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heads in chief sable, and an esquire's helmet in base pro-
per, a chief indented gules. Mantling sable and argent ;
and for his Crest, up)on a wreath of the colours, a demi-
eagle displayed with two heads sable, on each wing a trefoil
or. Motto — "Truth, honour, and courtesy." Married,
1873, Elizabeth, second dau. of Arthur Vincent of Shana-
golden House, co. Limerick; and has Issue — (i) Goodman

John Kittson (.ientleman, Gentleman, b. Aug. 18, 1890;
Sarah Margaret Roberta ; and Ethel Maud. Seat —
Ballyhorgan, near Listowel.

GEORGH: (L.O.) Or, a fess between three falcons
rising azure, membiered gules. Mantling azure, doubled

or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, the sun shining on
a sun-flower proper. Motto — " Sol et scutum Deus."

is the Military Cockade.


Eld. son of late Col. James George of The Ward,
Huntly, Aberdeenshire, formerly 92nd Gordon High-
landers, 2ist Hussars and Army Pay Corps, d. 1825 ;
d. 1897; m. 1856, Louisa Jane, d. of John Stewart, co.
Tyrone : —
Douglas Stewart George, Esq., Capt. , ist. Batt. Roy.

Scots Fus., *. 19 Dec. 1874. Posi. add. — Depot, Royal Scots

Fusiliers, Ayr. Ch/6 — Caledonian.

FREDERIC BRAND GEORGE, Gentleman, citizen
and Tin Plate Worker of London, formerly Town
Councillor of Wells. Born Feb. i, 1862, being the only
surviving son of the late Frederic Charles George of the
city of Wells, Somerset, Gentleman, by his wife Louisa
[whom see], second and youngest dau. of the late Benjamin
Parsons Ruble of Fareham, Hants. Armorial bearings —
Per fesse gules and sable, on a fesse indented argent, be-
tween two falcons rising in pale of the third, beaked and
legged or, a talbot passant of the second. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
demi-talbot per fesse indented sable and gules, charged on
the shoulder with a bezant, thereon a lion's head erased of
the second, and resting the sinister paw on a garb vert.



Motto— " Strive to attain." Married, Oct. 3, 1895, EHen
Maria, second dau. of John Coster Bryant of Freshford,
near Bath ; and has /wz^*— Frederic Arthur Ruble George,
Gentleman, b. June 30, 1896. Postal address—VftWs,

JOHN DANIEL GEORGE, Gentleman. Born Sept. i,
1825, being the second son of the late John George of
Manvers Street, in the city of Bath, and formerly of Bury,
Abingdon, co. Berks, Gentleman, by Ann his wife, third
dau. of Thomas Giddins of Elton, co. Hunts. Armorial
bearings— Per fesse gules and sable, on a fesse indented
argent between two falcons rising in pale of the third,
beaked and legged or, a talbot passant of the second.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a demi-talbot per fesse indented sable and gules,
charged ou the shoulder with a bezant, thereon a lion's
head erased of the second, and resting the sinister paw on a
garb vert. Motto— "Strive to attain." Married, tiow. s,
1848, Harriet (d. July i, 1893), dau. of James Croft of
George Lane, in the City of London, a Member of the
Royal College of Surgeons ; and has Issue— (1) John James

P? (x%-^"ll'""?"' ^- ^^'"^ S. 1850 (d. July 26, 1889) .

2 William Daniel George, Gentleman, b. Aug. 6 i8« •

3 Frederic Gilmore George, Gentleman, b. May 8, i8c6 '
*tl ^Z^'^'^ Thomas George, Gentleman, b. March 20"
1867 ; Elizabeth Emily ; Harriet Emma [tn. Alan Williani-
son of Swansea ; and Mary Ann [m. William Evans
1 homas of Swansea]. Postal address— 2^ Cromwell Street,
Mount Pleasant, Swansea.

LOUISA GEORGE. Widow, younger of the two
daughters of the late Benjamin Parsons Ruble of Fare-
ham, Hants Gentleman (who d. 1846), and cousin of lohn
Kubie, Gentleman [to whom refer]. Armorial bearings
are. on a lozenge -Per fesse gules and sable, on a fesse
indented argent, between two falcons rising in pale of
the third beaked and legged or, a talbot passant of the
third, and impaling the arms of Ruble, namely gules an
ancient man-of-war, and in chief three escarbuncles fesse-
wise argent, a mullet for cadency. Married, Feb 2 i860
Frederic Charles George of the City of Wells, Somerset'
Gentleman (who d. 1884) ; and has had Issue— (i) Frederic
Brand George, Gentleman [to whom refer]; (2) Charles
Richard George, Gentleman, d. 1872 ; (3) Edwin Purnell
George. Gentleman, d. 1893; Louisa Emily, d. i86o-
Victoria Alice Ruble [^«., May 3, 1892, Herbert Baxter
Jones of Wells. Somerset, and has issue] ; Florence Rubie
rf 1866; Blanche Amy[m., June 28, 1888, Ernest Arthur
Ebblewhite, Gentleman, Barrister-at-Law [to whom refer]-
Edith Agnes [m., July 26, 1895, Hebberton Alfred Sheldon
of Wells, Somerset, and has issue] ; Ada Rubie, d. 1870 ;
and Mabel Minnie, d. 1888. Postal address— Weston
House, Wells, Somerset.

GERARD, quartered by WALMESLEY.

FREDERIC GERARD, Esquire, late Captain 23rd
Royal Welsh Fusiliers, J. P. for the cos. of Warwick and
Worcester. Born August 6, 1839, being the eldest son of
the late Frederic Sewallis Gerard, Esq. [brother of the first
Baron Gerard], of AspuU House, Wigan, J. P. and D.L.,
by Mary Ann his wife, dau. of the Rev. W. Wilkinson,
Rector of Kirkhallows, in the co. of Derby. Armorial
bearings- Argent, a saltire gules. Crest— On a wreath of

the colours, a lion rampant ermine, crowned or. Motto—
" En Dieu est mon esp^rance." Married, April 29, 1869,
Catherine, youngest daughter of Charles Porter, of the
Mythe. Tewkesbury; and has Issue — Edith \m., 1896,
Edward Charles Riddell]. Estates — Kinwarton, in the
county of Warwick ; Robert Hall and Cansfield, in the
county of Lancashire. Postal address — Kinwarton House.
Alcester. Club — Army and Navy.

GERARD of Rochsoles (1851). Azure, a lion rampant
or, on a chief embattled ermine, a falchion in bend sinister
surmounted by the Punja (borne before the Emperor Shah
Allum) saltireways proper. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — Out of a mural crown argent, a lion's gamb erect
ermine, holding in bend sinister the Punja as in the arms.
Motto — " Haud inferiora secutus."

is the Naval Cockade.




Son of Archibald Gerard, l-lsq. , of Kochsoles, U.L. and

Lt-Col. Lanarksh, Yeo. Cav., *. ; d. 1880;

M. . Euphemia Erskinc, eld. d. of late Sir John

Robison, K.H :—
Major^en. Sir Montague Gilbert Gerard, K.C.D.
(Mil.. 190a). K.C.S.1. (1897). J. P. and D.L., Lt-Gen.
commanding a district in India, late British Commr. Tor
delineation of Pamir Houndary, formerly Commandant of
the Central India Horse, late Military Attach^ at St.
Petersburg, A. 1843 ; m, 1888, Helen Adelaide, ygst. d. of
E. Meade; and has issue — Gilbert Meade Gerard, Esq., i.
1889. AVu/— Rochsoles. Airdrie, N.B. C/i/*f— United
Service, Travellers', Cavalry.

SON, late Capt. vd Ikitt. King s Own Royal Lancaster
Regt. Assumed by Royal Licence, 1896, the additional
surname and arms of Dicconson. Horn Aug. 8, 1857, being
the second son of the late I x>rd Gerard. Armorial bearilljfS
- Qu.irterly i and 4, or, on a cross pierced lx;tween four
hinds' he.ids erasetl vert, two cross crosslcts fitch(?e in pale,
and as many escallops in fesse of the ticld ; 3 and 3, argent,
a saltire gules. Mantlinfi: vert and or. Crests— i. on a
wreath of the colours, a Ijezant, charged with a hind's head
vert, erased gules, and holding in the mouth a cross crosslet
fitch^ of the last ; 3. on a wreath of the colours, a monkey
statant proper, environed about the middle with a plain
collar and chained argent. Married, April 19, 1888,
Eleanor, second dau. of W. J. Murray of Rosemount, co.
Ross, and of Mrs. Bankes of Winstanley Hall, co. Lancaster ;
and has Issue — Charles Robert Tolver Michael Gerard-
Dicconson, Gentleman, b. Feb. 38, 1894 ; Winifrede
M.iry ; and Evelyn. Seats — Wrightington Hall, and
Blackley Hurst, near Wigan. Clubs — Marlborough, Turf,

GERNON, quartered by HULLEY and PEYTON.

GERNON (U.O.). Argent, an eagle displayed with
two heads sable, gorged with a ducal coronet or. Ma n t Un g
sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
horse passant argent. Motto — " Parva contemnimus. "

Son of James Gernon, Esq., J. P., of Athcarne Castle

and Hanimondstown, co. Louth, b. 1811 ; d. 1870;

m. ist, 1839, Marianne, d. of George Gnidwell of

Preston : -
Henry Chester Gernon, Esq., J. P., Lt.-Col. 5th Batt.
Roy. Dublin Fus., b. 1847; m. 1871, Alice Louisa, d. of
late Lt.-Col. Augustus F. Braham ; and has issue — (i)
James Robert Augustus Gernon, Gentleman, b. 1875 ; Ws
Reginald Henry John Gernon, Gentleman, b. 1882; (3)
Ward John Gernon, Gentleman, b. 1884 ; (4) Cyril Louis
Michael Gernon, Gentleman, b. 1886; Evelyn Georgina
Elizabeth ; Margery Frances Mary ; Alice Maude Emily ;
Helen Elizabeth Mary ; and Constance Susan Mary.
Seat — Athcarne Castle, Duleek, Meath.

Son of William Gernon, Esq., M. A. , Barrister-at-Law

(High Sheriff CO. Drogheda 1861), b. 1820; d. 1903;

m., ist, 1846, Marianne, d. of Patrick Curies, Esq.,

J. P., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin:—
Vincent Gernon, Gentleman, b. ; m. ist, 1889,

Emma {d. 1899), d. of Rev. James Butler of Priestown, co.
Meath ; 2nd, , Eliza Mary,d. of Andrew P. Monaghan,
Esq., J. P., of Drumlargan, co. Meath, and widow of
Laurence Byrne O'Reilly, Esq., J. P., of Ballinlough.
Seat — Hammondstown, co. Louth. Res. — 19 Clarinda
Park, Kingstown, co. Dublin.

GERNONS. Earl of CHESTER, quartered by HUSSEY.

CO. Tyrone, formerly Capt. 6th Brigade North Irish
Division Royal Artillery. Barrister-at-Law. Born Dec. 12,
1858, being the only son of Francis John Gervais, Esquire,
D.L., High Sheriff, co. Tyrone, 1902. Armorial bear-
ing^ — Azure, a chevron or, between in chief two lions
rampant respectant argent, and in base a white rose leaved
and slipped proper, in the centre chief point a crescent of
the third. Uajitling azure and or. Crest — Upon a
wreath of the colours, a lion's head erased argent, charged
with a fleur-de-lis azure. Motto — "Sic sustenta crescit."
Married, April 17, 1884, Georgina Francis Dalrymple, dau.
of James Gilmour of Warren Hill, Londonderry; and has
Issue — Dorothy. Seat — Cecil Manor, Augher, co. Tyrone.


8th Baronet, of Gethinsgrott, co. Cork, of the Imici
Temple, Barristcr-at-I^w, Capt. 4th Batt. Suffolk \<c^\.
liotn Nov. 30, 1847, being the son of the late Sir Richard
Gethin, 7lh liart. , by his wife Frances, dau. of George
Weller-Poley of Boxted Hall, co. Suffolk; succeeded his
father in 1885, under the creation of Aug. i, 1665. Armo-
rial bearings— Vert, u stag salient argent, attired or, the
escutcheon l)eing charged with his badge of Ulsti-r as a
Baronet. Mantling vert and argent. Crest — On a
chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a slab's head erased
argent, attired and ducally gorged or. Motto — "Try
Married, June 5, 1876, Catharine, eldest d.iughter >
Frederick Edward Burton Scott of Claughlon, co. Cheshiii ,
and has Issue (1) Richard Walter Saint Lawrence Gethin,
Esq., b. Feb. 16, 1878; (2) Frederick Durant Scott Gethin,
Est)., b. Oct. 1879; (3) Percy Edward Lovell Gethin, Esq.,
b. 1884. Seat — The Grove, Hythe, co. Hampshire. Club —
Junior United Service.

GETTING (H. Coll.). Argent, a saltire couped gules, on
a chief arched of the last two escallops of the field.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a bull's head conped at the neck argent, thereon

an escallop gules between two wings or, each charged with
an escallop also gules. Motto — " Taille bois."

Sons of Charles Talboys Getting, b. 1824; d. 1887;

m. 1859, Harriet Maria, only d. of Francis James

Graham, B.A. (Oxford):—

James Charles Getting, Gentleman, F.R.G.S., *. i860.

Res. — Doughton Cottage, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.

Clubs — Royal Societies', City Carlton.

Henry Frederick Getting, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. —
Ashfield Park, Ross, Herefordshire.

Walter V. C. Getting, Gentleman, b. 1865. Post, add.—
4 Corbet Court, Gracechurch Street, London, E.G. Club
— Junior Athenaeum.

WILLIAM EDWARD GIBB, Esq., J. P. co. Essex.
Born March 16, 1849, being the son of the late Thomas
Augustus Gibb of Lancaster Gate, Old Broad Street, and
Shanghai. Club — Junior Constitutional. Armorial bear-
ings — Gules, a cubit arm erect grasping an arrow in bend
sinister, point downwards, between four mullets in cross or.
Mantling gules and or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the
colours, issuant from a wreath of cinquefoils vert, ji.
stag's head or, couped gules, attired argent. Marryed,
June s, 1873, Frances Elizabeth (who died May 3, 1896^, only

gl. the Military cockade.

child of Francis Tunnicliffe ; and has Issue — Francis William
Gibb, Gentleman, b. Sept. 4, 1879; Florence Elsie; and



Nora Christine. Seats — Pyrgo Park, Havering atte Bower,
Romford, Essex ; and Sheerwater Court, Byfleet, Surrey.

GIBBINGS (U.O.). Argent, on a bend between three
fleurs-de-lis, two in chief and one in base azure, a crescent
or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a demi-lion proper, holding in his paws a
fleur-de-lis azure.

Son of Richard Gibbings of Gibbing's Grove, b. 1813 ;

d. 1876 ; 711. ist, 1834, Octavia [d. 1836), d. of Rev.

Matthew Purcell ; 2nd, 1837, Elizabeth, d. of John

Gray : —
Rev. Richard Gibbings, D.D., M.A. (Trin. Coll., Dub.),
Rector of Llanmerewig, Abermule, Montgomery, b. 1835 I
m. 1864, Elizabeth Rebecca, d. of William Ware, Clerk of
the Peace co. Cork. Seat — Gibbing's Grove, Charleville, co.
Cork. Res. — Llanmerewig, Atermule, Montgomeryshire.

The Rev. BENJAMIN GIBBONS, M.A., of Wadham
Coll. (Oxon.), late Vicar of Lower Mitton (1861-94). - Born
1824, being the eldest and only surviving son of the late John
Gibbons of Corbyn's Hall, co. Stafford. Armorial bear-
ings—Sable, a lion rampant or, between three escallops
argent, on a chief engrailed of the last, three crosses potent
gules. Mantling sable and or ; and for his Crest, upon a
wreath of the colours, a demi-lion regardant or, gorged with
a collar sable, pendent therefrom an escutcheon of the last
charged with a cross potent argent, holding between the
paws an escallop also argent. Motto — "Fide et fortitu-
dine." Married, 1851, Charlotte Jane, dau. of G. Skip-
worth ; and has, with other Issue — John Skipworth Gibbons,
Esq. , J. P. , b. 1852. Seat — Waresley House, Kidderminster.
Residences — St. Michael's Lodge, Lower Mitton, Stourport ;
16 Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, London, N.W.

Gloucester and Worcester, High Sheriff for the former
1889, late Capt. Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. Born
June 16, 1852, being the eldest son of the Rev. Benjamin
Gibbons, M.A., Rector of Lower Mitton, Worcester, by
his wife Charlotte Jane, dau. of George Skipworth. Ar-
morial bearings- Sable, a lion rampant or, between three
escallops argent, on a chief engrailed of the last, three
crosses potent gules. Maoitling sable and or. Crest— On
a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion regardant or, gorged
with a collar sable pendent, therefrom an escutcheon of the
last charged with a cross potent argent, and holding be-
tween the paws an escallop also argent. Motto—" Fide et
fortitudine." Married, Aug. 4, 1875, Constance Sarah,

younger dau. of Henry Crane of Oakhampton ; and has
/w«e— Edith Constance [in., July i, 1897, Capt. Cyril
Stacey, Esq. , late 14th Hussars, of St. Pierre, Chepstow] ;
Rosamond Margaret Joan ; Isabel Maud ; and Violet Cicely
Helen. 6>a^— Boddington Manor, near Cheltenham.
Club — Junior Carlton.

M.D., F.R.C.S. Born at Montreal, Canada, May 8, 1853
being the second son of the late David Gibbons of the
Island of Alderney, Commissary-General in the Army, by
his wife Elizabeth Frances, dau. of the late Capt. James
Ireland Wilkinson. Livery -Dark green. Armorial bear-
ings—Paly of six argent and gules, on a bend engrailed
cottised also engrailed sable, a thistle slipped and leaved
proper between two escallops or. Mantling gules and

argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount
vert, a demi-lion sable, holding in the dexter paw a thistle
as in the arms, and resting the sinister on an escallop or.
Motto— "Nitor donee supero." Married, 1880, Evelyn
Augusta, dau. of the late Capt. Edward Frere Edwards,
R.A. ; and has Issue — Norman Barrington Gibbons, Gentle-
man, b. May 12, 1881 ; and Evelyn Cynthia. Residences —
29 Cadogan Place, Chelsea, London, S. W. ; Val des Portes,
Alderney. Clubs — Athenasum, Junior Carlton, Hurlingham.

S ANTONY GIBBS, Esquire, Justice of the Peace and
Deputy-Lieutenant for the county of Somerset, Hono-

rary Major North Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry. Bom
December 10, 1842, being the eldest son of William Gibbs

is the Naval Cockade.




of Tyntesfield, by Matilda Blanche his wife, daughter of tbe
late Sir T. Crawley Boevey, liaronet, of Flaxley Abbev, in
the county of Gloucester. c7uts — Junior Carlton, New Uni-
versiiy, Burlinf^ton Fine Arts, l.htry — Buff coat with black
collar and cuRs, black waistcoat and breeches. Armorial
bMUrlnsB— Hr ticars for Anni : Argent, three battle-axes
erect sable, within a Imrdure nebiily of the last ; and for his
OrMt, on a wreath of the colours, in front of n rock, a dexter
arm embowed in armour, the hand in a guantlet proper, bear-
ins a battle-axe sable ; with tbe Motto, " Tenax propositi."
Marritd, |une aa, 187a, Janet Louisa, daughter of John
Merivale, late Registrar in Chancery. Issue — (x) George
Abraham Gibbs, Gentleman, born July 6, 1873; (a) Antony
Hubert Gibbs, Gentleman, born September 18, 1874; I3)
William Gibbs, Gentleman, born November ao, 1877 ; (4)
lohn Evelyn Gibbs, Gentleman, born December aa, 1879 ;
15I Eustace Lyle Gibbs, Gentleman, l>orn March 10, 1885 ;
(o) Lancelot Merivale (iibbs, Gentleman, born I^cember 33,
1889 ; Albinia Rose ; Anstice Katharine ; and Janet Blanche.
Rstatts — Tyntesfield, in the county of Somerset; Clyst
Saint George, in the county of Devon ; Alptiington, in the
county of E>evon. Postal address — Tyntesfield, near

HENRY MARTIN GIBBS, Esquire, J.P. for Somerset.
High Sheriff of Somerset 1897. Bom May 30, 1850, being
the fourth son of William Gibbs of Tyntesfield, by his wife
Matilda Blanche, dau. of the late Sir T. Crawley Boevey,
Bart., of Flaxley Abbey, co. Gloucester. Armorial bear-
ing* — Quxuterly i and 4, argent, three battle-axes within a
border nebuly sable (for Gibbs) ; a and 3, argent, two
chevronels between three owls azure (for Bucks). Mantling
sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in
front of a rock a dexter arm embowed in armour, the hand
in a gauntlet pro[)er, holding a battle-axe sable. Motto
— " En Dios mi amparo." Married, June aa, i88a, Emily
Anna, fifth dau. of the Ven. W. B. Otter, Archdeacon of
Lewis; and \\2& Issue — (i) William Otter Gibbs, Gentleman,
Lieut. loth Royal Hussars, b. Sept. 13, 1883; (a) Noel
Martin Gibbs, Gentleman, b. Dec. 35, 1884 ; (3) Francis
Antony Woodard Gibbs, Gentleman, b. Dec. 17, 1885 ;
(4I Roland Vicary Gibbs, Gentleman, b. March 16, 1887 ;
(5) Guy Melvil Gibbs, Gentleman, b. Dec. 15, 1889 ; (6)
Ralph Crawley- Boevey Gibbs, Gentleman, b. July 24, 1841 ;
(7) Lionel Cyril Gibbs, Gentleman, b. Feb. 15, 1893 1
Matilda Blanche, d. Jan. 14, 1889 ; and Mary Albinia.
Scat — Barrow Court, Barrow Gurney, Somerset. Postal
address— 'BaxToyi Court, Flax Bourton, R.S.O., Somerset.
Clubs — Junior Carlton.


JOSEPH GIBSON, Esquire, J.P. co. of Westmorland.
Bom March 27, 1877, being the second son of Henry Ernest
HoUins of The Uplands, Mansfield, by his wife Mary Ann,
third dau. and coheir of the late Joseph Gibson, Esq., of
Whelprigg, J. P. for co. Westmorland, High SherifFi866, and
assumed the surname and arms of Gibson by Royal Licence
1 898. Armorial bearings —Argent , on a pile gules, between
two branches of holly slipped and fructed in base, three
storks wings expanded, each holding in the beak a holly leaf
slipped all proper. Mantling gules and argent. Crest-
On a wreath of the colours, on a mount a stork, wings ex-
panded, holding in the beak a holly leaf between two holly
branches fructed proper. iVa/ -Whelprigg, Kirkby Lons-
dale, Westmorland. Club — New University.

THOMAS GEORGE GIBSON, Esquire, Alderman and
J.P. of the city and county of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Bom April ag, 1830, being the eldest son of Thomas Cum-
mings Gibson, late of Newcastle, by his wife Jane, dau. of
Nicholas Gibson. Livery — Blue and white. Armorial
bearings -~ Per pale azure and argent, three acorns slipped
and leaved in lesse, between as many storks rising all
count erchanged. Mantling azure and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a stork rising argent, between
two acorns slipped and leaved, and holding in the beak an
acorn slipped proper. Motto — " Per ardua ad alta."
Married, May 11, 1875, Anne Etty, dau. of Ralph Atkin-

son; and hat /tfw»— Thomas George Gibson, Gentleman
C«pt. 6th Dragoons, b. Jan. i, 1878. Residence Les-

bury House, Lesbury, Northumberland. C/«^j — Reform,
Northumberland, and Northern Counties'.

WILLIAM GIBSON, Esquire, J.P. Born Dec. 21,
1843, being the eldest son of the late William Gibson, Esq.,


J.P. , Member of the Legislative Council of Tasmania from
1859-64, by Mary A., eldest dau. of William Blackler of
Devonshire, England. Livery —Dark blue, with blue facings,
silver buttons. Armorial bearings Per pale gules and
or, three pelicans' heads erased in fesse between two keys

^ is the Military Cockade.




fesseways, wards downwards, all counterchanged. Mant-
ling gules and or. Crest - On a wreath of the colours,
upon the trunk of a tree fesseways eradicated and sprouting
to the dexter all proper, a pelican, wings elevated and ad-
dorsed argent, vulned and charged on the wings with a
key erect, wards to the sinister gules. Motto — " Pandite
coelestes portae." Married, March 30, 1871, Elvina Beau-
mont, second dau. of the late William Dawson Grubb, Esq. ,
J. P., Barrister-at-Law, Member of the Legislative Council
of Tasmania from 1869 to his death in 1879 ; and has Issue
— Ernest William Gibson, Gentleman, b. June 4, 1872 ;
Lilian Elvina; Marian Louise; and Eva Beaumont. Estates
— Scone, Scotchson, Woodhall, Esk Dale, Creekton. Seat
— "Scone," near Launceston, Tasmania.

GIBSON. Azure, a chevron or, surmounted by another
gules, thereon three pheons of the second between as many
storks wings expanded proper. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — Out of an antique crown or, a lion's gamb erect

1871, being the only surviving child and sole heir of the
late Sir James Ramsay-Gibson-Maitland, 4th Bart., J. P.,
D.L., Convener co. of Stirling, F.G.S., F.L.S., by his wife
the late Dame Fanny Lucy Fowke, youngest dau. of Sir
Thomas Wollaston White, and Bart. Armorial bearings
are, upon a lozenge— Quarterly i and 4, or, a lion ram-
pant gules couped in all his joints of the field, within a
double tressure flory counterflory azure (for Maitland) ;
2. quarterly i. and iiii., azure, three keys fesseways or (for
Gibson) ; ii. and iii., azure, a chevron between three battle-
axes argent, a bordure of the last (for Wright) ; 3. argent,

proper, grasping a club gules, spiked also or. Mottoes —
" Recte et fideliter," "Pandite coelestes portee," " Rectis
et fidelibus coeli prasmium." Livety (undress) — Dark blue
coat and overcoat, gold or yellow collar, cuffs, facings,
pipings, and gold braid or lace, blue vest, gold piping, and
(for dress) yellow plush breeches with blue stockings and
gold-plated buttons, garters, and buckles and harness orna-
ments, with blue and gold ribbons and rosettes, gold hat-
bands looped up with gold or red cord.

Son of late Capt. Ralph Coxon Gibson, R.N., b. 1829 ;

d. i860 ; m. 1854, Margaret, 3rd d. of the late John

Rossiter of Topsham (Devon), Murton, and North

Shields, Northumberland : —
Rev. John George Gibson, M.A., B.D., D.D., F.E.I.S.,
F.R.G.S., F.R.P.S., F.R.S.L., of University College, Dur-
ham ; ist Class Camb. Prelim. T. ; LL. D. ; Member of
Society of Authors ; Deacon 1887, Priest 1888 by Lord
Bishop of Manchester ; Rector of Ebchester, County and
Diocese of Durham ; Organising Secretary, Jerusalem and