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R. W. Poin-

dexter, Louis A.
Groff. "The Nation-
al Outlook, Evolution or
Degeneration:" H. T. Le
Dr. H. B. Wing, E. W. Jones.
"The California Legislature:",
Hon. R. N. Bulla. Frank A. Gibson,
Judge J. W. McKinley. "The Play-
ground of America :" Harry E. Brook,
Louis F. Vetter. James Slauson. "A Daily
Newspaper:" edited by a special committee
from matter furnished by Club members. "The '
President of the United States:" Judge Enoch
Knight. H. W. Latham, Abbot Kinney. "The
Monroe Doctrine:" H. W. O'Melveny, judge Lu-
cien Shaw, C. J. Ellis. "A Few of the Several
Sides of Man:" Dr. Norman Bridge. Homer P. Earle
Geo. W. Parsons. "International Arbitration:" Jas.
B. Scott, J. M. Elliott, Percy R. Wilson.
The thirteenth meeting of the Club was a summer
outing to the seaside resort iof Santa Monica, to which
point the Club was carried in a special train over the
Southern Pacific railroad, and partook of a fish dinner
in a pavilion on the beach. The program was a varied
one, embracing addresses on: "The Minister," Rev.
Burt Estes Howard; "The Teacher," Prof. Charles H.
Keyes; " The Judge," Judge W. H. Clark; " The Law-
yer," Henry W. O'Melveny; "The Newspaper Man,"
L. E. Mosher; " The Physician," Dr. Jay H. Utley; "The
Author," Theodore S. Van Dyke; " The Merchant," W.
C. Patterson; "The Railroad Man," Jno. J. Byrne;
" The Rancher," Fred L. Alles: " The Capitalist," J.;
S. Slauson; "The Statesman," Sen. Stephen M.White.,


The Sunset Club has a very strict rule as to visitors,
preferring to restrict attendance to its own members.
Thus far, the only visitors have been Hon. Alva
Adams, of Pueblo, ex-Governor of Colorado; Hon.
J. Sterling Morton, of Omaha, serving in Presi-
dent Cleveland's Cabinet as Minister of Agricul-
ture; and Hon. Paul Morton, of Chicago, Vice-
President of the Santa Fe Railwa3'.


The membership of the Sunset Club is
i airly representative of the business and
professional life of the city, and is a
follows : Fred L. Alles, publisher;
Wm. D. Babcock, physician; Nor-
man Bridge, physician; Harry
E. Brook, Daily Times; Robt.
N. Bulla, attorney; F. \*
Burnett, attorney; Jno.
J. Byrne, Southern
California Rail-


Phot) by Marceau.


Mausard-Collier Eng.

Photo by Varney.



W. H. Clark, judge Superior Court; J. M. Crawley, Southern PacificCo. ; Charles Cassat
Davis, attorney; J. H. Davisson, physician; Homer P. Earle, City health department;
T. A. Eisen, architect; J. M. Elliott, president First National Bank; Chas. J.Ellis, attor-
ney; John F. Francis, capitalist; A. W. Francisco, county supervisor; J. Bond Francisco,
artist; D. Freeman, Centinela Ranch; Frank A. Gibson, cashier First National Bank;
M. L. Graff, attorney; L. A. Groff. attorney; Charles Frederick Holder, author; Godfrey
Holterhoff. jr.. Southern California railway; Burt Estes Howard, pastor First Presby-
terian Church; Sumner P. Hunt, architect; E. W. Jones, owner Hotel Vincent; Charles
H. Keyes, president Throop Polytechnic Institute; Frank W. King, merchant; Abbott
Kinney, capitalist; Enoch Knight, receiver of public moneys; J. O. Koepfli, merchant;
H. T. Lee, attorney; Charles F. Lummis, author; H. L. Macneil, capitalist; J. W. Mc-
Kinley, judge Superior Court; L. E. Mosher, Daily Times; I. B. Newton, merchant;
H. W. O'Melveny, attorney; H. Z. Osborne, Daily Evening Express; Geo. W. Parsons,
real estate; W. C. Patterson, merchant; Geo. S. Patton, attorney; R. W. Poindexter,
real estate; Willoughby Rodman, attorney; James B. Scott, attorney; P. W. Search,
educator; Lucien Shaw, judge Superior Court; James Slauson, capitalist; J. S. Slauson,
capitalist; Geo. H. Smith, attorney; Win. A. Spalding, journalist; Otheman A. Stevens,
journalist; Ben C. Truman, journalist; Jay H. Utley, physician; T. S. Van Dyke, author;
Louis F. Vetter, insurance; K. H. Wade, Southern California Railway; Stephen M.
White, D. S. Senator; Frank Wiggins, superintendent Chamber of Commerce; Charles
Dwight Willard, secretary Chamber of Commerce; Wm. LeMoyne Wills, physician;
Percy R. Wilson, attorney: H. B. Wing, physician; Fred W. Wood, Los Angeles Railway
Co.; W. D. Woolwine, cashier Savings Bank of Southern California.

This brief sketch of the Sun=et Club may aid in dispelling that popular and wide-
spread Eastern notion that in Southern California it is constantly necessary to carry
one's life in one hand and a shot gun in the other. This erroneous belief should soon
vanish from the minds of people who give a moment's reflection to the fact that a com-
munity which is able on the one hand to produce and on the other hand to appreciate
such an unique and strikingly valuable contribution to the best literature of the day, as
this little magazine is, must be composed of men who will fairly average up with their
brethren east of the Rockies.

The California Club

NE of the oldest and best known clubs in the city, the California
Club, has recently secured spacious quarters in the Wilcox
Block, and the Land of Sunshine will, in some later issue,
show views of their rooms and give some account of that organization.


The Jonathan Club.

N September, 1895, this successful organization was
incorporated by a number of L,os Angeles gentle-
men who appreciated the need for an institution
suited to the social interests of the young men of
the city. Every club has its own sphere to fill and
the membership of the Jonathan is made up largely
of the younger business and professional men —
the active spirits who within the next twenty years
are likely to carve out a considerable part of the des-
tiny of Los Angeles. It is purely a social club without political, sport-
ing or otherj special proclivities. The membership at the outset was
less than one hundred, but the present list as given below, contains
nearly four hundred names.

The club took possession of its present quarters in March of 1896.
It occupies the entire second, third and fourth stories of a prominent
brick block on the east side of Spring street, between First and Second
streets, in the center of the city. These quarters were elegantly fitted
up by the club at an expense of $19,000, which sum was advanced by
some of the members at the outset for that purpose. The financiering
of the institution has been carried on with such success that at the

Stiffler & Gill, Photo.




present time in the first six months of the club's occupancy "of the new
quarters, the debt has been cut in half.

The main floor of the quarters contain the parlors and reading'room,
which look out on Spring street, and the office, smoking room, lava-
tories, card rooms and billiard room in the middle or rear section of
the building. On the second floor are spacious dining rooms, kitchen
and several living rooms, and on the third floor are a large number of
apartments for the use of members who live in the club house. The
furnishings throughout are comfortable and in excellent taste.

The officers and directors of the club are as follows :

F. K. Rule, President ; Hancock Banning, First Vice-President ;
Albert Carlos Jones, Second Vice-President ; C. D. Howry, Secretary ;
C. E. DeCamp, Treasurer ; Louis A. Grant, E. W. McGee, Horace
Anderson, Bradner W. Lee, Chas. H. White, Jno. F. Francis.

The first president of the club was Mr. Geo. L,. Alexander. The com-
mittee that superintended the furnishing of the club's quarters con-
tained the following : J. B. Bushnell, C. D. Howry and F. K. Rule.

The list of members as at present constituted is as follows :

Adams, Chas. W.
Akin, J. J.
Ainsworth. F. K.
Allen, W. S.
Anderson, H. P.
Anderson, W. J.
Anthony, C. E.
Arthur, W. E.
Arnold, Geo. L.
Attrill, Edw. C.
Aull, Jno. E.
Avery, Fred H.
Barmore, E. H.
Banning, Hancock
Ballard, J. L.
Baldwin, C. A.
Baker, Chas. M.
Barnes, T. F.
Barker, W. A.
Barham, Guy B.
Bannister, J. C.
Barnwell, W. G.
Barrett, W. J.
Berner, G. E.
Beamer, Wm. B.
Bentzoni, Charles
Bilicke, Albert C.
Bird, W. R.
Bigelow, J. K.
Blackman, W. R.
Blades, Paul H.
Blaisdell, M. J.
Blagge, J. H.
Blackstone, N. B.
Bonfilio, N.
Bonebrake, Geo. H.
Bowen, Alf. D.
Boole, George
Borden. Gail
Botsford, W. F.
Bradbury, John
Brown, Herbert C.
Brink, John
Bryant, E. A.
Bryson, Chas. W.
Brown, Carroll H.
Bushnell, John B.
Burgoyne, E. M.
Burnes, Jas. F.
Bush, Alexander B.

Bush, A. H.
Bulla, Robert N. F.
Bumiller, Joseph
Buell, E. C.
Byrne. C.
Broderick, W. J.
Cass, A. B.
Campbell, Warren
Cadwalader, G. D.
Carhart, Jas. R.
Carhart, J. Warren
Carhart, Thos. F.
Carhart, Robt.
Carvell, T. F.

Clark, E. P.
Clark, J. Ross
Cline, W. B.
Compton, C. S.
Cole, E. A.
Cox, W.J.
Cook, Edward T.
Cohrs Charles H.
Collins, David R.
Cosbv, J- F.
Cosby, Walter
Crawley, J. M.
Creighton, W. S.
Crombie, R. S.

Cheeseman, Chas. D. Crank, Frank J.

Chanslor, John Cunningham, F. R.

Chanslor, Joseph A. Cushing, O. K.

Chanslor. W. G. Cullen. K. P.

Chamberlain, W. H. Curtis, Geo. P.

Chandler, J. P. Curson, E. J.

Chipman, A. E. Day, Ben. F.

Chambers, E. Darling, C. E.

Chapman, R. H. H. Davies, J. Frank

Davis, W. H.
Davis, A. W.
Davenport, W. H.
Davisson, J. H.
DeGroot, W. E.
De Camp, C. E.
De Luna, R.
DeVan, F.
Desmond, C. C.
Dinmore, Walter R,
Doolittle. H. J.
Dobinson, Geo. A.
Dollinger. Chas. F.
Dodd, Miles, Jr.
Duncan, J. R.
Dunn, W. E.
Donegan, D. F.
Easton, Geo.
Eberle, H. S.
Edwards, William M.
Ellis, H. Bert
Emery. F W.
Erie, J Phillip



Ewing, Thos. S.
Fairchild, J. A.
Fixen, L. H.
Fitzgerald, J. T,
Fish, C. W.
Flemming, E. W.
Flemming, Thos. J.
Fleinming, C. B.
Ford, L. E.
Forrester, F. L.
Fout, C. E,
Francis, John F.
Francis, Ira J.
Fuller, E. P.
Gay, Gilbert T.
Gaskill, Geo. C.
Gibbon, T. E.
Glassell, Hugh
Goodrich, Btnj.
Gladden, J. C.
Gottschalk, Fred C.
Gottschalk, Louis
Grant. L. A.
Griffith. G. J
Gray, Murray A.
Hall, F. D.
Hart, F. J.
Harkness, Fred
Hanna, E. M.
Haskell, E C.
Harris, J. H.
Hartzell, H. F.
Hess, B. L.
Herr, Geo. T.
Henderson, J. A.
Henderson, F. B.
Herron. R. H.
Hinchcliffe, C. W.
Hines, F. A,
Hofius, W. D.
Howry, C. D.
Howes, F. C.
Howard, F. W.
Howard. P. A.
Hutchison, W. G,
Hunt, Willis G.
Hunt, A. M.
Hunt, Sumner P.
Hunter, W. T.
Jackson, J. P., Jr.
Jevne, H.
Jones, A. C.
Jones, F. W.
Jones, Arthur M.
Johnson, Ethelbert
Johnson, E. P.
Johnson, F. O.
Johnson, Waldo P.
Johnson, W. M.
Johnson, Gail B.
Johnston, J. M.
Kapus, J. L.
Kennedy, Warren C,
Keifer, J. H.
Keeney, Jas. A.
Kirkland, D. W.
King. F. W.
King, C. S.
Kleckner, Warren
Knickerbocker. E.G.
Knorr. F. H.
Knight, Jas. E.

Koop, J. C.
Kurtz. Carl
Lamme, E. H.
Lacy, William
Larrabee, W. D.
Last, C. F. A.
Lawrence, Geo. W.
Lewis, W. M.
Lee, Bradner W.
Little, D. P. N.
Long, Jas. W.
Lothian, I. A.
Lyon, F. M.
Lyon, P. H.
Mallory, F. B.
Maxwell, H.J.
Matlock, D. J.
Marsh, Robert
Martin, Theo.
Martin, F. C.
Martin, Norman R.
Mason, E.
Maier, Simon
Maier, Joseph
Marley, T. F.
Myers, R. Holtby
Mead, William
Metcalf, H. H.
Messerly, A. E.
Miller, N. N.
Miller, Clarence A.
Miller, J. K.
Montgomery, Geo. A.
Moore, Walter S.
Morgan, O. C.
Morgan, Wm. A.
Moore, M. L.
Mosgrove, H.
Moulton, H. Frank
Murray, J. H.
McCutchen. A. B.
McGee, E. W.
McGrath, T. F.
McGrath, John J., Jr.
McGowan, Granville
McFarland, Chas.
McGovern, W. A.
McKee, H. S.
McLaughlin, E. O.
Neville, J. B.
Newberry, John R.
Nicholson, W. B.
Norton, John H.
Owens, M. T.
Off, J. W. A.
Ozman, A. M.
Parker, W. F.
Parker, A. J. F.
Parker, C. I.
Parry, A. H.
Pauly, E. S.
Parke, F. K.
Peck, Earl W.
Peck, John H. F.
Pratt, E. W.
Pridham, R. W.
Potter, Milo M.
Potts, J. S.
Priest, J. N.
Quigley. J. B.
Rader, Frank
Requa. H. D.

Ridenbaugh, George
Robinson, L. L.
Rowan, T. E.
Roberts, W. E.
Rogers, A. C.
Rule, Ferd. K.
Rundel, C. H.
Russell, J. N., Jr.
Russell, H. M.
Sale, L. D.
Sanders, C. W.
Scott, Robert J.
Scott, John
Scott, Lester F.
Schiffman, A. F.
Schumacher, John H.
Schumacher, A. W.
Schnabel, E. C.
Siegel, H.
Sexton, Chas. W.
Seymour, G. G.
Sheward, J. T.
Shaw, Clark A.
Shafer, G. H.
Sherman, M. H.
Shields, A. M.
Sheldon, M. N.
Shepard, F. A.
Shepherd, C. J.
Silverwood, F. B.
Sinsabaugh, Geo.
Sicard, Stephen
Simpson, Theo. A.
Sloane, Chas. F.
Smith, W. A.
Small, E. A.
Snowden, F. H.
Spruance, L. J. C.
Stanton, E. J.
Stanton, P. A.
Stephens, W. D.
Steckel, George
Stewart, M. W.
Stewart, W. C.
Stockwell, L. W.
Stoddart, David
Strange, Chas. L.
Taggart, Chas. F.
Taylor, Geo. P.
Talcott, Wm. G.
Teed, Freeman G.
Teale, W. R.
Thompson, O. C.
Thompson, F. W.
Thomas, F. J.
Thornton, A. M.
Tolfree, J. H.
Treat, R. B.
Trueworthy, J. W.
Tufts, E. B.
Tufts, W. A.
Tyler, W. E.
Van Pelt R. W.
Vaughn, John W.
Vermillion, H. W.
Vickery, B. Lee
Vickery, O. A.
Vollmer, H. F.
Warren, Jas. W.
Ward, Ben. E.
Wankowski, Victor

Waters, Arthur J.
Walton, Chas. S.
White, Chas. H.
White, W. H.
White, J. M.
Whitman C. H.
Whittaker, W. F.
Whitaker, M. T.
Whedon, W. L.
Widney, R. J.
Wilson, Perrv R.
Wilshire, W B.
Wilshire, Nate F.
Wincup, Wm.
Wincup, Frank
Williams, J. H.
Willard, C. D.
Wolters, J. W.
Worsham, W. G.
Wormser, D.
Woollacott, H. J.
Woodbury, F. C.
Woodbridge, S. M.
Woolwine, W. D.
Wren, W. H.
Wright, E. T.
Wyman, Geo. H.
Wyatt. H. C.
Young, J. W.
Zellner, R., Jr.
Alexander, Geo. L.
Anderson, Chas. F.
Arnott, J. J.
Baker, A. C., Judge
Barrett, A. W., Gen'l
Baur, W.
Benchley, E. K.
Brown, Harry C.
Cargill. A. H.
Diss, J. W. F.
Durbrow, Geo. W.
Hayes, H. F.
Howland J. L.
Hoyle, Wm.
Jennings, John H.
Kincaid, G. W.
Latham, J. L.
Lockwood, Irving
Lvnch, J. C.
Martin, C. S.
May, Hugh
McCallum, H. F.
McElfresh, G. A.
McLeod, J. W.
Miller, Chas. L.
Mitchell, Chas. E.
Morrison, Wm. H.
Page, J. Harding
Perkins, D. T.
Pratt, Albert H.
Riordan, T. A.
Scribner, H. D.
Shaver. C. B.
Snedecker, W. H.
Sherwood, G. W.
Stanton. E. B.
Vail, Frank
Vail, Walter L.
Wyman, Watson H.


The Friday Morning Club.

HE women of Los Angeles, as early as 1878, real-
ized the necessity of that broader and more
catholic acquaintance with each other's thoughts
and needs which has given rise to the growth of
women's clubs throughout the world, and the
Los Angeles Woman's Club was organized, with
Mrs. Caroline M. Severance as President.
This early organization, which experienced the
varying fortune of all pioneers, was revived early in
1885, under the same name and management, and the
Friday Morning Club, which was organized on April 16,
1 891, may be called a descendant of the earlier organiza-
tion from the fact that it absorbed almost the entire membership
of the Woman's Club, and began its existence under the same

During the first six months the membership of the Friday Morning
Club increased from about twenty to one hundred and eighty, and in
March, 1892, the club joined the General Federation of Women's Clubs ;
in August, 1892, it was incorporated under the laws of California, and
since that time it has gone rapidly forward until at present it numbers
over three hundred of the most thoughtful and intelligent women of
Los Angeles and vicinity.

The object of the Friday Morning Club, as briefly stated in its by-
laws, is the discussion of topics of general interest, and from the begin-
ning it has afforded a free platform for the presentation by members and
others of standing and intelligence, of all subjects pertaining to the
advancement of society in art, science, literature, and morals. The
club is not conducted upon social or sectarian lines, and while it endea-
vors at all times to exert an influence upon the side of that which is best
for the community, its effort has been to accomplish reforms through
the personal enlightenment and increased enthusiasm of its members
rather than by united effort in any one direction. This policy enables it
to harmonize many diverse elements, and its educational value to women
in the cultivation of tolerance and breadth of view cannot be over-

During the past few years the club has entertained, among other guests
of note : George W. Cable, Jane Addams of Hull House, Susan B. An-
thony, Robert J. Burdette, Joaqnin Miller, Frederick Warde, Beatrice
Harraden, Ina D. Coolbrith, Gertrude Smith, Mrs. Ballington Booth,
Anna Shaw, Kate Sanborn, and Hamlin Garland. Nearly one thousand
guest cards were issued to visitors during the past year, and the hospi-
tality of the club is extended to many tourists during the winter through
the courtesy of the Board of Directors.

This club has been pleasantly located at 330^ South Broadway for the
past two years, and hopes to secure permanent quarters suited to its
needs before reassembling in October.

The officers elected at the annual meeting in June, 1896, are : Presi-
dent, Mrs. Margaret Collier Graham ; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. S. S.
Salisbury ; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. Frank Wiggins ; Secretary, Mrs.
John A. Walls ; Treasurer, Mrs. W. L. Graves.

Board of Directors : Mrs. M. C. Graham, Mrs. G. Streckewald,
Mrs. C. D. Willard, Mrs. B. C. Whiting, Mrs. John A. Walls, Mrs. Ella
P. Hubbard, Mrs. Frank A. Gibson, Mrs. Sara F. Judson, Mrs. W. L.
Graves, Miss J. E. Collier, Mrs. George H. Wadleigh.
Mrs. C. M. Severance is President Emeritus.

* Los Angeles Athletic Club.

OS ANGELES Athletic Club was founded sixteen years ago for the
purpose of providing its members with the means of physical de-
velopment together with the advantages of a gentlemen's club. Its
first quarters were two small rooms in the building
known as Stearns' Hall on Los Angeles street. In 1881
it moved to more commodious quarters in the Downey
Block. The steady growth of the club after a few years
necessitated the moving into still more spacious apart-
ments, and the quarters in the Stowell Building were
secured. Here the membership increased to 400 and
negotiations were begun which resulted in the construc-
tion of the present building especially for the club and according to its
own plans and specifications. Here the organization has for a home, a
building supplied with every requisite for producing the perfect de-
velopment of man — innumerable appliances for giving grace and form
to the muscles, together with all the conveniences and luxuries of a
modern club.

The dimensions of the building are 60 x 157 feet, the front being three
stories high and at a distance of 40 feet back raised to four stories to ac-
commodate the mammoth gymnasium on the third floor. The first story
of the front elevation is composed of steel, and Arizona sandstone, while
the remaining stories are of pressed brick with terra cotta trimmings.
The vestibuled entrance to the club rooms is handsomely finished in
carved oak, with a tile floor. The heavy plate glass door, opened from
the top of the stairs by an electric button, is surmounted by a beautiful

Putnam, Photo.


art glass transom, containing the club emblem worked in colors. The
second floor is reached by a broad staircase underneath which is a wheel
rack with accommodations for 100 bicycles. The reading rooms, 30 x 43
feet, occupy the entire front of the second floor, and are connected with
14 foot sliding doors. The card and chess rooms, and ladies' reception



room connect with these two rooms and open into the main hall. The
billiard hall measures 23 x 91 feet, containing three billiard and two pool
tables of the finest make. In the center of the building and adjoining
the billiard room are two of the finest bowling alleys on the coast, fitted
with all the latest improvements. The dressing room contains 300
lockers. The bath rooms and lavatories are situated at end of the build-
ing and connecting with the gymnasium above by a staircase, and con-
tain eight showers, three tubs, and a department in charge of two
rubbers where steam, hot air, alcohol, salt water, Hammam and Turkish
baths and massage treatment can be had at all hours. The third floor
contains a mammoth gymnasium 58 x 100 feet and 25 feet high ; also
five suites of bachelor apartments on the third floor front. The gymna-
sium is equipped with all the latest appliances and is in charge of two
competent instructors.

Pntnam, Photo-

The club also has an athletic park fitted up with running and bicycle
track, base ball diamond, tennis and croquet courts, grand stands, etc.

The club includes in its membership the leading business and financial
men of the city as well as a large number from the rising generation of
Los Angeles, a complete list of which is herewith appended.

J. Abramson, Phil Alexander. J. J. Ayres. P. L. Abel, H. D. Armstrong, C. C.
Ashley, John Austin, J.H.Austin, W.A.Avery, Nicholas Andras, Richard A. Atler,
David O. Anderson, R. H. Adams, Wm. B. Appel. Melville C. Adler.

A. L. Bath, E. H. Barmore, Hancock Banning, C. M. Baker. S. D. Bucher, G. B.
Barham, F. A. Bradshaw, Geo. B. Beebe, John Bernard. J. E. Brink, J. B. Banning,
John Burns, D. J. Brownstein, Alex. Brownstein, J. R. Burns, Fred Barman, D. L.
Burke. B. A. Benjamin. J. P. Bassett, John Bradburv. H. G. Bundrem, H. J. Bateman,
H. G. Bixby, G. H. Bixby. H. A. Buck. Nick Biehl, j. Fred Blake, L. Batchelder, W. B.
Brain, R. T. Brain. W. C. Brain. Chas. Baumbagger, Irving L. Blinn, O. H. Booth, Wm.
H. Bowers. O. J. Barker. L. P. Bradley, Will Bennett, S. J. Brown, J. Blosser, C. A.
Baldwin, Paul Baer, A. W. Bumiller, Wm. R.Burke, Henrv Beruhard, C. L. Bisbee,
T. H. Bessing, Walter E. Brown, Chas. Brownstein. Louis Breer. Jr., W. A. Bethell,

6 I


Louis C. Brown, Harry E Brook. E. K. Butler. Wm. J. Buchard. Albert D. Barham,
J. D. Bethune, Jr., Clarence O. Bewley, J. M. Betts. H. E. Breitstein, Henry S. Baer,
A. C. Brode, Harry A. Belcher, Frank I. Bernard.

Jas. Cuzner, J. A. Chanslor, W. J. Cowan, S. T. Curson, R. L. Cuzner, E. D. Chap-
man, G. W. Connell, W. M. Catlin, A. M. Campbell, J. T. Cherry, A. Cooper, C. W.
Chase, C.M.Cook, A.J.Corey, A. D. Cummings. R. E. Cottle, J. Tod Cook, Theo.
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