixaa ± ±&M.
?o\vol Rnjer born about 1030 Axxui still living 1906
Elonzo Raper born 1332 diod 1864
Rachel Rapor born about 1334 still li ing
Nancy Halland or leaner born 1826 still I'v-'* -

:IA:.£;S op grand FA!{E::T3 V.-E;. 'XAIDER LIcDannll

and Jessie Rapor on inothor's side v/as Mary Hapcr.

born in North Corolina.
Nanos of all thoir children were;
Lucy McDaniel rosidonco N.^rth Carolina
Nclla McDaniel North Carolina
KATIE McDaniel rcsidonco North Carolina
Mary McDaniel, N C
Soolcio McDaniel residoiice N C
She a was on all the rolls taken £ Cher 'kees.

She stated she v/as born in North Carolina, G^or koe
county, Au3 7 1027, ca lO to Indian Toritory , aiorokoc
nation October 1871.
2 witness to her signnturo v/cro Ihor.ias L Johnson and George Vi


Hor Action was /Emitted, she was mother 972.

and was enrolled by Cha.naa No 1290.

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No 953 Eastern Cherckee ap 11 cation of Zllza Drown:
Residence; Chance Indian Territory, C^xero^rec Nation, date l-.
place born, Chero^'ee County North Carolina, " " c 7 1827.

Claims ri^ht to share through i.'.ary Haper wl. ._ -jsse Haper.
(adopted white nan). Gabril Raper Son of I'ary P?aper and
Ilartha Raper daughter of .lary reaper, Elonzo Raper son liai^ Raper
and she is nTarried to Ja-es Brown, a'3e 88.

Names of parents v/ere Jessie Raoor and liary Raper, whoso
maiden nane was LIARY McDAlINIEL

Ihoy v/or. both born in North Carolina.
They resided there 1051 in Cv,orokoo county NC.
Father was deceased 1387 and mother deceased 18'..'0t
T:;ey v/ero on all the Cneroheo rolls tuat was ever ta':on since
1851 to dato of death.

Nar.ies of all brothers and sisters wore;
No 976, I.IARTIK J RArER X BORi: A.DiUT 1808
Charles Raper 1018 died about 1063
Catharine l^pcr born about 1820 died about 18o5
:.Iartha Raper about 1822 diod about 1903
Lev/is Raper born aboub 1824 died about 1854
Gabriel Raper b rn about ±j^525t sLxa^ ± ±&M.
?owol Raper born about 1830 dxjsui still living 1906
Elonzo Raper bora 1832 died 1864
Rachol Raper born about 1334 still li ing
Nancy Halland or Raper born 1826 still living

and Jessie Rapor on aothor'3 side v/as Mary Ka:^er.

born in North Carolina.
Nanos of all thoir children wore:
Lucy i.IcDaniel residence North Cardina
Nclla McDanlol, North Carolina
ICATIE I.IcDanlol residence North Carolina
Mary r.cDaniel, N C
Soolcio iicDaniel residcp.ce II C
She s was on all the rolls taken -f Clior keos.

She stated she was born in North Carolina, v>,or koo
county, Aug 7 1027, ca lo to Indian Itoritory , Ciorokoo
nation October 1871.
2 wit.icss to her sigm^turo wcr.j Ihoaas L Johnson and George V.
Dickie .

Her Action was Mmitted. she was mother of No 972.

and was enrolled by Cha nan No 1290.

i. :■.. ■,■


NO. 8797 h.LiA I.tAY BRlA£^ ^'"

a resident of Spavinaw, Indian Territory, iiayes county
Indian Territory or Oklahoi.ia, date and place of birth;
Vineta, oeptetnber 9, 1830,

Clains right to share through my mother Sarah Kicks, v/ho
was a daughter of John Grimraot and Lizza Grlmniot al . 3u
mLLlAsl GRIi^.iT. Brother of John Grim et ard his heirs.
&£Life'Wfi?ij^8R2^::^Lfe3Sa'H?^S^Zo- A%^ parents wore;
and Mother Sarali Hicks, ^^loso maiden na-ne was Sarah Grimnot.
her nothor was bom in Georgia, but did not know v/horo fatiior
was bom .

Hor mothordied Jan 14 1883, hor father was still living, of all brothers and sisters wore
CrIARLIE niCi:S born unl:nov/n, died 1894

Agio Hicks died 1903, Millr^.rd Hicks died a'-c 5 months.

Peggie Hicks, diod 2 year old

Ella May Hicks, still living.

Father's sie^o on her grand parents v/oro

father's nothor Peg ie Nelons,.

Her mother '3 sioo was John Grimmet and Lizzie Grinmot

States she drcv; strip nonoy.

2 witness to her signature 1906 Dec 31

were Perry Brcv^i and Maud 3 Zeno.

A card in the files shov/ the Action was ADL'TTTED.

Residence Sparxpav/, Okla. Groat niece of No 279 and claiiiis

t.irough tho source. Daughter of No 4663.

She r.Kido ar sworn stato.v.cnt in 1908 t .at

"I think ny mother and father wore both ir.ii.iigrants.

I do not Icnov/ if they v/orc living at tho tine of tlie payment.

I never got any Old Settlor Money, i^iy father is living now

and has in a claii.:. I a;.i a chorokcc Alottoo and ny Number is

16243. father had a sister by tho name of I.'.anda . Ho had a

brother naacd Za chary.

In a letter to Special Com^niscioncr of Court of Clairis

from SpavlnavT, Okla. Feb 14 1908.

Ella A Brov/n, stated upon her oath that she is tho

daughter of Sarah ?:ic!<:s, t>.c said Sarah Hicks is the daughter of

Eliza Harlan who was enrolled in 1851 as Easter Chorokoo.

7.'\c said Eliza Harlan v/as narriecl to a man hy na'ne of

John Grir.iriott. Sarah Hicks was tho daughter of tho above

Eliza Harla. n, noe Grimnct, and John Grinr:;ot and Ella A Br-'wn

is the daughter of said Sarah. Hicks.

In reply to No 8791.

Subscribed and sworn 14 Feb 1908

^ , t' F Accrcrpmbie, Notary Public.

She stated in ISIO t lat her children llvinG

on SIfty 28 1906 were as follows: Ida A 3r wn born 2-6-1B97

Leline P Br. v;n b 5-6-1899; Ruth Z 3r v/n 9-29-1900;

Sai.Tucl F BrOV/n b 12- 14 1901; Jewel I:- Bj,-.wn, b 9-8-i&Q< 1904

Cecil li Brov/n b 12 4 1905, and Loali C born 12-14- :906,

Pago . 108 -

NO 2216 EASTLRij CKEROICEE Ar-LICA!!. . :^ iiARY I.i BRuVfii

v/hose residence was Giance Indian Territory, Clierolcee Nation.
Born February 21 1852 in Indian Territory, Cherokee Kation.
Claims right to share through Beijb^ my groat i^rand mother

on mother's side, JAITE TAYLOR, grand mother on mother' 3 aide

and she is married to Henry ]\ Brov/n, a/^o 52.
names of parents v/ero William C Ghormloy and Elizabeth (Taylor)
Ghormloy. T.iat her father v/as born in Tennessee, and mother
born in North Carolina, Tiio ,, resided in Cher-l:eo Nation,
Indian Territory 1851. Fatter died September 1S96, and mother
died Oct 25 1863

Ihey were enrolled Cherokee Nation Indian territory.
Names of all brothers and sisters follov/:
IIICHALL GHORi.iLEY age 62 in 1906 when she signed this
Islbolla J Ghormloy a^e 60
David V Ghormloy
V/illiam A Ghormley died 1877
Erastus Ghormley died 1865
Ev/in C Ghormley ago 48
Rachel Ghormley ago 47
Abraham Ghormley died lSci2

Names of her grand parents were Andrew Taylor and Jane

Taylor »

Names of all their children v;ero Issibella Taylor

bor:'. about 1865, sho died

David Taylor died about 1897

Elisibotb October 25 1363

liinorva Taylor about 1832 ^ , n >

that she v/as enrol ed for anuitios and land andc tc in Chorokoo

nation, Indian Territory.

2 v/itnoss to her signature were John \( Br wn

arxl Ida E Brcwn^^^^^^ ^^ ^,^^.^ children living on l.ay 28 1906

woro: No 25^73 Baskum Brovm born So t 26 1876

Ellziboth B ovm born Oct 20 1873

No 22973 Hortha Brown, born Doc 16 1836

V/illiam C Brov;n born March 3 1839

Sarah il Brovm , born Oct 6 1891 ^, t ,

'a card in the file N 2216 shows the claim
v/as Ad-dtted. An licants mother enrolled by Dronnen 1851

G S 409
Another card in file shov/s the fol owing:
"luartha Bvcvm, minor child In airaication No 2316 v/as not put
on roll. Her father and mother are enrolled N- 5895 ann

: '■; ^ f. :•• >'■ :i : ■!>

?ase 100- -

No 22969 rliece of No 972


Residence at Chance, Indian Territory, a:;e 3;. >..,.., ^^.. ^,. . 75

bom In C^^erokoe Nation, Indian Territory and is not narrlc;.

Tnat her parents were John V. Bro\Tn and E-.lly L (IJcTAGGART)

both born In North Carolina. T>^ey were both still living v/hen

she signed this 1907.

T-iey v/ere enrol ed for noney and Annul tlr id etc.

In Cherolcee county North Carolina and also In ..■.; lee :]atlon

Indian Territory.

Nai.ies of all brothers and sisters v;oro;

Ollie Brov/n nee (Ollle Hart) born Jan 12 1072,

Hike '•■

Llary J Brovm born Jan 1 1880 died Ja 6 1893

Llyra Brown born ^ept 2 1882,
Florronco Brown born Fob 18 1885
Robert A Brow;:i born Juno 16 1887
Deriiris Bj,own born Feb 18 1339
Richard Bpov/n born Oct 2 18 4 .

Nanos of grand parents wore
Janes Brown, white and ^liza Brown, a chorolcoo,

Taat her father was bom in Tcniiossco, _;.^ ..or

no the r born in North Carolina and lived there 1851

Nanes of all their children wo.c/
Ivlary A Brown, rcsidonco Chanco Indian Territory
Narcissa ^rown noe( Thompson) residence Rovr Indian Ibrrltor^
John V: B ovm, rcsioncc Chanco, Indian Territory
Hcnr:\ I.i BUovm residence Chanco , Indian Territory
Jar.ios S Br. vm, residence at Caance Indian Territory

Plorrencc I. Bj,own, no rosidcnco stated.

2 witness to her signature 1907 i:ny 27 were
Fredrick Lewis and Fannie Odlo .

A card in the files siio\73 Action was /^d-v-ltted .
rciidonce Ciance, O^clahona.

Niece of No 972 and through sa:-ic source.


RACHEL BROV/TI; Residence Keefeton Indian Territory,
Gherolreo Notion, Indian Territory, born M&rcii 1st 1872
Clains right thDou.,h hor father To:r. Scalloe, or Scvillawl
whose na:::e should ap; ear on the roll of 1851 taken in the Cherokee
nation and who was a descendant of Scalloe, who was a full blo:,'d
Chorokee and whose should e ear on the roll of 1835,
taken in the state of North Carolina.

Tii&t her husband is deceased; tlint his name was

SAi.; BRUwl"!.
Her parents v/oro Ton Scalloe and Bettie(Snlth) Scalloe.
T!.iin.k3 hor fattier v/as born in North Carolina, Zninlcs her nother
v;as born in South oast part of Cherokee Nation, near Fort Sinith,
Arkansas. Fatl.or died 1872 and nother d£cd 1879 t ey v/ero onrollod as citizens of Chorokoo Nation.

riancs of brothors and sisters; were
Allice Scalloe^ deceased, she died vrlthout issue
and Becky Scalloe, died without issue.

Na:nos of grand parents wcro
Dare Scalloe or Scullowo . and Botsoy Scalloe.
On her father's side the;, v/oro born in North Carolina
and thinks her nother' s people cap.e frcr.i Alaba-ia,

T!-iat she has boon enrolled as a citizen of the
Cncrokee nation, Indisui territory.

She dosiros to claim for ny nlnor children, nanely

Samuel Troy Brov/n, ago 17, Joslah i.: Brovm, ago 10, and
Jonnotte Brovm, a;i^o 7, all of v/hoij aro living at home with hor
and under her ca c. She sighed this Doc 19 1906.

In June 11 1907 she nade a statenont
that she residod at Kocfoton, Dist 10, Indian Territory, t'at she
was born Llorch 1st, 1873, Indian Territory, widow of San^. Bj.ovm.

Na;n03 of her children v/c o
Sanuol T Brov/n Born Nov 18 1839
Joseph Brovm born Hay 24 1396
Jcnnottio B^ovm born Dec 3 1899

«T!r-!?iwiR-> A card in the file shows the case was Admitted.
Niece of No 6781 and clains through sane source - see
Liiscl Tos. 4129, father enrolled Sal ? 615.

111 - -


E. BROV.'T^; address > Table quah, Chorokee Indian Territory,
born 1866 in Saline District, and clai..s richt to share
through father VVillia I.IcNair, (2) nothor, i'^chel r.clJalr
3rd Grand fatlier Nicolas B wcKair, (4) Grand nother
Mary iicNair, John R I.icIIair, Cler.i V Lcliair, Da id B i.cNalr,

Ivlartha S IlcKair, on mother's side llancy Wayes, Francis A. C.
I.Iayos, Joel B uayes, V/altor A ilayes, Richard T Layes,
Rachel Ivliller or Adriinistratrix Lovely Rogers.

Husband was I.:artin R Brown, ago 47 deceased. of g parents were Willioir. iJcNair
and mother Rachel (l/iayes )LicNair

Ihey resided 1851 in Saline District, mother died 1

1873, did not know when her fat.ier died.

Taoj v/ero enrolled in 1851.

NAi.ZE OF IffiR GRAI^D i^ARE TS V/lil-ffi NICOLAS B MC Nair, and Mary

McKair on her father's side and on her mother's side was

Nancy i'.Iayes, and Rachel or Adnir Groat grand mother.

States they were born in Old Choro!:ee Nation.

'Pney resided 1051 In Salino District, Crnero':oe Nation.

Names of all their children were;
Martha I.icNair died 1355 no children
Clem V McNair, diod 187 G '' "

Sarah LicUair no childocn
John R IicNair, no children
I.iary D I.icNair no children

PRA7CIS A I.IAYES, died 1861, no children
Joel B Hayes 1391

V/alter A Hayes, diod about 1356 no children
Richard T Hayes diod about 1863

V/yly Mayes, still living when she signed this 1906
W H Hayos living, S H Hayes living G I.' Hayes, dead, had chil

had c ildron.
V.orc enrolled 1880 arxL subsequent rolls.

Tnat Rachol l.Iillcr or Adair was great grand mother.

That Lovely Ro crs an uncle v;ont to CALIFORNIA IN 1849
and died. Left no children x^^.ci^ol Hiller (Adair) a groat gr
grand mother on 1857 roll

2 witness woro to her signature .. K Trent and

Ann E Browc.. A card in the file shows Action was Mr.dttcd.
Nannio ^l B oV/n and 2 children, residence Talilequah, Okla.
NiSce of No 832.

no 5879 eastern] c'cieholcee applicatiok cp rupus h browi

chero::ee page 112 - -

Residence; Collinavllle , N'ation

Indian Territory, born April 21, 1853 in Flint District
Chorolceo Nation, Indian Territory. ri^ht to share throuch my nether Ruth Br:>v,' , ny uncles
xilias and Isaac GAl^IN both of v/ho:n died with out descent,
lly uncles aiiii i^ndrov; liil :r his v/ifc Sallio and their son

Henry Mlllor, all of whom are deceased wit -.ut descent.
And my great Grand mother Lydia Hic'is. of wife Ella N Brown, ago 33, ■.v..o;. this wa- -;''•'-•*

Nanes of parents wore '.dliian ^ Brown and RJIK (GANN) BRu
BROVTiJ. Father was born in Alabar.ia, mother bom in Cherokee
Nation, East. Tlioy resided 1851 in Flint District, Cherokee
Nation. Father died Sootonber 19 1835, and nothor '■ .larch

17, 1878.

Mother was enrolled for aniuties, x land and etc.
on emigrant chorokoo roll of 1351 in Flint District.

Names of all brothers and sister v/cre
Rebecca E Crooch? at Cw ..jnsvillo, Infllan lYjrrltory
Ruth A y/illiams deceased, and John T Brov/n , deceased.
His grand parents wore Thomas and Catharine GANN,

(nee tet Hldrs.
These v/oro on his mother's side. He did not give thor
his grand fathci-'a side.

Tlioso bom on his maternal side, were born in Chorokoo
Nation East.

They died In 1839.
Namos of all thoir children wore Avery V Ilillor,
Eliizabcth Inlov; (noc I.Illlcr) deed
Isabel Kargravos, noo Liillor, deed
Elnira Paden, noo i.iillor, docd
Lucinda /idair noc Miller docd
Alfred Miller, docd
/uidrow i.iiller docd, no descent,
EUXk ELIAS GAilll, dfecoasod, wit out descent
RUTH BHOVrN (1>TEE GMN) i.Iy mother, deed.

Has boon enrolled on chorolceo authenticated roll of
1880 and am a chorokoo allottoo.

States; ''■ I.iy great grand parents wore Charles R. and
Lydia Hicks nee HALFBREED?

L'ly \inclo Andrew i'.Iillcr's wife was Sallie ilcCoy, and they had
had one son Henry Liillor, who died v/ltriout descent. 2 wrltn^ss
to his signature Oct 10 1.06 wore Luther n. Evans, and Gocrge \i
Ware. One card in the files shows the .^ction was ADiilTTED. at
Collinsvil c, Oklahoma. Brother of No 929, claims thro same
source .

T , -:' -■ \ '


- Paso 2 nuFUS H. BnoV/II:

who vvas^born i.pril 21 1853 Pllnt District Indian l^rrltorY
ila.Mes oi their cnildren who v/ero living on I'ay 28 1906
were iJollle C imdoe nee Brov/n born Jan 11 1890 near Brvu
Pryor creek, India.: ^rritory '

Bessie LI Brcnvn born .March 26 1893 near 'Ililsa India l^rritorv
Letha F Bpovm bom Feb 22 1895

Florence B Brcv-Ti born July 19 1897 Collinsvil.o IVjrri-

Nora L BrowTi, July 29 1901 Col.insville , Indian'^c - c^ry
Pay Brown, born Ilarch 5 1905, Coliinsuil e, Indian 'Ibrritory
Pern Brown born i.iurch 5 1905, Collinsviile , '••

The 2 oldest enrolled 1893 for strli)
paj'nent, all been enrolled for land allotrionts.

A letter in the file foil ws, addressed fron

Collinsvillo, Oklahoma.
12-7- 1907
APxLICATIO.I ilO 5879 -929

To Gulon Miller, Special Co;:;,;is3ioncr . Dear Sir:

2 Yours of 11/22/' is received and note contents and
reply that ny r.iothor wav carried 1851 to V.T:l:.IA:: E. BRCV/1^
and I dont know whether she v/as enrolled undor her na-o after
marriage or her maiden na:.;o, Miss Riithio GAl^ni - ?.!y grand mronti
parents on mother's side dlod 1839 on the ROAD V/I Tii THE*
EIIIGR/JIT CITROITSS PRO. I T'ji CLt C:.:;R(;ffi^ IIATIWI - any other
infomation you desire that I can give you will bo done on
request as fai' as it is in my power to do. si-nod

I\ufus H Br:vm,
States; \'ki E Brown ny father v/as an intcrr.arried white nan/

To the Clerk of the Court of C aims, V.'cshington D C

In He; the exceptions to the findings of the court of
clniiis v/lth the cases of Nollic C /uIDOE, A.n5 PIER MINOR C;nLD: :
t-ie court of claims of i.ay 28 1906, in fcvor of the Eastern
Cherokee s .

Co.ics now Nellie C Andoe for her so If and for her

minor child; Lucilc Hindoo, who prays that the court of claims
BW.W reconsider her claim and said applicant submits the
following facts to show why she should be enrol Led.

That applcation was made in the specific time, for Nolllo
C nndoc, by her father Rufus H Br^^vm, as v/ill be shovm by
Eastern Chorokoo application. No 5379, the reason of her
rejection was that she was married at the her fat;;cr
made application for her and the rules required her to na-o
separate application.

TlTat her father and full sisters have boon regularly
enrolled as will be shovm by the following; fron the oastcrn
chorol:oo roll as made by the Hon Guion Miller.

Brov/n, Rufus H - Eastern Chorikoe No 59':^0
Bessio il 5991, Letha P 5992, Florence B 5993, idMai
Nora L 5994, £cy Fay 5995, Fern 5996, all na-.ed Brwn
liiat she has the sore right as they have. Biat her daughter
Lrcile Andoe was Born So t 14 1906 and has equal rights as
herself, signed Nollic C/indoo, v;t Rufus H Brown and N.Nogena

ROSA aROWW Pago 114

No 9233 EASTLilHi; Clii^uICEE Ax^x LI CATION 0?

at Town and post office of Kowata, Choro'.ceo Natlonj Indian
Territory, born April 10 1670, aiid clainu right thro the
following: "I am c>.ero!:o3 and claln first aliaiKi in rzy mothor'a
Sarah Rogora, 2nd grand mother Rosa Rogers, noe V.iest/
grand uncle, Nelson \.e3t, George V.'est^ Ezoltiel ..ost^ ._.::...
V/est , Sarah Harlin V/ost roll 1835.

She is marriod to Jar.ios H Brown, aj-o 4'. •■' ;t.
Names of her riarents v/ero:

Her mother was born in Chcroi:ee Nation, Indian Torrttory.
and they resided 1851 in Saline District, "lyjcrol'oe N'ation.
father died l.Iarch 1, 1869 and mother died 1892

In 1851 - 1835 and 1894, tliey were enrolled for an- '*'
land or other benefits - for "^herokeo strip money.

Names of all brothers and sisters follow:
ELLEN WLICENSOIi still living when she signed 1907
Joseph Ca;,rpbcll yet living, John Campbell living Glen Campbell
Nat Campbell living, Delora Campbell livin~

BUSTER GRIGGS AI.D FRA,:i( '-;aa..:3

I;a...e3 of grand parents v/: .'O

NELSON ROGERS and Rosa.i/.a Iiogers, (nee) './est.

on her father's side, and on her mother's side were

VAUGHTS, white people
llicy v/oro born in Old Chcro]:oe W^ Lon

r..oy resided 1851 in Saline District, Chorokoo

Kaios of their children v/crc
Eliza iRogors. died 10 years ago

residonco Chotcau, Indian Territory or Saline Dist.
Lev/is Rogers - living,
Residence Pahuska.
John Rogers, died before the v/ar.
Wellington Rogers living, at Osacc , Nation,

Charlott Rogers, living, resided at VAnitn Indian Territory.
Have been enrolled for Chorokoo strip money 1894, have
allotment of Cherokee land. Signed 1907 Jan 4 2 with 2 witnoaa
Joshua C V.'ost and James S Da cnport

Names of tiicir children residing in Indian torrlt-^ry
living on ilay 28 1906 were Xing Dr.vid Blad:woll
born :.:rjrch 27 1388, Solomon Plackv/ell born Dec 21 1891
and Hazel Blaclcwell born iiarch 27 1095.

h. statement in the files s^.ov/s the Actio: /tdnlttod

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