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_London, November 1892._





Aidé (Hamilton). Songs without Music. 3rd edition. With additional
Pieces. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

Ashe (Thomas). Poems. Complete edition, in one volume, double columns.
Crown 8vo. _10s. 6d._

Barry Cornwall. English Songs and Lyrics. 2nd edition. Fcap. 8vo.

Bridges (R.) Shorter Poems. 3rd edition. Fcap. 8vo. _4s._ net.

- - Eros and Psyche: A Poem in Twelve Measures. The Story done into
English from the Latin of Apuleius. Crown 8vo. _6s._

- - Prometheus the Firegiver. Fcap. 8vo. _10s._ net.

- - Achilles in Scyros. New Edition. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._ net.

- - Eden. A Cantata in Three Acts, set to music by C. Villiers
Stanford. Words only, by Robert Bridges. _2s._ net.

Browning's Strafford. With Notes by E. H. Hickey, Secretary to the
Browning Society, and an Introduction by S. R. Gardiner, LL.D.,
Professor of Modern History, King's College, London. 2nd edition.
Crown 8vo. _2s. 6d._

Handbook to Robert Browning's Works. By Mrs. Sutherland Orr.
6th edition, with additions. Fcap. 8vo. _6s._

Stories from Robert Browning. By Frederic M. Holland. With an
Introduction by Mrs. Sutherland Orr. Wide fcap. _4s. 6d._

Calverley (C. S.) Works by the late C. S. Calverley, M.A., late Fellow
of Christ's College, Cambridge.

Uniform Edition in 4 vols. Crown 8vo.

Vol. I. LITERARY REMAINS, with Portrait and Memoir. Edited by
Walter J. Sendall. 3rd edition. _10s. 6d._

Vol. II. VERSES AND FLY LEAVES. 3rd edition. _7s. 6d._

Vol. III. TRANSLATIONS into English and Latin. 3rd edition.
_7s. 6d._

Vol. IV. THEOCRITUS, in English Verse. 3rd edition. _7s. 6d._

Original Editions.

FLY LEAVES. 18th thousand. Fcap. 8vo. _3s. 6d._

VERSES AND TRANSLATIONS. 14th edition. _5s._

De Vere (Sir Aubrey). Mary Tudor: an Historical Drama, in Two Parts.
By the late Sir Aubrey De Vere. New edition. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

'Few finer historical plays than the first of Sir Aubrey de
Vere's on Mary Tudor have been written since Shakespeare's
time.' - _Spectator._

De Vere (Sir Stephen). Translations from Horace, with a few Original
Poems by Sir Stephen E. De Vere, Bart. With Latin Text. 2nd edition
enlarged, on hand-made paper. Fcap. 4to. _7s. 6d._

Ferguson (Sir S.) Congal: A Poem in Five Books. By the late Sir Samuel
Ferguson, Knt., Q.C., LL.D., P.R.I.A. Fcap. 4to. _12s._

- - Poems. Demy 8vo. _7s. 6d._

Field (Michael). Callirrhoë, Fair Rosamund. 2nd edition. Crown 8vo.
parchment cover, _6s._

'These poems are poems of great promise.... We have found a
wealth of surprise in the strength, the simplicity, and the
terseness of the imaginative feeling they
display.' - _Spectator._

- - Canute the Great; a Cup of Water. Two Plays. Crown 8vo. _7s. 6d._

'Finer and more concentrated power of drawing is not, perhaps,
to be found among living dramatists.' - _Academy._

- - The Father's Tragedy; William Rufus; Loyalty or Love? Crown 8vo.
parchment cover, _7s. 6d._

- - The Tragic Mary. On hand-made paper, bound in brown boards, with
Design by Selwyn Image, imperial 16mo. _7s. 6d._ net.

Large-paper Edition, on Whatman's paper, bound in vellum, with
design in gold, 60 copies only (numbered), fcap. 4to. _21s._

Lang (Andrew). Helen of Troy. A Poem. 5th edition. Wide fcap. 8vo.
cloth, _2s. 6d._ net.

Patmore (Coventry). Poems. Collective Edition in 2 vols. 4th edition.
Fcap. 8vo. _9s._

- - The Unknown Eros, and other Poems. 3rd edition. Fcap. 8vo. _2s.

- - The Angel in the House. 6th edition. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

- - Florilegium Amantis. A selection from Coventry Patmore's works.
Edited by Dr. Garnett. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

Procter (A. A.) Legends and Lyrics. By Adelaide Anne Procter. With
Introduction by Charles Dickens. New edition, printed on hand-made
paper. 2 vols. pott 8vo., extra binding, _10s._

ORIGINAL EDITION. First Series. 69th thousand. _2s. 6d._
Second Series. 61st thousand. _2s. 6d._

CROWN 8VO EDITION. With new portrait, etched by C. O. Murray,
from a Painting by E. Gaggiotti Richards. 16th thousand. Post
8vo. cloth, gilt edges, _8s. 6d._

CHEAP EDITION, with 18 Illustrations, double columns. 2
Series. 16th thousand. Fcap. 4to. paper cover, _1s._ each; or
in 1 vol. cloth, _3s._

The Procter Birthday Book. Demy 16mo. _1s._

Tennyson (Lord). A Key to Tennyson's 'In Memoriam.' By Alfred Gatty,
D.D., Vicar of Ecclesfield and Sub-Dean of York. Fourth edition, with
Portrait of Arthur Hallam, _3s. 6d._

Trevelyan (Sir G. O.) The Ladies in Parliament, and other Pieces.
Republished, with Additions and Annotations. By Sir George Otto
Trevelyan. Crown 8vo. _6s. 6d._ Cheap edition, _1s. 6d._

Waddington (S.) A Century of Sonnets. Fcap. 4to. _4s. 6d._

Woolner (T.) Tiresias. By the late Thomas Woolner, R.A., author of 'My
Beautiful Lady,' 'Pygmalion,' 'Silenus.' Demy 8vo. _6s._

* * * * *

Beaumont and Fletcher, their finest Scenes, Lyrics, and other Beauties
(selected), with Notes and Introduction by Leigh Hunt. Small post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._

Butler's Hudibras, with Variorum Notes, a Biography, and a General
Index, a Portrait of Butler, and 28 Illustrations. Small post 8vo.

Chaucer's Poetical Works. With Poems formerly printed with his or
attributed to him. Edited, with a Memoir, Introduction, Notes, and a
Glossary, by Robert Bell. Revised, with a Preliminary Essay by Rev.
Prof. Skeat, M.A. With Portrait. 4 vols. small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Greene, Marlowe, and Ben Jonson, Poems of. Edited, with Critical and
Historical Notes and Memoirs, by Robert Bell. Small post 8vo. _3s.

Milton's Poetical Works. With a Memoir and Critical Remarks by James
Montgomery, an Index to Paradise Lost, Todd's Verbal Index to all the
Poems, and a Selection of Explanatory Notes by Henry G. Bohn.
Illustrated with 120 Wood Engravings by Thompson, Williams, O. Smith,
and Linton, from Drawings by W. Harvey. 2 vols. small post 8vo. _8s.
6d._ each.

Pope's Poetical Works. Edited, with copious Notes, by Robert
Carruthers. 2 vols. with numerous Illustrations, small post 8vo.

- - Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. With Introduction and Notes by the
Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A. Illustrated by the entire Series of Flaxman's
Designs. 2 vols. small post 8vo. _5s._ each.

Sheridan's Dramatic Works. Complete. With Life by G. G. S., and
Portrait, after Reynolds. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Shakespeare. Dramatic Works. Edited by S. W. Singer. With a Life of
Shakespeare by W. W. Lloyd. Uniform with the Aldine Edition of Poets.
In 10 vols. fcap. 8vo. cloth, _2s. 6d._ each. 10 vols. in half
morocco, _2l. 10s._; or with plates, _3l._

- - Plays and Poems. With Notes and Life by Charles Knight. Royal
8vo. _10s. 6d._

- - Pocket Volume Edition. Comprising all his Plays and Poems. Edited
from the First Folio Edition by T. Keightley. 13 vols. royal 32mo. in
a cloth box, price _21s._

Critical Essays on the Plays. By W. W. Lloyd. Uniform with Singer's
Edition of Shakespeare, _2s. 6d._

Essays and Notes on Shakespeare, &c. By J. W. Hales, M.A. Crown 8vo.
_7s. 6d._

Shakespeare's Dramatic Art. The History and Character of Shakespeare's
Plays. By Dr. Hermann Ulrici. Translated by L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols.
sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Shakespeare: A Literary Biography by Karl Elze, Ph.D., LL.D.
Translated by L. Dora Schmitz. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._

Coleridge's Lectures on Shakespeare, &c. Edited by T. Ashe. Sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._

Hazlitt's Lectures on the Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. Sm. post
8vo. _1s._

Jameson's Shakespeare's Heroines. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

* * * * *

Lamb's Specimens of English Dramatic Poets of the Time of Elizabeth.
With Notes, together with the Extracts from the Garrick Plays. Sm.
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England, taken down from oral
recitation, and transcribed from private manuscripts, rare broadsides,
and scarce publications. Edited by Robert Bell. Sm. post 8vo. _3s.

Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Collected by Thomas Percy,
Lord Bishop of Dromore. With an Essay on Ancient Minstrels, and a
Glossary. A new edition by J. V. Prichard, A.M. 2 vols. Sm. post 8vo.

English Sonnets by Living Writers. Selected and arranged, with a Note
on the History of the Sonnet, by S. Waddington. 2nd edition, enlarged.
Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

English Sonnets by Poets of the Past. Selected and arranged by S.
Waddington. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

* * * * *

Who Wrote It? A Dictionary of Common Poetical Quotations in the
English Language. 4th edition. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

Bohn's Dictionary of Quotations from the English Poets, arranged
according to subjects. 4th edition. Post 8vo. _6s._

Re-issue in Fortnightly Volumes, fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._ each.


'This excellent edition of the English classics, with their
complete texts and scholarly introductions, are something very
different from the cheap volumes of extracts which are just
now so much too common.' - _St. James's Gazette._

'An excellent series. Small, handy, and complete.' - _Saturday

Blake. Edited by W. M. Rossetti.

Keats. Edited by the late Lord Houghton.

Campbell. Edited by his son-in-law, the Rev. A. W. Hill. With Memoir
by W. Allingham.

Coleridge. Edited by T. Ashe, B.A. 2 vols.

Vaughan. Sacred Poems and Pious Ejaculations. Edited by the Rev. H.

Raleigh and Wotton. With Selections from the Writings of other COURTLY
POETS from 1540 to 1650. Edited by Ven. Archdeacon Hannah, D.C.L.

Chatterton. Edited by the Rev. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 2 vols.

Rogers. Edited by Edward Bell, M.A.

Herbert. Edited by the Rev. A. B. Grosart.

Chaucer. Edited by Dr. R. Morris, with Memoir by Sir H. Nicolas. 6

Spenser. Edited by J. Payne Collier, 5 vols.

Dryden. Edited by the Rev. R. Hooper, M.A. 5 vols.

Gray. Edited by J. Bradshaw, LL.D.

Pope. Edited by G. R. Dennis. With Memoir by John Dennis. 3 vols.

Milton. Edited by Dr. Bradshaw. 3 vols.

Churchill. Edited by Jas. Hannay. 2 vols.

Scott. Edited by John Dennis. 5 vols.

Shelley. Edited by H. Buxton Forman. 5 vols.

Prior. Edited by R. B. Johnson. 2 vols.

Wordsworth. Edited by Prof. Dowden. 7 vols.

_To be followed by_

Burns. Edited by G. A. Aitken. 3 vols.

Herrick. Edited by George Saintsbury. 2 vols.

Goldsmith. Edited by Austin Dobson.

Butler. Edited by R. B. Johnson. 2 vols.

Thomson. Edited by the Rev. D. C. Tovey. 2 vols.

Collins. Edited by W. Moy Thomas.

Surrey. Edited by J. Gregory Foster.

Wyatt. Edited by J. Gregory Foster.

Swift. Edited by the Rev. R. Hooper, M.A. 3 vols.

Parnell. By G. A. Aitken.

Cowper. Edited by John Bruce, F.S.A. 3 vols.

Young. 2 vols.

Shakespeare's Poems.


Memorials of the Hon. Ion Keith-Falconer, late Lord Almoner's
Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge, and Missionary to
the Mohammedans of Southern Arabia. By the Rev. Robert Sinker, D.D.,
Librarian of Trinity College, Cambridge. With new Portrait. 6th and
popular edition. Crown 8vo. _2s. 6d._

A Memoir of Edward Steere, Third Missionary Bishop in Central Africa.
By the Rev. R. M. Heanley, M.A. With Portrait, Four Illustrations, and
Map. 2nd edition, revised. Crown 8vo. _5s._

Life of Dean Colet, Founder of St. Paul's School. By the Rev. J. H.
Lupton, M.A., Surmaster of St. Paul's School. With an Appendix of some
of his English Writings, and Portrait. Demy 8vo. _12s._

George Alexander Macfarren. His Life, Works, and Influence. By
Professor H. C. Banister. With Portrait. Post 8vo. _5s._

Robert Schumann. His Life and Works. By August Reissmann. Translated
by A. L. Alger. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Schumann's Early Letters. Translated by May Herbert. With a Preface by
Sir George Grove, D.C.L. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

William Shakespeare. A Literary Biography by Karl Elze, Ph.D., LL.D.
Translated by L. Dora Schmitz. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._

Boswell's Life of Johnson, with the Tour in the Hebrides, and
Johnsoniana. New edition, with Notes and Appendices by the late Rev.
Alexander Napier, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge, Vicar of Holkham,
Editor of the Cambridge Edition of the 'Theological Works of Barrow.'
With Steel Engravings. 5 vols. Demy 8vo. _3l._; or in 6 vols. sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Johnson's Lives of the Poets. Edited, with Notes, by Mrs. Alexander
Napier, and an Introduction by Professor J. W. Hales, M.A. 3 vols. Sm.
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

North's Lives of the Norths: Right Hon. Francis North, Baron
Guildford, the Hon. Sir Dudley North, and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John
North. Edited by A. Jessopp, D.D. With 3 Portraits. 3 vols. Sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Vasari's Lives of the most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and
Architects. Translated by Mrs. J. Foster, with Notes. 6 vols. Sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Walton's Lives of Donne, Hooker, &c. New edition, revised by A. H.
Bullen. With numerous illustrations. Sm. post 8vo, _5s._

Helps (Sir Arthur). The Life and Labours of the late Thomas Brassey.
7th edition. Sm. post 8vo. _1s. 6d._

- - The Life of Hernando Cortes, and the Conquest of Mexico.
Dedicated to Thomas Carlyle. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. _15s._

- - The Life of Christopher Columbus, the Discoverer of America. 10th
edition. Crown 8vo. _6s._

- - The Life of Pizarro. With some Account of his Associates in the
Conquest of Peru. 3rd edition. Crown 8vo. _6s._

- - The Life of Las Casas, the Apostle of the Indies. 5th edition.
Crown 8vo. _6s._

Irving (Washington). Life of Oliver Goldsmith. _1s._

- - Life and Voyages of Columbus and his Companions. 2 vols. With
Portraits. _3s. 6d._ each.

- - Life of Mahomet and His Successors. With Portrait. _3s. 6d._

- - Life of George Washington. With Portrait. 4 vols. _3s. 6d._ each.

Life and Letters of Washington Irving. By his nephew, Pierre E.
Irving. With Portrait. 2 vols. _3s. 6d._ each.

Lockhart's Life of Burns. Revised and corrected with Notes and
Appendices, by William Scott Douglas. With Portrait. Sm. post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._

Southey's Life of Nelson. With Additional Notes, Index, Portraits,
Plans, and upwards of 50 Engravings. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._

- - Life of Wesley, and the Rise and Progress of Methodism. With
Portrait. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._

Life of Wellington. By 'An Old Soldier.' From the materials of
Maxwell. With 18 Steel Engravings. Sm. post. 8vo. _5s._

Life of Burke. By Sir James Prior. With Portrait. Sm. post 8vo. _3s.

Life and Letters of Locke. By Lord King. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Life of Pope. By Robert Carruthers. Illustrated. Sm. post. 8vo. _5s._

Cellini's Memoirs. Translated by T. Roscoe. With Portrait. Sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._

Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson. By his Widow. With
Portrait. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Memorials and Letters of Charles Lamb. Talfourd's edition, revised. By
W. Carew Hazlitt. 2 vols. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Letters and Works of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Edited, with Memoir,
by W. Moy Thomas. Revised edition, with 5 Portraits. 2 vols. small
post 8vo. _5s._ each.

Memoirs of Philip de Commines. Translated by A. R. Scoble. With
Portraits. 2 vols. small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

* * * * *

The Early Diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778. With a Selection from
her Correspondence and from the Journals of her Sisters, Susan and
Charlotte Burney. Edited by Annie Raine Ellis. 2 vols. Demy 8vo.

The Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay. As edited by her Niece,
Charlotte Barrett. With Portraits. 4 vols. Demy 8vo. _30s._

Evelyn's Diary and Correspondence, with the Private Correspondence of
Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas, and between Sir Edward Hyde (Earl
of Clarendon) and Sir Richard Browne. Edited from the Original MSS. by
W. Bray, F.A.S. With 45 Engravings. 4 vols. small post 8vo. _20s._

N.B. - This edition contains 130 letters from Evelyn and his
wife, printed by permission, contained in no other edition.

Pepys' Diary and Correspondence. With Life and Notes by Lord
Braybrooke, and Appendix containing Additional Letters, and Index, and
31 Engravings. 4 vols. small post 8vo. _20s._

N.B. - This is a reprint of Lord Braybrooke's fourth and last
edition, containing all his latest Notes and Corrections, the
copyright of the publishers.

* * * * *

The Campaign of Sedan: The Downfall of the Second Empire,
August-September 1870. By George Hooper. With General Map and Six
Plans of Battles. Demy 8vo. _14s._

Waterloo: The Downfall of the First Napoleon. A History of the
Campaign of 1815. By George Hooper. With Maps and Plans. New edition,
revised. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798. By W. H. Maxwell. Illustrated
by George Cruikshank. 13th edition. _7s. 6d._

The War of the Succession in Spain during the Reign of Queen Anne,
1702-1711. Based on Original Manuscripts and Contemporary Records. By
Col. the Hon. Arthur Parnell, R.E. Demy 8vo. _14s._ With Map, &c.

The Revolutionary Movement of 1848-9 in Italy, Austria, Hungary, and
Germany. With some Examination of the previous Thirty-three Years. By
C. Edmund Maurice. With Illustrations. Demy 8vo. _16s._

England in the Fifteenth Century. By the late Rev. W. Denton, M.A.,
Worcester College, Oxford. Demy 8vo. _12s._

History of Modern Europe, from the Taking of Constantinople to the
Establishment of the German Empire, A.D. 1453-1871. By the late Dr. T.
H. Dyer. A new edition. 5 vols. _2l. 12s. 6d._

Lives of the Queens of England. From the Norman Conquest to the reign
of Queen Anne. By Agnes Strickland. Library edition. With Portraits,
Autographs, and Vignettes. 8 vols. Demy 8vo. _7s. 6d._ each. Also a
Cheaper Edition in 6 vols. with 6 Portraits, small post 8vo. _30s._

Life of Mary Queen of Scots. By Agnes Strickland. With Index and 2
Portraits of Mary. 2 vols. small post 8vo. _10s._

Lives of the Tudor and Stuart Princesses. By Agnes Strickland. With
Portraits. Small post 8vo. _5s._

The Works of Flavius Josephus. Whiston's Translation. Thoroughly
revised by Rev. A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With Topographical and
Geographical Notes by Sir C. W. Wilson, K.C.B. 5 vols. small post 8vo.
_17s. 6d._

Coxe's Memoirs of the Duke of Marlborough. 3 vols. With Portraits.
Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.


- - History of the House of Austria. 4 vols. With Portraits. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Complete and
Unabridged, with Variorum Notes. With Index, Maps, and Portrait. 7
vols. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Guizot's History of Civilisation. Translated by W. Hazlitt. 3 vols.
With Portraits. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Lamartine's History of the Girondists. 3 vols. With Portraits. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Machiavelli's History of Florence, the Prince, and other Works. With
Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Martineau's (Harriet) History of England, from 1800-1815. Sm. post
8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - History of the Thirty Years' Peace, A.D. 1815-46. 4 vols. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Menzel's History of Germany. With Portraits. 3 vols. Small post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._ each.

Michelet's Luther's Autobiography. Translated by William Hazlitt.
Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - History of the French Revolution from its earliest indications to
the flight of the King in 1791. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Mignet's History of the French Revolution, from 1789 to 1814. With
Portrait of Napoleon as First Consul. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Ranke's History of the Popes. Translated by E. Foster. 3 vols. With
Portraits. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.


(_See also 'Biography and History,' 'Poetry,' 'Fiction,' &c._)

Addison's Works. With the Notes of Bishop Hurd. Edited by H. G. Bohn.
6 vols. With Portrait and Plates. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Bacon's Essays, and Moral and Historical Works. Edited by J. Devey.
With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Bede's Ecclesiastical History, and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Edited
by Rev. Dr. Giles. With Map. Small post 8vo. _5s._

Browne's (Sir Thomas) Works. 3 vols. With Portrait. Small post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._ each.

Burke's Works and Speeches. 8 vols. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Coleridge's Prose Works. Edited by T. Ashe. 6 vols. With Portrait.
Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Defoe's Novels and Miscellaneous Works. 7 vols. With Portrait. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Dunlop's History of Prose Fiction. Revised by Henry Wilson. 2 vols.
Small post 8vo. _5s._ each.

Emerson's Works. 3 vols. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Goldsmith's (O.) Works. Edited by J. W. M. Gibbs. 5 vols. With
Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Gray's Letters. New Edition, by the Rev. D. C. Tovey, M.A. [_in the

Hazlitt (William). Lectures and Essays. 7 vols. Small post 8vo. _3s.
6d._ each.

Irving (Washington). Complete Works. 15 vols. With Portraits, &c.
Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Lamb's Essays of Elia and Eliana. With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s.

Locke (John). Philosophical Works. Edited by J. A. St. John. 2 vols.
With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Milton's Prose Works. Edited by J. A. St. John. 5 vols. With
Portraits. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Montaigne's Essays. Cotton's Translation. Edited by W. C. Hazlitt. 3
vols. Crown 8vo. buckram, gilt extra, _14s._

Prout's (Father) Reliques. By Rev. F. Mahony. Copyright edition. With
Etchings by Maclise. Small post 8vo. _5s._

Walton's (Izaak) Angler. Edited by Edward Jesse. With 229 Engravings
on Wood and Steel. Small post 8vo. _5s._

White's Natural History of Selborne. Edited by Edward Jesse. With 40
Portraits and Coloured Plates. Small post 8vo. _5s._

Young (Arthur). Travels in France during the Years 1787-89. Edited by
M. Betham-Edwards. With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - Tour in Ireland during the years 1776-9. Edited by A. W. Hutton,
Librarian, National Liberal Club. With Bibliography by J. P. Anderson.
Index and Map. 2 vols. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

* * * * *

Hugo (Victor's) Dramatic Works. Hernani - Ruy Blas - The King's
Diversion. Translated by Mrs. Newton Crosland and F. L. Slous. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - Poems, chiefly Lyrical. Translated by various Writers, collected
by J. H. L. Williams. With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Molière's Dramatic Works. Translated by C. H. Wall. 3 vols. With
Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Racine's Tragedies. Translated by B. Bruce Boswell. 2 vols. With
Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws. Translated by Dr. Nugent. Revised by J.
V. Prichard. 2 vols. With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Pascal's Thoughts. Translated by C. Kegan Paul. Small post 8vo. _3s.

* * * * *

Goethe's Works. Including his Autobiography and Annals, Dramatic
Works, Poems and Ballads, Novels and Tales, Wilhelm Meister's
Apprenticeship and Travels, Tour in Italy, Miscellaneous Travels,
Early and Miscellaneous Letters, Correspondence with Schiller and
Zelter, and Conversations with Eckermann and Soret. Translated by J.
Oxenford, Anna Swanwick, R. D. Boylan, E. A. Bowring, Sir Walter
Scott, Edward Bell, L. Dora Schmitz, A. D. Coleridge, and A. Rogers.
16 vols. With Portraits. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

- - Faust. German Text with Hayward's Prose Translation and Notes.
Revised with Introduction by Dr. C. A. Buchheim. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._

Heine's Poems. Translated by E. A. Bowring. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

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