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Names of thoir children were;
Rufus H Brovm, Collinsville , Indian Territory
Rebecca E Creech, Collinsville, Indian Territory
Ruth A Williams, deceased
Johnson T Brw.i, their fatncr deceased.

States tha-t- they ai-c chorokoc allottees. _._..._ „ ,„., T.^^rt in
Tnolr groat grand fatnor ThOi.LAS GAi-iiJ uvea in

CHEROlJiE NATION EAST IN 1835. ^ ,, ^ ^.*. „„h f-v,/-

RE - aSs: RJTH LI Brown is the daughter of Mary nee Condit and the
thci -^ vounror children are the children of Fannie Bpown , noQ
GoSdy.'^ The? wore al- born in lawful wcdloclc. T.^xir grandmotner
Ruth Brovm, hcd 3 brothers, Andrew :.'J.llcr, Elias and Isaac Gann,
all of whom sc are deceased and v/ithout descent. Their great
uncle Andrew Miller's v/ife was Sally (McCoy). JI^oj' ^-^ ^
son Henry C Miller, who died '.vithout descent! ■^;cir ._. _
|?aAd Sher was Lydia Chisholm, she lived in Skin Bayou .x a.
in 1851 T^ieir great groat grand mot-cr Lydia C-nisholn had 2
sLters JeSie nSfbreld and Elizabeth Squirrel both of whom
arc deed and without descent. H.eir gr^at great great aant
Elizabeth Squir^^cl had 3 sons and Z daughters, Joseph , "alLor
aid SlSam squirrel, Nannie and Tiana Fields a 1 of ^*on ar^
deceased and without descent. Tneir cousin Nan .ie Fields had a
daughter Mary Fields who died without descent,
aaufeuo ^ oisnod Geor - e A McCord Jon 30 1907.

Action Admitted, -gland ch^S? #929 claims thru same source..



A brother of Ho 12136. -Page 137

Residence ..elch , county of C00I.UiESC00:.3:: INDIAN TERRITCRY.
Born i.iarch 18 1873, In Jhcrohoe Mntlon.

Claims right to share through his mother George /jin Drcv/n,
my grani nother Sallie McGhoe and uncle /j-.ibros McGheo ,
my great uncle Janes Rogers and Susio .Rogers, Liartha Rogers.
and my groat aunt - ray great grand mother Diana Rogers.
And ho is married, October 12 1894
Name of v/ifo v/as jitta Brown, v/as born Aug 25 1876.

Names of Parents were William Brov/n and • •:; /jin

Brown, v/hoso maiden name was George Ann i.lcGhoo .

Father was born in tho state of Missouri and muUior born
in OLD Cherokee Nation.

Father died Hay 30 1902, Blether died 1839 Juno 16.
THEY wore onrollod Dclavmrc Dist, Cherokee Nation, also in
1880 chorokoo nation. Lly grand mother Sarah McGhoo and uncle
Ainbr s McGheo ^

Naifls of al 1 brothers and sisters wore;
Morris Br'V/n, born March 18 1873
Larkin Bj,own born So.:^t 6 1874

Ida Brovm born Aug 17 1876 ,«„«

Ma Brown born Sc t 1878 died . Died 2-2-1900

Sara'-: Bv,ovm & Frank & Mary & Nan Brovm (no dates giver.)

States they were bom in C^^erokee Nation.
They resided 1851 in Coomsescoov/ee Indian Nation.
Nanes of all their chiddren were George Ann McGhee
died Jan 16 1339. Residence Coumcescoomeo ^ist, Choro.:ee mz.
John H McGhee, Kinnison, Indian Territory,
/ilbort N McGhoe, "v;elch, Indian Territory
/imbros McGhee died in early days.

Has been enrolled in Comeescooneo
Dist, enrol od 1880 and for tho strip money and drew jo^oral
payments and was also enrolled by Dawes co mission and they

allotted Ijf ^-^^f^-;^ ^^^. ,, 1835 ,ore his mother George Anr
^IrGhee (Sellio McGhoo and Larkin McGhee. and Dlanna Rogers.

rSmIk S: Look to John H McGhee and .Ubert '-'CGhce applica-
tion to find all of my ancestors and who I have right to draw
^"""^^.re my un?les. signed Jan^O l^^^^/^^^^^S??^

S^190^ of%gP?fs S[^^ itta^3??^;l^-wel^^%^ i?l^y'§6 1§8|;

nSli^n born ?-20-1895, Eva M I^^^O-ISSG ^^able 12-2 -
Floyd P 2-17-1901, and Gcorgan 4-29, 1904. Morris

^ A card iA the files shows ^-ction i^mittcd, for Morris

Brt^n and 5 children, at .Velch Oklahoma, and a brother No 1

No 12136,



#16605 EASTERil CliRoiaCr; Ai^t-LI CATION OF LARICIN BROV/li ^rt)
is a brother of No 12136.

Residence Kinnison, Indian 'Iferrit.-ry. Born there Sept 6,
1874. Claims right to share through his mother George Ann
Brovm, my grand mother Saline iicGhee, ny uncles Anbroa McGhee
my great uncle James Rogers, Susin and i: ,. • ..-ors my great

aunt -groat grand mothor Diana Rogers. ' '

Ho is married to Fannie C Brown, age 34 when ho slKnod
this 1907.

Narae of parents v/oro William Brovm, and George Ann
(McGhee) Brov/n, father was born in Missouri, and mother in
ChcrclioG Nation. Father diod May 30 1002 and mothc: ;• I Juno
16, 1889. Ho was enrolled in Cherokee Notion 1880.

Names of all brothers and sisters;
Morris Brov.n born March 18 1873. Sarah Nells born July 24 1881
Ida Brown born Aug 17 1876 deceased July 14 1896
Ada Brovm born Sept 1878 died Feb 1900

Fran!*: Brov/n and Mary Brovm and Mary Mans ted? and Nannie Houx
all living.

Ho did not Icnow his grand parents on his father's
sido, but on his mother 'n side v/as Sallio McGhee and Larkin
McGhee, both born in C-LOHGIA. AIJD IN 1851 lived in Cherokoo

Nar.os of all their children v/ere; AiiBROSE McGJIEZ diod
but dont knov/ date. George Ann ..icGhoe diod June 16, 1889
John H McGhoo, residence Kinnison Indian Territory
Albert McGhee, V.olch Indian Territory.

Ho has boon enrollod 1800 and for stri,; pay:.-.ont and
v/as allotted land by DAVffiS C0i..i.iIS3ICII .

.RLii.lARilS RijFERS to J hn H McGhee and A V McGhee
a.._-lication to find my ancestors. Tnoy are my uncles.

Signed Larkin Bj,o\vn 1907 Jan 50-2 witness wore L IV

TIio children of Larkin Brov;n and v/ifu Fannie C
Brown living on May 28 1906 v/ere;

Martha Brov/n born Sept 1 1393 , Elmer L Brown born May 19 1895
Sybil F Brov/n born Juno 4 1897, Bertha M Brov/n born Jen 19 1899
William H Brcv/n born May 4 1901, Bessie G Brown born Fob 6 1903
Mary L Br :\vn born March 8 1905 .

Hiot they wore enrolled in Vanlta 1903 Indian territory,
for money -annuities, land etc.

A card in tho file shov/a the Action was ..dmittod
at Kinnison Oklahoma, brother of No 12156

^'arcnts of applicant not living in 1851.



PAGE i99

RosidoncQ vVhltosburs, Haublan County 'itnnossoo. ago 39
born October 12 1867 v/hon ho slsnod this 1907,
States ho was born in CLAY COUNTS: ICNTi C .Y and ia not mcrried

Tho names of his parents v/oro :
James P. C^ Brov/n, and Robocca xx J Brown, her maiden nano
was Robocca J Vcrrdllion. were born as foll.-wa:
father in WAR GAr', H.^WXIIIS COUI.'fv' Tjl^N.ILSSE^: MOaHER IN
rejoctod . states: Sec Sizomore caso.

That in 1851 thoy resided as follows; ?•♦- - 'n Hawkins Co
Tcnn and mother in Stickloyvillo, Scott . . his parents

v/cre both living. Na. es of all brothers uitl sisters;
v/ero T:-!E0?HALUS G BROuJ: born N V 13 1861, Knoxvil lo , IVinn
George Jr and Frank W Brown, born March 12 1364
'Erioraas E B ov;n Doc 9 1865, VJiitesburg Tonn
V/m W Brp^wn" Doc 28 1869, St Clair Tenn
James B own,- Bulls Ga o Tcnn March 23 1874
Prancis'L B^own Nov 28 1078 Wl-iltcsburg Tcnn
nar.ics of -his grand parents v/ero;

Thos E B^ovm and Sarrh Sizeraoro, mother's sido was VAn
Vcrnljlibn and ITancy Owcas. T.iey wc e born on fatj.or's side
letter looks more like an "S") and on his^i^^her's die in Va.
They resided in 1951 on V/ar Gap Tenn, mother's side in Scott
County Va .

Naines of all their children are
Iredill-.C Bi»ov/n dcd,

Jesse B_^ov/i-i deed Taos ^ B^i v/n deed ilancy Br'^v/r^ deed
Owen? i'.i'^Brown, deed, Sarali T B c\m deed, Clinton A Br wn deed.
i.iatilda L B^ ovm deed. Ja.ies Y ^ Brown, '.Tnitesbur:^ Tonn
John \J Vernlllion .irch B, Augustin, \/m Douglas, .'sK' ^'^ and
Sarai:! C and Rebecca J VEii.II: LION. Ilis ancestors back to 1835
v/ere J Y C Brov/n and Rebecca J Br-'wn, Thos _ and Sarali Br.wn,
vVm and Nancy Voruil-ion. Sizenore is tnc ErIGLISH NA.JE.

dated signed Clinton A B own
1907 2 Aug 15.

•}{■ -;.- '.f ir ir-i<- -X- ■Or •,.- •>;- -> •«■ •'<• -> -if


Cyntha R Bilyev/ (now Brown) Indian was
Cyntha R Harmon, residence Hilhan, Overton County Tennessee
age 38 bom 3e jt 27 1868 in Overton Co Tcnn, and is married
to AliBROSE JA'CICSON BROVrN age 36. Tie names of their iron

wore Dora A Bj^ov/n 16, born May 12 1891, Dosy 1-' Brov/n ^1 ^
July 22 1893, ^La. Zura Bro\;n 5, born 11-25- 1901, Janeie Brown
3 born July 23 1904.

Names of parents were ATIDREW JAC:SON BILYE"JH (3ILYEW
Indian nano v/as Andrew Jackson Harmon, mather v/as i.iSrgarct J.
Bilyev/, her maiden name was llargarot J B o-wn . thoy v;orc both
born in Overton County Tonno33eo.& both lived there 1851.
Na:os of all brcthors and sisters; Benjamin B Bilycw, b I.^ay 20
1870, Sanuel Denton Bilycw, b 3-15 1874, George ashington
Bilycw b 12 22 1873, Nancy Bilyew now uasters, b 7-20-1831
all born Hilha-m Tenn. name of grand parents were Benjamin
Bilycw & Nancy Poterman, Indian nar.o was Benjamin Harmon



EASTl^R: CHx^ROKEE no 32972 Ci^ITHIA R. X ?QGO 140- —

3RCmi CvlITINl'LD:
on her nothor's sido was luiv/ard Er v/:i and Gi-ntha Br.w .
iilvvard was born in Jade son county Tonn
and Gyntha Brown born in Toni-i . Tncy rusidod 1851 In
Overton Co Tonn. Na..i03 of all thoir children foll.v/a-

'I^:\ BilyewjHilhain, Tonn. Nancy ^ Oglotroc;Living3tv.r/
S A. Bllyov/ , 11 A Kolnia;., Bilyov/ once? ?. A V/lllifora, co
Bilycw, Peter Bilyov/, Hilham, Ten;;. A L Bilyov/, Cookvillo

Ancestors back to 1835 v/crc;

"I thinl: the chain of genealogy is ny fat:.or Andrew
Jackson Bilyev/, Harmon, sen of Benjamin Bilycw (Harncn)
was born IBIG .
■>{• ii ■?(■ -ir -Sf -ii- w •}(• '/c if -,:■ •ji- ^.c 'A- ■a ■..-■a

CATITARINE BR-'.', Indian na e v :3ARK:, rosidonco in

Ncv/comb, Campbell County Tonnossoci, a-c 21 born Fob 5th.
Clnin signed 1907} 3:>rn in LAURi.L COUITT/ IGNTfJCl'T, rnd J

is r.irrried and bolcii;_:s to Cherokee tricft. of parents v;orcj

Niu.i; OP PAiLr-:; :Ts le.:tj.;.l liAiN: 110)1 /i:! n;^j£ ROAra:

AND UARGAIILIT ll/Jii:, :,IAID.h;:I Ih...:. li/iRGAR^'T Ih.TFlLlD.

Father was born in ASH COUNT/ NCRT5I CAR..LINA Ai.D MO-n-'^R in

Vi3:iTIi.Y COUNTY I'lLNTu Jl.Y . and tl^oy rosidod there 1351.

I>ia-;iu of all brothers and sisters wore;

i^lisabcth i-, Hughes, Trultha, iilizao. tl a burn J n 12 1314

resided at Hugs Indian territory

Robjrt born Oct 3 1876, Lc^follette itn.-i

Tilitha resided hughes Indian Torritry, born uu,., 11,1879

that his grand ^ji rents weiv LomucI Main or Roar):, and

i.Iar^arot Hain tret fat'.ior born in Nort;i Gorlina

and mother born Ky. Tiat the na.'.os of all their children

v;erc Elisabeth -Robert T Tilitha, and Catharine

born hcConb 5^h Tonn.

w ^;- ■«■■!(• -ji- -M- ■};-■«■ -J*- -jt- -;;- <- ■«• ■!>- -sj

CLAI.l NO 37460 of Garter Bj, wn
residence and post office; Canyvillo, Tonn, Car. bell Co
Tennessee, age 30 born 1877, born Union County Tonnessoo
and is. carried to r.Iattio Q^aillcin age 23, na;:e of child
I.Iary 3 cwn a<;:o 2 b.^rn 1905. Name of parents were W J Brown
and Sarah Hcathby, father born .■jadors''^n "o Tenn, ncthor bor
in Co.mpbei; Cc Tcnn. anri resided t^-cro 1851. mother died Oct
1390. of brothers and sisters v/ori-:
Halie Loach born 1C75, -.llice Sriith born liny 2 1873
Jane Dillon? Hay 11 1G74 . na:;e of his grand parcrts were
JOHN BRO:.'^;] A"ID i.iOT.-...^R' 3 SID:i WAS LAVINAY BR:V.::, and they
wore born Canpbell C.:' Tcnn. Tic clair was rejected. Ihc
brother was No 37462. Letters wore directed to Carter
Brown in 1907- at Blue Tddgo, G^or'ia- several of the:.
- proving lineage bac': to 1335, he states he his
Cherokee blood fr^.n r.iy great grand father on mother's side
Jai.ies or Jams or Jar:ees Pleat lerly he may be called by both
naiacs a half chero'cco this has been proved and affidavits
wxtli claim of Shirilda iag Loy's clam, signed 1907.

E/iSTtRi'I CHEHuKEii, CL;a...S ?a;-:6 141

NO 19670 of i - nanda 'Jharlotte Bruv.-n

Residence in Humphreys county Tjnri, at neat office Mc2won

said county , born July 4 1069 Kum.jhroys Co Tenn

claims throuf^h hor fatior Robert x3 Hatclier, T/ho was a aon

of John Hatcher v/ho an oastorn choroLLOO Indian.

Sho is raarriod to George E^.vm born J-ay 14 1866

died 8 years ago. Th;at hor parents are Robert E Hatciior,

and mother iiary Jano Hatcher, maiden nanc Mary Jane Hoopor.

T:ioy v/ore born in Hunphroys Co Tenn and resided there 1051.

Father died Fob 2 1897 and mother still living,.

Tnat hor jq father Robert B Katchor was onrollod at tho

Indian office at Wagonor Indian Territory Sept 1393

Nanes of brother: and sisters were:

Nancy Elizabeth Farley? born i.iay 31 1857;

Rittio Prodonia Finloy born Dec 10 1060

V/ra Katchcr died Jan 3 1397

i.:nrtha Eveline Mor:3an born J.larch 4 1065.

Frai^ces Ann-Craig born i.pril 20 1367

i.Iary Jane R^ th Kc.tchcr born Oct 14 1858

I!c, .c of grand parents are

John Hatcher arrl Henrietta Hatcher and on grand mcthcr's

sido was Dcmcy Hooper and ilizabeth Hooper

toy XXE were born Humphreys Co Tenn

Names of alJ th.^ir childrv^n arc

John Lamdrum Hatcher died ^ug 19 V'/:

V/m Hatcher diod Doc 1885

Nathan H.'.tchcr

Konr^^ Hat d.'. or

Robert B Hatc.ior diod Fob 2 1397

Woalcy Hatcher death unlcnov/n

Ja '03 Alfred Hatcher died ..:2y 11 ? 1905

Rob oca i.da i3

Elizabeth 'Ourtis.

"..cnticns I rccom? a-y nr^-.o was enr'-'llod at
tho Indian office, V^Tfonor India;. Territory by "^yj^t icr

Robort K Hatcher, Sopt 1095; that his ancostcrs bcc.: 1335
worc: my fat or Robort H B Hatcher v/as tho son rf John
Hatcher who cano from North Carolina about 1310- H° "js
eastern Choro' oo Indian I Have been inf rned t^^t sono of
•lY rclrtivcs in Texas have rood cortif icatos of cnroll.-cnt
to citizcnshic and arc nov; living in Indian Territory.

John ^.rtin made a long stator.ent 1908 in Tarrant
Count- Texas ro-arding lineage of /.nanda r-ranan Brovrn
and mostly the Grahan linoaso . (hard to road)



EASTERN CIi:-I?OKEE CLAIii OF ALBERT S BR^'./:' N '. 36404 142

Albert Smith Brov/n indir.n nano wna Harnon - roaldonto
WQs Aliens, Ovorton County Tonn, age 33 bom 12 12 1873
born in Ovorton Co Tcnn, and is narlod to Liartha B^-^wn a^o 32.
thoir children v/oro I'ta J P Brovffi born Jnn 15 1390
Jamos i S Bj,ov/n born Liarch 8 1905, r;ila IJay Brwvm born
7 1906.

His parents names wore J/u.'ES G BROVVIT and Sarah A C Broim
Indian nanc was Harmon, maiden name nf mother v/as Sarah .\nn C.
Noal. they were born, father bom Cumbcrlai.d Count; IZcntucky and
raothcr born in Wayne Co ICy.- his claim was rejected
Claims through same sourco as No 32901.

'Brioy resided in 1851, Jac. son Cjuntj Tcnn which is
father did and mother resided in Overton Co Tonn.

father died Jan 29 1391 mother died i.Iarch 4 1893.
names of al.i. brothers and sisters wore;
Hot tie H B^ovm, born Apr 6 1360
Starling G' Brown, Aliens Tenn born Aug 7 1862
Liaritha B deed born Doc 10 1G64, died Dec 7 1906
Parmolia E deed born 12 22 1066 died Oct 151892
John L B^uv/n deed born 2 15 1868 died -Doc
Saroh G deed b Feb 26 1370 died Oct 25 1374
James G Jr born Juno 25 1872 died -dont rccoloct
Ama R T born 12 8 1875 died Oct 12 1C92
Wm H b 1 12 1873 born Fob 1899
Fred in at Aliens Tcnn born 7-24 1879
Caloitlia deed b 3-2- IS'^l died June 30 1302

Names of grand parents
Larkin Bj,v.>vm fat or side, and on mother's side was
Starling Neal, indian Harmon, mother a was a
great ;;rand daughter of CMARI^S HAR'ION ''GRl^Y HORSE

Names of all thoir chilc^rcn wore
TENl\i Qut on Route 1.. Linea-.e back to 1835; Janes G and 5 .r C
Brcv/n, parents Starling Neal Kisialj Neal, grand parents ;
VVm Neal - Neal , graaat grand parents. Charles Harmon;
groat great grand parent.

I depend upon oiicrlos Plarmon for my indian descent
ho boing my great groat grand father.

signed 1907 by Albert S B . v/n .

..' - .i.■

ic:.. !"'i^^

c'U^X ^

.".o I

■.{-'v; .

':. : (..:.

! ")

:• <• f Of . -

. >(..


') ' -



I '-'


• . •)■; '

CLAIl: ITO 1273 of A. L. 3R0TO. P^gQ 143- -

as heir and hus'.and cf Al^ VL BRO'MI , DECKASED.

Residence miles north west of Pryor Gree':, Indian

Territory, post office j Pryor Creel:, Cherokee nation,

Indian Territory. Indian Territory, Goingsnake District

said Chero'-ee nation.

In 1851 set forth each claim separate ;y;
X POREl.IAN, J/il'.uIS S FORBllAi:, mi H FOrEi.lAN, l.lARY FOREIaAN.
Tliat name of his wife, Annie Proctor Brov/n is dead.
A^e of A L Brown, (white) was 51.

Father was Johnson Proctor, father of deceased wife.
Elizabeth Proctor mother of deceased v/ifo, maiden name v/as
ELIZ.-BETr! FOREMAN. Her fafor was born east of the
Mssissippi river, old Cliorukeo Nation, east of the
Ivllssissip.ji river in old chorokoo nation,
her fatiior resided 1851 in present Cherokee Nation,
Goingsnalce district, and mother resided there also,
date of death of the father was about 1869 or 1870, mother
died 1897 or 1898.

Th.oy drew money in the Cherokee Emigrant pa:,'Tnent in
1852, and arc enrolled on that pay roll.

Eliza Proctor HORN about 47 years old when ho signed this
in 1906.

Charley Proctor killed 1827, Susie Proctor Tayl r, date of
death unlmov^-n. Sponccr Proctor died about 1888. I.'iOllio
Proctor died about 1809. Taoiuas : Proctor died in Infancy.
Margarctto Proctor 3hclt«Mi died about 18 6
Names of the grandparents on bnth sides were:
"iVm Proctor, Grand father

Cclia Proctor, grand mot':cr and on the grr.nd mother's AlAx
side was Thomas Forcr^an, grand father, and Susan Foreman,
grand mother; and they v/orc born east of t'vc Mlssissip i rvr

Names of all their children wore as follows;
AD/ii'.l PROCTOR: .'.rch, Rachel. Nancy, George, Elizabeth
Foreman Proctor, (my mother)
"v/n S Foreman
Wm H Foreman ,^ ^ ^. ^ . .. ^

lary Foreman. T^iese people being enrolled entirely in tne
English language I presume that they had no Indian^ na es.

In 1894 f'y wifo /^nie Brown drew money in tne Str^p pay-
ment and is enrolled as /u^nie or Nannie Brovm. T^ie claim
was rejected, T.ese names can be found i" Goingsnake
pao-e 145, 318, ai^ 324, pa^,e 146, 329 and 330 Flint Die.
paSe 80 No 260, page 85 No 302. On Emigrant c.;erokee pay
roll of 1852.


NO 29548 ELIZ^ BROWI! (iilxICR) ^^2°


ANDERSON, PR/JfiCLIN COUHTY TJ/i^rESSKli. age 14, born 1893

Born in JACKSON COUNTY AL/J3Ai.A, and is single.

Belonged to the Cherokee triba.

Parents were IQE BROV/^T Ai^ID HOlIffiR i/iARTi'A JANE BROV/N


Tiiey were sr born; father bom in Cannon County Tenn mother

born in Franklin Co Tenn '

father died ±9 1894 mother died 1395
Names of brothers and sisters were;
Viola Rush born 1885, Halley Hook, ulabama
Loney i.ndorson at nnderson Tenn
Delia Brov/n bom 1890 Liaxville, Alabama.

Name of father's side of his grand parents were James Br^^vm a>
and Lucy Brown, and J?is grand mother jcaa side was /^ndy Cheves
and Eliza Cheves. Tiiey were born in C/u/iBELL CO TENN
TFILY RKSID^D 1851 in Bledsoe Co Tonn.

Names of all their children v/erec
Millie Ghoves or Chovos, Silas Chaves, Sallie Forshee, and
Andrew Chovos Jr. The .^laim of ^^liza Brown 29548 was
rojocted , - niece \7az No 24434.

One .jndrtiw uhavors sighnod this 1907 July 15
as her guardian.
•5«- •«■■}!• -Sf ';.- -;;- -;;- -..-

NO 19760 A )nli cation of Cora Brown resided at
Johnson City Ton.i vVashin^ton County Tenn

born near Umbroovillo Tama and claims £ through her fatnor;
Jamos J Johnson. She is marriod to V7illlam Brov/n
her parents v/ere J J Johnson and Betty Jolonson, her father
was born near Lnbrccvillc, Tenn and resided tlierc 1851
father lijbsjt and mother arc both living 1907.

Name of h.or brothers and sisters were Henderson, David, Cilice
and Clara all living ex

Ihat Henderson Johjison was her grand father on her
father's side. Her claim v/as Rejected . Her parents v/ero
held as slaves. Sec letter marked ''hJ' . (which is not In this


'"'./. ...

fjj. i;-i;ja

■JB*]; : -'rv

' y ■ . «■■': ■ T-rT ■ -*-« ■ r'

.■ . -„Ti i - ; .!.' s. ' y- ::;r f-MCt, a :t- '::■: i-i^ i ? z'^'.^'/. 1.o o^:r.

I'l-^n ,,■) r/

■.' -..[.T

.'. J J •

• i^/

X.:; r-i..

:.. '^ ,r;'' f .. .'.. ;C v/j-ib.:,:.':.

-' ->j ; J ^ ' ^ :

■t •■

-■ U-^

, ^ .'r, ■ I-., * '


'.' V.'


' 'I

■ :■ a

. i

. ;;,

. w/:-

■j \j

; 'j:

: 'i.







j' .^.

■ ly

. ^".



■ 'I*

V.' ' C' ,



,1 »:

■-< ,■'


• J.

-» i 1

.. •;



i" '?



r 1

i ■


PACE 145

Residence Talilequah District, tavn and post office Hulbert

County; Northern District, Indian .rerritory, born 1868 in

C'"-Lerokee Nation, Indian i'erritory. Clalns ri rht to share thro

Georgo Boling my father, -V/m Bolinc uncle, David Boling uncle,
And is married to John Brown, af-,e 42.

Narues of pare^its were Goorge Boling and ^lizabeth


Fat.ier was bom East of Mississippi river and mother was born
in Qierokoe Nation, Indian Territory. Ibey resided in 1851
Cherokee Nation Indian l^rritory, father died 1876 and mother

in 1903.

Father Got emigrar^t payment 1852, in Clierokee Nation
Indian Territory, mother enrolled on old settlers rolls.
Names of all brothers and sisters wore;

V/orcester Doling bom 1871; O'l-arley Boling born 1874
Ida B Brown born 1868 .

Fair.os of grand parcSnts; were fatcr's side was Johnson
Boling aj-d on mother's side was J-: n Terroll and Jennie Terrell
3aey were born Jlast of luisslssip/i river. And resided 1351
Cherokee Nation, Indian Terr tcry.

Names of a 11 their children follow;
Fannie Bigher? at-'Hulbert Indian Territory.
Susio Guinn . AJi-no-V,'ako, Indian Territory
Rebecca Robertson, IJanard, Indian Territory

Elizabeth Boling, Doced 1903
George Boling died 1876.

Has been enrolled for Cherokee payments from 1875
to 1894, and land by Comjrdssion from 1902 to 1906.
2 witness to her signature 1906 Doc 27 wore "Hiomas J Harris
and Francis E Leo.

Her Ad .11 cation shown by card in the file, that the

ACTION WAS ADitiiTTED, reside::oE hulp^rt oklahgi.-A. sist:.r of

V/ostor Boling, application Nc 10313 and is admitted for some
reasons .

Children of Ida B Brov/n and J A Brcwn v/as living May
28, 1906; Florence Chancy born 9-25-1892; £a Roscoo Brown
boi'n Aug 2 1895, Jenevia Brov/n born Aug 13 1898, Cliarlcy Brovm
born Liay 28 1901, Pai-mio Br-'V,n bom Jrin 21 1003 & John Brcwn
born 4-11-1906; that they wore enrolled for land in Cherokee

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i-'^ C. I.

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no ..:, J.

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, u. 1 ; -c .

r V ■ r',

■i'':^ J


-^'.. -'.; ri^ior; >

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Page 146

In a letter dated April 4, 1908 from Sarah I Blackwol?

states; liy's namo was Gilbert Jefferson Mains,
his father's nano was \t\ luainos, a:id his mother's nanio was
Sallie Maines and her maiden nane vms Sal lie Lowr^-
her father was Janes Henry Lowry, My fatiiCr's g:- l . _:.or
name was Sallie Lowery. ily's brothers v/as J H Ilalnos a

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