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- - Travel-Pictures. Translated by Francis Storr. With Map. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Lessing's Dramatic Works. Edited by Ernest Bell. 2 vols. With
Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

- - Laokoon, Dramatic Notes, &c. Translated by E. C. Beesley and
Helen Zimmern. Edited by Edward Bell. With Frontispiece. Small post
8vo. _3s. 6d._

Richter (Jean Paul). Levana. Translated. Sm. post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - Flower, Fruit, and Thorn Pieces (Siebenkäs). Translated by
Lieut.-Col. A. Ewing. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Schiller's Works. Including the History of the Seven Years' War,
Revolt in the Netherlands, &c., Dramatic and Poetical Works, and
Aesthetical and Philosophical Essays. Translated by Rev. A. J. W.
Morrison, A. Lodge, E. A. Bowring, J. Churchill, S. T. Coleridge, Sir
Theodore Martin, and others. 7 vols. With Portraits. Small post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._ each.

F. Schlegel's Lectures, and other Works. 5 vols. Small post 8vo. _3s.
6d._ each.

A. W. Schlegel's Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. Translated
by the Rev. A. J. W. Morrison. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Schopenhauer. On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient
Reason, and on the Will in Nature. Small post 8vo. _5s._

- - Essays. Selected and Translated by E. Belfort Bax. Small post
8vo. _5s._

* * * * *

Alfieri's Tragedies. Translated by E. A. Bowring. 2 vols. Small post
8vo. _3s. 6d._ each.

Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, &c. Translated by W. S. Rose. 2 vols. With
Portrait and 24 Steel Engravings. Small post 8vo. _5s._ each.

Dante. Translated by Rev. H. F. Cary. With Portrait. Small post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._

- - Translated by I. C. Wright. With Flaxman's Illustrations. Small
post 8vo. _5s._

- - The Italian Text, with English Translation. The Inferno. By Dr.
Carlyle. The Purgatorio. By W. S. Dugdale. Sm. post 8vo. _5s._ each.

Petrarch's Sonnets, and other Poems. Translated by various hands. With
Life by Thomas Campbell, and Portrait and 15 Steel Engravings. Small
post 8vo. _5s._

Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Translated into English Spenserian Verse
by J. H. Wiffen. With Woodcuts and 8 Steel Engravings. Small post 8vo.

* * * * *

Camoëns' Lusiad. Mickle's Translation revised by E. R. Hodges. Small
post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

* * * * *

Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius). The Thoughts of. Translated literally,
with Notes. Biographical Sketch, Introductory Essay on the Philosophy,
and Index. By George Long, M.A. New edition. Printed at the Chiswick
Press, on hand-made paper, and bound in buckram. Pott 8vo. _6s._ (Or
in _Bohn's Classical Library_, _3s. 6d._)

Epictetus. The Discourses of, with the Encheiridion and Fragments.
Translated, with Notes and Introduction, by George Long, M.A. New
edition, printed at the Chiswick Press, on hand-made paper, and bound
in buckram. 2 vols. Pott 8vo. _10s. 6d._ (Or in _Bohn's Classical
Library_, 1 vol. _5s._)

Plato's Dialogues, referring to the Trial and Death of Socrates,
Euthyphro, The Apology, Crito and Phædo. Translated by the late
William Whewell, D.D. Printed at the Chiswick Press on hand-made
paper, and bound in buckram. Pott 8vo. _4s. 6d._

Calpurnius, The Eclogues of. The Latin Text, with an English
Translation in Verse. By E. J. L. Scott, M.A. _3s. 6d._

*.* This is the only English Translation of Calpurnius.

Horace. The Odes and Carmen Saeculare. Translated into English Verse
by the late John Conington, M.A. 11th edition. Fcap. 8vo. _3s. 6d._

- - The Satires and Epistles. Translated into English Verse by John
Conington, M.A. 8th edition. _3s. 6d._

Prudentius. Selected Poems, with Verse Translations on the opposite
pages. By the Rev. F. St. John Thackeray, late Assistant Master Eton
College. Crown 8vo. _7s. 6d._


An entirely New Edition, thoroughly revised, considerably
enlarged, and set up afresh from beginning to end (1891).

Webster's International Dictionary of the English Language, being the
authentic edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, comprising the
issues of 1847, 1864, and 1880, now thoroughly revised and enlarged
under the supervision of Noah Porter, D.D., LL.D., of Yale University,
with Valuable Literary Appendices. Medium 4to. 2118 pages, 3500
Woodcuts. Cloth, _1l. 11s. 6d._; half calf, _2l. 2s._; half russia,
_2l. 5s._; full calf, _2l. 8s._ Also in 2 vols. cloth, _1l. 14s._

The Standard in the Postal Telegraph Department of the
British Isles.
The Standard in the United States Government Printing
Prospectuses with specimen pages sent free on application.

A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. With
a List of Ciphers, Monograms, and Marks. By Michael Bryan. Imperial
8vo. New edition, thoroughly revised and enlarged by R. E. Graves (of
the British Museum) and Walter Armstrong. 2 vols. Imperial 8vo.
buckram, _3l. 3s._

A Biographical Dictionary. Containing Concise Notices (upwards of
15,000) of Eminent Persons of all Ages and Countries, and more
particularly of Distinguished Natives of Great Britain and Ireland. By
Thompson Cooper, F.S.A. With a new Supplement, bringing the work down
to 1883. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. _5s._ each.

Kluge's Etymological Dictionary of the German Language. Translated by
J. F. Davis, D.Lit., M.A. Crown 4to. half buckram, _18s._

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology. Translated from the 4th edition, with
Notes and Appendix, by James Stephen Stallybrass. Demy 8vo. 4 Vols.
_3l. 3s._; Vols. I. to III. _15s._ each; Vol. IV. (containing
Additional Notes and References, and completing the Work), _18s._

French and English Dictionary. By F. E. A. Gasc. 5th edition. 8vo.
cloth, _10s. 6d._

A Pocket Dictionary. 16mo. 47th Thousand. _2s. 6d._

Synonyms and Antonyms of the English Language. Collected and
Contrasted. By the late Ven. C. J. Smith, M.A. Small post 8vo. _5s._

Synonyms Discriminated. A Dictionary of Synonymous Words in the
English Language, showing the accurate signification of words of
similar meaning. Illustrated with Quotations from Standard Writers. By
Ven. C. J. Smith, M.A. Edited by the Rev. H. Percy Smith, M.A., of
Balliol College, Oxford. Demy 8vo. _14s._

A History of Roman Literature. By Professor W. S. Teuffel. 5th
edition, revised, with considerable Additions, by Professor L.
Schwabe. Translated by G. C. W. Warr, M.A., Professor of Classical
Literature at King's College, London. 2 vols. Medium 8vo. _15s._ each.

Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. Enlarged
edition, by H. G. Bohn. 6 vols. Small post 8vo. _5s._ each; or 4
vols., half morocco, _2l. 2s._

* * * * *

A Dictionary of Roman Coins, Republican and Imperial. Commenced by the
late Seth W. Stevenson, F.S.A., revised in part by C. Roach Smith,
F.S.A., and completed by F. W. Madden, M.R.A.S. With upwards of 700
engravings on wood, chiefly executed by the late F. W. Fairholt,
F.S.A. 8vo. _2l. 2s._

Henfrey's Guide to English Coins, from the Conquest to the present
time. New and revised edition. By C. F. Keary, M.A., F.S.A. With an
Historical Introduction by the Editor. Small post 8vo. _6s._

Humphreys' Coin Collector's Manual, or Guide to the Numismatic Student
in the Formation of a Cabinet of Coins. By H. N. Humphreys. With Index
and upwards of 140 Illustrations on Wood and Steel. 2 vols. Small post
8vo. _5s._ each.

Clark's Introduction to Heraldry. 18th edition. Revised and Enlarged
by J. R. Planché, Rouge Croix. With nearly 1000 Illustrations. Small
post 8vo. _5s._; or with the Illustrations Coloured, half-morocco,
roxburgh, _15s._


The Greek Testament. With a critically revised Text; a Digest of
various Readings; Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage;
Prolegomena; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the use of
Theological Students and Ministers. By the late Henry Alford, D.D.,
Dean of Canterbury. 4 vols. 8vo. _5l. 2s._

Vol. I. The Four Gospels. 7th edition. _1l. 8s._; Vol. II.
Acts of the Apostles, Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians.
8th edition. _1l. 4s._; Vol. III. The Epistle to the
Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians,
to Timotheus, Titus, and Philemon. 10th edition. _18s._; Vol.
IV. Part I. The Epistle to the Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles
of St. James and St. Peter. 5th edition. _18s._; Vol. IV. Part
II. The Epistles of St. John and St. Jude, and the Revelation.
4th edition. _14s._; or Vol. IV in 1 vol. _32s._

The New Testament for English Readers. Containing the Authorised
Version, with Additional Corrections of Readings and Renderings,
Marginal References, and a Critical and Explanatory Commentary. By the
late Dean Alford. In 2 vols. _2l. 14s. 6d._

Vol. I. Part I. Containing the first three Gospels. 3rd
edition. _12s._; Vol. I. Part II. Containing St. John and the
Acts. 2nd edition. _10s. 6d._; Vol. II. Part I. Containing the
Epistles of St. Paul. 2nd edition. _16s._; Vol. II. Part II.
Containing the Epistles to the Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles,
and the Revelation. 2nd edition. _16s._

Novum Testamentum Graece Textus Stephanici, A.D. 1550. Accedunt variae
lectiones editionum Bezae, Elzeviri, Lachmanni, Tischendorfii,
Tregellesii, curante F. H. A. Scrivener, A.M., D.C.L., LL.D. 16mo.
_4s. 6d._

EDITIO MAJOR. With additional Readings and References. Small
post 8vo. _7s. 6d._

Companion to the Greek Testament. For the Use of Theological Students
and the Upper Forms in Schools. By A. C. Barrett, M.A., Caius College.
Fifth edition. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

A Plain Introduction to the Criticisms of the New Testament. With
Forty Facsimiles from Ancient Manuscripts. By F. H. Scrivener, M.A.,
LL.D., Prebendary of Exeter. Containing also an Account of the
Egyptian Versions, contributed by Bishop Lightfoot, D.D. For the Use
of Biblical Students. Fourth edition. Demy 8vo. [_In the Press._

Horæ Evangelicæ: or the Internal Evidence of the Gospel History. Being
an Inquiry into the Structure and Origin of the Four Gospels, and the
characteristic Design of each Narrative. By the Rev. T. R. Birks,
M.A., late Knightbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy at Cambridge,
and Hon. Canon of Ely. Edited by the Rev. H. A. Birks, M.A., late
Scholar of Trinity Coll., Cambridge. Demy 8vo. _10s. 6d._

Introduction to the Old Testament. By Friedrich Bleek. Edited by
Johann Bleek and Adolf Kamphausen. Translated by G. H. Venables, under
the supervision of the Rev. E. Venables, Residentiary Canon of
Lincoln. 2nd edition, with Corrections. 2 vols. Small post 8vo. _10s._

Liturgies and Offices of the Church for the use of English Readers. By
Edward Burbidge, M.A., Rector of Backwell, Somerset. Crown 8vo. _9s._

An Historical and Explanatory Treatise on the Book of Common Prayer.
By W. G. Humphry, B.D., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge;
Prebendary of St. Paul's; and Vicar of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. 6th
edition. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._ SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHERS' EDITION. _1s._

History of the Articles of Religion, to which is added a Series of
Documents from A.D. 1536 to A.D. 1615. By the late C. Hardwick, M.A.
3rd edition. Revised by the Rev. F. Procter, M.A. Small post 8vo.

Pearson on the Creed. Edited by E. Walford, M.A. With Notes, an
Analysis, General Index, and Indexes of Texts and Authors quoted.
Small post 8vo. _5s._

The History of Creeds. I. Ante-Nicene. II. Nicene and
Constantinopolitan. III. The Apostolic Creed. IV. The Quicunque,
commonly called the Creed of St. Athanasius. By J. Rawson Lumby, D.D.,
Norrisian Professor of Divinity, Cambridge. 3rd edition. Crown 8vo.
_7s. 6d._

Neander's Works. Translated from the German. 16 vols. Sm. post 8vo.
_3s. 6d._ each.

History of the Christian Religion and Church. 10 vols.; Life
of Jesus Christ. 1 vol.; History of the Planting and Training
of the Christian Church by the Apostles. 2 vols.; Lectures on
the History of Christian Dogmas. 2 vols.; Memorials of
Christian Life in the Early and Middle Ages. 1 vol.

The Book of Psalms. A New Translation. With Introductions and Notes,
Critical and Explanatory. By the Right Rev. J. J. Stewart Perowne,
D.D., Bishop of Worcester. Demy 8vo. Vol. I. 8th edition, _18s._; Vol.
II. 7th Edition, _16s._

AN ABRIDGED EDITION FOR SCHOOLS. 7th edition. Crown 8vo. _10s. 6d._

David in the Psalms, with Various Notes on the Psalter. By the Rev. F.
W. Mozley, M.A. Crown 8vo. _4s. 6d._

The Life and Epistles of St. Paul. By Thomas Lewin, M.A., F.S.A., 5th
edition. Illustrated with numerous fine Engravings on Wood, Maps, and
Plans. 2 vols. Demy 4to. _2l. 2s._

Christian Politics. A Study of the Principles of Politics according to
the New Testament. By the Rev. Julius Lloyd, M.A., Canon of Manchester
and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

Sermons on Old Testament Characters. By the Rev. Julius Lloyd. Fcap.
8vo. _5s._

Sermons on the Prophets. By the Rev. Julius Lloyd. Fcap. 8vo. _5s._

Notes of Sermons. By the late Rt. Rev. E. Steere, D.D., LL.D.,
Missionary Bishop in Central Africa. Edited by Rev. R. M. Heanley,
M.A. Oxon. With Introduction by the Bishop of Lincoln Crown 8vo.

FIRST SERIES, arranged in accordance with the Church's Year.
2nd edition. _7s. 6d._ SECOND SERIES out of print. THIRD
SERIES. Chiefly on the Psalms, arranged in accordance with the
Church's use of the Psalter. _7s. 6d._

Pastor Pastorum; or, the Schooling of the Apostles by Our Lord. By the
Rev. Henry Latham, M.A., Master of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Large
crown 8vo. 3rd thousand. _6s. 6d._

Thomas à Kempis. On the Imitation of Christ. Translated by the Right
Rev. Harvey Goodwin, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle. 3rd edition. With Steel
Engraving after Guido, _3s. 6d._; without the Engraving, _2s. 6d._
Cheap edition, _1s._ cloth; _6d._ sewed.

Butler's Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the
Constitution and Course of Nature; together with Fifteen Sermons, &c.
Edited, with Analytical Introductions, Explanatory Notes, a short
Memoir, and a Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Taylor's Holy Living and Dying, with Prayers, containing the Whole
Duty of a Christian and the parts of Devotion fitted to all Occasions
and furnished for all Necessities. With Portrait. Small post 8vo. _3s.

Church or Dissent? An Appeal to Holy Scriptures, addressed to
Dissenters. By the Rev. Canon Garnier. 2nd edition. Crown 8vo. _2s._;
paper cover, _1s._

Parish Priest's Book (The), of Offices and Instructions for the Sick.
Compiled by the Rev. E. Burbidge, Rector of Backwell, Bristol. 5th
edition, revised. Post 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Daily Readings for a Year on the Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. By the Rev. Peter Young, M.A., President of Lincoln. 6th
edition. 2 vols. 8vo. _1l. 1s._

Family Prayers, containing Psalms, Lessons, and Prayers, for every
Morning and Evening in the Week. By the late Rev. Ernest Hawkins,
B.D., Prebendary of St. Paul's. 20th edition. Fcap. 8vo. _1s._

Short Meditations for Every Day in the Year. By the late Very Rev. W.
F. Hook, D.D., Dean of Chichester. New edition, carefully revised. 2
vols. fcap. 8vo. large type, _14s._ Also 2 vols. 32mo. cloth, _5s._;
calf, gilt edges, _9s._

The Christian Taught by the Church's Services. By the late Very Rev.
W. F. Hook, D.D., Dean of Chichester. A new edition. Revised and
altered to accord with the New Lectionary. 1 vol. fcap. 8vo. large
type, _6s. 6d._ Also 1 vol. royal 32mo. cloth, _2s. 6d._; calf, gilt
edges, _4s. 6d._

A Commentary on the Gospels for the Sundays and other Holy Days of the
Christian Year. By the late Rev. W. Denton, M.A., Incumbent of St.
Bartholomew's, Cripplegate. 3 vols. Demy 8vo. _9s._ each.

Vol. I. Advent to Easter. 4th edition; Vol. II. Easter to the
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. 3rd edition; Vol. III.
Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity to Advent, and Holy Days. 4th

A Commentary on the Epistles for the Sundays and other Holy Days of
the Christian Year. By the late Rev. W. Denton, M.A., Incumbent of St.
Bartholomew's, Cripplegate. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. _9s._ each.

Vol. I. Advent to Trinity. 3rd edition; Vol. II. Trinity and
Holy Days. 2nd edition.

Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles. By the late Rev. W. Denton,
M.A., Incumbent of St. Bartholomew's, Cripplegate. 2 vols. Demy 8vo.
_9s._ each.


_Rector of Honiton and Prebendary of Wells._

Church Commentary on the New Testament. With Notes Critical and
Practical, Introductions, and Excursuses.

'Mr. Sadler's Commentary is decidedly one of the most
unhackneyed and original of any we have. It will often be
found to give help where others quite fail to do
so.' - _Guardian._

'It is far the best practical Commentary that we know, being
plain-spoken, fearless, and definite, and containing matter
very unlike the milk and water which is often served up in
(so-called) practical Commentaries.... For solid Church
teaching it stands unrivalled.' - _Church Quarterly._

In crown 8vo.

ST. MATTHEW. 5th edition. _7s. 6d._
ST. MARK. 4th edition. _7s. 6d._
ST. LUKE. 4th edition. _9s._
ST. JOHN. 5th edition. _7s. 6d._
THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. 3rd edition. _7s. 6d._
PHILIPPIANS. 2nd edition. _6s._
THE REVELATION. [_In the Press._

Sermon Outlines for the Clergy and Lay Preachers, arranged according
to the Church's year. By the Rev. M. F. Sadler, Prebendary of Wells,
and Rector of Honiton. _5s._

Church Doctrine - Bible Truth. 45th thousand. Fcap. 8vo. This work
contains a full Discussion of the so-called Damnatory Clauses of the
Athanasian Creed. _3s. 6d._

The Church Teacher's Manual of Christian Instruction. Being the Church
Catechism Expanded and Explained in Question and Answer, for the use
of Clergymen, Parents, and Teachers. 12th edition. 43rd thousand.
Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

CONFIRMATION. An Extract. 47th Thousand. _1d._

The One Offering. A Treatise on the Sacrificial Nature of the
Eucharist. 11th thousand. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

Justification of Life. Its Nature, Antecedents, and Results. Written
with Special Reference to Plymouth Brethrenism and Revivalism. New and
revised edition. Crown 8vo. _4s. 6d._

The Second Adam and the New Birth: or, the Doctrine of Baptism as
Contained in Holy Scripture. 11th edition. Fcap. 8vo. _4s. 6d._

The Sacrament of Responsibility; or, Testimony of the Scripture to the
Teaching of the Church on Holy Baptism, with especial reference to the
Cases of Infants; and Answers to Objections. 9th thousand. Sewed,
fcap. 8vo. _6d._ With the addition of an Introduction, in which the
religious speculations of the last twenty years are considered in
their bearings on the Church doctrine of Holy Baptism, and an Appendix
giving the testimony of writers of all ages and schools of thought in
the Church. On fine paper, in cloth, fcap. 8vo. 6th edition. _2s. 6d._

The Communicant's Manual; being a Book of Self-Examination, Prayer,
Praise, and Thanksgiving. By the Rev. M. F. Sadler. Royal 32mo. 105th
thousand. _1s. 6d._ Roan, gilt and red edges, rounded corners, _2s.
6d._ Best padded calf, gilt and red edges, rounded corners, in case,
_5s._ A CHEAP EDITION, in limp cloth, _8d._ A LARGER EDITION, on fine
paper, red rubrics. Fcap. 8vo. _2s. 6d._

Sermons. Plain Speaking on Deep Truths. 7th edition. _6s._

Abundant Life, and other Sermons. 2nd edition. _6s._

Scripture Truths. A Series of Ten Plain Popular Tracts. _9d._ per Set,
sold separately. No. 1. Reasons for Infant Baptism, _1d._ 2. On
Eucharistic Worship, _1d._ 3. On the Priesthood of the Christian
Ministry, _1d._ 4. On Confirmation. _½d._ 5. Reasons for Receiving
the Holy Communion, _1d._ 6. On the Doctrine of the Holy Communion,
_1d._ 7. On Baptism and Conversion, _1d._ 8. Some Objections to
Receiving the Holy Communion Considered, _1d._ 9. On the First Truths
of the Christian Faith, _1d._ 10. On Faith and Justification,


By J. G. BAKER, F.R.S., F.L.S., Keeper of the Herbarium of the Royal
Gardens, Kew.

A Flora of the English Lake District. Demy 8vo. _7s. 6d._

Handbook of the Fern Allies. A Synopsis of the Genera and Species of
the Natural Orders, Equisetaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Selaginellaceae,
Rhizocarpeae. Demy 8vo. _5s._

Handbook of the Amaryllideae, including the Alstroemerieae and
Agaveae. Demy 8vo. _5s._

Handbook of Bromeliaceae. Demy 8vo. _5s._

* * * * *

The Flora of Derbyshire. By the Rev. W. H. Painter. With Map. Demy
8vo. _7s. 6d._

English Botany. Containing a Description and Life-size Drawing of
every British Plant. Edited by T. BOSWELL (formerly SYME), LL.D.,
F.L.S., &c. The Figures by J. C. Sowerby, F.L.S., J. De C. Sowerby,
F.L.S., J. W. Salter, A.L.S., F.G.S., and J. E. SOWERBY. 3rd edition,
entirely revised, with descriptions of all the species by the Editor,
and 1937 full-page Coloured Plates. In 12 vols. _24l. 3s._ cloth;
_26l. 11s._ half morocco; and _30l. 9s._ whole morocco. Also in 89
parts, _5s._ each, except part 89, containing an Index to the whole
work, _7s. 6d._ Volumes sold separately.

*.* A Supplement to the third edition is now in preparation.
Vol. I. (Vol. XIII. of the complete work) containing orders I.
to XL., by N. E. Brown, of the Royal Herbarium, Kew, now
ready, _16s._ Or in three parts, _5s._ each.

Cottage Gardener's Dictionary. Edited by G. W. Johnson. With a
Supplement containing all the new plants and varieties down to the
year 1881. Post 8vo. cloth, _7s. 6d._

Botanist's Pocket-Book. By W. R. Hayward. Containing the botanical
name, common name, soil or situation, colour, growth, and time of
flowering of all plants, arranged in a tabulated form. 7th edition,
revised, with a new Appendix. Fcap. 8vo. _4s. 6d._

Names and Synonyms of British Plants, collating the Nomenclature of
the London Catalogue, English Botany, Babington's Manual, Bentham's
Flora, and Hooker's Student's Flora. With an Appendix giving other
Names and their Synonyms, and a list of authorities for plant names.
By the Rev. G. Egerton-Warburton. Fcap. 8vo. _3s. 6d._

Index of British Plants, according to the London Catalogue (8th
edition), including the Synonyms used by the principal authors, an
alphabetical list of English names; also references to the
illustrations of Syme's 'English Botany' and Bentham's 'British
Flora.' By Robert Turnbull. Paper, _2s. 6d._; cloth, _3s._

The London Catalogue of British Plants. Part I., containing the
British Phaenogamia, Filices, Equisetaceae, Lycopodiaceae,
Selaginellaceae, Marsileaceae, and Characeae. 8th edition. Demy 8vo.
_6d._; on stouter paper, in limp cloth, _1s._ Generic Index only, on
card, _2d._



The Case against Bimetallism. 2nd edition. Crown 8vo. _7s. 6d._

The Growth of Capital. Demy 8vo. _7s. 6d._

Essays in Finance. The Cost of the Franco-German War of
1870-71 - Foreign Competition - Excess of Imports - Depreciation of
Silver - Mr. Gladstone's Work in Finance - Taxes on Land - Taxation and
Representation of Ireland - Bimetallism, &c. 5th edition, revised. Demy
8vo. _10s. 6d._

Essays in Finance. Second Series. Containing: - Trade Depression - Bank
Reserves - Foreign Trade of the United States - The Use of Import and
Export Statistics - Foreign Manufactures and English Trade - The Utility
of Common Statistics - Progress of the Working Classes, &c. 3rd
edition. Demy 8vo. _14s._

* * * * *

Ricardo on the Principles of Political Economy and Taxation. Edited by
E. C. K. Gonner, M.A., Lecturer, University College, Liverpool. Sm.
post 8vo. _5s._

Smith (Adam). The Wealth of Nations. Edited by E. Belfort Bax. 2 vols.
Sm. post 8vo. _7s._

The History, Principles, and Practice of Banking. By the late J. W.
Gilbart, F.R.S., formerly Director and General Manager of the London
and Westminster Bank. New edition, revised by A. S. Michie, of the
Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow. 2 vols. small post 8vo. _10s._


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