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Carapdenhill Road, W.i)] ; Mary Desiree. Res. — The

Lodge, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge;

Heacham Lodge, Heacham, Norfolk. Club — Athenaeum.

ANDERSON {L.O., 1868 ; rematric, 1913). Argent,
on a saltire engrailed sable, between two mullets in
chief and base, and two crescents in flank gules, a boar's

argent. Crest — A crescent gules. Motto — " Grada-


Eld. son of William Henry Anderson, Gentleman,
of Bilton Park, Warwickshire, b. 1845 ; d. 191 1 ;
m. 1885, Anne Rose, d. of Edward Jones Wood,
Gentleman, of Southsea, Hants. : — ^^

William Rose Wood Anderson, Esq., Major Reserve

of Officers R.A. (T.A.), b. 1886. i?es-.— Floore House,

Floore, Northamptonshire. Clubs — Conservative, Bath.

ANDERSON (H. Coll. >— .-Urgent, a chevron invected
gules, between three cross cro^slets fitch^e in chief sable, and
m base a leaf of an india-rubber plant slipped proper. Mant-

ling gules and argent. Crest — On a mount vert, an oak-
tree proper, in from thereof three cross crosslets fitch^e, one
inoale and two in saltire sable. Motto — "Stand sure."




Sons of James Henry Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1840;

d. 1927; m. firstly, March 1859, Lydia Warren (rf. Oct.

28, 1894), dau. of John Townley; secondly, June 1902,

Emily Mary, dau. of Rev. Sumner Wilson :—
Harry Claude Anderson, Gentleman, /'. 1863. Res. —
Percy James Anderson, Gentleman, /'. 1864.
Thomas Valentine Anderson, Gentleman, h. 1866.
Charles Augustus Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1867.
Reginald Samuel Anderson, Gentleman, h. 1869.
Gerald Townley Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1871.
Frederick Arthur Bertram Anderson, Gentleman, /'. 1873.
Samuel Alder Anderson, Gentleman, /'. 1876. Res. —
George Malcolm Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1878. Res —

ANDERSON of Harrold Priory (H. Coll.). Per fesse
argent and or, in chief two saltires couped, and in base a
boar's head erased gules. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — In front of an oak tree fructed proper, two
saltires or. Motto — " Stand sure."

Son of Peter Anderson, Esq., J. P., of Marchcroft,
Maxwell Park, Glasgow, and Westerlea, Glen-
eaglcs, CO. Perth, h. 1847 ; d. 1922 ; m. 1875, Mar-
garet, d. of William Macintosh, of Gateside, Fort
Eviot, CO. Perth : —
Sir John Anderson, ist Bart. (1920), Maj. (ret.) R.E.,
b. 1878 ; m. 1911, Jessie Barr, d. of Alexander Bilsland,
of 16 Woodside Terrace, Glasgow. Seat — Westerlea,
Gleneagles, co. Perth. Town res. — 68 Harley House,
N.W. C/m6s— R.A.C., Caledonian.

ANDERSON (L.O.,31 Aug. 1912). Argent, a saltire
engrailed sable between a muilet in chief and two crescents
in the flanks azure, and in base a beaver's head erased
proper, a chief gules fretiy of the first. Mantling sable

doubled argent. Crest— A lion's gamb, holding a teazle
slipped anu leaved proper. Motto — "Fide et industria."
Livery— lAghi drab, black facings.

Eldest son of William Anderson, Gentleman, ^.185-;

d. 1923 ; ?n. 1905, Ada, second d. of Thomas Smith of

Alverston, Lanes. : —
William Milroy Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1906. Res. —
39 Burn bank Gardens, Glasgow.

ANDERSON of Artaraig (H. Coll.). Argent, three
lymphads sable, on a chief indented of the second,
three millrinds of the first. Mantling sable and
argent. Crest — An astrolobe or. Motto — " Strive."

Second son of James Anderson, Gentleman, of
Hilton House, Woodside, Aberdeen, b. 181 1 ; d.
1897; w. 1849, Eliza, d. of Siu:g.-Gen. John Murray : —

Sir Kenneth Skelton Anderson, ist Bart. (1919),
K.C.M.G. (1909), of Artaraig, Shipowner, a Manager of
the Orient Steam Navigation Company, Dir. of Anderson,
Green & Co. and of the Bank of Adelaide, Commander
of the Order of the Crown of Italy, b. 1866 ; m. 1894,
Louisa Mary, d. of James Cochran Stevenson. Res. —
Yair, by Galashiels, co. Selkirk. Clubs — City of London;
Union ; New (Edinburgh).

ANDERSON (L.O.). Argent, a saltire between two
mullets in the flanks and a crescent in base gules, on a
chief azure three ganders volant proper, over a sea undy of
the first and third. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — A cross-staff proper. Motto—' ' Per mare."

Son of James George Skelton Anderson, Esq., J. P.,
of London and Aldeburgh, b. 1838 ; d. 1907 ; m.
Elizabeth (d. 1917), d. of Newson Garrett, of Alde-
burgh: —
Sir Alan Garrett Anderson, K.B.E. (1917), b. 1877;
m. 1903, Muriel Ivy, d. of G. W. Duncan, of Richmond,
Surrey; and has issue — Colin Skelton Anderson, Esq.,
b. 1904 ; Donald Forsyth Anderson, Esq,, b. 1906 ; Diana
Elizabeth ; and Hermione Charteris. .^«.— Notgrove
Manor, Glos. Town res. — 7 Palace Green, W.8. Clubs —
City ; Brooks's ; Royal Yacht Squadron ; Royal Cruising ;
Royal Southern Yacht.

ANDERSON (L.O. , 1912; rematric, 1923). Argent, a
saltire engrailed sable, between a mullet in chief and two
crescents in the flanks azure, and in base a beaver's head
erased proper, a chief embattled gules, fretiy of the first.
Mantling sable, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of
his liveries, a lion's gamb, holding a teazle, slipped and
leaved proper. Motto — '' Fide et industria."

Son of John Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1824; d. 1883;

m. 1850, Jessie, d. of David Beveridge, of Glasgow : —
Robert Anderson, Gentleman, M.B., CM., M.D.,
b. 1866; ;«. 1896, Georgina, d. of George Hazley, J. P. :
and has issue — Robert Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1904 ;
Hazley Anderson, Gentleman, b. 1917. i?(fj.— Glandore,
Sit ton Road, Erdington, Birmingham.

ANDERSON-ASHTON (H. Coll., 4 July 1918).
Quarterly, i and 4, ermine, a mullet between three
heraldic tyger's heads erased sable (for Ashton) ; 2 and
3, or, on a chevron between three crosses flory sable an
heraldic tyger's head erased between two mullets
pierced of the field ifor Anderson). Mantling sable
and argent. Crests — On a wreath of the colours, upon a
mount vert, a heraldic tyger rampant or, gorged with
a collar dancettee and holding between the paws a
mullet sable (for Ashton) ; on a wreath of the colours,
a spaniel proper, resting the dexter paw on a cross flory
or (for Anderson). Motto — " Vincit amor patriae."

Son of George Bridges Rodney Anderson, Gentle-
man, of Ludlow, b. ; d. ; m. : —
Rodney Ashton Anderson-Ashton, Solicitor of the
High Court, b. , Res. — Kennet, Ludlow, Salop.

ANDERSON-PELHAM (R.L., H. Coll.). Quarterly,
I and 4, quarterly, i. and iiii. , azure, three pelicans argent ;
ii. and iii. , gules, two pieces of belt with buckles erect in
pale, the buckles upward, argent (both for Pelham); 2 and
3, argent, a chevron between three crosses flory sable (for
Anderson). Mantling azure and argent. Crests — i. on a
wreath of the colours, a peacock in his pride argent (for
Pelham) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours, a water-spaniel
or (for Anderson). Motto — " Vincit amor patriae."

Sons of Hon. Kvelyn Cornwallis Anderson- Pelham,
J. P., D.L. ,^. 1851 ; d. 1908; m. 1872, Harriett Frances
id. 1913), youngest d. of Rev. George Hutton, Rector
of Gate Burton, co. Lincoln : —

Cecil Henry Anderson-Pelham, Esq., O. B. E. , Capt. and
Hon. Maj. Northants. Yeo. , Deputy Assistant-Director of
Remounts at Headquarters Northern Command, late 12th
Royal Lancers, served in S. African War, formerly A.D.C.
to Gov. of Queensland, Brigade Major N. Midland Mounted
Brigade, Territorial Forces, b. 1874 ; m. 1902, Hon. Georgina,
second d. of ist Baron Holmpatrick. Res. — Castor, Peter-
borough. Club — Cavalry.

CharlesCornwallis Anderson-Pelham, Esq., Capt. R.A.F.,
late Lieut. Leicester Yeomanry Cavalry, and nth Hussars,
J. P. Lindsay, b. 1876. Cli/b — Cavalry.

Regmald Evelyn Anderson-Pelham, Gentleman, b. 1883.

.■\lfred Ronald Anderson-Pelham, Esq., temp. Capt. late
R.A.F., b. 1888.





ANDERTON. Vert, three houi-glasses in bend pro-
per, between two bendlets argent. Mantling vert and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, issuant out of
a crescent vert, a buck's head, holding in tiie mouth an ear
of wheat proper. Livery — Green and white.

Sons of Wilfrid Francis Anderton, Esquiie, of Haighton,
J. P. of CO. Lancaster, b. 1844; d. 1926; m. firstly,
1870, Mildred Walburgha Tempest, dau. of Henry
Tempest, Esq., of Newland Park, York; secondly,
1880, Mary Louisa Frances Tempest, only dau. of
Jo-eph F. Tempest, youngest son of Stephen Tempest,
of Br.ughton, Yorkshire: —
Angilbert Wilfrid Anderton, Gentleman,^. 1871. Seat —
Haighton, Preston, Lancashire.

Evan Gerard Anderton, Gentleman, b. 1874.
Dunstan Francis Anderton, Gentleman, /'. 1885.
Cuthbert Francis Anderton, Gentleman, b. 1890.

ANDERTON (H. Coll.). Ermine, on a pile sable,
between two roses in base gules, barbed and seeded proper,
three double shackbolts argent. Mantling sable and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a curlew close proper,
holding in the beak an escallop or, between two roses

gules, leaved and stalked also proper. Motto—" Flectimus

Son of Frederick William Anderton of Bolton Royd,

Bradford, b. 1831; d. 1886; m. 1859, Ruth, d. of John

Foster, Esq., I. P., of Hornby Castle, Lanes. : —

Herbert Foster Anderton, Esq., J. P. for Orkney and

Shetland, b. 1862. Seats— 'Y'h& Island of Vaila, and Melby,

both in CO. of Orkney and Shetland ; Bolton Royd, Bradford,

Yorks. Clubs — Junior Carlton, Bath. Post. add. — Vaila,


Son of Francis Swithin Anderton, Esq., R.B.A., b.
1868; d. 1909; m. 1901, Marjorie Katherine. d. of
Frederic de Lafontaine Williams of Rydeshill House,
nr. Guildford : —
Francis Swithin Peter Anderton, Gentleman, b. (post-
humously) 1910. Res.—

ANDERTON (H. Coll.). Sable, on a chevron invected
argent, between four shackbolts, three in chief and one in
base of the last, a cinquefoil of the first. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a stork
argent, holding in the beak three cinquefoils slipped or, and
resting the dexter leg on a shackbolt sable.

Son of late James Anderton of Burgh Hall, Lanes. : —
James Parkinson Anderton, Gentleman, M.R.C.S.,
b. ; formerly of Rrondyffryn, Denbighshire.

ANDREWES (.f Maid's Moret<n, Bucks. (H. Cc 11,).
Argent, on a bend cottised sable, three mullets pierced of
the field. Mantling sabU- and argent. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, a slag's head erased argent. Motto — " Lux
in tenebris. " Livery — Black and silver.

S'^n of Thomas Andrewes Uthwatt of Middleton-on-

the-Hill, Leominster, co. Hereford (^.f.), b. 1846; m.

1875, Anne, d. of William Hazlitt of co. Donegal: —

Eusebius Andrewes Andrewes, Esq., Capt. T.F. Res., late

Northants. Yeomanry, b. 1875. Seat — The Manor, Maid's

Moreton, Bucks. Res. — Gredington, Whitchurch, Salop.

Club — Wellington.

ANDREWS (U.O.). Argent, on a chevron invected
between three quatrefoils slipped vert, as many heraldic
roses or, seeded gules. Mantling vert and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a cubit arm vested
argent, cuffed vert, charged with a chevron invected of the
last, the hand proper holding three quatrefoils slipped or.
Motto — " Virtute et fortuna." Livery — Green, gilt buttons,
green waistcoat.

Son of late Samuel Andrews, Esq., of Fortview, co.
Antrim, m. Marian, d. of Rev. Robert Gamble Orr :—

George Murray Andrews, Gentleman, B.A. Caiub. , b.
1868 ; m. 1893, Ellen Louise, only d. of late E. W. Hale
of Bellefonte, Pa., U.S.A. Res.—
Clubs — Brooks's, White's.

Son of Hugh Andrews, ( f Fortview, co. Antrim : —

The late Hugh Andrews, Esq., J. P. and D.L. North
umberland (High Sheriff 1901), J. P. Glos. , b. ;

711. , Isabel, d. of John Sowerby of Benwell Tower.

j'?«— Toddington Manor, Cheltenham', Glos. ; 18 Rutland
Court, Rutland Gardens, S.W.

ANDRUS of Scadbiiry Manor (H. Coll.). Ermine, a

chevron gules voided"azure, thereon three quatrefoils ar-
gent, all between twolpierced mullets sable in chief, and a




horse forcene in base, also argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, upon the battlements of a tower proper,
a lion rampant sable, holding between the forepaws a
mullet as in the arms. Motto — " Laus Deo."

Sons of Capt. Thomas Alchin Andrus, 3rd Batt.

K. O. Y.L.I. , of Scadbury Manor, Southfleet, Kent,

b. 1832 ; d. 1919 ; m. 1868, Julia Janet Page, d.

of William Pellew Bain, M.D. (who was s. of the

late Sir William Bain, R.N.) :—
Francis Bain Andrus, Esq., Capt. (ret.) 3rd Batt.
K.O.Y.L.I., b. 1869. Sea^— Scadbury Manor, South-
fleet, Kent. Club — Junior Army and Navy.

Donald Allan Andrus, Gentleman, b. 1870 ; m. 1894,
Sarah Valentine, d. of Edward Purser ; and has issue —
Thomas Purser Carlyon Andrus, Gentleman, b. 1804.
Res. — St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada.

Brig. -Gen. Thomas Alchin Andrus, C.M.G., J. P. co.
Kent, b. 1872 ; m. 1913, Alice Loveday, d. of Adm.
Alfred Chase-Parr, R.N. ; and has issue — Francis Sed-
ley Andrus, Gentleman, b. 1915. Res. — Hartley Court,
Longfield, Kent.

Edward Ernest Andrus, Gentleman, b. 1874. Res. —
Woodnorth, Manitoba, Canada.


ANGAS of Fulmer Chase (R.L.). Azure, a lion rampant
guarclant or, on a chief of the second a griffin passant sable.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,

between two branches of palm erect vert, a bee-hive with
bees proper, in front thereof three fylfots or. Motto—
" Palmam perseverando." Livery— Blue and gold.

Dau. of Hon. John Howard Angas, J. P. and M.L.C.

S. Austraha, ot Collingrove, Angaston, S. Australia, d.

1823; d. 1904; tn. , Susanne ((/. 1910), d. of

Richard Collins of Knowles House, Manchester : —
Lilian Gertrude (Mrs. Angas), d. ; m. 1891, George

Bazley White, son of Rev. Edwani White of Hilda's
Mount, Mill Hill (but has since resumed the surname and
arms of Angas by Roy. Lie. for herself and her issue in
pursuance of the testamentary desire of the late Susanne
Collins Angas). She has issue — Lawrence Lee Bazley
Angas, Gentleman, (^. 1893; Erica Wendelin Bazlev ; and
Joan Susanne Lynette Ainsley Bazley. Seat- Fulmer'Chase,
Stoke Poges, Bucks.


ANN of Derby (H. Coll.). Per chevron or and sable,
a roundel ermine between in chief two bucks' heads
caboshed of the second and in base a like head of the first.
Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a buck's head caboshed or, resting on the scalp and
between tiie antlers an escutcheon per chevron or and sable,
charged with a roundel, as in the arms.

Sons of Sir Edwin Thomas Ann, Kt. Bachelor (1906),
J. P. Derbyshire and Derby, Alderman and sometine
(1906-7) Mayor of Derby, 6. 1852; d. 1913 ; w. 1884,
Sophia, d. of John Eastland, late of Margate : —
Harcld Thomas Ann, d. 1886. J^es. — Holmwood,
Quarndon, nr. Derby.

William Eastland Ann, 6. 1887. J^es. — Darley Fields,

Edwin Francis Ann, 6. 1893. J?es. — Ge-Mare, Holford,
nr. Bridgwater.


late Capt. 55th Regt. and late Major 3rd Batt. Sherwood
Foresters (Derbyshire Mil.). Born Sept. 17, 1852, being
the second son of William Henry Charlton of Hesleyside,
Northumberland, Esquire, Justice of the Peace and Deputy-
Lieutenant for the said county, by his wife Barbara Tas-
burgh, daughter of Michael Tasburgh, formerly Michael
Anne. The above-mentioned Ernest Lambert Swinburne
.Anne, Esquire, assumed by Royal Licence, dated May 31,
1883, the surname of Anne only, in lieu of his patronymic
Charlton, and the arms of Anne quarterly with those of
Charlton. Armorial bearings— Quarterly, i and 4,
argent on a bend sable, three martlets of the first (for
Anne) ; 2 and 3, or, a lion rampant guardant gules, a chief
ermine, fretty vert, a canton sable, charged with a lion
rampant or (for Charlton) ; and for his Crests, i. on a
wreath of the colours, a woman's head couped at the
shoulders proper, crined or (for Anne) ; 2. also on a wreath
of the colours, a leopard's face gules, between two dragons'
wings proper, each charged with a fret sable. Mottoes —
" Sans varier" (Charlton); " Fides ante fortunam " (Anne).
Married, Jan. 20, 1885, Edith, fourth dau. of Sir Thomas
George Augustus Parkyns, Bart., of Ruddington Manor, in
the county of Nottingham, by his wife Anne, dau. of W.
Jennings; and has /ssi/e — (i) George Charlton Anne, Esq.,
O.B.E., late Lieut. 5th Batt. Northumberland Fus., late
Capt. 5th K.O. Y.L.I. , Squadron Leader R.A.F., i^. 1886
[m. 1910, Amy Violet, youngest d. of the late James
Monfgu of Melton Park, Yorkshire, and has surv. issue —
Michael Anne, Gentleman, 6. 1911 ; Frederick John Anne,
Gentleman, fi. 1914 ; R' bert Anne, Gentleman, i. 1919 ;
and Barbara] ; (2) Hesletyne Oswald Charlton Anne,
Esq., M.C., Maj. R.A. (ret.),;^. 1888 (has Crcix de Guerre) ;
and Ernestine Mary Charlton. Seat — Burghwallis Hall,
Doncaster, Yorkshire. Res. — 18 Fitz James Avenue,
Kensington, W.14. C/itd — United Service.


ANNESLEY (U.O.). Paly of six argent and azure,
over all a bend gules. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest — A Moor's head in profile couped proper, wreathed
about the temples argent and azure. Supporters —
On the dexter a Roman knight in armour or, short sleeves
and apron gules, face, arms and legs bare, the latter
sandalled argent, on his head a helmet gold, on the
top thereof three feathers of the second, holding in his
exterior hand a shield, thereon a female head ; on the
sinister a Moorish prince in armour or, short sleeves and
apron gules, face, neck, arms and legs proper, on the
latter, boots gold, behind him a sheaf of arrows proper,
fastened by a pink ribbon, wreathed round the temples
argent and azure, in his exterior hand a bow proper.
Motto — " VLrtutis amore."

Son of Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur Annesley, K.C.V.O.,C.B.,
nth Viscount Valentia, co. Kerry, Col. (ret.) Queen's
Own Oxfordshire Hussars, M.P., J. P., b. 1843 ; d.
1927 ; m. 1878, Laura Sarah, d. of Daniel Hale Webb,
Esq., of Wykeham Park, Oxford, and widow of Sir
Algernon Peyton, 4th Bart. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Caryl Arthur James Annesley, 12th Vis-
count Valentia, co. Kerry (1621), Baron Mountnorris, of
Mountnorris Castle, co. Armagh ; Baron Annesley of
Bletchington, co. Oxford (cr. 19 17) ; Bart, of Ireland,




C.V.O., Maj. (ret.) ist Royal Dragoons, b. 1883. Seat—
Bletchington Park, Oxford. Clubs— Tuvi, White's. Bath,

ANNESLEY (U.O.). Palv of six argent and azure,
over all a bend gules. Crest — A Moor's head, couped
at the shoulders, in profile proper, wreathed about
the temples argent and azure. Supporters — On the dexter
side a Roman soldier in armour or, tunic azure,
sandalled or, on his head a helmet gold, on the top
thereof three feathers argent and azure, his exterior hand
resting on an antique shield proper ; on the sinister side
,1 Moorish prince in armour or, tunic azure, boots gold,
behind him a sheaf of arrows proper, fastened by a pink
ribbon, wreathed about the temples argent and azure,
holding in his exterior hand a bow proper. Motto —
" Virtutis amore."

Son of Hon. William Octavius Beresford Annesley,
of Painswick, Glos., who was 6th son of 3rd Earl
Annesley by his 2nd wife, Priscilla Cecilia, d. of Hugh
Moore, of Eglantine, co. Down, b. 1838 ; d. 1875 ;
m. i860, Caroline, d. of John Mears, of Bagshot : —
Rt. Hon. Walter Beresford Annesley, 7th Earl Annes-
ley, of Castlewellan, co. Down (17 Aug. 1789) ; Viscount
Glerawlv, of Fermanagh (14 Nov. 1776) ; and Baron An
neslev (20 Sept. 1758); s. his cousin 1914,6. 1861; m.
1st, 1893, Maud Fleming {d. 1923), d. of Hayes Bingham
Higginson, of Rock Ferry ; and has issue — Hon.
Beresford Cecil Bingham Annesley, commonly called
Viscount Glerawlv, b. 1894 [m. 1921, Edith Constance, d.
of Major Albemarle Rawlinson, late 8th Hussars] ; m.
2nd, 1924, Mabel Frances Aganoor, d. of John Burnet.
Postal address — National Provincial Bank of England,
Winton, Hants.

^ R.N. Born Oct. 30, 1833. being the second son of
Francis Charles Annesley, late Commander R.N. Armo-
rial bearings — Paly of six argent and azure, over all a bend

gules, and (for distinction) a bordure vvavy erniinois. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a Moor's head couped at the shoulders in prohle proper,
wreathed ab ut the temples argent and azure, and (for dis-
tinction) debruisedbv a baton sinister or. Motto — " Virtutis
amore." Married, May 22, 1862, Marie Anne, youngest
dau. of John Williim Crispo, Lieut. R.N. ; and has Issue
— (1) Rev. William Crispo Annesley, Clerk in Holy Orders,

b. March 15, 1863 (i?es.— Froyle Vicarage, Alton, Hants.) ;
(2) Francis Charles Annesley, Gentleman, b. Jan. 8, 1871
[m. June 28, 1898, Evelyn, younger dau. of Col. James D.
Crawford of Thorney Holme, Westmount, Montreal,
Canada]; Edith Marie ; Katharine Bell [w. Feb. 15, 1896,
Frederick Clayson, Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs],
Residence —

ANNESLEY (U.O.). Paly of six argent and azure,
over all a bend gules.

Eldest d. of Hugh, 5th Earl Annesley, late Lieut. -
Col. Scots F'usilier Guards, J. P. and D.L. co. Down,
M.P. CO. Cavan 1857-74, b. 1831 ; d. 1908 ; m. ist,
1877, Mabel Wilhelmina Frances (d. 1891), d. of
Col. William Thomas Markham, of Cufforth Hall,
CO. Yorks. : —
Mabel Marguerite Annesley, who by R.L. 1914 re-
sumed the surname and arms of Annesley only, in lieu
of Sowerby, b. 1881 ; m. 1904, Lieut. Gerald Sowerby,
R.N. {d. 19 1 3), son of the late T. C. Sowerby, of Gainford,
CO. Durham ; and has issue — Gerald Francis Annesley,
Esq., b. 1904 [Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a Moor's
head couped at the shoulders proper, wreathed about
the temples argent and azture. Motto — " Virtutis
amore "] ; h. 1904 [m. 1927, Lady Elizabeth Jocelyn, d.
of 8th Earl of Roden]. Res. — Castlewellan, co. Down ;
Donard Lodge ; and Myrtle, Newcastle, co. Down.

ANSBACHER (H. Coll.). Or, a fesse wavy vert, thereon
another fesse wavy couped argent, between in chief a
double-headed eagle displayed, and in base an open book
sable. Mantling vert and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, an eagle's leg erased a la guise, claw upwards,
holding an escutcheon per pale argent and sable. Motto —
" Lente sed corte."

Son of Ansbacher, Gentleman, of

b. ; m. : —

Henry Ansbacher, Gentleman, 6. . Postal addresses

— Green Street, Park Lane ; 20 Copthall Avenue, London,

ANSELL (H. Coll., 23 Jan. 1919). Gules, on a saltire
argent between four bezants, two swords in saltire^i£oper,
pommelled and hilted or. Mantling gules and argeE
Crest — On a wreath of the coloiu-s, a torteau charged with
two swords as in the arms. Motto — " Fais ce que dois."
Son of George Frederick Ansell, Gentleman, of
Carshalton, Smrey, b. 1826; d. 1880; m. 1854: —
John Evelyn Ansell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Middle
Temple, b. i860 ; m. 1895 ; and has issue — Evelyn
Ansell, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb.), b. 1898; and Enid.
Res. — Glenloch Road, Hampstead, N.W.3.


ANSON (R.L., 30 April 1773). Quarterly, i. argent,
three bendlets engrailed gules, in the sinister chief a crescent
of the last (Anson) ; 2. ermine, three cats passant guardant
in pale sable (Adams of Sambrooke — Vn. Salop, 1621); 3.
azure, three salmon in pale or and argent (Sambrocke of
Sambrooke, co. Salop); 4. sable, a bend or between thiee
spear-heads argent (Carrier of Wirksworth, co. Derby).
Mantling gules and argent. Crest— Out cf a ducal
coronet or, a spear-head argent. MottO— " Nil desper-

Sons of Rt. Hon. Thomas Francis Anson, 3rd Earl of

Lichfield, i. 1856 ; d. 1918 ; m. 1878, Lady Mildred

Ccke, d. of 2nd Earl of Leicester : —

Rt. Hon. Thomas Edward Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield

(U.K. IS Sept. 1831), 5th Viscount Anson and Barcn

Sobert<n (U.K. 17 Feb. 1806), J. P. and D.L. Staffs,

[Supporters— Dexter, a sea-horse; sinister, a lion, both

proper, and each gorged with a collar double gemel or],

6. 1883 ; m. 1911, Evelyn Maud, rnly d. of Col. E. G.

Keppel, and has issue — Thomas William Anson, commonly

called Viscount Anson, i. 1913 ; Hon. Edward J< hn

Anson, l>. 1919 ; La^ly Betty Marjorie, and Lady Cecilia

Evelyn. S^a/.r — Shugboroi gh Hall, Stafford; Rantc n

Abbey. Eccleshall ; Orgreave Hall, Lichfield. Town ?es.

—6 Hyde Park Square, W. C/;^*— Brooks's.

Hon. Arthur Augustus Anson, d. 1887.

Hon. Rupert Anson, Capt. late 7th Batt. Royal Fusiliers ;

*. 1889; m. 1919, Mollie, d. of James Halliday, of Fishers,

Harrovv-on-the-Hill ; and has issue— Rosemary ; and Felicity

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