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sable and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-

lion sable, gorged with a collar, and therefrom pendent
from a chain an escutcheon or, charged with a portcullis
sable. Motto — " Quaerere verum."

Son of Hon. James Chitty Hannen, B. A. Oxford,
Barrister-at-Law, Registrar of Probate and Divorce
Court, b. 1851; d. 1903; tn. 1876, Lucy, d. of C.
Schaeffer : —
James Archibald Winsland Hannen, Esq., B.A. Oxford,
Barrister-at-Law, (J. 1878. Res. — 6 Chepstow Villas, W.
Yr. son of Rt. Hon. Sir James Hannen, Baron
Hannen, Pres. of Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Div. ,
and a Lord of .Appeal in Ordinary, b. 1821 ; d. 1894;
m. 1847, Mary Elizabeth, d. of Nicholas Winsland : —
Hon. Henry Arthur Hannen, J. P., D. L. for Kent,
Barrister-at-Law, b. 1861 ; ?n. 1806, Mabel, d. of late
George Gould of Christchurch, New Zealand ; and has
issue — Mabel Mary [m. ist, 1919, Comdr. Frederick
Walter Bennett (from whom she obtained a divorce 1924) ;
2nd, 1924, Li. -Comdr. Valentine Hiist, R.N.]; and
Gertrude Margaret \m. 1928, H. C. C. Sneyd]. Res. —
Rock House, Boughton Monchelsea, Kent. Club —

HANSELL of Wroxham (H. Coll.). Gules, a saltire
between, in chief two lilies stalked and leaved argent,
and in fesse as many bezants. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a heron
holding in the beak a lily as in the arms. Motto —
"Ardua petit ardea."

Fifth son of Rev. Peter Hansell, M.A. Oxford,

Rector of Kingston, Somerset : —

Alexander Nelson Hansell, Gentleman, F.R.B.A., b.

1856; m. 1892, Mary, 2nd d. of the late Enoch Joyce

Smithers, Esq., of Dover, Delaware, U.S.A. Res. —

Yaman's Cottage, B. de Belgique, Monaco.

Sons of Peter Edward Hansell, Esq., D.L., of Wrox-
ham, Norfolk, b. 1831 ; d. 1921 ; tn. i860, Emily, d.
of John Morgan, of Highbury Place, N. : —
Walter Edward Hansell, Esq., J. P., b. i860. Res. —
Pegg's Close, Sheringham, Norfolk.

Edward Morgan Hansell, Esq., V.D., Maj., 6. 1862 ;




w. Maud, eld. d. of Richard Tidswell, Esq, J, P. ; and
has issue — Edward Peter Hansell, Gentleman, b. 1907.
Res. — Prior Bank, Cromer.

Henry Peter Hansell, Esq., C.V.O., M.A. (Oxon.),
Knt. of Grace of the Ven. Order of the Hospital of St.
John of Jerusalem, Chevalier Legion of Honour, Grand
Offiicier de I'Estoile (Roumania), b. 1863 ; was private
tutor to T.R.H. Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Prince
Henry, Prince George, Prince Arthur of Connaught, and
Prince Nicholas of Roumania. Clubs — Bath, R. Thames
Yacht. M.C.C.

Ven. Archdeacon Arthur Lloyd Hansell, M.A. (Oxon.),
Archdeacon of Wairaropa, N.Z., fi. 1865; m. Mary, eld.
d. of Archbishop Julius ; and has issue — 2 daus. Res. —
Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

Only son of Rev. Edward Halifax Hansell, B.D.
(Oxon. >. Rector of East Ilsley, Berks. : —

Edward William Hansell, Esq., M.A. (Oxon.), K.C.,
Bencher, Inner Temple, Recorder of Maidstone, 1917-27,
Official Referee H.C., Chancelior of the Dioceses of
Oxford, Gloucester, Birmingham, Coventry, Lincoln,
and Southwark, b. 1856 ; m. 1886, Edith Mary Maude,
d. of the late Admiral Sir Erasmus Ommanney, K.C.B.
Res.— 18 Eldon Road, Kensington, W.8.

HANSEN of Bideford. Gules, a bridge of three arches
argent, masoned sable, on a chief ermine two lymphads,
of the third. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — A lion
sejant, resting the dexter forepaw on a rudder proper.
Badge — A sprig of oak fructed, and a sprig of apple
flowered proper in saltire, enfiled by a circlet or. Motto —
" Perseverantia."

Son of Carl Frederick Hansen, of Bergen, Norway,
b. 1840 ; m. 1866, Hilma, d. of Frank Wohlford : —

Sir Sven Wohlford Hansen, ist Bart. (20 Jan. 1921),
M.B.E., shipowner and shipbuilder, b. 1876 ; m. 1899,
Jane, d. of Thomas Welsh ; and has issue — Carl Sven
Hansen, Esq., b. 1910 ; Kathleen. J?es. — Belwethers,
Cranleigh, Surrey. Club — Bath.

HANSFORD (R.L., 1909, H. Coll., 1907 and 1910).
Azure, a St. John's wort plant, flowered and eradicated

proper, in dexter canton a sun in splendour issuant or, and in
base a ford, also proper; impaling the arms of Montagu,

namely, gules, within two flaunches ermine, a horseshoe,
or, between two bezants in pale. Mantling azure and
or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, out of flames a
phoenix rising proper, holding in the beak a spear argent,
flying therefrom a pennon gules. Motto — " Reviresco."
Livery — Dark blue and orange.

Third son of Ralph Lazarus of 127 Gower Street,
London, W.C. (great-grandson of Eleazar Hansford),
who was b. 14 Aug. 1822 and d. 23 Aug. 1901, by
Alice (nt'e Benjamin) his wife, who d. 21 Jan. i8g8: —
Benjamin Hansford, Esq., C.B. (1913), late Capt. Rifle
Bde. (T.A.), a Member of His Majesty's Commission of
Lieutenancy for the City of London, Past Master of the
Worshipful Company of Gardeners, Member of the Stock
Exchange, resumed the ancient patronymic of his family by
authority of Royal Licence 4 Dec. 1909, b. 26 Apr. 1863 ; m.
30 Apr. 1902, Mary, third d. of the late Hynian Montagu,
Esq., F.S.A.,a Member of the Commission of Lieutenancy
for the City of London, Vice-President of the Ruyal Numis-
matic Society, and sometime Master of the Worshipful
Company of Farriers, of 5 and 6 Bucklersbury, E.C., and
34 Queen's Gardens, Paddington, W., by Rachel (formerly
Beddington) his wife ; and has surv. issue — Averil Rachel ;
and Joyce Ailsey. Residetice — 16 Park Street, Grosvenor
Square, W.

HANSON (H. Coll., 1887). Or, a chevron counter-

compony gules and argent, cottised of the second, between

three martlets sable, in the centre chief point a crescent

also gules. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath

of the colours, upon a fasces fessewise or, a martlet with

wings endorsed sable. Motto — " Deo favente et sedulitate."

Eld. son of Sir Reginald Hanson, ist Bart., Knt.,

M.A. , LL.D. Camb. , F.S.A., one of H.M. Lieuts. for

City of London, I. P. and D. L. Tower Hamlets and

Middlesex, J. P. Westminster and London, M.P. for

City of London 1891-1900, Hon. Col. 6th Batt. Royal

Fus. , City of London Regt., Alderman Billingsgate

Ward 1880, Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1881,

Lord Mayor of London 1886-7, b. 1840; d. 1905; m.

1866, Constance Hallett (d. 1927), dau. and coh. of

Charles Bentley Bingley of Stanhope Park, Middlesex : —

Sir Gerald Stanhope Hanson, 2nd Bart. (6 June 1887),

in the Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London,

late Lieut. 4th Batt. Oxford L.I., b. 1867; m. ist, 1899,

Sylvia Linda {d. 1910), d. of the late E. Dutton Cook ; and

has issue — Richard Leslie Reginald Hanson, Esq., b. 1905 ;

m. 2nd, 1912, Dorothy Gwendoline, d. of late Alfred Peel

of Lincoln (whom he div. 1917) ; 3rd, 1922, Flora, d. of

Lt.-Col. Blennerhassett of 134 Queen's Road, Clifton,

Bristol. Res. — Yjye Kettleby Hall, Melton Mowbray.

Club — Badminton.

Son of Sir Francis Stanhope Hanson, Knight Bach.
1909, Alderman on the Commission of Lieutenancy
(Sheriff 1908-9) of the City of London, late Lt.-Col.
6th Batt. Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regt. (yr.
son of Sir Reginald Hanson, ist Bart.), b. 1868;
d. 1910 ; m. 1897, Pearl Norcott, d. of Charles Albert
Winter, J. P., of Airlie Gardens, Kensington : —
Charles Reginald Francis Hanson, Esq., b. 1904.
Address —

HANSON. Argent, three lions rampant in chevron
between as many mascles azure. Mantling azure and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a lion rampant
azure, holding in the dexter forepaw an antler or, and
resting the sinister paw upon two mascles fessewise and
interlaced of the last. Motto — " Semper parare." Liveiy —
Blue, with white facings.

Only son of Sir Charles Augustine Hanson, ist Bart.

(1918I, J. P., D.L., b. 1846; d. 1922; m. June 16,

1869, Martha Sabina, youngest dau. of James Appelbe,

Esq., J. P. of CO. of Halton, Canada: —

Sir Charles Edwin Bourne Hanson, 2nd Bart., of Fov\ey,

Cornwall, M.A. Camb., Maj. 3rd West Riding Regt., b.

May 17, 1874 ; m. 1908, Violet Sybil, d. of the late John

B.Johnstone, of Cormbe Cottage, Kingston Hill, and has

issue — Charles John Hanson, Esq., b. 1919; Violet

Alice Rosalind ; and Edwina Marjorie Clare. Residences —

Fowey Hall, Cornwall ; The Manor House, Old Maiden,

Surrey. Clubs — United University ; Leander.


HARBEN (H. Coll.). Azure, a saltire parted and fretty
between two spear-heads in pale, and as many spurs with


5) at


leathers in fesse or. Crest — Upon a wreath of the colours,
a cubit arm in armour, the hand in a gauntlet proper,
holding a spur leathered or, between two roses gules, leaved
and slipped also proper. Motto — " Sunimis viribus."
Livery — Blue, with gilt buttons.

Sons of Henry Andrade Harben, Esq. , b. 1849 ; d. 1910 ;
7n. 1873, Mary Frances, d. of Charles James- —

Henry Devenish Harben, Esq., J. P., Bucks., Barr.-at-
Law (Inner Temple), M..-\. (Oxon.), i^. 1874 ; m. 1899, Agnes
Helen, d. of E. I. Bosiock, M.D. , J. P., of Horsham ; and
has issue — (i) Henry EricSouthey Harben, Esq., late Lieut.
R. Dragoons, b. 1900: (2) Edward Harben, Gentleman, b.
1901 ; .Agnes Mary ; Naomi ; and Eve. Seat — Newland
Park, Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Res. — Seaford Lodge,
Fellows Road, N.W. 3. Clubs — Bath, Royal Automobile.

Guy Philip Harben, Gentleman, O.B.E., b. 1881 ; w.
ist, 1904, Gladys Mary [d. 1905), d. of Canon Jones of
W'rexham ; 2nd, 1905, Marie, d. of Thomas Sharp
Hamilton; and has issue: — Wilfrid Harben, Gentleman,
b. 1906. Res. — The Fishing Cottage, Lower Brook, King's
Somborne, Hants.


H.-\RBORD (Act cf Pari. 1742). Quarterly, i. quarterly,
szure and gules, an imperial crown or between four lions
rampant argent (Harbord) ; 2. argent, a fleur-de-lys gules
(Morden — by male descent) ; 3. the same arms of Harbord
by inheritance ; 4. argent, a mullet pierced sable (Assheton),
Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a chapeau gules,
turned up ermine, a lion couchant argent. Motto —
" - Equanimiter."

S"ns cf Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Harbord, 6th Baron

Suffield, C.B., M.V.O., b. 1855; d. 1924; m. 1896,

Evelyn Louisa, J. P., C.C. Norfolk, d. of Capt. Eustace

John W^ilson-Patten, eldest son of Baron Winniar-

leigh: —

Rt. Hon. Sir Vict< r Alexander Charles Harbord, 7th

Baron Suffield (G.B. 21 Aug. 1786), 8th Bart. (G.B. 22

Mar. 17451, Capt. Res. of Officers Scots Gds. [Supporters

— De.xter a lion rampant or, charged on the shoulder with

a fleur-de-lys gules, gorged with a crown fiery azure and

chained of the last; sinister, a leopard guardant p.cper,

gorged with a similar crown and chained or], b. 1897 (to

whom Queen Victcria stood sponsor) ; m. 1025, Hon.

Olwen Philipps, 2nd d. of ist Baron Kylsant. Seat—

Gunton Park, Norwich.

Hon. John Harbord, b. 1907.
2nd son of Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Harbord, 5th Baron
Suffield, P.O., G.C.V.O., K.C.B., late Col. R.A.,
b. 1830; d. 1914 ; m, ist, 1854. Cecilia Annetta Baring
((/. 1911), Ladyof the Bedchamber to Queen Ale.xandra,
sister to ist Ba on Reveistoke : —
Hon. Assheton Edward Harbord, formerly Capt. and
Hon. Major 2nd Brig. E. Div. R.A. , b. 1861 ; m. 1905, May
Constance {d. 1928 1, d. of the late Surg. -Gen. James
Macnabb Cuninghani, C.S. L, and widow of Arthur
Blackwood of Melbourne. Res. — 38 Chelsea Park Gardens,
S.W. Clubs — Bachelors' ; Turf; Marlborough.

Son of Capt. the Hon. William Harbord (son of 3rd
Barcn Suffield), b. 1831; d. 1900; m. ist, 1855,
Gertrude Hyde [d. 1881), d. of Charles Dennis : —
Geoffrey Walter Harbord, Gentleman, b. 1861. Res. —
Sons of Rev. the Hon. John Hnrbord, M.A., b. 1832;
d. 1900 ; m. 1857, Caroline Penelope, d. of Anthony
Hamond of Westacre : —
Admiral Richard Morden Harbord-Hamond {q.v.).
Rev. Arthui Morden Harbord, B.A. (Camb. ), late Rector
of Chilton Foliat, Wilts., b. 1866. Res.—

Maurice .Assheton Harbord, Esq., Inspector Johan-
nesburg Town Police 1902-8, J. P. Witwatersrand, b. 1874;
m. 1905, Isabel Jessie Lowth, d. of Baron Frederic von
Wurtzburg-Schade (marriage dissolved 1918). Res. —

Son of Capt. the Hon. Ralph Harbrrd (son of 3rd

Baron Suffield), b. 1833; d 1878; m. 1865, Elizabeth

Pole, d. of Edward W. H. Schenlev of Prince's Gate : —

Edwad Ralph Harbord, Esq., D.S.O., M.C.. Capt. late

3rd Batt. Cheshire Regt. , b. 1870 ; m. 1906, .Annie Evelyn, d.

of Henry Herbert Riley-Smith ; and has issue — William

Edwarrl Harbord, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; Ralph Evelyn

Harbord, Gentleman, i^. 1915; Bridget; Elizabeth Mary ;

Dorothy Primrose ; and Molly. Res. — 12 .Albion Street,

Hyde Park, W.2. Clubs — Travellers', Hurlingham.

Son of Hon. Walter Harbord, late Major 7th Hussars,
b. 1834 ; d. 1913 ; m. ist, 1875, Lady Eleanor (who
obtained a div. 1900 and d. 1905), wid. of Herbert

Fitzroy Eaton of Stetchworth Park ; and, 1901, Mary,

d. of W. Reid :—
Eric Walter Harbt rd, Esq., D.S.O., Capt. (ret.) R.N.,
b. 1879; »/. 1911, Rose Mary Adeline Dagmar Amelia, d.
of Lt.-Col. George Charles Keppel Johnstone, late Gren.
Gds. Res. — Pinewood House, Sunninghill, Berks. Club —
United Service.

HARBORD-HAMOND (R.L., 6 Nov. 1917 ; H. Coll.).
Quarterly, i and 4, azure, between two chevronels
or, three doves proper (for Hamond) ; 2 and 3, quarterly,
azure and gules, an imperial crown or, between
four lions rampant argent (for Harbord). Mantling
azure and or. Crests — On a wreath of the colours, upon a
rock, a dove rising with an olive branch in her beak, all
proper (for Hamond); and, on a chapeau gules tiu-ned up
ermine, a lion couchant argent (for Harbord).

Son of Rev. the Hon. John Harbord, Rector of

Southrepps, Norfolk, b. 1832 ; d. 1900 ; m. Caroline

Penelope (Res. — Shirley House, Swaffham), d. of

Anthony Hamond, of Westacre, Norfolk : —

Admiral Richard Morden Harbord-Hamond (ret.).

Officer Legion of Honour, served Egyptian War 1882 ;

and Great War 1914-17, assumed by R.L., 6 Nov. 1917,

the additional surname and arms of Hamond, b. 1865 ;

m. 19 1 3, Nina Annette Mary, d. of John Hutchison, of

Lauriston Hall, co. Kirkcudbright; and has issue —

Anthony Philip Harbord-Hamond, Gentleman, h. 1922 ;

Penelope Mary ; and Charity Patricia. Res. — The Manor

House, Swaffham, Westacre, Norfolk. Club — United



HARCOURT (R.L., 1905 ; H. Coll., ). Gules, two
bars or. Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a peacock
proper. Supporters (Feb. 10 1917) — On either side a
lion rampant or, each gorged with a collar gemel gules.
Motto — " Le bon temps viendra."

Son of Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcourt, ist Viscount Har-

court, 6. 1863 ; d. 1922 ; tn. 1899, Dame Mary Ethel,

G.B.E., J. P. CO. O.xford, d. of late Walter H. Bums,

of New York, and North Mimms Park, Hatfield : —

Rt. Hon. William Edward Harcourt, 2nd Viscount

Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt and Baron Nuneham of

Nuneham-Courtney, co. Oxford (3 Jan. 1917), b. igoS.

Seats — Nuneham Park, Oxford; Stanton Harcourt,

Eynsham, co. Oxford.

GUY ELLIOT HARCOURT, Esquire, Capt. late
R.A.S.C., M.T. Born Aug. 12, 1869, being the only son
of the late John Simon Chandos Harcourt, Esq., of
Ankerwycke, by his wife Harriet Emma Elizabeth, third
dau. of the late Admiral Sir J. H. Plumridge, K.C.B.,
R.N. Armorialbearings— Gules, two bars or. Mantling
gules and or. Crest— Out of a ducal cor( net or, a peac< ck
close proper. Motto — " Le bon temps viendra. " Married,
1902, Helen Ma garet, dau. of Lieut. T. Ramsbotham,
R.N., Rector of Crow borough Warren, Sussex; and has
issue — (i) Guy Chandos Harcourt, Gentleman, b. 1903 ;
(2) George Simon Harcourt, Gentleman, b. 1904. Seat —
Ankerwycke Priory, Bucks. Post. add. — i Boundary Road,
St. John's Wood, N.W. 8. Club— Koya-X Automobile.

quire, J. P. and D.L. for co. Notts., and County
Councilkr, HighSheriff 1894, late Captain Nottinghamshire
Yeomanry. Borti Jan. 19, 1853, being the eldest son of
the late Rev. Evelyn Hardolph Harcourt-Vernr n, of Grove
Hill, Prebendary of Lincdn, by his wife Jane Catherine
youngest dau. of Edward St. John Mildmay. Armorial
bearings— Quarterly, ist and 4th, grand quarters, quarterly,
I and 4, quarterly, i. and iiii. argent, a fret sable; ii. and
iii., or, en a fesse azure, three garbs of tlie field (both for
Vernon) : 2 and 3, azure, two bars argent (for Venables) ;
2nd and 3rd grand quarters, gules, two bars or (for Har-
court). Mantling sable and argent. Crests— i. a boar's
head erased sable, ducaily gorged or (for Vernon) ; 2. on a
wreath cf the colours, a wyvern, argent, standing en a weir
of the last, banded azure, pierced through the body in fesse
by an arr<.w, and devouring a child, proper (for Venables) ;
3. on a ducal coronet or, a peacock close proper. Motto —
" Ver ncn semper viret." Married, firstly, Sept. 9, 1879,
Grace {d. March 9, 1881), dau. of the Rev. Alleyne Fitz-
Herbert, Rector of Warsop ; and by her had Issue — (i)
Hardolph Venables Harcourt-Verncn, Gentleman, b. 6th, d.




13th March 1881. He married secondly, August 22, 1883,
Frances Theresa, d. of Sir William FitzHerbert, Bart.; and
by her has /«?/?— (2) Granville Charles FitzHerbertHarcourt-
Vernon, Esq., D.S.O., M.C., Major Res. of Officers, Gren.
Gds., b. May 30, 1891 [m. 1925, Celine, d. of M. Van
Hecke of Brussels] ; (3) Egerton Gervase Edward Harcourt-
Vernon, Gentleman, M.C., late temp. Lieut. Gren. Gds.,
b. July 13, i8gg ; Sybil Ida ; Ida Beatrice ; Muriel Theresa
{m. 1921, Walter Gordon Duncan] ; and Evelyn Hermione.
Seat—Q,xo\& Hall, Retford, Notts.

HARDCASTLE (H. Coll.). Sable, on a chevron be-
tween three castles argent, as many leopards' faces gules.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
coloiurs, upon the battlements of a castle argent, a
leopard's face gules. Motto — ^" Stabilis."

Eldest son of Jonathan Hardcastle, Esq., J. P., of

Blidworth Dale, Notts. ; h, 1816 ; d. 1862 ; m. 1848,

Mary Frances \ci. 1886), d. of James Layton, J. P.,

of Baldock, Herts. :—

John Norman Hardcastle, Esq., J. P., M.A. Oxen.,

High Sheriff for Oxford (1914), &• 1855 ; m. 1882, Mary

Rose, d. of George Gordon Balfour, Bengal Civ. Serv.,

of Langley, Bucks. ; and has surv. issue — Judith Mary

[w. 1917, Alfred Benjamin Street, of 27 Aylestone

Avenue, N.W.6J ; Frances Julia ; Eglantine. Seat —

Broughton Hall, nr. Lechlade, Glos. Cluh — Oxford and


HARDING (H. Coll.). Per fesse gules and sable, the
trunk of a tree fessewise, eradicated and sprouting to the
dexter between two greyhounds courant all or. Mantling
gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-
leopard or, holding in the dexter paw an aco.n leaved and
slipped proper, and resting the sinister paw on two mascles
interlaced also or.

Son of the late Charles Harding of Montacute,
Somerset : —

Col. Colin Harding, C.M.G. (1898), D.S.O. (1917),
District Commr. in Northern Territory of the Gold
Coast north of Kumassie 1910-13, Chief Inspector of
Native Police in Mashonaland 1896-8, served in operations
in Mashonaland 1897, and Great War 1914-19, Mem.
Legislative Council 1918-22, b. 1863; m. 1899, Margaret
Sarah, d. of Robert Porter of Bath ; and has issue.
Res. — Thornbury House, Twyford, Berks. Club — White's.

Son of George Henry Tetlow Harding, [>. 1844 ; d.
1873 '< '"• 1867, Annie, only d. of John Tetlow : —
George James Plumpton Harding, Gentleman, b. 1868.
Res. — Belmont House, Farndon, Cheshire.

Sons of Rev. John Bayley Hardinge, British Chaplain

at Cologne, B.A. Canib., /'. 1847; d. 1899; m. 1876,

Sophia Matilda, eld. d. of George Frederick Druce of

Oxford : —

Theodore John Hardinge, Esq., Capt.. R.N., Chev.

Legion of Honour, Governor in H.M.'s Prison Service, b.

1877; m. 1906, Elspeth, d. of Moritz Meyerheim of

Didsbury Park, Manchester ; and has issue — Peter John

Stephen Harding, Gentleman, b. 1915; and Rebecca

Elspeth. Res. — Governor's House, H.M. Prison, Dorchester.


Henry Tetlow Hardinge, Gentleman, 3. 1879 ; m. 1906,
Gertrude, d. of James Lye of Vancouver, B.C.
John Bayley Hardinge, Gentleman, b. 1890.

The Late Rev. JOHN TAYLOR HARDING, Clerk in
Holy Orders, Prebendary of Llandaff Cathedral, M.A.
Merton College, Oxford. Born February 24, 1835, being the
eldest son of John Harding, Esq., Capt. North Somerset
Yeomanry, by his wife Jane Harding, «/e Morgan. Armorial
bearings H. Coll., 5 Nov. 1849) — Quarterly, 1 and 4, azure,
three martlets in bend between two bendlets argent, the
whole between two escarbuncles or (for Harding) ; 2 and
3, per bend ermme and erminois on a chief wavy sable, an
estoile between two escallops argent (for Taylor). Mant-
ling sable and argent. Crest —On a wreath of the colours,
on a staff ruguly fessewise sable, a dexter arm embowed
in armour and holding a sword, the blade wavy, all pre per,
charged with two escallops, also sable. Motto — " Defensio
non offensio. " Live?y — Dark blue. Married, June 25,
1857, Patty, dau. of John Etheringlon Welch Rolls of The
Hendre, Monmouthshire ; and died 1928, having had Issue
— (i) John Reginald Harding, Esq., [.P. co. Monmcuth,
M.I.C.E., b. May 2, 1858; d. ; (2) Charles Allan

Harding, Gentleman, b. Nov. 20, 1859 ; (3) Rev. Francis
Henry Harding, Clerk in Holy Orders, b. Sept. 15, 1861 ;
(4) George Valentine Harding, Gentleman, b. Feb. 14, 1865.
Seat — Pentwyn, near Monmouth.

HARDING (H. Coll., 22 Feb. 1889). Argent, on a
bend nebuly azure .between two bees volant proper,
three martlets or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest —

HARDING of Old Springs (H. Coll.). Or, on a bend

between two fleurs-de-lys azure, three martlets argent.

Mantling azure and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,

upon a mount vert, ademi-buck proper, supporting between

the feet an anchor erect or. Motto — " Dum spiro spero."

Sons of Egerton William Harding of Old Springs, b.

1814; d. 1884; m. 1855, Harriet Georgina, d. of Capt.

Sir William Howe Miilcaster, C.B., K.C.H.. K.C.T.S.,

A.D.C. to King William IV.:—

Francis Egerton Harding, Esq., J. P. cos. Salop and
Stafford, formerly 94th Regt., b. 1856; )n. ist, 1882, Frances
Pauline (d. 1887), sec. d. of Hon. John James Thomas
Sommers-Cocks ; 2nd, 1889. Hon. Emma Mary Agnes
Clifford, d. of Charles, 8th Baron Clifford ofChudleigh ; and
has had issue — (i) Egerton Stephen .Sommers Harding,
K.C.S.G.,O.B.E., M.A. (Cantab), b. 1886 [»?. 1917, Elsie,
d. of the late Maj.-Gen. Sir James Browne, K. C.S.I,, C.B.,
R.E. ; and has issue — Egerton Charles Francis Harding,
Gentleman, 6. 1920; Kenneth James Harding, Gentleman,
b. 1922; and 2 daus. (Res. — Wrinehill.]; (2)
Francis Edward Basil Harding, Esq., Capt. R.F.A., b.
1887; d. of wounds received in action 1915 ; (3) Richard
Joseph Anthony Harding, Gentleman, b. 1892; (4) John
Harding, Esq., Lt.-Ccmdr. R.N., b. 1893; (5) Bernard
William Hugh Harding, Gentleman, b. 1902 ; (6) Walter
Robert Harding, Gentleman, (5. 1908 ; and four daus. Seat
— Old Springs, Market Drayton, Salop.

Charles Mulcaster Harding, Esq., Capt. late isth Regt.,
b. 1857. Res. — Whitechurch, Straffan, co. Kildare.

Gerald Montresor Harding, Esq., Major late 5th Fus., b.
1859; m. 1884, Frances Augusta, d. of Charles Thurburn
of Knockdrin, co. Westmeath ; and has had issue — Charles
Egerton Hugh Harding, Esq., Capt. and Brev.-Maj. Royal
Fus., b 1885 [m. 1913, Georgiana, d. of the late Robert
Campbell Connal of Ayr ; and d. on active service 1917,
leaving issue— Basil Egerton Mulcaster Harding, Gentle-
man, b. 1914] ; and five daus. Seat — Woodmancote,
Lymington, Hants.

On a wreath of the colours on a rock proper in front of
a tUting-spear erect or a porcupine also proper. Motto —
" Per ardua surgo." Livery — Blue, silver buttons.

Only son of Thomas Walter Harding, V.D., J. P.,
D.L., of Madingley Hall, Cambridgeshire, b. 1843 ;
d. 1927 ; m. 1869, Annie Heycock, d. of Ambrose
Edmund Heath Buckley Butler, of Kepstom,
Kirkstall, Leeds : —




Walter Ambrose Heath Harding, Esq., M.A. (Cantab.).
F.L.S., late temp. Capt. and Adjutant Cambs. Vol.
Regt., b. 1870 ; m. 1895, Ethel Adela, elder d. of the late
James Andus Hirst, of Adel Towers, Adel, near Leeds,
and has issue — Thomas Edward John Harding, Gentle-
man, b. 1906 ; and Rosamund Evelyn Mary. Res. —
Madingley Hall, Carnbridge. Club. — ^Carlton.

HARDINGE ([-i.L., 2J Nov. 1808, H. Coll.). Gules,
on a cheVion argent, fimbriated or, three escallops sable,

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 1) → online text (page 221 of 256)