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Catalogue of the valuable collections of Greek coins formed by the Rev. Arthur C. Headlam which will be sold by auction online

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to left; li ZYPAKOZIXIN, Winged thunderbolt (R xl/. Cat.
405). ^E, irt. 31 ,r//x, Head of Athena helmeted ; 1^ Thunderbolt
{B. M. Cat. 414, two varieties), several fine 9

Syracuse. Agathocles : Third Period, r. 306-2S9 B.C., N, ivt.
87 '5 grs., Head of Athena wearing crested Corinthian helmet,
adorned with Pegasos; ^ ATAGOKAEOZ | BAZIAEOZ j

EY, Winged thundeibolt (B. jSJ. Cat. 419), in verii good ><tate

;pi. V]

Syracuse. Agathocles : Third Period, c. 306-289 B.C., M Coiin-
thian DiDRACHM {reduced to S Litrae), tvt. 105 grs.. Head uf
Athena in helmet to left ; I^ Pegasos flying to left : beneath,
triskeles {B. M. Cat. 14), fine. .E, wt. 146-6 gr.<<.. Bust of
Artemis; 1;^ AfAGOKAEOZ | BAZIAEOZ, Winged thunder-
bolt {B. M. Cat. 422), and three other varieties

Democracy, c. 289-287 B.C., .E, irt. lOQ'i grs.. Bust of Artemis;
1;^ AIOZ EAEY I 0EPIOY, Winged thunderbolt (B.M. Cat.
426, two varieties), some fine and of good style 7

(177). PERIOD BEFORE PYRRHUS, c. 289-276.

Syracuse. Hiketas, c. 287-278 b.c, ^E, ivt. 164 grs.. Head of
Persephone to left ; 1^ Biga to right {B. M. Cat. 441, two varieties).
^E, similar types, but head of Persephone to right {B. M. Cat.
454, three varieties). ^E, ivt. 158-8 grs., Young laureate head of
Zeus Hellem'os to left; ^ Eagle standing on thunderbolt iB. M.
Cat. 46s), and two other varieties. ^E, ivt. QS'S grs., similar tyjie,
but head to right {B. M. Cat. 478), some fine 9





Second Day



166 Syracuse. Hiketas, c. 287-278 B.C., M, wt. 124-2 grs., AlOX
EAAANIOY, Head of Zeus Helleiiios, beardless and laureate to
right ; \^ ZYPAKOZIHN, Eagle standing to left on thunderbolt
{B. M. Cat. 468), very fine, with beautiful bluish green patina


PI. V]

AcPagas. Tyranny of Phintias, c. 287-279 n.C, AL, ivt. 61 gr^.,
Head of ApuUo laureate to right ; 1^ Two eagles standing on supine
hare to left {B. M. Cat. lol, illu>tt rated), very fine and iftre in
this state. ^E, ivt. 49'8 grs., Head of Apollo ; li Eagle, <t>l
(B.3I. Cat. 133). jE, wt. 109-4 grs., Head of Persephone to
left; ii BAZIAEnZ i <1>INTIA, Hoar at bay to left (i?. J/.
Cat. 135, three varieties)

The Mamectini, c. 282-210 f;.c., ^E Hexas, ivt. 165-5 gis., Head
of Ares laureate to right; ]^ Eagle to left (B. M. Cat. 3), very
fine. JEj, ivt. 68-2 gr.v., Head of Adranus hehneted ; ^. Hound to
right {B. M. Cat. 1) [PI. V] 7



/•^ 168 Syracuse. M, tvt. 172 grs., M, wt. 11%'bgrs., Head of Persephone

to left ; ;i Long torch flaming, within oak wreath {B. M. Cat. 492).
.E, ivt. 172-7 grs., ZYPAKOXinN, Head of young Herakles to
left in lion's skin ; l,t Athena in fighting attitude {B. 31. Cat. 493),
and three other varieties. vE, ivt. 112 grs., similar type, but head
of Herakles to right {B. 31. Cat. 506), very fine. M, tvt. 124-2 grs.,
of similar obv. type to left, but overstruck on rev. with eagle
standing to left, .'several fine 7




169 Acragas, c. 279-241 b.c, M Tetrobol, tvt. 45'5 grs., Head of
Zeus to right, laureate; ^i AKPATAN | TINUN, Eagle
standing to left ; in field, T {B. 31. Cat. 76). .E, ivt. 130 grs.,
Head of Apollo ; ^ Two eagles to left standing on supine hare
{B. 31. Cat. 140, two varieties). M, wt. 122 grs.. Head of
Apollo; \y tripod \b. 31. Cat. 148), well preserved 4

^ 170 Tauromenium, c. 275-210 b.c, M 4 Litkae, wt. 50 grs. Head of
Apollo to right, laureate; behind, star; l,i TAYPOMEl
NITAN, Trijiod with neck and three handles; in field to left,
API (/y. 31. Cat. 11), very fine; from the IlazUtt collection
[PI. V] 1



X. /'


Seco7id Day






171 Taupomenium, c. 275-210 B.C., yE, wt. 100 grs., APXATETA,
Head of Apollo, laureate, to left; p, TAYPOM | ENITAN,
Tripod {B. M. Cat. 29), very fine, and two other varietie.s.
^■E, ivt. 132"6 grs.. Head of bearded Herakles to' right, bound with
taenia; 1^ TAYPOMEN ITAN, Furious bull buttin.o to right
{B.M. Cat. 33), eery fine 4

{IX). HIERON II and his Successors, c 276-214 b.c.

172 Syracuse. Hieron H, c. 276-216 B.C., Class C with portrait and

name of Gelon, M 4-Litkae, irt. 48 "9 grs., Diademed head of
Galon to left; ^i ZYPAKOZIOI rEAHNOZ, Eagle with
closed wings standing to right on thunderbolt ; in field, left, BA,
and right <1> {B.M. Cat. 537), fine ; from Paris sale, June, 1906
[PI. V] 1

173 Syracuse. Hieron H, c. 276-216 B.C., Class d with portrait and

name of Philistis, M 16-LiTKAE, wt. 207 '2 grs., Veiled head of
the queen to left ; behind, thyrsos ; p> BAZIAIZZAZ
<|>IAIZTIAOZ, Nike driving slow quadriga to right ; above,
crescent-moon {B. M. Cat. 554), fine and of pleasing ^tyle
[PI. V] 1



174 Syracuse. Hieron H, c. 276-216 b.c. Class d with portrait and
name of Philistis, M 16-Litrae, wt. 208'5 grs.. Head of (jueen to
left, stalk of corn behind ; ^ BAZIAIZZAZ <I>IAISTIAOZ,
Fast quadriga driven by Nike to right; in field, cre-scent-moon,
above, KIZ, and stalk of corn {(f. B.M. Cat. 549), very fine, but
ohv. of careless ivorhnanship ; from the Benson sale 1

175 Syracuse. Hi


c. 276-216 B.C., JE, wf. 272-2 grs.. Head of

Hieron diademed to left; ^ lEPHNOZ (in e.v.). Horseman to
right ; in front, <I> {B. 31. Cat. 595), and two other varieties ; M,
tvt. 144"5 gj-s., Head of Poseidon wearing taenia to left; ^
lEPnNOZ, Trident between two dolphins {B.M. Cat. 603),
and another of smaller size {B.M. Cat. 606); M, wt. 92'2 grs.,
Head of Persephone ; ]^ Furious bull to left {B. M. Cat. 620), and
another variety; M, xct. 70'2 grs.. Head of Apollo ; l/ Free horse
{B. M. Cat. 634), and another variety
Hieronymos, c. 216-215 B.C., yE, ivt. 135"o grs., Head of Hieronymos
diademed to left; ^ BAZIAEHZ | IEPI2NYMOY, Winged
thunderbolt {B. M. Cat. 647), several fine, some uncommon 10



Second Day


iX). SYRACUSE. DEMOCRACY, c. 215-212 B.C.


/ /J\

176 Syracuse. Democracy, c. 215-212 B.C., JR .^-Litkae, irt. 105"2 grs.,

Head of Athena to left wearing crested helmet, and aegis fastened^
round throat with snakes, hair at back of neck tied in the centre ;
K ZYPAKOZin[N], AVinged thunderbolt; in field below,
YAS {B.M. fat. 656), very fine and rare; from Paris sale,
Jime, 1906 [PI. V] 1

177 Syracuse. Democracy, c. 215-212 B.C., JB. 2^-Litrae. wf. 33"2 gis.,

Head of Apollo laureate to left ; ^ ZYPAKOZIflN, Tyche(?)
with inflated veil, scroll and branch {B. M. Cat. 664), rare ; ^v
li-LiTRAE, ivt. 15'5 grs.. Head of Artemis to right ; IJ ZYPA-
KOZinN, Owl standing to right, in field <l> (B. M. Cat. 667) ;
.E, irt. 182"2 grs., Head of Apollo to left ; ^ the Dioscuri {B. M.
Cat. 678); M, Head of Apollo; ^ Tripod {B.M. CW^ 681) ;
.E, ivt. 22 grs.. Female head to right ; ^ Tri])od {B. M. Cat. 683),
all very good and uncommon 5









Cephaloedium, c. 254-210 b.c, M, tvt. 20 grs., Bust of Hermes
and caduceus {B. M. Cat. 5). Catana, after 241 B.C., Janiform
head of Sarapis, ^ Demeter to left {B.M. Cat. 91); M, The
Catanaean brothers {B.M. Cat. 75). Leontini, after 241 B.C.,
^E, Facing head of Demeter, ^ River-god seated on rock {B. M.
Cat. 62). Acragas, after 241 B.C., M, Head of Apollo and
warrior (j9. iV. Cat. 150); Head of Zeus and eagle {B.M. Cat.'
155), three varieties; ^E, Head of Persephone and Asklepios
{B.M. Cat. 153). Gela, after 241 B.C., ^E, Young male head
and youth slaying ram (three vaiieties, B.M. Cat. 81 and ^Z) ;
.E, Head of Persephone and stalk of corn {B. M. Cat. 84), two
varieties. Tyndaris, c. 254-210 B.C., .E, Head of Zeus and
eagle {B. M. Cat. 11), an interesting lot, some rare 15

Centuripae, c. 241-210 b.c, ^E Dekonkion, Head of Zeus and
thunderbolt {B.M. Cat. 3), Trias, Artemis and tripod {B.M.
Cat. 9) ; ^, Head of Herakles, ^ Club {B. M. Cat. 17) ; Hexas,
Head of Persephone and plough {B. M. Cat. 12). Panormus,
after 254 B.C., .E, Head of Zeus, p Military figure {B. M. Cat. 37),
rare; Tetrastyle temple {B.M. Cat. 38) ; ^E, wt. 44*8 ^?-5., HeacJ

o^ /;


Second Day

Lot 179 — continued.

of Zeus and niilil;iiy tigiiie {B. M. Cat. 26), very fine; Al, Head
of Persephone and horse's head (3). Hybia Magna, after
210 B.C., ^E, Female bust wearing niodius to right, !,< Dionysiac
female figure {B. M. Cat. 1). Aetna, c(fter 210 r..c., ^E, Head
of Peisephone and cornueopiae {B.M. Cat. 7). Syracuse, after
241 B.C., ^E, Head of Zeus and biga ; Head of Athena and Nike
facing ; Head of Isis and head-dress of Isis ; Head of Demeter
and two torches ; Head of Apollo and long torch {B. 31. Cat. 691,
698, 704, 711 and 713), some rare 17















Siculo-Punic, c. 410-310 b.c, M Tetradkachm, wt. 264 grs.,
Quadriga to left, horses galloping, Nike about to crown charioteer ;
li Head of Persephone to right wearing corn-wreath ; around,
tlu'ee dolphins {B. M. Cat. p. 254, 1), fine [PI. V] 1

Siculo-Punic, c. 410-310 b.c, ^^ Tetradrachm, u-t. 26r7 grs.,
Head of Persephone to left ; around, three dolphins ; |i Horse's
head to left ; behind, palm-tree, ^»6' [PI. V] 1

Siculo-Punic, c. 410-310 B.C., M Tetradrachm, vt. 267'5 grs.,
Head of youthful Herakles to right, wearing lion's scalp head-
dress ; (i Horse's head to left ; behind, palm : below truncation
of the neck, Am-he-Machanat, very fine [PI. V] 1

Carthage, c. 241-146 B.C., Electr. Stater, ict. 115 grs., Head of
Persephone to left, wearing corn-wreath, necklace and earring ;
ll Horse standing to right, fine 1

Carthage, c 241-146 b.c, Electr. ! -Stater, wt. 23 grs., Head of
Persephone to left wearing corn-wreath'; 1> Horse standing to right,
head turned back, very fine [PI. V] 1

Carthage, c. 241-146 b.c, M Didrachm, tvt. 114-6 grs., Head of
Persephone to left, |i Horse to right and palm-tiee ; M LiTRA,
tvt. 9 "8 grs., Head to left, ^ ziz. Bull to left, rare ; Carthaginian
issues: M, wt. 28"6 grs.. Head of Persephone to left, ^ Horse
standing to right, very fine ; JE., Head of Per.sephone, 1^ Horse and
palm-tree, etc. Melita, yE, wt. 41 '5 grs., Veiled female head,
^ Ram's head. Cossura, JE, wt. 207'5 grs., Female head with
Egyptian head-dress, crowned by Nike ; I^ COSSVRA and
monogram within laurel-wreath ; countermark REG on oLv., seme
uncnmmnn 8





/^ ■.

Second Day




The PythaitOREan League.




Z Z-


186 Croton, c. 540-480 B.C., M Stater, ivt. 124-5 grs., ? PC, Tripod

lebes with three handles attached to rim, legs ending in lion's feet,
between the legs two serpents facing each other : ^ Tripod incuse
{B. M. Cat. 3). Another, ivt. 128 grs., of similar type, but between
ring handles the upper parts of two sei-pents, no serpents between
legs {B. 31. Cat. l), the second very fine 2

187 CPOton, c. 540-4S0 B.C., M Stater, vt. 122-7 grs., ? PC, Tripod

lebes with three ring handles ; to right, stork to left ; ^ Tripod
incuse, handles, stork and 9 PO raised icf. B. M. Cat. 9), fine
and rare 1

188 Croton, c. 540-480 b.c, M Stater, ict. 113-5 grs., Q-S-?-

Tripod, with stork to left ; ^ Tripod incuse. Another, wt.
117-8 grs., of thick fabric, O*^?, Tripod and stork to right; U
Tripod incuse (^. M. Cat. 18) ; and a variety, wt. 115 gr$.. Stork
to left. M Third Stater, of similar type, poor. M Stater,
u-t. 123-7 gr$., ?'10, Tripod; ^ Eagle incuse flying to right
{B. M. Cat. 33), the first coin from the Stiavelli sale, Rome, tvo
fine 5

189 Croton, c. 540-480 B.C., JR Stater, u-t. 124 grs., 0«^0, Tripod :

to left, crab; ^. OS? to left and dolphin to right of incuse
tripod (B. M. Cat. — ), an uncommon variety, very fine ; from the
Trist and CHagan collections [PI. V] 1

190 Poseidonia, c. 540-480 n.c, ^x Stater, ict. 108-4 ^r.*., MOn,

Poseidon to right thrusting with trident ; the ends of ehlamys
hanging from the arms, cable guilloehe border: ^ MOfl, similar
type incuse {cf. B. M. Cat. 1), ivell preserved and rare; from
oth July sale, 1910, lot 98 1

191 Poseidonia, c. 540-480 b.c, M One-third Stater, u-t. 53-5 grs.,

nOM, Poseidon standing to right and brandishing a trident, a
ehlamys hanging from the arms; R MOFI, similar type incuse
{<-f. B. M. Cat. 14), fine and rare ; from the Bunbury and OHagan
sales [PI. V] . 1





/^7Z? -^O


Second Day /^^y? /'O


C ay<-^(



192 Cau Ionia, r. 540-480 b.c, M Stx\ter, wt. 124-1 grs., KA\f/\,

Apollo mide standing to right, holding lustral branch in raised
right hand, small figure running on his extended left arm ; before
him, a stag to right looking back, raised border ornamented with
cable and pellet guilloche ; ]^ similar type, incuse (B.31. Cat. 1),
a very fine e.vample of this interesting coinage ; from the Stiavelli
sale [PI. V] 1

193 Sybaris, c. 550-510 B.C., M Stater, wt.l24:'5 grs., Bull standing
to left looking back; dotted exergual line, beneath which VM,

border of dots ; ],{ Incuse figure of bull to right {B.M. Cat. 1),
verijfine [PI. V] . 1

194 SybapJs, c. 550-510 B.C., M Stater, ivt. 113"3 grs., similar to coin

in last lot, with YM over the bull ; M One-third Stater, wt.
46 '4 grs., type of coin in preceding lot (two varieties), in very
good state 3






195 Metapontum, c. 540-480 b.c, M Stater, wt. 97 grs., ME~TA,
Ear of bearded corn ; P: similar type, incuse {cf. B.M. Cat. 11),
very fine [PI. V] 1



196 Metapontum, c. 540-480 b.c, M Stater, u^t. 126-7 grs., MET,
Ear of bearded corn ; |^ similar type, incuse, a variety of last coin,
eery fine [PI. V] 1

97 Metapontum, c. 550-480 b.c, M Stater, wt. \\<o-^ grs., thick
fabric, MET, Ear of corn ; in field to left, lizard ; ^ Ear of corn,
incuse ((/. B. M. Cat. 28). Another, wt. Xl^'bgrs., Ear of corn ;
to left, ram's head; to right, W E±V {B.M. Cat. 27), both fine,
the second from the Weber sale, Munich, 1908, lot 351 2

198 Metapontum, c. 550-480 b.c, M One-third Stater, ivt. 40-5 grs.,
MET, Ear of corn; ^ similar type, incuse {B.M. Cat. 29).
Another, wt. 4r5 grs., similar, but META to right {B. M. Cat.
33). M One-sixth Stater, ivt. 19-3 grs., ME-TA, Ear of
corn; II Bucranium {cf. B.M. Cat. 42). Another, wt. \'6"b grs.,
Avith TEM on left and META on right of ear of corn {B. M.
Cat. — ), all fine ; chiefly from J^aris sale, May, 1908 4

/ A

/c ^^yCt^oo€/v*4i^


Velia, c. 540-500 B.C., M Drachms (2), wts. 59*8 and 57-8 grs..
Forepart of lion seizing prey to right ; l;l Quadrijiartite incuse,
bitth fine and uncommon ; from the Benson sale 2





Second Day


t /O

/ /c^





9 ^ ^

z f


7 7



Tarentum, c. 500-473 e.g., M Didrachm, wt. 122S^;-.s-., •^A^AT, ; /y^^//^^^^
Taras riding on dolphin to right; beneath, escallop; around,
raised border of dots ; ^ Wheel of four spokes {Evans, pL i, 3),
of early style and fine ; from the Benson sale [PI. V] 1

Tarentum, c. 500-473 B.C., M Didrachm, wt. 122 grs., thick i
fabric, Taras on dolphin to right holding cuttle-fish ; ^ ZASAT,
Winged sea-horse ; beneath, escallop {cf I, 4) ; and another,
ivt. 123'5 firrs., of similar types, struck on a slightly larger Han,
both very good; from the J. E. 3IcClean sale, 21 April, 1909 2

Qpoton, c. 480-420 B.C., M Didrachm, zvt. 123 grs., thick fabric,
Tripod lebes Avith three handles ; to left, stork to right ; to right,
? PO ; 1^ Tripod lebes as on obv. {cf. B. M. Cat. 46), from the
Caprotti sale, Milan; JR DiOBOL, ivt. 19 "5 grs., 6 bO, Tripod ;
^ Cuttle-fish {B. M. Cat. 48), both in very good state and nn-
common 2

Croton, c. 480-420 b.c, M Didrachm, wt. 121 "7 grs., Eagle to
left, head turned back, standing on stag's head to right ; ^ ? PO,
Tripod lebes with neck and three handles ; in field left, ivy-wreath
{B. 31. Cat. 68), fine ; from the Stiavelli sale [PI. VI] 1

204 Cpoton, c. 480-420 B.C., M Didrachm, ivt. Wl'i grs., Eagle to

right, the head and neck stretched upwards, the wings raised ; ^/,

^ ? PO, Tripod lebes ; to left, laurel-leaf {B. M. Cat. 74), very ' ^^
fine [PI. VI] 1

205 Croton-Zancie, c. 480-420 b.c, M Alliance Didrachm, wt.

118"5 grs., ? PO, Tripod lebes with three ring handles : to left,
cantharos ; ^ DA, Tripod lebes as on obv. ; to right, thymiaterion
{B. M. Cat. 47), fine and rare [PI. VI] 1

206 Poseldonia, c. 480-400 b.c, M Didrachm, ivt. 120-5 grs.,

nOZEIAA, Poseidon advancing to right and thrusting with
trident; in field to left I ; treble border of dots ; ^ PIOZEIA...
Bull to left ; beneath, H, dotted and linear exergual line {B. M.
Cat. — ), fine and rare ; A\ Sixth Stater, tvt. \Qgrs., Poseidon
to right; ]> FIOMEZ, Bull to right; Al Twelfth Stater,
similar but bull to left {B. M. Cat. 57) ; and another, ivt. 6'2 grs.^
bull to right ; M Twenty-fourth Stater, v-t. 3'7 grs., .similar
types, bull to left, all in very good state and uncommon, the first
illustrated [PI. VI] 5













. . '^^ Second Day

207 Cau Ionia, c. 480-388 k.c, ^i Stater, tvt. 122-5 ^r.^., AVA>|, Nude
Apollo to right holding lustral branch, small figure running on his
extended left arm ; in field, stag; ^ AVA>|, Stag standing to
right, upright branch of laurel in front {B. M. ('at. 18), fine \ M
Third Stater, ivt. 35-5 grs., of similar type to last {B.M. C'at.U\
eery good ^

Laus, c. 480-390 b.c, Al Stater, wt. 121 grs., 5AA, Man-headed

bull to left turning head back ; in exergue, acorn ; ^ ^AA, Man- r^

headed bull to right {B. M. Cat. 3) ; from theMaddalena, Philip-
sen and White-King sales, in nry good state and very rare

[rl. VIJ .

Sybapis and Poseidonia, c. 453-448 e.g., M Sixth Stater, tvt. / /

l^grs., Poseidon to right; ^ VM, Bull to right {B. M. ('at^ 23).
Another, wt. 19-5 grs., of similar type, with VBAW on obr. and
MYBA on rev. {B. M. Cat. 28) ; r. 443 b.c, M Sixth Stater,
wt. 17-6 grs., Head of Athena to light wearing laureated crested
helmet; ^ Bull to right looking back ; in exergue, ZYBA (8. M.
Cat. 33), two fine; from the Benson sale 3

210 Metapontum, c. 480-400 b.c, .51 Stater, ivt. 122-^ grs., META, /'^
Ear of corn without leaf ; cable border ; ^ Herakles nude, to front
looking to left, holding club over right shoulder, left hand resting
on hip {B. M. Cat. 50), of fine transitional style and eery rare, in
nnusually good preservation ; from Munich sale, Maii 1910 lot
221 [PI. VI] ■' ' ^

Metapontum, c. 480-400 b.c, M Drachm, wt. 59 grs.. Ear of
corn ; to right, META ; ^ Apollo, nude, standing towards right ^

holdn.g bow in left, his right hand resting on hip ; around, laurel
wreath {B.M. Cat. 52), eery good and very rare; from the Hart-
wig sale, Rome [PI. VI] ^

Velia, c. 500-450 b.c, A\ Didrachm, wt. 118-2 grs.. Female head

to right, of fine early transitional style, hair indicated by parallel ^ /

hues of dots, looped up at back of neck under beaded diadem ; )^ ^

YEAHTEX2N, Lion prowling to right ; above, owl flying to left
KB. M. Cat. 6), a very rare coin, in good preservation ; from Pari<
sale. May, 1910, lot 83 {230 frs.) [PI. VI] i

213 Velia, c. 450-400 b.c, Ai Drachm, wt. 634 grs.. Female head to /

right wearing broad diadem, hair rolled at back ; ^ YEAH Owl
standing on olive branch to right {/i. M. Cat. 13). Another, wt.
^'igrs., similar head to left; ^ Owl to right, inscription on right
{B. M. Cat. — ), hoth fine 2

D 2 "^ I



/y^ .^c

Second Day







2U Cumae, c. 480-423 e.g., M Didrachm, wt. 109"5 grs.. Female
head to right, hair wavy and rolled at back ; ^ KY . . . N, Mussel-
shell and corn-grain {Sambon, 281), transitional style, very fine
and rare ; from the O'Hagan sale [PI. VI] 1

215 Cumae, c. 480-423 B.C., M Didrachm, wt. IVTb grs., Female

head to right, hair rolled and bound with a diadem ; I^ K . . . ON,
Mussel-shell and corn-grain (Sambon, 281), obv. damaged ; from
the Benson sale, lot 3. Another, ^ct. 87 grs., similar type,
KVMAIO, possibly four ree ; from London sale, 3 July, 1906 2

216 Rhegium, c. 494-480 B.C., M Drachm, ivt. 87*5 grs.. Lion's scalp

facing : \^ REGION [retrograde), Calf's head to left {B. M.
Cat. 1). fine and rare: JR Obol, ivt. 11 '9 grs.. Hare running to
right; Jl 03 R (the R retrograde) in circle of dots (B. 31. Cat.
7), rery fi?ie 2

217 Rhegium, c. 480-466 B.C., JR Tetradrachm, wt. 266-5 grs., Mule-

car driven by bearded charioteer to right ; in exergue, olive leaf ;
^ NONI03R (the R retrograde) Hare running to right (B. M.
Cat. 3), rev. very good, tincommon type 1

21S Rhegium, c. 480-466 B.C., M Tetradrachm, wt. 261 grs., Lion's
scalp facing; I:i RECI-NOS, Male figure, bearded, naked to
waist, seated to left, resting on staff, left hand on hip : the whole
within olive-wreath (B. J[. Cat. 19), fine and rare : from July 5,
1910 sale, lot 100 [PI. VI] 1







219 Tarentum, c 400-272 b.c, ^v Drachm, wt. 50 grs., Head of

Athena to right in crested helmet adorned with Scylla hurling
stone; J^ Owl standing to right; behind, NEYMHNIOZ; in
front, no AY [B.M. Cat. 314), very fine; M LiTRA, tct. 9 grs..
Cockle-shell ; P: Dolphin ; beneath, dog ; others (3), with symbols,
thunderbolt (B. 31. Cat. 396), etc.; JR Litra, wt. ll'l grs..
Cockle-shell ; R Female head to right within ciicle (B. 31. Cat.
391); and another variety; JR LlTRA, v:t. 10'4 grs., Kantharos
on either side with five dots around ; JP\ Hebii-Litra, ict. 5 grs..
Cockle-shell ; 9> Female head to left, some fine ; ^L Two horses'
heads on either side 10

220 Tarentum, c. 330-272 B.C., X Sicilian Litra, wt. Vi grs., Head of

j'oung Herakles to right wearing lions skin ; 1^ TAPAZ, Taras
on dolphin to left (cf B. 31. Cat. 27) ; from London sale, Feb. 4,
l^m ; fine and rare [PI. VI] 1

^c cvO^^





Second Day^^^ ^^







221 Tarentum, c 380-345 i;.c., A\ J)ii)RAC1i:\i, vf. 1 17"() ^/r.^., ^■olulg•

hoiseiuaii with shield to left; beneath, Y; 1,1 'J'ara.s seated side- / , ^5"
ways on dolphin to left ; beneath, A | TAPAZ (r/. Evans, p. 59,
C 3), venj good and uncommon ; c. 330-302 B.C., A\ Didrachm,
irt. 119'2 grs., Horseman to right; beneath AAI : 1,1 Taras on
dolphin to left with shield and trident (Er. p. 102, 5); c. 302-
281 B.C., Campano-Tarentine, DiDRACHMS (2), wf. 108'5 gts., the
olhei-yo^rr^' 4

222 Tapentum, c. 281-272 B.C., Ai Didrachm, vf. 119-3 ^r,s-., Boy

rider crowning horse ; ^ Taras on dolphin holding bunch of
grapes {Ev. p. 132, 3) ; others (4), ivf. 9G'S grs., The Dio.scuri on
horseback to left ; ]^ Taras holding Nike and shield {Er. p. 159,
Dl), wt. 98'5 grs., Helmeted horseman carrying shield to left; 1^
Taras holding distaff (Ev. p. 160, r l), wt. 96*8 grs., Youthful
horseman to right ; beneath I A AO and capital of Ionic column ;
yc Taras holding distaft' (Er. p. 161, cl), two varieties, f/i(' last
three fine 5

223 Tarentum, c. 272-235 B.C., ^l Didrachm, tvt. 968 g?^.. Boy rider

to left, <|>IAnTA; ^ Taras holding kantharos and trident {cf.
Ev. p. 177, 5) ; others (5), wt. 99'9 grs., Horseman crowning
horse to left, AYKI | NOZ ; ^ Taras wielding trident, owl
behind {Ev. p. 177, 8), 2vt. 98"5 grs., HorsemaJi lancing down-
wards to right ; IJ> Taras holding kanthaios ; behind, head of nymph
{Ev.p. 179, D 1), tAvo varieties ; wt. 97 grs.. Boy rider on stationary
horse; 1^ Taras holding tripod and trident; in field, bucranium
{hJi\ p. 179, El), ict. %'f> grs., Helmeted horseman to right; I^
Taras to left, head facing, holding trident, ehlamys flowing behind
him {Ev. p. 180, H l), all fine 6

224 CPOton, c. 420-390 B.C., M Didrachm, irt. V2Q-S) grs., Head of

Hera Lakinia facing, wearing lofty Stephanos adorned Avith honey-
suckle ornament and griffins' heads, hair fiowing, necklace with
pendants ; in field, right A ; 1^ Herakles naked leclining to left
on rocks, holding w-ine cup ; in field to left, tripod ; above, bow
and club, A {B. M. Cat. 90), fine and very rare, the rev. not so
good ■ from sale at Genoa, Aj^ril, 1909, lot 1025 [PI. VI] 1

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