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Pearse, M.A., and has issue — Thomas Richard Fiennes

Barrett-Lennard, Esq., M.A. (Camb.), J. P. Essex, b. 12

Dec. 1898 [m. 1922, Kathleen Finora, d. of the lat6 Hon.

John Fitzgerald, and has issue — Anne] ; and Marjorie Lepel

[m. 1926, Charles Dalrymple Belgrave]. Seat—Horsiotd.

Manor, Norfolk. Res. — 24 Lewes Crescent, Brighton.

€lub—\Jn\ie.A Univ.

Son of Rev. Dacre Barrett-Lennard, M.A. Cantab., R.

of Aldhain, Suffolk, b. 1829; d. 1910 ; m. ist, 1855,

Elizabeth, d. of Henry Lelliott; 2nd, 1881, Sarah (d.

1903), d. of John Liversage : —

Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1884 ; in. 1915,

Mabel Ella, d. of James Sage of Aldham, and has issue : —

Viva Dacre. Post. add. — Gable Cottage, Aldham, Hadleigh,


Son of Rev. John Barrett-Lennard, M.A. Camb., R.

of Crawley, Sussex, b. 1839; d. 1898; m. 1861, Isabella

Jane, d. of Sir John Lambton Loraine, loth Bart.: —

Rev. Herbert Loraine Barrett-Lennard, M.A. Camb.,

Rector of Crawley, Sussex, b. 1863. Res.— The. Rectory,

Crawley, Sussex. Club — Constitutional.

Sons of Thomas George Barrett-Lennard, Esq., Capt.

late 5th Dragoon Gds., b. 1842; d. 1908; w. 1873,

Edith, d. of John Mackenzie : —

The Hon. Sir Fiennes Cecil Arthur Barrett-Lennard,

Knight Bachelor (1926), Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn,

Judge of Supreme Courts of the Straits Settlements,

Federated Malay States, Johore and Kedah, 1920-25, Chief

Justice and Keeper of the Records of Jamaica since 1925,

served in S. African War 1899-1900, and Great War,

b. i88o; m. 1916, Winifred Mignon, d. of Alfred Berlyn,

and has issue: — Hugh Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Esq., b.

1917. Postal addresses — Kingston, Jamaica ; 25 Old Square,

Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Clubs — Athenaeum, Garrick.

Aylmer Guy Howard Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, Lieut.
Monmouth Mil. 1903-8, served Great War, b. 1881. Res. —
Eric Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, served Great War as
Officer R.F.C., *. 1886. Res.—

Younger sons of George Barrett-Lennard, b. 1817 ; d.

1896; m. 2nd, 1858, Sarah, d. of William Bradbury of

Everton : —

Trenchard Goodenough Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b.

1872 ; m. 1903, Rosa, d. of W. J. Hall of Cheadle Hulme ;

and has issue — -(i) Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman,

b. 1906; (2) Roy Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1909.

Res. — 9 College Road, Great Crosby, Lanes.

Son of Edmund Thomas Henry Barrett-Lennard, b.
1823; d. 1895; jn. 1853, Eliza Ann, d. of Charles
Smith of West Australia : —
Edmund George Lennard Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman,
b. 1855; m. 1881, Fanny Emily, d. of James William
Brown of Beverley, West Australia; and has issue — (i)
Edmund Thomas Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b.
1881 [m. 1907, Kathleen, d. of Thomas Pettigrew, and has
issue — Geoffrey Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1908;
Edmund Thomas Keith Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b.
1911 ; Anthony Leslie Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, i. 1913] I
(2) Francis Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1882 {rn. 1910,
Elsie Selina, d. of Thomas Walker, and has issue —
Thomas Edmund Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1916 ;
Francis Graham Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, (5. 1923 ; and
Laura]; (3) Henry Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1884
{;«. 1912, Muriel Ellen, d. of John Trevelyan, and has
issue — Trevor Henry Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b.
1922] ; (4) Alexander Forrest Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman,
b. 1895 [m. 1917, Eva Mary, d. of Edward Berry, and
has issue — Alexander Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman,
b. iq2i ; and Peggy Amy] ; and Emily [w.. 1911, John
Richard Norris, of Queensland, and has issue]. Res. —
Beverley, West Australia.

Sons of George Hardey Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman,
of Guildford, W, Australia, b. 1862; d. 1917 ; m. 1886,

Amy, d. of Hon. Edmund Ralph Brickman of Henley

Park, Wcbtern Australia: —

George Graham Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1887;

m. 1911, Maud Gladys Hastings, d. of G. Hester of

Dalgarup Park, Bridgetown, W. Australia, and has issue : —

Fynes Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1915: Douglas

Graham Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1916; Lancelot

Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Michael Godfrey

Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman ^. 1920 ; and Hester. Res. —

Trevor St. Aubyn Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1889 ;

m. 1912, Susan Mary, d. of C. W. Ferguson, of Haughton

Swan, W. Australia, and has issue: — Ferguson Bar ett-

Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1915 ; Donald Barrett-Lennard,

Gentleman, b. ii,i6 ; and Rosemary. Res. —

St, Aubyn Edward Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1899.
Septimus Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1901.

Sons of Edmund Graham Barrett-Lennard, b. 1839; d.

1888 ; )/>. 1862, Mary Ann {d. 1884), eldest d. of Hon.

John W. Hardey, M. L.C., of Grove House, Perth,

W. Australia : —

Victor Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1874; m.

1906, Blanche Allen ; and has issue, three sons. Res. —

Mooberdine, York, W. Australia.

Arthur St. Aubyn Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1876;

>n. 1906, Frances Viveash ; and has issue, a dau. Aes. —

John Evelyn Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1881 ; m.

Courthope. Res. — Taliska, Williams, W. Australia.

Sons of Walter James Barrett-Lennard, b. 1835 ; d.
1899 ; 711. 1854, Caroline, d. of Samuel Dormer : —
William Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1857; m. ist,
1880, Margaret [d. 1890), d. of Capt. Boswell of Peter-
borough, Ontario, Canada; 2nd, 1892, Laura Sophia (d.
1900), d. of Thomas Garnier Johnson of Manitoba; and
has had issue— (i) Walter James Barrett-Ltnnard, Gentle-
man, b. 1883 [w. iqo4, Mary Graham, second d. of James
Lawther of Russell, Canada, and has issue — Walter [ames
Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1914 ; Dacre Lowther
Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1918 ; Caroline Mary ; and
Margaret (Res. — 1836 Comer St., Vancouver)]; (2)
Hardinge Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, 3. 1890; (3) William
Louis Barrett-Lennard, M.C., Lieut. Canadian Inf., b.
1893 ; (4) Charles Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1895 ;
and five ciaus. Res. — Vancouver, British Columbia.

Hardinge Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, A.MT.C.E., b.
1859; m. , Clara [d. 1910), d. of Francis West. Res. —
Les Fertais, Marcille, Raoul, Ille-et-Vilaine, France.

John Barrett-Lennard, Esq., C.B.E., Lt.-Col. late Gen.
List, served in S. Africa in 1900, and Great War, b. 1863 ;
m. 1887, Mary Emma, eldest d. of J. Gardiner of Rich-
mond ; and has issue — Rev. Dacre Fiennes Barrett-Lennard,
B.A. (Oxon. ), Rector of Langford, Norfolk, b. 1888 [m.
1919, Charlotte, d. of Rev. Henry Chichele Bampton, and
has issue — Richard Dacre Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b.
1921; Michael Henry Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1923;
John Fiennes Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1926 ; and
Evelyn Mary (j?^^. — Ickburgh Rectory, Mundford, Norfolk)]

Sons of Villiers Barrett-Lennard, b. 1865; d. 1903; m.
1885, Laura (Res. 101 Thirlestone Road, West Nor-
wood), d. of George Clements of Nottingham : —
John Villiers Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, b. 1889. Res.

Richard Barrett-Lennard, Gentleman, /'. 1892 ; tn. 1917,
Kathleen, d. of Alfred Blake, of Duxmoor, Ross, co. Here-
ford. Res. —

BARRIE (H.Coll., 20 Aug. 1913). Barry of six argent
and gules,in chief a lion passant guardant counterchanged,
and issuing from the base reeds proper. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
an open book, amid reeds proper. Motto — " Amour de
la bont.^."

Son ot David Barrie, of Kerriemuir, b. ; d.

; m. : —

Sir James Matthew Barrie, ist Bart. (14 June 1913),
O.M., LL.D. Edin., b. i860. Res. — Kerriemuir, N.B.
Club — Athenaeum.

BARRIE (H. Coll.). Barry of eight ermine and
aztire, a double-headed eagle displayed between three
mullets or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On a
wreath argent and azure, a demi-otter sable, charged on
the shoulder with a mullet, as in the arms. Motto —
" Consilio et animo."

Plate I.







Son of John Morris Barrie, Gentleman, of Valparaiso,
b. ; d. ; in. : —

Emile Barrie, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

BARRINGTON (Act of Parliament, 1717). Argent,
hree ch -vroneis gales, in chief a label of three points azure.
Mantling gules, double argent. Crest — On a wreath of
the culours, a Capuchin's bust in profile, vested with a cowl
paly of six argent and gules. Motto — " Honesta quam
splendida." ,

Son of Rt. Hon. Percy Barrington, 8th Viscount Barring-
ton, b. 1825 ; d. igoi ; m. 1845, Louisa [d. 1884), d. and
h. of Tally Higgins: —
Rt. Hnn. Walter Bulkeley Barrington, gth Viscount and
Baron Barrington (Irel. , i July 1720) and Baron Shute
(U.K., 15 Ap. 1880), late Capt. Oxford Militia, formerly
Coldstream Guards, J. P., D.L., and C.C. , co. Berks.,
J. P. cos. Northants. and Bucks. [Supporters— Two griffins,
wings elevated or, each gorged with a label if three points
azure], b. 1848 ; m. ist, 1870, Mary Isabella (d. 1903), d,
of Rev. Richard B igue. Vicar of Denbury ; 2nd, 1905.
Charlotte Mary Leycester, widow of John Arden Birch, d.
of Maj ir G. M. Stnpford; and has had issue — (i) Hon.
William Reginald Shute Barrington, Capt. and Hon. Major
3rd Batt. O.xfordshire L.I., b. 1873 (Club — Bachelors') ; (2)
Hon. Walter Bernard Louis Baningtun, b. 1876 [m. 1901,
Eleanor Nina, d. of Sir Thomas William Snagge, County
Court Judge, and has Issue — Patrick William Daines
Barrington, Esq., b. 1908; Priscilla Maiy ; and Gillian
Mary (Res. — 49 Great Cumberland Place, VV.i)] ; (3) Hon.
Rupert Edward Esborne Barrington, D.S.O. , Maj. late
Scottish Horse, b. 1877 [m. 1903, Mary Georgiana, d. of
Lt.-Col. G. A. Ferguson of Pitfour ; and has issue — Eric
Rupert Walter Barrington, Esq.,^. 1904 (Res. — Tilhayes,
Iwerne Minster, Blandford, Dorset)] : (4) Hon. Percy Evelyn
Barrington, late Lieut. 2nd Co. of London Imp. Yeo., b.
1884 [w. 1908, Muriel Constance, only d. of I. B. Oyler of
Cordoba, Argentine, and d. 191 1, leaving issue — Miguel
O'Brien Shute Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1909]; Hon.
Violet Mary [»i. 1892, John Charles Evelyn H<ipe Brooke,
and has issue]; and Hon. Hilda Margaet \tn. 1894, Lt.-
Maj.-Gen. Sir Reginald Salmond Curtis, K.C;.M.G., C.B.,
D.S.O. , R.E. [d. 1922), and has issue]. Seat — Beckett,
Shrivenham, Berks. , Rickmansworth Park, Herts. Clubs
— Carlton, Travellers'.

Son of Russell Henry Barrington, Esq., J. P. co.

Somerset, b. 1840; d. 1916 ; m. 1868, Emilie Isabel, d.

of Rt. Hon. James Wilson, P.C. :—

Guy Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1869 ; m. ist, 1907, Ida

Geraldine (d. 1916), d. of the late W. J. Ford ; 2nd. 1918,

Janet Malcolm, youngest d. of the late James Malcolm

Stewart. .^>a^— Herd's Hill, Langport, Somerset. Res. —

Melbury House, Melbury Road, W.

Son cf Rev. Ythil Arthur Barrington, M.A.,^. 1843 ;
d. 1904; m. 1870, Clarisse Marie Gabrielle (d. 1896),
d. of George Sanier : —
Malcolm Ythil Barringt(<n, Gentleman, b. 1879; >«. 1907,
Raie, d. of the late Henry Jacobs. Res. —

S jns of Hon. Henry Frederick Francis Adair Barrington,

b. i8o8 ; d. 1882 ; m. 1848, Mary Georgiana, d. of

Ccl. Wright Knox :—

Henry Rob-'rt Shute Barrington, Esq., b. 1852. Res. —

Samuel William Pexy Gordon Shute Barrington,

Esq., b. 1855; m. 1896, Enily Mary, d. of John M /ntagu.

Sec. to Government of Cape Colony. Res. — Woodland

Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

BARRINGTON of Limerick (U.O., 15 Sept. 1831).
Argent, three chevronels gules, a label of three points
throughout vert, on a canton of the second, a trefoil slipped
or. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — Out ot a crown
vallary or, a hermit's bubt with a cowl vested paly argent
and gules. Motto^" Ung durant ma vie."

Son of SirCroker Barrington, 4th Bart.,D. L. , b. 1817;

d. 1890; m. 1845. Anna Felicia, d. of John Beatty

We^t. M.P., Dablin: —
Sir Charles Burton Barrington, M.B.E. , 5th Bart. (30
Sept 1831). of Lime ick, M.A. (Dub.). J. P. and D.L. co.
Limerick, b. 1848; m. 1895, Mary Rose, d. of Sir Henry
Hickman Bacon, nth Bart., and has issue — Cha^ 1 -s Bacon
Barringt -n, Esq., b. 1902 ; Alexander Fitz«illiam Barring-
ton, Eiq., b. 1909. Seat — Fairthorn Manor, Botley,
Hams. Clubs — Carlton ; Union ; Kildare Street (Dublin).

Sonof Croker Barrington, Esq. ,of Redcliffe, Exmouth,

b. 1851 ; d. 1926 ; m. rSgo, Florence lane, d. ot the-
late John Bayley, of Desborough, co. Tipperary : —
Croker Edmund Barrington, M.C., Lieut. R.A., b. 1897.

Son of John Beatty Barrington, Esq., J. P., b. 1859;
d. 1926 ; m. 1887, Catherine Charlotte, d. of the late
John Bayley, of Desborough : —
John Barrmgton, Lieut. R.A., b. 1899. Address—
Ashroe, co. Limerick.

Sons of Col. Thomas Joseph Barrington, R.A.O.D.,
b. 1834; d. 1913 ; m. 1861, Emma, d. of Thomas
Evans, of Glamorgan : —
Thomas Percy Barrington, P^sq. , Lt.-Col. R. Irish Rifles^
b. 1867 ; m. 1906, Constance Mabel, d. of late Andrew R.
Houghton of Leamington; and has issue — Thomas Guy
Barrington, Geitleman, b. 1912. Res. —
Joseph Croker Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1880. Res. —
John Frederick Barrington, Esq., D.S.O., Lt.-Col. R.A.,
b. 1881 ; w. igi6, Christine Mary Stella, d. of the late
C. Kuhling, of North Ferriby, Yorks. , and has issue — lohn
William Barrington, (Gentleman, b. 1917; Peter Malet
Barrington, Gentleman, b. i 120. Club — United Service.
Son of Capt. Richard Williams Barrington, H.E.I.C.S.,
b. 1838; d. 1900; tn. 1873, Henrietta Maria Jane, d.
of John Johnstone of Halleaths, Dumfriesshire: —
Richard Irving Williams Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1892.

BARRINGTON (U.O.). Argent, three chevronels
gules, in base a civic crown proper, on a chief of the
second, a castle of the first flammant. Mantling gules
and argent. Crest — -On a wreath of the colours, a mural
crown proper, out of which a hermit's bust in profile,
vested paly argent and gules, and having on the head
a cowl, also paly argent and gules. Motto — " Honesta
quam splendida." Livery— C\a.Tet, red facings.

[Descendants of Edward Harrington, Esq., of
Fassaroe, Bray, co. Wicklow : — ]
Son of Jonathan Pirn Barrington, of laMorehampton
Road, Dublin, b. 1851 ; d. 1924; m. 1884, Mary
Thomas, d. of Rev. Thomas Greatorex : —
Henry Gordon Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1895 ;
m. 1924, Molly, widow of Whyte, and has issue —

Jonathan Greatorex Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1925.
Res. — Auckland, New Zealand.

Son of William Leadbeater Barrington, of Washing-
ton, D.C., U.S.A., b. 1826 ; d. 1903 ; m. 1853,
Caroline Catherine Stark : —
John Stark Barrington, Gentleman, h. 1857 ; m. 1887,
Emma Louisa Lewis, of Chicago, and has issue — Lewis
Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1889 [m. 1917, and has issue
— I son]. Res. — 149 A Street, N.E., Washington,
D.C., U.S.A.

Sonof Philip Frederick Barrington, 6. 1859 5 ^.1910;
m. 1900, Mary Worms, of New York : —
Philip Frederick Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1901.
i?fis.— U.S.A.

Yngr sons of William Leadbeater Barrington (see
above) : —
Charles Valentine Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1862 ;
m. 1923, Kitty Whiting. Res. — Black Rock, Bridport,
Conn., U.S.A.

Thomas Henry Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1868 ;
m. 1901, Cornelia Worms, of New York, and has issue —
ComeUus Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1902 ; Jack Man-
liffe Barrington, Gentleman, b. igiz. Res. — 51 Hyatt
Street, Richmond Borough, Staten Island, New York.

Horace Ganevet Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1872 ;
m. igoo, Hilda Bates. Res. — 74 W. 92nd Street, New-

Only son of Philip Sidney Barrington, Gentleman,

of Clondalkin, co. Dublin, b. 1861 ; d. 1893 ; m.

1886, Susan Catherine, d. of Thomas Jameson, of

Egremont, Killiney, co. Dublin : —

Francis Edward Philip Barrington, Esq., Sqdn. Leader

R..A.F., b. 1892 ; m. 1920, Rose Ethel, d. of William

John Wood, of Chelsea, S.W. Club— R.A.F.

Son of Philip Sidney Barrington, of Ballyman,

Bray, co. Wicklow, b. 1830; d. 1913 ; m. i860,

Elizabeth, d. of Ebenezer Shackleton, of Moone,

CO. Kildare : —

Walter Howard Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1873 ;

m. , Louisa, d. of Thomas Simpson, and has issue—

(i) Thomas Walter Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1903 ;

(2) Ralph Dudley Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1907.

Res. — Canada.




Sons of Charles Barrington, Gentleman, oi Dublin,
b. 1834 ; d. 1901 ; m. 1856, Louisa, d. of Samuel
Grubb, of Maryville, Cashel, co. Tipperary : —
Manliffe Barrington, Gentleman, LL.B., b. i860. Res.
— 10 Hatch Street, Dublin.

Cecil Vivian Barrington, Gentleman, LL.B., b. 1865.
i?<!S.— Maryville, Cashel, co. Tipperary.

Sons of Erasmus Barrington, Gentleman, of Mary-
ville, Fermoy, co. Cork, b. 1839 ; d. 1874 ; m. 1864,
Jane, d. of William Bennett, of Cork : —
Edward Charles Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1872 ;
m. 1907, Annie Maud, d. of Frederick Woods, of Thorn-
cliff, Milltown, CO. Dublin ; and has issue— Edward
Frederick Bennett Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1909 ;
Charles Eric Barrington, Gentleman, b. igio ; Manliffe
Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; Richard Woods
Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1921. Res. — 11 Prince of
Wales' Terrace, Bray, co. Wicklow.

Son of Richard Manliffe Barrington, Gentleman,
LL.B., of Fassaroe, Bray, co. Dublin, b. 1849 ;
d. 1915 ; m. 1898, Lena Louisa, d. of George Gyles,
of Kilmurry, co. Kilkenny : —
John Strangman Barrington, Gentleman, b. 1903.
Res. — Loughnavale, Strand Road, Merrion, co. Dubhn.

BARRINGTON-WARD (H. Coll., 29 Jan. 1919).
Qucurterly, i and 4, azure, on a cross quadrate and
potence argent, a church-bell of the field (for Ward) ;
2 and 3, argent, three roses between two chevronels
gules (for Barrington). Mantling azure and argent.
Crests — On a wreath of the colours, issuant from a chap-
let of roses gules, a man's head couped at the shoulders
affrontee proper, wreathed about the temples argent
and gules, and issuing out of the wreath three ostrich
feathers azure (for Ward) ; 2. on a wreath of the colours,
a wolf's head erased gules, charged on the neck with a
church-bell or (for Barrington). Motto—" Sub cruce

Sons of Rev. Mark James Barrington- Ward, M.A.,
D.D., Hon. Canon of Trmro, Rector of Duloe, Corn-
wall, b. 1843 ; d. 1924 ; m. 1879, Carohne, d. of
Thomas Pearson, of St. Peter Port, Guernsey : —

Frederick Temple Barrington-Ward, Esq., K.C.,
Barrister-at-Law, and Bencher Lincoln's Inn, M.A.,
B.C.L. Oxford, Recorder of Hythe, Kent, since 1014,
b. 1880 ; m. 1908, Mary Alice, d. of A. L. Smith, Master
of Balliol College, Oxford ; and has issue — Sylvia Mary.
Res. — 14 North Court, Wood Street, Westminster,

Lancelot Edward Barrington-Ward, Esq., F.R.C.S.,
b. ; m. . Res.— 8$ Harley Street, W.i.

Lt.-Col. Victor Michael Barrington-Ward, D.S.O.,
late Maj. and Brev. Lt.-Col. R.E., b. 1887 ; m. 1920,
Barbara, d. of J. T. Pilling, of Wolverley Court, Worcs.
Res. — Kilmington, Eageschffe, co. Durham.

Robert McGowan Barrington-Ward, Esq., D.S..O.,
M.C., B.A., late Maj. D.C.L.I. (temp.), b. 1891 ; m. 1926,
Adele, only d. of the late E. H. Radice, Esq., CLE.,
LC.S., and has issue — Mark Barrington-Ward, Gentle-
man, b. 1927. Res. — 6 Kent Terrace, Regent's Park,

John Grosvenor Barrington-Ward, Gentleman, b.
. Res. — Christchurch, Oxford.

JAMES BARRINGTDN-WHITE, Esq., late Lieut, in
Herts Yeomanry Cavalry, J. P. cos. He ts. and Armagh,
(High Sheriff co. Armagh 1898), Lord of the Manor of
Temple Dinsley. Born .September 21, 1856, being the eld.
son of the late T. H.White, Esq., J. P., of Orange Hill, Tan-
dragee, CO. Armagh, by his wife Mary J., dau. of Edward
Barrington, Esq., D.L. , of Fassaroe, Bray, co. Wicklow,
deceased. Armorial bearings — Or, three chevronels
sable, between in chief two roses vert and in base a castle
flamant proper. Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a crown vallary or, charged on the
band with three pommes, issuing 1 herefrom a demi-hermit,
with the dexter arm elevated, vested paly gules and
argent, the hand proper, grasping three roses gules on
one stem, slipped, barbed, and seeded proper, on the head
a cowl also paly gules and argent. Motto — " Ung
durant ma vie." Livery — Dark grey and gold facings,
yellow and black striped waistcoat, black plush knee-
breeches, gold garters, and white stockings. Married,

1885, Mary, daughter of John K. Boyd of Cultra House,
Cultra, CO. Down ; and has Issue — Ivan Barrington- White,

Gentleman, Lieut. Grenadier Guards, b. 1886. Clubs —
Carlton, Cavalry, Wellington, Garrick, Conservative, &c.

Gentleman. Born August 20, 1834, being the second son
of John Netterville Barron, Esq., J. P., an Officer of the
Army. Armorial bearings — Ermine, on a saltire gules, five
annulets or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a boar
passant azure. MottO — " Fortuna juvat audaces." Mar-
ried, Sept. 5, 1861, Augusta Jessie Curtiss ; and has Issue —
(i) Netterville Charles Barron, Gentleman, b. Nov. 19, 1867 ;
(2) Winston Netterville Barron, b. Sept. 25, 1869 ; (3)
Nugent Netterville Barron, Gentleman, b. Dec. 16, 1873 ;
Mabel Inez ; and Ella Jessie. Postal address — Hobons
Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

BARRON of Woodstown (U.O. ). Ermine, on a saltire
gules, five annulets argent. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a boar passant azure,
crined and tusked or. Motto — " Audaces fortuna juvat."

Son of Pierse Barron of King Hill, co. Down, b. 1834;

d. ; m. 1867, Mary. d. of Lt.-Col. John White of

Nantenau, Limerick : —
Edward Alphonsus Winston Barron, Esq., J. P. and D.L.
CO. Waterford. b. 187A. 5^a/5— Woodstown, co Water-
ford ; King Hill, co. Down.

BARROW (H. Coll., 1835). Sable, two swords in saUire
points upward argent, pommels and hilts or, between three
fleurs-de-lvs, one in chief and two in the flanks, and an
anchor erect in base of the last. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, upon a mount vert, a
squirrel sejant cracking a nut all proper, charged on the
shoulder wiih an anchor. Motto — " Parum sufficit."

Son of Sir John Croker Barrow, 3rd Bart., M.A.

(Oxon.), J. P. Kent, Barristerat-Law, ^. 1833; d. 1900;

m. 1857, Emily Jane, d. of James Nathaniel Merri-

man, M.D. : —

Sir Francis Laurence John Barrow, 4th Bart. (30 March

1835), b. 1862; m. 1890, Winifred Sarah, d. of William

Crozier Steward ot Cartgate, Whitehaven ; and has surv.

issue — (i) Wilfrid John Wilson Croker Barrow, Esq.,




b 1897 [m 1926, Gwladys Patricia, onlysurv. d. of Richard
Gordon FitzGerald Uniacite. Librarian of Printed Books at
College of Arms, and has issue — Ro-amond MaryGeral-
dine] ; (2) Alfred Fnmcis Lendon Barrow, Esq.,*. 1904;
<3) Edward Joseph Merriman Barrow, Esq., b. 1912 ;
and .Mildred Mary Winifred \_m. 1922, Edward S. B. Rowe,
of Shanghai, and has issue]. i?«.— The Grove, West Mole-
sey, Surrey.

BARROW (H. Coll., 23 Sept. 1913). Per pale argent
and sable, between three lions rampant counterchanged,
a fesse erminois, thereon two swords in saltire proper,
pommelled and hilted or, between as many tleurs-de-lys
azure. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — Out of an
antique coronet gules, a demi-eagle, wings elevated
azure, each wing charged with a fleur-de-lys gold. Motto
— " Majora sequor."

Eldest son of Samuel Barrow, Esq., J.P.,of Dunsfold,
Surrey, h. ; d. 1915 ; m. : —

Sir Samuel Barrow, Knt. Bach., J. P. London and
Surrey, b. 1859; m. 1884. Clubs — Reform, Royal
Aut omobile. National Liberal.

BARROW. Party per pale indented sable and azure,
two swords in saltire argent, hilts and pommels or, between
four fleurs-dc-lys, two in pale or and two in fesse argent.
Maitling sable and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the
colours, on a perch proper, a squirrel or, cracking a nut
of the tirst, collared and chained azure. MottO — " Non
frusua. "

Sons of Bridgman Langdale Barrow, Esq., J. P., 6.

if<44; d. 1922; m. July 22, 1880, .Margaret Jane, elder

dau. of the late Charles Henry Oakes of Holly Hurst,

near .\lfreton, co. Derby : —

.Alfred James Barrow, Cientleman, d. 1882. Estate and

fostal add. — Sydnope Hall, near Matlock. Telegrams —

■" Barrow-Twodales."

Cecil Bridgman Barrow, Gentleman, b. 1883; m. 1910,
■Gladys Marguerite, d. of Rev. Ambrose Garlick. Res. —
Claude Gerard Barrow, Gentleman, b. 1886. Rts. —

BARRY (Vn. Oxfordshire 1566). Azure, two lions
passant g ardant in pale or. Mantling- azuie and or.

Sonsof Sir Francis Tress Barry, i>t Bart , J. P. and U.L.
CO. Caithness, J. P. and County Alderman for Berks.
[Baron de Barry in Portugal], M.P. for Windsor, for-

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