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Mantling azure and or. Crests — i. on a wreath of the
colours, a stag or, charged on the body with a buckle as in
the arms, and resting the dexter foreleg on a stag's head
caboshed proper (Steward) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours,
upon a rock proper, and within an annulet in front thereof
sable, a falcon close argent. Livery — Black, canary cuffs
and collar.

Son of Rev. Thomas William Falcon, Clk. in Holy
Orders, b. 1832 ; d. 1883 ; m. 1874, Edith, d. of Rev.
Henry Cur wen : —
William Watts Curwen Falcon-Steward (formerly Falcon),
Gentleman, b. 1881 ; m. 1903, Muriel Margaret Mary
Hattie Montgomery, d. of Lt.-Col. Harold Gore-Browne,
King's Roy. Rifles; and has issue — Hugh William Falcon-
Steward, Gentleman, b. 1907; and Mary Violet. Seats —
Newton Manor, Gosforth, Cumberland ; Clifton House,
Workington, Cumberland. Club — Bath.

FALCONER. (L.O., 1896)— Parted per fesse argent
and azure, in chief afalcon's head issuing out ofa heart proper
between two mullets of the second, and in base two clay-
mores in saltire, points downward proper, entwined at the

point of intersection by a serpent embowed, biting his tail,
head to the sinister or. Mantling azure, doubled argent ;
and upon a wreath of his liveries is set for Crest, a falcon
rising proper; and in an escroU above this Motto, " Ad

Son of John Falconer, Gentleman, Member of Royal
College of Surgeons, England, b. 1827 ; d. \ m.

2 S




Margaret (deceased), dau. of the late Duncan
MacLenfiari, Inverness-shire: —
i John James MacLehnan Falconer, Gentleman, i.
Residence — '

.FALKINER (U.O.). Or, three falc: ns close proper,
,belled gules, a mullet for difference. Mantling gules and
or. Crest — On a wreath, a falcon's lure proper, between
" two wings azure. Motto — " Fortuna favenle."

Sons of Sir Leslie Edmund Percy Riggs Falkiner,

"'' 7th Bart., b. 1866; d. 1917 ; 7n. ist, 1894, Elaine

Maynard (d.s.p. 1900), d. of William Mortimer Maynard

Farmer; 2nd, Kathleen Mary, d. of Hon. Henry R.

Orde-Powlett : —

Sir Terence Edmond Patrick Falkiner, 8th Bart. (24 Aug.

1777), of Annemount, c >. Cork, Lieut. Coldstream Gds. ,

b. 1903; m. 1925, Mildred Katherine, d. of Sir John

Cotterell, 4th Bart. Seat — Annemt unt, co. Cork. Res. —

— 14 Hyde Park Square, W. Clubs — Junior Carlton,


Lucien Leslie Falkiner, Esq., b. 1907.
Gervase Leslie Falkiner, Gentleman, p. 1909.

FALKINER. Or, three falcons close proper, in the
centre ehief point a mullet gules, charged with a mullet
argent (for difference). Mantling gules and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a falcon's lure proper, charged
with a nmllet gules, thereon a mullet argent (for difference)
between two wings azure. Motto — " Fortuna favente. "

Surv. son of Sir Frederick Richard Falkiner, Knt.

Bach. (1896), K.C., Recorder of Dublin, J. P., M.A..

b. 1831 ; d. 1908; m. ist, 1861, Adelaide (d. 1877), d.

of Thomas Sadleir of Ballinderry Park, co. Tipperarv ;

2nd, 1878, Robina((/. 1895), d. of the late N. B.

M'Intyre of Clover Hill, co. Dublin : —
Rev. Travers Hartley Falkiner, late Capt. Connaught
Rangers, b. 1871 ; ;«. 1910, Annie, d. of late Eustace
Rowhatan Sabine of Adelaide, S. Australia, and widow of
Sydney Oliver of Sydney, N.S.W. Post. add. — c/o Bank
of Adelaide, Adelaide, S. Australia.

■^FALKLAND, Viscount, see CARY.

FALKNER of North Newnton, Wilts. (H. Coll., 1905).
Barry uebuly of six argent and vert, in the dexter chief a

falcon close belled or. Mantling vert and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the, colours, a falcon close belled or,
resting the dexter claw on a shakefork sable. Motto —
" Respice finem."

Son of Rev. Thomas Alexander Falkner, M.A. (Oxon. ),

of Newnton, Wilts., b. 1820; d. 1887; 7/1. 1852, Grace

Elizabeth, d. of John Meade: —

John Meade Falkner, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.), Hon.

,, Fellow Hertford College, Commendatore SS. Maurizio e

Lazaro, has Grand Cordon of Osmanieh, Grand Cordon of
Medjidieh, Medal of Liakat, Rising Sun of Japan (3rd
class), an: I Sacred Treasure of Japan (2nd class), b. 1858;
m. 1899, Evelyn Violet, d. of Sir John Miller Adye, G.C.B. ^
R.A. iij-Za^^— North Newnton, Wilts. Res. — The Divinity
House, Durham. Clubs — Athenaeum, Oriental, Northern
Counties (Newcastle-on-Tyne),

FALLE of Plaisance (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and /[,
argent, on a chevron between three martlets sable, as
many fleurs-dc-lys of the field (for Falle) ; 2 and 3, argent,
a gryphon segreant sable within a bordure of the last
charged alternately with four plates and as many
escallops or (for Godfray). Mantling sable and argent.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a talbot guardant
argent. Motto — " Remembrez."

Son of Joshua George Falle, of Hambie, and

Plaisance, Jersey, b. 1820 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1855,

Mary Elizabeth [d. 1917), d. and co-h. of Francis

Godfray, of Bagatelle, Jersey : —

Sir Bertram Godfray Falle, ist Bart. (1916), of

Plaisance, M.P. Portsmouth 1910-18, Barrister-at-Law,

Inner Temple, 6.1860 ; m. 1906, Mary Hubbard, d. of

Russell Sturgis, and widow of Lieut. -Col. Leopold

Seymour, of Brockham, Surrey. Res. — 13 Eaton Place^

S.W.I. Clubs — Coaching, New University.


FALLON of Netterville Lodge (U.O.). Argent, two-
greyhounds rampant azure, supporting a sword between
them proper pommelled and hilted gules, quartering Netter-
ville, Fox, and Dillon. Mantling azure and argent. Crest
— Upon a wreath of the colours, a hawk rising, jessed and
belled or. MottO- " Fortiter et fideliter."

Son of John Fallon, Esq., of Netterville Ledge, co.
Galway, J. P., B.A. Trin. Coll., Dublin, Barrister-at-
Law, b. 1835 ; d. 1891 ; m. 1865, Cecilia, only d. of
Thomas Lynch, J. P., of Lavally, co. Galway: —
Bernard Netterville Fallon, Esq., I. P. co. Galway,,
M.I.C.E., b. 1867. Seat—

FANCOURT of Danecroft, Stowmarket. Sable, a
cross moline argent within a bordure or, surmounted of
a chief azure, thereon three leopards' faces of the third..
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — Issuant out of an

antique crown or, a demi-dragon-fproper, holding between
the claws a staff raguly couped erect argent. Motto —
" In cruce vinco."

Son of St. John Fancourt Michell Fancouri (formerly-
Michell), Esq., C.B. (Mil.) 1904, Brig.-General Indian
Army, J. P. Suffolk, F.R.G.S., b. 1847 ; a'. 1917; by/




his and wife, m. 1897. Ethel Maliiis, d. of late Sir
Henry W^iggin, Bart., of Metchley Grange, Staffs. : —
Henry Lockhait St. John Fancourt, Esq., Lieut. R.N.,
b. 1900; m. 1921, Lilian Marion, d. of Arthur Osborn
Parkin, and has issue — Michael St. John Fancourt, Cientle-
nian, b. 1925 ; Rodney St. Joiin Fancourt, Gentleman, b.
igzb. J'osi. add. — The Long.icre, Leckhanipton, Chelten-


FANE-DE SALIS (R.L., 11 Dec. 1835, H. Coll.).
Quarterly, L quarterly, i and 4. quarterly, i. and iiii., or,
an eagle displayed sable, crowned of the field (.Augmen-
tation by Imperial Diploma 1748 1 ; ii. and iii., azure, three
bends suiister wavy argent, a lion rampant and crowned
or, brandishing in his riglit paw a sword proper, hilt gold
(for the fief of Oberaich), over all (in pretence) an
inescutcheon per fesse, the chief or, a sali.\ or willow-tree
eradicated proper, the base paly of si.v argent and gules
(Salis) ; 2 and 3. azure, three de-xter gauntlets, backs
aftrontfe cr (Fane); H. the same entire arms of Salis by
male descent (of ancient origin, in use 1396, being aug-
mented 12 March 1582, as then existing arms by Imperial
Diploma of Emperor Rodolph II., R. L. to bear arms and
title of Count de Salis in England 4 April 1809, H.
Coll.); III. the same arms of Fane (temp. Henry VI.,
Vn. Kent 1592); IV. gules, on a saltire argent, a rose
of the field (Nevill) ; V. gules, a fesse between six cross
crosslets or (Beauchamp) ; VI. quarterly argent and gules,
in the second and third quarters a fret or, over all a bend
sable (Le Despenserl. Mantling sable and or. Crests —

1. out of a coronet alternately of strawberry leaves and
pearls, a demi-woman invested proper, the hair flowing
down the back, crowned or, winged in lieu of arms argent ;

2. out of a similar coronet or, an eagle displayed sable,
crowned of the first as in the arms ; 3. out of a similar
coronet or, a demi-lion rampant double-queued and
c.'owned of the same, brandishing a sword as in the arms,
the lion cottised by two tilting-spears or, from each a
banner paly of six argent and gules, fringed of the first
(all the foregoing being crests of Salis) ; 4. out of a
ducal coronet or, a bull's head argent, pied sable, armed
of the first, charged on the neck w ith a rose gules, barbed
and seeded proper (Fane). Supporters — Dexter, a leopard
guardant ; sinister, a griffin regardant, both proper.
Mottoes — " Flectiturnonfrangitur ";" Pro Deo, et patria" ;
and " Pro fructibus arma." Livery — Green coat, yellow

Sons of John Francis William, Count de Salis, b.

1825 ; d. 1871 ; m. 1862, Amelia Frances Harriet, d.

of Christopher Tower of Huntsmore Park : — •
Sir John Francis Charles de Salis, K.C.M.G., C.V.O.,
Count Palatine of the Palace of the Lateran (1556), Count
of the Holy Roman Empire (Imperial Diploma 1748),
Hereditary Knight of the Golden Spur (1507), Envoy
Extra, and Min. Plen. at Cettinje 1911-16, and at the
Vatican 1916-22, f> rmerly Councillor of H.M. Embassy at
Berlin, J. P. and D.L. co. Limerick, Armagh, Knt.
of Honour of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights
of Malta), b. 1864; m. 1890, H^lene Marie de Riquet (d.
1902), d. of Prince Eugene de Caraman Chimay ; and has
issue — ^(i) Count John Eugene, Capt. Irish Gds. Res., third
Sec. H..VI. Diplomatic Service, Knight of the Order of St.
John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), b. 1891 [Clubs —
Bachelors', Pratt's); (2) Count Antoine Rodolphe, Capt.
Scots Gds. Res., b. 1897 [w. 1925, Francoise, d. of Gen.
Vicomte de la Panouse, and has issue — Helen Clare]; (3)
Count Pierre ?>an9ois, Lieut. Coldstream Gds., b. 1902.
Seat — Palazzo Bondo, Promontogno, Grisons, Switzerland.
Clubs — Travellers', White's, Marlborough.

Henry Rodolph de Salis, Count of the Holy Roman
Empire, A. M I.C.E., J.P., C.C. Bucks., b. 1866; m. 1893,
Alice May, d. of late Capt. Robert Lambert of Weston,
Thames Ditton, late 43rd Lt. Inf. Res. — Acton Lodge.

S.ns of Hon. Leopold Fabius Fane de Salis, M.L.C.,

of Tharwa, N.S.W., 1^. i8i6 ; d. 1898; w. 1844,

Charl ite d. of Capt. George Macdonald, 68th Regt. ,

of Monar : —
Leopold William Jerome Fane-de Salis, formerly M.L.A.,
N.S.W. , b. 1845 I f" - 1895, Jeannette Caroline, third d. of
William Archibald Armstrong, M.D., of Gillskirck, Tco-
woomba, Queensland ; and has issue— Jerome Fane-de
Salis, b. 1896; and Jeannette Mina Alexandra. Kes. —
George Arthur Charles Fane-de Salis. M.L..A. N.S.W. ,

i^. 1852 ; m. 1878, Mary St. Lawrence Irwing, d. of Rev.
Pierce Smith; and has s irv. issue— (i) l<odol|,h Leopold
Pierce P'ane->le Salis, b. 1886 ; (2) George William Irwing
Fane-de Salis, b. 1889 ; (3) Charles Eric Fabius Fanede
Salis, b. 1891; Mary; Nina Emily Violet; and Emily
Henrietta Georgina. A'«. — N.S.W.

Henry Gubert Macdonald Fane-de Salis, b. 1858 ; m.
1884. Charlotte Maude, d. of Robert Stair G aham
Macdonald of Balnagovvan, Rockhampton, Queensland;
and has issue— (i) Leopold Henry Graham F\nede Salis,
b. 1885 ; (2) Gubert William Leslie Fane-de Salis, b. 1887 ;
(3) Arthur Rodolph Neville Fane-de Salis, b. 1890. Res.—

Sins of Rev. Henry Jerome Augustine Fane-de Salis,

b. 1828 ; d. 1915 ; m. 1853, Grace Elizabeth, d. of Rt.

Hon. J. W. Henley, D.C.L,. M.P., of Waterpery,

Oxon. : —

Rodol[)h Fane De Salis, S.R.I. (Conies), B.A. (Camb.), b.

1854 ; ni. ist, 1878, Edith Louisa Catherine [d. 1920), d. of

Edward Rousby of Cottesford House, Oxon. ; 2nd, 1921,

Edith Dorothea, d. of the late Rev. Canon T. Poole Morgan,


of Kilnagleary, co. Cork, and has issue — Edith Margaret.
Res. — Finmere House, Buckingham. Clubs — Garrick ;
United University.

Cecil Fane De Salis, Barrister-at-Law, J. P. for Middlesex,
b. 1857; m. 1889, Rachel E. F., d. of the late Edmund
Waller, Esq., J. P. and D.L. , of Farming!' ^n Lodge, North-
leach, Glos. ; and has surv. issue — (i) Edmund William
Fane De Salis, M.C,, K.R.R.C, b. 1894; (2) Jerome
Joseph Fane De Salis, b. 1896; (3) John Peter Fane De
Salis, b. 1897; (4) Rev. Andrew Augustine Fane De Salis,
b. 1901 \m. 1927, Violet HigginsJ ; (5) Stephen Hercules
Fane De Salis, b. 1903 ; (6) Cecil Ulysses Hercules Fane
De Salis, b. 1908; (7) Arthur Register Fane De Salis, b.
1911 ; Barbara Grace Victoria ; Grace Dorothea; Judith
Anna; and Rachel Penelope. /?«.^Dawley Court,
Uxbridge. Club — Union.

Adin. Sir William Fane De Salis, K.B.E., M.V.O.,
b. 1858 ; m. ist, 1889, Eliza [d. 1919), d. of Captain
William Jesser Coope, late Roy. Fus. , of Rouw Koup
House, Rondebosch, Cape Colony ; 2nd, 1924, Mabel, d.
of Henry F. Rawstone of Roche Court. Fareham ; and has
issue — (i) Rodolph Henry Fane De Salis, D.S.C., Comdr.
R. N. , b. 1890 \m. 1920, M.ideline Mary, d. of Adni. Sir
Herbert Heath, K.C.B. , M.V.O.] ; Anthony Fane De
Salis, Lieut.-Comdr. R.N., h. 1896 [w. 1925, Honor [d.
1926). d. of A. H. Bindloss, of The Old House. Harrow-on-
the Hillj; and Ursula Eva [in. 1921, Comdr. Frederick




Newton Attwood]. Res. — The Battine House, East Marden,
Chichester. Club — United Service.

Rt. Rev. Charles Fane De SaHs, D.D., M.A. Exeter Coll.,
Oxford, Bishop of Taunton since 1911, formerly Rector of
Weston-super-Mare, b. i860 ; 7n. 1896, Lady Mary Alice
Parker, d. of 6th Earl of Macclesfield ; and has issue —
Sydney Charles Fane De Salis, Gentleman, b. 1898 ; Dorothy
Mary; and Ruth. Post. add. — Bishop's Mead, Taunton.
Club — County (Taunton).

FANSHAWE (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, or, a
chevron between three fieurs-de-lys sable ; 2 and 3, chequy
argent and azure, a cross gules. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dragon's head erased
or, flames issuing from the mouth proper. Mottoes — " Dux
vitae ratio " ; "In cruce victoria."

Son of Sir Edward Gennys Fanshawe, G.C.B., b.
1814 ; d. 1906 ; m. 1843, Jane (d. 1900), d. of John
Cardwell and sister of Viscount Cardwell : —
Adm. of the Fleet Sir Arthur Dairy mple Fanshawe,
G.C.B. (1911), G.C.V.O. (1909), J.P. Hereford, A.D.C. to
Queen Victoria 1894-7, 2nd in command Squadron 1899-
1900, Comm.-in-Chief of the Australia Station 1902-5, Pres.
R.N. College, Greenwich, 1906-8, Comm.-in-Chief at
Portsmouth 1908-10, Adm. of the Fleet since 1910, J.P.
Hereford, has the Order of St. Alexandre Nevsky
(Russia), and Sacred Treasure of Japan (First Class),
b. 1847 ; m. 1874, Sarah Frances (d. 1926), d. of late
William Fox, J.P. , of Adbury, Hants. ; and has issue — (i)
Richard Dairy mple Fanshawe, Esq., Capt. late Scots Gds.,
b. 1879 [m. 1906, Kathleen Constance, d. of W. J. S.
Barber-Starkey of Knockshannonoch, Glenisla, Alyth, N.B.,
and has issue — Richard Michael Fanshawe, Esq., b. 1907] ;
(2) Guy Dalrymple Fanshawe, Esq., Lt.-Comm. R.N.,
M.P. West Stirlingshire, /'. 1882 [m. 1910, Louisa Charlotte,
d. of Col the Hon. Sir Harry Crichton, A.D.C, and has
issue — Peter Evelyn Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1911 ; and
Robert John Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1912] ; Winifred
Edith [ill. 1902, Rev. Hugh Rycroft, Rector of Penshurs
Kent, and has issue] ; and Renea Leighton [m. 1909
Charles Morton Pigott]. Seat — Little Park, Brimpton,
Berks. Club — United Service.

FANSHAWE (H. Coll.). Quarterly i and 4, or, a
chevron between three fleurs-de-lys sable (Fanshawe,
1490); 2 and 3 (being an augmentation granted Feb. 8,
1649, t*^ Richard Fanshawe, Remembrancer of the Ex-
chequer, and others), chequy argent and azure, a cross
gules. Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of
the colours, a dragon'.*: head erased or, flames issuing from
the mouth proper. Mottoes — " In cruce victoria," and
" Dux vitae ratio."

Sons of Henry Ernest Fanshawe, Gentleman, of

Dengie, co. Essex, M.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi

Coll., Camb., Tutor of the Coll. 1892 ; b. 1844; d.

1913 ; m. 1873, Bertha, yr. d. of Rev. Charles Smith,

B. D., Fellow of Peterhouse Coll., Camb., Rector of

Newton, Suffolk : —

Major Charles Henry Fanshawe, b. 1874 ; m. 1902,

Lettice Marguerite Butler, d. of the Rev. Edmund Green,

Vicar of Gt. Shelford, and has issue — Richard Henry

Simon Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Jean ; and Daphne.

Res. — Dengie Manor, Essex.

Rev, Richard Evelyn Fanshawe, Rector of Dengie, i^. 1877;
m. 1916, Isabel Forrester, d. of Thomas Prosser Hale, Esq.,
J.P. , of Somerton Hall, and has issue — Thomas Evelyn
Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Pamela Eileen ; and
Elizabeth. Res. — Dengie Rectory, Essex.

Rev. Percival Moilliet Fanshawe, Rector of Langham,

and Vicar of Badwell Ash, b. 1879; m. 1914, Ethel, d. of

Thomas Carthew, of Westholme, Woodbridge, and has

issue — Anne. Res. — The Vicarage, Badwell Ash, Suffolk.

Sons of Rev. John FaithfuU Fanshawe. B.A. , Lieut.

R.N. , afterwards Rector of Withington, Salop, b. 1810;

d. 1892; m. 1842, Elizabeth, d. of James Upton of

Dulwich Common : —

Sir Arthur Upton Fanshawe, K.C.I.E,, C.S.I. , C.V.O.,

Bengal Civil Service, Director-General of the Post-Office

in India 1899-1906, b. 1848; m. ist, 1873, Louisa Maria

(d. 1892), d. of Capt. Chase; 2nd, 1901, Eva, d. of T. B.

Myers of Porter's Park, Herts. ; and has surv. issue — (i)

Lionel Arthur Fanshawe, Esq., D.S.O,, O.B.E,, Maj. R. A. ,

b. 1874 {m. 1906, Eva, eld. d. of late Lt.-Col. Sholto

Edmonstone Pemberton, R.A., and has issue — Richard

Arthur Rupert Fanshawe, Gentleman, b.igio; and Patty

[m. 1927, Capt. Philip Hugh Whitby Hicks, R. Warwick-

shire Regt.] ; (2) Geoffrey Dennys Fanshawe, Esq.,
Indian Posts and Telegraphs, b. 1879 \_m. 1913, Nell,
yngr. d. of W. C. Barrie, and has issue — Dennys Basil
Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1915]; (3) Jocelyn Herbert
Fanshawe, Esq., Engineer G.I. P. Ry., India, b. 1880
\jn. 1908, Marguerite, d. of Capt. E. K. E. Spence,
and has issue— Timothy Claude Upton Fanshawe, Gentle-
man, b. 1915 ; Pamela Upton; and Lettice Upton];
Katherine Elinor \_m. 1898, Col. Garton Bouverie Unwin,
D.S.O. , Indian Army ((/. 1928)]; and Ethel Margaret [w.
1903, Henry J. Mcintosh, Bengal C.S.]. Res. — 14 Draycott
Place, S.W.

Reginald Fanshawe, Gentleman, Fellow of New Coll.,
Oxford, Prof, of Bristol Coll., b. 1855 ; m. ist, 1880, Fanny
Lithgow Payson (d. 1891), d. of Rev. J. G. Faiihfull, Vicar
of Cheshunt ; and has surv. issue — (i) Maurice Fanshawe,
Gentleman, b. 1893 [w. 1915, Frances Mary, d. of Rev. W.
J. Keatley Stride, Vicar of Wootton, Berks., and has issue
— Charles Anthony Francis Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1926 ;
and Patricia Mary Adair]; (2) Wilfrid Fanshawe, Gentle-
man, b. 1884; and Irene [;7z. 1917, Ci^sar d'Hooge]. He
m. 2nd, 1896, Clara, d. of the late Rev. V. G. Faithful!.

Sons of John Gaspard Fanshawe, Gentleman, of
Parsloes, Essex, late Clerk in the Board of Trade,
b. 1824; d. 1903; m. 1853, Barbara Frederica Beau-
jolois {d. 1903), third d. of Hon. William James
Coventry of Earl's Croome Court, co. Worcester : —
Evelyn John Fanshawe, Esq. , late Capt. 4th Batt.
Essex Regt., b. 1854; m. 1887, Emily, d. of John Moore
and has issue — Edgar Sydney Waldo Fanshawe, Gentle-
man, b. 1891 [/«. 1914, Eva Aldridge, d. of Charles Cooper,
and has issue — Peter Evelyn Charles Edgar Fanshawe,
Gentleman, b. 1921.] Res. —

Basil Thomas Fanshawe, Esq., Capt. N. Devon Yeo.
Cav. \^Livery — Myrtle green, red facings], b. 1857 ;
m. 1890, Mary Georgina, only d. of the late Sir William
Henry Gierke, Bart., of Hitcham, Bucks. ; and has issue —
(i) Aubrey Basil Fanshawe, Lt.-Comdr. R.N., b. 1893; (2)
Evelyn Gascoyne Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1903; Muriel
Mary [in. 1921, Francis George Jackson, Brit. Burmah
Teak Co.] ; Aline Barbara ; Rachel Georgina ; and Vere
\m. 1927, George Kent Deaker, of Gonakella, Passara,
Ceylon]. Seats — Holywell Girt, Bratton Fleming, Barn-
staple, Devon; Fanshawe Gate, co. Derby; The Park,
Lunugala, Ceylon. Clubs — Auxiliary Forces, Barnstaple
and North Devon (Barnstaple), Colombo (Ceylon).

Son of Lyonell Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1866; d.

1904 ; m. 1894, Bessie Emily (d. 1899), second d. of

William Gibson Miller: —

Loftus Gaspard Lyonell William Fanshawe, Gentleman,

b. 1896; m. 1925, Dorothy Henrietta, only d. of Arthur

James Philbrick, C.B.E. , LL. B. , late Commissioner Gold

Coast, and has issue — Phillippa Dyonis Sybil. Res. —

Sons of Thomas Basil Fanshawe, Esq., Col., late
33rd Regt., engaged in Crimean and Abyssinian
Wars, b. 1829; d. 1905; m. 1864, Emily Catherine
(d. 1926), yr. d. of Gerard Lipyeatt Gosselin of Mount
Ospringe, Kent : —
Herbert Cecil Fanshawe, Esq. , Capt. Submarine Min.
Mil. Eng. , /'. 1867. Res. —

Reginald Winn ington Fanshawe, Esq., C.M.G. , Col. West
Riding Regt. , i^. 1871 ; m. 1898, Susan Isabel, ygst. d. of
R. F. MacTier, late Bombay Civil Service ; and has issue
— Basil Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; Nancy Peronelle
[m. 1927, George de la Poer Beresford Fitzgerald] ; and
Jean. Res. —

Frank Raymond Fanshawe, Gentleman, b. 1874; nt.
1901, Henrietta Maude, d. of Adolphus John Carey of
Guernsey ; and has issue — Joan \_m. 1927, Francis Mack-
worth Drake] ; Faith ; and Peronelle. Res. —

FARDELL (H. Coll.). Azure, en a bend ermine,
between a unicorn's head erased in chief and a lion ram-
pant erminois in base, an open book proper between two
roses gules, barbed and seeded vert. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, on a mount
vert, a demi-lion erminois, charged on the shoulder with
a rose, and holding between the paws an open book as
in the arms. Motto — " Non nobis solum." Livery — Dark

Sons of John Wilson Fardell, Gentleman, b. 1838; d.
1896; m. 1861, Frances, d. of J. H. Hearn : —

John Fardell, Gentleman, b. 1865 ; m. 1890, Margaret
Mary, d. of John Smith of Bembridge ; and has had issue
— (i) John Gerald Fardell, Gentleman, b. 1892 \_m. 1923,




Dorothy Mary G.iscoigne Nutt, and has issue — Ann
Gascoigne ; and Gillian Mary] ; (2) Frederick Herbert
Fardell, Esq., M.C., Capt. k.A., b. 1893; (3) (iervase
Fardell, Esq., M.C., Capt. K.R.R.C, b. 1895; killed in
action 1918 ; (4) Wilson Fardell, Gentleman, b. 1904; and
Joan Alice. Seat —Wonon Manor, Blading, Isle of Wight.
Club — Royal Victoria Yacht.

(jeorge Fardell. Gentleman, b. iZy2 ; tn. 1900, Frances

Evelyn, d. of Rev. Emery Bates of Wilmslow, Cheshire,

and has issue — George Emery Fardell, Esq., Lieut. R.N.,

b. 1905; Elvira Frances; Evelyn Gwendoline [w. 1925,

Cecil Lewis Howe, Lt.-Comdr. R.N.[ ; Phyllis Pauline.

Post, add.— Rydc. Isle of Wight. Ctub -R. Victoria Yacht.

Sons of Sir (Thomas) George Fardell, M.P. for Pad-

dington (South Division 1901-1910), Barrister Lincoln's

Inn, J. P. Isleof Ely, A. 1833:1/. 1917 ; w. 1862, Letitia

Anne (</. 1905), d. of the late Henry Swann Oldfield,

B.C.S. : —

Rev. Ernest Scott Fardell, Clerk in Holy Orders, Rector

of Wreningham, co. Norfolk, Hon. Canon of Norwich,

Proctor in Convocation, 1^. 1864 ; m. 1890, Isobel Elsie

Macfie, and has issue —Denys Oldfield Fardell, Capt. R.A.,

b. 1891 ; Kenneth Matheson Fardell, Lt.-Comdr. R.N.,i.

1892. A*<rj-. — Wreningham Rectory, Norfolk.

Hubert Askew Fardell, Esq., formerly in Dorsetshire
Regt., and subsequently Capt. 4th Batt. East Surrey Regt.,
b. 1868 ; m. 1892, Henrietta Alice, sec nd dau. of the late
Henry Woods of Warnford Park, and has had issue —
Hubert George Fardell, Lieut. E. Surrey Regt., b. 1895;
killed in action 1915. /^es. — 16 Brechin Place, S.W.7.

FARISH (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, argent, a
chevron azure, guttee-d'eau, between two horse-shoes in
chief and a bugle-horn stringed in base, all of the second
(Farish) ; 2 and 3, quarterly, per fesse indented, i. and iiii. ,

gules, a chevron or; ii. and iii., azure, a fret of the second
(Garthwaite). Mantling azure and argent. Crest— On a
wreath of the colours, u])on two horse-shoes or, a bugle-
horn stringed azure. Motto — "Forward." Livery — Light
drab, facings blue.

Sons of El ward Farish of Elm Park Gardens, co.

Middlese.v, i^. 1831 ; d. 1896; m. 1854, Georgiana, only

d. and heiress of Walter Hancock Garthwaite of

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