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Mdress; Kinnison, Indian Territory, born Feb Cherokee

Ration claims right to share through r.y grand notho- Jallie licGhoc
I.icGheo . :iy uncle Ambros McGhee , ny groat iinn2o

Rogers, my groat aunt Susie and Martha Rogers, nv ^ grarri

mother Diana Rogers. And is married to Clareb'"' -v/r. .

lianes of parents wo e William H Bra.v:. :. Jeorg ._. . i-ov/n
whoso maiden nar,s was Goorgoan I.icGhoe .

Father was born in Hissouri and mother in G. erckoe
nation. Ihey resided in 1651 father in Missouri and mother
not then living, father died ilay 30 1902 and mother died
16, 1S89
Tiiey v/cro enrolled in Delaware district, chorokee n'atlon.
Ifeies of al brothers and sisters wore Morris Brovm
born March 1873, 18th day; Larkin Brovm born 9-6-1874
Ida B^own born Se-?t S 1876 died July 14 1896
Ada Brovfli born Sect 1878 died Feb 2 1900
Saraii Brcv;n born July 26 ICOO
Hary and Nannio Brovm born 18 6 d Jan 1887
father's Na.ies of grand parents; Did not knov; th .

/./)i\{</:j//;i/s±d.c , but on mo:/.cr's side were Sallio I.icGhoe .. .a
Larkin idKSiLS McGheo .

Ihey were born in Old Cr^orokeo Nation.
They resided 1851 in Coouncoonell ? district, Qiorckoc Iljtlon.
Wanes of all thsir children were Gcorgoan j.icGhoo, died

Juno 16 189 hesidenoe Kinnison, Indian territory,

John H McGhcc , Kinnison, I T

Albert A McGhoe, V;clch, ladia.i territory.

They have been enrolled for amiultics, and etc at
COOME^SCOOI.IES? DIST 1396, Enrolled for strip pay:r.ont3 and by
Dawes commissi on and thoy alotted land for me.

My mother Sallic McGheo, (Dianna Rogers, GQ.rgo
McGheo, Larkin McGhoe.

R^i'AKlSi RIIFER to John H McGheo and Albert McGheo, ap.:ill cation
to find all my ancestors, they arc my uncles-

signed Frank Brcwn 22 Juno or Jon
1907. 2 v/itness v/cre J A Dobkins and G "' Dixon.

A card in the file sliov/s that Action was Admitted
for Brw/n and 2 diildrcn, rcsidcrcu ■..oldi Okla, br'thcr of
12135. Parents of ap licant wore ± not living in 1351.

Frank Brcwn was married to Clara Bel Br v;n, and their 2
children who were living on May 28 1906 were as follov/s;
Geneva Adrin B^rvm afje 3 born March 4 1904 and Frederic!: C.
Brown born 11 - 30- 1905.




Indian Territory who was BORL; III ?:•• irESSEE 1847 p« lol '

and clainis right through nyaelf because I was an KnigJunr^""'
in the 1851 roll and ny father Robert Drovm. my prand father
JOHN BROM, my uncle V/illia:- Browii ny grarri other '*''"*''^
my sister Bettsle Brown, ny great Uncle Janes Brown. . he

is ni^rried to Ollie Brown a^e 35 when he ; the ap llcatlon

in 1906.

Narie of his parents weio Robert Brown, and ncthor
Narsissls J Brown, whoso maiden nane v/as Narclols Below.
Father v/as BORl^" IN OLD CliLRClCilE ::ATI0N and nothor was born in
TENNESSEE. T.HY R:iSIDED 1851, father in Soquoh District,
SKIN 3R0? and mother also resided there, father died 1861 and

nothor died 1879 Ihoy v/ero enrolled 1351.

Names of all brothers and sisters were Robert Drown born
1850, sisters one Berthey or Elizabeth born 1846 died 1851
I.Iary Bro;vn born 1845, died 1867

Narcisis Brown born 1861, T..n::ESSEE BRCWi BORN 1852 died 1867
brother Cherokee Brov/n died 1852.

Nar.os of grand parents v/erc John Br wn arxi
Elizahcth Br wn, born in Tennessee, and resided 1851 in Cherokee
Nation. Names of all thoir children v/oro :

Tabert BrowTi, deed, V/:i B^ov/n deed, Eliseboth Brown Bdocd
Ned Brov/n, Jar-es Br )V/n, and John B^jv/n,

They have boon onro led for strip money 1893,
onrollod by Daws Cormission at Fort Gibson for land.
That his gra :d parents v/e:e on the 1835 rolls. Ihot ho is
the son of Robertson and Narcissa J Bj, v/n and grand son of
John and Eliza^.cth Brov/n. Signed John Brov/n Dec 17 1906, v/ith
2 witness Narcissa Collins and Robert Br v/n

A card in the file shows the Action v/as Admitted, residence
Muskogee, Okla. Groat uncle of No 10661 enrolled as John
Br^wn S B No 39.

SUi-'jeLEi.'iElJTAL Ar.^LICATION FOR I.'JNOR CKILDRE : which shwwa
fat the children of John and Ollic Br -v/n v/cro living Ilay 28
1906 v/er - Jack Brown born 1837, Narcissa Brov/n born 1890
John Brov/n Jr born 1892, Kollah Brovm born 1894
and Akic Brov/n born 1903 .

T.'.at they were enrol ed in Illinois District f i. r Strip
nonoy and or Stoincr or Stilv/oll Indian Territory for
Clierokoo ? land.




-i ■- .' - .

: c ' jw •:




PAGS 127


( nee OLLIZ V/AIiQiR) residence ^n^^.: llation, liuslcogoe !Io 923
South 2nd street, Indian i'orrltury, date bom was 1880
Cherokee Nation. My grand rather T. .;. V/ALKLR and Undo Vial
Walter Walker, xh enrolled as i^astem Chorc'roea In 1851.
I/Iy uncle Y/altor died without issue.

and she is married to John Brown, lia.nea of her paror.ta are
RICHARD I.I. VvALlER A:ID LIZZIE WALKER, whoso r.iaidxir. nar.o was
Llzzio Pettit. Father and motherv/oro bom in G ero'roo
nation. Pat' or diod 1905 and mother v/ao still living in
1907 when sho signed this-

names of all brothers and sisters wore:

born 1884.

Nanes of grand parents were T M V.'aUcer R'^i
Elizabeth Walker (nee Adair) on her fatr.or side
mother's side was Pranl: Pettit.

Ihey v/ero born in Gierokee nation EAST

Ihey resided in 1851 in Cherokee Nation.

Names of all tiieir children were;

EI.:iLY DRAIvE (NEE ^]AiJ\l.R) reside. icoi Choir. ' " ':>3rritor:


JAC WALiCER, Rosidoncc Fort Gibson, I T

Y/altor Walker, deed without issuo

Suako Walker deed.

Richard i.i Walker, my fatnor deed

EDWARD WAUCER, rosidoncc Braggs Indian Territory.

TiiOY havo boon enrolled - allotod land by tlv.; Day/os

Com.mission. My paternal aiiccstor x was JACK WALiJiR wno dloc

died in the Cherokee Nation LAST.

I an the daughter of :> .-rd ;.'. and i^lzzlo

Walker and grand daughter of T. .:. and Elizabeth .talker.

signod 011x0 Br wn (Nco Walker)
Jan 21 1907. 2 witness to her signature wore
W F Blakcnan and Thomas J Ihornton. .^ .*.^ ^

A card in the file shows Action was /knitted.
Huskogco Oklahoma, No 923 3 2nd Stroct.
Grand dughtor of No 1859 .




EORIT AT SEQUOMI DISTRICT 1850, and claims right to share
; ti ot tie was an emigrant on the 1851 roll and my fa fie r
Robert 3 ovni , my grand father John Brovm , .Villiam 3^ v/n my
grand oEher Br v/n my sister 13ettie B own my grand uncle
Janes Brown.

And he is not married,
ilanes of his parents are Ro'oe rt Brov,-; l.'arcissis

J Brov/n (nee Narcisls Belov/. Father was born 1.. . - u Glioro'.:oe
NATION IN TSNIIESSES: Both resided 1851 at Soquoh District
Sltinblo? fat'ier died 1861 and mother diod 1879. Bioy wore
enrolled 1851.

Names of all brothers and sistors v/ero John Brov/n born
1847. and one brother, name not shovm born 1348 diod 1351
i.lary B^ov/n born 1845 diod 1867
Narciss Brovai born 1851

Tennessee B^jv/n born 1352 died 1864? or 1067?
Cherokee Brov/n i died 1352.

NaiHO of grcjid parents only one stated John Brovm.
v^o v/as born in Tennessee
They resided in 1851 in Old Cherokee Nation*
Nanes of children of John Br wn was Robert Br v/n, deed
Vifci Brov/n deed, Elisobcth Brov/n, deed, Ned Brown and Jamoa

Tiioy have been enrolled for strip ra ney by the Dav/os
Commission at Port Gibson for In: i . T'^nt his grand father
v/as on 1835 rolls.

2 v/itnoss to signature of Robert Br v/n
Doc 17 1906 v/ero John Br 'V/n and Narcissa Colli

. card in the file shov/s Action v/as Admitted for
Robert Brov/n and one child, Muskogee Okla . Great un
No 10661 oncollcd in Robertson Br-'wn - R 3 No 39.
- - AiXTIiER APPLICATIOi- NO 12727^ IN T'E SAi.iE PILE './im
Ai.'OVE, OP Application of '..altor Jac son, per mother Chcrrlo
B Jadcson, - residence LIuskogGe Indian Territoi^, born 12 4
1900 , claims right of ny grand mothur, Martha Jac son,
nee Harris, by my great grand motho r Jane Harris, nee
Collins and by my groat aunt, Frederic Harris, ond is not
married; Name of parents v/ore ..alter H Jc;ckson, and
Cherrio (Brcv/er) Jackson, both born in C orokee Nation.
Fatior died Jan 2 1901 and motxi r still living. T-ioy drew
money in chcrokoc nation 1875-18 JO- 1303-1386, 1390 and 1894?
aid moth'^r has been allotment in Cher keo ji nation.
States he has no brothers or sister.
Naios of grand parents v/ere
W-.i Jadcson, and ifiartha Jackson, on his father's side and on
his mother's side was ? Brewer and Delilah Brewer.

Tnat William Jackson v/as born in EUGLA.D, Martha
Jackson, Forsyth County Georgia, P Brov/n in TENIvESSEE
and Delia Sr^wH Brewer in GEORGIA.

Grand £ mother Jacl-.sen in Forsythe County Georgia.

Names of all their children were on father's
side Walter H Jackson, died Jan 2 1901, Andrew Jackson, uagonc
V/agoncr Indian Territory, Lllnnic Sleeper, noo Jackson


#12727^ continued (in tho file of No 12728) continued

of Robert Brov;n -.Page 129

residence Wagoner, Indian territory, on mother's

aide v/ere : I.iary V Brov/er died Nov 9 1334

John Brewer died I.-iay 9 1082

Ihonas Henry Brev/or diod k'ov 1 18^4

Scov/yer B Brev/er died Oct 30 1866

Ethel Brev/er died uay 28 1873

Cherrie 3 Jadcson -Muskogee Indian 'Itorritory

Oliver F B ev/er, i.Iu3i:ogee, Indian Iterritory.

I havS boon enrolled for my allot. .iont in tho Cherokee

His ancosturs bad: to 1835; Great Groat Grand nothor
Nannie Collins, Groat Grand nother, Jane Harris neo Collins-

One brother of ny grand nother, IJartha Jackson, noo Harri
Harris whose nick was Dock - believe loft no children
but I am not sure .

REIiAR:^ : Great Grand father, Charles Harris,
married Sallio Collins, after whoac death ho married hor
sister, Jano Collins, who was ny groat grand nothor.

Signed x, V/altor Jacoson, oer mother
iTiorry B Jadison 1907, Jrn 19 with 2
vatness; A 17 Robb and Levi Ac!cloy.

A card in tho filo for No 12727^ shov/s Action was
Mnittod. Residence liuskogeo, Okla.

2nd cousin of No 1208 aid claimant's grand mother; hartha
Jackson is on Chapman's roll No 1866 Parents woro not bom
before 1851-



Page 130

#13630 £ brother of V.o 4707 r.ASTJRi; CHROIuii A-.-LIJATI0:J
of Prcnklin G Brown rosidoncc at liarciasa Ci.ero!:oo Ilation
Indian Territory, born August 12 1D6S in Golnganalce District
Crnoro]:oc Nation, and clair.s right through nothor, .;c:r_,Qr<jt
or ir'eggjr Brov/n (nee V/o^dall) my gr:^nd paroi.ta, Ihonaa and
ITancy Woodall, iny avint Botay V.bodall who diod without doscont
and is r.iorriod to Nancy I Brov/n ago 44 when this ap llcutlon
v/as signed 1907. Nanos of parents v/oro Willia-. Brown
and I.iorgarot or i:OQTJ Brovm, r.iaidon nav.o Woodall.
mother was born Clierolceo '.'ntion 2AST.
In 1851 they resided in Going3nal':e District, Chcr.;):ee Hotlon.
Father died about 1865 and nothcr died about 18 4

/lOthcr enrolled on choro^rc'^ - •-I'^rr'.nt roll of ^.^^^
in Goingsnako Dist, Cherolroc Notion .- xor rolls of tho

Cherokee Nrtion.

Na^es of all brothers and s.^ stcrs foljov/:
Archilla Sanders died during civil v/ar .
Nancy J L.Iulcare, born about 1843, died about 1878
Tiiomas "Vagnon, born. About 1851 died at V/ostville, Indian
Territor37 and I.Icrsarot •^oston, born about 1853, diod V/estvlll
Indian Territory. V.';: B*ov/nd born about 1856, -' "

Grand parents on kKi his mother's side wore Ihonas
and Nancy '..oodall, nee TADrOLE .

Grand notlior was born in the Cherokee N.tlon EAST.
They resided 1851 both in Going snalco District, Ciicrukoe Hat.

Navies of all their x children wore
Robert Woodall deed
Susan '' died as an infant
Isaac iVoodali, deed
Abralian '' deed
Tuonas " deed

Betsy V/oodal . died x \vithout descent
Lucinda Downing deed
Celia Enery deed
I.iargarot B^ov/n, ny mother deed
Jacob V/oodall deed.

Tney have been enrolled on the Chorokoc
authenticated roll of 18:0 and on all of the rolls of tho
Cherokee nation since I v/as born, I am a Cherokee allottee.

i'y grand father Hionas V/aodall, I think was a
white man but he was enrol ed v/ith tho emigrant chcrckoos in
1851. R:.rAR"Si My b mother was married 4 tines, first to
.vlec Sanders, 2nd to John Scott, third to Marshall wagnon,
and fourth to V.'m B^vm, my father, she was li'-^dy °c:„„..„
vvagnon in 1851. lly aunt, Celia .nery married a Kr Severs
aft.r her husband Mr Ornery died and she wns likely a
Severs in 1351. T-c ..oodall was sor:etimo on t,.c old
rolls as -./oodalo. Sighed 1906 Jan 25 with 2 witness i I.

Buffington, I.Iike Mulcare . ^..^ ^^or^

A CARD in the file shows the .action /^.J-ttcd.
Rosidcncj Narcissa Oklahoma, one-half brother of Nc 4707.
Lother of ap licant enrolled 1851 in Goingsnr.l.o

*In 1907 l.:aY 29 his address was 2 miles w & 1 mile
south of Narcissa .ost office, Indian Territory. Delaware

page 131 -
G Br-'Wn

near Baptist
::Qy 28 1906

Page 2

#13630 Eastern Chorokee /application of Fran'- in
of Franklin Gillara Brov/n, continued;
District Cherokoe llation, born Aug 12 1?j50
Indian Territory, and is :narrled to lla cy I
llanos of their children v/' o v/ere livin^
Tennessee Bell Brov/n bom Aug 6 lO'JO
Fannie Adlald Brown born Se .t 28 1392
Frederick Fran':lin Brov/n born Dec 12 1894
Ilanoy Isabell Brown born March 29 189?
Robert liinond Lee Erov/n born May 2 ! 1
Ruth/ May Brov/n born April 23 1904

Tiey v/ere enrolled , yes, five, at Vinita a:
ono v/itness v/as Nancy I Brov.n 1907 i.^ay 29.


Born June 1, 1834 in Cherokee ijatlon, _ pa^Q 132

Claims right to oharo thro fat.icr, John T Brown"' anS ot:.era'
iiB i blo.'d relation on father's sile. 3nt whose na-.iB I ' : z
knov; at this tine - ar.d is not married.

Na:;e3 of parents are John T Drown, or Indian nano;
OOL-SCUNT-NI, and nothor Lary Jane Brov/n, whoso nmiden
was i-ary Jrxio V/ood. Tiie-j v/oro born in Cncrolcoo :,i;tti on.
And they v;ore not living at date of 1
Father died about Jan 1891 and mothur aLxxi survives,
they v/oro enrolled, in Ciiorokeo paynonts of 1875, auci 18 30
and 1833 and 1886 and 1890, tninJcs in toivn of Tt^hlcquah,
Indian territory and nothora payr.cnt of 1894 and for lend
about 1900. He did not know naiies of his grand oaronts
but gives na.ies of their children as fol ov/s:

ratcrnal sid , Nancy Tohec-neo BROVfil- Tnhlequah, Indian Torri
Cliar lotto 'Triplott sa.r.c ro sid once
Alcio Gritts same
Lillio Grease sa:;-'C

MATZRIIAL SID2 Nannie Reed, noo Wood,
Grena, Indian '"Jerri tor y,
Cillic Planlc, nee V/ocd, 'jiLrtlosville , Indian territory
t'-at v;as enrol ed chero!:ce pay -cnt 1886 and 1800 and
and for Cherokee Indipji Irnd, about 1900 al at Clarc:v..-rc.
Indian Territory, money and land received.

RE::aRI;S: HTOITj.R BRCiri' Indian nar.e Ka-HA-Hi Deceased,
died at Tahlequah Indian lierritory about 1885, v.'cs ny grand
fatlicr. iiary Brown, father's na' .0 , net know., a daughter of
Peg t Brov/n, claimant by fornor husband. Said I^ary Br^vm
my aunt, deed, ?og_^;y Brov/n deed v/as my grand mother.

signed John Br vn 23 Jan 1906. 2 v/itnoss
John F V/ard and J Albert Bengey

i-i card in the file shov/s the case v/as Adr.-J.ttcd-
i-iP licant's grand parents xiaglo and Quailscc? v/ero enrolled
by Drennon in Jabol Dist ITo 318


page 133


Indian name was V/ Y Dah . Residence Dolav/aro District,
Cherokee nation, after Indian territory. Born 1849
in Delaware District, Cherokee Imtion.
Claims right to share through herself Policy V/icl:ett,
and iiy mother Rachel V/ickett and kai Kerlicha ny grand
father and Wa Kah my grand mother and Ina V/a Kah ny aunt
Si la my aunt and Choy Q,uah Klu la and Ar.o Tye4Ya Na Klu lu
and Si Li Ter IVickett

and is married, but is x nov/ a widow. Her last husband
John Brown was deceased . age 30 .

}Ior parents wero Jade Wickett lie S 111- 220
or Del 362. Indian name was Chake Chustitel, -ir-sd nothor was
Rachel V/ickett, Indian Na':o v/as La Chil La. Maiden nane was;

Pat/^er was born in the Old Cherokee nation and also was place
of birth of her mother .

In 1851 parents both resided in Delaware Dlst Cherokee
Nation. Father died before tlie War mother died about

Toy were enrolled, 1851, in the Ci:ierokoe :iat. nd drew

money at Fort Gibson at tine the Knigmnt v.- ■ a,d off

Names of brothers and sisters were;
Polley Brov/n born 1849,

Si liter V/ickott born 1850 died before the Into war
IVobstor V/id-ott born 1852
Annie V«offord half sister,

Sallio Hicks, h:'.lf sister, they wero born durin^; the late war.
and their maiden naiue was SU.-i.'jilRPIEID

Names of Grand parents
No 466 Talequah, Nod V/ickctt and on mother's side was

Na Kah Kir Si cha .'
Ihoy wore born in the Old Cherokee Nation
resided 1351 in Delaware Dist Cr.crokee Nation.

Nn.ios of their children vrer.:
#362 Del. Rachel Vddeett, Indian name La C'^il La

residence; Delaware Dist. Cherokee nation
Inlv/olcuh Indian name Im V/akah, rosidenbe Del Dist Cherokoo Nat
C 1939-5 Sallic

K 2149 Sila, Del Dist C:icr..koo Nation.

States I was enrolled 1851, In Del Dist. C N in fact have
boon placed on all rolls from said Date up to Dawes Connlaslon
enrol. od no and the; allotted f^ms to me.

RSLiARKS: Tac within arioli cation made by me is only through
my mother's side as name in t;:e face of ny application, ..y
father Jack V/ickett was an old settler. Signed 1907 Jen 28
2 witness V7 J Uelton nnd Jen::ie Guess.
One card in files shows Action was dmltted. for :^olly Brown
and one child, rcsidcnco ..fton, Claimant's mother enroll
-ed in Delaware Dist 362, by Drennen 1851 - Material Grand
father enrolled Del. 908, maternal uncle enrolled 9C7
see uiscl. 4325 and 4593 also a material aunt enr iJel.




Page 2


William oweetwatei" in behalf of Polly Br^wn, beim^ first
duly 3V/orn, thru his interpreter, Ton Roach, deposes and says;

I an about age 60-1 knew Polly 3rov/n and her iiaronts. 'l
do not Icnov; whether the mother of Polly Brown was an" er-iigrant or
not. I became acquainted with her after the enrollment of 1851
after the payment of 1852 Rachel lived with Jacl: V/idcott; Rachel
was an old woman in 1851; I do not know whether Jad: '.Vic'tott
v;a3 an old settler or not; I do not knov/ his choro'.iee; Ho was
called Ja-ko Clioo-tah-geo-tah lih or Blue Eye. Ko was about a
quarter chcrokoo. Rachol looked to bo about a quarter chorokoo .
I do not know when l^chol diod; I thinlc she died about tho tirao
of the war; Rachel took up with another man and wont south tho of the v/ar; the man she went with was JOE SIT-'JERFIELD .
KXLs Ho was a part Cherokee Indian. Rachel was consl^oreT To bo
a Chcro;:eo about the time of the v/ar. Webb V/lckett, #16445, in a f
full brother of Polly Brovm., Anna Cordery is a half sister cf
Polly Brov/n on the mother's side. Her father was Joe Su-nnorfiold
Iho fathor of Joe Suninorfield was John Sunmerfield. Ti^.c wife of
John Suiranorfield. the wife of Jo' n Sumiiorfiold was Caty; tsee
Del 821). Iho Indian nainc of Joe Sun;-icrf ield was CTnoo-guh tah tih.
I thinl: that Joe Suu..ierf ield had some children in 1851; ho h. :
a daughter by name of A-Ko . He also had a son by name of Isaac,
or A-sick-o. Josejh Suminorfield had a sister living v/ith him
named Gah-daw-tluli-nuh in 1851. (sec Del. 706).

I thinl: that Coo lah chih was tho fatlicr of Rachol. I do
not remember seeing tho mother of Rachel. I do not knov/ her
name J I do not of Ftackel living v/ith any other man before
she lived v/ith Jack IVidcetto I do not thin; that Coo lah chih v/as
living in 1851; whoa Coo lah chih v/as living, he lived in Del Dist
-see Del 908. I do not kn^.v/ v/ho Goo lah chih's v/ifc was. Tao
brothers and sisters of Rachel v/oro Sallie who v/as living v/ith a
man by nai'.ie of 00 dah nee yiih dvh. She had a brother by name of
Hide. He hod a v/ifo nanod Ailcio. I do not knov/ naros of
any of Nid.s diildron. Ho had some at that time. I thinlf Nick
had sons by name of VAd lo or W.\ and VVoh yih of Pigeon.

Tno children of Polly Br.v/n and John Br.v/n living on I'lay
28 IC'06 wore Biddic Hav/kins bom Dec 16 1871
JAi.-ES L/u.:ARE BORIT AUG 30 1876
Eddie LAIIARE born Jon 15 1879
Susan A Ranoning born So >t 10 1831
George P Brov.n born Aug 28 1895.


it ''

# 16550 EASTERN CIL^-ROKEB] APrLICATIOH OF JO :i L BROV.W - page 135 -

;,.ade application for his children, Jacl: Br v/n Narciaaa
Brown, John Brov;n J, Kellah Brovm in Indian Iferritory
rluskogee, Creek Nation, Indicn Territory. Date Lkjrn Kove-iber 23
1847 in Tennessee. '

Claiiis right f.jr my children through their mother Sallie
Lackey's Interest in her mother LOUISIA FIELDS I'ACKEY

2. i'.lart.ia Fields Taylor. '

3. John uackey, brother to my children's mother

4. Looney Hicks, uncle or nearest kin to my v/ifo.

name of first wife, was Sallie Llackey Br .-v/n, deceased.
Name of parents were;
Piobinson Brov/n, and IJarcissa J (Balow) Br-rwn.

Fatrior v/as born in Old Cherokee nationn in TEN.JESSSE also mother
was born in Tenn. They lived in 1351 Skin Bay on District,
fat. or died 1351 ani mother died about 1868

Ihey wero enrolled 1351 fat:. or and mothur; also John r^ckey,
brother to Sallie I.i Br v;n, and hor mother Louisa Fields.

Names of all brothers and sister;
Yi/ifo's brothers and sister.':-:

John Mackoy born about 1895, I ellah Mackey, died 1900
Laura I.iackoy died 1809, Lugic i.iadccy living in 1907 v/hcr. he signed
thi s

grand parents were i.iackoys v/ero old settlers, on's
side, and mother's side v/as /irch Fields living in Dwight.
''I am not sure; Betsey Fields.

They v/crc born in Gherokso nation.

They resided 1851 in Illinois dist.

Names of all their children wer ; Louisa Field 37! lackey
died 1898. In Illinois District, Llartha Fields Taylor, 111 Dist
George Piolos, date not know, residci-icc Illinois Dist.
Has enrolled in Chorkoe Strip money 1894, my children and I havo
Cherokee lands, allotted by Dawes Commission.

Riii.iARlvS: Tills claiiu is made for my children, |

Viz their mother Sallie I.iacJjoy Br v/n daughter of Louisa Fiijlda

!,.ac]:ey. 5)uls No 1 Jack Br.nvn, age 20 in 1907
2. Narciss a Br v-n , ago 15, John Br v/n Jr ago 13
and Kellah Brov/n age 12 in 1907.

2 ivitnoss to his signature V/ F Blalcemoro
and John \ /a t k i n s .

A card in tho files shov/s the Action wa. Admitted

by JohRai'cifiiiitiggi^fidrdaiSi&Lier and uncle enrolled 100 Illinois

Dist (FAB)




he signed this in 1907, Ernest R. age 12, Rebecca A a :e 1 _.d V.
William I.i age 8.

Residence - 4 raile east 'Jliotoau, Cherolcee Nation, I:..

Date and place of births of Riith ;.;. born 9-29-1891 (1391)
Earnest R b^rn 12-16, 1894, Rebecca A iiorch 1, 1896, n:Td
Willian II 12-14-1397, all in COOWOCSCOOYEE DISTRICT.

Tiiey claini to share right through xjn their 1 raothor

Ruth Brovn . Their great Unclos and aunt; Andrew .. . .ily ;.lillor,
Elias and Isaac Gann ? Tlieir great Groat grand mother; Lydia
Chisholn, thoir groat great groat aunts, Jennie Halfbrood and
Elizabeth Squirrel. Thoir Cousins Henry C. I.'.illor, Joseph
Walkor and William Squirrel, Wanio Tianna and I-'cry Fields.

Parents were Johnson T Brown, and Mary and Fannie Br-wn,
Maiden naracs; Mary Condi t and Fannie Gandle .

Father was born in Chorol:eo Nation mot'.icrs in the States.
They resided 1^51, - that their pnixints were bom
after 1851.

Tacir father died ahout 1900. Iheir mother Itory died
about 1891 and Fannie diod about 1899

Tiiat father v/as on chorokee authenticated roll of 1880.
Navnes of all their brothers a:Td sisters follow:

Ruth I.I Brown, residence of all of tJicr-. Choteau, Indian Territory
Earnest R Brovm, Rebecca A and Wri U Brown.

Names of grand parents v/ere William E c '-h Brown.

Her maiden name was Ruth (GAITN) B.iO.V:J.
The paternal grand mother was born in (Jherokee nation East.
Ihe paternal gra;id mother resided 1851 in Chor:koo

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