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Audio Garr:ack, " July 25 1892

iiraio Garmac!:, '' born A r 2 1894

Na'-ies of grand ?ip parents were on father's side
Josso ' (V/ ft. Washin-^ton) Garmack Sr son of John Gariack &
wife Pollie . Carnack (i^lam) sbo dr/:htor of
/:kiward Elam and wife 3etsie Pitam (Harman) she the
dau:';kter of Charlie. T cy resided in 1851 Jno Garmack lived in
Overton Go Tenn

Tiioir children wore J ."I Garmack, A R Garmack,
Tennessee Brown (Garmack) Margaret Hooks Garmaclc,

B 11 Masters, H S Best a^xi W J Jones Garmack.

She states "I rely upon Charlie Harmon Indian for my
Indian blood, signed 1907 Auj 14. 2 witness to signature wore
L B Ogle tree and J M Tnompson

A card in the files shows action v;as rejected, daughter
of No 35619, claims thru same source.

She filed another paper as follooa? Ovorton Oo t^jh .
Andrew J Bilyor aiid ,m Bilyor who made oath tlie- knew Elizaoocn
Elam, deed in toor lifetime and knew hor to be the dau of Charles
Harmon docd, he being tlioir great ,rand fat or and re rated to
bo Oicrokoe Indian about half bllod- lived in same neighborhood
of Charles Karnon and his dau xClizabcth Eloiu, affidant "..oirvs
children at same time aald Elizn otli Harman married jldward Elam.

nick name Ned, and was mother cy him of I'.ary ...lam. Patience
Slim, Jin Elan, Jo n Elan, Fercby i^lam now Crav^f ord.Mar:/ Elam
m Jo' n Garmack & had fol. owing children; Elizabetli Garmack, Jesse

-Tennessee, Mar arot, Majory J, Nancy S, Alvin Pddlev Garmack
Elizabeth m Robt S Masters, Tenn m Daniel Brown, iMgt m Louis
Hooks, Mar j or:,- m Rcbt P Jones, Nancy m Hx Noah M Best, Alvin/ n
Hooks Mary m Jones,


v/hoae na.-.a v/aa J/v. ES BROVy: OR JOM! BP.CVP.] (It is v/ritten both

v/ays, and John). Addreaa Ccker Cree'' Tennessee v/as

COi:.;.R creel:, I.IOHRO.': COTJ-.-TY TU'^ITISSSEE age 70 v.-hen he signed this

in 1907, states he uas h-^rn ilay 14 1337 IN BUIICOI.SE COUIJIY

NcRTIi CAROLIWA. and is narriod to SARAH J. BRO'WiJ a-e 47

r-ie nanes of their children who v/ere living Llay 28 1906 v/ere;

Ethel Brown bom Dec 29 1396, and he has another girl under age

but she v/il put in for ov/n ap.lication as she is narried,

and has children, her name BELL VAUHN)

Naine of parents arc Sinon Brown and Llar^jarot Bro\7n, v/hoso

maiden narae is Margaret Caglo .

Ihey v/ere both born in Henderson County North Carolina.

and lived in Georgia in 1851. Patter died 1891 and mother in


Names of brothers and sisters were
Elizabeth J Bj,ovm, John Brovm, Leonard Br-'wn , Nancy Brovm,
Mary Brovm, Necl Berry Brov/n, Adalinc Berry,
and Easter Brov/n .

Nai'.cs of grand part^nts r^.ro
Morgan Brov/n and Robocca Br.v;n, on his father's side and on his
mother's side v/ere John Cagle, and Jennie Cagle .

Tlioy xiGXKd born in MORGAN BR V;il BORIT IN SOUTH
CAROLINA. And vroix> dcadin 1351.

Nar,-:es of their children v/oro John Brov/n, Nellie
Brov/n, Jaclrson 32 Brovm, Jess Brown.

His ancestors bac': to 1835, v/ere on father's side
Simon Br v/n, his father v/as Morgan Br \vn, his mother
Bettie B^oiTn, a full i chero'cce, and he sifzned this as

Ja^nes Br wn, June 28 1907
2 v;itnes3 v/erc James M Smith and James- D. MARTIN

One card in tho files for Janes B^ v/n No 27823 shov/s
action v/as Rejected, his address v/as Col-or Cree'.-, 'Itnn

It does not appear t'lrt any ancestor was party to the
treaties of 1835 or 6, and 1846, or t;;.-;t any ancost r v/as
ever enrolled, shov/s no connection \/i th the .^astern Qierokees.


r-ACE 82
wlien this ap lication v/as signed 1907 . She v/as Born Dec 6,
1387 born in Flint District, W. Indian Territory
and SiiO is not married.

Parents were Villliam A Brovm (v/hlte) and mochor was Llolly
C Lleigs, her maiden was I.iollie C McKee .

Patiier v/as born in Arkansas and mother in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Neither wore living in 1851.

Father died Sept 4, 1893 and raothor in Cookaon, Indian
territory .

Tiiat her mother drew money in 1894, On the Dav/os Conr.ilr
Commission, roll, a chcrokoo, allottoo.
Na>i03 of all brothers and sister wore;
Maud F Brovm born Dec 9 18" 5, and al ■ the follov/ia;; were yet

Bertha il Br v/n, born Juno 6, 1889
Mary E Brovai , born July 8, 1891

and one-half sistor Josio Hcigs born Juno 29, 1899
and One-half brother Go -r^c i'.cKoe I.leigs, born Se-t 7 1902.

(did not knov/ on father's side but on her mother's x side were
\7i 1 1 i a m J i: cKe e , and Add i e L . 1.; cKe e
Ohcy resided in 1851 in Choro!:eo Co N C.

Na es of all their children were
I.iollio C i.icigs, C okson, Indian Territory, (states my mother)
\':n\ RLIcKoe, Park Hill, Indian Territory
Joseph R licKcc sa:ic

Perd A ucKcc ■'
GeoroO D LIcKoe same
Floroncc S I.;cKec
Johnio T McKoe sarac
Pearlie LicKoo sarao
\h\ A Bp0\vn, deceased) our fat:aer.

States ho drew money in 1894 ■:. l^cv.vs
Cori-Lmisslon roll, a cherokee allottee -(Chcrokoo)

RELIARICS: MOLLIS C i,lr,IGS nee McKoe , emigrant No 10188
is daughter of Vin J licKee, who was sk on roll of 1851 and drew
money at that time, signed Addle V Brown, June 19 1C07 ,
2 v/itnoss v/cre Chas Rain Crov;, and Sto.hen F Corlilo.

0.10 card in files for 26029 showing that the CASE V/AS
ADMITTED. Niece of No 2737 and claims through same source.
Lllnor, Daughter of No 1018 •

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NO. 24523 ii;AST^RI^ CPuiR0rai2i APx^LIJATIO.i OP ADDIE Bil V/N
Indian name v/as ITA

Residence aixl post office; Ncrciaaa Indian Territory

Delaware District,

A:;e 21 when she signed this a, >di cation 1907; bom 1336.
She v/as born in Delaware Dist, Cnerokee Nation, and is not
inarried .

States sho bolonsed to the ^astern Cherolteo nation.
Tii: t the navies of parents woio Front: B Br<jvm Indian nano was
Kilikunu whi h was f her father and Sarah A Brown ^99
Indian name was SALAK, naiden name was Sarah A Fields (FIELDS)
f at' er was bom in I.Iissouri and mother bom in Delaware District
Cherokee Nation.

She states her mother Sarah a Br v/n , enrol ed with

Eastern Cherokee on tlic Eightj' Roll and on evorj- roll made

since then.

Names of all brothers and sisters were;

Please Fields, or Ti ka tah.
Vailiam Fields, V/o La

George Fields Chi Cho

Llary E Chastane na la

Annie xl Fields
Ana in 1883 date b^rn
Sarah A born in 1865

3a lah
Kaaes of ,j,rand parents on father's sice, not stated. Uioso on
bor mother's side wore Judy iIcGheo, Chu tah

AI.iBROSE lIcGhoo Stovostah
Iho;,^ were born in the OLD C^L:RC1^^;J: NATION
In 1851 t oy resided in Dolawarc District, Chorokoe Nation.

Na ^,0 3 of all their children were
Albert C HcGheo who resided in Delaware Dist, C!:oro]:eo Nation
John K I.IcGhee sa'-'.e
Ihomas J licGhee sar:x3
I.iary A Holin or Harlin?
Eliza J Fields sai^e
David A IIcGheo
Elizabeth B B I.IcC-hee
Francis Currey 3a:/.o
Susan Did: sa. e

She drew of the Strip Lloney that was paid out
1894 cnrollod by the Daws Oomnissinn and they allotted
land to me. RELiARl^S . I am the dauchtor of Sarah A Dr.wn,
t-o no of her application being 266. She signed this J'ono 10
1907. 2 v/itnoss were Ja .es A V.alkor and Konry Gaines?

A card in the files shows the ACTION WAS AD1.IITTED.
Niece of No 390. residence Narcissa Oklahoma*

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Residence and post office at Cree^: Nation, P. 0. Ilusko^ee,
Indian Territory, age 22 when this aoi^lication was alsned
borr. 1085. in Texas, and is married to '.'illie Brov/n, age 25.
Tiathe belongs to the Jree^: liati:.n tribe.

maiden name .j^ceny HcINTOSH, t e fatiier was bom in Georgia, and
mother In Indian tei-ritor-y.

In 1351 fathor resided at Fort Gibson and place of
residence of mother unJcnown.

Ilaiios of all brcthors and sisters v/ere ;
Susie Pirtlo born 1877; itodolph Wofford b 1870
Maria Sraith b 1880, Daisjr Allen b 1881
Joe i.offord b 1883, Doliza '..offord b 1888
Honry IVofford b 1890, Henda? \Jofford, b 1892,
Sarah V/offord b 1895, Cleo Viofford b 1897
Bertha Wofford b 1900, Leila V/offord b 1901

Grandparents aro Sara './offord and Susan Hill
and on mother's side was Lois liclntosh and i.Iaria liarshel
IVjOy woro born Georgia Indian Territory.
Resided 1851 in Ft Gibs n and '.-"ybark.
Their children wore* 'lEOKGE V/OPPORD : DICTC WOFFORD,

I.Iuslcohoe, Indian Territory
Eli Wofford, deceased, and Tnom '.'/offord, Talcquah Indian Territ

Signed Acylcan Brown July 27 1907

2 witness v;e}X3 Dempsy Grasscr? and Dennis Vann

A card Yio 31359 shov/s that t'-'C Action was rejected.
residence liuskogoo, Oklahoma
Dau htcr of No 25232.


6 . t;^-



ll^M i »«■»


¥•. |« .1

I £;7e 85
V/ILLIA:: IlillRY BROmvI : INDIAII NA:E HAR'ON, reside -at
Hilhaiii, Overton County, T'onnessee, born 4-3-1869, in Overton *
Co Tonii, and is married to I.;. P. Brovm and belongs to the |

Chero):ee tribe J "

Na:r.os of all childron v/ho v/ere living on L'.ay 28 1906 follows:
T VI Brov/n born 3-4-;893- John A or D? Brov/ri born 7-31 1894
Cl-iasly B Brov/n 6-16-1805, Annie L Brov;n , 3-17-1898
Janes Bpov/n born 10-1- 1901.

faror.ts were Daniel Brov;n and .-ary TenriOsseo Brown, v/hoso i

Indian naino v/as Harman or Hornan, maiden naino was t

l.lary Tennessee Cormach . v/ho were born in Overton County, Tonn.
and they lived in said county in 1851, and both v/eic stilx
living when he signed this Aug 15, 1907.

Naiiies of all brothers and sisters v;orc?
No. 35612, John Ridby Brovm born 8-4-1867.
No. 35611 J I.I Brovm

G V/ Browrn v/ith no nunbor opnosito
IIo 35613 u F Daily;
35615 S E Ogle tree.:

and Tv/ins, I.Irs J A Horkins, No. 35514 and
Josephine Ilor^'.lns No 35616
(this last ncne may be meant for Hav/kins?)
as it is not legible
and Mrs W A Cof f man .

and mother's side v/as Polly (Mary) Carnack (iJlair., (Elam)

and " English nn-ie Harmon

v/ho were born in Overton Co Tonn and lived there in 1851.
Nanes of all their children fcllov/:

J 1/ Cornack or Co mock, i

J 1.1 ■' '= '= '

\7 L Hooks j

B A Masters |

N S Best I

l.i J ix Jones I

A R Co mock •

Hary Tonnossoe Brovm, (my mother) i

(states; 300 ap li cation of tl^.e Cormacks or Cormocks,
and Bilyors Generally. 'x\!o v/it..es3 for his signatvrc were
J \i Eldridgo, and J S Langford.

V/illiaiu H Brov;n, residence Hllham Tonn, action Rejected,
claims through the same source as No 32901.

The soccial comr.ussioncr of the Court of claims,
sent an announcement thc.t T A w.uld bo rt Livingston
Tenn. /to Mary P Daily Nc 35613 Juje 29 1908 and that

for her to toll VAn H Br \vn No 35610 to be present also.

PAGE 86.
NO. 35611 JAi;US "lADISOH BROVfil

£AST:".R CT-IxlRCnLE APPLI CATION; real .'>.;. cc Hllhp.n, Overton Co.
Tennessee, who v/as born 5-12-1882 in 0- orton Co. and is not

Fane of parents were Daniel B ov-ti and nother;
Tennessee Brown, v/hose Indian narie v/as Harnon or
maiden na:^.e v/as Tennessee Cornacl:. './ho v/ero born in Overton
County Tennessee, nrd they libod there in 1851. And both v/ere
still living when ho sif^ncd this Au 13 1907.
Nanos of all brothers and sisters v/cro
John R Brown, born 8-4-1867; 17 H Br.vm born 4-3-1867
li P Brov/n Dorty oi- Daily? born 9-4-1871
S V. Bruvai, Ogletroe) born 9-13, 1874

Tl/VIKS: JOSSi-HILLi BRO.i'I AKiD JO A BROWiI, BORN ll-iQ 11, 1876?
G './ Brov/n born 2-20- 1387
W A Brov/n (Coffman) born 12-1-1889.

1IA.£S OP G;:Ai^D FARiCrlTS iKfiE FATi.ER'S SIDl) V^Rd
JOHN CORI.IACK and oii nother' s side v/as Polly or i.lary Cornack
and her Indian waa Horman. Tnoy v/orc » born in Ovorton
Co Tennessee, and resided t;:icro 1351.

Names of their c.rlD.dren v/orc J \\ Cornacl:, J \\ Coraaclc
W L Hck 1 Coraack, E A .Vartls Cornack, \\ S Bost Cor!r;ack
?.I J Jones Cornack, deed, ai-id A R Comaclc.

•Hiis nano coixld t)0 oithor Comae!: or Cornock.
SCO ai^illcation of Jossio? Hash? Cornack, relative to
Charles Hornan v/hercacouts and life,

signed Jt'.MOs Iladison Brov/n, 13 Aug 1907.
2 v/itncss signed v/crc S C V/ard, and Abo Hawkins.

Action v/as reioctod. Clains through sane source as
No 32901.

Pa^e 87

or Indian Nane Honv.Ein or Hornon, residence Kilhau, Overton
County Tennessee, born 8-4-1367,

Tiey were born in Overton County Tennessee, and nane of
wife was S A Brown, (Haw^rins) born 2-7-1868?. of their children were Fannie ^'av Br-'^v/n born
8-11-1889 and Vvillln? i^lzin? Brown bom 6-3-1891
Nanes of parents v/ere, father Daniel Brown, and mother
T II ESSEE BR vWI (CCRiiAaO Indian nane Hornan
maiden name Tennessee Cori.iack, both born in Overton
and lived in said county in 1851, and both v/ere stll.. living
in 1907 Au:?; 13, when ho signed this.

Nai'.es of all brothers and sisters were;
V; H Brov/n, J I.I Brown, G V. Brown, W F Brown, (Daily )
S 'hj Brown (Oglotree) and twins;
J A Brown (Hawkins

Josephine Brov/ii (Hav.'kins, who mnrriod brothers.
and \'i A Bruv;n (Coffman)
NAiiES OF GRAI© ]eAREjrrS V/ JOHN GOK.iACK, father's sido
and mother's sido was xolly (i.iary) Corr^.acl: (iLlam)

o":* Hornan
born in Ovorton Go Tonn, and lived thoro in 1351.
NAi.SS OF AL . TtlHlIR CHILD 1131^! VfiliLi J \'I CORIIACK,

ii s 30ST cor:.acic, :.i j joites cori:ack, a r coR;.:Aav, iu\RY

TEN.l'ESSES BRO/LI, (my mother).

see a.-. plication for ancestors bock to 1035
of Jessie '.Yard? Cormacl:, and others spinning from Ciarles
nOR':A:i, conm> n ancest.T.

2 witness to signature of John Ridley or Ridby 3ra-/n were
S C \/ard, and J T Lansdon.

A card in the file 35613 shov/s action vras rejected.
Claims through sarno source as No 32901. res.rdonc Hilham,
Tennessee .



Residence of V-liitesburs, Tennessee, Ha.blen county Tenn

age 28 v/hen this apylication v/as signed 1907 Au^.ust 5.

S She was born Nov 20, 1878 at .-'ar Gap, Hawkins County Tennessee.

and she is not married.

Naries of the pnronts v/er Ja les Henry Crawford
BROlTrl NO 34400, and Rebocca Jane Br^wn, whose maiden name was
VERl.IILION, that they .vero born father at V.'Qr Gapl Hawkins County
Tennessee, and mother at Vvillow Springs, Russell county Virginia.

In 1851 father resided at V/ar Gap Hawkins Co Tennessee
and mother resided at Stidcloyvillo, Scott Co Va .

NajTios of all brothers and sisters v/oro;
T.'eophilus G Brown, born Novonibor 13 1861, at ICnoxvillo, Tennessee
George McClollan and Franlc Brov/n, (tv/ins) born March 12 1864.

Loo's Spring, Tennoosco; BIG STCilE GAP IX VIRGINIA
T-'iOS E BRcm BORiN DEC 9 1865; V^hitosburg, Tcnn
Clinton A Brown Bom Oct 12 1867 ''
W.\ W Brown. St Clair, Tonnessoc ,born Doc 23 1869
James K Brown , bom Nov 23 1874, at Bull's Gap, Tennessee

on fatiior's side and on mother's side was V^n Vermillion, and
Nancy Owens, and on father's side were born in North Carolina
nnd on mother's side born in V&rginia. and in 1351 on father's
side resided at War Gap Tennessee, and on mother's side resided
in Scott County Virginia.

Iheirr children were Irodcll C Brov/n, deed.
Jesse Brown, Ihos iJ Br-^vTi, Nancy Brovm , Ov;on M Brovm
Clinton A Br^v/n, "atilda R Brcvm Jarios Y C Br.v/ri , residence
at V;hitosburg, Tenn for the last named.

John V; Vemillion, Arch 3 VenilMon
Augustus, '.'Vm Doughlass ftVormillion
Mary E Vermillion, Sarah C Vcrnillicn, and Ro'occn J Vermillion.

Ancestors back to i8&- 1835 were J F C 3r"\vn and Rebecca
Brown, on father's side - Tios - and Sarah Brv/n, mother's
wore V.r.i and Nancy Vermillion.

RL:;..!ARi:S :
Mentions Sizomore as t::c English name
Signed Fannie L Leona Br wn, Aug 3 1907 and 2 vdtness were
Rev D T/ Laws on and I.i A Creech.
A card in the files

shows the action was i^ejoctod. and that it v/as a Sizemoro
Case .


VrtLBERT OWT::: BR:vriI, the minor, Indian nafo was Harnon .
residence Hilham, Overton county Tennessee, v/hc v/as ago 2
Born October 5 1904, Born in Overton County Ten.esseo.
Nanes of all his children ^vlio were living ilny 28 1906
— \/ilbert Ov/en or Oliver Brov/n, age 2, born Oct 5, 1904.

NA; .".'S CP his PA1:'LR XX AIID MOTHT-R v/as Jo' n Leslie Br.-wn
the aoolicant, and no the r v/as Eva S Br v/n, NO 34842
Indian nane v;as Harnon, nniden nar.e v/as T?va S Dr''V/n.
Tlioj v/ere both bom in Overton Co Teniesseo.


Father's side v/erc G G Br'^vn, and I'.nry Brovm, end on
nothcr's side v/ere Jarios 1' Belyor or Indian none Harnon
and A/o Bilyer.
and they v/oro born in Overton county 'Xtonnossee .

Har.'.es of all diildron follov/;
Eva S Br JV/n , nothor of ninor^ residence Hilhan Tenn, Route 1
Perry D Bilyer sar^c
x'arthena Bilyer sa.. o addroso
Ova V Bilyer sartO
Dora J Bilyer saiw
V/:: P Bilyor sai.ic
George P Bilyer 2 saino address

John Leslie and E.a S Brown, parents were J P (Hnrnan)
Bilyer and Ava Bilyer, Grand parents, Benj and Nancy (Haman)
Bilyor v/ho v/as a grand son of Charles Harmon a cherol:ce Indian
of half blood. Signed John L BpOV/n^xSAi^gust 14 1907.

A card in the files shov/ the ..ction v/as rojoctcd.
Residence Plilham Tennessee, clains thro the sa:?.e source
as No 32901.

A letter in tie file dated Aug 14 1907 to Special
Cor.imissionor U S Court of claims Vashin^Tton D C.
Dear Sir; I am desirous to Irnov/ the fact whether or not
Chcrlos Harnon deceased v/as enrolled on the Indian of the
Eastern &^oro]reo Tribe it has been reputed and handed do\m,
as a part of the family record that he v/as in one of the
early v/ars; I thin^: the Revolutionary v/ar, and led a x snail
band of Indians a^^ainst the Tories, Please investigate
your office contains such inf orr.'.ction or not r)loase-»rof cr
or forv/ard to the proper office, give no any information
you can in order to assist mo in my claim.

Very truly, Joh:i Leslie Br-v.-n •

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who v/as fon.orly Bllyen (indlnn nr-\o jjva Sobrlna Harmon)
Residence; Hilhan, route 1, Overton County Tennescee.
A: e 24, born July 8, 1803. Pom in Overton county Ifennesse-
whose husband v/as John Leslie Br v/n ,

Na -le of her child was '.'ilbert Ozner Brovm, a.-^e 2
born October 5, 1904.

Na;'03 of parents v/ere Ja les Peter Bllyen and A va
Bllyen, forierly Avo Hornor , fat'-'cr was Ja:-.G3 P Bilyen
Indian jaae was Ja.ios P Har.ion, and mother was Ava Bilyen
maiden name was Ava Harnor or Hornor.

Tnoy were born in Overton County Tennessee,
fatr'.or and mother were both living in 1907 August 13, when
she signed this ap..licatlon;

All hor brother's and sisters wore as follows;
Perry Dontnn Bilyor born Aorix 10 1837, rosidonco Ililhan/Ponn
Parthenia Olivia Bilyor, Hilhnr.; Tonn born Ilarch 19 1889
Ova or Ava V Bilyen born Juno 1 1391, Hilhaia Tonn
Dona Jano Bilyen born Oct 14 1895, Hilhom, Tenn
'ui.\ royton Bilyen born Juq® 21, 1899, Hilhan, Tonn
George Powell Bilyen, com Aug 12 1902, Hilham Tenn

ON Father's side Bo ' j Bilyen and or Harmon and
Nancy Bilyon Pctcrmnn and on mother's side was John H Horner
and ulnorva J (TROUT) HOR]ER

Resided 1851, m.y grand parent Bllyen resided in Overton Co
I'onn, the others I a;; no sua re.

NaiTics of all thoir children were Oliver Bilycr, deed.
Andrew J Bilyon, Hilhan, Tcnn -V/:n Bilyen at Hilhan, Tenn
Parthenia Bilyen, deed. George \'i Bilyen, deed. Nancy E Bilyo:
Bilyon, Oglotreo , Livingston Tcnn

Jacob Bilyen, deed. Sherod A. Bilyen, R-assellville , Ky
I.Iahala A (Bilyen) Holman, iTusselville, Ky
liahala A Bilyon Holman, Rassellville Ky
Rose A Bilyen,'lford, Russellville, Ky

Ancestors bac": to 1035, shows Jr.;'.cs V (Harman) Bilyen and
Avo Bilyen parents, Bcnj Harmon Bilyen and Nancy Bilyen
grand parents Oliver Harnaon Bilyen, and Bilyon, great grand

parents Charles Harmon and Harmon Great Great Grand

p arc lit s .

Sec a- olleation of John D kAiito filed with ap lication
of ijidrew' J Bilyen, and ap licantion of :iliza Jane Gore
filed with Vn Bilyen' s a;plicati n as to my descent from
CHARLES HARluON Iv/^ Cili. R^vil- lilDIAi:

She signed niva S Brovm, 13 Aug 1907, with 2 witnesses
\'I F ward and Albert i/ilson. I^.e card in N^ 34842 shows
Action was rejected. Clai..:s tiiru the same source as No 32901



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no 34558 Zastern Chero?:oe, apjlicp.tian of
A ARI'.TA S. BROW::. Residence at Route V.c. , 3 PULASivA COUl'TY
ARlCAiSAS a^c 27 born Feb 20 1800, born in Snllno County
/ipicansas, and is i •.•lari-l od to Caarlea A Bx'-^'m, a chero':ee
Na:ie of child was Benard Pa,3an by First Husband ap:o 10
born Aug 29 1897 .

Ihis child was livlrg n ::□:' 28 1006.

Na-es of parents v/ero Joshua Bowden Snov; ^..^ .. ,..-r Alice
Virginia Snov/, maiden nane Alice V Sincox.
fathsr was born in Saline County Arlransas, and no the r in
Decatur Alabor.ia.

In 1851 father lived at Saline Gn Ark. and nother in
Decatur Alabana

Fat, er d ed Jan 31 1905, and nother still llvliv, _.-

Na.'o of all your broth'' rs and sisters were
Chesloy B Snibw, born Dec 271 1872,
Claudl Leon Snow bom Juno 21 1875
Hannlo Snow bom ^lardn 4 18o6
Ellsworth Snow, born J ne 20 1890
Roland Lofland Sn.w born Dec 1 1392.

OBEDI/Ji SNOW MID on nothor's side was ivuth Snow.
Thoy v/oro born in Goorgia and iilabar.ia,
thoy resided in 1851 in Salino County iO?lcansas.
Na-.ios of all their children .vcrc Solonon Snow
I.ialancy Snow and Jack Snow or Zack Snow, all deceased.

She si nod the ap-^li cation as io'nrina Snow Br -wn
13 1907 and 2 witness wore i. -i Br \.ti and Ton D Johnson.

A card in the file shows the action was rejected.
Clains thru saiio source as No 32526.


NO 34703 :a(50 92

l^ase shows hsr naie to be Arcenla Brov/n, residence of
706 10th St Indianapolis, liarlon Count;' Indiana
She was af;e 35 when she signed this ap'-lication 1907.
Str.tes she was Born Au^vist 23 1822. in' Halifax County North
Carolina, states she is a widow.

I^iat her child Charles './iliian Brown was born
October 8 1854.

Hor father was Asa Jones, and mother was Nisa Jones
maiden nn: :e was Nisa Hinniard, (wl:ito).

fat'^.or vms born in Halifax County North Carolina
her mother born there also.

T.ioy resided in I^sh county Indiana in 1851, deceased)
father diod about 1830 and inothcr about lo'.3


and on mother's sido "V/HITE"
Ti-IEY WERE BORl'I IN GEOX-IA. in 1851 v/cro docoasod .

Four of i.iy chil'fr:-."! have diod but xxzxe leave
off a rings, doscondants of c.xro'ioc.

Sho si nod Au^ 12 1907
with 2 witness; Albert -7 Roberts and Julia Brown Harris

Ihorc is a card in tro files, showing Action was rojoctod.
No ancestor was over enrolled. It docs not appear that any
ancestor was party to the treaties *")f 1835, and 1036, and 1346.
An dicant v/as nor her fat'ior wore no or roco",nlzed as
me.ibcrs of the tribe. ^■>3gTrT87t Shows ^x no connection vrLth the
Eastern Chcro^toes. sec letter.

Hor letter reads, "Indianapolis, I .d H.ay 25 1908

Hon G'ion Miller, V/r3hin£:ton D C

Dear Sir: I v/as not enrolled in 1851 because I dnd not l:now

anything about it.

Ily father was not enrolled in 1^51, or 1835

because he did not know anything about it.

•ly father nor myself v/erc never recognized

members of the Eastern Choro'':co3, and so wore not ad'.''ittod

to tribal council.

I was never a slave.

signed /a?conia Br v/n,

706 V/ 10th St.

Pa^e 93

# 33198 faster:: GIIliHO'rEE A'PLICATIOi; OF AxTT'TF Bx'lV.lI, address;
Italy, iJllis county Texas, a^o 33 born 1873, In Ilarrant or
Denton (probably county as there aru 2 count 'es by this nane
in Toxas ) . -Jid is married to R. ... Brov/n a- e 54.

Waiics of all children v/ho v/ore living on liay 28, 1006

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