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John Somers Cocks, Gentleman, b. 'i.<^o'j ; Dorothy Helen ;

and Helen Judith. Res. — Marlowes, Crown Hill, Norwood.

Sons of Hon. John James Thomas Somers Cocks

(Patent of prec. as a baron's son 1888), b. 1820; d.

1906; m. 1858, Ann, d. of Rev. Joseph Simpson,

Rector of Horsted, Sussex : —

Philip Alfonso Somers Cocks, Esq., C.M.G. , H.M.'s

Consul-General at Naples 1908-26 when he ret. , b. 1862 ; m.

1906, Gwenllian Blanche, d. of the late David Williams of Ty

Bruce, Hirwan, co. Glam. ; and has issue — John Sebastian

Somers Cocks, Esq., b. 1907. Post. add. — Palazzo Bontini,

Venice. Club — Travellers'.

Charles Sebastian Somers Cocks, Esq., CM. G., b. 1870.
Club — Travel lers' .

Sons of Rev. Henry Bromley Cocks, M.A. , late Vicar

of Sydenham, Christchurch, N.Z. , formerly Vicar of

Leigh, CO. Worcester, b. 1831 ; d. 1894; m. 1861,

Harriet Elizabeth, d. of Col. Philip Wodehouse : —

Rev. Canon Philip John Cocks, Vicar of Waimate, S.

Canterbury, N.Z., b. 1866; 711. 1895, Mary, d. of John

Gebbie ; and has surv. issue — (i) Henry Bromley Cocks,

Gentleman, b. 1896 \jn. Hazel Edith, d. of the late John

Walker of Christchurch, N.Z.]; (2) John Reginald Cocks,

Gentleman, b. 1898 [;«. 1921, Mary Dilworth, only child of

Charles Dilworth Fox, of Christchurch, N.Z., and has issue

— John Alexander Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1922 ; Charles

Timotiiy Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1924 ; Kathleen Mary ; and

Phoebe]; (3) Edgar Basil Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1899; Rev.

Hubert Maurice Cocks, Asst. Vicar of Geraldine, N. Z. ,

b. 1901 ; and Edith May Somers. Res. — Waimiate,

Canterbury, N.Z.

Frederick Armine Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1871 ; m. 1899,
Mary Louisa, d. of the late Capt. Parsons ; and has surv.
issue— (i) Douglas Edgar West Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1899 ;

(2) Armine Christopher Somers Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1903 ;

(3) Charles John Somers Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; (4)
Patrick Somers Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1905. Res. —

Charles Richard Cocks, Gentleman, b. 1877. Res. —
Arthur Eustace Cocks, Gentleman, Eastern Telegraph
Co., b. 1882. Res.—

CODD (H. Coll., 1829). Per pale argent and or, a
fesse embattled azure between six pellets, three and three.
Mantling aziure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, upon a mount vert, a lion rampant argent
pellettee, gorged with a mmral crown gules, holding
between the forepaws an annulet or, the dexter hind paw
resting on a pellet. Motto — " Vix ea nostra voco."
Livery — Dark blue, white facings.

Eldest son of Captain Rowland Bentinck Codd,
b. 1824 ; d. 1880 ; m. 1852, Sarah, d. of James
Russell, of Horton Kirby, Kent : —
Rowland Harrison Russell Codd, Gentleman, b. 1853 ;
m. 1881, Elizabeth, d. of Henry Haynes Walton, Gentle-
man ; and has issue — Dorothy ; and Marjorie. Res. —
St. Margaret's-at-Chfie, Kent.

CODD (H. Coll., 3 May 1923). Per fesse embattled
argent and sable, in chief a rose gules barbed and seeded
proper, between two ogresses, and in base three plates,
two and one. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, in front of a portcullis chained or,
a demi-hon rampant sable, holding between the paws a
rose as in the arms. Motto — " Amore et labore."

Son of Mortimer Codd, b. 1849; d. 1915 ; «»• 1878,
Harriett, d. of Isaac Goodfellow, of Nottingham : —

Arthur Mortimer Codd, Gentleman, b. 1880 ; m. 1913,
Gertrude Mary, d. of Henry Botting, and has issue —
Mortimer Henry Codd, Gentleman, b. 1917; Irene Aimee.
i?£s.— The Bunch of Grapes, Esher. Club — R.A.C.

CODDINGTON (U.O.). Gales, a cross or, fretty azure,
between four trefoils slipped argent. Mantling gules and
or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a wolf's head
erased or. Mottoes — " Nil desperandum " ; " Nee metuas
nee optes."

Son of John Nicholas Coddington, Esq., J. P., D.L.,
Major and Hon. Lt.-Col. Roy. Meath Regt. Mil.,
b. 1828; d. if^'i-T, m. ist, 1870, Lelia Jane [d. 1879);
eld. d. of late James Lennox William Naper of Lough-
crew, CO. Meath ; 2nd, 1883, Maria Louisa [d. 1886),
d. of Henry Darley, and widow of John Osborn G.
Pollock; 3rd, 1891, Constance Elizabeth (</. 1894), d.
of late Lt.-Col. Stephen Henry Smith of Annesbrook.
CO. Meath: —




Capt. Arthur Francis Coddington, late Leinster Regt.,
fi. 1873 ; r/i. 1908, Dorothea Rhoda, d. of Francis C.
Osborne, and has issue — Dixie Henry Ccddington, Gentle-
man, 6. 1909. Seai — Oklbridge, near Drogheda.

Son of Col. Fitzherbert Coddington, Bengal S.C. , fi.
1838; d. 1889; m. 1863, Julia, d. of Richard de
Valency : —
Col. Herbert Adolphe Coddington, D.S.O., O.B.E.,
Major and Bt., Lt.-Cul. Roy. Irish Fus., served S. Africa
1899-1902 (despatches twice). Gen. -Staff Officer 1914-17
(despatches twice), d. 1864 ; m. 1905, Bertha Violet Mary,
only d. of late G. C. Kempthorne Bennett of Maldivia,
W'ynberg, Capetown, /^es. — Maldivia, Parktown, Johan-
nesburg. C/u6s — Carlton, Junior United Service.

CODRINGTON (H. Coll.). Argent, a fesje embattled
counter-embattled sable fretty gules between three lions
passant of the third. Mantling sable and argent. Crest-
Out of a ducal coronet or, a dragon's head couped gules
between two dragons' wings chequy or and azure. MottO —
" Vultus in hostem."

Sons of Sir William Mary Joseph Codrington, 5th Bart.,

^. 1829; J. 1904; m. 1866, Mary, d. of Robert

Roskell of Park House, Fulham : —

Lt.-Col. Sir William Robert Codrington, 6th Bart. (21 April

1721), Capt. and Brev. Major late nth Hussars, served in S.

African War 1900-1 (desp.), d. 1867; fn. 1903, Joan, d. of

Harry Adams Rogers of Johannesburg; and has issue — (1)

William Richard Codrington, Esq., t. 1904; (2) Frank

Christopher Codrington, Esq., d. 1908. J^es. —

George Raimond Codrington, Esq., i. 1868. J?es. —
Alexander Joseph Codrington, Esq., 6. 1870; m. 1905,
Mary, d. of Nicholas R. Roskell of Warwick Gardens.

Sons of Christopher William Codrington of Dodington,
M.P. for East Glos., i. 1805; d. 1864; m. 1836.
Lady Georgiana Charlotte Anne Somerset, V.A. , d. of
7th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. :—
Sir Gerald William Henry Codrington, ist Bart. (25 Feb.
1876), J. P. Glos. (High Sheriff 1880), late Hon. Maj. R.
Glos. Yeo. Cav. [Motto — " Immersabilis est vera virtus"],
i. 1850; m. 1887, Lady Edith Henrietta Sybil Denison,
d. of ist Earl of Londesborough ; and has issue — Christo-
pher William Gerald Henry Codrington, Esq., Capt. late
19th Hussars, d. 1894 [m. 1921, Joan, d. of Reginald
Hague-Cook, of 46 Portman Square, and has issue —
Simon Francis Bethell Codrington, Esq., f>. 1923 {J^es. —
10 Westbourne Street, Hyde Park, W.)] ; Edith Georgiana
Veronica [m. 1916, Maj. F. Gilliat]. Seats — Dodington
Park, nr. Chipping Sodbury; The Old Hundred, Tormarton,
Badminton, Wilts. Clu6s—Ca.r\\.on, Bachelors',

George John Granville Christopher Codrington, Esq.,
late Capt. and Hon. Major Glos. Yeo. Cav. , served in S.
Africa 1900 (medal, three clasps), i. 1855. J^es. — Sands
Court, Chipping Sodbury, Glos. CIul> — Bachelors'.

Son of Gen. Sir William John Codrington, Col. Cold-
stream Gds. , Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces
in Crimea 1855-6, Gov. of Gibraltar 1859-65, d. 1804 ;
d. 1885; m. 1836, Mary,d. of Levi Ames of The Hyde,
Bedchamber Woman to Queen Victoria: —
Sir Alfred Edward Codrington, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., Lt.-
Gen. comdg. London Dis. 1909-13, Col. Coldstream
Gds., 1918, l>. 1854; m. 1885, Adela Harriet, d. of late
Melville Portal of Laverstoke ; and has issue — (i) Geoffrey
Ronald Codrington, Esq., D.S.O., O.B.E. , Lt.-Col.
Leicestershire Yeo. , ser\'ed Great War as Staff-Capt. and
D.A.Q.NLG. (despatches), has Orders of St. Maurice and
St. Lazarus (Italy), i. 1888 [?«. 1923, Cecilia Mary, d. of
Ernest J. Wythes, C.B.E., and has issue — Michael Christo
pher Alfred Codrington, Esq., d. 1926; and Mary Alice.
Res.—n Chester Square, S.W. C/«*— Travellers] ; (2)
William Melville Codrington, Esq., M.C., late Diplomatic
Service, formerly Capt. i6th Lancers, b. 1892 ; (3)
John Alfred Codrington, Esq., Capt. Coldstream Gds.,
b. 1898 ; and Mary Adela. 5tfa/— Preston Hall, Uppingham.
Town res. — no Eaton Square, S.W. Clubs — Guards',

COFFEY (confmd.
between three corns
Crest — On a wTeath
on a dolphin proper,

Son of Patrick M.

CO. Tipperary, h.

Patrick Mamane :

U.O.). Vert, a fesse ermine
or. Mantling vert and argent,
of the colours, a man riding

Motto — " Non providentia sed

Coffey, Esq., J. P., of Ballinacree,
1858 ; m. 1887, Bridget, d. of

Thomas Malo Coffey, Gentleman (descended from the
ancient Irish family of O'Coffey, the arms of which were
recorded in 1684), B.A. (O.xon.), Indian Forest Service,
late Lieut. R.H.A. and R.F.A., h. 1894 ; m. 1924, Isobel
Anderson, d. of Rev. Dr. Graham, M.A., CLE. ; and
has issue — Patrick Graham Coffey, Gentleman, h. 1925.
Address — Forest Office, Darjeeling, Bengal, India.


ISAAC TRISTRAM COFFIN, Esquire, Capt. 21st
Royal Scots Fusiliers, with which regiment he served
in the Crimea. Born Oct. 7, 1836, being the eldest son of
the late Admiral John Townsena Coffin, R.N., by his wife
Sophie Emily Wallace, dau. of Lachlan Donaldson, Mayor
of St. John's, N.B. Armorial bearings — .Azure, sem6e of
cross crosslets or, in the centre two batons in saltire, en-
twined by a wreath of laurel of the second, between three
plates two and one. Mantling azure and or. Crest — The
stern of a man-of-war or, thereon a hooded dove, wings
elevated, and in the bill a branch of olive proper (a mullet
for difference). Motto — "Extant recte factis proemia."
Married, July 28, 1870, Maria, dau. of John Baptista Van
Antwerpen of Boitsford, Belgium ; and has Issue — (1) John
Tristram Coffin, Gentleman, b. May 31, 1871 ; (2) Isaac
Henry Coffin, Gentleman, b. June 20, 1873 ; (3) Louis
Edward Coffin, Gentleman, b. Aug. 16, 1874; Postal ad-
dress — Magdalen Islands, British North America.

COGGIN (H. Coll.). Gules, a cog-wheel or, in chief an
open book proper, clasps of the second between two crosses
botonny of the last. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, a talbot proper, resting the dexter
forepaw on a cog-wheel or, and charged on the body with
two crosses, as in the arms. Motto — " Constans fidei."
Son of Thomas Coggin : —

Henry Coggin, Gentleman, b. 1823. J?es. —

COGHILL of Coghill. Quarterly, i and 4, ermine, a

chevron between three cocks gules (forCoghtll) ; 2 and 3,

gules, on a chevron argent three peOets, a chief indented

of the second (for Cramer). Mantling gules and argent

Crest — On a mount vert, a cock gules, charged on the

breast with a bezant. Motto — "Non dormit qui costodit."

Sons of Sir Egerton Bushe Coghill, 5th Bart., J. P.,

D.L., b. 1853 ; d. 192 1 ; m. 1893, Elizabeth HUde-

garde (Res. — Glen Barrahane, Castle Townshend,

Skibbereen, co. Cork), d. of Lieut. -Col. Thomas

Somerville : — ■

Sir Marmaduke Nevill Patrick Somerville Coghill,

6th Bart. (31 Aug. 1778), Capt. (ret.) R.A., b. 1896.

Seat — Glen Barrahane, Castle Townshend, co. Cork.

Clubs — Naval and Military, County (Cork).

NevUl Henry Kendal Aylmer Coghill, Esq., Lieut,
(ret.) R.F.A., Fellow Exeter Coll., Oxford, b. 1899 ;
tn. 1927, Elspeth Nora, d. of Richard James Hanley of
Ochterlony, Guthrie, co. Forfar. Res. — Red House,
Hinksey, nr. Oxford.

Jocel3Ti Ambrose Cramer Coghill, Lieut, (ret.) S.
Wales Borderers, b. 1902; ni. 1926, Elizabeth, d. of J. B.
Atkins of South Square, Gray's Inn. Res. — Loresho,
Kaljithi, Kenya Colony.

COGHLAN. Per fesse gules and azure, three lions
passant guardant argent, on a canton ermine, an anchor in
bend dexter sable, surmounted by a sword in bend sinister,
point upwards, proper. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— Out of an Irish crown or, an arm embowed in armour
proper, charged with a bomb fired sable. Motto — " Fortis
in arduis." Livery — Navy blue, buff facings.

Sons of William Mant Hay Coghlan, Esq., Privy
Chamberlain to His Holiness Leo XIII., Chief Judge
in Sind, b. June 13, 1833 ; w. ist, 1857, Matilda, eldest
dau. of Surg. -Gen. Thomas Staunton Cahiil, M.D., of
Lahinch, co. Clare; 2nd, i868, Mary, only dau. of
Kedeagh Molloy of Galway ; 3rd, 1877, Marie Susan,
eldest dau. of William Walmesley of Ingatestone Hall,
Essex :—
William Kedeagh Strickland Coghlan, Gentleman, b.
Oct. 20, 1869. Res. —

Percy Hay Coghlan, Gentleman, Lieutenant R.A., b.
March 10, 1878.
Charles Hay Coghlan, Gentleman, b. May 29, 1879.
Leo de Burgh Coghlan, Gentleman, b. June 26, 1889.





COHEN (H. CoU., Feb. 22, 1819). Argent, un a
chevron gules cottised azure between two roses of the
second barbed and seeded proper in chief, and a buck's
head couped also proper in base, three annulets or.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of
the colours, a buck's head couped argent armed or,
gorged with a wreath of oak proper and charged with
four barrulets gules, in the mouth a rose of the last
slipped also proper.

Sons of Lionel Louis Cohen, Gentleman, M.P.

for Paddington, b. 1832 ; d. 1887 ; m. 1856, Esther,

d. of Jacob Henry Moses : —

Leonard Lionel Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1858 ; m. 1885,

Eliza, d. of Lionel Schloss ; and has issue — Lionel

Leonard Cohen, Esq., D.S.O., Maj. S.A. Defence Force,

Vice-Consul at Angochc, b. 1887 ; and Irene. Res.—

Frank Lionel Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1865 ; m. 1896 ;
Bertha, d. of Simon Waley ; and has issue — Harold
Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1901 ; Richard Cohen, Gentleman,
b. 1907 ; Constance ; Beatrice ; and Mary. Res. —
31 Oxford Square, W.2.

Walter Samuel Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1870 ; m. 1903,
Lucy Margaret, d. of Henry Cobb ; and has issue —
Oliver Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; Andrew Cohen,
Gentleman, b. 1909 ; Ruth ; and Katherine. Res.^
Amersfort, Berkhamsted.

Son of Alfred Louis Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1836 ;
d. 1903 ; m. 1869, Marie, d. of Joseph Javal : —
George Alfred Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1874 ; m. 1906,
Gertrude Hannah, d. of Granville Myer. Res. — 71
Portland Place, W.i.

Sons of Sir Benjamin Louis Cohen, ist Bart., of
Highfield, Shoreham, Kent, a member of the
Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London,
J. P. COS. London and Kent, M.P. for East Ishngton
1892-1906, b. 1844 ; d. 1909 ; m. 1870, Louisa
Emily, d. of late Benjamin Moses Merton : —
Sir Herbert Benjamin Cohen, 2nd Bart., of Highfield
(19 Dec. 1905), O.B.E., T.D., M.A. (Camb.), Barrister-

at-Law, Inner Temple, late Major 4th Batt. Roy. West
Kent Regt. (Arms as above, and on an escutcheon of
pretence the arms of Behrens, namely — quarterly, i and
4, per pale gules and sable, a bear rampant argent,
muzzled or, on a chief of the third two mullets of six
points of the first (Behrens) ; 2 and 3, azure, a lion ram-
pant between four mullets of six points all or (Bedding-
ton), b. 1874 ; m. 1907, Hannah Mildred (Nina), second
d.»of Henry Behrens of Gloucester Square, W. ; and
has issue — (i) Nigel Benjamin Cohen, Esq., b. 1908 ;
(2) Stephen Behrens Cohen, Esq., b. 1911. Seat —
Sandy Hatch, Hythe, Kent. Town res. — 8 Cadogan
Mansions, S.W. Chambers — 6 King's Bench Walk,
Temple, E.C. Club — Junior Carlton.

Arthur Merton Cohen, Esq.,T.D., b. 1876. Club — Bath.

Ernest Merton Cohen, Esq., b. 1877. Res. — 18 Albert
Court,. S.W.

Sons of Nathaniel Louis Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1846 ;

d. 1913 ; tn. 1873 ; Julie Matilda, d. of Jacob

Waley :—
Jacob Waley Cohen, Esq., C.M.G., C.B.E., D.S.O.,
Col. Roy. Corps of Signals, served S. Africa, and Great
War (desp.), b. 1874; w. 1897, Katie, d. of Rt. Hon.
Arthur Cohen, K.C. ; and has issue — James Arthur
Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1898 ; and Emmeline. Res. —
The Old Downs, Hartley, nr. Longfield, Kent.

Sir Robert Waley Cohen, K.B.E., Manag. Dir. of
SheU Transport and Trading Co., b. 1877 ; m. 1904,
Alice, d. of the late Henry E. Beddington ; and has
issue — Bernard Nathaniel Cohen, Esq., b. 1914 ; Matthew
Henry Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; and Henrietta
Floretta. Res. — Caen Wood Towers, Highgate, N.W.
Clubs — Reform, R.A.C.

Charles Waley Cohen, Esq., C.M.G., Barrister-at-Law,
Inner Temple, temp. Lt.-Col., served Great War,
b. 1879 ; m. 1909, Ethel Alice, d. of Hermann Kirsch.
Res.— 51 Campden HiU Road, Kensington, W.8.

Son of Nathaniel Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1827 ;

rf. 1911 ; m. i860, Rebecca, d. of Philip Lucas : —
Philip Arthur Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1866. Res. —

Sons of Rt. Hon. Arthur Cohen, P.C, K.C, M.A.,

Judge of the Cinque Ports, M.P., b. 1829 ; d. 1914 ;

m. i860, Emmeline {d. 1888), d. of Henry Micholls

of Manchester : —
Benjamin Arthur Cohen, Esq., K.C, Barrister-at-Law
and Bencher, Inner Temple, b. 1862 ; m. 1890, Mar-
guerita Abigail, d. of Nathaniel Cohen. Res. — Cham-
pions, Limpsfield, Surrey.

Harry Montefiore Cohen, Gentleman, b. 1877 ; m. 1912,
Elsa, d. of Moritz Le Viseur. Res. — 27 Hornton Street,

MAURICE COHN, Gentleman. Born April 30, 184.9,
being the eldest son of the late Isaac Cohn, by his wife
Emma, dau. of Joseph Nehemias. Armorial bearings —
Or, on a pile azure, between two torches erect, fired proper,
a lion rampant of the fitild, holding between the forepaws
a vine-leaf vert. Mantling azure and or. Crest— On a
wreath of the colours, upoti a mount vert, a lion rampant
or, holding between the forepaws a torch fired proper,
between two maple-leaves of the first. Motto — " Lux Dei
ibi salus." Livery — Blue. Married, Dec. i, 1875,
Rebecca, dau. of the late Louis Benas ; and has Issue —(i)
Albert Mayer Cohn, Gentleman, fi. April i, 1877 [m. 1905,
Elizabeth Eleanor, only d. of the late Woolfe Haldinstein,
and has issue — Philip Hugh Maurice Cohn, Gentleman,
fi. 1917 {/?es. — 32 Kensington Court, W.8)]; (2) Edgar
Benjamin Cohn, Gentleman, 6. Sept. 16, 1880. Residence —
16 Grenville Place, S.W. 7.

COKAYNE (R.L., 1873, H.Coll.). Argent, three cocks
gules, beaked, combed, wattled, and membered sable.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a cock's head erased gules, beaked, combed and
wattled sable. Motto — " Virtus in arduis."

Sons of George Edward Cokayne, Esq., Clarenceux

King of Arms, F.S.A., of Exeter House, Roe-

hampton, who assumed by R.L., 16 Aug. 1873, the

name and arms of Cokayne in lieu of Adams in

compliance with the terms of his mother's will,

b. 1825; d. 1911; m. 1856, Mary Dorothea, d. of

George Henry Gibbs, of Aldenham, Herts. : —

Rt. Hon. Sir Brien Ibrican Cokayne, ist Baron CuUen

of Ashbourne (21 Apr. 1920), K.B.E. [Supporters — On

the dexter side a lion guardant party per fesse or

and argent ; on the sinister an ostrich argent holding

in its beak a horse-shoe proper, each gorged with a

collar or, pendent therefrom an escutcheon argent,

charged with two bars vert], b. 1864 ; m. 1904, Grace

Margaret, d. of Rev. the Hon. John Marsham ; and has

issue — Hon. Charles Borlase Marsham Cokayne, b. 191 2 ;

Hon. Edmund Willoughby Marsham Cokayne, b. 1916;

Hon. John O'Brien Marsham Cokayne, b. 1920 ; Hon.

Barbara Mary ; Hon. Dorothy Grace ; Hon. Ruth

Margaret. Res. — Exeter House, Roehampton.

Francis Stuart Cokayne, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.),
b. 1871 ; m. 1909, Dorothy Emily, d. of Sir LesUe Probyn,
K.C.M.G., Governor of Barbadoes ; and has issue —
Thomas Probyn Cokayne, Gentleman, b. 1920 ; Eliza-
beth ; Anne; Susan. Res. — 54 Montague Street, W.i.

COKE. Per pale gules and azure, three eagles
displayed argent. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a chapeau azure, turned up ermine, an ostrich argent




holding in its mouth a horseshoe or. Motto — " Prudens
qui patiens."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Thomas William Coke, 2nd Earl
of Leicester, K.G., b. 1822 ; d. 1909; m. ist, 1843,
Juliana (d. 1870), d. of Samuel Whitbread, of Car-
dington, Beds. : —

Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas William Coke, G.C.V.O , C.M.G.,
3rd Earl of Leicester and Viscount Coke (12 Aug., 1837),
[Supporters — On either side an ostrich argent, the dexter
gorged with a ducal coronet per pale gules and azure ;
line reflexed over the back of the first ; the sinister
gorged with a like coronet per pale azure and gules and
line reflexed over the back azure]. Col. (ret.) Scots
Gds., b. 1848 ; m. 1879, Hon. Alice White, d. of 2nd
Lord Annaly; and has issue — Thomas WiUiam Coke,
commonly called Viscount Coke, Maj. (ret.) Scots Gds.,
b. 1880 [m. 1905, Marian Gertrude, d. of Col. the Hon.
Walter Trefusis, C.B. ; and has issue — Hon. Thomas
Edward William Coke, b. 1908 ; Hon. David Arthur
Coke, b. 1915 ; Hon. Sylvia Beatrice; Hon. Mary
Rose {Res. — Sowley, Lymington)] ; Hon. Roger Coke,
Lieut. -Comdr., R.N., b. 1886 ; Lady Marjorie Alice [m.
1910, Maj. Dalrymple-Hamilton, AI.V.O., Scots Gds ] ;
Lady Alexandra Bridget [tn. 1917, 9th Earl of Airlie,
M.C. ; and has issue]. Seat — Holkham Hall, Norfolk.
Town res. — Mayfair House, Carlos Place, W. Clubs
— Marlborough, Turf.

Hon. Wenman Coke, Lieut.-Col. (ret.) Rifle Brigade,
b. 1855. Res.— 42 Half Moon Street, W. Clubs—
Brooks's, Naval and Military.

Sons of 2nd Earl of Leicester by 2nd wife, m. 1875,
Hon. Georgina Cavendish, d. of 2nd Lord Chesham : —

Hon. Richard Coke, Maj. Scots Gds., b. 1876 ; m.
1907, Hon. Doreen O'Brien, d. of 14th Baron Inchiquin ;
and has issue — Richard Lovell Coke, b. 1918 ; Nell ;
Moira ; Hersey ; Bridget. Res. —

Hon. Edward Coke, D.S.O., M.C, Lieut.-Col. Rifle
Brigade, b. 1879. Res.— 8 Park Street, W.

Hon. John Spencer Coke, Maj. Scots Gds., b. 1880 ;
tn. 1907, Hon. Dorothy Levy-Lawson, d. of ist Viscount
Burnham ; and has issue — Gerald Edward Coke, b. 1907 ;
Rosemary Olive Res. — 29 Bruton Street, W.

Hon. Reginald Coke, D.S.O., Barrister-at-Law, Inner
Temple, Lieut. Scots Gds., b. 1883 ; m. 1924, Katherine,
d. of Hon. Edward Ryder. Res.— 8 Park Street, W.

Hon. Lovel WiUiam Coke, Lieut. R.N., b. 1893.

COKK (H. Coll.). Gules, three ciescenls and a canton
or. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, the sun in splendour proper. Motto ^ " Non
aliunde pendere."

Sons of Rev. John Henry Coke, Rector of Ropsley,
i. 1811; d. i88g; f/i. 1852, Adelaide, d. of John
Bussell : —
Adm. Sir Charles Henry Coke, K.C.V.O. (1911),
A.D.C. to King Edward VII. 1907-8, Senr. Naval Officer
Coast of Ireland Station 1911-14, Vice-Adm. Comdg.
Coast of Ireland 1914-15, i. 1854; m. 1883, Anna Marie
Madeleine, only child of T. Tieraey Fergusson of Chefoo,
China ; andhassurv. issue — Thomas Fergusson Coke, Esq.,
6. 1887 [m. 1913, Noel Constantia, d. of Robert Brace
Hall; and has issue — Charles Sachevereli Coke, Esq.,
6. 1913 ; John Cuthbert D'Ewes Coke, Gentleman, d.
1916 ; Nuel Philip d'Odingsells Coke, Gentleman, d. 1919 ;
and Mary Penelope] ; and Winifred Anna Coke. /?es. —
Norfolk Lodge, Rouge Bouillon, Jersey. C/u6 — United

Maj. Ronald Bruce Coke, late The Wel^h Regt., /<. i860.
Res. — 28 Tisbury Road, Hove.

COKE (H. Coll.). Gules, three crescents and a canton
or; quartering the arms of Owen, Odingsells, Sacheverell,
FitzP>cald, Snitterton, Kirkby, Beresford, Hassall, Ballidon,
Heywood, and Wilmot. Mantling gules and or. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, the sun in his splendour
proper. Motto — •" Non aliunde pendere." Livery— Plum
colour coat, yellow waistcoat.

Sons of John Talbot Coke, Esq., J. P. and D.L. for co.

Derby, \Iaj.-Gen. (ret.), formerly comdg. loth Brig, in

S. Africa, Lord of the Manor of Trusley, 6. 1841 ; d.

1912 ; ;«. 1867, Charlotte, eldest dau. of .Major H. Fitz-

Gerald of Maperton, co. Somerset : —

Brig. -Gen. Edward Sacheverell D'Ewes Coke, C.M.G. ,

D.S.O. , Lord ol the Manor of Trusley, late K.O.S.

Borderers, and comdg. 169th Inf. Bde. in Great War, J. P.

CO. Derby, 6. 1872 ; m. 1905, Helen Maud, youngest d. of

late J. A'Deane of Alderley, co. Gloucester; and has issue
— John Sacheverell .A'Deane Coke, Gentleman, d. 1911 ;
Edward D'l-'.wes Fitzgerald Coke, Gentleman, d. 1915 ;
Frances Helen ; and Cicely Cassandra. Jiea/ — Trusley
Manor, near Derby. C/ud — United Service.

John Gilbert de Odingsells Coke, Esq.. Commander
R. N., d. 1874 ; m. 1906, Isabelle, d. of Col. Burge. A'es. —

Francis Desmond Talbot Coke, Esq., Capt. R. North
Lanes. Regt., 6. 1879. Res. — 11 Portland Place, W.

COKE (Vns. Derbyshire, certified by Cooke, Clarenceux.
1573)- Quarterly, i and 15, gules, three crescents and
a canton or (for Coke) ; 2. party per chevron or and

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