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Pago 2 of this claim: Pago 50

No 558 Eastern Cherokee Ap'Dlioatlon of Abbie Brown
Another Misc. document No 557, 558"
Georj.o H Br v/n , being duly sv/orn deposes and says;
I.!y name is Go.-*rse Br vn , I ar,i njc 60. I have lived here 25 yrs
Previous to that on Grand River. I was Born in Georgia.
I was living here in 1351. I was enrolled and got money. I
lived in COO IN SCOCio District. I was enrolled in 1884.
I got monoy then. I v/as enrolled by the Daws Cori-ission,
Safronia Cabol 3235, Chcrokoo Preodman Roll. j\nnio H Cabell
3234, Cherokee Freodman Roll, and IiJthol Bockor^ 2457 Cherokee
Froodman roll. Taeso are my children and grand son. I was
never a slave. I am not enrolled as a Freedman, ,.y mother was
a full blood Cherokee. i;iy mother was nachcl Br. .v/n and she brough
mo from Georgia. She has ooon dead 40 years and probably lived
six or 7 years after she ca.ic hero . She was about 25 or 30
when she caiio here. I thinl: she li ed hero 1851. She was enroll
enrolled 1851 and got monoy. She got her Indian Blood thru her m
mother, Susie Wilcox, maiden naiuc ousio B^^-vm. 3ho lived in
tl>e Grand river, 30 rules east of here. She died before the v;
war, she came from Ge 'rgia. I do not knov; how long sho livod
here. She v/as a party to tlic treaty of 1335. I do not knov/ w
where sho lived at that time. I thin!' sho v/as onrollod.
I have one brother, Perry Ross, a half brother, but wo had the
same mother. He livod at Glaromorc Oklahoria. i have ono
sister, Abbie Brov/n (558) John Br. v;n is my mother's brother, and
livod all his life in Indian Territory. I do not know x Susie
>.'ilcox*s sisters or br thcrs. ITone of my people wore slaves
except on my wife's side. My mother was not. i.Iy fatlier v/as a
SLA^/E . I,Iy father married my mother in Georgia and mo od out
hero bof : re the war. My father v;as brought out here by his
Owne r .

I don't knov/ Alexander Brov/r . I.Iy brother is
enrollod by Dav/s Comr.iissioncr as Clior.koe Freednan and his
name is Dorry Ross, He never v/as a slavo either.
(Ho does not remember anything about Alexander Br v/n.
Signed at Lcnapah, Oklahona 21 Aug 1908.

A card in tlie file I'.o 557 of Gc.rgo Haraner B^ wn Lenapah
Lenapah, OJclahoma - Action Admitted. Appllca t and his
brother and sisters enrolled on Smx Drennan Roll Saline Dist
No 464-5. (See special report)

Another long pa.jor in the file

George H Brovai, Abbie Brov/n and Perry Ross claim that
thoir mother v/as a full blood Cherokee and their fatliers
(the;y- had difforoiit fat.^ers) v/cre no-^roes and slaves. Ihey
claim t'iatthoy v/ere enrolled in 1851 and George Har.unor Brown
states that his mother v/as dead at that time, ^nd that
Briso i.Iartin's widov/ drew tlie monoy for the :; t'.at is for
Geor'jo, June and Perry, Abbie being older drew for herself.

George Hammer Brovm is onrollod by the Daws CoiX-ission on
the roll of Ghorokoos by blood at #15967 as l/2 blood. Abbie 's cannot bo found in any o;? the Dav/es Coi-.i. ission rolls under
the nane "of Abbie Br .v/n. Porry Ross was enrolled by the Dav/s
Com;:. ission on tiio Freednan roll at #2590, and ho gives his

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•■•■■ •■■ - - ■■-t,.:) rivrrvi .J vC^ fj'^ .;:.-.'i;ic' :::'v,/ I . nod:) ; \;cTtr. . ^f ;:t 1

7.. ^ . .f ■,.■;■.•:■/;■: bo: M^ :,!>" j'^cor"..; .'•>■''"

• J. ..'.,'..:. ' LS.'.I-!.*.. .1 .L

":•.-.' . 'lj' u }.'• V V ',.1. '}lic.
'S .. ■,:' :■ ;? ' '■•'•:■ .■•vdv;

0>j.u 7..-:) tU^a '^o^I^cn !<:•: 1.

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PAGE 3 of this one claim: Page 51

No 558 Eastern CTnerokee application of Abbie Br'v/n
explanation of the fact that he v/as enrolled upon t^-^at roll,
tnat v/hen he was asl:ed by the Dawes Com ission on which roll he
v/antod to go, he v/as scared and said "Freodman • 'as they had
told no I v/ould have some trouble gettln.T; on t!:o ot'.ier alt ough
my rao the r v/as a full blood' (See i.iisc. test, page 2513)

T.-ie names of Goorgs, Juno and Per-o aopoar on the Drennen
rolls, Salino District 464. Abigail in the District #465
and it appears from the origina?. roll that oarali liar tin received
the money for those childrc^n. TJnoy also claim that their grand-
mother. Susan v.'ilcox and their aunt Polly 'w'ilcox, v;ho v/as not
married, were enrolled 1851. Txioir nanos appear on tl.e Dronnon
roll in Flint District, Group Nu 353.

George Hammer Brown, states in affidavit th^it his mother
had a brother by name of John Brov/n , who was a full blood
Chorokoe Indian. Ho also states that he and his mother and
sister cai.ic from Georgia, with "LIGE'' Hicks and George Fields.
Tno name John Brown appears on the Drcnnon roll in Saline Distri
K 531 and Elijah Hicks ia the hoed of the preceding group
Ho 530,

As those applicants, although their fat'.Tors wore negroes
and slaves, claim through their mother a full blood, and as
they thcmsolvos are enrolled as above stated, they and their
descendants ar-: clearly entitled and should bo admitted.

Sec i'd'fidavit of" George Hammer Brov/n of February 29,
1908. and I.iarkcd "Exhibit A".

Also seo Liisc. tost, pages 2135, 2136, and

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^rr..-; ^,: r; aof'i i:.;^ ' ■'^ ■■■'; ^ '^•.. •• V'- :^ : .., ::'o;-'?: ..■':• '■

"/.■•;' :. ,. 'j '..'.'' \iK::.Lo O.j.i^n /-.^''J' ■>':■■-;! .■: ';r-:> :j:::"'":t 'i-' -"•:•;.■:.■:»

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Page - 52
Residonce Tahlequah, Chero'-ee County Indian 'Iferrltory.
date born 1830 in Alabama. Clairno right to share-
through self and husband John L Brown.

She is a v;ido\v that hor hushand v/as John L Brown, who died

iia es of parents were I.LARTIN SCIIRIiuSKER AilD NANCY PETTI T
Pettit was her maiden name. Ti.ey v/ore born in Old Cherohee
Nation, and rosidod 1851 in Tahlequah, District, Cherokee
IJaticn, and fatlior died 1866 and mocher died r! un]:nown date.

T..oy v/cre enrolled 1851.
Nar.ios of all brothors and sisters; wore
Susan Adlxinson born 1335, or 1836, diod 1902
John Schrimshor bom 1334 and diod 1904
Mary Ro ers dead, Mart'ia Gulagor still living.

:lai.:o3 of grand parents unknov/n on either side.
Ansv;er to question No 20. Have you over been enrol ed
for annuities and land etc. stated in ansv/.r that on 1851
and subsequent rolls.

S:-io signed Anna i B own, 1906 Nov 12
2 witness v/erc Tom Tro it and Nannie r. B cvm»

Ono card in the file shows t'iC Action
was admitted - Aunt of i.laud Lano No 2379 and is admitted for
sane reason


;jo^'cv;e» .■■>■' bJO r.i -"loj ■:-■■..;''■; > ^ , or ";xi ■o&jV^"- "t'i' -^'V r|-j:;JTj-f>'I

r-.- ;-

;'::'r.rc'i.i:0 ^;i 1 ::i'.; s^i .';.

vjC.!;" ^v:oc!" f.or, ■■u.;j;>.. ii,:::/

rvar o:.:\^^<. xKio'.

J.*'"^ n: f. v:

:. h.

Page 53
Vilriose address v/as Chelsea, Iiidian Territory, i::iiel3ea,
Cherolcee llatlon, Indian Territor:", January 21, 1833;
t'-^at she claims to right to share through her grand father.
DAVID 'TELCH, f at her grea L grand father, John '.elch, thru my
uncles, and aunts, Jonathan, Cobb, Richard, Lloyd and Rebecca
Welch. I also claim thru my mother Josenhine R. Cannon (nee)
Welch) who married iioore first and Shav/ later.
laid, that she is married. Ka;:'.e of hvisband David R. Brown, age
30 when she signed this 1906.

Names of hor parents are Lewis L Cannon, and Josephine R
(Welch) Cannon. Txiat her father was born in Virginia and her
mother in North Carolina. T.iat sho did not a know vi^erc her
fatl'.er rcsidod in 1851 t lat her mother was born about 1849
Patlicr diod 1886, and mothcrdiod October 1, 1901
Tiat they were enrolled on chorokeo authenticated roll of
18^0 .

Namos of her brothers and sisters follow;
Sponcor .. Cannon ^±k±^-jc who was bom 1876 living at Adair

Indian Territory
2. Wm C Clor^:, diod vri c out children, Caclsca Indian Territory
3 Goorgo L Cannon, born Juno 25 1880, still living on baclanco

of them
Robert L Cannon Born Jan 21 13C3
/da N Cannon born Feb 12 1886(1085)
liar:/ P Shav/ dont know her birth dato .

S Hor gr.-'Jid parents wore
on father's side T;:EY VIEK^'. V.^PIITES.

A:yD EE3ECCA WLLCll (noo) Vanoy
Hor maternal grand parents were born in Old Cherokee nation
oast of thv. l.Iississippi rlvor.

Ihey resided In 1851 in North Car lina.
Names of their children wo e Ilary elch died wihout heirs,
rooidonce Josephine Shaw, my mother, dead.

"- States I drew strip payr.ient of 1893; and have an
allotment of land in the Ciierokeo nation, Indiaii Territory.
2 witness to her signature in 1906 Doc 8 was S LI Brown, and
Ira Allison.

A lottor v/ritton 1909 Sept 27 from Chelsea, Oklahoma
from David I Bruim to Guion Miller, V/ash D C -Dear Sirj
I havo received as guardian vouchors for Jesse J Liooro
J J I.iinors for t'jOxr share in l^astern C»:ierokee but my v/ife
Annie B Brov/n nor amplication No 7448 has never reed,
any; nor for oar child Leila ijnily Br^-'V.-n jidua- please advise me
if their claim is allowed or not. Yours very truly,

David I Bj,ovrti
A card in tho files of No 7448 shov/s tl-^o case v/as Admitted
ADI.-.ITTED. Cousin of No 4361 & is admitted for sarac reason,
residence of rxinie B Brovm , Cl^elsca Oklahoma.

Sho v/as born in Coowoescoowec DLst Cher.-'keo Nation, I.T-
Name of her diild v/as Leila .C-r.iily Brov/n born Se;t 3 1903.
She was never enrolled for any of the payment, but has an
allotment of lands in Cher.-^:ee Nation, I. T. In a letter
her in 1908, Kansas C, ty Mo states, my mother v/as Born in
Cherokee Nat, Oklahoma nov/, 3rd Mch 1835, My grand mother



.,.jci:{ v;-' 7"

:i; ...'.i JL _.

:e.'-B .1.

■•X.^v! c- ::.;■■ ^:-■"^' X :foii .C-...6 ">. '- :?v;^ ;.;■ , -.r .;:Xo^tfO r:;:]'xo.:\ ;ij; ,v-^;\oo..i
. C-'8.: ;).-. :/■ I 'i-c! .;-v; ; .■.Mo-'; - .^i:. ;t-;.~ '''rjCI r.s n'-'j<:;^:.n - o 1 ,::x

• G-^x
■■J'-';'f ■7::'.^ .-■■ , ; f: r>j-rii

■•:-;•■ Oa'"-.i

io- a:T'' 'T

.-■-■•.n'v. i.; ..^ - ii
..Vila ■; ••-■^■•'i

■lu :r;^.i

T. )

* rf - .■> -

•-•iv - , .V

■/ .-ta

V :.x.:.;f(:

V i}j:;

■ ■";.':) •/

.■ • . ./.<• 1


".^. i-^'.U. iL' ;


'' ■ K. i

Page 54
No 7448 :;i;AST^Rl' CHijiROIffia ArPIJ CATION 07 AN '11^ B BROv/II
PAGE 2 continuod :

Marj - Ridor known and called Polly Hidor, noo STARR was BORN
in Gocrsia known Q3 the Glicrj'roc reservation, sho was age
75 years old v/hon sho diod, she died 1873, so k sho v/as Born
1798. Sho was in Gcirgia in 1854 and loft for tho Clicrokee
Nation, now Oklahoma arriving there in the Spring of
the year 1835. I dont know why my mother's nune w as not on
tho roll of the Lastcrn Cl:iurokoo. I am on the Daws
comiaission roll and i.iy nanibor la ^^12959- I think this is correc'
correct as my ccrtificatoa arc now in CrUDLSEA OIvLAHOJ.'iA in
tho hands of my attorney who looks after my business.
I v/as placed on tho Clicrokee citizonslilp roll.

Yours rosi'octuful-y,
Annie B Bj,:wn
Address 1313 Askon Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri.

A Ic^fter in the files from John T Ezz.rd, Attorney
at Lav7, Chelsea, Indiaii Territory, 1907 I.^ay 24,
To Guion L'ilior,
Wash D C
Dear Sir:

I am herewith enclosing yiu Supplimental Applica-
tion of Annie B Brcnvn, fcr hor minor diild to he examined
in connection \;lth claim. No 7448.

Please acknowledge receipt
Yours truly,

(signed) J >hn T, '.IzZprd.



-J . :.*L .

■';ij.; ;/_•■-.' ^,cz .vijj'i. v

■J :>.■'..

■.7.10 :

■;..-i d::

... ..(. -


PAGE 55-


(nov/ Annie ,. Barrovvman) reaidenco Tahlequah Indian Iferritory
Purccll, Oklahoma. Cherokeo ilation Indian Territory, date
of Birth April 13 1889.

Claiias right to share through Father's interest in John L or J
Brov;n, (grand fat or) 2nd Kato Daniel (neo Brown), great aunt
3rd David Brovm, (groat ^rand father 4th Rachel Brov,r:i "Great
grand mother, (neo) Lowrey "'.Vash Lowroy (G grand uncle
George Lov^roy, G G Grand father,

Lucy Lov/roy, (neo Bengo) G Groat Grand mo
mother . and is not married.

Hor parents were Liar tin R Brovm (Ttucie)
Indian nar^.e Tuxie . and moth<:.r Nancy Bj.^'Vm -maiden nane
v/as Nancy LIcNair.

Fat. er born \n GooareScaccre Dist t^c Saline or
Vlrdegris? in 1851

Tat fat' or died 1906, moth.or still living
at Tahlequah I T

l'-o c crokoo pay-ients since 1875 and 1878 and 1894 enroll-
ment .
Names of brother and sister one,

Caf'arine 3ro\7n bom Jen 27 1891.
Grand paror;ts v/ore as follows; on fat'ior's side
John L Brovm, rnd iinn Brown neo Schmachor? ) Jeaxhai
Willian i.IcNalr, and Radiol jaciMair, nee I'ayes.
Tie B^own sidG v/as born in Alabana, others pieces of birth
unlaiown .

'Ihc Brov/'.i rosidod in 1851 in Tahlequah dist, others in
Saline or Casanscoov/oo ? Dist I. r.

Names of children v;oro Pdchord lIcNalr and died time vinknov/n
John Pott it one -half brother.

i^uostlon 20. Have , ou ovor been onrollod for an :uiti03
land etc. At Tolilcquah, Indian Territory 1094 Chorokoo
payment .

I have no infomation bad: b to 1835 suffiflont to
ansv/or the last question. signed Nancy Brown, guardian of
Amia jj: BpOV/n 1906 Jccombcr 26. 2 v/itncss to her signature were
LIACGIiL' STARR MID GRACE l.lcGrogor. A card in the filos of No 8138 ;
states the potion v/as admitted, at Purccll Oklahoma
tn Anna _ B ovm and nov/ Ba_rov/man, guardian v/as Nancy 3rov/n
a grand nloco No 832.

liUTTj^; JL.-i ^

.-'/sj.c/ti ;';T,!jp^;;^i'

-— , H , - ,,jr.

V J. ...' K' .i. -1. O

■;';'.L i:'. ' .CO' .-.'i! '

:}•'' !'v ;

'o/-.- .:-■^l; •Lo:::lo'i b:A~

') r ' ;■


. •.. i

■( I ■.;


^ic- - 1 ■■■■-.

i.:.L. ,

Pa'^e 56


- County date born 1865, in Greenvlllo District, South

Carolina. Claims right to share through ''my fatlier

Barurn 3obo Brov.'n'' .■ And is married to Carry Brown, ar^e 41

at date this v/as signed 1906.

ITarie of parents, were Barum Bobo Brown, and

Carah Brov/n, nee £h Poster, maiden name Foster.

Father and mother both bonrn In GREENVI LE SOUTH CAROLINA and

livod there 1851 at Greenville County South Carolina, and

father died 1904 and mother died 1333

ilaries of ^ all brotlaors and sister were

Benjamin Brovm born 1857 died 1875; Seab ? P Brov/n born 1859

Angolino Brov;n born 1861, died 1877;

Short Bvo\m bom 1863 i died 1873

John Riley Brov/n born 1867, Nancy Jane Brov.Ti born 1869

Grand parents aro Janes Brov;n and Corrie? Brov/n on father's

side and on mother's side v/ei-o John Foster and Nancy

Foster nee Tllloy. lliey v/ere born in South Carolina.

T.ioy resided 1851 in Graonville County South Carolina,

iiamos of all their children v/ere Jim Brov/n,

resident Ball Ground, Georgia.

\m Br v/n died about 1877

Bicca Odouhi nco Brov/n died about 18B5

Harrison B^own died

Scab Brov/n died.

Vinco Bj,ov/n his son drov/ land and money in Indian Territory

and t:'icd to ;-ot Barem Bobo Brown to go go for share.
Parents Barur, Bo'oo Brovm and Sarah Brov/n nco Foster

graid parents James 3rov/n and Oarrio 3r. vat,

Grand parent John Fostej? and Nancy Coster, nee Tilley.

Ho signed B Leo B^ov/n 17 Doc 1106. 2 v;i tress v/oro 5 C McC

LIcCoy and J P McCoy, ""a card in Barrur.: L 3rov;n, stotes Action

is rejected. Claims through the same source as No 12035.


,.'< ;

;ro'XT:-'i:. ;'■

ivnciO'TO ri.; ,^^;";ir ■'■■,;:ccf -=:tHfc

,-• r

I "1 1 *

. 'jVV 'i

■■• ■.■:■■ ^ or

r, ■ ■ ; 1

-'.'■'-' i .L^ C tj

or ■:•_ .

AO-.J. yie.-r; i^t'VxJ.

. -' '-■■'. ;;'.•:;■■;■-■[ f;i.i:r:;;, Co'"

■ \l ■.■'■'.: ;;v/c-;-.l :;''io,..!3
. -. ' • ■ .,•■'■ -,-'■ r . 's n - - ■>■

, , r » % ^ - - ... - -.- rr-

( ' " • ' • '"i ■' ^ " "^ C' '. ■ I ':'f'i "■

■'-., r . ,-;:>!■ tiij'.


'^ J - ' 1


'; X

BROWI-T v/hose address was Anna Lvicretia Drfv.-n, Horndon,
\yyomlng, County, West Virginia. V/as born in ASIiE COUillY NORTH

Claims to share right through clieroliee Indian blood
derived from my father Cololr Blevins and by virtue of the
decree of the Supreme Court of tlio United States of April 30

Tnat she is married to 1.1 G Brovm, born 1869. Names of parents
are Colvin or Collr Blevins and Mary A. (Simmons) Blevins.
That a her father was born In Ash County North Carolina,
and mother born in ALEXANDER COUirrY NORTH CAROLINA.

Na les Sif all brothers and sisters were
Luvonia Ldmonson born July 14 1867, Roby C Blevins bom 11-24
1871, Pioaco Blevins, born Oct 19 1873
Ira & Isaac Blevins born Apr 27 1876
Jones D Blovins born June 28 1878
Elsy Blovins born Se-'t 2 1380
Author Blevins born Fob 3 1883

Luthor C Blevins bom Juno 29 1885, Edward L Blovins 12 5 1887
Ambrose Blevins Born 3c t 25 1391

Grand parents v/erc Ja-cc Blovins and Mecy Blovins on
fatl^cr's side and mother's side Janos Simmons and Anna
Simmons .

Jar.\C3 Blovins born in Ashe Co N C, and in 1851 lived in
Ahho (Ash Oo IT C )

Haufis of their childr - n; were
Alphard Blovins died 1881, Daniel Blovins died 1874
Easter Sexton died about 1879

Ilorton Blevins died about 1863, Felix Brov.-n living; in co
N C. Albert Blevins living in /-sho Co N C. Calvin Blevins
living io Ashe Co N C but his post office in rarlc
Owon Blevins living in Asho Co WC

Joisoy Phipps living in Ashe Go N (J , iinccstors back to 1835
v/o.o Ann Lucrotia Brovm who v/as a dau of Colvin Blovin v/ho v/as
a son (u" James Blovins v/ho v/as a son of James & Liddio Blevins
v/hoso maiden nanio WQ\Liddie Sizemore, a dau of Ned Sizemoro
She signed Anna Lucrotia Brtnvn, Jan 21 1907. 2 v/itness wero
J A Brov.-n and E V/yatt. A card in the files shov/s the /iction
v/as rejected, residence Herndon u Va. Sizemoro Case No 12183.
or Horndow? '.V Va.

' ' ■ ' ■ ,Wdo.v '":;:: ..

. U)QL
.arfi-:'>-a=c: 'lo as: ;;•! ,ed8.L n-iod ,. .j'tu •^; ;.: oj I^o !: ':'!■:>;: cr. oris .■ ucL'

» * <.'.L V • — -

■ x'rom

fi.TJ"; T :J.,

'!:. ru

,!'■ ' C> ■' !" :!■':■*'■'; >!' I" "ii-


■ - I ■'•• ' ■ ^^
, i ,• ■ - '*■*

•■vsi a .il- .^

■-./C , -,-.■- ...;\' i'..;' c:. wj.c^^ OCX-

' Ci o ' ■ J.. ' .f-

o , i ,1'/:




whose Indian narae v/aa also Jeffery Brov/ii, residence at

212 Elgin Avenue, Muskogee, Oklahoma, date and place of birth

was Kansas - date not shown.

Claims right to share through both my father 's Cherokee by

blood and mother's Cherokee by blood also - we pass for

COLORD AIID INDIAN. Mixed blood in the community in v/hich I

live, and is not married.

Names of parents are HENRY P BROVm AND MOTTIER V/AS
Pather v/as born in Arkansas mother born in Territory
, and they resided 1851 both in Ivluskogee

Patjor diod 12 years a^o, and he does not remember date his
mother died. - He signed this in 1908
- Hiey were onrollod for money }

Names of borthors and sisters v/ero : Willis Brovai ,
Daniel Bj,own, Alice Brov/n, and Mahalla Brown.

Names of grand parents wore William Brown
on fat;ior's side, and on mothor's side wore Nana Bright and
This is her Indian na-no : ;iana or Nona BROCIv?
My grand parents wore parties to 1851 -1865
jRioy were' born in Georgia and emigrated from Georgia to the

Names of tliD ir children and rosidcnco wore
Louisa Erode and Denial Brock, residence not given.

Ancestors back to 1835 v;ero ; V/illiam Brown on father's
side, Nona Bright on mothor's side. Ti^ey v;ere parties to
1851 treaty this as I can remember.

Dj^IAR SIR! as soon as I found out as I could get my right
for myself and people I was to lad to do so and I started
as soon as I found it out?

signed An then ' J Brown
Oct 15 1908
The vn.tness were L. S. Washington and J J Pedhall, or S

A card in tl:e file shov/s the Action was Rejected,
residonco Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Applicants parents wore SLAVES.

S^.-. LETTER.:
A lottor dctod 10-22- 1908
Pst./ ^

Prom i.iuskogoc, Oklahoma, to Mr Guion Miller, leashing ton ^ o
Dear S^r: Relative to Answer; whotho r my parents v/ero
slaves. YES. i«Iy parents wore slaves, -of Indians.
No, I v/ero never a SLAVS.

Ver;/ respoctfiully ,
signed 7 Anthony J. Brown.

:.;-':^ - . ' „^i^' .;)'V

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Lin .'cJi&r^'-

■/•i .v?:':':;p_;v o' '•;;; 0. :;■ c 'i v;:ii -Mod !.l :!JO'-i.'.i -mida ";J .:Ti.
I ;i^. ..-, ;.! -.. .L-;;ji..;.'CC yrJ- i^.;: 'iocuf bc'x.u: . v^^'-Tltfi Cii.A i?ICaOO

nU : .'. ;.i t?. .- .0 • 1 ■. ■-. ••■1. "■ . J • ■ i i- J ■'. ) .'L-


.. rrvf.'ilT Gil...: ^

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.i.r:^.c :. ::/;ifiu

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i'-i vr:


','■'■ ■■■ - ^ 1- ■-'■H ■■ r-'' i




M e J /ijj •■"■

\~>-:.- c.- i,;;;'\.


T • •: : p' '■,


PAGE 59-
v/hose address was Lillimay, Cheatham County Tennessee
(but there is no address like this In the present day postal
guide) He vms a^e 59 when this v;as signed 1907, born 1848
in Tennessee, and is married to Nancy Brc>vm, a chero^-ee.
Names of children were on May 28 1906, lliomas bom 1872,
Jesas or Isas bom 1873, Robert bom 1875, Annie Born 1877
and Ida born IS 5 . of parents v/erc Joseph Bpown and
Mary (Taylor) Brc^n . both born in Tannesseo
T. ey resided 1851 in Ten/essec. father died 18'-J0 mother died

Names of all brothers and sisters v/ere
Aris a:_,o 65 when this was signed 1907
Minis ?^about 62, Merldy about 57- residence in Missouri
Joseph Bpown ane 50, residence Arkansas
I.iary about 55 rosidenco /ockansas, Andy Bj,ovm ab ut 48
Jo residence in Arkansas. James about 52, residence Lillimay

In 1851 they wore living in Davidson County Tunnesseo.

Ancestors bad: to 1835 were Joseph and
Mary Brown, Gr- Daniel and Barthcnia Brovm.

REI.iARIvS: Barthenia Brov/n is the first Indian blood I can
trace to - she was a JOTi^ISOK. Johnson married a Puller and

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