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Hall, Northumberland.
Warminster, Wilts.

Res. — Sturford Mead, Corsley,

COOKSON (1814, H. Coll.). Azure, on a chevron em-
battled counter-embattled or, between two swords in saltire
proper, pommels and hilts gold, surmounted by a medal
of the second, bearing as in a crescent with a star of eight
points in chief and a sphinx in base argent, an anchor erect
sable between two lions passant gules. Mantling azure
and or. Crest — Out of a mural crown or, a boar s head
gules, gorged with a chain of gold, and transfixed by a
spear from the sinister proper. Motto — " Quo fata vocant."
Sons of Maj.-Gen. George Remington Cookson, late
Indian Staff Corps, b. 1819 ; d. 1S86; m. 1851, Laura,
d. of Dr. Whicher of Petersfield, Hants. : —

issue— John Cookson, Gentleman, b. 1892. Res.—

Reginald Cookson, Gentleman, *. 1864; OT. . Res.—


Yr. sons ot General James Gathorne Cookson, b. 1821 ;
d. 1900; tn. (ist) 1842, Georgina Augusta (d. 1861), d.
of Francis Augustus Robson, Madras Civil Service ;
(2nd) 1864, Julia Augusta Pattle, d. of Major Hastings
Brougbton Impey, late Bengal Staff Corps : —
William Cookson, Gentleman, b. i860; m. , Effie,

d. of Capt. Bover. A'w.— U.S.A.

Lieutenant Gathorne Cookson, R.N.,/*. 1866; m. 1901,
Johanna Campbell, d. of Walter S. Mackenzie; and has
issue— (i) Walter Gathorne Cookson, Gentleman, 1^. 1902
(2) James Kenneth Alister Mackenzie Cookson, Gentleman
b. 1906. Res.— i6j, Coleherne Court, S.W.5. Clubs—
United Sports, Royal Corinthian Yacht (Portsmouth).

Capt. Percy Selby Cookson, Royal Sussex Regt., b. 1870 ;
m. ; and has issue. Res. —

Club — United Sports.
Samuel Cookson, Gentleman, b. 1873 ; m. , Barbara,

d. of Plum ; and has issue— Jocelyn. y?^.— Canada.

Hugh Cookson, Gentleman, b. 1875 ; m. 1912, Mabe\
d. of late Dr. Robinson of London. Res.—
Club — Grosvenor.

John Gwynn Cookson, Gentleman, b. 1880. Res.—
Douglas MacGrigor Cookson, Gentleman, Engineer
State Railways, b. 1882. Res.— Miiymyo, Burma.

Stewart Macdonald Cookson, Esq., Capt. 21st Punjabis,
b. 1886. .i?fj. — Bannu, India.

Son of Col. Samuel Briggs Cookson, late Indian Staff

Corps, b. 1824 ; d. 1872 ; tn. 2nd, Ella Louisa, [d. 1862),

d. of Capt. Arthur Eraser, 42nd Highlanders:—

Major-Gen. George Arthur Cookson, C.B., C.M.G., late

comdg. Cavalry Brigade, Lucknow, N.P. India, b. i860;

m. 1898, Evelyn, d. of late Horace Cockered, C.S.I. ; and

has issue— Julian Evelyn Gerard Cookson, Gentleman, b.

1904. 7?«.r.— Halsdon, Honiton, Devon. C/«*— Cavalry.

COOMBE of Perth, West Australia (H. Coll., 24 July
1924). Sable, on a fesse ermine, between in chief two
bovs' heads couped at the shoulders proper, crined or,
and in base two pilgrims' staves in saltire, also or, a lion
passant gules. Crest — On a wreath or and sable, upon
a rock, a leopard sejant proper, charged on the body
with two mullets or. Motto—" Mens sana in corpore

Son of Thomas Coombe. Gentleman, of Adelaide,

S. Australia : —




Sir Thomas Melrose Coombe, Knt. Bach. (1924),
b. 1877; m. IQ02, Alice Coombe, d. of George Senior,
Gentleman, of Derbyshire, England, and has issue.
Res. — St. George's Mansions, Perth, West Australia.

COOPE (H. Coll.). Or, on a chevron cottised azure,
between two roses in chief gules, stalked and leaved proper,
and a fleur-de-lis in base of the third, a rose argent, stalked
and leaved proper, between two fleurs-de-lys also argent.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a fleur-de-lys or, in front of a dragon's head gules, gorged
with a collar vair, all between two roses of the second,
stalked and leaved proper.

Only s. of Octavius Edward Coope, Esq., J. P., D. L. ,

M.P., of Rochetts, Brentwood, and of Berechurch Hall,

Colchester, Essex, i. ; d. 1886 ; m. 1848, Emily,

d. of Capt. Fulcher, Indian Army : —

The late Edward Jesser Coope, Esq., J. P. Leics. and

Essex, Capt. Suffolk Yeo. 1888-90, 6. 1849; d. 1925; tn.

1872, Pleasance Susan, eld. d. of Rev. T. L. Fellowes.

/?es. — i8 Ashley Gardens, S.W. i.



COOPER (H. Coll., 1765). Vert, a fesse embattled or,
between two pheons in chief points downwards and in base
two human thigh-bones in saltire argent. Mantling vert
and or. Crest — Out of a mural crown argent, a demi-spear
erect proper, fringed or, pointed argent, surmounted by
two palm branches in saltire vert. Motto — " Nil magnum
nisi bonuni."

Sons of Rev. William Rickford Astley Cooper, M.A.,
Vicar of Froyle Alton, /-. 1826 ; d. 1876 ; m. (2nd) 1869,
Lucy Elizabeth, d. of the late Rev. J. R. Burgess, Vicar
ot Streatley : —
William Astley Cooper, Gentleman, f>. 1874. Res.—
Henry Lovick Cooper, Gentleman, ;''. 1875. Res. —
Sons of Rev. Samuel Lovick Cooper, M.A. , Rector of
Croxton and Vicar of EUisley, Cambridge, b. 1827; d.
1895 ; "'• i^SS' Margarette Sarah, d. of Frederick
Corbin Lukis, F. R.S. : —
Ernest Henry Astley Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1858; m.
1903, Mary, only d. of Major Beverley Randolph of Mill-
wood, Virginia, and widow of Percy W. Charrington.

Francis William Astley Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1859; m.
1897, Lyonesse Mathilda Dora, d. of Rev. Ralph William
Lyonel Tollemache-Tollemache ; and has issue — Theodora
Mary Astley. Res. — Bentley, Burnham. Bucks.

Arthur Rickford Astley Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1861 ; m.
1890, Charlotte Emma, d. of Richard Richards. Res. —
Sons of Loftus Lewis Astley Cooper, Esq., Major
98th Foot, b. 1838 ; d. 1925 ; t?t. 1874, Florence Louisa,
d. of .•\ugustus Briggs, Speaker of House of Assembly,
Barbados: —
Lewis Astley Cooper, Gentleman, late Lieut. D.C.L.I.,
b. 1878.

Clifton Graham Astley Cooper, Esq., D.S.O. , Maj.
R.F.A., b. 1881 ; m. 1915, Ida Margaret, d. of the late
Henry L. Forbes, of Invary, Guildford, and has issue —
Patrick Graham Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Donald
Lewis Cooper, Gentleman, i^. 1920. Res. — 7 Abbots Ccurt,
Kensington Square, W. Club — United Service.

Son of Albert Beauchamp Astley Cooper, Esq., Capt.

R.A., J. P. Devon, b. 1841 ; d. 1921 ; m. 1879, Eva

Cornelia, yst. d. of Anthony O'Reilly of Baltrasna,

Meath: —

Geoffrey Beauchamp Astley Cooper, Esq., Maj.

Ind. .Army, b. 1884 ; m. ist, 1911, Gladys Mary (d. 1912),

d. of Lt.-Col. O. H. Oakes ; and, 1914, Louisa Maud, d.

of the late I. W. White, of West Lea, Leeds, and has issue —

Gerald Nigel Astley Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; Geoffrey

Desmond Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1919 ; and Rosemary

Anne. Res.—

Son of Sir Astley Paston Cooper, 2nd Bart., b. 1798;
d. 1866; m. 1821, Elizabeth Harriet, only child and
heiress of Wilham Rickford, formerly M.P. , of Ayles-
bury :^
Clement Paston Astley Cooper, Esq., J- P. Herts., late
Capt. 29th Foot, b. 1845 ; m. 1877, Evangeline Julia, yst. d.
of George Marshall of Portland Place, and sister of Walter
Marshall of Hambleton ; and has surv. issue — Stephen
Clement Paston Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1885 ; Elizabeth
Monica Astley [in. 1906, Humphrey Charles Walrondj. Res.
—Hambleton Hall, Oakham. C/«5— Naval and Military.

Son of Bransby Henry Cooper, H.E. I.C.S. , b. 1820
d. 1857; m. 1840, Marianne, d. of John Keeling: —
Bransby Beauchamp Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1844; m.
1875, Helen Ormsby, d. of Rev. G. Wilkinson. Res. —

COOPER (4 April 1912, H. Coll.). Vert, a cross flory
surmounted in the centre by a human heart gules, in the
first quarter a bull's head caboshed or ; in the second and
third quarters a sword erect of the last ; and in the

fourth quarter a pansy slipped proper. Mantling vert
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a sword
erect proper, pommel and hilt gold, between two pansies
slipped and leaved, also proper. Motto — " Fortiter et

Son of Joseph Henry Cooper of Manchester, b. 1841 ;
rf. 1896 ; m. , Caroline Anne, d. of Edmund Moody-
Hancock of Colchester : —
Joseph Albert William Cocper, Esq., late Capt. Durham
L.I. and Labour Corps, b. 1872 ; m. ist, 1902, Charktte
Anne, d. of Lieut. William Beard ; 2nd, Ivy Beatrice, yngst.
d. of Milton Hoogewerff, of Holland ; and has issue-
Rupert William Arthur Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1906;
and Joyce Mary. Post. add. — c/o Thos. Cook & Cc,
Bankers, Berkeley St. W.i. C/ubs — British Empire,
E.I. United Service, Engineers'.

COOPER (H. Coll.). Per chevron invected cr and
sable, in chief three lions and in base a beehive, all
counterchanged. Mantling sable and or. Crest— On a
wreath of the colours, a horse rampant reguardant argent,
gorged with a collar geniel sable, holding between the fore-
legs an escutcheon or, charged with a crow, also sable.

Sons of John Cooper, Esq., J. P. Surrey, London,

Northants, and Croydon, b. 1837; d. 1906; m. 1868,

Maria, d. of Richard Hooper of Gloucestershire : —

John Bruce Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1869; m. 1907, Violet

Mary, d. of Gen; Sir Thomas E. Gordon, K.C. B. , K.C.I. E.,

C.S.I. Res.— 8 South Parade, Bath.

Richard Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Charles Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Res. —
Ernest Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Res. — Barrow-on-
Soar, Leicestershire.




Edgar Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Rev. Philip Ci oper, Clerk in Holy Orders, t>.
-Burnley, nr. Brcickenhurst.
Arthur Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Res. — Ceylon.


COOPER (H. Coll.). Argent, a sword fessewise proper,
between three martlets gules, on a chief invected azure
four annulets or. Mantling gules and argent Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a lion's gamb erased or,
charged with two annulets azure, transfixed by a sword as
in the arms, and holding a cherry branch proper. Motto —
" Coo[ eriam."

Son of Col. Harry Cooper, C. M.G. , C. B. E. , D. L. , J. F'. ,

of Pakenham Lodge, Suffolk, b. 1847; d. 1928; w.

1894, Emilv Charlotte Ernestine, d. of late Capt.

Henry Caldwell, C.B., A.D.C., R.N. : —

Derek Henry Caldwell Cooper, Esq., Lt.-Comdr. R.N.,

b. 1895 ; m. \()i(i, Joan, d. of Maj.-Gen. Nathaniel

Barnardiston, C.B. Res. — Pakenham Lodge. Suffolk.

Sons of Henry Cooper, Esq., late Major Q.O. Lt. Inf.
Militia, of Forest Lodge, Shooter's Hill, Kent, b. 1824 ;
d. 1900; m. 1846, Catherine Croom, d. of S. Love-
grove : —
Frank Cowper, Gentleman [q.v.).

The Rev. Sydney Cooper, M.A., Chancellor and Canon
Residentiary Truro Cath., b. 1862; m. 1890, Edith, d. of
Michael Henry Williams, Esq., J. P., of Pencalenick,
Cornwall; and has surv. issue — (i) John Victor Cooper,
Gentleman, b. 1897 ; (2) Hugh Christopher Cooper, Gentle-
man, b. 1899; (3) Edward Cecil Williams Cooper, Gentle-
man, b. 1902; (4) George Perran Cooper, Gentleman, b.
1903; Sylvia Katherine \_m. 1915, Guy Hargreaves
Cholmeley] ; Mary Genefer ; Christina ; and Stephany
Joan Innocence. A'lfj. — Benson House, Truro.

COOPER of Shenstone Court (H. Coll., 1905). Ermine,

on a pile argent, three martlets, two and one sable, on a chief

gules, two boars' heads couped or. Mantling' sable and

argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, between two

sprigs of holly erect, a lion's gamb grasping in the paw a like

sprig in bend sinister all proper. Motto—' ' Conata perficio. "

Sons of Sir Richard Powell Cooper, ist Bart., T.P.,

D.L., and C.C. co. Stafford (High Sheriff 1901),

b. 1847 ; d. 1913 ; m. 1872, Elizabeth Anne, d. of

Ehas Ashmole Ashmall of Hammerwich, Lichfield : —

Sir Richard .Ashmole Cooper, 2nd Bart. (20 Dec. 1905),
M.P. for Walsall Jan. 1910 to Oct. 1922, C.C. Herts., Berk-
hariisted Div. , b. 1874; m. 1900, Alice Elizabeth, d. of
Rev. Edward Priestland of Spondon, co. Derby ; and has
issue— (i) William Herbert Cooper, Esq., b. 1901; (2)
Richard Philip Cooper, Esq., b. 1902; (3) Frank Ashmole
Cooper, Esq., b. 1905. Seai — Felden Lodge, Boxmoor,
Herts. i?«.— 6 Carlton G.irdens, S.W.I. C/z/w— Carlton,
St. Stephen's, Ranelagh.

William Francis Cooper, Esq., b. 1878; w. ist, 1914,
Christine Maud {d. 1919), d. of M.Jones ; 2nd, 1920, Eileen
Beryl, d. of Percy J. Hall, /^^j. — Hutcombe, Coombe
Warren, Kingston Hill.

COOPER of KiUenure (U.O.). Sable, a chevron wavy
ermine between three lions rampant or. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest - On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine,
a bull passant proper. Motto — " Love, serve."

Son of Austin Cooper, Esq.. of Killenure Castle, J. P.

CO. Tipperary, and High Sheriff 1893, Lieut. R.N.R.,

b. 1835; d. 1897; m. ist, 1868, Anna Wilhelmina, d.

of Very Rev. Ogle William Moore, Dean of Clogher : —

Austin Samuel Cooper, Esq., J. P. co. Tipperary, Capt.

(ret. p.) 2nd Chesh. Regt., Capt. and Hon. Major 3rd

Batt. Chesh. Regt., 6. 1870; m. 1907, Evelyn Ethel, d. of

John Richard Leahy; and has issue — (i) Austin Francis

Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1909; (2) Astley John Cooper,

Gentleman, Cadet R.N.R., b. 1911 ; and Doreen Eleanora

Anna [m. 1926, Simon Francis Lord, of Kiisham,

Tipperary]. Seat — Killenure Castle, Dundrum, co.

Tipperary. Club — Kildare Street (Dublin).

Son of Rev. Austin Cooper of Kinnealy, b. 1804 ; d.
1871; m. 1829, Margaret, d. of James Armstrong : —
Austin Damer Cooper, Gentleman, b. 183 1. Seai —
Kinsealy, co. Dublin.

Son of Nathaniel Cooper of Cooperhill, b. ; d.

1852 ; m. , Anne, d. of Henry Irwin of Stream-

town : —
Henry Alexander Cooper, Gentleman, b. . Seat —

COOPER of .Markree (U.O.). Quarterly, i. azure, on a
chevron between three cinquefoils or, two lions passant,
respecting each other, sable (Cooper) ; 2. argent, a chevron
engrailed between three martlets azure ; 3. azure, three
millstones proper (for Millmgton) ; 4. argent, an eagle dis-
played with two heads sable, beaked and legged gules.
Mantling azure and or. Crest— Upon a wreath of the
colours, a demi-man affront^e, habited per pale argent and
sable, in the dexter hand proper, a covered cup or, on the
head, wreathed round the temples argent and azure, a cap
gules. Motto — " Deo, patria, rege."

Sons of Major Francis Edward Cooper, R.F.A., 6.

1859; d.v./>. 1900; m. 1883, Ella Beatrice, d. of Col.

Mark Prendergast, B.S. C —
Bryan Ricco Cooper, Esq., T.D. for co. Dublin, in
Irish Free State Parliament since 1923, late MaJ. the
Coimaught Rangers, and 2nd Lieut. R.F.A., J. P. and D.L.
CO. Sligo (High Sheriff 1908), was M.P. co. Dublin (South)
January to December 1910, b. 1884; m. 1910, Marion
Dorothy (div. 1920), d. of Edward Stanley Handcock ;
2nd, 1925, Lilian Stella, d. of Capt. D. Hewson, D.L. ;
and has issue — Edward Francis Patrick Cooper, Gentle-
man, b. 1912 ; Peter Robert Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1914 ;
Richard Guy Ccoper, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; and Ursula
Rose. Seat — Markree Castle, co. Sligo. Res. — Kyber
Pass, Dalkey, co. Dublin. C//i'*j— Carlton, Kildare Street

Guy Edward Cooper, Gentleman, R.N., b. 1891; m.
1917, Winifred Annette, d. of H. Warren, and has issue-
Giles Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1918; and Brenda. Res.—

Yr. son of Rt. Hon. Lt.-Col. Edward Henry Cooper,

P.C, of Markree Castle, Lieut, of that co. , J. P. and

High Sheriff 1871, late Lt.-Col. Gren. Gds., M.P.

CO. Sligo 1865-8, b. 1827; d. 1902: —
Richard Joshua Cooper, Esq., C.B , C.V.O., Brig.-Gen.
comdg. 29th Inf. Brgde. 1914-15, late Col. comdg. Irish
Guards, formerly Priv. Sec. to Lord-Lieut, of Ireland,
b. i860 ; nt. 1904, Constance, d. of G. Thorold. Res. —
Blackwell Hall, Chesham, Bucks. ; 28 Lowndes Square,

Sons of Lt.-Col. Joshua Harry Cooper of Dun-

boden, co. Westmeath, D.L. , J.P. (High Sheriff 1875) ;

b. 1831 ; d. 1901 ; m. 1857, Helen Malet, d. of Capt.

Haydon, R.N. :—
Edward Joshua Cooper, Esq., C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O. ,
D.L. Westmeath, Maj.-Gen. comdg. R. Fus. , b. 1858;
m. 1894, Effie, only d. of James Forrest Balmain of Dalvreck,
CO. Perth. Seat — The Abbey, Abingdon, Berks.

Richard Wordsworth Cooper, Gentleman, b. i860.
Res. — 19 Elm Park Gardens,

COOPER (H. Coll.). Or, a chevron azure, semee of
estoiles argent, between three winged lions sable. Mant-
ling azure and or. Crest— On a wreath of the colours,
a lion sejant argent, winged or, supporting with the fore-
paws a battleaxe or, the handle sable. Motto — " Nil
veretur Veritas."

Son of Cooper, of , b. ;

m. : —

Lieut. -Col. Reginald Alfred Cooper, D.S.O., Capt.
(ret.) Dragoon Gds., Lieut.-Col. R.A.F., b. . Res.—

COOPER of Woollahra (H. Coll., 1863). Azure, a
chevron engrailed between two lions passant in chief and a
a star of eight points in base or. Mantling azure and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a lion sejant or,
collared azure, supporting in the dexter paw a lance erect
proper, and suspended therefrom by a chain gold an
escutcheon also azure, charged with a star as in the arms.
Motto — " Persever.intia omnia vincit."

Sons of Sir William Charles Cooper, 3rd Bart., J.P.

Northants, b. 185Z ; d. 1925 ; m. at Sydney, 1876,

Alice Helen, third d. of George Hill of Surrey Hills,

Sydney, N.S.W. :—
Sir (William George) Daniel Cooper, 4th Bart. (26 Jan.
1863), b. 1877 ; m. 1904, Hon. Lettice Margaret, d. of Rt.
Hon. Walter Hume Long, ist Viscount Long, P.C. ; and
has issue — Charles Eric Daniel Cooper, Esq., b. 1906 ;
Sydney Michael Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1909; and Joyce
Mabel. Res. — Greenways, Chippenham, Wilts.; 15
Ennismore Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Orleans.

Arthur Hamilton Cooper, Esq., Capt. 4th Batt. Essex
Regt., b. 1881 ; m. 1910, Mabel Alice, youngest d. of
Sir W. H. M. Smith-Marriott, 5th Bart. ; and has issue
— William Arthur Douglas Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1911 ;
Geoffrey Mervyn Cooper, Gentleman, b. 19 16 ; Robert




Heniy Coopei, Gentleman, b. 1922. 7?«. — 63 Eaton
Place, S.W.

Gerald Melbourne Cooper, Esq., M.C., late Scots Gds.,
b. 1892.

(26 July 1905), J. P. and D.L. for cos. of Elgin and
Hants, and Alderman and Vice-Chairman C.C. Hants.
(High Sheriff 1908-9), Col. 3rd Vol. Batt. Seaforth
Highlanders, V.D. (Decorations). Born Feb. 20,
1856, being the son of Alexander Cooper of Elgin
(son of Rev. James Cooper), by his wife Anne Phoebe, eldest
dau. of William Jenkins of Struan Grove (granddau. of
Major-General George Duncan Robertson of Struan, C.B. ).
Live7y ~ Green coat, red and white waistcoat. Armorial
■bearing's (L.O., 1900)— Argent, a chevron gules, between

COOPER (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, purpura,
on a chevron engrailed or, between two lions statant in
chief argent, and a griffin's head erased in base of the
second, three gads proper (for Cooper) ; 2. ermine, two
chevronels between three fleurs-de-lys in chief, and one
in base gules, a bordure of the last (for Barber) ; 3. argent,

two laurel branches in chief vert and a wolf's head erased
of the second in base. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a de.xter hand grasping
a wolf's head erased all proper. Motto — " Virtute et
fortitudine." Married, April 2, 1887, May E., d.i.u. of
George S. Smith, Illinois ; and has Issue — (i) George James
Robertson Cooper, Esq., Capt. late R. Scots Greys,
served Great War 1914-18, b. July 22, 1890 [m. 1923, Hon.
Isolde Frances, d. of 17th Lord Boithwick] ; (2) Alastair
Robertson Cooper, Esq., Capt. R. Scots Greys, b. April 17,
1897 V"^- 1922, Hon. Dulcie Bailey, only d. of Lord Glan-
esli, and has issue — Michael Alastair Russell Robertson
Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1923]; and Mav Phoebe [m. 191 1;,
Maj. A. H. Wilkie, late K.R.R.C] Residences— HwrsXev
Park, Winchester ; 26 Grosvenor Square, London, W.
Club — Carlton.

COOPER (U.O., 1844). Sable, a fesse wavy ermine,
between three lions rampant or. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion
rampant or. Motto — •" Noli irritare leonem."

Son of James Cooper Cooper, Esq., J. P., of Cooper

Hill, b. 1825; d. 1906; m. 1847, Mary {d. 1877), d. of

Charles Pickering of Roebuck, co. Dublin : —

Robert Cooper, Esq., J. P., Lieut, late R.I.M. t. 1866;

m. 1901, Etheldreda Louisa, d. of Frederick George

Hilton Price, F.S.A., and has issue— 2 daus. Seat —

Cooper Hill, Clarina, co. Limerick. Club — Junior Naval

and Military.

on a cross engrailed sable, a compass-dial in the centre
and four pheons or, a chief gules charged with a level
staff between two double coal-picks of the third (for
Fletcher). Mantling purpure and or. Crest^Upon a
mount vert, in front of two battleaxes saltirewise, a lion
sejant sable, collared or, resting the dexter paw upon a
gad proper. Motto — " Tout vient de Dieu." Livery —

Only surv. son of Arthur Francis Thomas Cooper,

Gentleman, of Bulwell Hall, Notts,, and Culland

Hall, Derby, b. 1857 ; d. 1918 ; m. 1888, Dorothy

Jane, d. of John William Sowden Collinson of

Beltoft, Lines. : —

Richard Francis Cooper, Esq., M.C., Major (ret.),

R. Fusiliers, served Great War, 1914-18 (despatches

twice, M.C. and bar), h. 1892. i?es.— Culland Hall,

Brailsford, Derby ; Laramie, Wyoming, U.S.A. Clubs

— Boodle's, Army and Navy, M.C.C.

R.E. Born Jan. 28, 1881, being the eldest son of the late
William Samuel Coopt^r, Esq. , J . P. and D. L. , Major Ayrshire
Yeomanry, LL.B. and LL.\i., by his wife .Amy Frances,
dau. of Lieut. -Col. Robert Gordon, Adjutant-General
Madras Army. Armorial bearings — Quarterly, i. argent,
on a bend engrailed between two lions rampant gules,
three crescents of the field, all within a bordure chequy ot
the first and azure (for Cooper) ; 2 and 3, quartered i. and
iiii., argent, on a chief gules, three lions' heads erased of the
first, all withm a border ermine (for Ritchie) ; ii. and iii.,
gules, a fesse ermine, and in chief a mullet of the last (for
Craufurd) ; 4. argent, a chevron gules, surmounted of
another ermine, betwixt three laurel slips vert, all within a
border chequy, as the former (for Couper or Cowper).
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crests — On the dexter
side, issuant out of a wreath argent and gules, a dexter
hand holding a garland of laurel, both proper; and over the
same the MottO, ''Virtute" ; and on the sinister, upon a
wreath argent and azure, an oak-tree with a branch borne




down by a weight, both proper; and over the same the
Motto, " Resurgo." Married, 1912, Dorothy Mary,
younger d. of Lt.-Col. H. L. Powell, D.S.O., late R.A.,
of Burton Hall, Christchurch, Hants. ; and has issue-
John Henry Gordon Cooper, Gentleman, b. 1913 ;

Cooper, (ientleman, b. 1915. 6>(z/— Failford, Mauchline,
CO. Ayr. Kes. — Teesebank, Kilmarnock, co. Ayr. Club —

1840, being the third son of Josepii Cooper of Throop, in co.
of Southampton, by his wife, dau. of the late Richard Dean
of Littledcjwn House, in the same county ; assumed the
additional surname and arms of Dean by Royal Licence in
the year i888. Armorial bearings— He bears for Arms :
Quarterly, i and 4, gules, a lion couchant, and in base a
crescent argent, on a chief nebuly of the last two crescents
of the first (for Dean) ; 2 and 3, ermine, three barrulets wavy
azure, as many annulets or, on a chief of the second, three
acorns slipped of the third (for Cooper) ; and for his Crests,

1. upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion or, gorged with
a collar nebuly, holding in the dexter paw a crescent, and
resting the sinister paw on an increscent, all gules (for Dean) ;

2. upon a wreath of the colours, in front of a cubit arm,
holding in the hand a scroll entwined by a branch of oak, all
proper, an annulet or (for Cooper) ; with the Motto, " Fortis
in arduis." Postal address — Littledown, Christchurch.

COOPER-HORSFALL of Westhorpe (R.L., 24 June,
1914, H. Coll.), Quarterly, i and 4, per fesse gules
and azure, three bezants in fesse, between as many
horses' heads couped argent, bridled of the second (for
Horsfall) ; 2 and 3, per pale pean and gules, on a chevron
between three lions statant argent an estoile between two
lozenges of the second, and (for distinction) a canton of
the third (for Cooper). Crests — On a wreath of the colours,
a horse's head couped ermine, charged on the neck with a
bezant (for Horsfall) ; on a WTeath of the colours, upon
a mount vert, a lion sejant pean, holding in the dexter
paw a battleaxe erect or, and charged upon the shoulder
with a cross crosslet argent for distinction (for Cooper).
Motto — " Lahore et honore."

Sons of Michael Heineken Horsfall, Gentleman, of
Westthorpe, Northallerton., h. 1840; d. 1920; m.
1837, Helen, d. of John Mann, of Bolshay Hall,

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