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branch flowered all proper (for Macartney) ; Motto over,
" Stimulat sed ornat ; " 2. upon a wreath of the colours, a
buck's head erased proper, charged on the neck with a trefoil
slipped vert (for Ellison) ; with this Motto, " Spe gaudeo."
Only >on of the Rt. Hon. Sir William Grey Ellison-
Macartney, P.C, K.C.M.G., B.A. (Oxon.), Barrister-
at-Law, M.P. , Deputy-Master of the Mint. f'. June 7,
1852 ; J. 1924 ; m. Aug. 5, 1897, Ktlie, eldest dau. of
John Edward Scott of Outlands, Devonport : —
John Arthur Mowbray Ellison-Macartney, Esq., i. 1903.
i?«.— 48 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, S.'VV.

ELM HIRST of Elmhirst (H. Coll.). Barry wavy of six
argent and sable, a canton paly wavy of six argent and
sable. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a mount vert, therefrom issuant rays of the sun
in front of a hurst of elm-trees proper. Motto — "In
Domino confido."

Sons of Rev. 'William Elmhirst of Elmhirst, co.Yorks.,
M.A., i. 1827; d. 1899; m. 1854, Ann Elizabeth
Pasmore, d. of William Barnard Heaton of Gains-
borough :—
Rev. William Heaton Elmhirst, Clerk in Holy Orders,
B..\. Camb., d. 1856; m. 1890, Mary, yst. d. of Rev.
William Knight, Master of Archbishop Holgate's Hospital,
Hemsworth, Yorkshire; and has surv. issue — (i) Leonard
Knight Elmhirst, Gentleman, B.Sc.iJ. 1893; (2) Thomas
Walker Elmhirst, Gentleman, d. 1895 ; (3) James Victor
Elmhirst, Gentleman, fi. 1898 ; (4) Richard Elmhirst,
Gentleman, 6. 1900 ; (5) Alfred Octavius Elmhirst, Gentle-
man, 6. igoi ; and Irene R.ichel. Estates ~E.\mhiTsl,
Ouslethwaite, Round Green, and Lewden, in Worsborough
Dale, CO. York, &c. Post. add. — Elmhirst, nr. Barnsley,

Charles Ernest Elmhirst, Gentleman, Solicitor, d. 1858.
lies. — Mount Vale, York.

Herbert John Elmhirst, Gentleman, fi. 1861 ; m. 1898,
Emily, d. of late Capt. J. T. H. Butt, 7Sth Regt., of Street,
Somerset; and has surv. issue — (i) John Elmhirst, Gentle-
man, f>. 1899; (2) Cecil Elmhirst, Gentleman, d. 1903.
Re!. — The Grange, York.

Sons of James Elmhirst, Esq., of Elm House, nr.
Doncaster, J. P. for W. Riding Yorks. , i. 1830; d.
1919 ; m. 1865, .\nne Hampden, d. of the late Henry
John Pye of Clifton Hall, co. Stafford: —
James Henry Pye Elmhirst, Gentleman, 6. 1866 ; m.
1889, Katherine, d. of late T. R. W. Gawthorpe of Brid-
lington Quay. /^es. — Campville, 66 Wellington Road,
Charles Cutts Elmhirst, Gentleman, 6. 1872; m.

Sons of Rev. Robert Elmhirst of Farnham Lodge, nr.
Knaresborough, d. 1835 ; d. 1905 ; ;«. 1865, Mary
Makins, d. of James Robert Nicholson of Thornton : —
Robert James Elmhirst, Gentleman, A.M.I.E.E. , Lordcf
the Manor of Fulletly, Lines., d. 1868; m. ist. 1896, Hen-
rietta Florence {d. 1899), d. of late Edward Quince; and
has issue by first mar. — Maud Florence ; 2nd, 1906, Mabel,
d of late Joseph Garthwaite ; and by her has issue —
Robert Nicholson Elmhirst, Gentleman, i. 1910. /?es. —
Farnham, 9 Lonsdale Road, Leytonstone, Essex. C/ui —
Salisbury (Leytonstone).

Charles Bailey Elmhirst, Gentleman, served in S. Africa,
i. 1871 ; m. . Res. — Farnham, nr. Knaresborough.

William Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1875 ; m. 1905,
Margaret Ethel, d. of Frank Appleyard of The Knowle,
Broomhall Park, Sheffield; and has issue — (i) William
Jackson Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1906; (2) Robert
Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1909. Res. — Oakwood Road,
Moorgate, Rotherham.

Richard Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1884; m. Alice Bevan,
and has issue — Roger Elmhirst. Gentleman, b. . Res.

— Marine Station, Millport, N.B.

Son of William Elmhirst, Esq.. of West Ashby
Manor, J. P. Lines., b. 1802; d. i860; m. 1829, Eliza-
beth, d. and coh. of John Yerburgh of Frampton,
Lines. : —
John Yerburgh Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1838 ; m. ;

and has issue — Harry Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1880. Res. —
Only surv. son of General Charles Elmhirst, C.B. , of
West Ashby Grove, b. 1815; d. 1893; m. 1861,
Frances Dorothea, li. of Robert Hunt, Esq., J. P. : —
Harry Rochfort Elmhirst, Gentleman, b. 1863; m. ist,
1901, Lilian Frances {d. 1906), only d. of late John Hatfield
of Thorp Arch Hall, Yorks.; 2nd, 1907, Agnes, eldest d. of
William Lockwood ; and has issue — Frances Mary. Seat
— West Ashley Grove, Horncastle, Lines.

ELMSALL (R.L., 1817). Quarterly, i and 4, sable, three
bars engrailed between ten elm-leaves erect or (Elmsall);
2 and 3, quarterly, gules and vert, an eagle displayed, in
the beak a slip of oak fructed or (Greaves, July 1782).
Mantling sable and or. Crests — i. on a wreath of the
colours, an oak-tree entwined round the trunk with a vine-
branch fructed proper(Elmsall); 2. onawreath of the colours,
on a mount vert, a stag trippant or, in the mouth a slip of
oak proper. Motto — " Amicta vitibus ulmus."

Son of Mansfeldtde Cardonnel Elmsall, ^. ; d. ;

m. , Eloise Trabeck : —

Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Elmsall, Gentleman, b. ;

m. , Res. —

ELPHINSTONE, of Glack (L.O., 1672, rematric.
1928). Argent, on a chevron sable between three boars'
heads erased gules armed and langued azure, an

episcopal mitre of the first. Mantling sable, doubled*
argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a dexter hand
proper holding a garb or. Motto (over the Crest) —
" Non vi sed virtute." Livery — Maroon, black facings,
buff waistcoat.

Eldest son of John Elphinstone, Esq., of Glack,

H.E. Bombay Civil Service, b. 1834; d. 1893;

m. 1875, Emma Eliza Betham : —

Sir (Alexander) Logie Elphinstone, of Glack, loth

Bart., of Logie, co. Aberdeen (N.S. 1701), Major Res.




of Officers, served S. African War, 1899-1902, and
European War, 1914-19, b. 1880 ; m. 1911, Gertrude
Durell, d. of Capt. Charles King, W. Yorks. Regt.
Seats — Cranemoor, Hinton Admiral, Hants. ; Glack,
Deal, Kent. Res. — 40 Kildare Terrace, Lancaster Gate,
W.2. Club — Army and Navy.


ELPHINSTONE of Sowerby. Argent guttee-de-sang,
on a chevron embattled sable, between three boars'
heads erased gules, two swords proper, pommels and
hilts or. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — Out of a
murad crown gules, a demi-woman afirontee habited,
in her dexter hand a sword erect proper, pommel and hilt
or, in her sinister an olive branch vert. Motto — " Semper

Only son of Graham Warburton Elphinstone, I.C.S.,

b, 1866 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1896, Susan Sophie, d. of

Henry Caspar Harley, of Madanapalle, India : —

Sir Howard Graham Elphinstone, 4th Bart., of Sowerby

(25 May i8i6),i. 1898 ; s. his grandfather 1917 ; m. 1924,

Alice Mary, d. of P. J. Emerton Brown, and has issue —

Elizabeth Mary. Res. — Alum Chine Lodge, Westcliff

Road, Bournemouth ; Nairobi, Kenya Colony. Club —


terly, I and 4, or, on a sahire azure between two water-
bougets in the flanks sable, nine lozenges of the field
(Dalrymple of Noith Berwick, matric. L.O. , 1719, as a cadet
of Stair) ; 2 and 3, or, three hunting-horns gules (Horn of
Westerhall, matric L.O. ,1725), over all, on an inescutcheon,
the arms of Elphmstone, viz. argent, on a chevron sable,
between three boars' heads erased gules, a mitre or, within
a bordure of the third (Elphinstone of Logic). Mantling
gules, doubled argent. Crests — i. (centre), on a wreath of
the liveries, a rock proper and over it the motto " Firm "
(Dalrymple); 2. (de.xter), on a wreath of the liveries, two
horns erect parted per fesse or and sable, counterchanged
(Horn) ; 3. on a wreath of the liveries, an armed hand
erect holding an ostrich feather sable (Elphinstone). Motto
(below arms) — " Moneo et munio." Supporters — Dexter,
a bull sable, armed and unguled or ; sinister, an eagle,
wings expanded sable, armed or.

Son of Sir Robert Graeme Elphinstone-Dalrymple, 5th
Bart., Col. Indian Staff Corps, d. 1844; d. 1908; m.
1871, Flora Loudoun (d. 1906), d. of James William
Macleod : —

Sir Francis Napier Elphinstone-Dalrvmple, 7th Bart.
(16 Jan. 1828), C.B.E., D.S.O., Col. late R.A., served
Great War (despatches), Comdt. R. Military School of
Music since 1925, d. 1882 ; m. 1909, Betty, only d. of late
Lt.-Col. Edward Hemery le Breton, Royal Irish Regt. ;
and has issue — Penelope Eleanor ; and Daphne Jean. Jfes.
— Kneller Hall, Twickenham. Ciubs — Naval and Military,

ELPHINSTONE -STONE (R.L , 1879, H. Coll.).
Quarterly, i and 4, party per pale or and azure, an
eagle displayed with two heads, between two flaunches,
each charged with an anchor erect all counterchanged
(for Stone) ; 2 and 3, argent, gutt6e-de-sang, on a chev-
ron embattled sable, between three boars' heads erased
gules, two swords proper, hiked and pommelled or
(for Elphinstone). Mantling azure and or. Crests —
I. upon a wreath of the colours, in front of an anchor
lying fessewise or, a swan's head and neck couped argent,
beaked sable (for Stone) ; 2. out of a mural crown gules,
a lady from the middle well attired proper, holding
in her dexter hand a sword, and in her sinister a laurel
branch, both also proper. Motto — "True to the end."
Livery — Blue, with gilt buttons.

Son of late Capt. Webb Elphinstone Elphinstone-

Stone, R.N., b. 1827; d. 1897; m. 23 Jan. 1861,

Lydia, d. of Ralph Walters, Barrister-at-llaw, New-

castle-on-Tyne : —

Webb Smith Elphinstone - Stone, Gentleman, b. ai

Nov. 1868 ; m. 1903, Catherine Annie, d. of late Dr.

Millar, R.N. J?«.— Teign View, Christow, Dunsford,


ELSMIE (L.O., 17 Oct. 191 1). Ermine, a sword
proper, hilted and pommelled or, and a spear also proper
disposed in saltLre, in the honour point a lotus-flower

azure, on a chief gules three wolves' heads erased argent,
armed and langued azure. Mantling gules doubled
argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a schooner
in full sail proper, flagged gules. Motto — " Expectate

Sons of George Robert Elsmie, Esq., C.S.I. , B.C.S.,
LL.D. (Aberdeen), b. 1838 ; d. 1909 ; m. 1861,
Elizabeth, d. of "Thomas Spears, Distiller, Kirk-
caldy : —

Maj.-Gen. Alexander Montagu Spears Elsmie, C.B.
(1919), C.M.G. (1915), Maj.-Gen. (ret.) LA., Col.
2/i3th Frontier Force Rifles, b. 1869 ; m. 1907, Annie,
d. of James Todd, of Banchory ; and has issue — George
Reginald Alexander Elsmie, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; Robert
Elsmie, Gentleman, b. 1913; Gerald Elsmie, Gentleman,
b. 1915 ; Victor Elsmie, Gentleman, b. 1917 ; Muriel;
Kathleen Mary. Res. — 27 Woodville Gardens, Ealing,
W.5. Club — Athenaeum.

Capt. James Richard Forbes Elsmie [Arms (matric.
L.O.) as above, but the chief engrailed], b. 1871 ; m.
1900, Blanche Katharine, d. of Rev. E. Tapsfield, Vicar
of Netherstowey ; and has issue — George Richard Elsmie,
Gentleman, b. 1916 ; Norah ; Nancy Katharine ;
and Elizabeth. Res. — Lynton, Tadworth, Surrey.


ELWES of Gt. Billing (Vn. Herts., 1634). Quarterly, i
and 4, or, a fesse azure surmounted by a bend gules ( El wes) ;
2. gules, a griffin segreant or, supporting the standard of the
Emperor of Germany (Gabbott); 3. argent, on a bend
sable three roses of the first, on a canton or an anchor of

the second (Gary). Mantling azure and or. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, five arrows or, barbed and
feathered argent, entwined by a snake proper. MottO —
" Deo non fortuna."

Sons of Gervase Henry Elwes, Esq., J. P. and D.L.

Lines., J. P. Norlhants., b. 1866; d. 1921 ; m. 1889,

Lady Winefride Mary Elizabeth Feilding, d. of the

8th Earl of Denbigh:—
Robert Geoffrey Gervase John Elwes, Esq., Major
Norlhants. Yeo., served Great War (despatches), J. P.
Northants., Knight of Honour of St. John of Jerusalem,
Knight of Malta, b. 1890; m. 1919, Aileen Mary, only
child of Charles Liddell, Esq., J. P., D.L., of Warwick
Hall, Carlisle. 5«a/^— Roxby and Bigby, Lines. Res—
Billing Hall, Northants. C/wiJj— Carlton, Arthur's.

Rudolph Philip Elwes, Esq., M.C., Capt. late Coldstream
Gds. , b. 1892 ; m. 1919, Helen Hermine, d. of Henry Fitz
Herbert Wright, of Yeldersby, and has issue — Jeremy
Gervase Geoffrey Philip Elwes, Gentleman, b. 1921 ; and
2 daus. Res. — 20 Ennismore Gardens, S.W.




Francis Guy Robert Elwes, Esq., O.B.E., temp. Capt.
Glos. Regt. , fi. 1895; m. 1920, Barbara, d. of Ernest
James Withes, C.B.E., of 40 Berkeley Square, W. ; and
has issue — Robert Valentine (jcrvase Elwes, Oentleman, fi.
1922; Gervase James Geoffrey Elwes, Gentleman,/'. 1927;
and Alice Mary Margaret. A'es. — 5 Cheyne Place, Chelsea,

Aubrey Valentine Denis Elwes, Esq., Lieut. R.N., d.

Richard Everard Augustine Elwes, Gentleman, Barrister-
at-Law, Inner Temple, 1^. 1901 ; m. 1926, Mary Freya, d.
of Col. Sir Mark Sykes, 6th Bart. AV.f. — 25 Vale Avenue,
Chelsea, S.W.3.

Simon Edmund Vincent Paul Elwes, Gentleman, f'. 1902 ;
m. 1926. Gloria Elinor, d. of Rt. Hon. Sir (jaines) Rennell
Rodd, P.C, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. Res.—

Son of Valentine Dudley Henry Gary Elwes, Esq.,

J. P. cos. Lincoln, Northampton, and Leicester, D.L.

CO. LincL^ln (High Sheriff 1873), F.S.A., F.G.H.S.,

i. 1832; d. 1909; m. ist, 1850, Henrietta Catherine

{d. 1864), d. of Charles Lane of Badgemore, Oxon. ;

and, 1865, Alice Geraldine {d. 1907), d. of Hon. and

Rev. Henry Ward of Killinchy, co. Down : —

Rt. Rev. Dudley Charles Cary Elwes, Bishop of Roman

Catholic Diocese of Northampton since 1921, a Knight of

Malta, d. 1868. J^es. — Bishop's House. Northampton.

Sons of Dudley George Cary Elwes, Gentleinan, F.S.A ,

^.1837; d. 1914 ; m. 1863, Mary Georgina (d. 1914),

d. of Frederick Mangles of Pendell Court, Bletch-

ingley : —

Dudley Frederick C. Elwes, f>. 1864 ; m. 1894, Mary

Louisa (d. 1919*, eldest d. of late Lt.-Gen. George T.

Field, R.A., of Upton Park, Slough; and has had issue —

Dudley George Cary Elwes, Gentleman, /•. 1896; killed in

action 1917 ; Edward Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 6. 1901.

A'es. — The Gables, Moulsford, Wallinglord.

Frank de Stutevile Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 6. 1865 ;

m. 1898, Susan, d. of Harper, and widow of Law,

and has issue — Frederick Cary Elwes, Gentleman, i. 1899 ;
Lewis Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 6. 1902 ; and Frances Mary
Cary. J?ts. —

Rev. .Albert Cary Elwes, Vicar of Finstock, Charlbury,
Oxon., 6. 1868 ; m. 1913, Marian Theodora, elder d. of G.
H. Bois of Windsor, and has issue — Dudley Mangles Cary
Elwes, Gentleman, d. 1919 ; and Mary Georgina. J?es. —
Ivy House, Charlbury.
=* Alan Charles Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 6. 1869.

Rev. Herbert Cary Elwes, d. 1877 ; m. Gladys Coulson,
and has issue — Herbert Ross Cary Elwes, Gentleman, i>.
1914; Denys Cary Elwes, Gentleman, d. 1917 ; Arthur
Cary Elwes, Gentleman, d. 1920 ; Gladys Joan ; and Doris
Elizabeth. J?es. —

Walter Cary Elwes, Gentleman, i. 1878. Aes. — Conway
House, Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

Sons of Windsor Charles Cary Elwes, Esq. , Capt. Scots
Guards and 71st (H.L.I.), 6. 1839 ; d. 1916 ; ?/i. 1862,
Augusta Caroline Louisa, d. of Hon. W. T. Law: —
Rev. Alastair G. F. Cary Elwes, O.S.B., z^. 1866.
Rev. Cuthbert R. J. Cary Elwes, d. 1867.
Charles Edward Joseph Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 3. 1869
m. 1897, Edythe, d. of Sir Roper Parkington, Kt., and has
had issue — Wilfrid Gervase Elwes, Gentleman, i. 1898
killed in action 1917; Charles Evelyn George Elwes
Gentleman fi. 1903; Eustace Thomas Elwes Gentleman
6. 1908 ; Oswald A. J. Elwes, Gentleman, i. 1913 ; and
two daus. C/a^— Carlton.

Sons of Richard James Cary Elwes, Esq., J.P-, of

Walland Cary, co. Devon, fi. 1825 ; d. 1914 ; by 2nd

wife, Selina, d. of Capt. Jephson: —

Philip Francis Cary Elwes, Gentleman. B.A. (Camb. ), fi.

; 7/1. 1890, Hester Lucy, d. of Frederic Wake Pinney

of Somerton Erleigh, Somerset, and has surv. issue — Nancy

Hester. /?es. —

Charles Richard Crampton Cary Elwes, Gentleman, fi.
1864 ; m. ist, 1902, Flora Zoe, d. of late John D. Dewhurst
of Oughtrington, Cheshire; jn. 2nd, Cecilia Forsyth, and
has issue — Barbara Kathleen ; and Honor, /^es. —

Lt.-Col. Lincoln Edmund Cary Elwes, D.S.O., late Maj.
Durham Lt. Inf., i. 1865 ; m. 1903, Kathleen, d. of Charles
Hunter, and has surv. issue — Robert Cary Elwes, Gentle-
man, I'. 1904; and James Cary Elwes, Gentleman, 6. 1909.
/?es. — Burnt Hill, Broadstone, Dorset.

Major Walter Valentine Cary Elwes, R.H.A., fi. 1869;
m. 1910, Muriel Edith, d. of Hughes. lies. —

ELY, Marquess of, see LOFTUS.

New College, Oxford. Born July 8, 1863, being the second
and only surviving son of the late Rev. John Emeris, M.A.,
University College, Oxford, late Rector of Upton St.
Leonard's, co. Ciloucester, by his wife Anne l'"lizabeth,
third dau. of James Helps. Armorial beariugs Or.
three bars wavy between two flaunches sable, on a chief
of the last, a bezant between two cinquefoils of the first.
Mantling sable and or. Crest On a wreath of the
colours, in front of a boar's head and neck couped sable,
gorged with a collar gemel, three cinquefoils or. Motto
— "Emeritus." J^eside/ice ^The Vicarage, Burford, Oxon.

EMERSON (H. Coll.). Azure, on a bend ragiily or, a
hurt between two annulets of tiie fiekl, a bordure wavy of
the second. Crest — -A demi-lion guardant erased azure,
holding between the paws a hawk's lure, and gorged with


a plain collar or, debruised of a bendlet sinister wavy of
the last. Motto — " Fideliter et honeste." Livery — Claret
colour, piped with red, and silver buttons.

Only son of John James Emerson, Esq., J. P. N.R.

Yorks. and CO. Cambridge, LL.D. Cambs. , Barrister-

at-Law, fi. 1847; d. 1918 ; m. 1876, Frances Mary

Eleanor, eldest dau. of Col. Melville Francis Evatt,

Bengal Staff Corps : —
James John Emerson, Esq., J. P. N.R. Yorks., Lord of
the Manors of Easby, Kirkby-in-Cleveland, Tollesby. and
Great Broughton, in co. Yorks., and of Great and Little
Abington, in co. Cambs., d. 1878; m. 1904, Florence
Eleanor, only child of F. Davison of Highfield House,
Market Harborough, and has issue — Barbara Florence.
EstaUs—Kashy, Kirkby-in-Cleveland, and Tollesby in
Yorkshire, and Abington, Cambridgeshire ; and possesses
property in the parishes of Ayton, Stokesley, Hutton
Rudby,' Appleton, Ingleby Greenhow, Ingleby Cross,
Carhon, Faceby, Broughton, Hawnby, &c. 5t?a/— Abing-
ton Hall, Cambridgeshire.

Sons of James Emerson, Esq. , J. P. , of Easby Hall, co.

Yorks., />. 1827; d. 1892; w. 1846, Ann Dorothy, only

child of Eleazer Biggins : —




Eleazer Biggins Emerson, Esq., J. P. for North Riding
of CO. Yorks. , B. A. (Camb. ), Lord of the Manors of Swainby,
Whorlton, and Potts, b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Mary, eldest
dau. of J. M. M'Kean ; and has Issue — Ethel Mary Alice
Maud; and Constance Ann Dorothy. Post. add. — Tollesby
Hall. Marton R.S.O., Yorkshire.

Charles Arthur Emerson, Esq., J. P. N.R. Yorks., Lord of
the Manor of Deighton, b. 1857. Post. add. — Deighton
Manor, Northallerton.

(of Clare Coll., Cambridge), M.R.C.S. (Eng. ). Born May
13, 1856, being the elder son of Henry Ezekiel Emerson,
of the La Palma Estate, Santa Clara, Cuba, by his wife
Jane Harris, dau. of William Billing, M.R.C.S., of Lost-
withiel, Cornwall. Armorial beaxing8(H. Coll.)— Per fesse

Georgina Veale, d. of Edwin Dellar, of Paignton,

S. Devon : —
Roger Henry Emmett, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb.),
M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), h. 1894 ; m. 1921.
Mabel Alice, d. of Marlin Potter, of Bletchington,
Oxford ; and has issue — Elizabeth Mary ; Kathleen
Phebe. Res. — Winton, London Road, Portsmouth.
Club — Royal Society of Medicine.


EMMOTT. Per pale azure and sable, on a fesse argent,
cottised or, between three plates, each charged with a
bull's head caboshed of the first, as many annulets of
the second. Mantling azure and argent. Crest —

Upon a wreath of the colours, in front of a demi-bull sable,
armed or, sem^e of annulets and gorged with a collar gemel
argent, and holding between the legs a plate, three escal-
lops reversed or. Motto — " Tenes le vraie." Livety —
Blue, with white facings.

Only son of Charles Emmott, Esq., J. P. co. Durham,
b. 1861 ; d. 1910; m. 1891, Lady Constance Harriet
(d. 1922), youngest daughter of the Most Noble Sir
George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll, K.G.,
K.T., P.C, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. :—
Charles Ernest George Campbell Emmott, Gentleman,
b. 1898. Post, add.—

nebuly or and vert, on a bend invected azure, gutt^e-d'eau,
a battleaxe between two lions passant argent. Mantling
vert and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front
of a demi-lion vert, charged on the shoulder with two
barrulets dancett^e or, and holding in the paws a battle-
axe erect, a club fessewise entwined by a serpent also
proper. Motto — " Audacter et hilare." Badge — A Cuban
royal palm. Married, 188 1, Edith Amy, dau. of the late
Joseph Ainsworth of The Thorns, Bolton, Lanes. ; and has
Issue — (i) Leonard Ainsworth Emerson, Gentleman, b.
1882; (2) Ralf Billing Emerson, Gentleman, b. 1897;
Sybil ; Gladys ; and Zbe Orchis. Res. — 5 Lascelles
Mansions, Eastbourne.

EMLY, Baron, see MONSELL.

EMMETT (H. Coll., 28 Sept. 1920). Azure, a fesse
engrailed or, in chief two bulls' heads caboshed of the
second and in base a caduceus fessewise proper. Mant-
ling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
upon a morion proper, an unicorn's head erased or.
Motto — " Volo semper juvare." Livery — Blue.

Only surv. son of Richard Emmett, Esq., J. P.,
M.D. (Durham), b. 1857; d. 1924; m. 1885,

PERCY JAMES ENGLISH, Gentleman. Born 1866,
being the only son of James English of Colehill House, Ful-
ham, by his wife Caroline B. , d. of S. Gibbs. Armorial
bearings — Per fesse or and gules, a pale counterchanged, a
fesse ermine, thereon an arrow fessewise sable, between
three acorns slipped and leaved two and one proper,
and as many cinquefoils one and two argent. Upon
the escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with
a Mantling gules and or ; and for his Crest, upon a wreath
of the colours, in tront of a cinquefoil vert, an arrow
palewise or, between two branches of oak slipped, leaved,
and fructed proper. Livery — Claret and yellow. Postal
address —

ROBERT ENGLISH, Gentleman. Born December
27, 1849, being the fourth son of Daniel English of Win-
canton, in the county of Somerset, by Mary Ann his wife,
nie Green, of that parish. Armorial bearings — He bears
for Arms : Argent, on a chevron gules, between two lions
passant in chief sable, and a rose-branch slipped proper,
thereon three roses of the second in base, five lozenges
of the first ; and for his Crest, on a wreath of the colours,
in front of a rose-branch as in the arms, five lozenges
fessewise and conjoined or; with the Motto, "Virtus




semper viridis." Livery — Green, with brass buttons.
Married. November 30, 1880, Mary Ann, daughter
of William Henry Mayne of Greytown, Natal, South
Africa; and has had Issue — {\) Cecil Rowe English,
Gentleman, born September 24, 1881 ; (2) Robert

Ernest English, Gentleman, born November 6, 1883 ;
Dorothy Mary ; Margaret Alice ; Grace ; Bessie. Club
— City Carlton.


ENNOR of Liskeard (H. Coll.). Gules, on a fesse
embattled counter-embattled argent between three rooks
proper, as many pomers. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter cubit arm
proper, the hand holding a garb in bend sinister and
charged on the fore-arm with a passion-cross both
or. Motto — " Quod severis metas."

Eldest son of Francis Ennor, Gentleman, of
Wadebridge, Cornwall, h. ; d. ; m. : —

Charles John Ennor, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Hollywood, Liskeard, Cornwall.

J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1888. Born Oct. 2, 1856,
being the only son of the late John Smith Entwisle, Esq.,
J. P. and D. L. , High Sheriff 1849, by his wife Caroline,
second dau. of Robert J. Norreys of Davy Hulme Hall, co.
Lancaster. Armorial bearings — Argent, on a bend en-
grailed sable, three mullets of the first. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest -on a wreath of the colours, a hand
fessewise couped above the wrist proper, holding a fleur-
de-lys erect or. Motto— "Per ce signe a Agincourt."
Married, ist, June 23, 1881, Mary Sophia {d. 1916), dau.
ofGustavusTuite Dalton, Esq., J. P., of Kilnahard, Fermor,
CO. Cavan, and Eureka, Kells, co. Meath, and niece of the

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