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(High Sheriff 1874), f'- 1826; d. 1910 ; m. 1852, Annie
Ehzabeth Periam, d. of Sir Alexander Hood, and
Bart., M.P. : —
Alexander Fownes-Luttrell, Esq., J. P., Lord of the
Manors of Dunster, Minehead, Kilve, Carhampton,
Wiihycombe, and Kilton, Capt. late Gren. Guards, b.
1855 ; m. 1886, Alice Edwina [rl. 1912), eld. d. of the
late Col. Munro- Ferguson of Raith, co. Fife; and has
issue— (i) Geoffrey Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1887
\m. 1918, .Alys, d. of Rear-Adm. Walter Bridges] ; (2)
Ralph Paganel Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1889 [w.
1920, Alice Brocklehurst]. 5ifi7/j-— Dunster Castle, Somer-
set ; Court House, East Quantoxhead, Bridgwater,
Somerset. Club — Brooks's.

Claude Mohun Fownes Luttrell, Esq., J. P. Somerset
and Wilts., b. 1867; m. 1916, Edith Rose, d. of R. K.
Leigh, of Bardon, Washford. Somerset, and has issue —
John Henry Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1919 ; Hugh
Robert Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1921 ; and Eliza-
beth Rose. Res. — Ben-Mead, Box, Wilts. Club — Arthurs.
Sons of Hugh Courtenay Fownes-Luttrell, Esq., M.P.
for Tavistock Div. of Devonshire 1892-1900 and
1906-10, Capt. Rifle Bri., afterwards Capt. and Hon.
Major 3rd Eatt. D.C.L. I., b. 1857; d. 1918; m. 1904,
Dorothy Hope, d. of Sir William Wedderburn, 4th
Bart. :—
William Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1908.
John Francis Fownes-Luttrell, Gentleman, b. 1915.

Son of John Alexander Fownes-Luttrell, Esq., J. P.,

late Capt. R.N., b. 1833; d. 1889; m. 1870, Margaret,

d. of Rev. Alexander Henry Fownes-Luttrell, Vicar of

Minehead, Somerset : —

Alexander Collingwood Fownes-Luttrell, Esq., Major

late R.A., i>. 1870; m. 1898, Florence Blanche, d. of the

Rev. H. E. Stapleton, Rector of Mereworth, Kent ; and




has issue — Alexander Henry Fowues-Lutlrell, Gentleman,
Lieut. Highland L.I. , (J. 1902; and Romala Margaret [m.
Carol Henry Mostyn-Owen]. Postal add. — Lea Combe
House, Axminster, S. Devon. C/«3— Somerset County.


FOX of Liverpool (H. Coll., 1924). Per chevron azure
and or, in chief two foxes' heads erased of the second,
and in base a rose gules barbed and seeded proper.
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours
a demi-fox proper, resting the sinister paw on a rose as
in the arms. Badge — Two fox brushes in saltire proper
enfiled by a circlet or. Motto—" Vigila et aude."

Son of Sir Gilbert Wheaton Fox, ist Bart., of Liver-
pool, J. P., h. 1863 ; d. 1925 ; m. 1902, May, d. of
Edward William Jones : —
Sir Gifford Wheaton Grey Fox, 2nd Bart. {30 Jan.
1924), i>. 1903. Res. — Pinfold, West Kirby, Cheshire ;
45 D Cromwell Road, S.W.7. Club — Racquet (Liver-

FOX (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i. argent, a chevron between
three foxes' heads erased gules (Fox, 17th cent.); 2. argent, a
lion rampant gules, a bordure sable, a canton azure, charged
with a harp or (Lane, U.O., 6 April 1661) ; 3. vert, a Hon
rampant or (Farrell, 15th cent.); 4. or, a cross gules, in
the first quarter a lion rampant sable, a crescent for differ-
ence (Burke, 12th cent.); 5. argent, a saltire gules, a
crescent for difference (FitzGerald, 12th cent.); 6. gules, a
cross patonce between four cinquefoils or (Manning of
Codham, co. Kent, granted 1577) ; 7. sable, a fesse chequy
argent and azure between three bezants (Pitt) ; 8. gules, a
fesse vair^ or and sable, between three goats' heads erased
argent (Cadbury) ; 9. argent, six lions rampant sable, three,
two, and one (Savage, temp. Edw. HI.); 10. argent, a
pale fusilly sable (Daniers, (■«;«/. Henry V.); 11. argent, a
cross fleurett^ sable (Swynnerton, temp. Edw. II.) ; 12.
gules, three inescutcheons in fesse between three mullets or
(Becke) ; 13. argent, on a fesse azure, three garbs or
(Vernon, temp. Rich. II.); 14. sable, a fesse couped argent
(Bostocke); 15. azure, two bars argent (Venables, temp.
Edw. III.); 16. quarterly argent and gules, in the second
and third quarters a fret or (Dutton, temp. Ric. II.);
17. argent, on a bend gules, three escarbuncles or
(Thornton, 1348) ; 18. azure, an estoile of six points
issuing from a crescent argent (Minshull) ; 19. sable, a bend
engrailed between six billets argent, (Allington, temp.
Henry VI.); 20. gules, on a bend argent, three leopard's
faces (Burghe) ; 21. gules, three covered cups argent
(Argentine, r3o8) ; 22. azure, six martlets, three, two, and
one or, a canton ermine (Tecon or Fitztek, 14th cent.);

23. per fesse argent and sable, a pale and three griffin's
heads erased counterchanged (Gardiner, temp. Henry VIII.);

24. argent, fretty sable, a canton of the last (Middleton)
temp. Edw. III.) ; 25. gules, a chevron engrailed ermine
Detween three griffins' heads erased or (Cordell, 17th cent.);
26. paly of six argent and azure, a chevron between three
lions passant guardant or (Webb) ; 27. argent, three
cinquefoils gules (Darcy of Chiche) ; 28. argent, a fesse
between six laurel-leaves gules (Langley) ; 29. argent, a
fesse ermine, cottised sable (Harleston) ; 30. sable, three
lucies in pale argent, on a chiel or, a lion rampant of the
first, gutt6-d'or, between two pellets, the dexter charged
with a martlet and the sinister with an anchor or (Kitson,
granted 14 Apl. 1527) ; 31. sable, three lucies hauriant
argent, a chief or (Kitson, granted 13 Feb. 1568); 32. argent,
three pallets azure, on a chief gules, three bezants (Don-
nington) ; 33. argent, a chevron between three mullets
gules (Pye) ; 34. argent, on a fesse azure, three escallops
of the field (Pye) ; 35. argent, a lion passant gules, be-
tween two bars sable, the upper charged with two bezants
and the lower with one, in chief three stags' heads caboshed
of the third (Parker, Lords Morley and Monteagle, temp.
Ric. HI.); 36. barry nebuly of six or and gules (Lovel,
13th cent.); 37. argent, three rams passant sable
(Tichmersh) ; 38. argent, a lion rampant sable, ducally
crowned or, a bordure azure (Burnell, 14th cent.); 39.
azure, sem6-de lis, a lion rampant guardant argent (Holland,
1308) ; 40. gules, ten bezants, four, three, two, and one
(Zouche. 1300) ; 41. gules, ten mascles conjoined or, three,
three, three, and one (Rohan) ; 42. ermine (Brittany) ;
43. azure, billett^e, a lion rampant or (Beures) ; 44. gules,
seven mascles conjoined, three, three, and one or (Quincey,
temp. Edw. III.); 45. gules, a cinquefoil ermine (Bellemont,
i2th cent.); 46. lozengy or and azure (Melent); 47. per

pale or and sable, a bend vair (Gwadyr) ; 48. gules, a
bend argent, a fesse or (Fitzosborn) ; 49. or, three
chevronels gules (Yvery) ; 50. gules, a pale or (Grantmesnil,
I2th cent.); sr. azure, a lion rampant argent (Galloway,
temp. Edw. III.); 52. azure, sem6-de-lis and fretty or
(Morville, 13th cent.); 53. azure, six lioncels, three, two,
and one or (Longesp^e, teinp. Henry HI.); 54. gules,
three pales vair, on a cliief or, a lion passant sable (Rose-
mar) ; 55. argent, six escallops, three, two, and one sable
(Riddesford) ; 56. azure, billett^e, and a fesse dancett^e or
(Demcourt, 1298) ; 57. barry of six argent and azure, a

bend gules (Grey, 1300) ; 58. or, a lion rampant gules
(FitzAlan, 1298); 59. argent, two bendlets gules (Haget) ;
60. argent, a lion rampant sable, ducally crowned or
(Morley, 1322) ; 61. per pale or and vert, a lion rampant
gules (Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, temp. Henry HI.);

62. gules, a bend lozengy or (Marshall of Rye, 1300, some-
times said to be an official coat for the office of Marshal) ;

63. barry of six argent and azure, on a chief of the last,
three bezants (Aitkins) ; 64. sable, on waves of the sea
proper, a lion passant or, in chief three bezants (Hawkins) ;
65. paly of six or and gules, on a chief of the last three
escallops of the first (Bay); 66. azure, a bend or, cottised
dancett^e of the last (Power) ; 67. sable, on a chevron
between three bulls' heads caboshed argent, three torteaux
(Wright). Mantling gules and argent. Crests — None
recorded. [This family by male descent Fox assumed
the additional surname of Lane by Act of Parliament, and
no consequent exemplification of arms for Lane-Fox
or Fox-Lane was ever made. Consequently no riglit was
created to bear the crest of the Lane family, the arms of
Lane being inherited and borne as an ordinary quartering
only. The arms of Fox, as is often the case with ancient
families, are recorded without a crest to this branch of the
Fox family.]

Sons of George Sackville Frederick Lane-Fox, Esq.,
J. P., late Lieut. Yorks. Hussars, a coheir to the
Baronies of Morley and Monteagle, b. 1836 ; d. 1918 ;
m. rst, 1870, Fanny Maule, eld. d. of Lt.-Gen. Marcus
John Slade ; 2nd, April 22, 1879, Annette Mary, d. of
Thomas Weld-Blundell of Ince Blundell, in the county
of Lancaster: —
Joseph Lane- Fox, Gentleman, b. April 1, 1874. Res. —
Rev. Richard Lane-Fox, b Feb. 16, 1880. Res. —
Sons of James Thomas Richard Lane-Fox, Esq,,
J. P. and D. L. (son of George Lane Lane-Fox,
Esq., J. P. and D. L. , and Kalherine Mary Stein), late
Capt. Gren. Guards, b. \Zi,\ ; d. 1906 ; m. 1868, Lucy
Francis Jane St. John, d. of Humphrey St. John
Mildmay, M.P. : —
Rt. Hon. George Richard Lane-Fox, P.C., M.P.
Barkston Ash Div. W. R. Yorks. since 1906, Pari. Sec. for




Mines since 1924, J. P. W. R. Yorks., D.L. co. Leitrim,
Hon. Col. Yorks. Hussars, b. 1870; m. 1903, the Hon.
Agnes Wood, youngest d. of Viscount Halifax ; and has
issue — Marcia Agnes Mary ; Mary Kathleen ; Dorothy ;
and Margaret. Seat — Bramliani Park, Yorkshire. Res. —
88 Eaton Square, S. \V. Clubs — Turf, .Arthur' >, and Carlton.
Edward Lane-Fox, Esq.. J. P., D.L. W. R. Yorks. Capt.
laie Y' rks. Hussars, b. 1874; '"• J9iOi Enid Maud, second
d. of Alfred j. Bethell ; and has issue — James Henry Lane-
Fox, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Joan Frances; R ith ; and
Fi'licity. Res. — Walton House, Boston Spa, Yorks. Club
— Boodle's.

Son of Alexander Edward Lane Fo.x-Pitt- Rivers
(formerly Fox- Pitt, who assumed the additional surname
of Rivers by R.L., 1900), Esq., J. P. Dorset, F.S.A., late
Lieut. Dorsetsh. Yeo., *. 1855 ; d. 1927 ; m. 1889, Alice
Ruth Hermione, d. of Lord Henry Frederick Thynne : —
George Henry Lane Fox-Pitt-Rivers, Esq., Capt. Res.
of Officers ist R. Dragoons [Arms— Quarterly of sixty-eight,
viz. ; I. quarterly, i. and iiii., Pitt as above (quartering No.
7) ; ii. and iii.. Fox as above; 2 to 68 as i to 67 above.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a stork proper. Motto — " .■Equam servare men-
tern." Lively — Blue, yellow facings], b. 1890 ; m. 1915,
Hon. Emily, d. of ist Baron Forster, P.C., and has
issue — Michael Augustus Fox-Pitt-Rivers, Gentleman, b.
1917; Julian .Alfred Fox-Pitt-Rivers, Gentleman, b. 1919.
Seat — Hinton St. Mary, .Sturminster Newton, Dorset.

Sons of Lt. -Gen. .Augustus Henry Lane- Fox-Pitt-
Rivers (formerly Lane-Fox, and assumed addtj. surnames
of Pitt- Rivers by R.L., 25 May 1880. and the arms
of Pitt quarterly with the arms of Fo.x under the will
of his great-uncle George, 2nd Lord Rivers (his children
to bear the names of Fox-Pitt only), b. 1827; d. 1900;
m. 1853, Hon. Alice Margaret Stanley, d. of Edward,
2nd Lord Stanley of Alderley : —
St. George William Lane Fox-Pitt, Gentleman [Arms —
Quarterly of sixty-eight as next above], b. 1856 ; m. 1899,
Lady Gertrude Edith Douglas, d. of John >holto, Marquess
of Queensberry. Res. — 8 Manson Place, Queen's Gate,
S.W. Club—T avellers'.

Lt.-Col. William Augustus Lane Fox-Pitt, J. P. and D.L.
(High Sheriff 1911), .Anglesey, late Majc r Grenadier Gds.
[Arms — Quarterlyof sixty-eight as next above], b. 1858; m.
1893, Lily Ethel, d. of Arthur F. Payne; and has issue — (i)
William Augustus FitzGerald Lane Fox-Pitt, Esq., M.C.,
Capt. Welsh Gds., b. 1896; (2) Thomas Stanley Lane
Fox-Pitt, Esq., Lieut. R.N., Asst. Commr. Northern
Rhodesia, b. 1897; and Alice Agnes [m. 1920, Hon.
Charles William Sholto Douglas]. Seat — Presaddfed,
Bodedern, Anglesey. Club — National Liberal.

Lionel Charles Lane Fox-Pitt, Esq., J. P. co. Dorset,
F. R.G.S. [Arms — Quarterly of sixty-eight as next above],
i>. i860 ; m. 1st, 1898, Mary Nesta, d. of late John Charles
Blackett, R.N. , of Thorpe Lea, Surrey; 2nd, Constance
Elspeth, d. of the late Rev. E. R. Phelps. Seat—C\\?i.
House, Shaftesbury. Res. — Wyeford, Charter Alley,
B.isingstoke, Hants. Clubs — St. James's, Dorset Yacht.
Daus. and coh. of Sackville George Lane-Fox, 12th
Baron Conyers, and de jure 15th Lord Darcy de
Knayth, b. 1827 ; d. 1888 ; m. i860, Mary, d. of
Reginald Curteis of Windmill Hill, Sussex : —
The late Rt. Hon. Marcia Amelia .Mary, Countess
of Yarborough, suo jure 7th Baroness Fauconberg (1283)
and 13th Baroness Conyers (1509), senior coh. of the
two great generals, the Duke of Schomberg and the
Duke of Marlborough, died, November 17, 1926 [Arms —
Quarterly of 134, viz. : 1-67 as first above ; 68.
quarterly ermine and azure, a cross or (Osborne, Vn.
London, 1568) ; 69. argent, two bars gules, on a canton of
the second, a cross of the first (Broughton, temp^ Edw. H.) ;
70. argent, a chevron vert, between three annulets gules
(Broughton, ) ; 71. azure, on a fesse flory and counter-

flory or, between three lions passant argent as many peewits
proper (Hewitt. Vn. of London, 1568) ; 72. or, a chevron
between three lozenges azure, on a chief gules, an eagle
displayed argent (Hyde, ) ; 73. gules, an eagle displayed
between three fleurs-de-lys argent (Godolphin, temp. Henry
VIIL); 74. argent, a chevron between three hawks' lures
gules ( Rinsy ) ; 75. argent, three dolphins naiant sable (Godol-
phin) ; 76. argent, an eagle displayed sable, a bordure of
the last, bezantte ( Killegrew) ; 77. sable, a chevron between
three eagles displayed or (Kemtebury) ; 78. argent, three
mascles sable (Arvenick) ; 79. argent, on a chevron gules,
between three torteaux, as many plates (Boligh) ; 80. or,
on a fesse sable three chevronels argent fessewise pointing

to the dexter (Trenouth, Vn. Cornwall, 1620) ; 81. argent,
a chevron between three salmon-spears points downwards
sable (Glinne) ; 82. argent, a chevron between three fleurs-
de-lys sable (Bonython) ; 83. sable, a lion rampant argent,
on a canton of the last, a cross gules (Churchill); 84. per
pale argent and azure, a lion rampant of the first supporting
a tree eradicated proper (Winston, temp. Elizabeth) ; 85.
or, a lion rampant regardant sable (Gwaith Voyd) ; 86.
azure, three crowns two and one or (Kariadoc) ; 87. azure
three crowns in pale or (Beli Mawr) ; 88. sable, a lion
rampant argent (Taithwell) ; 89. per pale or and azure,
a lion rampant argent, supporting a tree eradicated proper
/Inyrl ; 90. per pale azure and sable, three fleurs-de-lys or
(Inyr); 91. sable, a plate between three towers argent
(Carlion, temp. Elizabeth); 92. barry of ten argent and
azure, six escutcheons sable, each charged with a lion


rampant of the first, a crescent for difference (Cecil, temp,
Elizabeth) ; 93. argent, on a fesse gules, three bezants.
(Jenings) ; 94. gules, a bull's head caboshed argent, armed
or (Jenings) ; 95. gules, on a chevron cottised argent,
three lions rampant of the field (Rowlet) ; 96. paly of six
or and azure, a bordure engrailed of the last, on a canton
gules, a spur of the first (Knight) ; 97. azure, crusilly and
three cinquefoils argent (Darcy, 1345) ; 98. argent, three
cinquefoils gules (D'Arcy, 1298); 99. gules, crusilly, and an
orle or (Bertram, temp. Henry IH.) ; 100. argent, a chevron
between three herons gules (Heron) ; loi. azure, three bars
gemel and a chief or (Meinill, c. 1320) ; 102. argent, a
bend between six martlets saole (Tempest, te^np. Edw.
\\\.) ; 103. or, three lions passant guardant in pale sable
(Carew, 1300) ; 104. gules, a saltire argent (Other) ; 105.
argent, a saltire gules (VV'indsor) ; 106. per pale ermine and
gules, a saltire counterchanged (FitzStephen) ; 107. quar-
terly, argent and gules (Tuite) ; 108. quarterly, sable
and argent (Hoo, temp. Edw. H.); 109. or, on a fesse
azure, a mullet of the field (Andervill) ; no. azure, a fret
argent, a chief or (St. Leger, ternp. Henry HL); in.
azure, a fesse between six cross- crosslets or (St. Maur) ;
112. azure, three sinister hands argent (Malmains) ; 113.
argent, a lion rampant sable (Welles, temp. 1300); 114.
gules, a fesse dancettfe between six cross crosslets or
(Engaine. 1300); 115. paly of six ermine and gules, three
crescents sable (Waterton, 1418) ; 116. argent, three piles
wavy in point vert, a bordure azure, bezant6e (Bryan) ; 117.
azure, a maunch or (Conyers, temp. Edw. IIL) ; 118. or,
on a chevron gules, a martlet argent, a chief vair (St. Quin-
tin, temp. Edw. L) ; 119. sable, a saltire argent (Ryleston) ;
120. Darcy as No. 97 ; 121. gules, a saltire argent, charged
with a fleur-de-lys azure for difference (Nevill, 1295) ;
122. lozengy or and gules, a canton ermine (Nevill, temp.
Edw. HL); 123. or, fretty gules, on a canton per pale
ermine and or, a lymphad sable (Nevill) ; 124. or, an
ancient ship of three masts sails furled sable (Nevill, temp.
Edw. L); 125. gules, a lion rampant or, billett^e sable
(Bulmer, temp. Edw. HI.); 126. or, a fesse indented
azure (Midleham) ; 127. ermine (Brittany) ; 128. quarterly,
or and gules, a bend sable (Clavering, 1298) ; 129. barry
of ten argent and gules, on a bordure azure, eight martlets
(Merlais) ; 130. or, a fesse azure, in chief three pallets
gules (Fauconberg, 1300) ; 131. argent, a lion rampant
azure (Brus, 1300) ; 132. argent, two bars gules, on a
canton of the last a lion passant guardant or (Lancaster,




1300) ; 133. argent, a chevron between three rooks sable
(Rokeby, 1348) ; 134. quarterly, i. andiiii. argent, an inescut-
cheon sable, over all an escarbuncle or ; ii. and iii. , gules, six
escutcheons, three, two, and one argent, in the centre of the

suo jure i6th Baroness Darcy de Knayth [Arms — Quarterly
of 135 as next above. Supporters (of the Barony of
Darcy) — Dexter, a heraldic tiger argent ; sinister, a bull
sable, armed and unguled or] ; vide Herbert.

quarters an inescutcheon gules charged with a man in
armour on horseback argent (Schomberg) ; 135. as No. i.
Supporters (of Barony of Conyers) — On either side a lion
rampant azure], vide Yarborough.

The Rt. Hon. Violet Ida Evelyn, Countess of Powis,

Dau. of Hon. Charles Pierrepoint D'Arcy Lane-Fox,
b. 1830 ; d. 1874 : m. 1850, Louisa Emma, d. of
Thomas Fairfax of Newton Kyme : —
Louisa Emma Lane-Fox [Arms — Quarterly of 135 as
above]. Res. —




FOX (H. Coll., 1903). Per chevron azure and argent,
two foxes' heads erased in chief or, and a human heart in
base gules between four ermine spots in cross sable. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
upon a rock proper, a fox sejant or, resting the dexter
leg on a human heart gules. Motto — " Faire sans dire."
Livery — Dark blue.

Only surv. son of Arthur Douglas Fox, Gentleman,
M.I.C.E. , b. 1840; d. 191 1 ; m. 1872, Frances Anne
Arbuthnot [d. 1899), d. of Alexander MacKeniie
Banker : —
Herbert Sholto Douglas Fox, Gentleman, b. 1879. Res. —
Sons of Rev. Archibald Fox of Desford, Leics. (s. of
Archibald Fo.\ of Blackheath, b. 1799), 1^. 1840;
(/. 1901; m. Harriet, d. of the late Robert Darley
Oxley, I.P., of Thorpe, Ripon : —
Major Robert Michael Douglas Fox, O.B.E.. K.O. Yorks.
Lt. Inf (ret.), b. 1876. Res — Theale, Sc merset.

Archibald Douglas Fox, Gentleman, b. 1878. Res. —
Brut on, Somerset.

Son of Sir (Charles) Douglas Fox, Kt. Bach. (1886),

formerly Fres. Inst. C. Eng. , J. P. London and Surrey,

b. 1840; d. 1921 ; m. 1863, Mary, d. of late Francis

Wright of Osmaston Manor, Derbyshire (by his wife

Selina, d, of Sir Henry Fitzherbert, Bart., of Tissing-

ton) :—

Francis Douglas Fox, Esq., J. P. co. of London, M.A.

Camb., NLLC.E., F.R. Col. Inst., b. 15 April 1868; m.

12 July 1900, Mildred Susan, d. of the late Rev. Joseph

Harris of Westcotes, Leicester. Res. — 19 Kensington

Square, \V.8. Clubs — Athenaeum, R.A.C.

Son of Sir Francis Fox, Knt., M.I.C.E., J. P. Denbigh-
shire and N.R. Yorks., b. 1844; '''• 1927; by ist wife,
7n. 1869, Selina (d. 1900), d. of Francis Wright of
Osmaston Manor, Derby: —
Francis Henry Wright Fox, Gentleman, b. ; m.

; and has issue — i dau. Res. —

Son of Henry Fox, Esq., b. 1846; d. 1926; m. 1875,
Emily, d. of Hon. John Henry Knox : —
Bertram Douglas Fox, Gentleman, b. 1877 ; ni. ;

and has issue — Charles Douglas Fox, Gentleman, b.
Res. — Broadway Buildings, Westminster, S.W.i.

FOX (U.O. , 1840). Azure, on a bend engrailed ermine,
cottised or, three foxes' heads erased gules, all within a
bordure of the second. Crest— On a wreath of the colours,

FOX of Fox Hall (U.O.). Azure, a sceptre in bend
between two regal crowns or, a chief of the last. Mantling'
azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a winged
sceptre proper. Motto — " Nee elatus nee dejectus."

Son of lemmett George Fox, b. 1826; d. 1868; m.
1856, Dora, d. of J. West, M.D. :—

Fox, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Son of Capt. Maxwell Fox, R.N., of Annaghmore,
J. P. and D.L. King's Co. (High Sheriff 1868, and for
Longford 1885), b. 1826; d. 1899; vi. 2nd, Eidith
Susan Marian, d. of Rev. Essex Edgworth of Kil-
shrewly : —
Essex Barry Fox, Gentleman, b. i888. Seat —

FOX, The (U.O.). Argent, a lion rampant, and in chief
two dexter hands couped at the wTist gules. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — An arm embowed in armour,
holding a sword all proper. Motto— " Sionnach a boo"
(Irish for "Fox for ever"). Livery — Millers grey, with
scarlet cuffs and piping, silver hatband, cockade.

Sons of James George Hubert Fox, Esq., J. P. co.

Tipperary, late Lieut. 5th Roy. Irish Lancers, of

Galtrim House, b. 1842; d. 1919 ; m. rst, 1865,

Elizabeth Amelia Lilian (rf. 1875), d. of Rev. J. B.

Grant, Rector of Rathconrath, Westmeath ; 2nd, 1877,

Georgiana Frances, eld. d. of Rev. C. Elrington M'Kay,

Vicar of Laracor and Galtrim : —

Brabazon Hubert Maine Fox, "The Fox" (as chief

of his name), J. P. co. Meath, F.R.S.A. Ireland, Major

(ret.) Roy. Irish Rifles, b. 1868; m. 1896, Florence Emily

Clara, eld. d. of Lt.-Col. W. A. Le Mottle, late i8th Roy.

Irish Regt. ; and has surv. issue — Nial Arthur Hubert Fox,

Esq., late Capt. R. Irish Rejjt., b. 1897 [w. 1925, Noel

Mary, d. of R. H. Wright, C.E., of Thorncastle. S. Africa,

and has issue — Anne Maureen Lilian [Res. — Uplands,

Bridgnorth, Salop |1. Seat — Galtrim House, Summerhill,

CO. Meath. Cluh — St. George's Empire Service.

Arthur James Fox, Esq., late Capt. 3rd Batt. Roy. Irish
Regt., b. 1871 ; m. 1912, Adelaide Sarah, d. of late Henry
Harte Barry of Kanturk, co. Cork ; and has issue — Nancy
Valentine Lilian. Res. — Dangan Manor, Thomastown, co.

a fox sejant gules, collared and chained or, supporting by
his sinister paw a flagstaff proper, thereon a banner
azure, sem^e-de-lis or. MottO — "J'ai ma foi tenu a ma

Sons of Rev. William Charles Fox of The Grange,
Northwoods, Glos., b. 1826; m. 2nd, 1863; Georgina
Sarah, d. of Rev. Nathaniel Wodehouse : —
Lionel Wodehouse Fox, Esq., late Capt. Somerset L. I.,
b. 1865.

Armine Wodehouse Fox, Gentleman, b. i86g ; m. 1909,
Winifred Mary Hope, d. of Rev. Walter Summers, Vicar
of Danehill ; and has issue — Humphrey Francis Wode-
house Fox, Gentleman, b. 1913. Post. add. — Harper House,
Sherborne, Dorset.

Raymond Wodehouse Fox, Esq., Major Royal Warwick-
shire Regt., b. 1873.

Sons of Stephen Newcome Fox, Gentleman, Barrister-
at-Law, B.A. (Oxon.), b. 1849; d. 1917 ; m. 1895,
Annie Enid, d. of Alexander Scrimgeour : —
Charles Alexander Newcome Fox, Gentleman, b. 1896.
Keith Stephen Fox, Gentleman, b. 1904. Res. —
Sons of William Edward Fox, Gentleman, of Clifton,
b. 1811 ; d. 1875 ; m. 1849, Emma, widow of Sir George
King Molyneux, Bart. : —
William Edward Ker Fox, Gentleman, late Lieut. i8th
Roy. Irish Regt., b. 1850; m. ist, 1883, Emma Elizabeth
(d. 1901), d. of Capt. John Molyneux; 2nd, 1900, Eliza
Penelope, onlv d. of 1 ite John Pinkerton of Glasgow.

Major John Charles Ker Fox, London Imp. Yeo. , late
19th Hussars, Sword Bearer to City of London 1907-21,
M.-A. (Dublin), sometime in the Prussian Army, served in
Egyptian Campaign 1882, Nile Exped. 1884-5, S. Africa
1900, b. 1851 ; m. 1877, Susan, d. of John Ramshay of
Gilsland, Cumberland ; and has surv. issue — Hugo Fox,
Gentleman, b. 1883; and Mildred. Res. — Kenwood,

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