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m. 1922, Agnes Maria, d. of Lieut.-Col. Charles Harrison,
of Ross, CO. Hereford ; and has issue — Walter iMichael
Stewart Boyd, Gentleman, b. 1924 ; Robert Stanley Boyd,
Gentleman, b. 1927. Res. — Kilmarnock, Windlcshara,

JOHN BOYD, Esquire, of Maxpoffle, Roxburghshire,
M.A. , Advocate, J. P. and D. L. , formerly Sheriff-Sub-
stitute of Lanarkshire, Glasgow. Bor/i November 24, 1855,
being the eldest son of the late Sir John Boyd, Knight Bache-
lor, Justice of the Peace and Deputy-Lieutenant, Lord Lieu-
tenant, and sometime Lord Provost of Edmburgh, and
his wife Isabella, ciaugliter of John Lawson of Cairnmuir,
in the county of Peebles. Armorial bearings— (L.O.,
1892) : Azure, a fesse chequy argent and gules between
three mullets in chief and an anchor in base of the second,
wreathed about with a cable proper. Upon the escutcheon
is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with a Mantling
azure and argent ; and upon a wreath of his liveries is set
or Crest, a dexter hand pointing upward, with the thumb
and two fmgers proper; and in an escroll over the same
this Motto, " Confide." Married, 1887, Ada Marian, d.
of the late Henry Simms of Oriel Lodge, Swanswick, Bath ;
and his issue— John Gordon Boy<i, Esquire, Lieut. -
Comdr. R.N., b. 1888 [m. 1919, Violet Constance, d. of
James Stuart Brooke, F.R.C.S.I., of Brooke Hill, Donegal,
and has issue— John Brooke Boyd, Gentleman, b. ;

and Elizabeth Violet] ; Enid Hamilton [m. 1921, George
McLean Marshall]. Seat -Maxpoffle, St. Boswells, Rox-
burghshire. Postal address — Whiterigg, St.| Boswells

BOYD. Azure, a fesse chequy argent and gules, in chief
a trefoil or. Mantling azure and argent. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, a dexter hand couped at the wrist
erect, pointing upwards with the thumb and first two
fingers proper, the hand charged with a trefoil or. Motto —
"Confido." Livery — Blue, crimson facings.

Sons of William Heniy Boyd, Esquire, J. P., D.L. co.

Donegal, who assumed by Royal Licence, 1891, the

name of Boyd, b. 1843 ; d. 1913 ; being the only son of

William Henry Porter, Esq., by his wife Mary, eldest

dau. of John Boyd, Esq., of Ballymacool ; 7n. 1879,

Charlotte .Agnes, only child of Col. James Henry

Dopping, J. P. :^

John Dopping Boyd, Gentleman, b. 1886, 2nd Lieut.

"The Queen's". Seat — Ballymacool, near Letterkenny,

CO. Donegal. Club — Kildare Street (Dublin I.

W^illiam Henry Ker Porter Boyd, Gentleman, b. 1890.
Charles Knox Basil Boyd, Gentleman, b. 1892.

V.C, D L., Capt. Scots Gds., High Sheriff 1904. Bom
Jan. I, 1880, being the eldest son of the late Rochfort
Hamilton Boyd-Rochfort, Esq., J. P., High Sheriff 1876,
Major West Kent Yeo. Cav., Capt. isth Huss. (who
assumed the surname of Rochfort by Royal Licence in
1888, on succeeding to the Rochfort states left by his
grandmother, Jane, Countess of Belvedere), by his wife
Florence Louisa, dau. of Richard Hemming of Bentley
Manor and Foxlydiate, co. Worcester. Armorial bear-
ings—Quarterly, I and 4, azure, a fesse chequy argent and
gules, between three crescents of the second (for Boyd) ; 2
and 3, azure, a lion rampant argent, in chief two robin
redbreasts proper (for Rochfort). Mantling azure and
argent. Crests — i. out of a dncal coronet or, a hand erect
with the third and fourth fingers folded proper (for Boyd) ;
2. on a wreath of the colours, on a mural crown or, a robin
redbreast proper, charged with a cross pat^e or (for Roch-
fort). Mottoes— (under arms), "Candor dat viribus " ;
(also over first crest) " Conlido." Married, 1901, Olivia
Ellis, d. of the late Christopher Ussher of Eastwell, co. Gal-
way. 5<»a/— Middleton Park, Castletown, co. Westmeath.
Clubs — Arthur's ; Kildare Street (Dublin).

BOYES (L.O.). Argent, a saltire azure, in the flanks
two thistles slipped proper, on a chief of the seconti, a foul
anchor in pale of the first, cable proper. Mantling azure,
doubled agent. Crest — On a wreath of the liveries, an
owl pr per, perched on a holly-branch proper. Motto —
'■ Attendez vous. "

Son of Rev. Daniel Lewis Boyes, b. 185 1 : d. 1901 ;
m. Jane Clara Eleanor, d. of John Whitelock : —
Lieut.-Commdr. Guy Ninian Whitelock Boyes, R.N.,

Barrister-at-Law, b.
Edinburgh. Clubs

1886. Res. — 12 Western Terrace,
— Ca edonian United Service (Edin-

BOYLE (L.O.). Quarterly, i. quarterly i. and iiii., or,
an eagle displayed with two heads gules, armed and
beaked azure (a coat of augmentation) ; ii. and iii., per bend
embattled argent and gules (Boyle), over all an escutcheon
or, charged with three stags' horns erect gules, two and one
(the paternal coat of Boyle of Kelburne) ; 2. argent, on a
saltire sable, an annulet or, stoned azure (Maxwell of
PoUok) ; 3. quarterly i. and iiii., gules, a fesse chequy argent
and azure (Lindsay) ; ii.,or, a lion rampant gules, debruised
by a ribbon sable (Abernethy); iii., gules, a fesse ermine
(Crawford); 4. quarterly i. and iiii., or, a chevron chequy
sable and argent, between three water-bougets of the second
(Ross) ; ii., gules, three crescents argent within abordure of
the second, charged with eight roses of the first (Melville) ;
iii., argent, a fesse gules, between three hunting-horns sable,
stringed of the second (Forester). Mantling gules, doubled
ermine. Crest — Upon a wreath of his liveries, a double-
headed eagle displayed per pale, embattled or and gules.
Motto — •" Dominiis providebit."

Soi of Rt. Hon. Sir David Boyle, 7th Earl of Glasgow,

G.C.M.G., b, 1833; d. 1915; m. 1873, Dorothea

Elizabeth Thomasina, eldest d. of Sir Edward Hunter

Blair, 4th Bart. : —

Rt. Hon. Patrick James Boyle, D.S.O., 8th Earl of

Glasgow (1703), Viscount Kelburn, Baron Boyle of Kelburn,

Fenwick, Stewarton, Cumbraes, Largs, and Dairy, Baron

Fairlie(i897), Capt. R.N., D.L. co. Ayr [Supporters— On

the dexter side a savage wreathed about the temples and

loins, holding in the dexter hand a branch of laurel all

proper, and on the sinister .side, a lion per pale embattled

argent and gules], /'. 1874 ; m. 1906, Hyacinthe Mary, ygst.

d. of William A. Bell of Pendell Court, Bletchingley, and

has issue — David William Maurice Boyle, commonly called

Viscount Kelburn, b. 1910; Hon. Patrick James, b. 1917;

Lady Grizel Mary ; Lady Hersey Margaret ; and Lady

Margaret Dorothea. Seat — Kelburn Castle, Fairlie, co.

Ayr. Club — United Service.

BOYLE (Vn. Hereford— Regd. U.O., 1603). Per bend
embattled argent and gules. Mantling gules and argent.
Crest- Out of a ducal coronet or, a li< n's head per pale
embattled argent and gules. Motto— "Gcd's providence
is my inheritance."

Only surv. son of Richard Edmund St. Lawrence

Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork, K.C., P.C., <^. 1829; d. 1904;

m. 1853, Emily Charlotte (d. 1912), 2nd d. of UUck

John, ist Marquess of Clanricarde, K.P. :—

Rt. Hon. Robert John Lascelles Boyle, nth Earl of

Cork and Orrerv, Baron Boyle cf Youghall (6 Sept. 1616),

Earl of Cork and Viscount Dungarvan (26 Oct. 1620),

Baron of Broghill, Baron of Bandon Bridge, and V^iscount

Boyle of Kinalmeaky (28 Feb. 1627), Earl of Orrery (5

Sept. 1660), all in the Peerage of Ireland, Baron Boyle of

Marston, Somerset (5 Sept. 1711), in the Peerage of

G.B. , D.L. Somerset; late Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. North

Somerset I. Y., served in S. Africa 1900-2 [Supporters—

Two lions per pale embattled, the dexter gules and argent,

the sinister argent and gales], /'. 1864 ; s. his brother 1925 ;

m. 1890, Josephine Catherine, only child of Joseph P.

Hale of San Francisco. i?«— Pau, France.

Sons of Gerald Edmund Boyle, Esq., late Col. ccmm.

4th Batt. Rifle Brigade and later comm. Western

Counties Vol. Inf. Brig., b. 1840; d. 1927 ; m. ist, 1864,

Elizabeth Theresa (</. 1897), d. of the ist Earl of

Cottenham ; j/i. 2nd, 1898, Hermione Annie, elder d.

of J. C. A. Houghton of Sparnon, Torquay: —

William Henry Dudley Boyle, Esq.,C.B., Rear-Adm.,

Naval Attach^ at Rome and Vienna, 1913-15, b. 1873 ;

m. 1902, Lady Florence Cecilia Keppel, d. of William,

7th Earl of Albemarle, A'^^.— Elm hurst, Gerrard's Cross.

Club — United Service.

Frederick John Boyle, Esq. , late Capt. 3rd Batt. Oxford-
shire L.I., b. 1875; m. 1920, Frances Marion, d. of the
late F. Barndon. Res. —

Reginald Courtenay Boyle, Esq., M.C., J. P. Somerset,
M.A. Oxford, Capt. W. Somerset Yeo., b. 1^7 7 '• '"■ 1^508,
Violet, d. of Arthur Flower of 36 Prince's Gate, S.W. ;
and has issue— Patrick Reginald Boyle, Gentleman, /^. 1910;
John William Bovle, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; and Elizabeth
Theresa. /v'«. — 45 Hyde Park Square, W.

Sons of Charles John Boyle. Esq., Capt. and Hon.




Major 4th Batt. Oxfordshire L.I., Capl. sand Regt. ,

b. 1849 ; d. 1922 ; tn. 1885, Lilian Kennedy, d. of

Charles Norman Pochin : —

Charles Roger Cavendish Boyle, Esq., D.S.O. Bar,

Capt. Oxfordshire L.I., A.D.C. to Gen. G. Le Hunte,

•G.C.M.G., Governor of Trinidad, t. 1886. Add.— The

Priory, Great Milton, Oxon.

Richard Frederick Robert Pochin Boyle, Esq., Capt.
Oxfordshire and Bucks. L.I.. b. 1888; m. 1918, Marion
Eliza, ciau. of the late Maj.-Gen. Hill Wallace, C.B., R.A.,
and has issue — Richard Michael Charles Boyle, Gentle-
man, b. 1918.

John Parke Boyle, Gentleman, b. 1893.
Edmund Michael Gordon Leventhorpe Boyle, Gentleman,
Lieut. Conidr. R.N., b. 1895.

Son of Lionel Richard Cavendish Boyle, Esq.,
Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. Hon. Artillery Ccm-
1851 ; d. 1920; ?n. 1883, Alice, d. of Rev.
T. P. Pulteney of Ashley, Northampton-

vady, b. i Nov. 1873; d. 1925; m. 29 June 1898,
Ethel Maude, eld. d. of Capt. Robert Alexander
Ogilby, Esq.. J. P., D.L. , of Pellipar House, Dungiven,
CO. Londonderry : —
Alexander Robert Boyle, Gentleman, M.A. (Oxen.), b.

25 June 1899. Res. — Gorteen, Limavady, co. L( ndon-


pany, b.


shire :-

Richard Courtenay Boyle, Esq., Lieut. R.N., b. 1902.
J'ostal Address— 6 Mulberry Walk, Chelsea, S.W.

Son of William Lewis Boyle, Gentleman, M.P. , b.

1859; d. 1918 ; m. 1887, Charlotte Mary, d. of Charles

Loyd Norman :^
Charles Norman Cavendish Boyle, Capt. Res. of Officers,
late 5th Batt. Rifle Bde. , served Great War 1915-19 (de-
spatches, M.C.), b. 1890; 7n. 1919, Margaret Constance
Nevile, d. of the late Sir Nevile Lubbock, and widow of
Bertram Hambro. Res. — Cleves, Kemsing, Kent.

Only surv. son of Rt. Hon. Richard Henry Boyle, 6th

Earl of Shannon, sometime Lieut. Rifle Brigade, b.

i860 ; d. 1906 ; m. 1895, Nellie, d. of the late Charles

Thompson of Bookham, Surrey : —
Rt. Hon. Robert Henry Boyle, 8th Earl of Shannon,
Viscount Boyle cf Bandcn, and Baron of Castle Martyr,
■CO. Cork (17 April 1756), Baron Carleton of Carleton,
<;o. Yorks., G.B. (21 Aug. 1786), Arms and Crest as above,
charged with a crescent for difference [Supporters — Two
lions per pale crenell6e, the dexter gules and argent ; sinister,
argent and gules, each charged with a crescent for difference],
b. 1900, Lieut, late R. Fusiliers, s. his brother 1917; m.
1923, Marjorie, d. of S. A. Walker, of Ootacamund, S.
India, and has issue — Richard Bentinck Boyle, commonly
called Viscount Boyle, b. 1924. Res. — Havelock House,
Ootacamund, S. India. Club — United Service.

Sons of Hon. Robert Francis Boyle, M.V.O., Vice-Adm.

R.N., b. 1863; d. 1922; m. 1899, Cerise, second d. of

Sir C. C. de Crespigny, 4th Bart. ; —
Vivian Francis Boyle, Esq., Lieut. R.N., b. 1902. Res. —
■Coppice Hanger, Pulborough.

Robin Lascelles Boyle, Esq., b. 1915.

Sons of Rt. Hon. Henry Bentinck Boyle, 5th Earl of

Shannon, Hon. Col. 2nd Brigade South Irish Div.

Royal Artillery, ^. 1833; d. 1890; m. ist, 1859, Lady

Blanche Emma Lascelles, third d. of Henry, 3rd Earl

of Harewood ; 2nd, 1868, Julia Charlotte, ygst. d. of

Sir W. E. Cradock Hartopp, 3rd Ban. : —
Hon. Walter John Harry Boyle, Senior Official
Receiver in Bankruptcy (High Court), b. 1869 ; m. 1900,
Ethel Hcratia, ygst. d. of Edward R. Fisher-Rowe of
Thorncombe ; and has issue — Walter Julian Algernon
Boyle, Esq., b. 1918 ; Patricia Beaufoy ; and Helena Diana
Victoria. Res. — 19 Ashley Gardens, S.W.i.

Hon. Edward Spencer Harry Boyle, Capt. (ret.) R.N.,
Comdr. R.N. Coll., Osborne, 1914-18, served in S. Africa
1900, b. 1870 ; m. 1904, Lily, eld. d. of W. Beaumont
Gardner of Palermo, Sicily ; and has issue— Patrick Spencer
Boyle, Esq., Midshipman, late R.N. , b. 1905. Club — Naval
and Military.

Hon. Sir Algernon Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, K.C.B.,
C.M.G.. M.V.O., Vice-Adm. (ret.) R.N., A.D.C. to H.M.
King George 1918-19 ; Member Port of London Authority
1925,^. 1871. Res. — II Cranley Gardens, S.W. Club —
United Service.

BOYLE of Limavady (Confd. U.O. 1903, Ped. Regd.
xxvii., 315-319). Per chevron crenelMe or and gules, three
harts' horns erect counterchanged. Mantling gules and or.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a hart's head couped
per chevron crenell^e or and gules. Motto — " Dominus
providebit." Livery — (dress) yellow coat, red plush waist-
coat and breeches ; (undress) dark drab, claret collar and
cuffs, gilt buttons.

Sons of Edward Maurice Fitz Gerald Boyle, F. R.S.A
(I. ), M.R.I. A., Gentleman, Solicitor, of Gorteen, Lima*

Edward Ogilby Boyle, Gentleman, ^. 11 Oct. 1902. Res.
— Kenya Colony.

Sons of late Edward Boyle of Bridge Hill, Newtown-

Limavady, 1784-1861, m. 2nd, 1844, Mary Anne, d.

of James Parke of Stewartstown, co. Tyrone, by his

wife Mary Anne Boyle : —
Brudenell Plummer Boyle, Gentleman, A.I.E.E., b. 7
Aug. 1877; tn. 1907, Letitia Gwendoline Birney, only d. of E.
J. Stevenson of " The Retreat," Wellington, New Zealand,
and has issue — Edward Brudenell Stevenson Boyle, Gentle-
man, b. 1909 ; James Alexander Patrick Boyle, Gentleman,
b. 1912; and Alice Letitia Louisa. Res.^

Alexander Frederick Boyle, Gentleman, F.R.C.A., b.
1880 ; m. 1915, Eileen, d. of Frederick A. Whilton, and has
issue — Edward Fitzgerald Boyle, Gentleman, b. 1916;
Anthony Trevor Boyle, Gentleman, b. 1919. Res. —

Charles Edwin John Boyle, Gentleman, (^. 1884; m. 1922,
Anne Gertrude, only d. of Peter K. B. Heaviside, and has
issue — John Bailey Frederick Boyle, Gentleman, b. 1924 ;
Geraldine Olive Martha ; and Louise Muriel. Res. —

BOYLE (H. Coll., 1904). Per bend raguly gules and
argent, two staves raguly bendwise, one in chief and one in
base counterchanged. Mantling gules and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, in front of a lion's head argent,
a staff raguly fessewise gules. Motto — "God's providence
is my inheritance. "

Son of Sir Edward Boyle, ist Bart., K.C., F.S.I., M.P.
for Taunton 1906-9, b. 1848; d. 1909; tn. 1874, Con-
stance Jane, d. of William Knight, Esq., J. P., of
Kensington Park Gardens : — ■
Sir Edward Boyle, 2nd Bart. (14 Dec. 1904), J. P. and
(1927) High Sheriff CO. Sussex, F. R.G.S. , Associate Sur-
veyors' Inst., Barr.-at-Law, M.A. (Oxon.), b. 1878 ; m. 1920,
Beatrice, eld. d. of the late Henry Greig, of Belvedere
House, Kent, and has issue — Edward Charles Gurney
Boyle, Esq., b. 1923; and Anne Constance Beatrice.
Seat — Ockham, Hurst Green, Sussex. Town tes. — 63
Queen's Gate, S.W. Clubs — Garrick, Athenasum.




BOYLE (U.O.). Per bend sinister embattled argent
and gules, a lion rampant counterchanged. Mantling
gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a
demi-lion rampant per pale embattled argent and gules.
Motto — " God's providence is mine inheritance."

Third son of James Boyle, Gentleman, of Ryeficld,
CO. Kilkenny, &. ; d. ; m. : —

Alexander Francis Boyle, Esq., J. P. co Kilkenny,
b. . Res. —

BOYLE (Vn. Hereford, 1573). Per bend embattled
argent and gules.

Only son of Henry David Boyle, b. 1856 ; d. 1917 ;

m. 1882, Emma Chambres, d. of Canon Hugh

George Robinson, of York : —
David Hugh Montgomerie Boyle, Esq., b. 1883;
m. 1916, Laura Grant, d. of James Tennant, Esq., J. P.,
of Fairhe, co. Ayr ; and has issue — Alasdair David
Forbes Boyle, Esq., b. 1919 ; Ranald Hugh Montgomerie
Boyle, Esq., b. 1921. /^es.— Brooksyde, Fairlie, co. Ayr.
Clubs — Travellers', New (Edinburgh).


BOYNTON (H. Coll.). Or, a fesse between three cres-
cents gules. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, a goat passant sable, gutt6e-d'eau, armed,
unguled, and bearded or. Motto — " 11 tempo passa."

Son of Rev. Griffith Boynton, M.A., b. 1815 ; d.
1898; m. 1840, Selina (if. 1896), d. of William Wat-
kins of Badby House, cj. Northants. : —
Sir Griffith Henry Boynton, 12th Bart. (Eng. , 25 May
1618), b. 1849; m. 1885, Eupheniia Violet, d. of John Inglis
Chalmers of Alclbar, co. Forfar ; and has issue —
Griffith Wilfrid Norman Boynton, Esq., Lieut. -Comdr.
(ret.) R.N., b. i88g [m. 1914, Naomi Coralie, only d. of
Harry E. Nightingale (C/«iJ— United Service)] ; Gladys
Mary; and Constance Mary [w. 1922, Capt. Arthur
Douglas Blundell Hill, late R.A.F., and has issue]. Seat
— Barmston, Hull. Res.— 12 De la Mere Terrace, Hyde
Park, W.2.

Sons of Charles Boynton, Esq., b. 1825; d. 1908; m.
1856, Mary, d. of Fewster Wilkinson of Kirkella,
Hull: —
Harry Somerville Boynton, Gentleman, b. 1856. Res. —
19 Denmark Terrace, Brighten.

Francis Boynton, Esq.,Lt.-Col. R.E. (ret.), M.Inst.C.E.,
b. 1859 ; m. 1887, Elsie, d. of Major-Gen. T. Phillips of
Ashenhurst Hall, Col. i8th Hussars; and has issue-
Thomas Bruis Boynton, Gentleman, Lieut. Army Motor
Reserve of Officers, b. 1888; and Elsie Evelyn [m. 1915,
Jean Louis Mi(§ville, D.S.O., Lt. -Comdr. R.N.V.R.].
'Res —J, Beaufort Gardens, S.W.3. C/i/^— Boodle's.

Charles Boynton, Gentleman, b. 1862. Res. — 3 Nctting-
ham Road, Croydon.

Walter Boynton, Esq., Major late 3rd Batt. E. , Surrey
Regt., b. 1864. Res. — 19 Denmark Terrace, Brighton.
Club — Junior United Service.


BRABAZON. Gules, on a bend or, three martlets
sable. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a mount
vert, a falcon rising or. Motto — " Vota vita mea."

Second son of Rt. Hon. William Brabazon, nth Earl

of Meath, b. 1803 ; d. 1887 ; m. 1837, Harriot, d.

of Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart., of Norton Priory,

CO. Chester : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Reginald Brabazon, K.P., P.O., G.C.V.O.,
G.B.E., 12th Earl of Meath (1627), and Baron of Ardee,
Ireland (19 July 1616), Baron Chaworth of Eaton Hall,
CO. Hereford (10 Sept. 183 1) [Supporters — On either side
a wyvem or, winged and membered giiles, collared and
chained gold', H.M.'s Lieut, of co. and City of Dublin,
J. P. cos. Dubhn and Wicklow, b. 1841 ; m. 1868, Mary
Jane (d. 1918), d. of nth Earl of Lauderdale; and has
issue — Reginald Le Normand Brabazon, C.B., C.B.E.,
commonly called Lord Ardee, Hon. Brig.-Gen., Col. (ret.)
Irish Gds., b. 1869 [w. 1908, Lady Aileen Wyndham Quin,
d. of 4th Earl of Dunraven ; and has issue — Hon. Anthony
Wyndham Normand Brabazon, b. 1910 ; Hon. Maureen
Margaret ; Hon. Meriel Aileen {Res. — Kilruddery,
Bray, co. Wicklow)] ; Hon. Arthur Lauderdale Le Nor-
mand Brabazon, Capt. (ret.) R. Dublin Fusiliers, b.
1872 ; Hon. Claud Maitland Patrick Brabazon, O.B.E.,
Maj. (ret.) Irish Gds., b. 1874 [m. 1915, Kathleen, d. of

Arthur Maitland, of Shady Camps Park, co. Cambridge,
and has issue — Ehzabeth Maitland ; Felicity] ; Lady
Mary Florence [m. 1904, Harold Holt, C.B.E. ; and has
issue] ; Lady Violet Constance Maitland [m. 1909,
4th Earl of Verulam]. Seat — Chaworth House, Otter-
shaw, Chertsey.



Baron, see KNATCHBULL-

ELLEN JANE BRACE, Spinster, second dau. of
Henry Brace, Gentleman, of Mayfield, Walsall, co.
Stafford, by his wite Eliza, dau. of John Russell 01 Walling-

ton House, Bloxwich, co. Stafford. Armorial bearings

Upon a lozenge : Sable, a bend argent, between two dexter

cubit arms in bend vested of the second, the hands proper.
Residence — Walton-on-the-Hill, nr. Stafford.

BRACE (H. Coll.). Sable, a bend argent, between two
dexter cubit arms in bend vested of the second, the hands

Son of Frank Addison Brace, Esq., J. P., b. 1859;

d. 1912; m. 1887, Annie Isobel, dau. of Hickson

Fergusson of The Knowe, in the borough of Ayr: —

Henry Fergusson Brace, Esq., Major 15 19th Hussars,

b. 1888 ; m. 1916, Beatrice Ida, d. of Sir William Feilden,

4th Bart., and has issue — Eustace Frank Feilden Brace,

Gentleman, b. 1920. Res. — Coton Hall, Sudbury, Derby.


BRACKENBURY, formerly of Aswardby, Lines. (H
Coll.). Argent, in chief two lions rampant, and issuing
from the base as many chevronels in fesse, the sinister
surmounting the dexter, all sable. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front
of an oak-tree fructed proper, a lion couchant sable, charged
with a fylfot or. Motto — "Sans reculer jamais." Livery
— (dress), black and silver ; (undress), black and white.
Sons of Edward Brackenbury of Skendleby, Lines. ,
b. ; d. ; w. : —

Arthur Brackenbury, Gentleman, b. 1876. Res. —

Harold Brackenbury, Gentleman, b. 1878. Res —
Reginald Brackenbury, Gentleman, b. 1880. Res. —
Sons of General Charles Booth Brackenbury, R.A. , 6.
1831; d. iSgo; »i. 1854, Hilda Eliza, d. of Archibald
Campbell of Quebec : —
Richard Brackenbury, Gentleman, 6 1864. Res. — La
Jolla, California.

Cyril Brackenbury, Gentleman, b. 1869. Res. — St. Maur,
Newton Abbot.




Hereward Brackenbury . Esq. , C. B. E. , Order of the Rising
Sun of Japan (4th Class), i. 1871 ; m. 1900, Winifred Isabel,
J. P. CO. Norttiumberland, 3rd d. of the late Sir Benjamin
Chapman Browne, and has issue — Charles Hereward
Brackenbury, Gentleman, i. 1901 [?n. 1924, Elizabeth, d. of
F. E. Cuming, of Portrush, and has issue— Rosamund] ;

and Barbara Winifred [m. 1925, Leonard S. Swinnerton
Dyer, son of Leonard Swinnerton Dyer, of Westhope
Manor, Craven Arms]. J?es. — Seaton Burnthouse, Dudley,
Northumberland. C/«^j— Bath, Northern Counties (New-
castle-upon-T yne).

BRACKENBURY of Thorpe Hall (H. Coll., 1914).
Argent, in chief two lions rampant, and issuing from the
base as many chevronels in fesse, the sinister surmounting
the dexter, all sable. Mantling sable and argent. Crest -
On a wreath of the colours, in front of an oak tree fructed
proper, a lion couchant guardant sable, charged with a
fylfot or. Motto— " Sans reculer jamais."

Sons of Henry Langton Brackenbury, Esq., J. P.,

M.A. , M.P. , 6. 1868; d. 1920; m. 1898, Florence, yr.

d. of late Edgar Mills of Meuls Park, California : —

Robert Henry Langton Brackenbury, Gentleman, d.

1903. 5(fa/— Thorpe Hall, Louth, co. Lines. Town res. —

18 Chapel Street, S.W.i.

Charles Edgar Mills Brackenbury, Gentleman, ^. 1907.

BRACKENBURY (H. Coll.. 19 Nov. 1902). Argent, a
fesse nebuly sable, between two lions rampant in chief
gules and as many chevronels interlaced, issuant from the
base of the second. Mantling sable and argent. Crest-
On a wreath of the colours, in front of two oak-branches
fructed in saltire proper, a lion guardant and couchant
sable, charged on the body with two acorns slipped or.
Motto — " Sans reculer jamais."

Sons of Rev. Thomas Brackenbury of Bolingbroke,

Wingfield Road, Trowbridge, Wilts.. ^. 1828 ; d. 1915 ;

m. ist, 1856, Jemima Gray {d. 1864), d. of William

Elliott of Bermondsey ; 2nd, 1865, Sarah Ann, d. of

Henry Bright Britten of Churchill, co. Somerset: —

Rev. Thomas Brackenbury, Vicar of Arthington, co.

York, l>. 1857 ; m. 1891, Harriette Elaine, d. of William

Young Craig, Esq., J. P., M.P., of Milton House, Alsager,

Cheshire ; and has issue — Iris Young .Milton Gray ; and

Eileen Jean. J?es. — The Vicarage, Arthington, Yorks.

Albert Blackwell Brackenbury, Gentleman, (^. 1861 ; >ii.

1887, Minnie Blanche May, d. of Charles Taylor. li^es. —
Henry Britten Brackenbury, Gentleman, M.R.C.S.,
L.R.C.P., />. 1866; m. ist, 1892, Catherine Ada {d. 1892),
d. of David William Edwards; 2nd, 1898, Amy Florence,
d. of Henry Sadler ; and has issue — Hubert Lincoln
Brackenbury, Gentleman,;^. 1899; and Imogen. J?es. —
30 West Heath Drive, N.W. 11.

Frank Herbert Brackenbury, Gentleman, 1^. i86g. Jfes. —
Erpingham Road,

Charles Ernest Brackenbury, Gentleman, Barr.-at-Law,
A.M.I.C.E., fi. 1872 ; m. 1897, Annie Louise, eld. d. of
David William Edwards. Chambers — 4 Elm Court,
Temple, E.C.

BRADBROOKE (H. Coll.). Argent, two bars wavy,

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