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Quarterly, i and 4, azure, three Corinthian pillars, on the

lop of each a ball or (Major, H. Coll. 1765) ; 2 and 3, or,

on a chevron gules between two crescents in chief, and an

escallop in base azure, three estoiles argent (Henniker,

H. Coll. 1765). Mantling azure and cr. Crests— i. on

a wreath of the colours, a dexter arm embowed, habited

azure, cuffed argent and charged on the elbow with a

plate, holding in the hand proper a baton or (Major) ; 2. on

a wreath of the colours, an escallop or, charged with an

estoile gules (Henniker). Motto — " Deus major columna."

Sons of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Major Henniker-Major,

5th Barcn Henniker, F.S.A. , d. 1842 ; d. 1902 ; m. 1864,

Lady Alice Mary (d. 1893), d. of 3rd Earl of Desart : —

Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Henry Chandos Henniker-Major,
6th Baron Henniker (Irel. , 31 July 1800), 3rd Baroii
Hartismere ( U. K. , 13 July 1866), aiid 7th Bart. (G, B. 15 July
1765), Col. (ret.) The kifle Brigade [Supporters — De.xter, a
stag argent, attired and unguled, or, gorged with a chaplet
of oak proper, fructed, or, and therefrom pendent a shield,
azure, charged with the crest of Henniker ; sinister, an
otter argent, ducally gorged, or, pendent therefrom a
shield of the arms of Major], t. 1872. Seat — Thornham
Hall, near Eye. Club — Naval and Military.

Hon. Gerald Arthur George Henniker-Major, heir pre-
sumptive, d. 1872; m. 1921, Monica, d. of the late
Hamilton Howard Curtis of Poole, Donet. J^es. — Sauvic,
Felpham, Bognor. Clu/> — Constitutional.

Rev. the Hon. Victor Alexander Henniker-Major, M..'\.
(Trin. Coll. Dublin), Rector of Thornham, Suffolk, d. 1878.
J^es. — Thornham Rectory, Eye, Suffolk.

Hon. John Ernest De Grey Henniker-Major, formerly
Page of Honour to Queen Victoria, served Great War, has
Croi.x de Guerre, 6. 1883 ; m. 1914, Molly, d. of Sir Robert
W. Burnet, K.C.V.O., and has issue — John Patrick Edward
Chandos Henniker-Major, Esq., i. 1916; Richard .Arthur
Otway Henniker-Major, Esq., i. 1917. J?es. — Dennia.Tk
House, Henley-on-Thames.

HENRY (U.O. ). Per pale indented argent and gules, on
the dexter side a rose of the second, a chief azure, charged
with a lion passant of the first. Mantling gules and argent ;
and for his Crest, out of a ducal coronet proper, a demi-
lion rampant argent, holding between the paws a ducal
coronet, also or. MottO — " Vincit Veritas."

Only son of Mitchell Henry, Esq., D. L. Middlesex,

and J. P. CO. Galway, M.P. for Galway 1871-85, for

Glasgow (Blackfriars Division) 1885-86, d. 1826 ; m.

1850, Margaret {d. 1874), d. of George Vaughan, Esq.,

of Quilly House, co. Down : —

John Lewis Vaughan Henry, Esq., late Capt. R. Scots

Greys, fi. 1852 ; m. 1880, Edith Maud, eldest dau. of William

Robert Ancketill, Esq., and widow of Thomas Knox, Esq.,

son of the Primate of Ireland. Seat — Kylemore Castle,


HENRY (H. Coll.). Azure, on a fesse between a wool-
pack in chief and two mullets of six points in base argent,
a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper. Mantling azure
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter
cubit arm erect holding a sword in pale proper, pommel
and hilt or, issuant from an annulet gules, between two
roses of the last barbed and seeded also proper. Motto —
' ' Per laborem pax.

Sons of I. S. Henry, fi. 1818; d. 1897; tn. 1855, Rose
(d. 1884), d. of Charles Marks of Plymouth :—

Sir John Pfenry, Knt. Bach. (1919), J. P. co. London,
i. 1858 ; w. 1889, Lulie, only d. of Joseph Levy of Knighton,
Leicestershire, and has issue — Clarence Henry, Esq., Major
in the Army, d. 1895 ; Vera [w. 1917, Lt.-Col. John Joseph
O'Sullivan, D.S.O.]. Seat — Nutwood, Gatton, Surrey.
C/uds— Union, R.A.C.

Philip Solomon Henry, Gentleman, d. 1863; m. ist,
1900, Florie {d. 1903), d. of Leonard Lewisham of New
York: 2nd, 1908, Annie, d. of Henry Woolf; and by his
first wife has issue. J^es. — New York, U.S.A.

Esq., D.L. , J. P. for COS. Wilts, and Somerset, late




Captain N. Somerset Yeomanry Cavalry, High Sheriff for
CO. Somerset 1896-97. Borfi 1850, being the only son of the
late Joseph Langford of Timsbury, by Anne Pooll, dau. of
the late William Rritton of Cor.~ton, Somerset; and as-
sumed the surnames of Henry-Batten-I'ooll by Royal Licence
in 1871. Armorial bearings — .\rgent, a lion rampant
azure, armed and laiigued gules, charged on the shoulder
with a battleaxe proper, between in fesse two fountains
and in pale as many Heurs-de-lys of the second. Mantling
azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
in front of a griffin's head erased ermine, beaked and
langued gules, and charged on the neck with a fountain,
a battleaxe fessewise proper. MottO — "Confide recte
agens." .\farried. 1879, Sophia, eldest dau. of Duncan
Macrae, Esq., of Kames Castle, Isle of Bute; and has
Issue — Walter Stewart Henrv-Batten-Pooll, Gentleman.
Se.U—Rodi Manor, Bath. C/k*j— Carlton.

HENRYSON-CAIRD. (L.O., 1897)— Gules, three piles
issuing out of the sinister argent, on a chief sable, three
garbs or. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest— On a

wreath of the colours, a dexter hand fessewise couped at the
wrist proper, holding a star of six points ensigned with a
crescent argent. Motto — " Virtus sola nobilitat."

Only son of James Alexander Henryson-Caird, Esq.,
of Cassencary, parish of Creetown, Kirkcudbright,
J. P., D.L., Kirkcudbrightshire, t. 1847; d. 1921 ;
m. 1877, Alice, dau. of John Alison of 90 Lancaster
Gate, London ; —
.Alister James Henryson-Caird, Esq., Major late 3d
K.O. Scottibh Borderers, b. 1884; m. igij, Elsie Winter
ingham, d. of the late G. Loscombe-Wallis, of Stowey
Court, Somerset. Seat — Cassencary, Creetown, Kirkcud-

ARTHUR HENTY. Esquire, J. P. and D.L. for
the county of Sussex, Lieut. -Col. and Hon. Col. 4th
Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment (upon whom the
Volunteer Decoration has been conferred). Alderman
(ret.) West Sussex County Council. Born 1848, being the
second son of Edwin Henty, Esquire, of Ferring, Worthing,
m the County of Sussex, Justice of the Peace for that county,
by his wife Laura Frances, daughter of Philip Boghurst,

Esquire, of Worthing, Justice of the Peace for the county of
Sussex. Armorial bearings— Azure, three roses in fesse or,
between six bezants, four in chief and two in base. Upon
the escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with
a Mantling azure and or ; and for his Crest, on a wreath
of the colours, upon a mount vert, a lion rampant per
chevron or and azure, holding between the paws a lozenge
of the last charged with a bezant; with the Motto, " Per
ardua stabilis." Livery — Dark blue coat, blue and
yellow waistcoat. Married, ]w\y 11, 1872, Louisa Curtis,
daughter of William Hawes of 17 Montague Place, Russell
Square, London; and has had Issue — (i) Arthur Frank
Henty, Gentleman, h. March 1878, Capt. Middlesex
Regt. ; killed in Great War ; (2) Edwin Claude Henty,
Gentleman, b. October 1887; Edith Maude; and AdeUne
Blanche. Estate — Oaklands Park, Chichester. Postal
address — Oaklands Park, Chichester. Club — County

HEN WOOD (H. Coll.). Argent, on a pale vert, be-
tween two staves raguly palewise of the last, three bezants.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert,
a "sable antelope" springing proper. Motto — "Justus
esto et non metue."

Son of Paul Henwood, Gentleman, b. 1828; d. 1907;
tn. 1854, Mary, d. of B.ian Coulson : —

Alfred Henwood Gentleman, iJ. 1858 ; 7n. 1883, Louisa {d.
1925), d. of John Gardom Wcod ; andhas issue — (i) Arthur
Lynton Henwood, Gentleman, iJ. 1884; (2) Alfred Norman
Henwood, Gentleman, b. 1890; (3) Howard Mervyn Hen-
wood, Gentleman, b. 1894; (4) Edwin Clifford Henwood,
Gentleman,!^. 1901 ; Ethel Mary; Dorothy Lillian ; Florence
Marjory; and Mildred Eva. Res. — Beechcroft, Bromley,
Kent. Clubs — City Ca'lton, Bromley (Bromley, Kent).



HEPBURN (L.O. 1672, earlier user to 1371 acknow-
ledged). Gules, on a chevron argent, two lions counter-
combatant of the field. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a horse furnished,
tethered in front of a tree all proper. Motto — " Keep

Son of Augustus Paul Hepburn, of Bermondsey : —

Malcohn Langton Hepburn, Esq., F.R.S.C, L.R.C.P.,
M.D., Surgeon of Royal Ophthalmic Hosp. since 1910,
h. 1866 ; m. 1896, Ruby, d. of James Worthington,
Esq., J. P., of Lowestoft ; and has issue-
Hepburn, Gentleman, h. ; and three daus. Res. —
III Harley Street. Club — Alpine.

Hepburn. Arms as above rematric. L.O. 30 Sept.
1919. i.e., Quarterly i and 4 gules, on a chevron engrailed
argent, a rose between two Lions counter-combatant of
the field (Hepburn) ; 2 and 3, argent, an orle gules, in
chief three martlets sable (Rutherford), in the centre of
the quartering a mullet of the last for difference, all
within a bordure engrailed and quarterly argent and
gules charged with three crescents all counterchanged.
Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of
his liveries, a horse furnished, tethered in front of a tree
all proper. Motto — " Keep tryste."

Tlurd son of Frederic Hepburn of Sutton, co.

Surrey, b. 1829 ; d. 1896 ; m. 1854, Mary, d. of

Thomas Ingle of co. Derby : —
Edward Hepburn of Monkridge, Sidcup, co. Kent,
h. 1863 ; m. 1902, Rose Muriel, d. of Da\'is Frederic
Gotch of Chesharn House, Kettering ; and has issue —
(i) Malcolm Gotch Hepbinrn, b. 1903 ; (2) Edward
Gordon Hepburn, h. 1905 ; (3) Kenneth Mursell Hepburn,
h. 1908 ; (4) Patrick Bruce Hepbium, b. 1916 ; and .Muriel
Maud. Res. — Monkridge, Sidcup, co. Kent.

HEPBURN (H. Coll.). Gules, a chevron between in
chief two lions passant respecting each other, and in
base a horse passant argent. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front of an oak
tree fructed proper, a horse argent, resting the^ dexter
foreleg on a rose gules barbed and seeded proper. Motto
— " Keep tryst."

Son of John Frankland Hepburn, of Roselea,
S. Norwood : —

Sir Harry Frankland Hepburn, Kiit. Bach. (1918), 6.
1867 ; m. 1895, Faimy, d. of Thomas Whitesmith, of The
Caslou Letter Foundry, Chiswell St., E.C. ; and has




issue — Sydney Frankland Hepburn, Esq., b. 1906 [m.
1926, Mildred, d. of George A. Sawyer, of the Old House,
Westcott, Surrey]. Res. — 48 Grosvenor Square, W.i.
Clubs — Constitutional, City Carlton.

Sept. 1867, H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, argent, a
chevron between three spindles sable (Trefusis) ; 2, azure,
three bears' heads argent, muzzled gules (Forbes ot
Pitsligo) ; 3, cr, a bend gulei, surmounted of a fesse
chequy, azure and argent, in chief a crescent of the third
(Stuart). Mantling sable and argent. Crests— i. on a
wreath of the colours, a gryphon sejant, wings elevated, or,
resting his dexter claw on an antique shield argent
(Trefusis) ; 2. out of a baron's coronet, a hand holding a
scymitar proper (Forbes); 3. on a wreath of the colours,
a dexter hand grasping a sword proper (Stuart). Mottoes
(over Forbes' crest), " Nee timidenec temere " ; (over Stuart
crest), " Avant " ; (under arms), " Tout vient de Dieu."
Sons of the Rt. Hon. Charles Henry RoUe Hepburn-
Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, 20th Baron Clinton, i. 1834;
d. 1904; fn. ist., 1858, Harriet Williamina {d. 1869),
d. and h. of Sir John Stuart Forbes, 8th Bart. ; and,
1875, Margaret, 2nd d. of the late Sir John W.
Walrcnd, ist Bart. : —
Rt. Hon. Charles John Robert Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-
Trefusis, P.C., aist Baron Clinton (Eng. ,6 Feb. 1298-9),
Convenor and a J. P. and D.L. co. Kincardine, late Lt.-
Col. Royal North Devon Yeo. Cav. , Keeper of the Privy
Seal of the Prince of Wales, and a co-h. to the Barony
of Say [Supporters — On either side a greyhound argent,
collared and lined gules], fi. 1863 ; m. 1886, Lady Jane
Grey M'Donnell, d. of the loth Earl of Antrim ; and has
issue— Hon. Harriet [m. 1910, Henry Nevile Fane, Cold-
stream Guards, and has issue]; and Hon. Fenella [m.
1914, Hon. John Bowes-Lyon, and has issue]. Seats
— Heanton, SatchviUe, Dolton, Devonshire; Bicton, East
Budleigh, Devon ; Fettercairn House, Kincardine. Clubs—
Carlton, Travellers'.

Hon. Henry Walter Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis,
Lt.-Col. R.O.,' Major late Scots Guards, A.D.C. to Gen.
Comdg. troops in Hong Kong, temp. Lt.-Col. comdg.
D.C.L.I. 1914-17, J.P. and (1923) High Sheriff Cornwall,
Deputy Warden of the Stanneries in Devon and Cornwall
since 1911, b. 1864; m. 1905, Lady Mary Lygon, Woman
of the Bedchamber to H.M. the Queen {d. 1927), eld. d.
of the 6th Earl Beauchamp ; and has issue — Henry Hep-
burn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, Esq. , b, 1908. Res. —Trefusis,
Falmouth. Clubs — Carlton, Guards'.

Hon. Schomberg Charles Hepburn - Stuart - Forbes-
Trefusis, b. 1882; m. 1916, Beatrice Morwenna, eld. d. of
Col. the Hon. John Schomberg Trefusis, C.M.G.. Res. —
Hon. Robert Henry Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis,
b. 1888; m. 1914, Dorothy Marguerite, d. of Col. Edward
William Herbert, C.B. , of Orleton, Salop ; and has issue —
Helen Beatrice Margaret. Tc'w.— Dilwyn, Rosmead Place,
Colombo, Ceylon.

HEPBURNE-SCOTT (L.O., 1836). Quarterly, i and
4, counter-quartered, quarterly, i. vert, a lion rampant
argent (Hume) ; ii. argent, three papingoes, two and one,
vert (Pepdie); iii. gules, three piles engrailed argent (Pol-
warth) ; iiii. argent, a cross engrailed azure (St. Clair of
Hormiston) ; and over all as a surtout, an escutcheon azure,
charged with an orange, ensigned with an imperial crown all
.proper, as a coat of augmentation given by King William
III. ; 2. or, two mullets in chief and a crescent in base azure
(Scott of Harden); 3. counter-quartered, quarterly, i. and
iiii. gules, on a chevron argent, a rose betwi.xt two lioncels
combatant of the first (Hepburne) ; ii. andj.ii. argent, three
dock-leaves vert (Foulis). Mantling gules, doubled er-
mine. Crests— I. on a wreath of his liveries, a lady richly
attired, holding in her right hand the sun, in her left a half
moon (Scott of Harden); 2. on a wreath of his liveries, a
man's heart, out of which issues a dexter arm erect grasping
a scimitar, all proper (Lord Polwarth); 3. on a wreath of
his liveries, a horse saddled and bridled, beneath a tree
passant (Hepburne of Humbie). Supporters— Dexter, a
lion regardant argent, armed and langued gules ; sinister,
a mermaid proper, holding in her sinister hand a mirror.
Mottoes—" Reparabit cornua Phosbe " (Harden) ; "True
to the end"; and "Fides probata coronat " (Polwarth) ;
" Keep trust" (Humbie).

Eld. son of Rt. Hon. Walter Hugh Hepburne-Scott,
8th Baron Polwarth, Lord-Lieut, of co. Selkirk, J.P.
and D.L. co. Roxburgh, J.P. Berwick, Lieut. Royal

Company of Archers, b. 1838 ; d. 1920 ; by ist wife,
m. 1863, Lady Mary, eld. d. of George, sth Earl of
Aberdeen : —
Rt. Hon. Walter George Hepburne-Scott, 9th Baron
Polwarth (26 Dec. 1690) in Scotland, C.B.E., B.A. (Camb.),
J.P. and D.L co. Haddington, D.L. Berwick and Selkirk,
J.P. Roxburgh, Hon. Col. Sth Batt. Royal Scots, Chairman
of the General Board of Commissioners of Lunacy for
Scotland, b. 1864 ; m. 1888, Edith Frances, eld. d. of Sir
Thomas Fowell Buxton, 3rd Bart., G.C.M.G., and has surv.
issue — Hon. Walter Thomas Hepburne-Scott , Esq. , Master of
Polwarth, Capt. T.A. Res., late Lothian and Border Horse
Yeo., J.P. D.L. CO. Roxburgh, D.L. co. Selkirk,/^. 1890
\in. 1914, Elspeth Glencairn, second d. of Rt. Rev.
Archibald Ean Campbell, D.D., D.C.L., Bishop of Glasgow
and Galloway ; and has issue — Henry Alexander Hepburne-
Scott, Esq., h. 1916 ; Francis Michael Hepburne-Scott,
Esq., h. 1920 [Res. — Harden, Hawick. Club — New,
Edinburgh)]; Hon. Patrick John Hepburne-Scott, and
Lieut, late Roy. Scots, b. 1899 \m. 1925, Cona Fielding-
Smith] ; Hon. Helen Victoria \m. 1919, George Freeland
Barbour] ; Hon. Margaret Mary [;«. 1928, Douglas
Benzies] ; Hon. Edith Christian [m. 1926, Capt. G. T. H.
Capron] ; and Hon. Grizel Frances Katherine. Seats —
Harden, Roxburghshire; and Humbie House, Humbie,
E. Lothian.


HEPTON (H. Coll.). Gules, a chevron engrailed be-
tween two leopards' faces in chief and an anvil in base, all
argent. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a lion passant azure, gutt^-d'eau, resting the
dexter fore-paw on an anvil or.

Sons of William Hepton of llkley, Yorks. , b. 1827;
d. 1879 ; m. 1848, Mary, d. of John Lawrence : —

John William Lawrence Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1851 ;
in. 1904, Catherine, d. of John Dale Woodcock of Leeds.

Arthur Frederic Lawrence Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1855 ;
m. 1881, Eliza, d. of William Roberts; and has issue —
William Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1884; and Marguerite
Roberts. Res. — Rossett Holt, Harrogate.

Arbert Ernest Lawrence Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1867.
Res. — Hope Cottage, King's Road, llkley, Yorks.

Henry Leopold Lawrence Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1869;
m. Mabel, d. of Joseph Cooper of llkley; and has issue —
John Lawrence Hepton, Gentleman, b. 1901 ; Winifred
Mary; and Daisy. Res. — 26 Swan Road, Harrogate.

HEP WORTH (H. Coll.). Per pale argent and gules,




a salti.'e voided between three mullets, one in chief anti two
in fesse, a shepherd's crook erect in base, all counlerchanged.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
coltuirs, a demi-lion argent, charged with two mullets m
pale gules, holding in the dexter paw a branch of palm
slippetl proper and supporting in the sinister a shepherd's
crook in bend or. Motto — " Loyal A niort."

Sons of Rev. William Henry Francklin Hepworth,
M.A. , Vicar ofShepshed, Loughborough, co. Leicester,
/<. 1832; rn. 1863, Frances Wensley {d. 1883), d. of
John Garratt of Bishop's Court, Exeter : —
Archibald Francklin Hepworth, d. 1866.
Rev. Charles Leonard Hepworth, Vicar of South Creake,
d. 1870. J?es. — South Creake Vicarage, Fakenham,

Son of Rev. Robert Hepwoi th of Cheltenham, B.A.
(Oxon.), d. 1800 ; <f. 1877 ; m. 1827, Barbara Maria, d.
of Rev. Alexander Piatt, LL.B. (Camb.l, of King's
Langley and Bushey, Herts. : —
Edward billon Hepworth, Gentleman, d. 1843. lies. —
Deerhurst, Horley, Surrey.


HERBERT of Painswick, Glos. (H. Coll.). Per pale
azure and gules, two lions rampant in chief, ermine, and
an ancient ship with three masts, sails furled and colours
flying, in base argent. Mantling azure and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, in front of a dexter arm

doubled argent, encircled with a wreath of the same

embowed, grasping a dragon's head erased proj-er, a demi-
catherine-wheel azure. Motto — " Ung je serviray. "

Son of William Herbert, Gentleman, and his wife
Anne Elizabeth, d. of William Hawkins of The Haw-
thorns, Corse, CO. Glos. : —
William Hawkins Herbert, Esq., LP. co. Glos., d. 1844 ;
m. 1871, Clara, d. of William Applin of Mount Street,
Grosvenor Square; and has issue — (i) William de Bracy
Herbert, Gentleman, 6. 1872 ; (2) Arthur Grenville Herbert,
Gentleman,^. 1879; and Caroline Hamilton. /?es. — Para-
dise House, Painswick, Glos. ; 16 West Cromwell Road,
S.W.5. C/u6 — Devonshire.

HERBERT (15th century). Per pale azure and gules,
three lions rampant argent. Mantling azure and argent.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a Saracen woman's
head affront^e, couped at the shoulders, with long hair
sable, from the ears double rings pendent or, the veil azure,

Motto— " Asgre Ian Diogel ei Pherchen." Livery — Blue,
white facings.

Sons of John Arthur Edward Herbert of Llanarth
Court and Tre-Owen, J. P. and D.L. (High Sheriff 1849),
b. 1818 ; d. 1895 ; m. 1846, Hon. Augusta Charlotte
Elizabeth Hall, only child of Benjamin, Lord Llan-
over : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Ivor John Caradoc Herbert, ist Baron
Treowen, of Treowen, co. Monmouth (20 June 1917), ist
Bart. (19 July 1907) [Supporters — Dexter, a dragon gules,
gorged with a collar argent ; sinister, an eagle argent,
armed and legged or, gorged with a collar gules], C.B.,
C.M.G. , Commander of the Order of the Crown of Italy,
2nd Class of Order of Red Eagle of Prussia, Officer of the
Legion of Honour, and has 4th class of the Medjidie, Knight
of Grace of the Order of the Hospital of St. John
of Jerusalem, Major-Gen. (ret.), J. P. and Lord-Lieut, for
CO. Monmouth, Lt.-Col. commanding 3rd Batt. Grenadier
Guards 1897-8, Colonel 1889, served in Egypt 1882 (medal
and clasp), Soudan 1884-5 (two clasps), and South Africa
1899-1900 (medal, four clasps). Military Attach^ at St.
Petersburg 1886-1890, commanding the Local Forces of
Canada (with local rank of Major-General) from 1890 to
1895, M. P. for S. Monmouthshire 1906-17, b. 1851 ; m.
1873, Hon. Albertina Agnes Mary, youngest daughter of
the Right Honourable Baron Londesborough ; and has
had issue — Hon. Elidyr John Bernard Herbert, Barr.-at-
Law, J. P. CO. Mon. , Capt. Gloucestershire Hussars (Yeo.),
b. 1881 ; killed in action 1917 ; and Hon. Florens Mary
Ursula [w. 191 1, Walter Francis Roch, Esq., of Maes-
gwyn, Carmarthenshire]. Seats — Llanarth Court, Mon-
mouthshire ; Tre-Owen and Llanover, co. Monmouth.
Town res. — 9 Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, W.

Edward Bleiddian Herbert, Esq., Lt.-Col. (ret.) 17th
Lancers, b. 1858 ; m. 1901 , Hon. Mary Elizabeth Anne, d. of
ist Lord Acton ; and has issue — (1) Richard Charles Edward
Herbert, Gentleman, Lieut. Gren. Gds.,i5. 1905 [w. 1927,
Marjorie Ursula, d. of Lieut. -Col. W. B. Du Pr6, of Wilton
Park, Beaconsfield] ; (2) Arthur John Herbert, Gentleman,
(5.1907. Res. — Trebencyn, Abergavenny. Club — Marl-

Son of Sir Arthur Herbert, G.C.V.O., of Coldbrook,
J.P.,D.L. CO. Monmouth, M.A. O.xford, Minister at
Christiania, formerly H.M.'s Charg6 d' Affaires at
Darmstadt, b. 1855 ; d. 1921 ; m. 1892, Helen Louise,
d. of the late William Gemmell of Rhode Island,
U.S. :—




John Arthui Herbert, Esq., Capt. R. Horse Gds., /•. 1895 '<

m. 1924, Lady Mary Theresa Fox-Strangways, d. of 6th
Karl of Ilchester. 5ra/— Coldbrook, Abergavenny.

Son of Edmund Philip Herbert, Esq. , Major Roy. Mon.

Mil., formerly Chief Constable for co. Monmouth, b.

1823 ; d. 1907 ; m. ist, 1864, Eleanor, d. of Colonel

Gwynne Holford of Buckland, co. Brecon; and 2nd,

Frances, d. and coh. of Robert Canning of Hartpury,

CO. Gloucester ; —

Edmund Arthur Herbert, Esq., C.M.G., M.V.O.,Col. late

Comdg. Welsh Mounted Border Brigade, late comdg. 6th

Inniskilling Dragoons, Hon. Brig.-Gen., <?. 1866; m. 1898,

Ethel, only d. of Sir John Pickersgill Rodger, K.C.M.G. ,

Governor Gold Coast ; and has issue— Eleanor ; and Mary

Catharine. AVj.—Moynes Court, Chepstow. Club— Army

and Navy.

Sons of William Herbert, Esq., of Clytha Park, J. P.
and D.L. b. 1798; d. 1885; m. 1833, Francis, d. of
Edward Huddleston : —
William Reginald Joseph FitzHerbert Herbert-Hud-
dleston, Esq. (q.v.)

Francis Joseph Alphonse Herbert, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
CO. Monmouth, Capt. and Hon. Major late R. Glos. Yeo.,
late Capt. 9th Lancers, served in S. Africa, b. 1845 ; m.
1879, La Baronne Cecile d'Anethan, d. of Baron d'Anethan,
Brussels. 5ea/—rv Gwyn, Raglan.

Descending from mar. of Edward, 2nd Lord Clive

(created Earl of Powis), and Henrietta Antonia, d.

of Henry Arthur Herbert, Lord Herbert of Chirbury,

Earl of Powis. Arms (R. L., g March 1807) as above.

Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a wyvern vert,

holding in the mouth a sinister hand couped at the

wrist gules. [Motto— " Ungjeserviray"]. SonofLt.-

Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Percy Egerton Herbert, K.C.B. ,

P.C, M.P., b. 1822; d. 1876; m. i860, Mary Caroline

Louisa, only child of William Thomas Petty-Fitz-

Maurice, Esq., commonly called Earl of Kerry, and

gd.-d. of 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne : —

The Rt. Hon. George Charles Herbert, 4th Earl of Powis,

Viscount Clive of Ludlow, Baron Herbert of Chirbury, and

Baron Powis of Powis Castle (all U.K., 14 May, 1804),

4th Baron Clive of Walcot (G.B., 13 Aug. 1794), fifth Baron

Clive of Plassey, co. Clare (Irel. , 15 March 1762), Lord

Lieut., J. P. and C.A. Salop, and C.A.,C.C., and D.L. co.

Montgomery, Hon. Col. 4th Batt. S. Wales Borderers,

B.A. Camb. [Supporters (of Barony of Clive)— Dexter, an

elephant; sinister, a griffin wings expanded both argent,

the latter gorged with a ducal coronet gules and charged

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