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Anna Louise Rogers and on mother's side wcr Goorge Hallraan
and Llargarctt Hallman.

Via Rogers born in Gwinnett Oo Ga , /;nna Louise
Rogers bom in Forsyth County ilorth Oarolina, aid Margarett
tooxjcxxn Hallman born in Forsyth ..c Georgia (I c'lec^'ed costal
guide and find f-ei^ is a county by in both states)
Tiey all resided 1851 in Forsyth Co Georgia.

Natiies of all their children were
Albina M Bell died June 28 1399, Henry S Rogers died Feb 1859
Davd i.: Rogers died -idair Indian Territory

Robert W Rogers died Duluth ae> r ia i.iary A Rogers d 8-12-1869
»o ^ Rogers died Oct 13 1864. John J Rogers d 9-21 1847
Sarah L woor d Duluth Ga, .ilizaoeth S Rogers d 10-36 1852
Augustus L Rogers d Duluth Ga (my Hallman relations are all
white). Her relatL\es bac'.: to 1835 V7ore '.ViLiara Rogers and
Anna Louise Rogers, George Hallman and hargarctt Hallraan.

R^hARIvS ay gr: nd fatlor Wm Rogers v/as one of tl' SIGNLRS 0? T i^ TR2ATY OF 1835 at Is'i^W ECIIOTA. 2 witness
to her eigne turc v/ere Jo n l« Beaty and Richard .. Jheeler.

This clTiin was admitted -daughter of No 400, at &RX
Su\/anoe, Georgia.

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NO 37458 rZastem Chero!:eo aoplicatlov of / . brown page llA

a resident of CUBA CIT: V/ISCOilSIl.', Grant county '.'isconain
ase 22 born Aug 17 ISIS in Cuba City, Gr^Jit Co '..'isconsin,
and name v/ifo was riarie Ralne 22 and they had no c'^ildren
Ila.iO of his parents were 2 Robert Brown and Sarah Faherty
Koburt Drown vms fat'ior ar;d mother Sarah Faherty Brov.'n
maiden name Faherty

Fafier he thinlrs v/as born in Clierokee Nation, mother born
LaFayette County IVisconsin.

Kis parents wer ^ still living in 1907 Au^ 19th.
Na OS of all brothers and sisters v/cro

Irene ':icCor:nicl: born Se_t

Stockton Illinois died January 23 1901.

NA.J]: OP GRAi® JAlAti-'TS UliRE
ho did not know on his f at. o r' s side.

Ho thinks thoy wo o born in IRjb,LA..D. ilo dont know whore
they resided in 1851

Nanos of tho ir children were Francis 2 Faherty and

William Faherty
2 witness to his signature wore Ernest vVcdigo and iii^TiRr
Sherman Hazel ton

Tho ca::;o was Ad.ittcd of tinier Brown in Cuba '-iity
'Wisconsin, son of Wo 12723 a'.d t;:;rou3h fc sa-ne source

A LJlTToiR li'I TI-lx; PILE froc. D J Gardner Attorney in
Plattevil'.o, dsconsin dated August 23 1907

to Special Corii;nissi6ncr of tho Cc'urt fe of Plains, l/ps.iington
DC- dear Sir: i^n closed you will find the application of
Elmor Brov/n for his share of money aporoprlatod for tho
Lastcrn Cli^^rokoc Indians by tho Act of Congress ap roved June
30 1906 in Qccordancc with a decree of the co^.rt of claims,
of ilay 1^ 1905 and :.'Iay 28 1906.

I trust this anplicaticn will be aj Irlght as it is filled
out as far as '.'.r Brov^n is a able to fill it.

i-'is fr.thcr now lives nt '.iUSXOGEE and if v/e had tine wo
could fijrnish an .le proof that^er Br>'wn is the son of
R:bert Br^Avn, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, as stated in
the application. I thin.: that Robert Brown has made proof
of tho s and places of residence of his children.



r -■ ,r . ■ I

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r^i. 30i?I ■'K'.

■.!■ :; J .'•;

■, ' t

wo. 14176 i^ASTi^R' CILiROKiiii A- x-LICATIOij .F PA::E 12


Declaration of Rosa Rich residence in i.ioas, Clay
County Ten-.essee ^ born 18 6 r.t jioas, 'rennessee, and cla±ms
rij^ht through Polly Rich. a:.d is married to G.T. Brown a:/e 25
hsr parents v/ei© John Rich and ..•; . A. Rich, maiden name was

A. Welch, her fat .er \/as bom in Jaclcson County
Ten-iessee and lived there in 1351. Her mather died 1894.
Nanes of all hor brothers and sisters were:
Llisha T. Rich born 1872; Nannie Rich b 1873, died 1901
A. G Rich born 1834 ■. Loo Rich^ bor.i 1885
Rosetta Rich bom 1800 died 18-.'6: Lusitta born 1878
AD JOHN Rldl, grandson Rich on her fat'ier's side and on
her mother's side were Mary Rich, and Jane Rich, Polly Rich.

Tioy were born in Tennessee and North Carolina.
Ihey resided 1351 in Tennessee^ Jac^rson County,

Wa.-es of all t'lolr children were
Vdll Rich, Ja-'.es Rich, Joh'i Rich, Jennie Rich, and Missouri

Her ancestors bacV; to 1335 v/ere
Elisha Rn-ch, Jno Rich and Grt;nd so R. ch or
Granson ? and i.Iary Rich, Ja-e R'Oh, Folly R: ch .

2 v/itress to her signature were
Rosco Head and Tandy Head.
T-'G case was rejected.
Claims thro sa c source as Yio 12675.


a '..

.'.1 KSOh ',.■.


5.. 1 ■ i'c;'8.r

. ._ ■['.:.' . r: '-,.> . ,1 . ■. :■.:■ ...... J

.J. ;;o;r/;.,


' )' ' .. , . ' ' i


1 i. ■

, . i:-''!: ?:

Page 13

NO. 41740 i.iar,; :j Brov/n, ^asterr. Cherokee Claim

jiary ii-nilline Brrvvn for self and seven minors.
v/liose Indian name v/aa L£.ngley, residence and post office
Tails oreel:, Gilmer County Georgia, and is age 35 born Augast
16 1872 born in Gilmer Co Ga . and is married to John H Brovm,
born Fob 4 1874, and t lat she belongs to the ijastem Cherokee
tribe. Names of all their children who itere living on May 28
1906 follov/s;

iiva Brown born Aur: 1 1894; Oliver Brown b.:rn 4-12 1896
Mark 3r v/n born Aoril 28 1898; Luke Brovr. born Nov 1 1901;
Georgie Bj,own bron Anr 13 1903, Pearl Brown born 12-22 1904

BLAIII'^NSIIIP until after applicant's birth. Her Indian
nane was Langley, and her maiden nar.e v/as GOBLE.
father was born in Habersham county eorgia and mother born
there also.

T" ^ resided in Gilmer County Ga both of them.
Stat s I think ray grand mother Nancy M Goble drew money for
herself and my mother from t X' Govern-nent as Fastern Clieroke
Cherokee Indian at Cumming, Forsyth Co Ga

Naies of all brothers and sisters follow;
Sarah Veal living in 1907 at Ttil Creek Georgia
Ivlary Elvira Parrctt deceased

Jas I-inknoy Blanlconship living in "i'.Iurray Co Ga
Rebecca W Ooble lives at Tcil crco ■. Ga
i^.arcodcniza Jen-'-ins lives at -reek Ga
Cclia Uooro lives in Alabama
^llon Voal lives t.^ore also
iviclvina Blan'conship lives at Tail Creek Ga

Nar.ies of grand parents on both sides arc
on fat. or' 3 side David vr)uarlC3 and Sallic Quarlos and on
mother's side arc Starllr. G bio aiid Nancy Malklsa Goble

Indian Lnngloy, drov/ money at Gumming
Forsyth Co Ga 1351
TJ-iOir resided 1851 in G Imor Co Ga

Nc'^ of all t".x)lr children wore onamothcr's die;
Rachel t.ood Boaz Alaoaiiia: Rclecca Anr Blankonship, Tail
Creek Ga. Mar 37 /mn Quarlos, in Quarlos Ga

3enj Goble, at Boaz A.labar.ia .HFD Sookic Hcnsloy, Silverdale
Ten lessee, Leonard Goblo deceased., lived ffail creek, Gilmcj
Gilmer Co Ga . Jno V/m Goble, Boaz Alabama and George Goble
no place ;j.ven for rcsiddonce.

She stated my grand mother Nancy M Goble 's mother
was named 3al]io Paris and was one-fourth .^astor'^ Cherokee
RlLi.ARS: I rofor for furt'er O'idcnr.c to the a : licatior.s <
my grani mother -of Nancy iiallsa Goble '"o 1521 and my
mothers llrs Rebecca Blanlionsbip No 15756.

List of children s'-^.e ap- lied for were Oliver Mark, Luke,
Georgia and Pearl Brov/n, Tails creek Gilmc-r Co Ga
Her case was admitted, a sister was No 24 a daughter was
No 15755. She was also referred to as Mary C Brov/n.



IM ■'■■} •!.■.:?<■ Six.

'/ ■ ^A ,..:;uj,^ /••.;;> ,:-oi, ^'i c.Vi ^'i ■:;}:; hh .:... ■;■

- . . ■ .. ■'■■ ■ :.c 3 • 3c..i;iO ■ '

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:>': . ^;!.i t ir; I LOo'lL';.!-

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i^-i' •f-..:^. r.r, ,

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•■.1 ' ','• :,;, ;' ■. : ■■-;

, - . ;■-, [-. r -r .» .' •■

..I :)


Page 14-

No 18553 -.astern Cherokoe Fannie Brovm ap lication.
Hor rosidencs v/as Tollico Junction, MciJin:. County Tennessee
born at Athens Ton.iossoo ISS'i,, and claims right to share
through hor groat grand mothor Pogy Oxford who was full blood'
blooded Indian Squaw of €re- C'lOrokec tribi . And she is
married to WI^. lAJi BROVW ABOUT A:2 43.

Her parents wore javid Jato and I.IcCrary and v;hich is
her maiden name McCrary.

Both parents born at Athens Ton cssoe
and resided there 1351. Father died April 11, 1885, mother
died Sept 18 1907

Hatnes of all brothers and sisters follov/r; Johnio Catec
Gates a:\o 48 in 1907 and died at Athens March 18
Died at the a e of 14

Ellen Gates died a-e 23 at death. Lottie dead at 27 yrs old
Jeff living ago 26.

Grand parents on her mother's side was Pegr;:' Oxford.
She never ststcd who was on her father's side.
Ihcy wore bom in North Ccrolina, precise place not known.
The?^ resided 1351 r. t Ath.en3 T. nn
Na -OS of al"! their children were Nancy McCrary
who died at Athens T;-rineGsco.

Franic I.lcCrary died at Athens Ton:' a^c about 70
Bob McCrary died at Athens Tcnn ab-^ut 65
Jane McCrary died at Sody, Ha;ailton Go Ibnn Sept 18 1899

Tiio case of Fan- le Brown v/as Rojectcd residence Tellico
Junction Tcnn - Aonlicant or ancestors v/erc never enrolled
does not ap.'Oar t';at they were living v/ithin the Cherokee
Domain in 1835 -6 and 1846 as recognized members of the tribe.

Fanny Br^v/n stated in 190f; Jane 27 tb that
her name is Fanny Brovjn . Ago 44. I v/as born in Mci'inn G^
I claim -y indi.:n blor.d thro ray mother Jane Gate, before
marr.:.a^e Jane i.IcCreary. She claimed hor blood thro her
grand mothor Peg y Oxfcrd, bofurc marriage, ily mothor v/as
past 50. She has boon dead 9 or 10 years. She was more nearlj
60 than 50. 'Jvj grand mother was born in N C, Glicrokee county.
My mother ne\or went out v/ost that I know of. liy grand mother
came to i.Iciiinn Co, way bac^-. ':,':j great grand mother was a full
bio "id Indian squaw. I nc\cr heard to v/hat tribe she bolon od .
Sally Oxford was niy grond mother's name and Peggy Oxford
was my groat grand mother. I never heard of my grand mother .
or great ^rand mother drawing any money V/e pass as white
people in t'/io comriiunity. si -nod Fannie Brown.

1 Jli-:.! -1.

. : :^ .

... "i.'j

: i"'j ■. ^-


' p. !

J .1, ■ . - . .'. -• -J





J.O'V.1 . .Va ■;"!..;

r . - ■^ , ■■'I' ■

?. '"> 7 ' '3

.' . ■•■.-.irr -


> ' I

J J 1 ..•.;■

■ . i"' 1

:.f'-r ■.■ I;

^:>^\ r


'3 L'

19633 Western fJ^orokee ap licnticn of Jennie Brown

Rosidonce 1611 Go.-^rgia Avonuo v, Elns Haiilton Cr<U:'!t?'
Tonnoosco, born At'r.cna l^^nn Jen 30 1*^62 .

Clr.i va right to ahrrc thrrugh ray father v/hjso nar.e

WG3 onc-hr.lf chorokoc indir.n. She was married to Chca I.i.
Brown a c 46.

T c t hor parents v/cro Bob ilcCrary Indian Bob Di^i^ccna
;.IcCrcary, mother Lizzie (Grisson) McCrary (not indian)
Father was born at Kockuy Ford North Carolina, and nothcr at
Athens Ton.eaaoc; they resided in 1851 at i^thons Tunn
fataer died 1867 and she does not ror.iiaer date her mother

Na.ios of all her brothers and sisters were:
John HcCrary born 1860, Nancy McCoffrey born 1355
Relzie I.IcEoffrey died Apr 6 1901
Gertrude lidCrary - birtn not stated.


a d she does not roniber grand parents on her mother'
side .

Dont remember v;here [irorid fat- or wae bom but grand mother
v/as born at Rocky Ford r^orth Carolina.
T oy r'.:: sided in 1851 in the vicinity of Athens Tonn

Ila cs "f all tiieir children v/cro
Relzio McCrarv maiden na:;e; Gates
rosidonce Athens Tenn .
Tills claim v/as admitted ;

Residence of Jennie Br."v/n v/as Ciorokcc
North Car-^lina Tirxia aeolicant was enrolled by C^'API.LAIT NO.
691, under na- :e of "/Ji-lin-ih.
luisc Test P. 1711.

v-:;^ ..:-:/'.

J-:U;.: . .J',.>.'

.-.d:1. 1.

iT'.r -(!,

;n -.^T -ai";:;.'-?:- :'f.'

V i . ' -


■.■s IJ i... ^J :

itj"' i''>'.




-H .

:.-:<:';'5:n J-.

; /:'',7

■tCt'r rv

■ ri 1 .1 ■ ■ ' ol . '. J' ■' f

Pago 16
'lS^<^1k HXIFHREYS COUNTY T^.^ESSET^ at .c^enT^nn
Born Nov 24 1895 In Hur.mhreyc Uo Ten-., and clalns righo to
San. tl rouFh r:y great gr'aid father John and n:,
grand fa^^^^or Robert B and my nothar iVr.anda Gharlott.

Brown. ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ Gcor^.e Brown and Ar.ianda Charlotte

C Ha t oner ) Bro w:a . , _

^ ' in Humphreys Co Tonn

- olacc un-:nown

pro^/ioua to Jan 24. This was signc.

still living in 1917

■ B Hatcher enroled him

Both prints wore born

They resided in 1351

Father died 8 yeai s

1917 i..arch 26. mother _

He thinlcs his grand father Rooert
at Vmronor Indian Territory
Kav.ios^of al brothers and sisters were:

Robert P Brown born Jaa 9 1888 , o a npn-T;

Williar: Brovm-born June 5 1891; r..artha Brwn b 9-7-1893
and & Grady B v.vm bor'n So .t 24^1395

Grand- pare 1 3 VvC:.?*. as lollows^
Great Grand father John ILvtchcr,
John Hatcher
Robert E Hatcher
Robert B Hatcher on his fat .cr's side

and on his mother's

wore Honriett a Hatcher, ^ary
v/ere bornr Great grand father
father ar^ mother in Hnnnhrc
there in 1351
th e i r ch i Id r ? n v/e o ;

Hatcher 1878 (not

1t->i^ died




Tiey resided

Nanes of all

John Landrvi'-

John Landru!!

V/illiai^ Hatchcor

liatthevr Hatcher

Jare Hatcher

born North Carolina,

rs Co Tcnn

clear wh? t this dnte means

Doc 1398
Honry Hc.tchor,

Robert B Hatcher died

1897 Feb 22

l,Iy grand father .^ bt

B Bat oh ^:r v;j

from N C about 1810 aixi

L3 a



John Hatcher

i:,a stern C':erol:oc

wno car

'""^'Tbave been infor-.ed thatsone -^^ /-y. J^l^l'^^^^^J ^^ .re
in vo-as have rocci od certificate of citizensaip a^^ are
^Sw^Uving .n t^xr clains in ..c ^^^^^^^^l;^^^
Tnis cloiv.: v/as rcjec-ced - KJoau iiatcnor oaoo;

that live


I' f'^'r:!^':)-./)'

■■l-O' 'ci.'"

o:: \:^i:!

• tl- UVV '

• .^, .T O .


i -f i^j-^avl.;;. J /.Lis i^^.- i.i,;.. : d5 •■:::■■:...■ V;'.L..'

f ^ -> ,,- ,.,

•. 'au-'i'

•."I r .^


■:'7-&. r:


ii ^ <■

i :.-

,.:: 'X:-r. \

Pago 17

NO 19711 Eaatcr.i Chero!:oo application of i.i. Prodonia J Brovm

(neo Hoopor) Hor full na. c v/as

llartha Frodonia Jettoru Brown (noo Hooper) residence at, Humphreys Coun^ Tcn.iosaoo .

Born t'^cro Aug 12 1877 .

Claims right to she. re tlirough ny groat grcxid fat'ncr John Hal-o)-o

ny graixl father Ja^mea A Hatcher and thro my mother Rottoo a.\v

Hooper, noo Hatcher, My jrcat grand father John Hatc'.->or

an oastcrn chcrokcc indian. and she is narriod to

PERRY Aj'IDERSON BR V/N A^E 29 last Ar^ril (so f-.
signed this 1907 i arci' 26t;- .

Names of parents Thomas C Hoopor and Rittie /jin
Hooper (noo Hatcher)

They v/cro born in Humphreys Co Tcnn and resided there 1851
her fatier is still living and mother died Feb 11 1906.

Sl.e was not enrol od for annuities , land and ' tc unless
her grert uncle Robt c Hatcher enrol od hor at tho Indian
Office at vVagonor Indian territory 1893

Na OS of al biV'tlicrs and sisters were;
Eli Dillard iloopur, born 11-5-1365; .c: Josooh Hoopor 7-11-1867
Etta i.llas Ho per 4-4-1071, Noah Lcton Hooper 8-20 1873
Lary Kittio Hoopor Jul" 1 1375-. Ghj.rlotto Anjeline Hooper
born Llca'ch 6 1879 (1379) dxod 8-10- 1882
Ja,..os i.illic Hooper born 4 1364
Guary Ellen hovjpcr born kafi 3 1335
/ananda Temple Kocpcr born Dec 9 1862 died Sc.;t 29 1876

Grand parents v;crc Ja cs i. Hooper and James i. Hatchor
Thoy v/cro born ; Gra:id fat .or Ja os A Hatchor born in
Humphreys Cvj Tonn, grand mother place born unl:ncvm.
t ey resided 1351 in Humphreys C\: Ten-

I'a.ies of all t'lclr chid' rcn v/cro
Rittlc /i.nn Hooper (noc Hatcher) residence in Humphreys Co Tenn
Tl-'eir children of llartha F J Brov/n and P A Brov/n in Ilay 23
1906 v/orc Carry Brrvm born 9-14-1896 and Carlos Br. \vn
9-28- 1898 May Br 'V/-n 2-20- I'^Ol, and Harris? Br v;n b 2 19 1901
Nellie Br-v/n 4-13-1904.

r> .K. ■ '■ i':.'


J. ^^'V:

1 ! ■' - • . Cii- . -. - ' ' -J.


, n

, J "G

. :.T

f i

■ i ' r.v'

.i.v .n

■■; '■




resident of Humphreys covmty IPcnnossee, I'cSwan born Sent 7,
1S93 in said Hunohrcys "> Tcnn, end clclmo rifht to shcrc
through hor great grand fot'^.r John Hr.tchor and my grand
fat'cr Rr^bort B Hr.tchcr and ny nother /uiianda Charlotto Brown,
and she is ncit married.

Her parents were nained
George Br-.wn, and :.v.ianda Charlotte Hatclicr Brown
both wore born in Kunphroys county Tennessee.
father had died 8 years last January . She signed this
1907 iinrch 26.

Hoi- mother was yot living then, and stated I thirJ.: my
grand father Robt B Hatcher enrolled mo at Indian office
in V/agonor Indian Territory.
Nancs of all brothers and sisters v/cre;
Rc'bt P Brown born Jan 9 1388; v/illiam Brc^wn born June 5, 1891

liartha Erov/n born Sojt 9 7 1893 and Grady Bj,uVfii b 9-24- 1895
Na. ics of grand pi rents v/orc Robert B Hatcher and
on mother's sido was Mary Jano Hatchor.

T cy wore born in Humphreys Co Tcnn
and resided there in 1051.

Na..'03 of all cJiildrcn wsr^ as follows
1.1 J Ritha Hatcher, resident licSwen Tcnn
N Elizabeth Tarpy noo Hatchor, IlcEv/cn Tcnn
J.I Evolin IJornian noo Hatchor "'

R Frodonla Budrly noo Hr.tchcr, ''
Frances /uin Craig noo Hatcher, '

She Stat-, 3; Lly motJx) r is t :c daughter of Robt B Hatchor
who v/as the son -)f " John HL^tc>'or, who cane t" Tcnnessco about
1810 ixsm v/ho was an oastv?r^ C'-'.orokoo Indian.

I a!-.: inf-r-.iod that s-'HC of my relations who
livo in Texas has rccoivcd certificates cf onrollmont
for citizenship and arc now living ..n their claim in the Indian
torrit ry .

'Iho claim was Kc;joctod (John Hrtcicr case)

'i. s> ■. i »•


H';-. .::.

:j :■ ^'X

' ^'J,'^>-■ '-• "' i. - .i .■■:'ij'



. n;

-rV > ,...^:Je ':

:t, ^: -'^


■ , •- f-



TCI-r.-ESSEE BROVr: Pa';e 19 - -

Her Indian nane v/aa Hornar.. rtesi'leiice at Hilhan, Overton
Coun y Tov-;OS3eo, born 9-10-1045 in Overton Co, Teneaso'^
and is narried to Da t::L Dr;o'.:j; fac she belongs to tho
Chero!>:Go tr:".be of Indians.

T::oir children v/ho v/erc living on .ay 28 1906 were
as fol ows; John R. Brown, ». H Bruv/n, J ■; Brawn, G '..' (iiinor)
born Fob 20 lv':37, V/ P Brov/a. S .: Brov/n. J A Brovm, Josephine
Brovm, (tv/o last v/uro tv/ins) and 3c ..' A Brown a r.iinor born
12-1-100/ (1009)

7iio nairiGs of parents v/oro Jolin Cornolk? mother \.'as Polly
iilara (Cornolk) indlau nar.w Horr.ian, and her maiden nano vms
Polly jjlai.i, tl:ey were both born in Overton County Tonnossoo.
and resided there in 1351^ fat'.'.er died 1-10- 1894 and
r.iothor died Juno 8 1902. of all brothers ard sisters v/er- :
A R Cornolk born 9-29-1060; J :.: Gornclk b 7-25-1043;
Llorsan K Hooks (dco.d) o 2 -7-1040 died 11-22- 195
B A Llastcrs bom 3-r^0-1053:: IT S Bajttn? 4- 15 1853, died 8-29-ir
J \'i Cornolk 9-1- 1041. post office Hilhan, TcnnosseaO^O

Grand parents v/ero Zdv/ard or I'od ilani on her father's
side and mother 's side was J]lizabeth Zlam, indian ^Jane v/as
H'»rnan .

States Grand nothcr v;as born in Jast Tcni-osseo, grmd
fat'-'er born in North Cn-'-lina. Tat her fat'^cr died 1850.
r.iother in Overton County Ton i 1870.
Ha-.ics of all t'leir children wore : John Lilan,
Nancy i^lane (Ledbetter), Ja'-ies .Tlar.i, Patience Elan,
Poraby Jlar-, (Crawf rd); Polly (Ilary or ".a") llau her nothcr.

states ancostrs back to 1035 cays sec; JESSiJE V/ORD -

OR IIORII OR K.iSII? COR;;OL;: APLICATIO:'. signed Tc-r.iesseo B own

13 Au2 1907. the v.'itnoss to her
sicnatur<.^ v/ore S C V.'ard, end \i C .iurohy.

I3.1C caoc v;ac; rcjoctod. Kesidcnco Hillhan Tonn
Clali'is through source as 32901.

I.' ^v ■ ".'-.J.

. ■ ■ " - - / «,

w ; : :j8.o

-, •■" r . ■

110 36221 EASTER:- CHEROirEE A?i LIGATION OPQ Pa^e 20


His Indian nane was Harnon, residence ..ssons, Overton
County Tennessee, a o 45 in 1907 when this application was
made. Born Auj 7 1062. In Overton County Tennessee a d is
married to Laura 3 3rown, v/hose a:_;e is 20.

Hieir children living on i.lay 28 1906 were as follows {.
Nancy C Brov/n, born June 1391; Gro.or C Feb 23 1893
Oscar D July 30 1900; V/altcr H April 10 1004.
N/u.ES OF PARE..TS MiiR^l: J/u.ilS G BRGi-'ii I^'.D SARAIi A C BROVH
(INDI..y Ni...:E HARi.IOK) IIAIDE.-' :::...£ WAS SARiuI A C NE/iL .

Father was bom in CU:.iBi:;RLA:D COUMTi KEITTJCiri'", Ail)

Txiey resided in 1351 in Jackson County Tenn (which is
now Overton County Ten.iessee)

Father died Jan 29 1G91 and mother I.iardi 4 1393.
Nanes of all brothers and sisters giving ai3e and roside-ice;
Hottie H Brown Reynolds, born April 3 1860

Marlntha B Brown deceasod Doc 10, 1864 and died Doc 9 1906
Permelia E. Brown born Dec 22 1366, died Ofit 15 1892
John L Brown born Fob 12 1363 .

Sarah C Brov/n bom Fob 26 1070 died Oct 25 1874
James G Br'-wn Jr. born June 25 1372
Er.mia R T 3rov/n born 12 1075 died Oct 12 1892
Albert S nrovrn. Aliens Tcnn born 12-12 1873
V/m II Brov;n died 1 born Jan 12 1873, died Fgb 1399
Fred 2 Brov;n .aions Tcni^ born July 24 1379
Call 11a Brov/n born 3 1081 died Jimo 30 1002

GRj^rlD ?A?E 'TS ■'ERIl ON Pi.T :^R'S SID:^
Larkin Brov/n and on mother's side Starling Hoal indian name
v/as Harmon, or Ilorman.
^ley rosjded 1051 in Ovorton Co Tenn.

Names of all their childr.;n follow; GEi RGK V7. HEAL (DECD)
S A G Brov/n, docd. ) Ka:iey Raines, ..lions Tenn, Paul Neal,
Aliens Ton::i, Lottio ileal, Bur_-;oss, Livingston Tenn R R 1.

Ancestors bock to 1835 v/ero James G and S iv C Brov/n,
paronts Starling Noal and Har;:ion Hoal, grand parents Charles
Harmon being my groat great grand father. Tiiat "I rely upon
my doscGiit from Charles Harmon for my indian blood. 2 witness
to his signature v/ero T B Oglctroc and W H iillrcd. TliC claim
v/as rojoctod. Ho claims through th.e same source as No.

>0 :

)K C»,".B

i ..- ?v-: '-y;v :, - :)

■. v;' "^

vJruooO no^is^'O a7.. S8' 1 '\

1 )'.' ■

^v-...;5 ;>:.'. '//-/^irro-^

- 1/

: n 3'- ■

;"i;; '•'^'


"K \r' ,


i..::- z
■ '■i -ill.

. '-J

.'.''-* ^1. -,

^rrl inow

l - :

; - ,.-*-. ■ ■■•^

c ^.:y J.

^ .t. :: .i-. J.

./; . ;•( W

POP. I.IINOPi CHILD LEOITARD ; residence Chattanooga Tennessee,
529 V.oavor Street, Hamilton Coiuity T.^nnessec. Born June 4,
1393 in Chattano cia Ton-i. JIo claiuis through his f at' er .
and she is not married.

Jarr.os of her parents or his parentsC as it is
not clear w^iich she moans)

Her or his parents v/ero Janes H Brown, and mother v/as Ilary J.
Brown, maiden name was I'arv J Cross, the father v/as born in

ca:'pbell ccitjk: teiii^essee amd i.iotitr bofj^i in forsyih comiTi ga.

Fat e r resided; in 1851, v/ho was not born then.

riA:.':ss 0? al_ brothers AiiD SISTERS i:ere

V/ALT:-R T E.R wit BORIT D.JC 2 1030 ; Lillio Douglass born July IC
1887, Vicey Brown born Anril 10 1339, 'Villia - : H Brown born Aug
22 1891 and Jlsie G Brown Born Feb 17 1899.

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