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G VV Davis, Mary M Davis deceased, no family
j.Iaranda David, Janes Davis, dead no family also Lebo Davis
dead and no family. Berry Davis and I/^ack Davis.

.laiios of grand parents were Isaac
Davis, they v/ere born in Worth Carolina and resided 1851 in
N C.

Wa-^ios of their children were
John Davis
V.'ri Davis
George Davis
Jar.ies Davis
Caroline avis
Ada lino Davis
^liz oth Davis
Nnncy Davis
Sarah Davis .

Ancestors bac : to 1C35 arc father's na:-c was
John Davis, and his fat.jcr Isaac Davis and his fat/.cr
:.;ashac'c Davis, -iy father's brother Vfa Davis was enrolled,
I dout know as to fathor.

This aj)pllcation is for me and my child, my husband he
has this child on his apoli cation too.

She signed 1907 July 6, 2 witness to signa-
ture were John H Prcchian and John 1/ Vaughn. case was
rejected, claims thru same source as No 690.

'ivi . : 1 ■ • >
. X U ■-'■.■

n^/c: -^ loo;":.;. 5iov; ■k'v:J jS Y'^i-^ -"•C> .at/ii::! ^ :. ; '■::0':J' '/o sc ;ji!-

C';.>j5: I.. ■ i-^i>: OR.f.A Goh a^:;;^ EiO:i

0i_'0.i ch' .oc. i^tOO

. ; . ~ " 0C9I hej.j^ •lodj-ctrt -£0:1

/^ g'v; V)t'. [;,jLlOv:-o &b-.; v;v.'\'bQ riu r) ;■, j a':j:'.j/;

:■:•. ;.::;:'* on .. 01.50 o:'. .:■ - :.•■.. " "

: •. , ■.■■I I " '':■-•- ,_ *;: i" ::u ,•: ■.•

1 .~^ !' <:. .

r- ;vi h'-


-i . X -i '\o

?. .!"V ru ... ^:io-y ^.

a.r:::v:^ o.i t:;^-:'; -1 ;^'; rf , 6

•1 Ti- ,,.,: jV) ir r; ,t '\^. .>;. .;•.. 1 ,."

' A \


■ ;" . r I I . '" 1 : -1 f ; r* ,■ 'i

; '.'.:i



?n-o 42

IIEP LIA. £ WAS NEE McNAIR. RrsID.'CT. Retro, Harnilton Countv
Tennessee, dnte of birth June 2 1056, in ROA'^E COUNTY T^NIJ
st.'^tcs she raalces her clr.lm through Indlrn blooS of my father
Jarrett licNair d^IoNalr) end is married to SA17JZL BRCW:]
age about 65 v/hen she signed this in 1907.
Her parents were Jnrrett I.IcNalr and 'uart'.'^.a iMcNair maiden
name Mortha I/IaGlothlin, they v/ere bom in North Carolina,
Resided 1851 in Ronne Jounty Tenn
fatlier died 1864, and mochordiod 1863

Nances of all brothers and sisters were
Henry kcNair Wi;o died tir-.o of the war
V.iri.;lnia '' died 1882 i
Fannie " diod 1066
Lydia stil ' living also Mcry and Nancy were still living

Hor grand parents were Grand father McQueen and Fannie
LicQueen, and she did not kno\/ na'iios on hor mtthei-'s sido,

'hiQ LicQueons wore born in Scotland and
grand mother I.IcQuoon born in IiAR/LAilD US. I Dont know
for certain whoro my grr.nd parents on mother sido wore born.

Sarah 3rov/n signed ilarch 29 1907 ano 2 vd.tness were
Minnie V Kolloj^ and Albert iColly

A card in t^io filo sliov/s the case v/as rejected
rosidenco Retro Tcnn

There is also a letter h in t" o 'flic d-ated Rotro Tcnn March
27 1908 stating; I.iy f at 'Cr and mother were slaves,
fny grand mother was a 1/2 breed of cherolcee and my grand
fat^^er was n SCOTC^I IRISPH'-Zal. TTCS mL^ EXPLAIN v/hy they
were not enrolled .

Sarah Brcv/n wrote the follov/ing lett.r Fob 16 1909
from Careyvlllo, Campbell county Tennessee to
Guion Llillor, Commissioner, dear sir; As cno of the heirs
of JAi'ES KEATTiERLY I sent you my application for my share
of fund belonging, to Chorol'oe Indians, and etc. v/ill you
please lot mo knib'.v status t/'croof and if there is anything
nooded on iny part to complete aarao.

signed Sarah Brovm

'!-:>■.:' v,Z ■' ' - 'f "" n-i'-^j '■: ■■

. 709 J.. ,ix .. ' ' 'tf>if^"' -.

nC'Oioi'' ■r,:-',!'*;''; isrlc^tsM br:.: ■. . i'- 9'.''j'v

^ff:/! ■ -J :■:: '■■ '•' .. lA :\.K I'
sear £>(rx.b -i .^loCi-; or; ,-i^O«X'

,0'ia; .:. ' . .'."■■ A :>;, no go .; r. ,;::'. .;. ■; ., - • ■ .. ;• :' , '.i.:'' upc.'-.

'>' ^, "^ - :' -:r;

h ■ -,- • ■ ' . , ;\; r,,- '- .r^f - .f


. y 1



i;% •■■•"r'"' - ■ -. C -.'. - ..•■'.>•■ ■ I -.._


■ : '■'':'■ '"''■ .''7 "t ' I V':'- r ,;-v "■ . :! :'t

■. ■ '-' uno ■:'■/.; y_ •,
• ^ "■' w. ':; ".z^l:. .';.;.r.-:. ,: r -,■■■- . ' ■'■- .1.;. a... rrr/;

■ ■' '- i' ■ ' '.■';.- c jj .'■' ' ■ ■ ' ■ .J"' ,i .."1 jti.' .i.


Paso 43 -
\YALTj:R T. BFtOWrJ residence City of Chattanooga, post office
529 V/eavor Street, Hamilton, Tennessee. Born Dcoeraber 2, lo33
Catoosa County Georcia. Claims rl~ht to share through his
Indian blood, of his father JAi.ES H. BROW I .

And is not married. Na.^os of his parents v/ere James H.
and Mary J Brov/n , whose maiden name v/as liARY J. CROSS.
PAT'JilR was S born in CAI.IPBELL COUIITY TEl'iinilSSEE and I.lother v/as
born in Forsyth county Georgia.

Tney resided in 1851 ( not yet born) either of his parents.
Tney are now living vmon he aighned his application 1907.
Tnat he understood from his mother that her family v/as
enrolled about 10 yoors in Indian Territory.

Names of all his brothers and sisters v/erc as

Llllio E. Douglas nee Brov/n Born July 18, 18G7 .
Vicic V. Brown born April 1C90; Herbert Brown born Aug 1893

Leonard? Earl born June 1898; Elsy Giortrudo Bornw born 2-17
1899. Jennie Leo Brovm born (twins) born 1893 died 1895.

Names of his grand nr.ronts were as follows:

on father's side V/ILLIAI,! M'B N/J^TCY BROVm.

They were born as foi: ov/s; Vi/ILLIAi.: AND NANCY BR \.'N BORN IN
C/uiPBELL COUi'Ti TEN.TESSEE: TliE CROSS were born in Forcythe
County Georgia.

Napes of their children follov/sl
CELIA BROVwJ married name v/as Hartman?

rcsidonco Indian Territory.
Air.orica Brov/n, married a ROSS., residence i.larion County Tcnn.
Bcttio Ross nco Brown, rcsldcncj; I.iarion County Tcnn
Rufua Brov/n, Tcxarkana, Arkansas.
V/illiam Brov/n, liarion County Toniicssoo
Bartov/ Cross resides in Athens X Georgia
Samuel J Br,.)wn dlod 1906 .larch 29
Nancy S Gross residence in Arkansas. ^^

Sig -cd Walter T Broiwn 23 i.iarch 1907
A card in the file shov/s the' case was Rejected.
that ho resided at 529 V/eavor St, Chattanooga, Tonn, and was a
brother of No. 20589 v/ho claims thru same source.


■■•■ - •\- .' D "l..; ■^;•' .'■'' ov . ^;.■.• r :

,.^. ./ n

... ■' ::X<'.

J?''! • i;c/'.'"'i.;;i

^■> j' ^ !;>

'rrXO':; '1/, ,a*"i -

)■' '-/t:

,r ':v

•-'. I; ■lrv=i

' ■ , '^' ;f .'. \ '"{..

- 1 - : -r • .J



-.-,.. 1


■ J •... ' ■ '.

.' J. k'. >

.s .M^o'-a

;)f uji

J ; , '

NO, 8149 ;j;AST.'.RN ClffiROIOilE Ai^ LICATI N OP ALKX . HAV/IflNS
Tins CASE WAS ADi.:iTTED, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. PAGE 44 -
Tie name Alex Hawkins, Snoke , or Brovm)
Hi 3 Indian name was 00-ITj]-LA-GI , residence at
Fountain Mile Creek, Tahlequah, Indian Territory, in
Cherokee IJation, Indian Territory, age 53 when he signed this
1906. States he was BORN in Flint District Clncrokee xNation

Question No 7. By what right do you claim to share? If
you claim through more than one relative living in 1851, set
forth each claim separately: (Ihoy are as follows)
1. Interest in Lcwis^Hawkins (Smoko or Brown) his father
(2) '' Nancy Plav/ ins (Sraoko or Brown) Mother.

3. '' Jim Hawkins, (S.noko or Brov/i^J Grarx^, father

4. '' Polly Hawkins or V/a-Ti (Smoko or B own ) Grand mother

5. " T ..: or Ta-Mi-OO-Tsi-you? ^rand faChor

6. '' Kati '' '' " " '' '" Grand mother

7. '' Joe Hawkins (Brother to fat or ) - Uncle

8 " Watt Hawkins brothca- to father - Uncle

9 '' Allay OO-Tsi-Ya (sister to mother ) aunt

10 '' Ta-law OO-Tsl-Ya (a brother to mother - uncle

11 '' Oua-li-gah T '• '' brother to mother - uncle

12 " Nancy Hawkins (sister to father) aunt

13 " Sarah Hawkins (sis tor to father) Aunt

14 '' Betsy or Buetsy Hawlcins (sister to father) aunt

Ho is married. Name of his v/ifo was .ve Hawkins, ago 53
on date ho slf^nod this in 1906

Name of his parents v/ero: Lov/is Hav/kins (Smoke or Brovm )
Indian name was L£E-YT-00-TSO-vV-HI-DO and his mother's name
v/as Nancy Hav/kins, Indian name was NU-TSI maiden name was

They wore both born in North Carolina, and resided in 1851
in Flint District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory
His died June 27, 1394 and his mother sometime in

Ihoy wore enrolled for annuities, land etc. - the 1851
and i8S- 1852 payment and 1875 Cl^.erokee Payment.

Name of his brof'crs and sisters follow
ARZ?-U-Que died 1852.

Naiaos of his brothers and sisters were; (line repeated)
and Tsl-yo-gah and Joab or Jack Hawkins, Joseph Hawkins
Nnmo of his graiid parents ./ oro

JIM HAV/ivIKS (Si.OKJ OR BRjV.I:") and Folly or Wa-li
mother's side were Tom 00-T5I-Ya, and Ta-iffi-OO-Tsi-you

Kati "

- He does not know whoro they were born but thinks they came
from North CaDlina.

Ihin'-s they were in Flint District Indian Territory

Chorokoe Nation.

Names of their children and residence follov/:
Jog Hawkins, Indian namo Tso-da, and Watt Hawkins, Indian

name was V.a-Tl. and Alcy sister to mother,

Sallio sister to mother

/ilcy sister to mother
i, and Ta-la- brother to mother and Qua-li-gah -t mother"

ei^T'VrS .yjAk '-lo ■: itao .a

- .AjS .-.DAI ./:?:

'O ^nc:jp'>ir!


rv'OHa" cvA

'noxcTi;;:;: 0^>:o'i-;'o rtr^sM^^l'^ 6::>r^i n.' Vf-'ifip _ai?v; en a^^^JBrt^ - B'^ei

•: - ^i '■?..■! ;:-H:..ri' ?;.;o-\:~:k'; -00- .D.;-.-;-i -o T '•



..-. /. - ,-.

:^'':-'l OJ -i.-jC-l;' )




:^ •'v oxxvr C; c: to

1 av/o-::

c-'iioi^'S. i r

o •■• - 'f ■

Ay -I'LT-00



:53I i.;.;;

. o;'". rnri


n' - ,!;

r ^- -I-

»-!<;>) ; .

Ua3 ■•!!:! U.i.


'- \

■7 I .in

.i\. i,.'i.i.L-

-no :; ;



v::A :

•S''.' ;:.o^' Si.j:'

Pano 45

(Ihis caso was admitted, Tahloquah Olclohoma.
PAGE 2 .

Question No 20, Have you over been enrolled for annuities, land
or other benefits? If so, stcto v/hon and v/horo:
Ansv/or; IN CKJROKEE PAYu.aiTS OF 1875 to f.ic 1894

Ho sihnod Alex. Hawkins (his x mark)
(Smoke or Erov/n Dec 28, 1906
2 witness to his signature v/orc Go^r^o u' Bongo, and Bon Johnson.

A card in the files shov/s the ccso was Admitted.
Tohloquah Oklahoma. The motlicr of the apolicon was enrolled
under tho name of NANCY IN NO 586 FLINT DISTRICT in 1851.
Soc Llls Tor. P.

An AFPIDA;IT IN Tn.^ FIL^S AS FOL.A.V/S: NO 8644-8149

Jack Hawkins, being first duly sworn, thru his Interpreter,
TOM ROACH, Deposes and says:

I am Q^G 51 - I am a full blood Cherokee; neither of my
parents were old settlors . Both of then wore omlgrrjit chcrokcos.
Beta of my parents v/ore living together in 1Q51, Ihey wore
living in Flint District; my father's nanc vms Lewis Hav/k or
TAH WAH DIH. It might have been Sut or Smoke. My mother's nane
was Nun-chih or Nancy. I had one sister who died when ho was vcr
very small and I have been told thnt he drew money in 1852.
I do not remember her Her name Ah-u-quo. h

Tho father of Lewis Hav/k was Toh-wah-dih or Jim Tah-wah-dih
or Jim Smoke. His mother's nanie was V/n-lih or Polly. I do not k
knov whether they wore living r.t tliat time or not. I thin'- tl^at
they wore living at that time. Ihe brother's and sisters of my
father v.'ho were living with their parents in 1R51 were Jo-wuh-,
or Joe, La-cy, a-sc-':o or Isaac.

Uy mother's parents were OO-cheo-yah or Fish-worm and
Ka-tih.'' Il-.oy v;ere livinj in 1351; thoy lived in Flint District
- 'h-io children were Dah-lah or Treo Frog, V.'ahl-kuh or v;ah-le-lcuh,
I thin', my mother and sisters by the name of Sally,
All-coy, J-yar-ney . (See 586 Flint for the onrcllmcnt of
mother, Nancy , and sister, Ah-qu-quc, and mother's sisters and
brothers. ) I do not know v/ho Tom Pritchott is. He is some
relation to my mother but I do not know v^at relation he is.
I was enrol od ts by the Dav/s Comuission.

I have a brother by tho name of El lick, a full -br 'tho r.
Another full brother by nai.TO cf Joe. A sister by no-ie of Nancy.
She died March 1908. Jack has 2 cliildron, their nar^ios are
Lizzie Hawkins, Poggs, Oklahoma, another Susan Hav/klns, Posga,
Oklahoma. Iloithei' of Th.os children arc married. (The children
named in the 2 proceeding sentences are the clhildren of applicant
K 586 Fl. (pencil writing as = follows K F 1 586)

t>.i3 abovo Is merely a copy and was n."t
signed, but it was dated 29 Larch 1909 at Tahlcquoh Oklahoma.


.rv OllL

, ..Ki-d t; ..; - .-: C'C'-^ a^.'o^Ja :


.j1 >'1.


y Jii ! .j

; aiO;'0'XO..O i^OO.L ,1 ' lij't

', (• T

-IL^ 0,

;:>f-;:n ;i ''.:;■"!: ci;,. vj,:, . ..^ionc ■■:■-: .';vc -.•',1.. .:■..:■
ic-r '^r-:-: ori -t-, - >; br-.U: ■ju^.; 'ij:j-:',R .■':i ^^rAl 1


/Ixv^ -■■> U

'}■■■' I ■ , '■■,:'-■

.. . ,-,„T „■-

j'-i .7 •-.■r,^ £;. -.if^ 01:, i •/:■ "i or; ■.:■'■• >)c;5 :>ot' ) . v-, •-'::' -:

■^.' 1. 'i.

:. J vt

'jno;i ':

T .-vt-; .;

'. . ■.•.-; ■?

n- y:::j- n;o-.

:r.n ...:■:■„ .jn.: ^- -;;■ ■■

- .-.L .- -f , bo .It,:, re

529 ..eaver Street, Haiillton County Tenn, born April 15, 1889
at Catoosa County Georgia. She clains ri/?ht to share through
hor fatler.

Nanes of her parents are James H B ov;n and Mary J
Brown, v/hose maiden name was Mary J Cross.

Her father v^as born in Campbell co\inty Tenoossee,
and her mother v/asborn .n Forsyth County Ge r::la.

Na-ies of all brothers and sisters fol ow;
i..'9ltcr F Brov/n born Dec 2 1833. still living all of them
Li Hie Douglass born July 18 1887

V/illiam H^^Brov/n born Aug 22 1891 and Leonard 2 B own 6-4-1898
Elsie G B ov/n born Feb 17 1899,
Nai.ios of "grand parents follow;
V/illiara and Nancy Brovm and on mother's side is Absalom Cross
and Susan Jane Cross.

Iho Browns v/cro born in Campboll county Tonn.
Ihe Cross ancestors were born In Forsyth County Georgia.
Tlicy resided in 1851 in Campbol county Tennessee, the Cross
ancestors in Forsyth Co Ga.
Names of all their children were;

James H Brov/n, Indian Territory, on father's side.
America Ross, Marlon County Tcnnossoo
Rufus Brown, residence Texarkana Texas
Elizabeth Ross, Marion county Tcnnossoo.
Cclia Hartman, Indian Territory,
V/illlam A Brovm, Marion county Tennessee,
and on his mother's side was John S Cross died 1906
Nancy Stephens, residence in Arkansas
Jesse B Cross in Georgia,

Mary J Brov/n si';'ned tl is ap licatlon
March 27 1907,^,2 v/it.ioss to her signature v;cro Lille Douglass
and Walter T B oxm,

A card in the files shov/s this ar> licatlon v/as
rejected - residence 529 '.Veavcr St, Chaitanooga Tcnn.
Sister of No 20589 Claims thru same source.*

jJaC ci-e



nJ: r 90 V-; j-fi/fyr; .:'.:i"'r;^i'to'i'' n. aloo;:;;i''-' 7-!>r/;'''; ■

5 -..';. o.i. \ J, ' •-' '.• ii'.i.v'

: 7ol '.o'l i.:!-:...yisy:r : ' '■

.;.aor!:0 '.k<':,k, .etc:;'-.: Drij:-

' C ' <w jU (^ t.t-

. ^j:./:o ;;;-"' '-.fri.joC' /(ci ^-.j •■•!:<:■ •! ; i . ■•.;.■,,

I u' C' '.'»^i.! . ..■ w -.' J-^

/r.vij r; • ccv-iru:

.1 1

"- "j:ii :0a'!.

■-■■J ,i ■':■.'■ L' ;■•. :'ni ,. '\''"..'"i;'; ;■ c:'"'; "0

11 O'': ". 'i 1

• "^'.■.0.''£i:''jC

■ r lO^'i' ■■■?

PAGE 47 - -


KINOn CHILD V/ILLIA;; HERBlilRT BROV/N, residencs 529 oaver St

Chattanooga Tennessee, Hamilton county born Aug 22, 1891

Catoosa County Go or:;;! a.

States he claims thru his fat or.

And is not married- Names of his jq parents arc James H. Brovm

and Liary J (CROSS) BROlTx'. His fatr^or v/as born in Campbell

county Tonnesseo and mothur born Forsyth County Georgia.

Nam.esoX all brothers and sisters are;
IValtor T B ov/.i, born Doc 2 1833, and all living
Lillle Douglass born July 18 1887, Vicyy B ov/n born 4-10 1389
Leonard r. B'^oivn 6-4- 1890, iiilsio G Bj,ovm 5-17-1899

- jjnmos of grand parents v/cru V/illia.i 3rov;n and Nancy Brov/n
and on mother's side was ABSALOI.i CROSS A^.T) SUSAIT JA.nL CROSS.

Ihoy resided in Campbell County Tennosseo as to the
Browns, and the Cross ancestors resided in Forsyth Co Geor^^ia.

Na!;i03 of all tlioir children on father's side wore
Ja.i.os H Brov/n, Indian Territory,
Amorica-Ro3S , i.iorion County Tennossoo.

Rufus B^ovvn, Texarkana Te:-:^^ Iillizaboth Itoss, Hc-rLon Co Tonn
Colia Hartman Indian Q.'o-'-rltory
VAn A Br ov/n, Marion Go Tonn.

On mother's side v/as John S Cr ss died 1906
Nancy Ste ens, Apiransaa , Jesse By Cross residence in

Hiavj J Brovm signed this application 27 March 1907
2 witness to signature v/ero; Lillio Douglass and V/altcr T
Brown .

A t card in this file shov/s the case v/as rejected
- residence of i 'm H Brov/n at CJiattanooga, To neoseo
at 529 ..eavcr street.

Brother of No 20589 Claims thru
same source.

- • - \*^ ;:o/ • !

■-A >■:


'A ::'■:. ■ ;:' ■JVJi.i.ron nod

• r<


- T .• "I -

GJ. 81

"■ • . • -\ -i ■ • - .■■■ '!'■ r; ■ ; r j-,. ,

ii ■•Olr^i:': .U^v'J


■-.L'vi.v t.^3:uw

I ,-.-l -



..t,r - .i,'0

i .-'O :'- .: '.''aVk'-. ' -. :a'ji''.j i. J. ;. OC;;'". -^ ii.^ 7:'''..: :■ •-\^''"f\ "iv'T',:'

.-: ri^ - I

. ) .7... 'ii '

L' iicvx'x''u , ec

c- ;''xr:;'


^"^'M" c >-i: ^'3 ,..;;

J-'. .

. _>c.'

'- f- . '"^

Address was 709 Benton Doulevp.rd, Kansas City, Jackson county
Liissouri, STaT'^S lihl WAS 30R1-I IN WASHING '^ON D C
Septeiiibei' 27 1857. Clai:ti3 right as Eastern Cherokee through
hor mother now i^rs Laura A. Pritchard.

T.iat she is married to Franlc 3 B own, aje 53 when this
ap^jli cation was signed 1907.

Nai.ies of parents were L. Byron Boynton and Laura Narcissus
Ridor. that hor father was born in CLEVELAIID OHIO and mother's
maiden name y/as I.iiss Rivor

Hftr raothar rosldod in Flint District, Clierokoe Nation and
father DIED T-C SA.iE T^Ai: LINCOLN DIED, and her mother is
still livins.

Names of her sister was Lulu B Smith age 46 born 1860 who
was still living v/hon she signed this ap lication.

Her grand parents on lex hor mother's sido was
Austin Rider and Polly Starr.

Taat hor grand father was born in GHRUA'TY
and her grand mother born in Georgia.

Ihey resided 1851 in Indl-i^ Territory, Ciiemkee Nation.
Question 20 Have you ever been enr Hod for .nnuities, Hi land
and etc. Ana. &Terokec nation 1394 and 1896 and etc.
RIl'MARICS: Under th-.s head the apr^licant may give additional
information'; In Fob 1906, \/o removed from the form 8 miles
soiith east dielsea, Indian Territory to Kansas, City, I.Io.
as my husband cruld not ma'e a living in the Indian Territory,
and here v/o have a good living. I was adriitted to Citizenship
18910. '/-//^^pi afturv/a.Txl took up my residence

Very soon /in Cherokee

Nation. Tnis admittance was by /^ct of Cherokee Council.

Signed .umlo Boyntcn Brcv/n Sept 5, 1905
2 vn.tno3S v/erc C T IV.rnur Jr and ^i H Budd . A card in the file
shows that her residence v;aa 3230 EHst Kansas City J^issouri.
She claims tlirough hor m:thcr Laura Karcissa Rider, or Boynton.
Her fat" or has no Indian blo^'d, see loti:cr marked ''A'' applicant
vms born in 1857 but her mother was living in Flint Dist
Indian Territory 1851 and is on Old Settler roll Flint District,
118 Emiia J Starr, v^.io has filed api'lication No 5582 is a first
cousin on hor father's side of this applicant. No 5532 says
her fat or is an Old Settler, see S Roil Flint Dist No 99.

A note on the botto'- of a letter written by F E Lovpp
Commissioner, Easterr. Oicrokces, Dept of the Interior, Washington
D C Se >t 11 1906, states as follows:

"Annie Boynton Bj,own, was born in Washington D C Sept 27 1857,
that My father v/aa not an Indian, he was L B Boynton, a relative
of the lato General H V Boynton. I got my Indian blnoS on
and right thro :ny mother- I was admitted to Citizenship by Act
of the Cherokee Ccuncil, rcspct ±3q i.-rs . Annie B Brown,

Na:-.:es of f-dldron of /.nnio B Brov/n, and husband Franlc Br
Brown, were V.'m A Brown 22 b 1835, July 25, Laura J 1887 FeV 14,
Hora-ce L minor b 18G9 Oct 22, Boulah B 1892 Oct 18, ^^ugenla D
b 1901 Aug 29. ( t ey war. inrol ed with tlie Chelsear Ind .
Territory OTorokco Nation. V/e came to Kansa City 15 months
ago si ned 1907 i.iay 16.

•Jl .1. .

11-1 -.■

,-: ' ;■> xJ.r b....\ :u


f ■ i'" . 1

■1 ■•''

J J.

■:.. I-.- J .

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no 553 faster:: chehdkee aitlic/.tt f a^^die br'^^v.'m

raiSIDSI'G'.. Lenapah, Clierolcee ;..-.^on, Indian Territory
t^at place boni is Cherokee i'ation JJast, probably 100 years
old. Claims right to sliare for myself and my daii^htor Rachel
Brown, who died withovit dAsent, liy mother Rachel Brovm, my ^ranc
mother Susie l/ilcox, my brothers and sisters Silas and Sallie
Ross (or Br"V«i ) both of whon died without issve. My aunt
Polly and Jane ''ilcox both of who:.: died without descent

Name of parents father -name not known, (see #5571
and mothea-" \.'as .'iachol Bro\m, her maiden name was Pachel Bpown.
for fat' er soe iJo 557. mother was born in Chero]:ee Nation
oast •

In 1851 f athcrrosidod - soe No 5571.
Llothor died in valine District about 1351, soo 5571
mother diod about 1351

parents v/ore enrolled on xJnigrant pay roll in Saline District 18-
Naiiies of all brothers and sisters aro Ho 557 Georse Hamine;
Harmon or Harnan Brown, Lonapat Indian Territory, Silas Ross
diod wityoi;t issue, Sallio Ross diod wit::out issue
Juno? Ross dead, Perrj' Ross, Clarmrr.orc? Indian Territory,

iia 'OS of grand parents wore Susie Wilcox (nee Brown)
^Kt Susio V/ilcox was born in Oherokoo N^^tion, .^ast.
Sus c V/ilcox lived in Saline Dist, resided 1851^^ there

ITa.ioa of all children were Rachel B ov/n, my mother
deceased. Polly •■.llcox, died without issue. and"Janc V/ilcox
died v/it' out issue.

Question No 20. Ha^-e you over ooen enrolled for
annuities, land otc. -Ans; On 1894 Cherokee pay roll, and on
Emo^rant pay roll of 1351=

The 3rd page shows; back to 18&i 1835 ancestors;

with the paper torn after the 2 words; Fat- er Alcxandr

Oostanollah (paper torn away)

REIiAPJ^S I hod n daughter, Rachel B^-wn,

who was enrolled with me on the emigrcnt pay roll of 1851
in Saline District, i She died about 1863 v/ithout issue.

Signed Ab ie Br vm, 25 Se.^t 1906 a d 2 vrltness
to signature wor- Goorgu ilolton cad .7ranl: Little.

A card In this file shows the claim was AD/.ITT'-D .
residence Lonapah, Oklaho.aa. Sister of No 557. and claims
thru same source - she herself enrolled as Abigal at Sal #465

A letter in the file from Lenapah, Oklahoma Jan 25, 1909

to Mr Gioion ..illor, o ecial Cor.ii:dssionor , Court of Claims,
Vtashington D C. Dear sir: In reply to your favor of Jan 12,
V/EA. 558-557 will say that my nar,ie appears on the final roll of
Caero:;ce3 No 1097 as ABIGAL BROVfif, as enrolled by tlv. Daws
Commission, Yours truly, Abigal Br wn.

i.IISCELANEOUS IToi,:; IN T-lij PILE NO 23232 and 23223
Lizzie Robinson, - being duly ffz/orn deposes and says;
I.Iy na/ie is Lizzie Robinson .:nd I am av,c 49 - my father is
George H Brovra ^557.

George H Br.v,/n being recal cd stctes fiat 252321, 23321, 232'.
23228 23220, 23230, 23233, 24892, 24893, 24894, 24895, 24920
all claim through him.

I^icy did not have any Indian names to my knowledge,
signed Go.; H Brov/n, 1908, Aut 21.

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