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Catalogue of the valuable collections of Greek coins formed by the Rev. Arthur C. Headlam which will be sold by auction online

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the end (c/. B. M. Cat. pi ii, 3), very fine [PI. IX] 1

367 Corinth, c. 570-560 B.C., M Stater, wt. 1386 grs.. Types of last

coin ; and another variety, ict. 136*5 grs., both fine 2

368 Corinth, c. 400-338 B.C., M Stater, ivt. 128 -2 gr.^., Pegasos with

curled wing walking to left ; IJ. Head of Athena to left in Corin-
thian helmet ; behind, nude figure to right, an uncommon type hut
not fine; oihevs, {'2), wt. 132*8 g'rs., Pegasos flying to right, beneath
? ; 1^ Head of Athena to right in Corinthian helmet; to left, tri-
dent ; to right, dolphin {B. M. Cat. — ) ; u-t. 130*3 grs., Pegasos to
left : ^ Head of Athena to left ; in front, A ; behind, cock to left
on club {cf. B. 31. Cat. 351), bot/i fine 3

369 Corinth, c. 400-338 B.C., M Stater, u-f. 130 grs., 9 Pegasos

flying to left; ^ Helmeted head of Athena to left; behind, dove
flying to left (B. 31. Cat. — ), t/ie head a little double struck, othe^ -
wise very fine. Another, ict. \'2^ grs., p, symbols, above head,
dolphin ; behind, cock to left {B. 31. Cat. 151), fiiie 2

370 Corinth, c. 400-338 B.C., M Stater, wt. 132*5 grs., of similar

types ; behind head of Athena, mask of Silenos facing ; below,
AA {B. 31. Cat. 244), very fine. M Drachm, ivt. 38 grs., Pegasos
to left ; p Head of Aphrodite to left, hair falling loose down neck;
to right, palm {B. 31. Cat. 189). Another, wt. 42*5 grs., ^ Head
of Aphrodite to right, hair in saccos {B. 31. Cat. 419), both fine 3

371 Corinth, c. 400-388 b.c, M Hemidrachm, ivt.

Pegasos to left with curled wing ; beneath, ?

dite to right, hair rolled and with long tress hanging behind neck

{B. 31. Cat. 193), of fine style and very fine [PI. IX] 1

372 Corinth, c. 400-350 b.c, M Hemidrachm, ict. 21*5 grs.. Forepart

of Pegasos to left; p, Head of Aphrodite to left wearing earring
and necklace, hair rolled {B. 31. Cat. 393), extremely fine; from
the Delbecke sale [PI. IX] 1

373 Corinth, c. 350-338 B.C., M Stater, ict. 131 grs., Pegasos to left;

:^ Head of Athena to left, helmet laureated ; beneath, A; to right,
wreath {B. 31. Cat. 219). Others (3), wt. 131 grs., similar, helmet
without laurel wreath ; symbol, astragalos {B. 31. Cat. 222) ; wt.
132*5 grs.. Helmet laureate ; symbol, boar to left {B.3I. Cat. 247);
wt. U-2grs., symbol, the Palladium {B.3I. Cat. 256), all fine, the
last rare 4

(^ /t-Cytt'


L^ OL^ ,

19 grs., Forepart of ,.
^ Head of Aphro- ' y^





Third BayJ^;^








Corinth, c. 338-300 B.C., M Stater, ivt. 128 ^rA\, Types of pre-
ceding coins, laureate helmet; AP and symbol, chimaera to left
{B. M. Cat. 255). Others (2), wt. 1307 grs., Helmet plain ;
symbol, thyrsos {B. 31. Cat. 279); wt. 132 gis., F and symbol,
dove to left in wreath {B. 31. Cat. 282), uncommon, the last very
fine, the other fine 3

CoPinth, e. 338-300 B.C., M Stater, ict. 128*5 grs.. Types of pre-
ceding ; symbol, Artemis running to left holding torch with both
hands {B. 31. Cat. 315). Others (3), ict. 131 grs., symbol, Artemis
to right, running and holding torch (i/. il/. Cat. 317); ivt.lZVZ grs.
symbol, N in wreath {B. 31. Cat. 372) ; wt. \^Q grs., symbol indis-
tinct; ivt. 130 grs.. Helmet laureate, AP and plough {B.3I. Cat.
250), all fine 5

Leucas, c 400-330 b.c, M Stater, ivt. 130 grs., Pegasos flying to
right ; beneath, A ; ^ Head of Athena in Corinthian helmet to
right ; to left, A and ram's head {B. 31. Cat. 66). Others (2),
wt. 131 grs., symbol to left, ladle (cyathos) A ; wt. 129'5 grs., of
later date, c. 330-250 B.C., Pegasos to left, and head of Athena to
left; behind, API and anchor {B.3I. Cat. 103), all in very good
state 3

Anactopium, c. 500-431 b.c, M Stater, v:t. 128 grs., A Pegasos
with round wing flying to right ; ^ Head of Athena to right
wearing Corinthian helmet, earring and necklace, hair in queue,
tied at back of neck ; behind, ivy branch, within incuse square
{B. 31. Cat. — ), fine and rare [PI. IX] 1

AnactopJum, c. 350-300 b.c, JR Stater, wt. 132 "2 grs., A Pegasos
to left ; Head of Athena helmeted to right ; to left, A/ and tripod
in wreath {B. 31. Cat. 33), uncommon. Others (2), tvt. 128"3 grs.,
Head of Athena to left; beneath AT and behind AV and bucra-
nium bound with fillet {B. 31. Cat. 49); ivt. \Z\ grs., a variety,
with KAE in front of head, all fine 3

Sicyon, c. 400-323 b.c, M Stater, wt. 188-1 grs., Chimaera to
left; above, wreath; beneath, ZE; ^ Dove flying to left; in
front, I ; within laurel wreath {B. 31. Cat. 56) ; M Hemidrachm,
tvt. 43" 1 grs., Chimaera to left; beneath, 1.\ ; ^ Dove flying to
left; in front, I {B. 31. Cat. 71) ; c. 251-146 B.C., M Triobol,
ivt. 305 grs., Flying dove to right ; ^ Large Z and magistrate's
name, OAYM | PIA | AAZ {B. 31. Cat. 197)

Apgos, c. 350-228 B.C., M Hemidrachm, ivt. 39'1 grs.. Forepart of
wolf to right ; ii A, in shallow incuse ; above, fl P, and beneath,
club(^.iJ/. Cat. 71), all fine 4



/ /-^

A ^


z^s^ .




Thml Day




r ^


380 Elis, c. 421-400 B.C., M Stater, wt. 171 grs., Head of Hera to | ^4

light wearing Stephanos adorned with flowers ; ^ FA, Wingless ^^'
thunderbolt {B. M. Cat. 55). Another, ivt. 1767 grs., a variety;
M Hemidrachm, wt. 39 grs.. Head of Olympia ; 1^ Eagle in wreath
{B. M. Cat. 75), damaged ; c. 365-323 B.C., M Hemidrachm,
wt. 40*5 gfrs. Laureate head of Zeus ; ^ FA, Eagle to right (5. il/.
Cat. 83), well preserved 4

381 Arcadia. Psophis, c. 500-400 b.c, JR Obol, wt. 13-5 grs., Fore-

part of Keryneian stag to right; p> -^O, Fish in dotted incuse

square {B. 31. Cat. 3), rare
Megalopolis, c 330-251, B.C., M Triobols (4), Head of Zeus

Lykaeos ; ^ MET, Pan seated on rocks, various adjuncts
Cleitor, c 400-322 B.C., M Triobols (2), Head of Helios facing;

P: Rushirig bull and symbols
Arcadian League, c. 370-330 b.c, JR Triobols (3), Pan seated

on rocks ; and M Obol, Head of Pan ; ^ Arcadian monogram

and syrinx, some fine 11

382 Henaea, c. 490-417 b.c, JR Triobols (3), Zeus Aphesius seated to

left ; ^ Head of Artemis of archaic style, hair in queue (c/. B. 31.
Cat. 7) ; Head bound with fillet, and rolled (cf. B. 31. Cat. 28) ;
JR Obols (2), of similar type, wt. 14*5 grs., Archaic head to left,
hair in queue (cf. B. 31. Cat. 8) ; wt. 15 grs.. Head three-quarter
face to right, hair in net {cf. B. 31. Cat. 42), uncommon types.
Laconia. Corone, c. 280-184 B.C., JR Tetrobol, wt. 37 grs.,
Head of Athena in crested Corinthian helmet, to right; 1^ KOP,
Bunch of grapes on stalk, in ivy- wreath {B, 31. Cat. l) 6

383 Cyrenaica. Cyrene, c. 431-323 b.c, N Drachm, ivt. 66*5 grs..

Horseman to right ; in field, to left, HOAI ; ^ K-Y-R-A,
Silphium; to right, field mouse [Midler, p. 51, no. 10?,), fine and
rare; fromthesale in Vienna, January, 1912, /o# 354 [PI. IX] 1

384 Cyrene, c. 323-285 b.c, N ,V Stater, wt. 13"5 grs., Head of Zeus

Ammon to right, laureate ; behind, KY ; ^ Head of nymph Kyrene i
to right, hair rolled; FlO on either side, extremely fine, ILLUS-
TRATED : from the Hazlitt sale ; JR Didrachm, 1 15*8 grs., Head i
to left, with ram's horn ; ^ Silphium ; to left, Ifl ; below, across!
the field KY-PA [PI. IX] 2 j

385 Crete. Lyttus, c. 450-300 b.c, JR Stater, ivt. 162 ^rs., Eagle flying

to left; K AYTTI, Boar's head to left, within a beaded square

{B. 31. Cat. 10), of coarse style, but very fine and rare [PI. IX] 1 i












Third Bay J^X . /f.

386 Lyttus, c. 450-300 B.C., M Drachm, wt. 82*5 grs., Eagle flying to
left ; ^ AYTTS0, Boar's head to right within beaded square


^B. M. Cat. 7), black tfl7ie, but very fine and rare [PI. IX]

Itanus, c. 400-300 b.c, M Drachm, wt. 82 grs., Head of Athena
to left, ill crested Athenian helmet, adorned with floral ornament;
^ ITANIXIN, Eagle to left, looking back; in field to right,
Glaukos holding trident; within incuse square {B. M. Cat. 12),
very fine and rare, illustrated \ JR Obol, wt. 12'8 grs., Helmeted
head of Athena to left ; ^ Star of eight rays {B. M. Cat. 19),
fine [PI. IX] 2

Elyrus (?), c. 400-300 B.C., M. Hemidrachm, ^vt. 37 "2 grs., Female
head to left ; ii 1 - Bee, undescribed, in very good state. Cnossus,
c. 350-200 B.C., M Drachm, ivt. 78*2 grs.. Head of Hera to left ;
tL KNnZI, Square labyrinth; AP, in field (5. M. Cat. 26) ;
c. 200-67 B.C., AL Head of Zeus to right ; p, Square labyrinth
(B. M. Cat. 49). Crete. Imperial M of Trajan ; ^ KPHTWN,
Aesculapius and Hygiaea, poor 4

Euboea. Chalcis, c. 600-507 b.c, M Tritemorion, u-t. 6 grs.,
Wheel of four spokes ; ^ Incuse square, divided diagonally into
four parts {B. M. Cat. 10). EnetPJa, c. 378-338 B.C., M Drachm,
Nymph Euboea and bull's head, holed. Chalcis, c. 369-336 B.C.,
M Drachms (2), Female head to left and eagle. Histiaea,
c. 313-265 B.C., M Tetrobol, ict. 37'5 grs., Head of Maenad, and
nymph seated on stern of galley, fine. BoEOTiA. Thebes,
c. 480-446 B.C., M Hemidrachm, ivt. 41*2 grs., Boeotian shield;
^ 0EBH, Kantharos {B. M. Cat. 78). Federal, c. 338-315 B.C.,
M, Hemidrachms (2), similar type, with BO-ID and B-OI ;
c. 244-197 B.C., M, Drachm, Head of Demeter, almost facing;
^ Poseidon {B. 31. Cat. 77) ; c. 197-146 B.C., Al Drachm, Head
of Poseidon ; ^ Nike standing to left {B. M. Cat. 92), some in
very good preservation 10

Phocis, c. 357-346 b.C.,^ Triobol, ivt. 42'2 grr,s.. Bull's head, facing;
il <|> 12, Head of the Delphian Apollo to right, laureate; behind
head, laurel branch {B. M. Cat. 87), very fine and rare, illustrated.
Aetolia, c. 279-268 B.C., M Hemidrachm, ivt. 38 grs.. Head of
Aetolos wearing kausia ; ^ AITXIAII, Calydonian boar, etc.
{cf. B. M. Cat. 16) [PI. IX] 2

391 Locris. LocpI Opuntii, c. 400-338 js.c, ^ Stater, wt. 182 grs..
Head of Persephone to left, crowned with corn, wearing necklace



J /-




Third Day



? /6^






Lot 391 — continued

tied at back ; 1^ OflONTIHN, Nude figure of the Locrian Ajax
charging to right ; on the ground, spear-head {cf. B. M. Cat.,
pi. /, 7), a fine example, btit holed behind head, illustrated ;
^ Hemidrachm, ivt. 41*6 gjs., similar type, but head of Perse-
phone to right ; on rev. symbol, crest of helmet {B. M. Cat. 24),
fine [PI. IX] 2

392 AcARNANiA, c. 250-167 B.C., M Federal Stater, wt. 153"2 grs.,

[AYJKOYPrOZ, Head of Acheloiis to right, with bull's horn
and ear; ^ AKAPNANIIN, Nude Apollo seated on throne to
left, holding bow in his right hand {B. M. Cat. 9), fine and Q-are :
from the Benson sale [PI. IX] 1

393 CoRCYRA, c. 585-450 B.C., M Lumpy Stater, wt. 185'5 grs., Cow

to left suckling calf ; j^ Two oblong sinkings, side by side, each
containing a stellate design {cf. B. M. Cat., pi. xxi, 2) ; from the
Taranto find, in very good state. Illyria. Dyprhachium,
c. 450-350 B.C., M Stater, tvt. 164 grs., Cow to right suckling
calf, above F ; p, AYP, Double stellate square ; below, club to
right {B. M. Cat. 21). Another, tvt. 170 grs.. Cow to left {B. M.
Cat. 8), both very fine : from the Sandeman sale 3

394 Thessalia. Lapissa, c. 430-400 B.C., M Drachm, tvt. 89*5 grs.,

Nude youth to right, restraining unruly bull l)y the horns ; the
chlamys and kausia blown back to left; ^ AAPI-ZAIA, Horse
galloping to right, rein flying loose; in the field, grafitto PI AY-VM,
{B. M. Cat. 27), of very good style, and very fine [PI. IX] ll

395 Larissa, c. 400-344 b.c, M Drachm, ivt. 93 grs., Head of the

nymph Larissa to left, M'earing sphendone ; ^ AAPIZAI, Bridled
horse galloping to right, rein flying loose {cf. B. M. Cat. 48), in
excellent state and rare ; from the Benson sale [PI. IX] 1

396 Larissa, c. 400-344 B.C., M Drachm, ivt. 94 grs.. Head of nymph

Larissa three-quarter face to left ; ^ AAPIZ-AIX2N, Horsej
grazing to right ; below, plant growing {B. M. Cat. 61). Another,'
ivt. 94 grs.. Head facing, hair diflierently arranged ; ^ AAPI,
Horse feeding {cf. B. M. Cat. 11), the second very fine and a rare
variety 2

397 Larissa, c. 400-344 B.C., M Drachm, ivt. 95 grs.. Head of Larissa,

three-quarter face to left; ^ AAPIZ-AlJQN, Horse grazing to
right {B. M. Cat. pi. vr, ] ), of fine style, and in excellent state
[PI. IX] 1




















o£c^o^ 40:

Larissa, r. 400-344 i'..c., M Drachms (2). ivU. 93-5 and 94 .qt^.,
similar types to preceding coin, but with growing plant beneath ^
horse on rev. {B. 31. Cat. 61), horse to left, an.l the other to right,
both very good coins

Lapissa, c. 400-344 n.c, Al Drachm, wt. 93-5 grs., Head of Larissa, ^
almost facing, of varied style and treatment ; ^ AAPI, Horse
grazing to right, very fine ; from the Benson sale [PI. IX] 1

Lapissa, c. 400-344 B.C., M Drachm, wt. 93 grs., Head of Larissa, ^
three-quarter face to left ; 1^ . . AOI/1, Horseman wearing kausia,
standing beside his horse to right {B. M. Cat. — ), a very rare
tijpe, very ivell preserved [PI. IX]

Lapissa, c. 400-344 b.c, M Drachm, ivt. 95 grs., similar head of

the nymph ; li SAinN-AAPI, Mare walking to right ; beside /
her, foal {B. M. Cat. 64), fine and uncommon 1

Phapsalus, c. 400-344 b.c, M Drachm, ivt. 90-2 grs., Head of

Athena to right, wearing crested helmet ornamented with figure J
of Scylla ; ^ Horseman to left {B. M. Cat. 9), very rare and in
good state. Lamia, c. 400-344 B.C., M Obol, wt. 12-4 grs.. Head
of young Dionysos to left, ivy crowned ; Ijl AAM I E-flN, Amphora;
to right, prochous ; above, ivy-leaf {B. M. Cat. 4), very fine 2

Thessalian Confedepacy, c. 196-146 b.c.,^U)ouble-Victoriati / y
(6), Head of Zeus, laureate, to right ; ^ ©EZZAAHN, Athena /

Itonia fighting ; varied names of magistrates, Aristocles . . . ppos
Gorgopas, Diodes, Sosipatros Gorgopas, Philon Ippolokos, Xeno-
phantos, etc. ; and M Drachm, ivt. 64 grs., Head of Apolloj
R Athena Itonia AN, chiefly fiiie '


Macedonia. Acanthus, c. 550-425 b.c, M Tetrobol, ivt. 37 2 ^ ^q
grs., Forepart of bull to left, looking back ; above, floral ornament ;
j^ Quadripartite incuse square {B. 31. Cat. 7). Lete, 600-500
B.C., JR Stater, wt. 148-4 grs.. Nude satyr seizing the arm of
draped nymph ; p= Incuse square, both coins from the Taranto
find, the second has suffered from corrosion . E i o n , c. 500-4 3 7 b. c ,
M,wt. \T3grs., 0, Goose to right looking back ; in field, lizard;
y. incuse square, quartered {cf B. 31. Cat. 2), fine. Scione,
c. 500-450 B.C., JR, wt. 2-5 grft., Human eye ; (^ Incuse square
divided diagonally (/^. il/. C'rt^. —), mrg 4 ^

Neapolis, c. 500-411 b.c, M Stater, tvt. 148 grs., Gorgon-head;
^ Incuse square, quartered (B. 31. Cat. 2), fine ; c 411-350 B.C.,

J^f. ;?


Third Day


Lot 405 — continued.

Gorgon-head ; 1^ N EO . . Head of the Parthetios of Neapolis
bound with cord and twisted up behind {B. M. Cat. 17), timisually
fine e.rample, iUnstrated [PI. X] 2




? cT-






Thrace. Aenus, c. 450-400 b.c, ^Tetradrachm, zr#. Ib'l'Zgrs., A /
Head of Hermes to right, wearing close-fitting petasos, with band
of beaded ornament; ^ A IN, Goat to right; in front, a large;
crescent ; on the hind-quarter of the goat a corn grain {cf. type
B. M. Cat. 2), early issue of fine archaic style, in fine pj-eservation,
and as stated in the Benson Catalogue, where this very coin is
described, of much greater rarity than the later archaic issues :
realized £20 [PI. X] 1

Aenus, c. 400-350 e.g., ^ Tetradrachm, ivt. 234 sr/>-.. Head of
Hermes, almost full-faced, wearing close-fitting petasos, orna-
mented with beads; 9. AINION, Goat to right; in front,
wreath {cf. type B. M. Cat. 12; Berlin M. 29), fine and very
rare; from sale in Vienna, January, 1912, lot 143 (£35)
[PI. X] 1

408 Aenus, c. 450-400 B.C., JR Diobol, tvt. 204 grs., Head of Hermes ^

to left, as in lot 406 ; V^ AINI, Goat to right {B. JL Cat. 11). 'i^a,^^
Another, ict. 20 grs., similar type, but symbol on rev. crab, hoth
very fine. c. 400-350 B.C., Facing head of Hermes; yi AINION,
Goat to right ; in front, trophy, fine and very rare 3

409 Maroneia, c. 400-350 b.c, ^ Didrachm, ivt. 170"5 f/?x. Horse
prancing to left with loose rein; beneath, trident to left; ^
EDIlHNnNOZ around a linear square containing


(B. 31. Cat. 21), fine and rare



410 Thasos, c. 550-463 B.C., JR Stater, wt. 148'4 grs.. Naked

ithyphallic satyr, with horse's feet, kneeling to right, and can-ying

a nymph, who is struggling in his arms ; ^ Quadripartite incuse

squaie, of early archaic style and treatment, and fine preservation;

[ from the Dundas and Sande^nan cabinets 1

411 Thasos, c. 463-411 b.c, JR Drachm, wt. 55-2 grs.. Satyr, bald,

bearded and with horse's tail, kneeling to right on one knee, and
carrying in his arms a nymph clad in long chiton ; ft Quadri-
partite incuse square of mill sail pattern (B. M. Cat. 32), of very
fine style and in very fine condition; from sale in Vienna, January,
1912, lot 111 [PI. X] 1



TMrd Day







Thasos, c. 41 1-350 B.C., M Drachm, wt. 58*5 grs., Head of bearded
Dionysos to left, wearing ivy-wreath ; ^ 0A[Z]ION, Bearded
Herakles to right, kneeling, shooting with bow {cf. type B. M.
Cat. 41), very fine and rare ; from sale in Vienna, January,
1912, ^;; 195 [PI. X] 1>

Thasos, c. 150-50 b.c, JR Tetradrachm, wt. 259'5 grsf., Head of
youthful Dionysos to right, wearing ivy- wreath; tiHPAKAEOYZ
ZnXHPOZ ©AZIHN, Nude figure of Herakles standing
to left, holding club ; in field, H {B. M. Cat. 74). Another,
xvt. 244 grs., similar type, the first very fine. Apol Ionia
Pontlca, c. 450-400 B.C., M Drachm, wt. 53'5 grs., Anchor ; in
field to right, lobster; ^ Gorgoneion, in circular incuse (/y. ^7.
Cat., Mysiae 7), fine and rare 3













Macedonia. Philip II, c. 359-336 b.c, N Stater, wt. 1310 grs..
Head of Apollo to right, laureate; ^ <l>IAinnOY, Biga galloping
to right ; symbol, thunderbolt {Mailer 2), fine 1

Philip II, c. 359-336 B.C., M Tetradrachm, Head of Zeus to
right, laureate; \\ <l>IAinnOY, Horseman to right; in field,
thunderbolt, of fine style. Anothei-, wt. 223 grs., symbol, head of
Janus {M. 853). M Tetrobols (6), Head of Apollo ; ^ Horse-
man to right ; in field, monogram MAP, ear of corn, globe,
crescent, branch, and uncertain, possibly a monogram, all fine 8

Alexander III, c. 359-336 b.c, N Stater, ivt. 132 grs.. Head of
Athena to right, in crested helmet ornamented with Pegasos ;
liAAEZANAPOYBAZIAEHZ, Nike standing to left holding
wreath aufl vexillum ; in field to left, Ml, and beneath, mono-
gram in wreath {M. 1412), very fine and a rare variety \ from
5 July sale, 1910, /o^ 61 1

Alexander III, b.c. 336-323, N Stater, wt. V5-2 grs., similar types
to last coin ; behind head of Athena © ; ^ in field to left of
Nike, caduceus, monogram, and {M. 214), fine style, and in
e.vcellent preservation ; from the Sandeman sale [PI. X] 1

Alexander III, b.c. 336-323, M Tetradrachms (4), Head of
Herakles in lion's skin to right; ^ BAZIAEHZ AAEZAN-
APOY, Zeus enthroned to left, holding eagle ; in field, crescent;
under seat, fl {M. 260), and other varieties, with symbols, bow
(J/. 586), Athena Promachos {31. 649), and B under chair, all
fine 4

^07 . /y

'fn ^ Third Day




^ 3










Demetrius Poliorcetes, b.c. 306-283, M Tetradrachm, tot.
257 grs., Nike standing on prow of galley to left, bloAving a
long trumpet and holding naval standard; ^i AHMHTPIOY
BAZIAEXIZ, Poseidon to left, brandishing a long trident, his
chlamys wrapped round his left fore-arm ; in field to left, HP,
and right, t>( , in fine condition and rare 1

Demetrius Poliorcetes, b.c. 306-283, M Tetradrachm, «t.
265'5 grs., Deified head of Demetrius, horned, to right, and
diademed; ^ BAZIAEHZ AHMHTPIOY, Poseidon standing
to left, resting right foot on pile of rocks and holding trident; on
either side, a monogram, very fine [PI. X] 1

Antigonus Gonatas, b.c. 277-239, ^Tetradrachm, u-t. 2615
grs., Macedonian shield, border ornamented with stars in lunettes;
in the centre, a head of Pan to left, with pedum over shoulder ;
^ BAZIAEHZ ANTirONOY, Athena Alkis of archaic
style hurling thunderbolt and holding shield ; to left, Macedonian
helmet; to right, monogram, very fine 1

Philip V, B.C. 220-179, M Didrachm, ivt. 1295 grs., Head of
king, diademed, to right; 1^ BAZIAEflZ i <I>IAinnOY,
Club in oak-wreath and three monograms, fine and rare ; from
the Sandeman sale 1

Roman Domination, b.c. 158-149, M Tetradrachm, ivt. 263'9
grs., Macedonian shield with head of Artemis to right in centre;
^ MAKEAONUN nPHTHZ, Club and monogram HP
in wreath. B.C. 93-92, M TETRADRACHM, ivt. 257 "5 grs.,
MAKEAONUN, Deified head of Alexander the Great to right;
behind neck ; ^ AESILLAS Q, Club, money-chest and seat,
the whole within Avreath, both very fine; from the Butler sale 2
Paeonia. Patraus, b.c. 340-315, M. Tetradrachm, ivt. 189"5
grs.. Laureate head of Apollo to right ; ^ Paeonian horseman to
right charging and riding down Macedonian hoplite. Another,
wt. 195'5 grs., of similar type, both fine but badly centred 2

Audoleon, b.c. 315-286, M Tetradrachm, ivt. 189"9 grs..
Head of Athena, nearly facing, wearing triple plumed helmet;
K AYAHAE- N T • Y, Free horse prancing to right; beneath,
A, in very good condition and rare 1

Thrace. Lysimachus, b.c. 323-281, A^ Stater, wt. 131 grs..
Deified head of Alexander the Great to right, diademed, and with
horn of ZeusAmmon; IplBAZIAEIlZ AYZIMAXOY, Athena
seated to left, holding figure of Nike ; in field, monogram AC ;
on thi-one, BY (Byzantium) ; in exergue, a trident, very fine ;
from the Subhi Pacha and Sandeman sales [PI. X] 1







Third Day














Lysimachus, b.c. 323-281, ^ITetkadrachini, ivt. 265'7 ^/rs., Deified
head of Alexander the Great, as on last coin; ^ BAZIAEI2Z
AYZIMAXOY, Athena Nikephoros seated to left; in front,
monogram {Midler, 548), very fine. Another, ivt. 259"3 grs.,
symbol on rev. Term to left, two monograms, fine ; from the
Bateman sale 2

Galatia. Amyntas, p..c. 36-25, JR Tetradkachm, ivt. 247 '5
grs., Head of Athena in crested Athenian helmet, to right;
li BAZIAEn[Z] AMYNTOY, Nike flying to left, holding
sceptre in right hand, fine and uncommon ; from the Butler sale
[PI. X] 1

Bactria. Euthydemus, b.c. 222-187, M Tetradrachm, wt. 265
grs.. Diademed head of Euthydemus, to right; ]^ BAZIAEHZ
EY0YAHMOY, Herakles, nude, seated to left on rock; club
resting upon the hero's knee, the anvil-like seat covered with a
lion's skin ; KP (mon.) in field to right, of good style and in fine
condition ; from the Butler sale 1

Egypt. Ptolemy I, b.c. 323-285, N, tvt. 27*2 grs.. Head of King
to right, diademed; yi flTOAEMAlOY BAZIAEI2Z, Eagle

to left on thunderbolt, wings open, to left, A {B. M. Cat. 80),
very fine [P\.X^ 1

Seleucidae. Seleucus I, b.c. 306-281, M Tetradrachm, ict.
261 "5 grs.. Head of Herakles to right, weai'ing lion's scalp;
li ZEAEYKOY BAZIAEIIZ, Zeus Aetophoros seated to
left, holding sceptre ; in field and under seat, monograms {cf
Babelon, 18). Another, ivt. 257'7 grs., under chair, AZ ; mon.
in front of head, and in field to right, shield with E {cf Mac-
donald, Hunter Museum, III, no. 15), the first fine 2

Seleucus I, b.c. 306-281, M Tetradrachm, irt. 2602 grs..
Laureate head of Zeus to right; I^L BAZIAEHZ ZEAEYKOY,
Nike in quadriga of elephants to right ; above, anchor {rf. Bab.,
pi. Ill, 3). Another, ivt. 259 grs., Head of Seleucus to light,
wearing helmet covered with bull's hide, the horn and ear
attached to the side and a serpent projecting from the front ;
lion's skin round throat ; ^ Nike crowning trophy ; in field, AX
{of Bab. 44), both coins only well 2)reserved, the second very rare
{cost the owner £8), both illustrated [PI. X] 2

Antiochus I, b.c. 281-261, Al Tetradrachm, wt. 259-7 grs..
Diademed head of King to right; li BAZIAEHZ ANTIOXOY,
Nude figure of Apollo seated to left on omphalos, leaning on bow


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