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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

October 1973



Anthony G. White

Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856

COMCIL OF PLMMING LIBRARIiil^S Sxchaiige Bibliography r/U68



j-mtliony G. Miite
Copyri£,ht (c; 1973 A::ithony G. Kliite

Denocratic cystenc tend to work irider a handiccp, coii-
parative to other systei.ic of t:;overi'U'.i3nt . Once the popiolation
of a denocratic v.rj.t reaches an uiriEnai^eable level, or the
cor.ii,iu:ucation 'distance' to be travelled (geograpliic, language,
cultural, etc.) in order to r.!£ke denocratic decisions becones
too great for convienence, then a substitute fori.i nust be found.

In iu'.ierica, the i.xist \.dable substitute - given the nation's
liietoriccl end cultm-el backgrouiid - has been representative
goveri'u.ient . Through the struggle to determine what shovild
be represented (land, wealth, or people), /ii.iericc's organic
law has defined people as the i.ost ir.portant eleiient in de-
termning hox-: govenuient shall be run.

Once it had been deten.iined that the representative forn
was to be used, then it renained to iiplenent such a systen.
The Federal division ox senators (representing states) fron
representatives (representing people) has been lir.iiced by
the states, although the basic problon has always been how
to i.iake the representative (congressionaJ.) districts as equal

2. CPL Sxcheiigs Bibliography j'/U68
in size re poccible to afford eech person the "equel protec-
tion of the lair" gurrantecd by the Fourteenth Anendr.ient to
the U, o. Conctitution. In the 1960^ c, tlAo rule boiled
doirn to "one nan-one vote."

Althou£;h state legLslatures have copied the federal
syster.i, since state-level decisions have not the scope a:id
ir.pact of national decisionsj until recent years not too
i.juch eiphasis was placed on the lirits of a state legislator's
district popialation, Hoxreverj U. S. Suprci.e Court decisions^
in tightening Congressional district population lirdts, have
had a siiilar tighteiiing effect upon state representative
district lii.its.

These state district lir.iits have irport relative to
Metropolitan- area goveniiients. Since i;a;iy states are not
"hoi,ie-rulc" states, their legislatures pass nui.:erous local
laws affecting everyday operations of both i.ietropolitan aid
noirietropolitan area governi.ients . They are, in fact, a second
city couiacil or count- • coiort, aiid fori.i of equal repre-
sentation is necessary for local influence upon legislation.

Folloidng c. period of povrer abuses on the local level
in the late lOOO's, r.iost U. 3. cities aba:idonod the ward
(local district) systen as a foriiol part of city politics.
Council i,iei±)Grs were elected at large, to prevent ward- heeling
trade-offs of favors for votes. With the advent of 'Metropo-
litan' governi.ients, enough cities have groT;n so large as to
sever contact between the co\incili,;an and the citizen and to '
cause a crisis in representative governi.:ent.

3. CPL [icchause BibliOi^rc.phy i-;-'l;68
To i-si.iedy tliis ^roiflin^- rer.ioteneos, i.:etropolitcii govern-
nentsl i-efori.iGrn have nust^ected a return to coi;ii..uiuty control.
SuCt^ectionc in tluc crea ren^e froii t!ie breelcini;, up of lerse
cities into nuiaerouc cr.ialler onec^ ectabliGlur-Gnt of 'neigli-
borhood city halls,' erection of cor.ii.iunity covmcils, end
district roprosentction. Tiiis latter cu£t:,estion hr.c been
adopted in the charters of the eleven city-counties created
since 1962.

On the local level, however, district representation on
the basis of population - irlxile still the rule - can be cir-
cui'.ivented by a residency requireuent. In Virginia Beach,
VirG,inia, representatives froi.i the various districts i.iust
reside ivitliin the ^eo^rapMc bomidaries of districts mth
unequal population size, while the voters fron the entire
city-county deteri.ine who each district representative shall

This bibliography presents naterielj dealing generally
with representation, districting, apportiom.:ent and reeppor-
tioniaent. It will hopefully be of aid to those students of
goveiTO'.ient and of life who have an abiding interest in the
Fourteenth in.iendi.ient to the U. S. ConvCtitution and the "equal
protection of the laws."

U. CPL Exchange Bibliogrtplr/ #14.68
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COITJCIL OF PLiafi'IIMG LIBRiiRI/uIo Eicchaiii^e BiblioGraphy ,vl;63

^l2P:■fflssIITATI0I^I AS m up^m problsii

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Council of Plairdnt, Librailaiis
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