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corn salient argent, armed, maned, and unguled or, within
a bordure of the last, charged with eight half thistles
proper, and as many half roses gules, stalked and leaved
proper, conjoined paleways, being the coat of augmenta-
tion granted to the first Earl of Kinnoull ; 3. argent, three
inescutcheons gules (for Hay). Upon the escutcheon is
placed a helmet befitting his degree, with a Mantling gules,
doubled argent ; and upon a wreath of his liveries is set for
Crest, a stag's head erased proper. Supporters — Two stags
proper. Motto — " I am ready." Livery — Light blue.
Seat —


FRASER-MACKENZIEof Allangrange and Bimchrew
(L.O. , remairic. 9 Feb. 1908). Quarterly, i and 4, azure,
a buck's head cabossed or (Mackenzie of AUangrangi-, L.O.i
1817) ; 2. azure, an escallop between three cinquefoils argent
(Eraser of Bunchrew) ; 3. azure, a falcon displayed argent,



of Farraline, L.O., 1776) ; ii. and iii., argent, three antique
crowns gules, the whole within a bordure argent (Eraser of
Balnaini; 4. gales, three antique c owns or, a border per
pale of the last and azure (Grant of Burdsyards, L.O.
1864). Mantling gules, doubled argent. CreatB— 1. the

charged on the breast with a man's heart gules, between
three mullets of the second (Falconer — L.O., 1733 and
1817), to be borne by Mrs. Beatrice Anna Fraser-Mackenzie
on a lozenge, and therewith, as Supporters, on a com-
partment, two savages, wreathed about the head and middle
with laurel, and each carrying on their exteiior shoulder a
baton erect with fire issuing out of the top of it, their hair
also inflamed all p'oper : the same Arms to be borne on
a shield by Robert Scalett Eraser-Mackenzie, surmounted
by a helmet befitting his degree. Mantling azure, doubled
or. Crest— On a w, eath of his liveries, a burning mountain
proper. Mottoes— (Over crest), " Luceo non uro"; (under
Arms), "Vive ut vivas." Livery— Dark blue coat, blue and
yellow waistcoat."

Third but only surv. son of John Eraser, Esq., J. P.,

D.L., of Bunchrew, Inverness-shire, d. 1798; d. 1876;

m. 1841, Hester, d. of E. Lomax of Netley Park,

Surrey : —
Robert Scarlett Eraser-Mackenzie (formerly Eraser) of
Allangrange and Bunchrew, Esq., Capt. Q. O, Cameron
Highlanders, D. L., J. P. Ross-shire, d. 1853; m. 1887,
Beatrice .Anna, J. P. Ross-shire, d. of late Capt. A. W.
Mackenzie of Ord, Ross-shire; and has issue — (i) John
Ord Alastair Eraser-Mackenzie, Lieut, late Lovats Scouts,
/>. 1890 [m. 1921, Mary Christabel, d. of Charles Dacres
West, of Aileron, S. Devon] ; (2) Evdyn Robert Leopold
Fraser-Mackenzie, Esq., D.S.O., M.C., Maj. ist Highland
Bde. R.H..^., d. 1893 : (3* Richard Arthur Lomax Eraser-
Mackenzie, Gentleman, late Seaforth Highlanders, 6. 1898;
and Gladys Frances hn. 1909, David Mackintosh, and son
of the late Lord Kyllachy]. Seats— Netley Park, Surrey ;
Allangrange, Munlochy, Ross-shire. J?es. — Bunchrew
House, Bunchrew, Inverness. Cluis — Junior Carlton, and

FRASER-TYTLER of Aldourie and Balnain (rematric,
L.O. , 1864). Quarterly, i. gules, a lion's head erased
argent, between three crescents or, a bordure of the last
(Tytler, L.O., 1768I; 2. erniinois, on a fesse per fesse
embattled gules and azure, three crescents argent (Craig of
Dalnair, L.O. , 1768 1; 3. counter-quartered, i. and iiii.,
azure, a bend engrailed between three frases argent (Eraser

rays of the sun issuing from behind a cloud proper (Tytler) ;

2. a stag's head erased proper (Eraser). Mottoes—" Occultus

non extinctus " (Tytler) ; " Je suis prest " (Eraser).

Only surv. son of Edward Grant Eraser- Tytler, Esq.
of Aldourie and Balnain, co. of Inverness, J. P. and
D.L. CO. Inverness, Capt. Highland Light Inf. (Mil.),
Lt.-Col. Lovat's Scouts, d. 1856 ; d. 1918 ; m. ist, 1881,
Edith Adriana {d. 1910), eld d. of the late Rt. Hon.
Sir Charles J. Selwyn, Lord Justice of Appeal ; 2nd,
1912, Christian Alice, d. of William Scott Kerr of
Chatto and Sunlaws, and widow of J. W. Fraser-Tytler
of Woodhouselee ; —
Neil Fraser-Tytler, Esq., D.S.O. and Bar, T.D., Croix

de Guerre, Lt.-Col. R.A., J. P. co. Inverness, 1^. 1889; m.

1919, Christian Helen, d. of the late Sheriff J. C. Shairp,

of Hounstoun, and has issue — 2 daus. Seat — Aldourie

Castle, CO. Inverness. Clui — Bath.

Fraser-Tytler of Woodhouselee (rematric, L.O.,
1824). Quarterly, i and 4. Tytler as above ; 2. Craig of
Dalnair as above ; 3. quarterly, i. and iiii., azure, a bend
engrailed between three fraises argent (Eraser of Farraline) ;
ii. and iii., gules, three antique crowns or (Eraser of
Balnain), the whole within a bordure ermine for his
congruent difference. Mantling g^les, doubled argent.
Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, the rays of the sun
issuing from behind a cloud proper. Motto — "Occultus
non extinctus."

Eld. son of James William Fraser-Tytler, Esq., J. P.,

B.A. (Oxon.), ^. 1854; d. 1904; m. 1883, Christian

Alice, d. of William Scott -Kerr of Chatto and

Sunlaws : —

James Francis Fraser-Tytler, Esq., D.S. O. , Major ist

LovatsScouts Yeo. , J.P. Midlothian, B.A. (Oxon.),*. 1884;

m. 1911, Flora Helen, d. of the late Henry Williams, Esq.,

Lieut. Lovat's Scouts. Clui — New (Edinburgh).

FREAKE(H. Coll., 1882). Per fesse sable and azure,
two bars engrailed or, each charged with three bulls' heads
caboshed of the first, in chief three mullets of six points of
the third. Mantling sable and or. Crest- On a wreath
of the colours, in front of a bull's head sable, holding in




the mouth a mullet of six points or, a rock proper. Motto

— " Integrity."

Son of Sir Thomas George Freake, 2nd Bart., Mayor
of Dartmouth 1897-8, b. 1848; d. 1920; ni. 1868,
Frederica Charlotte Mary, d. of Col. Frederick Maitland
of Holywych, Kent —
Sir Frederick Maitland Freake, 3rd Bart. (23 May 1882),

late Capt. R.F.A. , served Great War, b. 1876; m. 1902,

Alison, d. of late Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, co.

Galway ; and has issue — Charles Arland Maitland Freake,

Esq., b. 1904. Seat — Halford Manor, Shipstone, co.


FREDERICK (H. Coll., 1662). Or, on a chief azure,
three doves argent. Mantling azure and or. Crest — On
a chapeau azure, turned up ermine, a dove as in the arms,
holding in his beak an olive branch proper. MottO —
" Prudens simplicitas beat."

Sons of Sir Charles Edward Frederick of Westminster,
7th Baronet, J. P. and High Sheriff (1889) co. Hants.,
Lt.-Col. (ret.) formerly 21st and loth Hussars, b. 1843 ;
d. 1913 ; VI. 1875, Emma Agnes, d. of Thomas Taylor
of Leinster Gardens, Lancaster Gate, B. C.S, : —
Sir Charles Edward St. John Frederick, 8th Bart. (G.B., 10
June 1723), O. B. E., Capt. late Northainpton Yeo. , b. 1876;
m. 1911, Ada Louisa, only d. of Ccesar Czarnikow of Effing-
ham Hill, Surrey, and widow of Lt.-Col. George Seymour
Charles Jenkinson, D.S. O. , of Lamport Grange, North-
ampton. Seat — Lamport Grange, Northampton. Town
res. — The Manor, Davies Street, W. Clubs — Boodle's.

Edward Boscawen Frederick, Esq., Lt.-Col. late Royal
Fusiliers, and Exon. in the King's Bodyguard of the Yeomen
of the Guard (1925), served in South Africa 1899-1902, and
Great War 1914-18, h. 1880; t>i. 1913, Edith Katharine
(Kathleen) Cortlandt, d. of late Col. William Hutchinson
Mulloy, RE., of Hughestown, co. Ri scommon, and has
issue — Charles Boscawen Frederick, Gentleman, b. 1919 ;
John Christopher Frederick, Gentleman, b. 19 12 ; and Kath-
leen Patricia. Res. — White House, Leighton, Welshpool.
Sons of George Septimus Frederick, Gentleman, b.
1805; d. 1891 ; 7)1. 1851, Emily Caroline, d. of Robert
Rising of Horsey :—
Capt. George Charles Frederick, C.B.E. , late R. N., b.
185s; m. 1881, Nellie, d. of George Peter Martin, Esq.,
C.B.. R.N., J.P. iPtf5.—Boulouris-sur-Mer, St. Raphael
Var, France. Club — United Service.

Henry Penrice Frederick, Gentleman, b, 1857; tn. ist,
1891, Margaret [d. 1904), d. of Sir Thomas Beevor, 4th
Bart. ; and has surv. issue — Roger Frederick, Esq., Lieut,
R.N., b. 1900; Mary [w. 1922, Rev. G. E. Ingle, and
has issue] ; and Sophy ; 2nd, 1908, Diana, d. of Sir William
Foster, 2nd Bait. Res. — Burgh Hall, Great Yarmouth.

Ernest Prescolt Frederick, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb. ), b.
1858 ; m. ist, 1890, Wilhelmina Lindsay {d. 1901), d. of Rev.
W. Lindsay Alexander, D.D. , LL.D. ; and has issue-
Grace Emily Hannah [7/1. 1920, Lt.-C( mdr. H. J. Hart-
noil, D.S.O., R.N., and has issue] ; and Marjory Pleasaunce
Lindsay [m. 1921, G. H. Russell, and has issue] ;
and 1919, Gladys, d. of James Lindsay Travers, of Bredgar
Housi', Kent, and has further issue — John Cromwell
Frederick, Cjentleman, b. 1920. Res. — The Wells House,
Malvern Wells.

Richard Rising Frederick, Gentleman, M.A. (Camb.),
h. 1865 ; 77t. 1902, Marv Teresa, widow of Major C. W.
Parish, R.M., d. of Col'. T. R. H. Drummond-Hay, 78th
Highlanders. Res. — Aldwick Place, Boarshead, Tunbridge

Arthur Marescoe Frederick, Gentleman, b. 1869 ; th.
1900, Petrona Elena, d. of C. J. F. Davie of Monte Video ;
and has issue — (i) Arthur Roland Frederick, Gentleman,
b. 1901 ; (2) John Davie Geoffrey Frederick, Gentleman, b.
1903; and Louisa Carmen. Res.— Terro Carril Central,
Monte Video, Uruguay, S. America.

Son of Edward Gurdon Frederick, Gentleman,
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., b. 1872; d. 1926; 771. 1899,
Annie Ma- garet Balfour, d. of Thomas S. Vance : —
Edwa d Vincent Fredeiick, Gentleman, b. 1902. Res. —
I Cambridge Road, Seven Kings, Essex.

Yngst. son of George Septimus Frederick (see above) : —
Herbert Frederick, Gentleman,!^. 1874; 77t. 1900, Alice
Louie, d. of W. H. Priest ; and has issue — Edith Nora.

FREELING (H. Coll., 4 Oct. 1809). Per fesse indented
or and gules, three unicorns' heads, two and one erased

counterchanged. Mantling' gules and or. Creat— On a
wreath of the colours, a unicorn's head erased per pale
indented ermine and gules, armed, tufted, and crined or.
Motto — " Nunquam nisi honorilicentissime."

Only surv. son of Lharles Rivers Freeling, Esq. (4th

son of Sir Francis Freeling, ist Bart., and Jane

Karstadt), b. 1811 ; d. 1&80; by 3rd wife, m. 1851,

Emma Amelia (d. 1861), d. of Rev. Edward Luard,

Rector of Winterslow : —

Sir Charles Edward Luard Freeling, 9th Bart. (11 March,

1828), b. 1858, s. his kinsman 1927; 7/1. 1913, Ethel Amy,

d. of the late Iltid Nicholl, of Lancaster Gate. Res. —

Beenham Lodge, Reading.



merly (1882-95) commanding the and Vol. Batt. Duke
of Wellington's West Riding Regt., retired with the rank
of Hon. Col., appointed to command a Battalion of
National Reservists 1912, J.P. for the West Riding of
Yorks. , and for the Borough of Huddersfield. Born
Jan. 22, 1845, being the third but second surviving son of
the late John Freeman of Egerton, near Huddersfield,
Solicitor, by his wife Mary, da.u. of Nathaniel Berry.
Armorial bearings^ Per pale azure and or, three lozenges
conjoined in fesse, counterchanged, on a chief arched argent,
two foxes' heads erased of the first. Mantling azure and
or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a rock, ademi-
fox charged with two lozenges in pale, and holding between
the paws a mascle all or. Motto — "Liber et audax."
Livery — Dark blue, with silver buttons. Married,
Sept. II, 1873, Sarah Caroline, eldest dau. of Richard
Mcxon, Esq., of Pontefract, J.P. for the W.R. of York-
shire ; and has Issue — John Arthur Freeman, Gentleman,
b. July 3, 1874 ; Mary Kathleen Gertrude ; and Norah Eliza-
beth. Residence — Oakwood House, Egerton, Huddersfield.
Club — Constitutional.

The Rev. JOHN FREEMAN, Clerk in Holy Orders, late
Vicar of Woodkirk, co.Yi rks., M.A. (Cantab.). Born May
13, 1843, being the eldest surviving son of the late John Free-
man of E'.lgerton, near Hu klersfield, S licit- r, by his wife
Mary, dau. of Nathaniel Berry. Armorial bearings—

Per pale azure and or, three lozenges conjoined in fesse
counterchanged, en a chief arched argent, two foxes' heads




erased of the first. Mantling azure and or. Crest— On
a wreath of the colours, upon a rock a demi-fox charged
with two kizenges in pale, and holding between the paws
a niascle, all cr. Motto - " Liber et audax." Livery —
Blue and gold. Married \CfO^, Jane Rhodes, d. of Thomas
Canning of Woodkirk, co.Y> rks. ; and has Issue — (i) John
F"reeman, Gentleman, h. 1906; (2I Frank Freeman, Gentle-
man, b. 1907; (3) Edwa'd Geoffrey Freeman, Gentleman,
h. igio. Res. — 51 Wiibury Road, Hove, Brighton.
Club — Constitutional.

FREEMAN (H. Coll., 11 Oct. 1922). Quarterly, i,
azure, on a chevron or, three cinquefoils of the first,
and in chief a lion passant of the second, all within
two (launches argent, each charged with a wooden cross
fitch6e proper (I'reeinanj ; 2. or, on a mount in base an
oak-tree proper, over all a fesse gules, thereon three
cinquefoils of tlie field, in the dexter canton two annulets
interlaced in pale sable (for Carless of Birmingham) ; 3.
or, three bendlets vert, between two cinquefoils gules
(for Tomkys of Bilston, Staffs.) ; 4. azure, three garbs
or, within a bordure engrailed argent, on a chief of the
second, a talbot passant sable (for Pratchett of Bilston).
Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, issuant out of a chaplet of roses gules, barbed
and seeded proper, a derai-lion rampant or, supporting
a wooden cross fitch6e as in the arms. Motto —
" Esto civis fidelis."

Sons of Edward Freeman, Esq., of Bryn Celyn,
nr. Pwllheli, co. Carnarvon, Maj. R. Welch Fus.,
h. 1875 ; killed inaction 1916 ; m. i«97, Katherine
Margaret, d. of Maj. -Gen. Gillespie, of Brynderwyn,
CO. Monmouth : —
Harold Augustus Freeman, M.C.,Capt. R.Welch Fus.,
•erved Great War and Waziristan Campaign, h. 1897;
m. 1 92 1, Jessie, d. of Hon. W. C. Job, of St. John's,
Newfoundland ; and has issue — Harold Warren Free-
man, Gentleman, h. 1923. Club — Naval and Military.

Edward Rollo Freeman, Esq., Capt. and Adjt. 4th
Batt. R. Welch Fus., served in fhe Waziristan Campaign,
6.1899. Kes. — Wood End, Malvern, Worcester. Cluh
— Naval and Military.

Arthur Reginald Freeman, Lieut. R.N., served
Great War, h. 1901.

FREE.M.AN. Azure, gutt^e-d'or, a greyhound couchant
between three lozenges or. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a greyhound couchant
sable, holding in the mouth an ear of wheat leaved and
slipped, and resting the dexter fore-paw on a lozenge, both
or. Motto "Aspiro. "

Sons of John Robert Freeman, Gentleman, Barrister-
at-Law, b. 1846 ; tn. 1872, Emily, eldest dau. of Henry
Hoskins : —

Bertram Seyntcler Freeman, Gentleman, b. Aug. 13, 1873.

Harry Scott Freeman, Gentleman, b. Feb. 7, 1876.
Res. — 25 Clarence Street, Staines.

Edward Turner Freeman, Gentleman, b. Aug. 22, 1877.

Charles Trevelyan Freeman, Gentleman, b. March 3, 1879.

Robert Bingle Freeman, Gentleman, b. June 22, 1880.

Cecil Leslie Freeman, Gentleman, b. Dec. 26, 1883.

FREEMAN-MITFORD. Quarterly, 1 and 4, argent, a
fesse between three moles sable (for Mitford) ; 2 and 3,
azure, three fusils in fesse or, a canton ermine (for Freeman).
Mantling sable and argent. Crests — i. Upon a wreath of
the colours, two hands couped at the wrist proper, grasping a
sword erect argent, the point and hilt or, the blade enfiled
with a boar's head erased sable (for Mitford) ; 2. upon a
wreath of the colours, a demi-wolf argent, supporting be-
tween the paws a fusil or, gorged with a collar dancett^e
gules (for Freeman). Motto — " God careth for us."

Sons of Rt. Hon. .Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford,
1st Baron Redesdale, of Redesdale, in co. Northumber-
land G.C.V.O., K.C.B., J. P., D.L. co. Gloucester,
M.P. for Stratford-on-Avon Division of Warwick 1892-
1895, '''• Fsb. 24, 1837; d. 1916 ; m. 1874, Clementine
Gertrude Helen, commonly known as Lady Clementine
Gertrude Helen, second dau. of the Rt. Hon. the
seventh Earl of .-Mrlie, K.T. : —
Rt. Hon. David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, 2nd
Baron Redesdale, of Redesdale, Northumberland (22 July,
1902), Capt. Res. of Officers, Northumberland Fusiliers,
late Maj. R.A. F. , served S. Africa 1900-2, and Great War
1914, b. 1878 ; m. 1904, Sydney, dau. of Thomas Gibson
Bowles, M.P. , and has issue — Hon. Thomas David Freeman-

Mitford, b. 1909 ; Hon. Nancy ; Hon. Pamela ; Hon. Diana ;
Hon. Unity Valkyrie; Hon. Jessica Lucy; and Hon.
Doborah Vivien. Res. — Swinbrook, Burford, Oxon. Club
— Marlborough.

Hon. Bertram Thomas Carlyle Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford,
D.S.O., Capt. (let.) R.N., b. 1880; m. 1925, Mary
Margaret, only child of the lau; Thomas Cordes, of Silwood
Park. Res. — West we 11, Burford, Oxon.

Hon. John Power Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, b.
1885. C"/«iJj — Carlton, Marlborough.

Hon. Ernest Rupert Freeman-Mitford, Sub. -Lieut.
R.N.V.R., b. 1895.

FREEMAN-THOMAS of Ratton (H. Coll., 1910).
Quarterly, i ami 4, argent, three lions rampant gules, a
chief azure (Thomas) ; 2 and 3, ermine, two pallets azure,
three lozenges conjoined in fesse or (Freeman). Mantling
gules and argent. Crests — i. on a wreath of the colours,
a demi-lion rampant gules, charged on the shoulder with an
ermine spot argent (Thomas) ; 2. on a wreath cf the colours,
issuant out of an antique crown azure, a boar's head
proper (Freeman). Motto — " Honesty is the best policy."

Son of Frederick Freeman Thomas, Esq., J. P., of

Raiton and Yapton, Sussex, b. 1838 ; d. 1868 ; tn.

1863, Hon. Mabel Brand (</. 1868), d. of ist Viscount

Hampden : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Freeman Freeman-Thomas, ist Viscount
Willingdon (1924), Baron Willingdon of Ratton, Willing-
don, Sussex (20 July 1910), G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E.,
G.B. E. , Gov.-Gen. andC.-in-C. Canada since 1926, formerly
Governor of Bombay 1913, and Fort Getrge, Madras
1919-24, M.P. for Hastings 1900- 1906, and Bodmin
Division of Cornwall 1906-10, Junior Lord of Tieasury
1905-6, Lord-in- Waiting to the King 1911-13, Knight
of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem, A. D.C. to Gov.
of Victoria 1895-8, Major Sussex Yeo. and J. P. Sussex
[Supporters — Two halberdiers, armed cap-i-pie in English
armour of the 17th century], b. 1866; m. 1892, Hon.
Marie Adelaide, C. L, G. B. E., d. of ist Lord Bras5ey ;
and has had issue — (i) Hon. Gerard Frederick Freeman-
Thomas, Lieut. Coldstream Gds., b. 1893 ; killed in action
1914 ; (2) Hon. Inigo Brassey, Capt. late Indian Army,
b. 1899 ["'• ^924, Maxine Frances Mary, eld. d. of Sir
Johnston Forbes- Robertson]. 5^a^— Ratton, Willingdon,
Sussex. Toivn res. — 5 Lygon Place, Grosvenor Gardens,
S.W. Official res. — Government House, Ottawa, Canada.
Club — Bachelors'. '

FREER-SMITH of Benwell (Roy. Lie. 4 Dec. 1905.
H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, azure, a dolphin naiant be-
tween two chess-rooks in pale or (Smith) ; 2 and 3, argent,
a saltire between two martlets in pale and as many mullets
in fesse all azure (Freer). Mantling azure and or. Crests
— I, on a wreath of the colours, in front of a dolphin as
in the arms, an anchor in fesse azure (Smith); 2. on a
wreath of the colours, in front of waves of the sea thereon
a swan both proper, two mullets azure. Motto — " No
sine periculo."

Son of Adam Freer-Smith of Galston, Ayrshire, m.

Clara Jane Lyne, d. of Capt. Edmund Denman, R.N.,

of Egg Buckland, Devon : —
Sir Hamilton Pym Freer-Smith, Knt. (1905), C.S.I.
(1910), Commander (ret.) R.N., served at occupation of
Vera Cruz 1861, at bombardment of Kagosima 1863, and
Simonoseki 1864, and as Acting Comman('er of Daphne,
in suppression of slave trade 1872-3, b. 1845 ; ;,'/. ist, 1879,
Constance (d. 1885), d. of late G. F. Bagnall of Chelten-
ham ; 2nd, i8gi, Selina Kingsford, d. of late George
Wilson of Tapton Hall, Sheffield ; and has issue — Den-
man Freer Freer-.Smith, Esq., Capt. Inniskilling Dragoons,
b. 1892 [m. 1920, Phyllis Marion, d. of Lt.-Col. F. Mulliner,
of Dallington] ; Constance Emily Mary ; and Florence
Freer [m. 1920, Charles John Chaytor, Nigerian C.S.].
Seat — Benwell, Sunbury, Middlesex. Clubs — Army and
Navy, Royal Southern Yacht, Bembridge Sailing.

FREESE fH. Coll.). Or, a fesse between in chief three
crescents and in base a martlet gules, impaling the arms of
Wood of Thedden Grange, namely: — Azure, three wood-
men in fesse, wreathed about the waist with laurel proper,
each bearing on his sini ter arm an escrcheon argent, charged
witli a cross engrailed of the field, and on his dexter shoulder
a club of the second, a chief invected or, thereon an est' ile
between two fieurs-de-lys gules. Mantling gules and or.
Crest — Issuant out of a coronet composed of three roses




set upon a rim or, two sprigs of olive proper, MottO — " Je
sais me taire. "

Eldest son of F. W. Freese, of Chislehurst, Kent, b.

1837; d. 1897; m. 1862, Octavia, d. of James Edmes-

ton : —
Rev. Frederick Edmeston Freese, M.A., Vicar of St.
Etheldreda's, Fulham, b. 1863 ; m. 1892, Ediih Susan Mary,
2nd d. of John Gathorne Wood, Esq., D.L., J. P., of
Thedden Grange, co. Hants, (q.v,), and has issue — Harold
Wilfrid Armine Freese-Pennefather, Gentleman (q.v.) ;
Evelyn Lucy \_m. 1919, Count Jean PujuS ue Coudray] ;
and Audrey Marian. Res. — 43 Prince's Gardens, S.W.y.

FREESE-PENNEFATHER (H. Coll.). Quarterly, i
and 4, per fesse or and gules, a bend ermine charged in the
dexter chief with a crescent sable (for Pennefather) ; 2 and
3, or, a fesse between in chief three crescents and in base a
martlet gules (for Freese). Mantling gules and or. Crests
— I. on a wreath of the colours, a lion sejant argent
supporting an escutcheon, thereon the arms of Pennefather
(for Pennefather) ; 2. issuant out of a coronet composed of
three roses set upon a rim or, two sprigs of olive proper
(for Freese). Mottoes — i. " I abyde my lyme " ; 2. (over
Freese crest), " Je sais me taire."

Son of Rev. Frederick Edmeiton Freese, M.A. (q.v.) : —

Harold Wilfred Armine Freese-Pennefather, Gentleman.
b. 1907; assumed additional name of Pennefather by Deed
Poll 24 Feb. 1922. Seat — Rathsallagh, co. Wicklow.


FREMANTLE (H. Coll., 4 May 1761). Vert, three
bars ermine, surmounted by a lion rampant proper, murally
crowned argent, in chief two plates. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a demi-lion gules, issuing out of a mural
crown or, holding a banner quarterly argent and vert, the
staff gold and charged on the shoulder with a plate. Motto
— " Nee prece nee pretio."

Son of Major-Uen. Fitzroy William Fremantle, C.B. ,
b. 1836; d. 1894; 7/1. 1862, Julia, d. of Sir Guy Camp-
bell, Bart. :—
Major Guy Fremantle, late Coldstream Gds., b. 1867;
m. 1899, Alice Florence (d. 1908), widow of the late Col.
Dickson of Chatto, and d. of J. W. Seaburne May.
Res. — Villa Pamela, Alassio, Italy.

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle, 2nd

Baron Cottesloe, M.A. (Oxon.), Barrister-at-Law, J.P. ,

D.L., b. 1830; d. 1918; 7n. 1859, Lady Augusta

Henrietta Scott (d. 1906), d. of 2nd Earl of Eldon :^

Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Francis Fremantle, 3rd Baron

Cottesloe (U.K., 2 March 1874), 3rd Bart. (14 Aug.

1821), 4th Baion Fremantle of the Austrian Empire (29

Nov. 1816), C.B., V.D., M.A. (O.xon.), Lord-Lieut.

Bucks., and J.P. Bucks, and Leics. , Lt.-Col. late

comdg. ist Bucks. V. R.C., Knt. of (irace of the Order of

the Hosp. of St. John of Jerusalem, b. 1862 ; m. 1896,

Florence, d. of Thomas Tapling ; and has surv. issue —

Hon. John Walgrave Hallord Fremantle, b. 1900 [w. 1926,

Lady Elizabeth Harris, only d. of 5th Earl of Malmesbury,

and has issue — John Tapling Fremantle, Esq., b. 1927] ;

Hon. Christopher Fremantle, b. 1906 ; Hon. Florence Mary ;

Hon. Margaret Augusta; Hon. Bride Faith Louisa; and

Hon. Katharine Dorothy Honor. Seats — Swanbourne,

Winslow, Bucks. ; Wistow, Leicester. Clubs — Travellers',


Hon. Reginald Scott Fremantle, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1863;
m. igoo, Hilda Lucy, d. of E. M. Barry, R.A. ; and has
issue — Gerald Barry Fremantle, Esq., b. 1906; Rosamund
Beatrice; and Joan Lucy. Res. — 23 West Cromwell Road,

Hon. Walter Fremantle, late Capt. Oxford and Bucks.
L.L, B.A. (Camb.), b. 1869. Res. — Nackington Corner,

Sons of The Hon. and Very Rev. William Henry

Fremantle, Dean of Ripon, b. 1831 ; d. 1916; m. ist,

1863, Isabella Maria (d. 1901), d. of Sir Culling Eardley,

Bart., 2nd, iqo3, Sophia Frances, d. of late Major

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