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Georg-3 Curtois Inkerman Howard, Gentleman, /'. 1855.
A'«. — King's Lynn.

HOWARD (H. Coll.) Quarterly of six. i. gules, on a
bend between six crosses crosslet fitch^e argent, an escutcheon
or, charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced through the
mouth with an arrow, within a double treasure flory counter-
flory gules (Howard); 2. gules, three lions passant
guardant in pale or, and in chief a label of three points
argent (Thomas of Brotherton) ; 3. chequy or and azure
(Warren); 4. gules, a lion rampant argent (Mow-"
bray) ; 5. gules, three escallops argent, two and one
(Dacre) ; 6. barry of six argent and azure, three chaplets of
roses gules (Greystoke). Mantling' gules and argent.
Crest — On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion
statant guardant, the tail extended or, ducally crowned
argent, gorged with a label of three points of the last.
Badge — A slip of oak vert, fructed or, charged on the stem
with a crescent for difference. Motto — "Sola virtus

Son of Philip Henry Howard, Esq., of Corby Castle,

J. P., D.L., and F.S.A., b. 1801 ; d. 1883; w. 1843,

Eliza Minto [d. 1865), eld. d. of Major John Canning,

Hon. East India Company's Service, and niece of

Francis Canning, Esq., of Foxcote, co. Warwick: —

Philip John Canning Howard, Esq., J. P. for cos. of

Cumberland, Gloucester, Warwick, and Worcester [impaling

the arms of Constable-Maxwell, namely, quarterly, i. argent,

an eagle displayed with two heads sable, beaked and mem-

bered gules, on hi^ breast an escutcheon of the first charged

with a saltire of the second, and surcharged with an urcheon

or (Maxwell); 2. quarterly, i. and iiii. or, a saltire sable;

ii. and iii., argent, three urcheons sable (Herries); 3.

quarterly, gules and vair, a bend or (Constable) ; 4. azure,

on abend cottised argent, three billets sable (Haggerston);

in the centre of the quarters a crescent sable], b. 1853 ;

m. 1875, Alice Clare, d. of Peter Constable-Maxwell, Esq.

(by Helen Mary his wife, d. of John Peter Bruno Bowdon

of Southgate, in the county of Derby) ; and has issue —

Ursula Mary \m. 1899, Sir Henry Joseph Lawson, 3rd

Bart., and has issue]. Seats — Corby Castle, in the co.

of Cumberland, and Foxcote, near Shipston-on-Stour.

Son of George Howard, Esq., b. 1869; d. 1919 ; m.

1902, Mary Allen, d. of William H. Clagett, of

Washington : —




Henry Howard, Gentleman, 6. 1907. Res.
Son of Sir Henrv Howard, G.C.M.G.

K.C.B., />.

1S43 ; d. 1921 ; r/i. 1867, Cecilia (</. 1917), dau. of
George W. Riggs of Washington, United States : —
Henry Mowbray Howard, Esq., O.B.E., late Conidr.
R.NA'.K.. i. 1873; m. 1917, Norah, only child of Major
Uunlop Watson, and has issue — Henry Edmund Howard,
Gentleman, />. 1923; and loan Cecilia. Res. — 13 Cranley
Place, S.W.7.

Son of the late Sir Henry Francis Howard, G.C.B. ,

by his second wife Marie Ernestine, Baroness von der

Schulenburg, fourth d. of the late Baron Wilhelm

Leopold von der Schulenburg of Priemern, Prussia: —

Sir Francis Howard, K.C.B. , K.C. M.G. , Maj.-Gen. (ret.),

Col. of Gloucestershire Regt. 1912-13, Col. Comdt. of Rifle

Brigade 1913-22, J. P. co. Gloucester, formerly A. D.C.

to H.M., comdg. Western Command till 1907, /*. 1848;

m. 1895, Gertrude, d. of Hugh Conyngham Boyd of

Wocdside, Torquay ; and has surv. issue— Marjorie. /?es,

— Castle Gi dwyn, Pamswick, co. Gloucester.

Sons of .Major Frederick Compton Howard,^. 1847;
d. 1909 ; m. 1876, Ann Augusta, d. of Thomas
Hitclicock of Weeiie : —
Richard Fitzroy Howard, Gentleman, late Lieut. Yorks.
Regt., d. 1879.

George Frederick Howard, Esq., Capt. K.R.R.C., d.
1894; m. 1919, Jane. d. of J. N. Myrtle, of Edinburgh,
and has issue — i dau. Hes. —

Sons of Alfred John Howard, Gentleman, d. 1848; d.

1916; m. 1876, Mary Alice, d. of Lord Gilbert

Kennedy: —

William Gilbert Howard, Esq., C.B.E., Capt. R.N.

(ret.), />. 1877 ; m. 1912, Hon. Agnes Caroline Parnell, d.

of 4th Baron Congleton ; and has issue — Frederick Henry

Howard, Gentleman, d. 191.';; John William Howard,

Gentleman, t. 1917 ; Mark Alfred Howard, Gentleman

(twin), f. 1919 ; Margaret (twin), and Agnes, Res. — The

Oast House, Coltenden, Ticehurst, Surrey.

Ronald Howard, Esq., Capt. R.N., /. 1878; tn. 1913.
Ruth Evelyn, d. of the late William Coryton, of Pentillie
Castle, Cornwall ; and has issue— Michael William Howard,
Gentleman, i. 1917 ; Roger Alexander Howard, Gentle-
man, d.igig; and Millicent. Res. — Huckworthy Lodge,
Horrabridge, S. Devon.

Frederick Charles Howard, Esq., Comdr., R.N.R., 6.
1882 ; m. 1923, Catherine Harriet, d. of Thomas W.
Bourne, of Blakeney, Norfolk. Res. — Orchard Cottage,
Blakeney, Norfolk.

Only surv. son of Frederick John Howard, Esq., of
Compton Place, co. Susse.x, 3. 1814; d. 1897; tn. 1837,
Lady Fanny Cavendish, sistor of 7th Duke of Devon-
shire : —
Gerald Richard Howard, Gentleman, fi. 1853 ; m. 1886;
Ada, d. of C. W. Curtis, of Lincf In ; and has issue — (i)
Alfred Howard, Gentleman, /^. 1887; (2) Bertram Marcus
Howard, Gentleman, ^. 1890 [m. 1924, Phyllis, d. of
Robert Lamb, of Surbiton, and has issue — Michael
Cavendish Howard, Gentleman, l>. 1926J; Mildred; and
Joan [m. 1922, Bertram Edmonds, cf Park House,
Blenheim, Oxford ; and has issue]. Res. —

Son of Henry Charles Howard, E^q., J. P.. D. L. , cos.
Cumberland and Westmorland (High Sheriff 1879), and
Chairman of Cumberland County Council (Councillor
for Greystoke Division), M.P. for Middle or Penrith
Division of Cumberland 1885-1886 [who impaled the
arms of McDonald, namely, quarterly, i. or, a lion
rampant gules ; 2. or, a dexter arm issuant from the
sinister fesse point, out of a cloud proper, in the hand
a cross crosslet fitch^e erect azure ; 3. argent, a
lymphad, sails furled, sable; 4. per fesse azure and
vert, a dolphin naiant in fesse proper], d. 1858 ; d.
1914 ; 7ft. 1878, Lady Mabel Harriet, d. of the fourth
Earl of Antrim : —
Bernard Henrv Esm^ Howard, Esq., M.C., late Capt.
R.F.C. (served Great War( ; i. 1880. /?^j. — Greystoke
Castle, Penrith.

Sons of Sir Edward Stafford Howard, K.C.B., of
Cilymaenllwydd, Glos. ; J. P. and D.L., M.P. for E.
Cumberland 1876-85, and for S. Gloucestershire 1885-
86, Under-Secretary for India 1886, Commissioner for
H.M.'s Woods and Forests i8q3-i9i2, B.A. Camb. ,
Barrister-at-Law ; i. 1851 ; d. 1916; m. ist, 1876,
Lady Rachel Campbell {d. 1906), youngest d. of Rt.
Hon. John Frederick, 2nd Earl Cawdor; 2nd, 1911,
Catharine Meriel, M.B.E. (see Howard-Stepney), d. of
late Sir Arthur Cowell Stepney, 2nd Bart. : —

Algar Henry Stafford Howard, Esq., M C.,1.P., Barrister
at-Law (Inner Temple), app. Fitzalin Pursuivant of Arms
Extraordinary June 191 1, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant of
Arms 17 Oct. following, and Windsor Herald, 1919.
Major T,A. Reserve of Officers, late Gk.ucestershire Imp,
Yeo. , d. 1880; m. 1921, Hon. Violet Ethel, widow of
Capt. Alexander Moore Vandeleur, and d. of Lord
Knaresborough ; and has issue — .^nne Violet ; and Eliza-
beth Helen. Seal Thornbury Castle, Glos. Address —
Herald's College, London. Ciui — Travellers'.
Stafford Bernard Vaughan Howard-Stepney, Esq. (?.v.)
Son of Robert Mowbray Howard, Esq., J. P. D. L. of
Hampton Lodge, Farnham, d. 1854; d. 1928; by his
1st wife, m. 1881, Louisa Georgina, d. of the late Rev.
Walter Sneyd: —
Henry Ralph Mowbray Howard, Esq., O. B. E. , Major,
late 4th Batt. Rifle Brigade, 6. 1883; m. 1911, Helen
Millicent, eld. d. of late William Dodge James, C.V.O.,
and has issue — Diana Kathcrine ; Pamela Evelyn ; Audrey
Elizabeth; Rosemary Millicent ; and Joan Margery. Seat —
Hampton Lodge, Farnham, Surrey.

Son of Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle, Cumber-
land, i. 1802 ; d. 1875 ; m. 1849, Charlotte Caroline
Georgiana, d. of Henry Lawes Long of Hampton
Lodge, Surrey: -
Rt. Hon. Sir Esm6 William Howard, P.C, G.C.B.,
G.C.M.G., C.V.O., Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. at
Washington since 1924, fi. 1863 ; m. 1898, Lady Isabella,
d. of the late Prince Giustiniani Bandini, 8th Earl of New-
burgh ; and has had issue — (i) Esm6 Joseph Henry Sigis-
mondo Howard, Esq,, fi. 1903 ; d. 1926 ; (2) Francis Philip
Howard, Esq., i. 1905 ; (3) Hubert John Edward Dominic
Howard, Esq., d. 1907; (4) Edmund Bernard Carlo
Howard, Esq., i. 1909 ; (5) Henry Anthony Camillo
Howard, Esq., d. 1913. Seat — Ravenstone, Keswick.
Address — British Embassy, Washington, U.S.A. Club—

ROBERT EDWARD HOWARD. Born 1864, being
the eldest son of the late Edward Carrington Howard, Esq.,
J. P., of Brinnington, by his first wife Margaret, dau. of
Robert Gill of Knotty Cross, near Liverpool. Armorial
bearings — Barry of six or and azure, on a bend ermine,
between two crosses bottony fitch^e gu'es, a lion couchant
or, charged on the shoulder with an estoile also gules.
Mantling' azure and or ; and for his Crest, upon a wreath
of the colours, in front of a cross bottony fitch^e gules, a
lion couchant or, charged on the shoulder with an estoile
also gules. Motto — " Per fidem omnia."

HOWARD of Broughton Hall (H. Coll.). Gules, on a
bend indented argent, between six crosses bottony fitche4
or, three escallops azure. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, between two wings

gules, the dexter charged with a bend sinister indented, and
the sinister with a bend dexter also indented argent,
a lion's face or, surmounted by a cross bottony filch^e




of the first. Motto — " Virtus sine metu." Liveiy — Claret,
with white facings.

Son of Robert Howard, Esq., M.A., J. P. cos. Fhnt

and Cheshire (High Sheriff 1861), ^. 1827; d. 1908; m.

1852, Lucy Annabella, only d. of Ven. Isaac Wood,

Archdeacon of Chester : —
John Howard, Esq., J. P. Cheshire and Flint, M.A.
Camb., b. 1853. Seat— BroMghiow Hall, Malpas, Cheshire.
C"/«3j— Orleans, White's.

WILLIAM HOWARD, Esquire, J. P., Lieut. -Colonel
commanding and V. B. Essex Regt. Born Sept. 22,
1852. Armorial bearings — Per pale gules and azure, on
a bend nebuly or, between four cross crosslets fitch^e of
the last, a crescent between two lions' heads erased of the
second. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, a lion passant azure, charged on the body with

two trefoils, holding in the dexter paw a cross crosslet
fitch^e or. Married, April 29, 1879, Lily Margaret Sey-
mour, only dau. of John Fielde Jackson, by his wife Isabella
Matilda Mackellar ; and has Issue — (i) Alan Frederic
William Howard, Esq., Comdr. R.N., b. April 11, 1883;
(2) Guy Robert Howard, Gentleman (Haileybury College),
b. Feb. 5, 1886 ; Dorothy Seymour ; Barbara Mackellar ;
and Sybil Madeline. Residence — Crowhurst, Sussex.

HOWARD (H. Coll., 5 March 1773). Gules, on a bend
or, between six cross crosslets argent, an anchor sable.
Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a lion passant guardant per pale argent and or,
charged on the shoulder with an anchor as in the arms.
Motto — " Hope well and have well."

Sons of Rev. George Broadley Howard, B.A. (Camb.),
Clerk in Holy Orders, b. 1827; d. 1913 ; 7n. 1858,
Emilie Cecilia Martha, d. of Nicholas Fenwick Johnson,
Maj.-Gen. H.M. Indian Army: —
Charles Stephen Garton Howard, Gentleman, b. 1863.
Res, — 64 Heene Road, Worthing.

Basil Fenwick Howard, Gentleman, b. 1865 ; m. 1913,
Bessie Edith, d. of Stephen B. Lyon, of West Virginia.
7?«.— Littleton, Denver, U.S.A.

Sons of Charles Gorham Howard, Gentleman, b. 1829,

d. 1915; m. 1870, Annie Elizabeth, d. of Capt.

John Henry Skipworth of Howsham, Lines. : —

Kenneth Claude Howard, b. 1872; m. 1901, Lilian

Theodora, d. of Col. Benjamin Blaydes Haworth-Booth,

J. P., D.L., of Hullbank House and Rowlston Hall ; and has

issue — John Kenneth Robert Howard, Gentleman, b. 1905;

Richard Stipworth Howard, Gentleman, b 1912; Joanna

and Cordelia. Res. — Elloughton, Brough, Yorks.

Charles Max Howard, b. 1875 ; m. Helen, d. of Dr.
Draper of York ; and has issue — Basil Howard, Gentleman,
b. . Res. — The Cedar House, Ripley, Surrey.

HOWARD (H. Coll.). Gules, on a bend or, between a
fret couped in chief and a cross crosslet in base, both of the
last, three annulets vert. Mantling gules and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a lion rampant proper, charged
on the body with two annulets in pale vert, holding in the
paws a fret as in the arms, and resting the dexter hind paw
on SS as linked in a herald's collar.

Son of late Joseph Jackson Howard, Esq. , Maltravers

Herald of Arms Extraordinary, LL.D. , F.S.A. , b.

1827 ; d. 1902 ; m. 1862, Ellen Clara, d. of J. West: —

Arthur Dashwood Howard, Gentleman, B.A. (Camb.),

M.D., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lond.), b. 1866; m. 1899,

Melita Margaret, d. of W. Betts of Gately Hall, Norfolk.


HOWARD of Kempston Grange (H. Coll.). Gules, on
a chevron between two garbs in chief and a tower in base or
an eagle displayed sable. Mantling gules and or. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, in front of an eagle displayed
sable, holding in the beak an ear of wheat slippped or, a
tower of the last. Motto — ' ' Progress with prudence."

Sons of James Howard, Esq., of Clapham Park, co.

Bedford, J.P.,D.L. and High Sheriff (1878), M.P., b.

1821 ; d. 1889 ; m. 1846, Mahala Wendon, d. of P.

Thompson of Brook House, Great Bentley, Essex : —
James Harold Howard, Esq., J. P. co. Bedford (High'
Sheriff 1899), b. 1858 ; m. 1890, Mary, eld. d. of Addison
Potter, Esq., C. B. , of Heaton Hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne ;
and had issue — Addison James Howard, Gentleman, b,
1893; killed in action, 1916. Seat — The Grange, Kempston.
CO. Bedford.

Geoffrey Howard, Esq., J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1907, M.A. (Camb.), b. 1865; m. 1892, Annie, eld. d. of
James S. Evers-Swindell of Stourbridge; and has issue —
I son, 3 daus. Res. — Highfield, Bedford.

HOWARD, of Ontario, Canada (H. Coll.). Azure, a fesse
argent, between in chief a passion-cross of the last between
two fieurs-de-lys or, and in base a catherine-wheel of the

second. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a catherine-wheel argent, between a branch
of palm on the dexter and another of cypress on the sinister
proper. Motto — " Pro fide. "

Sons of Allan Maclean-Howard, Esq., Major Reserve

Militia, b. 1825; m. 1851, Wilhelmina, d. of Donald

Macdona of Glen Donald, Chingnacousy, co. Peel: —

Allan Maclean-Howard, Gentleman, Clerk Division

Court, CO. of York, Ontario, Lieut. Reserve Mil., b. 1852 ;

m. 1890, Cassandra Ann, d. of T. Morrison of Ennis-

killen, co. Fermanagh, Ireland; and has issue — Allan




Maclean Howard, Gentleman, b. ; Vaughan Maclean

Howard. Gentleman, b. ; Beatrice Maud Maclean ;

and Wilhelmina Maclean. Res. — York, Ontario, Canada.

Rev. James Scott Maclean-Howard, Rector of New-
castle, Ontario, 3. 1856; m. ist, Emma Louise (d.s.p.),dL.
of John Russell ; 2nd, 1898, Clara, d. of late William
Bright; and has issue — Wilkie Allan Maclean-Howard,
Gentleman, />. ; and Elizabeth Salome Maclean. Res. —

Newcastle, Ontario, Canada.

Donald Maclean- Howard, Esq., formerly Capt. loth Roy.
Grenadiers, served in North-West 1885 (medal and clasp),
and a Major in Strathcona's Horse in S. .Africa (medal and
four clasps), b. 1861 ; m. , May {d.s.p.), d. of Thorton

Bullock of Kingston-on-Thames, England. Res. —

HOWARD-BROOKE (R.L., 3 Jan. 1835). Quarterly,
I and 4, or, a cross engrailed per pale gules and sable, a
crescent for difference (Brooke, Fun. entry, 1633, and Kts.
entry, 1617, U.O.) ; 2 and 3, the arms of Howard. Mantling
gules and or. Crests — i. on a wreath of the colours, a
brock passant argent (Brooke) ; 2. the crest of Howard.
Motto — ' ' Gloria finis."

Sonof Richard Howard-Brooke, Esq., of Castle Howard,

CO. Wicklow, b. 1801 ; d. 1877 ; ot. 1837, Frances

Caroline, sister of James Hans Hamilton, M.P. , of

Abbotslown : —

The late Richard Edward Frederick Howard- Brooke,

Esq. , of Castle Howard, co. Wicklow, J. P. Hants., formerly

Lieut. 37th Regt., Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. Hants.

Regt., b. 1848; d. 1918; 7n. 1878, Alice ItLXna. (Res. — The

Lawn, Rvde, Isle of Wight), d. of Samuel W. Ridley of The

Castle, St. Helens, L of W.

HOWARD-M'LEAN (R.L., H. Coll.). Quarterly, i
and 4, argent, a cross sable, between in the first quaiter a
m untain vert, in the second, issuant frcm the sinister
side of the shield, a de.xter cubit arm fessewise gules, grasp-
ing a cross crosslet fitch^e in pale azure, in the third a
galley surmounted by two oars in saltire sable, pennons
flying to the dexter gules, and in the fourth quarter in chief
two hawks' heads respectant couped gules, and in base amid
waves of the sea a salmon naiant proper (M'Lean) ; 2 and
3, gules, on a bend indented argent, between six crosses
bottony fitch^e or, three escallops azure (Howard).
Mantling sable and argent. Crests — i. on a wreath of the

colours, a battleaxe erect in front of a branch of laurel and
a branch of cypress in saltire all proper, the whole encircled
and interlaced by an annulet or (M'Lean) ; 2. on a wreath
of the colours, between two wings gules, the dexter charged
with a bend sinister indented and the sinister with a
bend dexter also indented argent, a lion's face or, sur-
mounted by a cross bottony fitch^e of the first (Howard).

Mottoes — "Altera merces " (M'Lean); "Virtus sine
metu " (Howard). Livery — Blue coat, yellow and blue
striped waistcoat.

Son of John Howard- M'Lean (formerly M'Lean)
of Aston, CO. Sail p, Lieut. Lanarksh. Yeo. (son of
John M'Lean of Campbeltown, a cadet of Morven), b.
1817; d. 1887; m. 1859, Helen Elizabeth, d. of John
Howard, Esq., J. P., of Brereton Hall, Cheshire : —
John Robert Howard-M'Lean, Esq., V.D., J. P. (High
Sheriff 1922) Salop, Hon. Col. and Lt.-Col. comdg. 4th
Batt. King's Shropshire Lt. Inf., 1904-14; Lt.-Col. T.F.
Res. since 1915, Barrister-at-Law (Inner Temple), b. 1859.
Seat — Aston Hall, Shifnal, Salop. Club — United Uni-

Widow, commonly known as Lady Emily Alfreda Julia
Howard-Bury, of Charleville Forest, King's Co., being the
second dau. of Charles, 3rd Earl of Charleville {ext.).
Armorial bearings are, upon a lozenge : Quarterly, i and
4, vert, a cross crosslet or, a canton argent for difference
(for Bury); sand 3, gules, on a bend, between six cross
crosslets fitch^e argent, an escutcheon or, charged with a
demi-lion rampant, pierced through the mouth by an arrow,
within a double tressure flory counterflory of the first, a
crescent sable for difference (for Howard) ; and upon an
escutcheon of pretence the same arms of Bury, namely
vert, a cross crosslet or. Married, i88i, Kenneth Howard-
Bury, Esq. (eldest son of the Hon. James Kenneth Howard),
a J. P. and D.L. for King's Co. (High Sheriff 1884), and a
Capt. R.A. (ret. ), who assumed the additional name of Bury,
by Royal Licence, in 1881, and died 1885, leaWng, with a
dau., Lt.-Col. Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury, late Res. of
Officers, formerly K.R.R.C, b. 1883. Residence— Charle-
ville Forest. Tullamore.

HOWARD-STEPNEY (R.L., 9 Mar. 1922). Quarterly,
I and 4, gules, a fesse chequy or and azure, between three
owls argent (for Stepney) ; 2 and 3, gules, on a bend
between six cross crosslets fitchee argent, an escutcheon
or,charged with a demi-lion rampant, pierced through
the mouth by an arrow within the Royal Tressure of
Scotland of the first (for Howard). Crests — i. on'a wreath
of the colours, a talbot's head erased gules, eared or,
gorged with a collar chequy or and azure, and holding in
the mouth an antler gold (for Stepney) ; 2. on a cap of
maintenance proper, a lion statant guardant with tail
extended, or, ducally gorged argent (for Howard).

Son of Sir Edward Stafford Howard, K.C.B., b. 1851 ;

d. 1916 ; m. 2nd, 1911, Catherine Meriel, M.B.E.

(who assumed by R.L., 9 Mar. 1922, the additional

stumame and arms of Stepney for herself and issue),

d. and h. of Sir Emile Algernon Arthur Keppel

CoweU-Stepney, 2nd Bart. : —

Stafford Vaughan Stepney Howard-Stepney, Esq., b.

19 1 5. Res. — Cilymaenllwyd, Llanelly, co. Carmarthen;

Woodland, Ascot, Berks.

HOWARD-VYSE of Stoke Place, (H. Coll., 1841).
Quarterly, i and 4, argent, a stag's head caboshed, between
the attires a cross couped sable ( Vyse) ; 9. and 3, gules, on a
bend between six cross crosslets fitchee argent, an escutcheon
cr, charged with a denii-lion pierced through the mouth
with an arrow within a double tressure flory counterflory
gules (Howard). Mantling sable and argent. Crest-
On a chapeau gules, turned up ermine, a lion statant
guardant, the tail extended or, ducally crowned and charged
on the neck with a label of three points argent, a mullet
sable, charged with a crescent gold for difference
(Howard). MottO — "Virtus mille scuta."

Son of Col. Richard Henry Howard-Vyfe of Stoke
Place and Boughton, J. P., M.P. (High Sheriff Bucks.
1867), b. 1813 ; d. 1872 ; m. 1856, Hon. Julia Agnes
Joliffe, d. of William, ist Lord Hyltm: —
Howard Henry Howard- Vyse, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
(High Sheriff for Northampton 1887), Lieut. Royal Horse
Guards 1879-84, b. 1858 ; m. 1882, Mabel Diana, d. of
Rev. Granville Sykes Howard-Vyse, Rector of Boughton ;
and has had issue — (i) Richard Granville Hylton Howard-
Vyse, Esq., C.M.G., D.S.O,, Col. late comdg. Roy. Horse
Guards, b. 1883 [»«. 1925, Hermione, d. of Saxham Drury,
and widow of Capt. the Hon. Arthur Coke]; (2) George
Cecil Howard-Vyse, Gentleman, b. 1884; d. 1916; and
Lilly Eleanor, d. 1897. Seats — Stoke Place, Slough ;
Boughton Park, Northampton. Clubs — Turf, Naval and
Military, Bachelors'.




Sons of Lieut. -Gen. E Iward Howard-Vyse, Col. 3rd
Hussars, J. P. co. Essex, b. 1826; d. 1909; tn. 1867,
Mary [d. I9i5),d. of Henry Robinson of York, whose
widow took the name of NorcHffe on succeeding to the
property of Langton, Yorks. : —
Cecil Howard-Vyse, Esq., Lt. -Col. late K.G.A., b. 1872;
m. 1899, Ethel Hast ; and has issue — (i) Cecil Elsmie
Howard-Vyse, Gentleman, Lieut. R. E. ,b. 1901 ; (2) Edward
Dacre Howard-Vyse, Gentleman, Lieut. R.A. , b. 1905; and
Joyce Norcliffe. Seat — Langton Hall, nr. Maltcn, Yorks.
George Aubrey Howard-Vyse, Esq., Capt. Liverpcol
Regt. , b. 1874.


The Late CHARLES HOWATSON of Dornal and
Glenbuck, Esq., J. P. co. Ayr. Bom 1832, eldest son of late
William Howatson of (Jronberry, co. Ayr, by his wife Jane,
elder dau. of George Samson of Rigg. co. Ayr. Armorial
bearings (L.O., 1892) — Sable, t«o chevronels between as
many owls in chief and a wolfs head erased argent in base.

HOWLETT of Norwich (H. Coll.). Sable, alymphad,
sails furled or, on a chief of the second two towers triple-
towered of the field. Mantling sable and or. Crest —
On'a wreath of the colours, within a crescent or, an owl

Son of John Godfery Hewlett : —

Arthur Godfery Howlett, Esq., Sheriff of Norwich
1908-9, b. . Ees.Snnny Hill, Thorpe St. Andrew,


HOYLE of Longwood. Per fesse argent and or,
within two fiaunches sable, each charged with a rose of
the first, barbed and seeded proper, a muUet of the third.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — In front of a tower
proper, a lion couchant or. Badge — A rose gules, leaved
and slipped, between two sprigs of thyme proper, enfiled
by a circlet or. Motto — " Faber quisqua fortune suae."

Son of Joseph Hoyle, of Stranraer House,

Longwood, nr. Huddersfield, b. 1844 ; d. 1920 ;

m. 1865, Maria, d. of Jonathan Hirst, |of Hurst,

Longwood, Yorks. : —
Sir Emmanuel Hoyle, ist Bart. (30 June 1922), O.B.E.,
J.P., Lieut.-Col.(ret.) W.R. Yorks. R.A.S.C. (T.F.), b.
1866 ; m. 1912, Amy, d. of George Hilton. Res. — Banney
Royd, Huddersfield ; Inglewood, Penrith. Clubs —
R.A.C., British Empire.

HOYLE (H. Coll., II June 1886). Ermine, on a pale
engrailed or, between two pellets in fesse, a pellet between
two roses gules, barbed and seeded proper. Crest — On a

Mantling sable and argent. Crest -On a wreath of his
liveries, a dexter handcouped at the wrist appaum^e proper.
Motto — "Hincorior. " Livery — Blue and silver. Married,
first, April 1859, Wilhelmina Aird, dau. of Angus Fletcher
of Bernice, co. Argyll; and secondly, April 30, 1889,
Marion, dau. of Adam Brown of Glencotha, Peeblesshire;
and Died 24 Jan. 1918 ; having had Issue by his second
marriage —Charles Nile Howatson, Esq., Capt. Indian
Army, b. Jan. 25, i8go; d. 5 Mar. 1924; Jane Hargraves

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