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Granby, Nev/ton County luissouri, a^-^e 57 v;hen she signed this
application 1907, states she v/as borri in Missouri, and is
married to \'i J Brov/n a;e 6C v/'.\on she signed this.

Manies of all children v/ho were living May 28 1906
v/ere; Isa Brown (or Lee?Brov;n? ) born 1876, Elaie Brovm
born 1873, Clara Brovm born I'^SO, "Jmery born 13'^- 6,
Edward Brown born 1890.

parents wore names Thomas Nunn and Alitha? Hunn.
V/hose Indian name v/as Brunson, -her maiden name was Alithia
Brvuison. Father v/as born in Virginia and mother In /ilabama.
Tliey resided 1851 in SENECA, ..ISSOURI both of them, and died
1864 date for fat'er's death and mother died 1890.

N.vnies of all hor brothers and sisters v/ero
Joseph Nunn born 1848 and died 1903
Mar!3arGt Wanchtul? born 1849 diod 1893
Nettie Aggns, Joplln i/lo. born 1854.
Grand parents on both sides v/oro, father's side

Ltiller??? Nunn and Nunn

and mother's side './as ~ Ileyikoa Brunson? and Obedianco
Brunson, and she did not knov/ v/here they v/ere born.
Tnoy resided 1351 in Sonoca Missouri.

And the ancestors bad: to 1835 no to v/oro Ihonas Nunn
- Miller. Nunn, mothur Spense ? father Jessce? Spoaso Ward?
■}(• Ri:iMARlS: I am a ^€lhc, doscondant of Obedianco Brunson Spear.
Spears, v/hoso grand parents arc Matt'iev/. Lid v/ero full
blood eastern chorokoo,

Amanda Brov/n, signed 27 March 1907.
A card No 42714 shows action v/as rejected. Residence
Granby Missouri, cousin of No 30762.

c'Oi:;.: 05 "•'-■- :nc;! v.^r ■ ?T?'7 ■;::.' nv- ^:i'i :'a xIb lo so:;-;r.:':

.-.v;o-.f^" niK/.:'- „')'V'3;' >.'::'..:.. i "' i,v.r- !':''i' .:i'i V >•, j ) f^v/ - ;T:;j .6bI , o-^aw
.c' .:' ■■ -; ■^-••:-T':\ ,0.; I c.-i.":: r - ;:-' ?:n:;if.O .^.^Vvi r.-focT

C r- -1

a :.r ; ).Hi r "^f:;^

.OUcx. lb;-;.;];: r.-r/O;:' n/.n 'Ur?,:ib E-'io cl' o'l ;:'x'-,;..;b ^t.^^:!
e'ts\^ c'ti'j ;.. I. ::■■.';- c i a''^ ;-i:.;' c-n 'I' - lo a'jv: ■'

S')Oj. ".. , n /:y.j^ -Jl-^-'^ a'lod ru.'-.i ■' ■■■■■

. ;;:i :.; ^ ^' f. /'.:rrK ?'' ; ■ -'a-LJ'

nn;:-v ',;-,r/.y,"" r^c^w v...-.-.:: ■;",•..:.■: ... :.:■■.." 'c: -.;;.:;: •>.;'., -;r^_:j :y,,

: mJ .1. f ■

■\' :,i ■ ' ■•O': nv'o- ;",

NO 20391 supplomont, to Sastcrn Chcrokoo a-:ir)licQtbn of
GEORGE G BRCVVn, rosldonco Church vlllo Pike Street No 507 or 501
Highland Pcirk Station, Tnattanooga 'Ponnosaoc, Hamilton county.
Bom I.Iay 7 1844, South .orolina. States ho claims
his Cherolooc blood through his fat>or; and ho is married
to Silver Brown, ago 40.

^i Nar^.os of his parents are

George B o\m and Wariah B^own, maiden name "JAB0UN1*'
They were both born in Abbeville County South Carolina
father diod 17 years previous and mother died 1865

Bane if vritgors a^d sustcrs arcl
Nasgacj Vriv;bn Vebhanubm Hanesm Avraganm Wasgubftib abd llglnas
Vriwb, T^inas duod 26 tears al'im '(this v/ns signed 1907
March IS)

His grand parents were Benjamin Bj,ov/n and Lmma. on hi a
father's side and on his mother's sldo was Harry Duncan and

Ti^ey wore all born in state of South Carolina, except i
grand fathor fe Brov-Ti , ho vyas born in Virginia. '

Tlic resided in 1851, gr::-id fatnor and grand mother Brown lived i
in South Carolina, also did grand fat or and Grand mother
Dune an .

The:J^r children v/oro Botaio Brown, who died 13 years ago.
Cornolia^^B ov/n, Elsie Brown \iho died 15 yoars ago
Kittie B ovm, Augusta, Georgia, Rebecca B ov/n , Little Rock Ark.
Washington Brovm, dont know v/hother he is living or not.
Hashack Brown -dont Irnow whether ho. is living.

Qocvzo J B ovm signed this ap lication
Liarch 18 1967
2 witness to his signature A J Tabb and J G Isbell

On anotb.or yapor dated June 10 1907 was t'^.o following
George G Brown, Highland Park Station, Hamilton Tcnn
Stated then he v/as born May 6,^^1844 in South Carolina, and
that ho is married to Silver B ov;n ago 43 and she bel ngs
to Cherokee trib§. Hanes of their children living on May 28
1906. Cornelia Brovm born Aug 5 18G6, C^iarles B^own 8© 15
1838, Lucy B own bom Jan 2 1890, Leia M B^ovm June 10 1893
Paul Brov;n born Oct 4 13 6, Carrie B^own b'^Dec 5 1898.

A card in thv. file 20391 shov/s tine action was rejected
Applicant or ancestor wore never enrolled, apnli cants parents

George Browi wrote a letter i.arch 22 1908 from
Chattanooga Tenn -address 507 Piiro St.

Statin^ "I received your letter yesterday - Glad to hear
from you. My grand parents were not enrolled -it was simply
because they v/ere hendored by their owners, which v/ere V.HITE
peo]?le . I was in TALICO 12 years ago. I had "promition
to live there, but I decided to wait on the Government.
-;mn(bthor letter from G G B-pOvm of 507 Pike St
Cnattanooga Tonr. 1909 i.Iarch 20: sir; allov/ mo to address
a f ow lines to you inquiring to know v/hen ycu are .oing to pay
the Indians. I am coing off on a long trip and would like
to knov/ something concerning it boforc I go.

'l-:> :;'-tj~n .£...- 'c ^o.'o Tv.:.:; rri-'':^ :;'•■■' o:f ■",•'■

*'Til;'0:5;\'il"' or.r.-ri ■iO'::.E;:,n- ^nv/c^S riiij:ifil.. i'^B nv/'- CI 3:^'7c:?

BjmJ)' >.:;••;..;: .;'x::u^ oi-. h^i'b enni. *'

{3L' rb'io.l

;:.ld no . /ji^raJ i:^i£ .:-r^Tc,,'2 rixcii/;(;«'^^ o^-f ::v; r.^+fi0';ix^tv .5:->5'j:;ii a lA

hii.-i n/iDa-iu vx't^lT en ••

b.'.!^ 3 ' ■xOiL oii: ctj"' !":c-i iinu :*£,:&

Ti^: -..^..

'>• -f .-

■■,'( c-r? ••

;3- nv'o'T'i

'tj;v! j'^ir^^r'-i i>ri' ii-''-Ci'-.. I

■■■' ^r\■o•ii■ It. 'H.ilc!'-':' £5n.^'i;

•'I ;-i .

..... f-.,-;...'.-:

■•:■>(' 'T

I." -.' .*. ./ i -'-J * - J—'

iiW'j-ju T.i^i.;;..-

^ ?•• I

nCLj;:'' CI iT

vu'">l a£ r'e-i:.

yliO-': )■:'■.'■) .L r::"n ,1'!. .^.^C:lC ■■•'':"

::-c^'' '.re/'::'


,1. '<•' •

„r 1.

riO 'id. '^.i.

:':,;'-..C:'? .C:":":.! ;: '.;.:.A i-trcf .-■•'-fS " ;-Iv;t1(jO .DOG:
Ctrl' {■ r\'f?^:'-' ::t'f':r''> ,0 ''.:i .1 :^.%0 : .^orf •"-• 'xc i.-.-'.. .

s.,, .' I -. . ,.••■-.-,-■■■ .■:■■

^QQl ■ I ,..•:-,.

.10 Mi.'r; - .U' v-I-.'

i> flo-r'-.- ■ '. :^j:.' ••}



i.'iod c :i fv;.!.; -

'■;0 :.,).a.t ..'• .J

NO 36654 EASTi^R- CIL?:rOI\EES A.-JLICAnON ■^P/Pa - ^e 72


Frederic ::iiv/ard ':rov;n Indian k v/aa Harmon residence at A!
Allons, Overton County, Tennessee, age 28 born July 24,1879
in Overton County Tennessee, a.xl is not married

His parents v/ere G Brov.n and Sora'-. A G Brovm,
whose Indian name was Harmon and her maiden narre was
Sarah A C Neal

Father was born in CU1.!B'::R"'.A''D COUNTY IQNTJCirZ
Ai^yD liOTfj^R BORN IN V/AYlfE COimT:'!: ICLNT'JT.Y.

Tnoy resided 1851 fa tier in Jackson (now Overton ) Co Itenn
and mother 1851 in Overton Co Tenn

P'ather died Jan 29 1891 and mother ..lorch 4 ."

Names of all brothers and sisters v/ere;
HettiG H (Brovm) Reynolds rO Not knovm born Anril 6, 1860
Wariottia B Br.-wn deed, born Doc 10 1864

Permelia j^ B^ovm deed, born Dec 22 1866, died Oct 15 1892
John L Br-.wn deed born Feb 12 1868,

Sarali C B own deed born Poc 26 1870 died Oct 25; 1874
James G Brovm Jr bo-' \ Juno 25 1872 docoased', dato forjot

Kmma R T Brcvn born Dec 8 1875 died Oct 12 1890
Albert S Brovm, b Allons IV^nn born Dec 12 1873
\'k\ H Brovm deed b Jan 12 1873 d Feb 1899
Calika Br^ v/i deed b Aug 3 1831 died June 30 1832

Starlins G Brovn, b Allons Ton., b Aug 7 1862

Nn.ies of grand parents;
Larkin Bj.ovm on father's side and Starling Neal and Indian
nar.e v/as Harmon.

They lived 1B51 in Overton Co Tenn
naraes of all their children v/cro George VV Neal deed, V,=->i R
Noal and Vianna Neal deceased.

Kelly Neal. at Obra (nothing in postal
guide like this, in Tonnessoe

SAC Brown deceased Kamy Raines, Allons Tenn
Paul Neal, Allons, Tenn. Lottie Neel, Burf-;ess, Route 1
Livingston, Tenn.

Ancestors back to 1855 are J G and SAC Harman )Brown
parent Starling Noal and (Harmon Ileal, grand parents O.arles
Harmon, I thin^: was my great great grano fat/ior.

I claiii thru tlie Hanrons, Charles Harmon
'" Gre- Horse" a chor l:ee Indian, originall fron: :.;ONROE
Cv.miTl' T-.IIin:;SSEE or North Car lina being my great great
grand father, signed Froderici- i. B ovm, 1907 Aug 9.
2 witness woi« W H ALLFHD AlID JA^ujS SAVAGE. 1907 Aug 9

i^ card in tno Fiol Nc 36654 siiov/s the action v/as rejected
t at ho claims through sa.-.o source ^^s No 52901.

•r :^\'^ "1.

'V :". ' '

'■ci.-v n

~iO ' ■ 'i.e. ~'~''

'•-•' ^•■■' -= ■■ '■'-' '- -^..-^-::^ ...7...,..- ..,_ .por ..:..::iof:: b' .^

i:* - - iV, :

O'^Jo.! C

' " i

J :' J

, ^ . . .._ , . 1 - - - - •*• ■'■


1 . ..1

, ;'iC. ;'""'^li -:;;y" /.>:'i
: •■■.,::'., >',''C' .'.rV l .■■J" l1 -fV'-'II'

.1. '.• /';■>

'■ / '^i' ,

. 1 ' " ■ •



... ,i i- ■:.; V

. ■ • 1

. -^ r . . -

. Li.

, c .iij.i:'' '-.' .'i"i


i^ ■• :•:■ ■') ; ' r:v;


: ^ ^x • ■'

L :.

•^"' ^•■-'-C'T

' . :' .1

„ i:■f.^5'L■ ,r:

f - •

, . C'

J- ' .' 'J

!'/ "/ ■■' " :"i i.,'OciJ


-'.;■•'; a'!;-::?


'.:.'. ...v

•.■:: ::.C.-H-u} i':

1 ;

:.''.L :jnj:.i'i

. ... V,

t ;.'.!

''■^ : " •"'' '

■ o .G'l'i -i^ c; ' -■ :.'


..rv :':;,, r. J

.L .

Pa.3e 73
guardiaxi of Flory Rossalie Brown minor under a^e 21.

Indian name v/aa Harmon, residence at Allona
Overton county Tennessee. a3e 10 bom Pe' 22 1897 in Overton
county Tenn and is not married.

Her mother v/as i.iarietha Belle 3^ov/n or Indian
name Harmon and her maiden name v/as l.larlntha B^Brown.

mother born in Overton county Tennessee.
1,'Iothor died Dec 2 1906.

Ihe grand parents were Ja es G & Sarah A C Harmon Brov/n
Indian name was Harmon.

J G Brown was born in Cumberland County Ky
SAC Brown in ^/ayne Co Ky.

In 1851 resided in Overton Co Tenn, ''I thinl:" .
Na.ies of al 1 thoir children were -
Starling G Brown, Allons Tonn
Hettie H Brov/n, Reynolds, PO Not knov/n
:d - Iiarientha B Brown, but loft the above illegitimate child

Permelia -Z Brovai deed, John L Br v/n, deed, Sarali C BrOvm,dcd
Jaaos G B ov/n, deed, -LPJ^a :i T Brovm deed. Albert Brovrn , Allons,
Tenn, \ai H Brown, deed. -Mlilca Brov/n, deed, Frederic/ 2 3rov/n
Allons, Tenn

Ancestors ' acl: to 1835, I.'arietha B Brown, kother
J G and SAC. (Hapiaii) Er0wi-, grand parents, Indian, blood
through the Harmons.

RSi.IAHlCS: WARD CLAir.S DESCE::T from C^.arlos
Harman the Grey Horse, a chorokoo half blood.
Fred S Brov/n, guardian 1907 Aug 19.
2 witness v;ero V/ C Oglotree and ]'. L Ogletree

A card in the file shov/3 ^.action v/as rejected
residerce Allons, Tenn, Fred E B_ ov.n for Clory R Brovm,
claims through sane so'^rce as No"" 32901.

', -^ihaX -.'- ■'■■

-:o V'}T:I-::ldV'.:

'lU .'.. .;.:!: :j .- ' •-■ i f'- - IjI

fi. ^ rorii.'^'^ •:*'''0.ri

\ J f ■ ■.; ' /.



c. •;

-Dw ^' r i ■ '* ■ •*t - *• ■

■:o;:iw- -;■'..


1^ f.[ ■■): ;-\34

:fx ,- '::;:.. U

! .1 ..;. .

■:■?;■ :.'■■■ ccM ;;-. ,; .r:v ;:

No 35775 Eastern Cherokee application of HAR'.^ H B20\TJ
.'•esidencc and post officie; Zast Chattanooga No 4610
Chanberlain A enue , Hamilton County Tennessee. Age 70 when
he signed this application 1907. Born Aug 10 1837
Born in MONROE COITNTY T.^illiESSEL: . and is married to llannie
Brown, age 40,

No names of children are given.
His parents were Joseph Bpov/n and Catharine, maiden name was
Catharine Harrold, father bom in Virginia and mother in
Kawl:ins county Tcnn.

In 1851 father lived in l.Ionroo Co Tonn and mother was dead
by 1851.

Fatl:io r died 1863 and mother in 1844.
Names of brothers and sisters; John Brown, deed
v*i Br wn decased, was killed at BATTLE CERO GARDO, i.EXICO
Betsio Brov/n deed; George Brov/n, Deed, Nancy Bruwn, Deed
Mary and Joseph Brown deceased.

Names of grand parents are Aaron Bj,ov«n on father's
side aiid dont know first namo on grand parents on mother's
sid. , but their last navro v/as Harold.

Browns born in irglnia and the Earr dds vroro born
in Hawkins county Tcnn. T^^ey resided 1851

Aaron Brov;n and v/ifo v.'ere dead and the Harrold' s also
Names of their children who were all deceased ;

R2MARF[S: STAT S: I get my Cherokee blood from my father
ho v/as in the V/AR OP 1312 and my grand fat er in the RT70LU-
TIONAHi'' WAR and he claimed to be a one-half blo.d cherv'reo
Indian. I got this inforroation from my father v/ho ne- er
denied boin", one fourth cierokoo blo-d.

Signed Har ey K Brovm, 15 Aug 1907
2 v/itness were J C Reynolds and Mollio

A card in the files No 35775 s ows tr.e -ction was
rejected, residence a; "J^^ast Chattanooga 4610 Chamberlain A e
Tennessee - ^applicant claims thru grand father who was
born in Va prior to 1835, not a party to treaty,

1835 36 46 ne or lived vd th Cher koes nor
enrol ed with them.

'■'..: . ;i er ;■..;■■■■ fi . /^J

'■■■'^lo.^O nni^iJ- :;«'■■ ^'^'V'-'S cTI

exhr 0'^ e-\;^

VI ;o .-^ ;


: c u ;7X . J- .■■ .:

.' ;•/■".; . uux,^

3);,.'aiJ;~;;!'u;^ t■■■■'^

^V ht'j i

'i-;c> eS'

.. -■„ •! J. •T,., X ji ...1 .l-^. J ■■- .

. ;;. -J o-rao.

iO . '.I

!''t[l aflc't

':::-> w";;-^ .,.: J 't^^:'f 1.0 ^iOi':'"

L.::^;)'-! .iwCcS' ";:;■;;■.". ,!:'0oG' . a^ri.^'s.1

r . ■ • r-.r ■,.-■

.' G X ^.^

7-j. -.Ill I ■ .-..i .t D J ..}



^'0<vl ■ -A c^I

rjT- '

'.■■,*!■ ' ,

Page 75

FOR ALICiii BR0W1\I, MINOR. Res denco Kyles, Alabaa, Jaclcson
county. Born April 13 1896 J'ontoa,^,lo , Grundy Cc^unty Tennessee
Claims right to share through one i-elative, her mother, Sarai: k.
Brown, daughter of Nathan Goins.

He is not married. Na:;es of his parents were jp.
Vdlliam T Brown, and Sarah :i (G0IN3) Drown.

Father v/as bom at Callioun, Mississippi, and mother in Wilson
county Tennessee -near Round Ga^ Post office.

mother died June 3 1902, father yet living when he signed this
apoli cation in 1907.

Nn;ies of brothers and sisters were 'VilliaTi Staley Brown
born Oct 24 1090, and Cora Brown b-rn Oct 30 1897.

Mother's side of grand parents v/ere Nathan GOUTS, and
Charlotte (called Charit ) Goins.

Nathan Goins born near Harrison in Hamilton
county, Tennessee. I - ; Hast Tennessee but dont know wherej
(ISiayliD4ife4dadia85i3:ainb8mithville DeCalb County Tennessee.

Ka-:'Gs of all their children were as fol'ov/s;
Milly Goins born March 20 1884
Joshaway Goins Jr died 1?04

Sarah rl Goins born A ril 16 1862 died June 8 1902
U^n C Goins, born January 7 1865
Calvin Goins, born Nov 86 25, 1860
Mary Goins born ?e"u 15 1371
La Ta J Goins born July 14 1878
John H a Goins born Dec 4 1877
Harvey R Goins born Seot 4 18S1

He states tlrnt his ancestors back to 1835 v/ere
maternal groat great grand fat.crwas Hanan? Helton and
'' " " " Grand mothor was Sarali Morgan Helton.

signed VAn T Br:wn i.ic.rch 15 1907
ai'd 2 witness to signature v/ore su '.«' liolcctifoe and u H Nelson.

A card in the file IIo 19030 shows tno Action was rejected,
v/ho v/as a first cousin tv/icj removed of No 10294 and claims thru
same source .

^oe:'oJ^T. ^b .sob/^-i ■\:ol%.i, u":70'>, co.^ .rlOi'Iil- JUvOHS' iiOX^aA /iC"I
&oaaf''".j^9'I vj^i/oj ■i]:'::;-"tO oI^;£jf>d no': oGGI 31 I.v-;i,:A rr.?:o3[ *"v;Ji:;-'00

r;oaI'.'v; nJ: ^;sJino^1 L;-;j, ^ xqc .resist; .;;:i ,;..; :-:!£::■ :] ;. mod sBW 'J0':cff3'?:

,VOyi nx '.ox..;^..

■fjCi r:-^ fiLrV;. o'sv^ aiB'^s a br^s 3t: orlo o'i<i lo yiO'Ti'^'I

, , -. p -,:.; r- ; J cj, T

Ji'-'^ i;'UJ->


.; :'iC '■■IOC

uvo- 1:1 e.P • :f>v7

nocfljr-u^Ti: its ■'-(jy.i.'-f't.Bil 'zsJ-o:i riTO'" s..(':'.i^ -jBi-'dv^I:'

:;.■■■'.'.!! 'A '■•-/•]■:;;■ :.!^ - .v:' a.ixcv -i^.' Xi: :

•Oi ■•■:■-:. 1 ..'.'.•:.(. :.'v^ .'X- - J ^V'!.iC-Xj K. , ;..-

V'' ■:i:-:j:o - ' j:^ 11 rcc'i.
■0- ■■-.^■i.-: ''.:-i\^^..'rlziii

■■- Z'^-a r.c.-:U

V09X ei .:o'

■•■ ■■ '•, 'v- r.-'T

:!^o;;:i _v' S^ b •',



BROTOI, residonco at Peckville, PAITOLA CO IITY TEXAS.

Date of birth v/as 1871 DecG:nber 5, and clai:::ed right to
share through his grand father f at is gr at grand father
Mlliani Brown, - name of wife or husband; £a Sousan Minnie
Bravn nee Allen.

Na 'es of parents v/ere Andrew Jade son Br wn
and mother Easter V.ard Brown, maiden nane : Easter \/ard COBEN
fat: er v/as born in Upson Co Georgia and mother in
BUCK OR RUC COUNTY TEXAS ( iViough I could not find this in
either spelling in the present day postal guide),
that his f at. e r in 1851 lived at Upson count.,' Georgia and mother
in Rusk or Buck co Texas (at Henderson post office),
mother dod winter of IP.38
War.ios of brothers and sisters were;
Ella Brov/n i died Aug 1906 and Lue Ann Langley,
nee Brown Fob 25 1876,.. luattie B ov/n died Sopt 1903
ai-id LaFayott •..Gbstor B ov/n ( B, '"Slst 1880

i'lanos 5f grand parents v/ore
Burnsidc Brovm on father.-'' s side and Nancy Hoyle on
mother ' s side .

Tjioy wore born Upson Go Googia.
Rii-i.IARlvSS : LIINOR HEIRS of And rov/ Fran, lin B jwn, Lena ^llzaboth
Brov/n, ago 11, Solonon Jackson Brov/n, ago 5
Benjamin Franklin B^-v/n, a-o 2.

signed Androw F Bj,ov;n 1907
March 14. 2 v/itnoss to his signature v/crc J P Stone and
E H Searcy.

Another supolcmontal application was f-nv filed
1907 Juno 17 by Andrcv/ Franklin i?.r v/n of Bedrvillo, Penola,
County Texas, date born Dec 5 1871, a'xi is married to Susan W
Brown, and names of all t'-ieir children v/er.c;

Lena E B'' wn bom 9-20-1875, Solomon J B^.-^v/n born 4-18 1900
and Benjamin P B^nvm born 10-22-1004

One card in the file shov/s Act on v;as rejected,
- I'O v/as cousin of Nc 21369, Claims thru same source.

NO 21372
ZASaSRi: CfflROiailC Ar.Ll cation "'F A^IDKEV/ JACKSON BROVm: Page 77
TGWJ OP BEOrcVILUC, PANOLA TEXAS. Born at Unson county
Georgia, February 14 1846. Claims right to share through ray

reat p;rand. father /mdrerson Brov;n , a Cherokee Indian as a
descendant of said Anderson Br.A/n, and is married to
Luvinia Brov/n , noo TRULARF:, age 40.

Names of parents v/ero Burell 3 own , and Nancy Brov/n, whose

maiden name v/as Nancy Hoyle )

Ihey v/ero born in Upson County Goorrria, and moth.-:r bom In

TALBOT COUNTY GEORGIA, and in 1851 both lived in Upson Co Georgia

-father died 1835 and mother in 1881.

Nanes of all brotliors and sisters of the ap 11 cant are

James IV Br Avn born 1845, Martha A Brcv^i bom 1847

Mary D Bj,o\vn bom 1849, Giza? Brovm born 1853,

Jefferson M Brov/n born 1855. died 1399

Jennie Br.v/n died 1880

Nai-es of grand parents v/ere , Willia;: Brown on fat er's side,

naj:es of grand parents on mother's side v;ero nut stated.

Taat ''I think ho v/as born in Upsom Co Ga. and lived t arc 1351

Naues of all their children v/oro ;

Nancy Brown, near Griffin >.our^ia,

Jennie B own, in Upson Co Ga

And rev/ J '^Brov/n, Hill county I'cxaa.

Sue Ann Brov/n, Griffin Georgia

Mary Brov/n, died about eleven years previous to signing this

ap llcation v/hich v/as i.larcli 14, 1907


Llinor heirs of Androv/ Jadcson Brov/n, Dort l3rov/n, ajo 19

Brady Drov/n a;o 17, Dossio 3rov/n, a ,o 16, Effio Brov/n age 15,

Uaud Bruv/n ago 14, Lavola Br v/n ago is 13, alJ his children.
T ore v/cro 2 witness to his signature, v/ho v/cro l. M £ Searcy

and J P Stone .

•c filed another ap lication sup lomcntal for minor

c'.ildron; 'Ihc names of his children that were living on May 23

1906 v/erc Borty Brown born 10-19-18"7 and Wm Brady Brown 1839

July 14,

Bessie Brown March 14 1891; Effie Brov/n born Feb 7 1892; Ilaud

Br v/n bom 5-14- 1893 and Lavado Brov/n bom 10-24-1894.

Androv/ J Bj,cwn of 3ed:ville, Texas card in this file

shows that Action v/as rejected .

Cousin of N«> 21369 Claims through sane source.



Page 78
Hor indin naine was Graham, residence Collinsvlllo, Grayson county
Texas, tovm of Collinsville, Tt-xas, Grcyson Co, Texas, born April
13 1845 In Coffee County Tonnossee.

Claims to share t'.iough my mother Martha Graham, whoso maiden
name was "GLASS" .

T!iat she is married to D. 0. Brov/n, age 62; date this was signed '.
1907; rather parents wore Graham, my mother was a Glass before i

marriage. My grand mother v/aa a CATJELIN.

My -,rand mother's name v/as Camblin
fat er v/as born in Murray Co Tcnn, and mother was born in Va .
Tiioy resided 1851, father in and mother in Coffee Co Tenn.
father died Oct lo 1874 and mother died Dec 4 1901

Nar.-.os of all hca-' brother's and sisters v/ere
Mary Colston bom 1840 -Mhi Graham born 1842;
Jarios Grahan: born 1847; Lucinda Crasslin born 1849
Charlos Grohai:! bom 1856, and Richard Grahan born 1858.

Names of grand parents were; on my mother's side named
GLASS, was tho iin;_ilish and the indinn naiic v/as Ca..iblin.
My father's sido v/as .nglish; (Crahain)
In 1851 they wore both dccoasod in 1S51.

■Pierc is a cai-d in the files No 21385 shov/ing that this
action v/as rcjocted, She was a sister of No i 21227 •

FAir^IE BRO'//II PAliii 79

Residence I.icCays, FOLIC COU::iY Tl^JmSSEE, age 20 In 1907
date she signed the ap 'lication, statiiJc she was born in
PICl<:EiIS COITrlTY GEORGIA, and is married to liar': L. Brovm
- Ihe nanes of the children v/ho were living on May 28, 1906
were Clifford Brown, born lAay 22, 1901, and Pearl Brown
born August 21 1903.

Nai.ies of parents were A B Davis and Mary S Bozman
both parentswere born in Fidcins Co Ga .

Nanes of all brothers and sisters were Rosa Davis born Jan 3
1888, and Uark Davis born I.Iay 2 1897, aiid Lillie Davis born
Juno 11 1901

Nanos of grand parents \;ero ;
on father's sido Benjamin Davis and Nancy Davis, and on
mothci*3 side wore Jno R Dozman and Scrah Bozraan.
Ihey v/ore born in Rutherford Co N C
and rosidod in 1851, in iPidcins Co Ga .

Ilories of their children were;
Martha Davis rcsid nco Gordon Co Calhoun Ga.
A B Davis, rosi donee Postolle, Polk Co Tonn
Slrono Davis, rcsidunco at Cui.-mins, Forsyth Co Ga .

through the x Darby family to Chorokeo.

signed Fannie hor x marl: Bro\7n ,
Juno 14 1907
witness wore J H Morgan and L A Mor,3an

A card in the files shows action was rejected -
Biddy Case. her residence v;as r.cCays Tennessee.

Page 80
NO 356 21 Eastern Cherolzee application of cliza A l.'astera
Residence and post office Hilha-n, Overton Coixntty TVjnneasee.
Born Dec 27, 1871. Bom Jan 3 District Overton County Tenn
and is married to John S i.iQstors a-e 39 date she signed the
aprli cation in 1907.

IJai.ies of children who were living May 28 1"06 wore
Cmrlie H i.'astors born Sent 16 1893
Mable Masters born Oct lO" 1895

Lillie K Liasters born April 14 1897, Rosa 1.1 Masters born Jan
15, 1900, Kata F Masters born Seot 14 1904.

Names of parents wore Jesse '.Vash Carinacl: Sr.
hor father, and Indian name was Josso i.asn Harmon, and mother
was Lucio Caraacl:, maiden name Lucie Nolen.

T:-:ey wore born in Overton County Tonnossoo, fat or in the 6th
District and mother in the 3ixi district, and resided in said
districts in 1851t

Nai.ios of all brothers and sisters were
John W Garmack, Johnson Stomd.? Temi born Oct 27 1866
Joo N Carraack " born March 2 1868

Mary E ©de Odle (Garmack) i,:onteroy Fob 22 1870
Jess or Geo? \i Garmack Jr -Oohloy Tomi b Dec 27 1873
Elizabeth Canadc -ionteroy Tenn b May 13 1876
Samuel D Garmack, Hilham Tenn b Oct 29 1877
vVm Brovm Carmnc]: Livingston Tenn b Dec 11 18^>3
Vermatis B Carmac):, Hilham Ponn born Jan 15 18r;6
Grovor C Garmack, Hilham Tenn born Jan 15 18''.6
ffinus Garmack., '' born Au^; 13 1889

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