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Sons of William Joseph Starkey Barber-Starkey, Esq. ,
J. P., Barrister-at-Law. who assumed by Royal Licence,
1873, the name of Starkey in addition to that of
Barber, and the arms of Starkey, i. August i, 1847 ;
d. 1024 ! nt. April 29, 1873, Margaret Aimee, thiid
dau. of Sir George Kinloch, ist Bart., of Kinloch, co.
Perth :—
Roger John Kinloch Barber-Starkey, Gentleman, late
Lieut. Shropshire Yeo. , served Great War 1914-16, d. 1883 ;
m. 1913, Edith Victoria, 3rd d. of Col. Sir James Digby
Legard, K.C.B., and has issue — John Legard Barber-
Starkey, Gentleman, l>. 1919 ; Sheila Jean; Ann Jose-
phine ; Juliet Mary. Res. — Cotsbrook Hall, Shifnal, Shrop-
shire ; Knockshannoch, Glenisla, Alyth, N.B. C/u6 —
County (Shrewsbury).

Francis Waugh Gordon Barber-Starkey, Gentleman,
6. 1885 ; m. 1912, Barbara, d. of the late W. Mainguy of
British Columbia, and has issue — Joseph William Mainguy
Barber-Starkey, Gentleman, fi. 1918 ; and i dau. J^es. —
Westholme, British Columbia.

Charles Cecil Barber-Starkey, Gentleman, d. 1890; m.
1921, Marian Siella, d. of Richard Cornelius, 'of Lutwyche
Hall, Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Res. —

P BARBOUR of Hilden, Lisburn (U.O., 31 [Oct. 1905).
Argent, a cross pat^e between two flaunches azure, on a

holding a cross pat^e fitch^e azure. Motto — "Nihilo nisi
cruce." Livery — Green, with scarlet collars.

Sons of John Doherty Barbour, Esq.. J. P., D.L., of
Hilden, co. Antrim, of Hilden, Warwickshire, and of
Wrentnall, Shropshire, Chevalier of the Legion of
Honour, b. 1824 ; d. 1901 ; m. 1864, Elizabeth Law,
d. of John Milne, Esq., J. P., of Trinity Grove,
Edinburgh : —
Frank Barbour, Gentleman, b. 1866. Seat — Trimbles-
town, Trim, co. Meath. Club — Ulster (Belfast).

Rt. Hon. John Milne Barbour, P.C., Minister of Com-
merce and Financial Sec. to Ministry of Finance, Northern
Ireland, J. P. and D.L. co. Antrim (High Sheriff co. Down
1905, and of CO. Antrim 1907), M.A. (Ox.n.), b. 1868; m.
1899, Eliza (d. 1910), d. of Robert Barbour of Paterson, New
Jersey, U.S.A. ; and has issue — John Milne Barbour,
Gentleman, b. 1906; Rebecca Edwards; Mary Davey ; and
Elizabeth Law Milne. Seat — Conway, Dunmurry, co. An-
trim. C/«*.f— Royal Automobile, Ulster (Bellast), Western
(Glasgow), Kildare Street (Dublin).

Harold Adrian Milne Barbour, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxon.),
b. 1874; m. 1905, Anna Edwards, d. of Robert Barbour
of Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.A. ; and has issue — (1) John
Barbour, Gentleman, h. 1906; (2) James Barbour, Gentle-
man, b. 1908 ; (3) William Patrick Barbour, Gentleman,
b. 1914; and Elizabeth. Clubs — Royal Automobile, Ulster

B.ARBOUR, of Boleswonh Castle. Argent, on a
saltire gules, gutt^e-d'eau, between two garbs m pale
and as many escallops in fesse vert, an escallop of the first.
Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, in front of a mount
vert, thereon a Cross Calvary argen a garb fessewise
or. Motto — " Nihilo nisi cruce."

Sons of Robert Barbour, Esq., J. P. D.L., of Boles-
worth Castle, Major Earl of Chester's Yeo., b.
1876 ; d. 1928 ; m. 1909, Ida Lavington, only d.
of Arthur Lavington Payne of Staffield Hall,
Kirkoswald : —
George Richard Barbour, Gentleman, b. 191 1. Estate
— Bolesworth Castle, co. Cheshire. Post. add. — Bolesworth
Castle, Chester.

David Charles Barbour, Gentleman, b. 1912.
Robert James Barbour, Gentleman, 1921.

Esquire, J. P. Born Oct. 18, 1826, being the son of James

chief of the last three empty quills upright of the first.
Mantling' azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a hand couped between two flax-branches proper.

Barclay, Esq. of Knockleith, co. Aberdeen. Armorial
bearings (L.O, 1901; prev. mat. 1897) — Azure, a chevron




or, between three crosses pat^e argent. Mantling azure
and or. Crest— On a wreath of his Uveries, a hand
holding a dagger proper. Motto— " Aut agere aut mori."
Supporters — Two hounds argent, collared gules.

cadet of Barclay of Towie. Born March 31, 1861, being
the second son of the late Charles George Barclay, resid-
ing at Dura, Cupar, Fife, by his wife Jessie Mackinlay,
third dau. of the late George Berry, Portobello, N.B.

BARCLAY of Bury Hill (L.O., 1858)— Azure, a chevron'
and in chief three crosses pat6e argent. Mantling gules
doubled argent. Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a.
mitre or. Motto — "In cruce spero." Supporters — Two
savages wreathed round the loins with oak, each holding in
the exterior hand a club all proper.

Eld. son of Robert Barclay, Esq., of Bury Hill, co.
Surrey, M. A. , F. R.G.S., J.P., D.L. (High Sheriff 1878),
d. 1837; d. 1913; m. 1877, Laura Charlotte Rachel,
eldest d. of Marmaduke Wyvill of Constable Burton,



Armorial bearings (of Barclay of
Alexander Barclay, differenced as
Azure, a chevron engrailed or,
pat6e argent, a bordure of the
doubled or. Crest — On a wreath
holding a dagger proper. MottO-
Livery (dress) — Dark blue, yellow
blue. Residence — Inchdura. North

Towie, refer to Charles
a cadet, L.O. , 1901)—

between three crosses
last. Mantling azure,

of his liveries, a hand
-" Aut agere aut mori."
facings ; (undress), dark

Berwick, N. B. Club —

M.P. for Richmond, by his wife Laura, dau. and

heiress of Sir Charles Ibbetson, Bart., of Denton

Park: —

Robert t Wyvill Barclay, Esq., late Maj. (T. Lt.-Col.)

Surrey (Queen Mary's) Regt. , and T. Capt. 2nd Life Gds.,

Chief of the House of Barclay of Mathers and Urie, h. 1880 ;

m. 1904, Elsa Mary, d. of His Hon. Sir Edward Bray;

and has issue — (i) Robert Edward Barclay, Gentleman,

b. 1906; (2) John Stephen Barclay, Gentleman, b. 1908;


IB at


(3) Malcolm Eric Barclay, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; and Mary
Priscill^ Rachel. Nes.—^nyy Hill, Dorking, Surrey. Clubs
—Bachelors', Conservative.

BARCLAY (L.O.). Azure, on a chevron engrailed
argent a crescent of the first, in chief three crosses patee
of the second. Mantling azure, doubled argent. Crest
— On a wreath of his liveries, a mitre or. Motto — " In
cruce spero."

Eld. son of Henry Ford Barclay, Esq., J. P., D.L.,
of Monkhams, Woodford, Essex, b. 1826 ; d. 1891 ;
by his ist wife, m. 1848, Richenda Louisa [d. 1888),
d. of Samuel Gumey, of Upton, Essex : —
Hugh Gumey Barclay, Esq., M.V.O. (1909). M.A.
Camb., J. P. Norfolk (High Sheriff 1905), late Lt.-Col.
and Hon. Col. Comdg. 4th Batt. Norfolk Regt., b. 185 1 ;
m. 1880, Evelyn (d. 1899), d. of Sir Stuart Saunders
Hogg; and has had issue — (i) Terence Henry Ford
Barclay, Lieut. Scots Guards, b. 1882; d. 1911; (2)
Evelyn Hugh Barclay, Gentleman, Scots Guards,
b. 1886 [w. 1917, Hon. Phyllis Patty Crossley, d. of Lord
Somerleyton, and has issue — 2 daus.] ; (3) David Stuart
Barclay, Gentleman, Scots Guards, b. 1897 ; d. 1917 of
wound's received in action ; LIrsula Mary [m. 1908, 3rd
Lord Monkswell ; and d. 1918] ; Phyllis Dorothy
[m. ist, 1914, Capt. H. C. Johnson, D.S.O., K.R.R.C.
[d. 1915) ; 2nd, 1918, Major Ivor Buxton, D.S.O., and
has issue] ; Richenda Louisa [m. 1912, Capt. Horace
John Flower, who died 1918] ; Cecil Lorna [m. 1915,
Lt.-Col. Malise Graham, D.S.O., i6th Lancers, and
has issue] ; and Rosamund Alice. Seat — Colney Hall,
Norwich. Clubs — Brooks's, Oxford and Cambridge.

BARCLAY of Pierston (L.O., c. 1672-7). Azure, a
chevron between three crosses pat6e or. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, a
sword erect proper, hilted and pommelled or. Motto —
■' Crux Christi nostra corona." Livery — Dark blue, orange
and blue waistcoat.

Eld. surv. son of Sir Colville Arthur Durell Barclay,

nth Bart., C.M.G., Receiver-Gen. in Mauritius and

Auditor-Gen. in Ceylon, Comm. of the Legion of

Honour, b. 1829; d. 1896; m. 1855, Louise Melanie,

d. and coh. of Edouard Julien Bebzim : —

Sir Robert Cecil de Bebzim Barclay, 13th Bart. (22 Oct.

1668) of Pierston, co. Ayr, b. 1862 ; s. his brother 1918 ;

m. 1926, Terese Marie Camille Pouget of Paris. Res.—

42 Avenue Morceau, Paris. Club— Oxiord and Cambridge.

BARCLAY-ALLARDYCE. Quarterly, i and 4, argent,
a fesse wavy gules, between three boars' heads erased
sable, armed and langued of the second (for Allardice of
AUardice) ; 2. azure, a chevron and in chief three crosses
pat6e argent (for Barclay of Ury) ; 3. quarterly, i. and
iiii., argent, on a chief sable, three escallops or, ii. and iii.
or, a fesse chequy azure and argent, in chief a chevronel
gules (for Graham, Earls of Monteith and Airth). Mant-
ling gules, doubled argent. Crests — Upon the dexter
side, upon a wreath of the liveries, a naked man from the
middle, in his dexter hand a scimitar all proper ; and in
an escroll over the same this Motto, ' ' In defence of the
distressed" (for Allardice), and upon the sinister side, on
a vvreath of the liveries, a Bishop's mitre or ; and in an
escroll over the same this Motto, "In cruce spero" (for
Barclay). Livery — Light blue, with white facings.

Eldest son of David Stuart Barclay-Allardyce, Gentle-
man, b. November 21, 1845; assumed by Royal
Licence in the year 1883 the surnames and arms of
Barclay-Allardyce ; d. 1915 ; m. October 15, 1868,
Fannie Foster, daughter of Edwin Day Elliot of
West Brattleboro, Vermont, in the United States of
America : —
Robert Barclay-Allardyce, Gentleman, born 1869 ; m.
Nov. 30, 1899, Jessie Darling, dau. of William Drown of
Providence. Res. — 44 Belmont Avenue, Providence, Rhode
Island, United States of America.

Cornwall, M.A., F.S.A. (Scot.), Mayor of Lostwithiel
1899-1901 and 1904-6, Alderman of Lostwithiel 1903-1910.
Born 1841, being the eldest son of the late Samuel
Ritchie, by his wife Margaret, who died Aug. 7, 1903 [after-
wards Barclay-Allardice], only child and sole h. of Robert
Barclay-Allardice, Esquire, of Allardice and Urie, and as-
sumed by Royal Licence in 1883 the surnames and
arms of Barclay-Allardice. Armorial bearings (L.O.,

1883) — Quarterly, i and 4, argent, a fesse wavy gules, be-
tween three boars' heads erased sable, armed and langued
of the second (Allardice of Allardice, c. 1542) ; 2. azure, a
chevron and in chief three crosses pat6e argent (Barclay of
Ury, 1725) ; 3. quarterly, i. and iiii., argent, on a chief
sable three escallops or ; ii. and iii., or, a fesse chequy azure
and argent, in chief a chevronel gules (Graham, c. 1542,
Earls of Monteith and Airth). Upon the escutcheon is
placed a helmet befitting his degree, with a Mantling gules,
doubled argent; and for his Crests, upon the dexter side,
upon a wreath of the liveries, a naked man from the middle,
in his dexter hand a scimitar all proper ; and in an escroll
over the same this Motto, " In defence of the distressed"
(for Allardice), and upon the sinister side, upon a wreath
of the liveries, a Bishoi)'s mitre or ; and in an escroll over

the same this Motto, ' ' In cruce spero " (for Barclay). Livery

^Light blue, with white facings. Married, 1909, Beatrice
Maud, elder dau. of W. H. Jeffery of Swete's House,
Cornwall; and has issi^ — Mary Graham. Postal address

— Rose Hill, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Club — Fowey Yacht


[The above-mentioned Robert Barclay-Allardice claims

the Scottish Earldoms of Strathearn, Monteith, and Airth. ]

BARCROFT (Vn. Lanes. 1664 ; Confirmed U.O. 1927)-
Argent, a lion rampant sable, armed azure, langued
gules. Mantling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a demi-bear rampant gules, muzzled
or. Motto — " Utque soles custos adsis."

Sons of Henry Barcroft, Esq., of The Glen, Newry,

D.L. CO. Armagh, b. 1839 ; d. 1905 ; m. 1867,

Anna, d. of the late David Malcomson, of Mel view,

CO. Tipperary : —

Joseph Barcroft, Gentleman, C.B.E., M.A. (Camb.),

B.Sc. (Lond.), Hon. M.D. (Louvain), F.R.S., Fellow

King's Coll., Camb., b. 1872 [impales arms of Ball —

argent, on a chevron gules, between three fireballs

proper, a galley with one mast, sail furled, pennon flotant

in stern of the first] ; m. 1903, Mary Agnetta, d. of Sir

Robert S. Hall, LL.D., F.R.S., and has issue — (i) Henry

Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1904 ; (2) Robert Ball Barcroft,

Gentleman, b. 1909. ^i"-^. — 13 Grange Road, Cambridge.

Clubs — Athenctum, Cambridge University, Cruising.

David Malcomson Barcroft, Gentleman, M.D. (Edin.),
b. 1875. Res. — The Glen, NewTy, co. Armagh; 57
Sloane Street, S.W. Clubs — Cavendish, University,
Union (Edinburgh).

Son of John Barcroft, Esq., J. P. of Beech Hill, co.
Armagh, b. 1836 ; d. 1907 ; »«. 1878, Anne, d. of
Richard Pike, of Beech Grove, co. Tyrone : —
Ambrose Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1882. Res. — Putar-
win, New Zealand.

Sons of Thomas Malcomson Barcroft, Esq., J. P.,
of Rathrone, Park Avenue, Dublin, b. 1838 ; d.
1911 ; m. 1 87 1, .Alice, d. of Samuel Murphy, of
Rathfriland, co. Down : —




Rev. John Pim Barcroft, M.A., T.C.D. (1907), Rector
of Derryloran since 1925, R.D. Dundalk 1924-5, b. 1875
[impales arms of Hutchings — ermine, on a pale vert,
between two daggers azure, hilted or, three elephants'
trunks of the last, the whole within a bordure or, bearing
four hurts] ; m. 1913, Irene, d. of Rev. Edgar Fitz
Henry Hutchings, M.A., T.C.D., Vicar of Heynestown,
CO. Louth ; and has issue — Ambrose William Edgar
Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1917 ; and Alice Beatrice
Elizabeth. Res. — Derryloran Rectory, co. Tyrone,

William James Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1878. Res. —
Newgrove, Bristol Avenue, Belfast.

Thomas Murphy Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1880 ; m.
1909, Mary, d. of John Barcroft, Esq., J. P. of Beech
Hill, CO. Armagh. Res. — Oakleigh, Knock, co. Down.
Sons of William Greer Barcroft, Esq., J. P., of Caver-
hill, Claugh ton, Cheshire, 6. 1841 ; d. 1927 ; m. 1872,
Ellen, d. of John Park, of Elm House, Birkenhead : —
Norman Denison Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1873 ;
m. 1904, Eleanor Lucy, d. of William Briscoe, Vice-
Principal of Jesus College, Cambridge. Res. — Nant-y-
Bryn, Cadmant Park, Conway.

William Greer Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1883. Res. —
Caverhill, Claughton, Cheshire.

Son of Jonathan Hogg Barcroft, Esq., J. P., of

Grange Lodge, co. Tyrone, b. 1842 ; d. 1897 ; m.

1869, Margaret, d. of Richard Pike, of Beechgrove,

CO. Tyrone : —

Richard Cecil Barcroft, Gentleman, B.L., b. 1871 ;

m. 1898, OUve, d. of Charles Mesham, 66th Regt., and

has issue — Cecil Leonard Barcroft, Gentleman, b. 1900 ;

Marjorie [»». 1927, Edward Dawson Moore, M.C., B.A.,

son of the Bishop of Kilmore] ; and Joyce. Res. —

Shandon Castle, Avenue Clontarf, Dublin.

Son of Frederick Barcroft, Gentleman, of Strang-

more House, co. Tyrone, b. 1845 ; d. 1896 ; m. 1881,

Katherine, d. of Robert Steele Nicholson, Esq.,

J. P., of Ballow, CO. Down : —

Gilbert Evelyn Barcroft, Esq., Capt. R.I.F., b. 1883 ;

m. 1920, Kathleen, d. of Johnson, of Clayton

HaU, Staffs. Res.—

BARDSWELL (H. Coll.) Gules, a goat salient argent,
between three fountains proper. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, upon a well-head
gules, a goat's head erased argent. Motto — " Bear thee

Sons of Charles William Bardswell, Esq., J. P., M.A.,

Barrister-at-Law, Recorder (£ Borough if Kingston,

d. 1832; d. 1902; m. Frances Ann, d. of Samuel Dean

of the Hurst, Walton-on-Thames : —

Noel Dean Bardswell, Esq., M.V.O., M.D., F.R.C.P.,

Med. Officer London C.C, served Great War as Major

R.A.M.C. (M.V.O., Legionof Honour), 6. 1871 ; m. 1907,

Monica, d. of John Mack of Paston Hall. A'«. — The

Chase, Chigwell, Essex ; Stow Hill, Paston.

Arthur Hamilton Bardswell, Gentleman,^. . Jfes. —
Hugh Rosser Bardswell, Gentleman, I.C.S., b.

BARHAM of Wadhurst (Recorded to collateral branch
Vn. Kent 1574, Confirmed 1910). Argent, on a fesse
gules between three bears passant sable, muzzled gules, a
fleur-de-lys between two martlets, all gold. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
stork among bulrushes, all proper. Motto — " Fortis et

Son of Robert Barham, Gentleman, b. 1830; 7n. 1859,
Janet (d. 1881), d. of Allan Ferguson of Stairdam,
Perth :—
Robert Allan Barham, Gentleman, b. 1861 ; m. 1886,
Sarah, d. of Robert Morley of Enfield, Midd.v. ; and has
issue — Allan Robert Barham, Gentleman, 1^. 1888. Res.—
Sons of Sir George Barham, Kt. Bach. (1904), J.P,
Middlesex (High Sheriff 1907-8) and Sussex, Mayor of
Hampstead 1905-C, C.C. for East Sussex, b. 1836; d.
1913 ; m. 1859, Margaret (d. 1906), d. of Jarvis
Rainey of Spilsby, Lines. : —
George Titus Barham, Esq., b, 1850; m. 1897. Florence
Elizabeth, d. of William Peter Vosper of Merafield, Ply-
mouth, Devon. Res. — Sudbury Park, co Middlesex.

Arthur Saxby Barham. Esq., C.M.G. , J P., C.C. co. Kent
Lt.-Col. T. F. Res., late corndg. 12th Batt. London Regt.,
and late Lt.-Col. 19th Middx. R.V., b. 1869; m. 1893,
Annie Gertrude, d. of Edward Henry Edwards of Hamp-
stead ; and has had issue — Wilfred Saxby Barham, Esq.,

Capt. The Buffs, b. 1894; d. of wounds received in action
1915; Harold Arthur Barham, Gentleman, Lieut. R.G.A.,
T.F., b. 1898 [m. 1920, Edith Dulcie, d. of Lt.-Col. R. J. F.
Taylor, C.B.E., Sherwood Foresters, ;md has issue — i son ;
2 daus (Res. — Under Ridge, Bourne End, Bucks.)]. Res. —
Hole Park, Rolvenden, co. Kent.

BARING. Quarterly, i and 4, azure, a fesse
or, in chief a bear's head couped proper, muzzled and
ringed gold (for Baring) ; 2 and 3, gules, a cross patde
fitch ee or, between three fislies hauriant argent, within an
orle of eight cross crosslets of the second (Herring).
Mantling azure and or. Crest — A mullet erminois
between two wings argent. Motto — " Probitate et labore."
Son of Rt. Hon. Thomas George Baring, ist Earl
of Northbrook, 6. 1826 ; d. 1904 ; m. 1848, Elizabeth
Harriet [d. 1867), d- of Henry Charles Sturt, of
Crichel, Dorset : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Francis George Baring, 2nd Earl of
Northbrook (10 June. 1876), of Stratton, co. Southamp-
ton, Viscount Baring, of Lee, Kent, Baron Northbrook
(4 Jan. 1866), of Stratton, Bart. (29 May, 1793), D-L-
Hants., M.P. Winchester 1880-5, and for N. Bedford
1886-92, Lieut, (ret.) Rifle Bgde. and Gren. Gds'
[Supporters — On either side a bear proper, muzzled or,
gorged with a chain of the last, therefrom pendent an
escutcheon, that on the dexter azure charged with a
portcuIUs gold, that on the sinister, or, with a palm-tree,
on a mount proper], b. 1850; m. ist, 1894, Ada Ethel
(d. 1894), d. of Col. C. Davidson, C.B.; 2nd, 1899.
Florence Anita, C.B.E., d. of Eyre Coote, of West Park,
Hants., and widow of Sir Robert Abercromby, 7th Bart,
Seat — Stratton, Micheldever Station, Hants. Town res. —
36 Great Cumberland Place, W. Clubs — Garrick, Turf,

BARING. Azure, a fesse or, in chief a bear's
head proper, muzzled and ringed or. Mantling
azure and or. Crest — A mullet erminois, between
two wings argent. Supporters — On either side a bear
proper, muzzled, collared and chained or, each charged
on the shoulder with a cross patee fitchee of the last.
Motto — " Virtus in arduis."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Alexander Hugh, 4th Baron
Ashburton, b. 1835 ; d. 1889 ; m. 1864, Leonora
Caroline (16 Cadogan Sq.), d. of 9th Lord Digby : —

Rt. Hon. Francis Denzil Edward Baring, 5th Baron
Ashburton (10 Ap. 1835), D.L., co. Southampton ; Maj.
(ret.) Hants. Yeo., b. 1866 ; m. ist, Hon. Mabel Edith
{d. 1904), d. of 4th Viscount Hood ; 2nd, 1906, Frances,
d. of J. Donnelly, of New York; and has issue by ist
marriage — Hon. Alexander Francis St. Vincent Baring,
Lieut. Res. of Ofi&cers, b. 1898 [m. 1924, Hon. Doris
Mary Therese Harcourt, d. of ist Viscount Harcourt] ;
Hon. Venetia Marjorie Mabel, Maid-of-Honour to Queen
Mary ; Hon. Aurea Vera [m. 1917, Maj. Charles James
Balfour, Scots Gds.] ; Hon. Angela Mildred. Seat —
The Grange, Alresford, Hants. Clubs — Cavalry, Carlton,

Hon. Frederick Arthur Baring, Capt. late Hants. Yeo.,
b. 1867 ; tn. 1890, Laura Louise, d. of F. Hobson ; and
has issue — Evelyn Claire. Res. — Grange Cottage,

Hon. Alexander Henry Baring, b. 1869. Res. — Stoke
Manor, Alresford.

Hon. Caryl Digby Baring, late Lieut. Coldstream
Gds., b. 1880 ; m. 1907, Ivy, d. of Humphrey Firman, of
Stone Court, St. Leonards, and has issue — Denzil Baring,
b. 1909 ; Leonora Jacqueline. Res. — Maryland, Frin-

Sons of Lt. Col. the Hon. Guy Victor Baring,
Coldstream Gds., 4th son of 4th Baron Ashburton,
b. 1873 ; d. 1916 ; m. Olive (Res. — Biddesden,
Andover), d. of Hugh Smith, of Roehampton: —

Simon Alexander Vivian Baring, Esq., b. 1905.

Amyas Evelyn Giles Baring, Esq., b. 1910.

Aubrey George Adeane Baring, Esq., b. 191 2.

Esmond Charles Baring, Esq., b. 1914.

BARING. Azure, a fesse or, in chief a bear's head
proper, muzzled and ringed gold. Mantling azure
and or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a mullet
erminois, between two wings argent. Motto — "Probitate
et labore."

Son of Capt. William Henry Baring, J. P., b. i8ig ; d.
1906 ; m. T849, Elizabeth, d. of Charles Hammersley : —




Francis Charles Baring, Esq., Major late 3rd Batt.
Hampshire Regt., J.P. for Hants., 6. 1852 ; m. 1880, Isabella
Augusta, eldest d. of Samuel Leo Schuster ; and has issue —
<i) Thomas Esm6 Baring, Esq., O. B. E. , Maj. RiHe Brigade,
i. 1882 [m. 1913, Deirdre Mary Hughes, d. of Hughes
Martin, Esq., J.P. , and has i=sue — Maurice Bingham
Baring, Gentleman, ^. 1916 ; Hugo Charles Barmg, Gentle-
man, /■. 1919 (/?«. — Ruffield, Weeke, Winchester. C/id —
Arthur's)]; (2) Arthur Francis Charles Baring, tJentleman,
i. 18H7 [rn. Margaret Mclniyre, d. of the late de^ rge
Moore, of Adelaide, and has issue [Res. Upt' n Leigh,
Torquay)] ; (3) Dudley William Baring, Gentleman, i.
1892 [m. 1919, Cecelia Mary, d. of Lt.-Col. M. R. Grey-
Buchanan ; and has issue]; and Violet Nina. /?«. —
55 Eaton Place, S.W.

BARING of Nubia House, Isle of Wight (H. Coll. ).
Quarterly, i and 4, azure, a fesse or, in chief a bear's head
proper, muzzled and ringed gold (Baring) ; 2 and 3, gules, a
cross pat6e fitch^e or, between three fishes hauriant argent,
within an irle of eight cross crosslets of the second (Herr-
ing). Mantling azure and or. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, a mullet erminois between two wings argent.
Motto — " Probitate et labore. "

Son of Lt.-Gen. Charles Baring, late Coldstream Gds.,

i. 1829; d. 1890; m. i860, Helen, d. of Rt. Hon.

Sir James Graham, 2nd Bart., P.C., G.C.B. , of

Netherby : —
Sir Godtrev Baring, 1st Bart. (4 Feb. 191 1), J.P. Hants.
(High Sheriff' 1897). D.L. for the Isle of Wight, C.C, M.P.
(or the Isle of Wight 1906 to Jan. 1910 and for Barnstaple
1911-18, and Pari. Sec. to Under-Sec. of State for the
Colonies igo8-io, formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt. Hampshire
Regt., i. 1871 ; m. 1898, Eva Hermione, M.B.E., J. P., d.
of late Alexander /Eneas Macintosh of Macintosh ; and
has issue — (i") Charles Christian Baring, Esq., 6. 1898;
late 2nd Lieut. Coldstream Gds., served Great War; (2)
Raymond Alexander Baring, Esq.,i^. 1912; Helen Azalea;
and Viola Mary [m. 1925 ; Roland Aird]. Snat — Nuhi^
House, Cowes, Isle of Wight. To7vn res. — 14 Harrington
Gardens, S.W. C/uis — Travellers', Bachelors', Brooks's,
Royal Yacht Squadron.

BARING. Azure, a fesse or, in chief a bear's head
proper, muzzled and ringed or. Mantling azure and
or. Crest — A mullet erminois, between two wings argent.
Motto—" Probitate et labore."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Edward Charles Baring, 1st
Lord Revelstoke, b. 1828 ; d. 1897 ; tn. 1861, Louisa
Emily, d. of John Bulteel, of Flete, Devon : —

Rt. Hon. Sir John Baring, P.C, G.C.V.O., 2nd Baron
Revelstoke (30 June 1885), Receiver-General of the
Duchy of Cornwall [Supporters — On the dexter, a bull
argent ; on the sinister, a bear proper, muzzled or, each
charged on the shoulder with a mtillet erminois], b.
1863. Res. — 3 Carlton House Terrace, S.W.

Hon. Cecil Baring, M.A. Oxford, b. 1864 ; m. 1902,
Maude {d. 1922), d. of Pierre Lorillard ; and has issue —
Rupert Baring, Esq., b. 191 1 ; Daphne [m. 1926,
Arthur Joseph Pollenj ; Calypso [tn. 1926, Guy Maynard
Liddell, M.C.] Res. — 26A Bryanston Square, W. ;
Lambay Island, co. Dublin.

Hon. Everard Baring, C.V.O.,C.B.E., Brig.-Gen. (ret.)
late loth Hussars, b. 1865 ; tn. 1904, Lady Ulrica Dun-
combe, d. of ist Earl of Faversham; and has issue : —