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dau. of the Rev. Thomas Carson. Armorial bearings —
Or, three kingfishers proper, on a chief azure, an ancient
Irish harp of the field. Mantling' azure and or. Crest -
Upon a wreath of the colours, a kingfisher, holding in the
beak a fish all proper. Motto -" Veritas vincit." Married,
Nov. I, 1877, Susanna Louisa, youngest dau. of Samuel
Browning Power, Esq., of Afane, J. P. co. Waterford, and
has Issue. Postal address —

FISHER (U.O. ). Or. a chevron gules between three
kingfishers proper. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a kingfisher proper, charged

on the breist with a fleur-de-lys or. Motto — " Respice
finem." Livery — Claret, yellow piping and brass buttons.
Sons of Rev. Thomas Fisher, Rector of Termoneeny,
Londonderry, b. 1848 ; d. ; m. 1871, Elizabeth

Jane, d. of John Oliver-Thompson of Irvin, Scotland,
and Killyleagh, co. Down, Ireland : —
Rev. Thomas John Williams-Fisher, M.A., LL.D.(Dub.),
Vicar of St. Cuthbert's, Birmingham, b. 1874 ; m. 1903,
Mabel Annie Janet, only child of Major Reginald Stewart
Williams (93rd Sutherland Highlanders), late of Antigua,
and of Western Grove, Surrey, and has issue — Thomas
Reginald Williams-?lsher, Gentleman, b. 1906 ; and
Kathleen Mabel. Hes. — St. Cuthbert's Vicarage, Birming-

Rev. William Henry Nathaniel Fisher, M.A. (Dub.), ^.
1878. Res. — St. Clement's Vicarage, Belfast.

Rev. Charles Proctor Fisher, B.A., b. . Res. —

Fonthill Giffcrd Rectory, Tisbury, Wilts.

FISHER- ROWE (R.L., 1881, H. Coll.). Quarterly, i
and 4, party per pale sable and gules, three crosses pat^e
in fesse or, between as many lambs passant prop>er, each
supporting with the dexter foreleg a pennon argent, charged
with the Cross of St. George (Rowe) ; 2 and 3, ermine, on
a fesse wavy vert, between three kingfishers, as many foun-
tains proper (Fisher). Mantling sable and or. Crests — •
I. upon a wreath of the colours, a lamb resting the dexter
foreleg on a bee-hive proper, and charged on tlie body with
a cross pat^e or (Rowe) ; 2. upon a wreath of the colours,
on a fountain between six bulrushes, a kingfisher all
proper (Fisher). Motto—" Favente Deo."

Sons of Edward Rowe Fisher-Rowe, Esq., J. P., D.L.
CO. Surrey, J. P. for London, late Capt. 4th Dragoon
Guards, b. 1832; d. 1908; m. ist, 1865, Edith Maria,
d. of Mayow Wynell Adams, Esq., J. P. co. Kent;
2nd, 1874, Lady Victoria Isabella, ygst. d. of Sir Henry
Thomas Liddell, ist Earl of Ravensworth : —

Col. Herbert Mayow Fisher-Rowe, C.B.E., T.F. Res.
D.L. Surrey, b. 1870 ; m. 1901, Maud, elder d. of late Alfred
Seymour of Hollybrook, Southampton ; and has issue —
David Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, b. 1909 ; and Joan. Seat
— Thorncombe Park, Bramley, nr. Guildford.

Guy Henry Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, b. 1877; m. 1913,
Marjorie, d. of Brig. -Gen. F. Rainsford-Hannay, C.B. ;
and has issue — Guy Edward Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, b.
1915; Victoria Elizabeth; and Penelope Anne. Res. — St.
David's, Reigate.

Conway Victor Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, late Grenadier
Guards, b. 1881 ; tn. 1905, Maud Hannah, d. of late
Frederick Locker - Lampson ; and has issue — Victor
Frederic Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, ^. 1906; Hermione ; and

Leopold George Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, M.C., late
Lieut, (iren. Gds., formerly 5th Batt. Northumberland
Fus. , b. 1883.

Son of Seymour Fisher-Rowe, Comm. R.N., b. 1876;
d. 1916; m. 1911, Oliver Frances, ygst. d. of the late
F. L. Rushton of Bank Place, Bowdon, Chester: —
Edward Henry Fisher-Rowe, Gentleman, b. 1913.

and J. P. for W. R. Yorkshire, and late M.P. for Doncaster
Div. Born 1847, being the only son of the late William
Fison, Esq., J. P., of Greenholme, and Fanny his wife, dau.
of Jonas Whitaker of Greenholme. Armorial bearings
— Per fesse azure and ermine, in chief three battleaxes erect
or, in base an heraldic tiger passant of the third. Mantling
azure and argent ; and for his Crest, upon a wreath of
the colours, a demi-heraldic tiger rampant or, collared
gules, holding between the paws an escutcheon argent,
charged with a battleaxe sable. Motto — " Deo confide."
Livery — Blue coat, yellow facings, striped yellow and blue
waistcoat, black trousers, brass buttons. .Married, 1872,
Isabel, dau. of the late Joseph Crossley of Broomfield,
Halifax; and has had Issue — (i) Francis Geoffrey Fison,
Esq., J. P. West Yorks. , i^. 1873; (2) Hugh Valentine Fison,
Esq., b. 1875; d. 1898; (3) William Guy Fison, Esq.,
b. 1890 [m. 1914, Gwladys Rees, d. of J. R. Davies, of
Treborth, Bangor; and has issue — 2 sons; and i dau.];
Edith [m. 1910, Rev. John Henry Hodson] ; and Dorothy.
Res. — Boarzell, Hurst Green, Sussex. Clubs — Carlton,
United University.

FITCH (H. Coll.). Vert, on a chevron between three
leopards' faces or langued gules, as many cross crosslets

fitchee of the last, in the chief point an ermine spot'of the
second. Mantling vert and or. Crest— Upon a wreath




X){ the colours, a leopard's face erminois pierced through the
mouth with a sword broken in the middle argent, pommel
and hilt or. MottO — " Facta non verba."

Sons of Edwin Frederick Fitch, Gentleman, i. 1839 ;
d. 1916 ; m. 1863, Anne, d. of Benjamin Fox, of
Strafford House, Highbury New Park: —

Stanley Fox Fitch, Gentleman,^. 1867. I?es. — 11 Ormonde
Mansions ; 106 Southampton Row, W.C.

Sir Cecil Edwin Fitch, K.B.E., M.A., LL.B., Barriste -
at-Law, d. 1870; m. 1896, Lilian Mabel, d. of Col. Alexander
Gordon, of Hamilton, U.S.A., and has surv. issue— Audrey
Margaret [m. R. H. Ingham Cla'k, of Tighnabruaich,
Argyll], kes. — Gordon Dene, Princes Road, Wimbledon
Park; Possingworth, Cross-in-Hand, Sussex. Clubs —
Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge, Ranelagh, Leander.

Hugh Bernard Fitch, Gentleman, li. 1873 ; m. 1896, and
has issue — i son. /^es. —

Cyril Wilfred Fitch, Gentleman, d. 1878. J?es.—

FITZALAN-HOWARD. Quarterly, i. gules, on a
bend between six cross crosslets fitchee argent, an
escutcheon or charged with a demi-lion rampant
pierced through the mouth by an arrow within a double
tressure fiory counterflory of the first (for Howard) ;
2. gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or, in chief
a label of three points argent (for Brotherton) ; 3. chequy
or and aztire (for Warren) ; 4. gules, a lion rampant or
(for Fitzalan), behind the shield two gold batons in
sal tire, enamelled at the ends sable (the insignia of his
office of Earl-Marshal). Above the escutcheon is placed
the coronet of his rank, and thereupon a helmet befitting
his degree, with a mantling gules and argent ; and for
his Crests, i, issuant from a ducal coronet or, a pair of
wings gules, each charged with a bend between six
cross crosslets fitchee argent ; 2. on a chapeau gules,
turned up ermine, a lion statant with tail extended or,
gorged with a ducal coronet argent ; 3. on a mount
vert, a horse passant argent, holding in the mouth a
slip of oak fructed proper. Supporters — Dexter, a lion,
sinister a horse both argent, the latter holding in his
mouth a slip of oak vert, fructed proper. Livery —
Scarlet and gold.

Only surv. son of 15th Duke of Norfolk, K.G.,

P.C., G.C.V.O., b. 1847 ; d. 1917 ; by his 2nd wife,

m. 1904, Gwendoline Mary, in her own right Baroness

Herries, elder dau. and heir of line of nth Baron

Henries : —

The Most Noble Bernard Marmaduke FitzAlan-

Howard, i6th Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Arundel, Surrey,

and Norfolk (28 June 1483), Baron FitzAlan, Clun,

Oswaldestre.and Maltra vers, Earl Marshal and Hereditary

Marshal of England, Premier Duke, and Premier Earl,

Hereditary Chief Butler of England, b. 1908. Seats —

Arundel Castle, Sussex ; Beech Hill, Sheffield. Town

res. — Norfolk House, St. James's Square, S.W.

FITZALAN-HOWARD Quarterly, i. gules, on a
bend between six cross crosslets fitchee argent, an
escutcheon or charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced
through the mouth by an arrow within the Royal Tres-
sure of Scotland of the first, a crescent for difference ;
2. gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or, in chief a
1 abel of three points argent ; 3. chequy or and azure ; 4.
gules, a lion rampant or. Mantling gules and argent.
Crests — I. on a cap of maintenance proper, a lion statant
guardant with tail extended or, ducally gorged argent ;
2. issuant from a coronet or, a pair of wings gules,
each charged with a bend between six cross crosslets
fitchee argent ; 3. on a wreath or and azure, upon
a mount vert a horse passant argent, holding in
the mouth a slip of oak fructed proper. Snpporters —
On the dexter a lion, and on the sinister a horse, both
argent, the latter holding in the mouth a slip of oak
fructed proper, and each charged on the shoulder with an
escutcheon argent, thereon a chief azure. Motto — " Sola
virtus invicta."

Third son of the 14th Duke of Norfolk, b. 1815 ; d.

i860; m. 1839, Augusta Mary, d. of Adm. Lord

Lyons, G.C.B. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Edmund Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, K G
P.C, G.C.V.O., D.S.O., ist Viscount Fitzalan of Derwent
(28 April 1921), Lieut.-Col. (ret.) nth Hussars, Deputy
Earl Marshal since 1916, Chairman of the Order of St.
John of Jerusalem in England, b. 1855; assumed by
R.L. 1876, the surname and arms of Talbot, and in
1921 resumed by R.L. . for himself and his issue, the

paternal name and arms of Fitzalan-Howard ; m. 1879,
Lady Mary Caroline Bertie, d. of 7th Earl of Abingdon,
and has issue : — Hon. Henry Edmund Fitzalan-Howard,
O.B.E., Capt. (ret.) nth Hussars, 6. 1883 [m. 1922, Joyce
Elizabeth, d. of Lieut.-Col. Philip Langdale, O.B.E.,
and has issue] ; Hon. Mary Caroline. Seat — Cumberland
Lodge, Windsor. Town Res. — i Buckingham Palace
Gardens, S.W.

FITZALAN-HOWARD. Quarterly, i. gules, on a
bend between six cross crosslets fitchee argent, an
escutcheon or charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced
through the mouth with an arrow, within a double
tressiure flory counterflory of the first (for Howard) ; 2.
gules, three lions passant guardant in pale or, in chief a
label of three points argent (for Brotherton) ; 3. chequy
or and azure (for Warren) ; 4. gules, a lion rampant
or (for Fitzalan). Mantling gules and argent. Crests —
I. out of a ducal crown or a pair of wings expanded
gules, each charged with a bend between six cross crosslets
fitchee argent ; 2. on a chapeau gules doubled ermine, a
lion statant guardant taO extended or, gorged with a ducal
crown argent ; 3. on a wreath of the colours, on a mount
vert a horse passant argent, in his mouth a slip of oak
fructed proper. Supporters — On the dexter a Hon argent ;
on the sinister a horse argent, in his mouth a shp of oak
fructed proper each charged on the shoulder with a
crescent gules.

Son of Rt. Hon. Francis Edward Fitzalan-Howard,
2nd Baron Howard of Glossop, b. 1859 ; d. 1924 ;
m. ist, 1883, Clara Louisa (d. 1887), d. of John Green-
wood, of Swarcliffe Hall : —
Rt. Hon. Bernard Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd
Baron Howard of Glossop (9 Dec. 1869), M.B.E., Capt.
(ret.) Lovat's Scouts Yeo., b. 1885; m. 1914, Monica
Josephine Tempest Stapleton, Baroness Beaumont ;
and has issue — Hon. Miles Francis Fitzalan-Howard,
b. 1915 ; Hon. Michael Fitzalan-Howard, b. 1916 ; Hon.
Martin Fitzalan-Howard, b. 1922 ; Hon. Mariegold
Magdalene ; jHon. Miriam ; and Hon. Miranda Mary.
Res. — 42 Pont Street, S.W.i.

FITZ-ANCHER (H. Coll.). Ermine, a cross voided
gules, on a chief azure three lions rampant or. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — A fret gules charged in the
centre with a leopard's face or. Motto — " Souviens
toi du sang tout suffisant."

Son of Rappoport :—

Robert Alexis Fitz-Ancher, Gentleman (formerly
Rappoport), M.A. Camb., fi. Res. —

FITZCLARENCE. The Royal Arms of WiUiam
IV. (without the escutcheon of the Arch Treasurer
of the Holy Roman Empire and without the Crown of
Hanover), debruised by a baton sinister azure charged
with three anchors or. Mantling gules and or. Crest —
On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant
guardant crowned with a ducal coronet or, and gorged
with a coUar azure, charged with three anchors gold.
Motto — " Nee temere nee timide."

Son of Hon. Harold Edward FitzClarence, M.C.,
Lieut, (ret.) K.O.Y.L.I., Governor of H.M. Man-
chester Prison (youngest son of Rt. Hon. William
George FitzClarence, 2nd Earl of Munster), b. 1870 ;
d. 1926 ; m. 1892, Frances Isabel, d. of Lieut.-Col.
William Keppel : —
Rt. Hon. Geoffrey William Hugh FitzClarence, 5th
Earl of Munster, Viscount FitzClarence, and Baron
Tewkesbury (4th June 1831) [Supporters — C)n the
dexter, a lion guardant ducally crowned or ; on the
sinister, a horse argent ; each gorged with a collar aziu-e,
charged with three anchors gold], b. 1906; m. 1928,
Hilary, d. of Kenneth Wilson, of Wimbledon. Res. —

FITZGEORGE (H. Coll.). Argent, on a cross between
four roses gules, a sword in pale, point upwards, proper,
pommel and hilt or, on a chief arched of the second, a baton
fesssewise, also or. Mantling gules and argent Crest -
Issuant out of a mural crown or, a rose-branch proper.

Third son of F.-M. H.R.H. George William Frederick
Charles, and Duke of Cambridge (extinct), K.G. ,
K.T., K.P., G.C.B. , G.C.H., &c., 6. 1819 ; d. 1904;
by his wife Louisa (Mrs. FitzGeorge, whoa'. 1899), d.
of Robert Fairbrother: —
Col. Sir Augustus Charles Frederick FitzGeorge,
K.C.V.O. (1904), C.B. (1895), Maj. 1881, Lt.Col. 1886,




Col. 1890, ret. 1900, was A.D.C. to Com.-in-Chief in
India (Lord Napier of Magdala) 1870-5, Orderly Officer to
H.R.H. the (then) Prince of Wales during his visit to India
1875-6, Sec. to Horse Commn. 1882, Extra A.D.C. to Gen.
Officer Commdg. at Aldershot 1883-5, Private Sec. to
Com.-in-Chief (F.M. H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge)
1886-96, is an Esquire of Order of the Hospital of St. John
of Jerusalem in England, b. 1847. Res. — 6 Queen Street,
Mayfair, W. C/m^j— Naval and Military, Marlborough,
Turf, Carlton.


FITZGERALD (U.O.). Ermine, a mascle or, over all
a saltire gules. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —On
a wreath of the colours, on the Roman fasces lying fesse-

ways proper, a boar passant ermine, fretty gules. Mottoes
— " Crom a boo," and " Fortis et fidelis."

Onlystirv.son of Hon. John DonohoeFitzGerald, K.C.,

LL.B. (Cantab.), LL.M. 1873, Bar. Inner Temple, b.

1848; d. 1918 ; m. 1881, Emma Isolda, d. cf Sir

Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 2nd Bart.: —

Maurice Pembroke FitzGerald, Esq., B.A. (Camb.),Barr.-

at-Law, late temp. Capt. R.F.A., b. 1887; m. 1920,

Christine Evangeline, d. of the late Maunsell Bradhurst, of

Rivenhall Place, Witham, Essex, and has surv. issue— 3

daus. Res. — 132 Lexham Gardens, W.8.

Sons of Hon. Arthur Southwell FitzGerald, Capt. 3rd
Batt. Essex Regt., b. 1861 ; d. 1922; ?«. 1896, May
d' Alvarez, eld. d. of Peter Borcherds, Esq., J. P., of
Fairholme, Wynberg, near Cape Town : —
John David William Southwell FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1901.
Desmond Henry Arthur Southwell FitzGerald, Gentle-
man, b. 1902.

Maurice Edward Francis Southwell FitzGerald, Gentle-
man, b. 1904. Res. —

Sons of Rt. Hon. John David FitzGerald. Baron Fitz-
Gerald of Kilmarnock, Dublin, P.C., LL.D., a
Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 1882-9, M.P. for Ennis
1852-60, i^. 1816; rf. 1889 ; OT. 2nd, i860, Jane Mary
Matilda, sister of the 4th Viscount Southwell, K. P. : —
Hon. Eustace Robert Southwell FitzGerald, b. 1863 ; m-
1889, Hon. Maude Louisa, eld. d. of 9th Viscount Barring,
ton ; and has had issue — Derek Barrington FitzGerald , Esq. ,
b. 1892 Fm. 1917, Violet, d. of Meyer Sassoon, and has issue —
Desmorid Richard Sassoon FitzGerald, Gentleman, b. 1918
(Res.— 2,^ Hill St., Berkeley Square)]; Iris Mary [m. ist,

1909, Capt. Sir Digby Lawson, 2nd Bart, (marriage diss.
1920); 2nd, 1920, Major Eric Loder] ; and Pamela Marie
{d. 1918) [m. 1917, Major E. B. Green, M.C., Irish Gds.,
who was killed in action 1917]. C/z/iJ— Wellington.

Hon. Evelyn Charles Joseph Southwell FitzGerald, C.B.,
late Lieut. R.N.R., and Capt. R.A.S.C., *. 1874; m. 1923,
Helen, yngst. d. of the late Brig.-Gen. Charles Drury, C.B.,
of Halifax, N.S. Res. — 39 Grosvenor Street, W.i. Clubs —
Marlborough, White's, Turf, St. James's.

Sons of Hon. Edward Southwell FitzGerald, late

Capt. 3rd Batt. Essex Regt., b. 1864; d. 1908; m.

1884, Margaret Mary, d. of Matthew D'Arcy, Esq.,

J. P. and D.L. :—
William Reginald FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1885. Res. —
Geoffrey Joseph FitzGerald, Gentleman, b. 1890. Res. —

FITZGERALD. Argent, a saltire gules. Mantling

gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a

monkey statant proper, environed about the middle with

a plain collar and chained or. Hotto — " Crom a boo."

Only surv. son of 5th Duke of Leinster, b. 1851 ;

d. 1893 ; m. 1884, Lady Hermione Duncombe, d. of

ist Earl of Feversham : —

The Most Noble Edward FitzGerald, 7th Duke of

Leinster (26 Nov. 1766), Marquess of Kildare (1760), Earl

of Kildare (Ire. 1316), Earl and Baron of Offaly (Ire.

1620), Viscount Leinster (G.B. 1747), Baron Kildare

(U.K. 1870), Premier Duke, Marquess and Earl of Ireland

[Supporters — On either side a monkey environed and

chained, as in the crest], 2nd Lieut. Irish Gds., b. 1892 ;

s. his brother 1922 ; m. 1913, May, d. of the late Jesse

Etheridge ; and has issue — Gerald FitzGerald, commonly

called Marquess of Kildare, b. 1914. Seats — Carton,

Maynooth, co. Kildare ; Kilkea Castle, Mageney, co.


Sons of 4th Duke of Leinster, b. 1819 ; d. 1887 ;
m. 1847, Lady Caroline, d. of 2nd Duke of Suther-
land : —
Lord Charles FitzGerald, Lieut, (ret.) Royal Dublin
Fusiliers, b. 1859 ; m. 1887, Alice [d. 1909), d. of M.
Claudius ; and has issue — George Frederick FitzGerald,
Esq., M.C., b. 1890; Charles Otho FitzGerald, Esq.,
b. 1895 ; Rupert Augustus FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1900 ;
Nesta Sidonia ; Mabel [m. 1914, Alan McCracken].
Res. — Euroa, Victoria, Australia.

Lord Henry FitzGerald, Maj. (ret.) Beds. Regt., b.
1863 ; m. 1 89 1, Inez, d. of Commr. William Casberd-
Boteler, R.N., of Eastry, Kent ; and has issue — Dermot
FitzGerald, Esq., Capt. Army Remount Service 1915-19,
b. 1891 ; Brian Boteler FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1908 ; Denis
Henry FitzGerald, Esq., b 191 1. Res. — Stansted House,
Stansted, Essex.

FITZGERALD of Valencia. Ermine, a saltire gules,
charged with a cross formee argent. Mantling gules
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, an
armed knight on horseback, all proper. Motto —
" Mullacahr a Buadh."

Sons of Sir Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Bart., 20th
Knight of Kerry, b. 1844 ; d. 1916 ; tn. 1882,
Amelia Catherine [Res. — Buckland, Faringdon,
Berks, hd. of Henri Bischoffsheim, of Bute House : —
Sir John Peter Gerald Maurice FitzGerald, M.C., 3rd
Bart. (8 July 1880), of Valencia, 21st Knight of Kerry,
Maj. (ret.) R.H.G., b. 1884 ; m. 1919, Lady Mildred
Follett, d. of 7th Earl of Dunmore, and widow of Brig.-
Gen. Burrell Follett, D.S.O. Res.—Ihe Warren House,
Stanmore. Club — Turf.

Arthur Henry Brinsley FitzGerald, Esq., Capt.
S.R. Irish Gds., b. 1885 ; m. 1914, Mary Eleanor, d. of
Capt. Francis Forester, of Saxelbye, Melton Mowbray ;
and has issue — John Brinsley FitzGerald, Esq., b.
1914 ; George Peter Maurice FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1917 ;
Finola. Seat — Valencia Island, co. Kerry. Res. —

C/m6s— White's, Royal Yacht
Squadron, Kildare Street (Dublin).

"The Knight of Glin, " of Glin Castle, co. Limerick,
J. P. and D.L., Capt. South of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry,
late Capt. 3rd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Born
i86a, being the eldest son of the late Desmond John
Edmund Fitz-Gerald, "Knight of Glin," of Glin Castle, co.
Limerick, I. P., D.L., High Sheriff 1870 and 1871, by his
wife Isabella Lloyd, second dau. of Rev. Michael Lloyd
Apjohn of Lichfield, co. Limerick. Armorial bearings —




Ermine, a saltire gules, impaling the arms of Wyndham-
Quin, namely, quarterly, i and 4, gules, a hand couped
below the wrist, grasping a sword all proper, between in base
two serpents erect and respectant, their tails nowed or, and
in chief two crescents argent (forO'Quin of Munster) ; 2 and
3, azure, a chevron between three lions' heads erased or, a
mullet for difference (Wyndham). Married, 1897, Lady
Rachel Wyndham-Quin [d. 1901), second d. of the Rt. Hon.
the Earl of Dunraven ; and has issue — Desmond Windham
Otho Fitz-Gerald, Gentleman, b. 1901. 5fi2/— Glin Castle,
CO. Limerick. C/«^j— Kildare Street, Royal St. George's

formerly Lieut, in the 63rd Regt. , with which he served in
the Crimea (medals and clasps), and Capt. Royal Ayrshire
Rifles. Born June 19, 1832, being the eldest and only
surviving son of the late Charles FitzGerald, Esq., of
Rathgar and Laccagh, by his wife Jane, only dau. of the
late George Wahl of the co. Dublin (and grandson of the
late Charles FitzGerald of Navinstown and Laccagh in the
CO. Kildare, Rathgar, co. Dublin. Armorial bearings —
Argent, on a saltire gules, within a bordure gobony of the
first and azure, quartering (2) Cusack of Rathgar, (3) Gene-
ville, (4) De Lacy, Lord of Meath, (5) Pylatte, and (6)
Petit. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, a monkey passant in front of an oak-tree all
proper. Motto— " Crom-a-brudh." Seats —

FITZGERALD of Cork (U.O., 1903). Ermine, on a

saltire gules, two arrows in saltire points downward argent,

on a chief enarched of the second, a galley sails furled

between two towers of the third. Mantling gules and

argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount

in front of a hurst, a knight in complete armour on horseback

all proper, his shield gules, charged with a civic crown or.

Son of Daniel FitzGerald of Gurstmourane, Iveleary,

CO. Cork, b. 1801 ; d. 1876; m. 1827, Elizabeth, d. of

John Corcaran : —

Sir Edward FitzGerald, ist Bart. (10 Oct. 1903), Lord

Mayor of Cork 1901-2-3, b. 1846 ; m. 1872, Johannah Anne,

d. of John O'Donoghue; and has surv. issue — (1) John

Joseph FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1876; (2) Edward FitzGerald,

Esq., ^. 1883; (3) Andrew FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1885; (4)

William FitzGerald, Esq., b. 1892; and five daus. Res. —

Geraldine Place, St. Finn Barr, co. Cork.

FITZGERALD (R.L. 20, June 1900, and again 1904,
H. Coll.). Gules, a saltire invected per pale argent
and or, between four mrnkeys statant of the sect nd, en-
vironed with a plain collar and chain cf the second.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a vn-eath cf the
colours, a monkey as in the arms, charged on the body
with two rcses and resting the dexter foreleg on a saltire
gules. Motto — "Cromaboo. "
Sons of : —

Bruce Fitzgerald (R.L., 1900, formerly Healy), Gentle-
man, b. . Res. — The Royal Farm, Peperharow, Surrey.

Calvert Fitzgerald (R.L. , 1904, formerly Healy), Gentle-
man, 2nd Lieut. Oxfordsh. Lt. Inf., b. Post add. —

FITZGERALD of Coolanowle (U.O.). Argent, a saltire
gules, a b( rdure azure.

Sons of Gerald Richard FitzGerald of Coolanr wle and

Moate, b. 1848 ; d. 1898 ; m. 1877, Lilla, d. of Frederick

Charles FitzGerald, late R.N. :—

Robert O'Brien FitzGerald, Gentleman, b. 1879; m.

1905, Constance Violet, yr. d. of late Frank Campion,

Barr.-at-Law, of The Mount, Derby. Res. —

Arthur Stanley FitzGerald, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. Roy.
Warwicksh. Regt., b. 1881 ; m. 1923, Florence Isabel, d. of
the late Courtenay Tracy, and widow cf Ernest Townsend.
Res. — Critchells. Lockerby, Romsey, Hants.

Sons of Lucius Henry FitzGerald, Esq., Commissioner
in the Parliamentary Election of Glos. 1859. Barr.-
at-Law, of The Firs, Berks., b. 1815 ; d. 1891; m. 1856,
Mary Katharine, d. of Adm. the Hon. Sir John Talbot,
G.C.B. : —
Lucius FitzGerald, Gentleman, formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt.
Duke of Edinburgh's Wilts. Regt., b. 1859. Address —
Rosemount, Crockford Park Road, Addlestone, Weybridge.
Gerald Lucius FitzGerald, Gentleman, b. 1868 ; m. 1910,
Katherine Agnes, d. of late George Caviller Styles of
Greenhithe, Kent, and has issue — Robert FitzGerald,
Gentleman, b. 1912. Res. —

Robert Lucius FitzGerald, Esq., Engineer-Lieut, (ret.)

R.N.R. , b. 1869; m. 1904, Amy Beatrice, eldest d. of late
Alfred Muir of Rockswood, Broughton Park, Manchester;
and has issue — Katherine Constance Mary Maud ; and