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To The Book Of The Thousand
And One Nights With Notes
Anthropological And

Richard F. Burton

Privately Printed By The Burton Club

To The Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford
Especially Revd. B. Price and Professor Max Muller.


I take the liberty of placing your names at the Head of this
Volume which owes its rarest and raciest passages to your kindly
refusing the temporary transfer of the Wortley Montague MS. from
your pleasant library to the care of Dr. Rost, Chief Librarian,
India Office. As a sop to "bigotry and virtue," as a concession
to the "Scribes and Pharisees," I had undertaken, in case the
loan were granted, not to translate tales and passages which
might expose you, the Curators, to unfriendly comment. But,
possibly anticipating what injury would thereby accrue to the
Volume and what sorrow to my subscribers, you were good enough
not to sanction the transfer - indeed you refused it to me twice -
and for this step my clientele will be (or ought to be) truly
thankful to you.

I am, Gentlemen,
Yours obediently,
Richard F. Burton.

Bodleian Library, August 5th, 1888

Contents of the Fifteenth Volume.

1. The History of the King's Son of Sind and the Lady Fatimah
2. History of the Lovers of Syria
3. History of Al-Hajjaj Bin Yusuf and the Young Sayyid
4. Night Adventure of Harun Al-Rashid and the Youth Manjab
a. Story of the Darwaysh and the Barber's Boy and the
Greedy Sultan
b. Tale of the Simpleton Husband
Note Concerning the "Tirrea Bede," Night 655
5. The Loves of Al-Hayfa and Yusuf
6. The Three Princes of China
7. The Righteous Wazir Wrongfully Gaoled
8. The Cairene Youth, the Barber and the Captain
9. The Goodwife of Cairo and Her Four Gallants
a. The Tailor and the Lady and the Captain
b. The Syrian and the Three Women of Cairo
c. The Lady With Two Coyntes
d. The Whorish Wife Who Vaunted Her Virtue
10. Coelebs the Droll and His Wife and Her Four Lovers
11. The Gatekeeper of Cairo and the Cunning She-Thief
12. Tale of Mohsin and Musa
13. Mohammed the Shalabi and His Mistress and His Wife
14. The Fellah and His Wicked Wife
15. The Woman Who Humoured Her Lover At Her Husband's Expense
16. The Kazi Schooled By His Wife
17. The Merchant's Daughter and the Prince of Al-Irak
18. Story of the Youth Who Would Flutter His Father's Wives
19. Story of the Two Lack-Tacts of Cairo and Damascus
20. Tale of Himself Told By the King
Appendix A: - Catalogue of Wortley Montague Manuscript
Appendix B: - Notes on the Stories Contained in Volumes XIV.
and XV by W. F. Kirby


This volume contains the last of my versions from the Wortley
Montague Codex, and this is the place to offer a short account of
that much bewritten MS.

In the "Annals of the Bodleian Library," etc., by the Reverend
William Dunn Macray, M.A. (London, Oxford and Cambridge, 1868:
8vo. p. 206), we find the following official notice: -

"A.D. 1803."

"An Arabic MS. in seven volumes, written in 1764-5, and
containing what is rarely met with, a complete collection of the
Thousand and one Tales (N.B. an error for "Nights") of the
Arabian Nights Entertainments, was bought from Captain Jonathan
Scott for


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