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*. 1888 ; m. 1920, Elsie Graham, d. of John Weall ;
and has issue — John George Weedon Budd, Gentleman,
b. 1920 ; Charles Basil Budd, Geiiteman, /<. 1926 ; and
Elizabeth Frances. Res. — 39 Fitzroy Road, N.W.i
Club — Constitutional .

cos. Flint and Monmouth (High Sheriff for former
CO. 1896). Bom Ociober 25, 1859, being the second
son of the late William Barber Buddicom, Esq., J. P.,
by his wife Mary Jeanne, daughter of Captain Joseph
Robert Hownam, R.N. Liven' — Dark green. Arfaorial
bear^ngB — Argent, a chevron between two crosses
pat^e in chief and a demi-gryphon couped in base, all
gules, on a chief of the last, three escallops of the first.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, in front of a beacon fired proper, issuant from the
flames thereof a demi-lion gules, gorged with a collar gemel
or, holding in the dexter paw a sword in bend sinister of
the first, pommel and hilt or, a cross pat^e between two
escallops of the last. Motto — " Virtute et vigilantia."
Married, 1892, Sophia, dau. of the late Charles Wriothesley
Digby ; and has surv. issue — Venetia Digby ; and Marcia
Sophia. Seat — Penbedw, Mold, co. Flint. Residence —
Villa Capella, Bordighera, Italy. Clubs— ]\xmox Carlton,

BUDDICOM. Argent, a chevron between two crosses
pat^e in chief and a demi-gryphon couped in base, all
gules, on a chief of the last, three escallops of the
first. Mantling gules and argent. Crest— On a wreath
of the colours, in front of a beacon fired proper, issuant from
the flames thereof a demi-lion gules, gorged with a collar
gemel or, holding in the dexter paw a sword in bend sinister
of the first, pommel and hilt or, a cross pat^e between two


t?scallops of the last. Motto — "Virtute et vigilantia."

Livery — Dark blue, red facings.

Only son of William Squire Buddicom, Esquire, J. P.,
b. Jan. 9, 1840 ; d. 1922 ; m. Aug. 23, 1866, Elizabeth
Haughton, dau. of Rev. Robert Hornby, M.A. , J.P. ,

and grand-dau. of Sir William Feilden, Bart., M.P.
of Feniscowles : —
Robert .Arthur Buddicom, Esq., B.A. Oxon. , J.P. Salop,
F.G.S., h. Nov. 7, 1874; m. 1900, Laura Lucy, d. of
Reginald Edmund Finlay of 17 Craven Hill Gardens, W. ;
and has issue -Robert Prosper Gedye Buddicom, Gentle-
man, b. 1904; Jacintha Laura May; and Guiniver Olivia
Norsworthy. Seat — Ticklerton Court, Church Stretton,

BUDGETT. Azure, on a cross invected or, between four
water-bougets of the last, an escallop between as many
horse-shoes of the first. Mantling azure and or ; and for
his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, in front of two
palmers' staves in saltire or, a water-bouget azure.

Son of Richard Samuel Budgett, b. 1851 ; d. 1919 ;

m. 1878, Annie [d. 1888), dau. of Joseph Maitland

Ware: —
Hubert Maitland Budgett, b. 1882 ; m. 1912, Hazel
Reaveley, d. of the late Arthur Glover of Ryarsh Place,
Kent ; and has issue : — Richard Alan Budgett, Gentleman,
b. 1914. Seat — Kirtlington Park, Oxford.

BULFIN (U.O., 1916). Bendy of six or and vert, on a
chief ermine between two bees proper, a sword in bend
sinister, blade upwards, also proper, passing through a civic
crown of the second resting on the hilt. Mantling gules
and argent. Crest— On a wreath of the colours, a demi-

lion rampant or, holding in the dexter paw a sword passing
through a civic crown, as in the arms, and charged on
the shoulder with a trefoil slipped vert. Motto— " Vincit
Veritas." Livery — Green, with yellow facings.

Second son of Patrick Bulfin, Esq.. J. P., of Woodtown

Park, Rathfarnham, co. Dublin, <>. 1816; rf. 1871 ; m.

1855, Teresa, d. of John Carroll, of Dublin :—

General Sir Edward Stanislaus Bulfin, K.C.B. (1918),

C.V.O. (1910), served in Burma 1892-3 (medal and clasp),

and in S. Africa 1899-1902 (ment.desp. three times. Queen's

medal with four clasps and King's medal with two clasps),

served Great War, comdg. 2nd Inf.-Brig. in 1st Div., 28th

Div. at ami Battle of Ypres, 6oth Div. in France and

Salonika, and 21st Corps 1917, ret. 1925, has Order of

Sacred Treasure ist Class (Japan), Order of the Nile




(Egypt), Order of Savoy (Italy), Legion of Honour and
Croix de Guerre (France), Order of Holy Sepulchre
(Palestine), d. 1862; ?n. 1898, Frances Mary, d. of late
Francis William Lonergan, and has surv. issue — Edward
Francis Joseph Bulfin, Esq., M.C. , Lieut. The Green
Howards, i.iSgS; Eileen Frances Mary. C/m^— United


BULL of Hammersmith (H. Coll., 1923). Sable, three
astronomical signs of Taurus or. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a buU's head caboshed



sable, charged on the forehead with the sign of Taurus,
as in the arms. Motto — " Hitherto." Livery — Black
and gold.

Second son of Henry Bull, Gentleman, of Westbourne
Park, 6. 1829 ; d. 1878 ; m. i85i, Cecilia Ann, d. of
James Peter Howard, of Withed Wood, Shirley,
Hants. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir William (James) Bull, P.C, ist Baronet
(1922), Knt. Bach. (1905), Maltravers Herald Extra-
ordinary (1922), Freeman City of London (1920), J. P.
Lond., M.P. for Hammersmith 1900-18; and for South
Hammersmith since 191 8; Solicitor of the Supreme Court
of Judicature, b. 1863 ; m. 1904, Lilian Hester, d. of
Gabriel Samuel Brandon, Solicitor of the Supreme
Court of Judicature, of Oakbrook, Ravenscoinrt Park,
and of Heene, Worthing ; and has issue — (i) Stephen
John Bull, Esq., B.A., b. 1904 ; (2) George BuU, Esq.,
b. 1906 ; (3) Anthony Bull, Esq., b. 1908 ; (4) Peter
CecilBull, Esq., ft. 1912. Res. — The Meadows, Shepherd's
Bush ; Vencourt, Hammersmith. Clubs — Carlton, Con-
stitutional, Junior Constitutional, 1900.

BULL (H. Coll., 1918). Sable, abull's head caboshed
between three astronomical signs of Taurus or. Crest
and Motto as above.

Sons of Henry John Howard Bull,Gentleman, Solici-
tor of the Supreme Court of Judicature in England,
of 21 Ravenscourt Park, W.6., b. 1862 ; d. 1905 ; tn.

Bertha Frances, yngst. d. of Frederick John Nasb
of Eastcheap, London : —
Hilary Carol Howard Bull,Gentleman, C.A., b. 1895.
Res. — Rangoon, Burma, India. Club — R. Colonial

GeoSrey Howard Bull, Esq., Capt. G. Gds., b. 1898.
Res. — 41 Brook Street, W. Clubs — Guards', Pratt's.
Son of Edmund Bull, Gentleman, F.C.A., of Dane&
Place, Cobham, Kent, b. 1865 ; d. 1916 ; tn. 1894,
Mildred Jane Cole Glanville, 2nd d. of Samuel
Carter, Esq., M.P., Barrister-at-Law of Clifton,
Glos. : —
Lawrance Bull, Gentleman, C.A., b. 1897. Res. —
Cookham Hill House, Borstal, nr. Rochester, Kent.

BULL (H. Coll.) . Argent, a bull at bay sable, in chief
a shamrock between two maple-leaves, all slipped vert.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, vidthin a wreath of buU weed proper, the
astronomical symbol of Taurus irradiated or. Motto —
" Hitherto."

Son of Bartholomew Hill Bull, Gentleman, of Haw-
thorne Lodge, Brampton, Ontario, b. ; d. ;
m. , Sarah, d. of Duncan, of : —
William Perkins BuU, Esq., K.C., B.A. (Victoria
Univ.), LL.B. (Toronto), b. 1870 ; m. , Marie, d. of
Michael Brennen, of Hamilton, Ontario ; and has issue.
Res. — Newstead, Somerset Road, Wimbledon; Lome
Hall, Rosedale, Toronto. Clubs — Garrick, Union, R.A.C.,
National (Toronto).


D. L. for Dorset (High Sheriff 1902), Colonel, late Lieut.-
Col. commanding 15th Hussars, Lord of the Manor of
Marshwood. Born 1847, being the son of the late Wyatt
Symes of Bath, by Eliza Fitzherbert, dau. of William Fitz-
herbert Bullen of Stoke Abbott, Dorset; assumed by Royal
Licence in 1868 the name of Bullen, under the will of his

great-uncle, John Bullen of Charmouth and Marshwood
Manor (who died 1853). Clud— Bath. Livery —Blue and
silver. Armorial bearings (H. Coll.) — Ermine, on a
chevron azure, between three bulls' heads erased sable,
two swords proper pommels and hilts or, the points
saltirewise, encircled by a wreath of laurel gold. Mant-
ling azure and argent; and for his Crest, out of a nava!




crown gold, the sails argent, a bull's head or, charged
on the neck with an anchor sable, between two wings
azure. Motto — " A rege et victoria." Married, isl, i88i^,
Blanclie Mary Townend, youngei dau. of William Hall,
Esq., J. P., of Syndale. ds[.ringe, Kent (d. 1886); 2nd,
1891, Frances Mary, eldest dau. of S.imucl Perry, Esq.,
J. P., D.L., of Woodroof, co. I'ipperary ; and has surv.
issue — Henry Symes Bullen, Gentleman, fi. 1893; Capt.
John Fitzherberi Symes Bullen, R.Il.A., b. 1907; and
Mary Frances [w. 1920, Maj. William 1'. Colfax, M.C. ,
R.A. , M.P.]. Sea/ — Catherston-Leweston, Charmouth,


BULLER. Quarterly, 1. sable, on a cross quartei-
pierced argent, four eagles displayed of the tirst (Buller) ; 2.
azure, a buck's head caboshed argent, attired or (Trethurff
of Trethurff, co. Cornwall); 3. quarterly, i. and iiii., or,
three torteau.x (Courtenay) ; ii. and iii., or, a lion rampant
azure (Redvers), over all a label of three points azure (for
Courtenay, Earls of Devon); 4. azure, abend or (Carnii-
now) ; 5. argent, a chevron gules between three moorcocks
sable, membered, wattled, and jelloped of the second,
(Coode of Morval, Vn. Cornwall, 1620); 6. quarterly,
argent and azure, in the first and fourth quarters a lion
rampant gules (Pollexfen) ; 7. argent, a chevron sable
(Trelawny). Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, a Saracens head couped at the
shoulders proper. Motto — " Aquila non capit muscas."
Sons of Arthur Tremayne Buller, Gentleman, i>. 1850 ;
d. 1917 ; m. 1891, Elinor Louisa, d. of Francis Leyborne-
Popham : —
Mowbray Louis Buller, Esq., M.C, Capt. K.R.R.C,
Lord of the Manor of Crediton, ^. 1892; m. 1923, Silvia,
d. of Vernon W^atney, of Cornbury Park, Charlbury, Oxon.,
and has issue: — 2 daus. Seai — Downes, Crediton, Devon.
Cluds—B&lh. Brcoks's.

Eric Tremayne Buller, Gentleman, M.C. Lieut. D.C.L.L,
6. 1894 ; m. 1922, Bridget Dorothy, d. of Percy Tyrwhitt
Drake, Esq. of Tower House, Arundel, and has issue: —
2 daus. /?es. —

Michael Francis Buller, Gentleman, Lieut. Res. of
Officers, late Rifle Bde., 6. 1896 ; m. 1926, Hon. Noorouz
Weston, eld. d. of ist Baron Cable, and formerly wife of
Sir Lionel Alexander, Bt., from whom she obtained a
divorce in 1924. J?es. —

Son of James VVentworth Buller, Esq., of Downes
Hall. J. P. andD.L. co. Devon, D.C.L. , M.P., i. 1798;
d. 1865; m. 1831, Charlotte Juliana Jane, d. of Lord
Henry Molyneux Howard : —
Ernest Wentworth Buller, Gentleman, i>. 1841. J?es. —
Sons of Charles George Buller (settled in Canada),
B.A. (Oxon.), ir. 1802; d. ; m. 1832, Frances

Boucher : —
Reginald Buller, Gentleman, d. . Res. —

Edward Buller, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Frank Buller, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Edmund Buller, Gentleman, b. ; m. , Sarah

Levixcombe ; and has issue. Res. —

Son of Capt. George William Buller, b. 1803 ; d. 1845 ;
m. 1835, Charlotte, d. of George Drake: —
William Templer Buller, Gentleman, b. . Res. —

Son of Col. James Hornby Buller of Down Hall, co.
Surrey, J. P., late STth Regt., one of H.M. Hon.
Corps of Gentlemen-at-.Arms, b. 1831 ; d. 1895 ; m.
2nd, 1877, Emily Augusta, d. of Major Henry Dash-
wood, R.H.A. :—
Lt.-Col. John Dashwood Buller, C.M.G., D.S.O., (ret.),
A.S.C., b. 1878 ; m. 1903, Sybil Ernestine, d. of Mortimer
John Collier of Foxhams, Horrabridge. Seat — Hardings,
North Che iton, Somerset. Club — Junior United Service.
Sons of Admiral Sir .Alexander Buller, G.C.B., J. P., of
Erie Hall, Devon, and Belmore House, West Cowes,
b. 1834; d. 1903; 7>i. 1870, Emily Mary, d. of late
Henry Tritton of Beddington, Surrey : —
Sir Henry Tritton Buller, K.C.V.O.. C.B., Vice-Admiral
R.N., Hon. A.D.C. to King George, b. 1873; m. 1919,
Lady Hermione M' ray, d. of i7ih Earl f f Moray, and has
issue: — Alexander John Stuart Buller, E.sq.,b. 1920; Robin
Francis Buller, Gentleman, b. 1923 : Peter Henry Buller,
Gentleman, b. 1926. Club — United Service.

Francis Alexander Waddilove Buller, Esq., D.S.O. ,Capt.
R.N., b. 1879 w. 1916, Mary Caroline, d. of Stephen
Hammick. Res. — Challens Yarde, Midhurst, Surrey.

Edward Maxwell Buller, Esq., b. 1883. Res.—
Son of Col. Henry Montagu Buller, Bengal Cavalry,
b. 1840 ; d. 1893 ; m. 1877, Mary, d. of James Jackson
of Toorak, Victoria : —
Norman Montagu Buller, Gentleman, Lieut. Rifle
Brigade, b. 1881. Res.- -

Son of Rev. Henry John Buller, M.A. , Rector of West

Parley, Dorset, *. i8ii; d. 1873; m. (ist), Theodosia,

d. of Col. Richards : —

Richard Witherstone Buller, Gentleman, H.E. LC.S. ,

b. 1847 ; m. 1874, Gertrude Cornelia, d. of Major John

Doyle Bazenal, and widow of Henry Templer. Res. —

Son of John Edward Buller of The Chase, Enfield,
b. 1802 ; (/. 1881 ; m. 1828, Mary Ann, d. of Jonathan
Rashleigh : —
Henry Francis Buller, Gentleman, b. 1843. Res. —

Issue ot Sir Francis Buller, ist Bart., b. 1745 '< ^- '^oo >
m. 1763, Susannah, d. and h. of Francis Yarde of
Churston Ferrers : —
Vide Yarde-Buller.
Vide Manningham-Buller.
Issue (in the female line) of Vice-.\dm. Sir Edward
Buller, ist Bart., of Trenant Park, b. 1764; d. 1824 : —
Vide BuUer-Fullerton-Elphinstone.
Sons of Rev. William Buller, Rector of Hemmington,
Somerset, b. 1799 ; d. 1862 ; m. (2nd), Eleanor, d. of
Rev. William Coney : —
Charles William Dunbar Buller, Esq. [q.v.)
Rev. Frederick George Buller, Clerk in Holy Orders,
Rector of Okeford, Devon, b. 1855; in. 1886, Margaret
Mildred, d. of Sir John W. H. Anson, Bart., and has
issue: — Hugh Algernon Buller, Gentleman, b. 1887; John
^"rederick Buller, Gentleman, b. 1889 ; Frederick Edwin
Buller, Gentleman, b. 1892; and Winifred Margaret. Res.
— The Rectory, Okeford, Devon.

Warwick Augustus Buller, Gentleman, b. 1857 ; m.
Frances, d. of Maj. H. Cubitt of Earlham Lodge, Norwich,
and has issue: — Francis Warwick Buller, Gentleman, b.
1903 ; and 4 daus. Res. —

L.O. , 1864). Quarterly, i. argent, a chevron sable between
three boars' heads erased gules, armed of the field (Elphin-
stone) ; 2. quarterly, i. gules, a chevron within the Royal
Tressure of Scotland argent (Fleming, Earls of Wigton) ;
ii. azure, three fraises argent (Eraser) ; iii. argent, on a
chief gules, three pallets or (Keith, Earls Marischal of
Scotland) ; iiii. or, three bars wavy gules (Drummond, Earls
ot Perth) ; 3. argent, a chevron between three otters' heads
erased gules, a bordure of the last (FuUerton of Carstairs
and Carberry) ; 4. sable, on a cross argent, quarter-pierced
of the field, four eagles displayed of the first, in the first
quarter an arm embowed proper, holding a trident and
issuing out of a naval crown or (Buller of Trenant Park).
Mantling gules, doubled ermine. Crest— On a wreath of
his liveries, a lady from the middle, richly habited gules,
holding in her dexter hand a tower argent, and in her
sinister hand a branch of laurel proper. Motto "Cause
causit. " Supporters — Two savages wreathed about the
head and loms with laurel, each carrying in his exterior
hand a club all proper.

Eld. surv. son of William, 15th Lord Elphinstone,
Capt. R.N., Knt. of Medjidie, a Lord-in- Waiting to
Queen Victoria, b. 1828 ; d. 1893 ; m. 1864, Constance
Euphemia Woronzow, d. of 6th Earl of Dunmore : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Sidney Herbert Buller-FuUerton-Elphin-
stone, i6th Baron Elphinstone (Sco. , 14 Jan. 1509-10), 2nd
Baron Elphinstone (U.K., 30 Dec. 1885), Vice-Lieut, co.
Midlothian, Capt. Roy. Company of Archers (King's Body-
guard for Scotland), Lord High Commissioner to General
Assembly of Church of Scotland (1923-4, b. 1869 ; m. igio.
Lady Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon , second d. of 14th Earl of
Strathmore ; and has issue — Hon. John Alexander Buller-
Fullerton-Elphinstone, Master of Elphinstone, b. 1914 ;
Hon. Andrew Charles Victor Buller-Fullerton-Elphinstone,
b. 1918 ; Hon. Mary Elizabeth ; Hon. ]' an Constance ;
Hon. Margaret. Seat — Carberry Tower, Musselburgh.
Town res. — 6 Upper Brook Street, W.r. Clubs— CurXton,
Marlborough, Turf.

BULLOCK of Radwinter, late of Faulkbourn (R.L.,
1810, H. Coll.). Quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, a chevron
ermine between three bulls' heads caboshed argent, armed
or (Bullock — confd. 1602, originally recorded Vn. Berks.
1532) ; 2 and 3, argent, a fesse embattled and in chief two
crosses botonn6e gules (Watson). Mantling gules and


15 III


argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, "fyve black
bills (so called of auntient tyme), the staves proper, the
heads sables tyed in a bande gules" (Bullock). Mottoes
— " Nil conscire sibi " ; " Esp6rance en Dieu. "

Son of Walter Henry Bullock, Gentleman, d. 1861 ;

d. ; m. 1882, Caroline Elizabeth, eld. d. of John

Augustus Shiel Bouverie, Esq. , J. P. , of Delapr6 Abbey,

Northants. : —
Henry Talbot Bouverie Bullock, Gentleman, Lieut. 3rd
Batt. Northants. Regt., d. 1886. Seai~Ra.dw\nteT, Essex.

Sons of Rev. Walter Trevelyan Bullock ( f Faulkbourn,

J. P., M.A., 6. 1818 ; d. 1878 ; m. 1852, Margaret, d. of

William Steains of London : —

Rev. Llewellyn Christopher Watson Bullock, B.A. , ^.

1866; m. i88g, Cecil Augusta Margaret Isabella, d. of

Edmund Robert Spearman, Esq., C. M.G. , and grand-

dau. of Rt. Hon. Sir Alex. Spearman, Bart, P.C. ; and


has issue — (i) Walter Llewellyn Bullock, Gentleman, 6.
1890; (2) Christopher Llewellyn Bullock, Esq., O. B. E. ,
Maj. R.A.F., B.A. (Camb.), i. 1891 [;«. 1917, and has
issue] ; (3) Osmund Fitz Maurice Llewellyn Bullock, Gentle-
man, 3. 1905 ; Margaret Llewellyn ; Evrlyn Llewellyn ; and
Avice Llewellyn. /?es. — Great Wight rough Rectory,

James Arthur Edward Bullock, Esq. , M. B. E. , d. 1871 ; m,
1893, Rachel Anne, d. of George Malcolm Stevens ; and has
issue — William Arthur Trevelyan Bullock, Gentleman, d.
1895; and Margaret Phyllis Myrtle. y?(r.f.— Hong-Kong,

Son of Thomas Lowndes Bullock, Gentleman, M.A. ,
Professor of Chinese in Oxford University, 6. 1845 ;
m. , Florence Louisa Elizabeth, d. ofS. L. Horton

of Shifnal, Salop : —
Guy Henry Bullock, Gentleman, fi. 1887. /?es. —
Son of Herbert Bullock of Winslow and Padbury,
Bucks., Solicitor, i. 1849; d. 1907; m. , Edith

Mary, d. of W. Neal of Winslow, Bucks. : —
Herbert John Bullock, Gentleman, d. 1893.
Sons of Edward Bullock of Otterville, Canada West,
d. 1818; d. 1866; tn. , Catherine Matilda, d. of

Major James Rivers, 91st Regt. : —
James Edward Bullock, Gentleman, i. 1844; m. ,

Ida Mary, d. of J. P. Blood ; and has issue — Mary
Katharine. J?es. — Chicago.

Frederick Gerrge Bullock, Gentleman, 6. 1848; m. ,
Elizabeth, d. of Wm. Creighton. J?es. —

Henry Edwin Bullock, Gentleman, i. 1852 ; vt.
Harriet, d. of Elijah Samuel Mark. ^es. — Chicago.

Walter Everard Bullock, Gentleman, 6. 1854. /?es.-

BULLOCK (H. Coll., 1602, originally recorded Vn.
Berks. 1532). Gules, a chevron ermine, between three
bulls' heads caboshed argent, armed or. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, "fyve black bills (so called of


Preb. of Lincoln,
; m , Ada, d.


auntient tyme) the staves proper, the heads sable, tyed in
a band gules." MottO — " Nil conscire sibi."

Sons of Edward Bullock, Esq., Barr.-at-Law, Recorder
ofBuckingham,/^. 1835; d. 1905; w. 1859, Adelaide, d.
of John Henry Yaies of Preston Brook, Cheshire:-—
William Douglas Bullock, Gentleman, 6. 1868 ; m. 1902,
Sylvia, sixth d. of Svlvanus Reynolds of Raddon Court,
Cheshire; and has issue— (i) Edward Anthony Bullock,
Gentleman, 6. 1903; (2) Hubert Stanley Bullock. Gentle-
man, d. 1908 ; and Dorothy Elizabeth Jane. Ifes. — Dunham
Massey Lodge, Bowdon, Cheshire.

Richard Cecil Bullock, Gentleman, 6. 1874. J?es.—
Bathford, Bath.
John Claude Bullock, Gentleman, d. 1880. J?«.— Athorne,

Sons of Rev. Richard Bullock, M.A
Vicar of Spalding, d. 1839 ; d. 191
of Thomas Henry Whipham,
CJhiswick i —
Edward Clifford Bullock, Gentleman, d. 1866 ; m ist,
Mabel, d. of H. F ster ; 2nd his cousin Agnes Lucy; and
has issue— Reginald Clifford ^Bullock, Gentleman,*. 1899.
Richard Lancelot Bull ck. Gentleman, />. 1871. J^es.—

BULLOUGH (Regd. H. Coll.). Per chevron gules
and erminois, a chevron counterflory argent, in chief two
bulls' heads caboshed of the last. Mantling gules and or.
Crest— On a wreath of the colours, in front of a mount
vert, thereon a beehive or, charged with a chaplet of roses,
and surmounted bv a bee proper, three bees also proper.
Sons of J. Bullough of Meggernie Castle, Glenlyon,
*. 1839; d. 1891 : —

Sir George Bullough, ist. Bt. (1916), Knt. Bachelor
(1901), Capr. Scottish Horse Imp. Yeo., proprietor of
the Island of Rhum, d. 1870; m. 1903, Monica, eld. d.
of Gerard Gastavus Ducarel, 4th Marquis de la Pasture;
and has issue— Hermione. Seats — Kinloch Castle, Isle of




Rhum. N.B. ; The Down House, Redmarley, Gloucester.

Town res. — 6Connaught Place, W. C/«3j— Turf, Carlton,
Orleans, Bojdle's.

Ian Bullough, Esq., Maj, Scottish Horse and Capt.
Coldstream Gaards, b. 1886 ; m. ist, 1909, Maude Darrell
(rf. 1910), d. of H. J. Didcot ; 2nd, 1911, Lilie Elsie, d. of
Charles W. Cotton of Birmingham. Club — Guards'.

BULMAN (H. Coll., 22 May 1805). Gules, three
barrulets wavy argent, on a chief or, an annulet azure,
between two bulls' heads caboshed, with rings in their
noses sable. Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, on a mount vert, a bull passant
argent, the dexter fore-foot resting on a ball azure. MottO
— " Patienter." Livery— Vix^X. drab, red facings.

Sons of Rev. George Robert Bulman, b. 1833 ; d. 1915 ;
m. 1861, Marianne, d. of Edward Hemsley, Esq., of
Newcastle-on-Tyne : —
George William Bulman, Gentleman, b. 1863. Res. — 15
Emerald Street, Saltburn, Yorkshire.

Edward Hemsley Bulman, Gentleman, b. 1867; m. 1899,

Nora, d. of Malherbe, Esq., of Cape Colony, and

has issue: — Edward Francis Judd Bulman, Gentleman, b.
1900; Robert Bulman, Gentleman, b. ; and 2 daus.

Res. — Rezende Mine, Penhalonga, Rhodesia.
Francis .Archibald Bulman, Gentleman, b. 1869.
Son of Albert Robinson Bulman, Gentleman, b. 1840;
d. 1924 ; jn. 1865, .\nna, d. of General H. C. van
Cortlandt, C.B. : —
Herbert George Bulman, Gentleman, b. 1868. Res.—
Trevor Hall, East Barnet, Hertfordshire.

BULWER (H. Coll.). Gules, on a chevron argent,
between three eaglets regaardant or, as many cinquefoils
sable. Maintling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a horned wolfs head erased ermine, crined
and armed or. Motto — " Adversis major, par secundis."
Son of Col. William Earle Gascoyne Lytton Bulwer,
C.B., J-P. (High Sheriff 1883), formerly Capt. in the
Scots Guards ; served m the Crimea, and was severely
wounded at the Battle of Alma ; late Col. Command-
ing 3r^i Vol. Batt. of the Norfolk Regt. , and Brigadier-
Gen. Commanding Norfolk Vol. Inf. Brigade, b. 1829 ;
d. 1910 ; m. 1855, Marian Dering (d. 1906), d. and
heiress of William Wilson Lee-Warner of Quebec
House: —
Edward Augustine Earle Bulwer, Esq., T.P., Lt.-Col. 4th
South Staffordshire Regt. (38th), b. 1864; m. 1899, Henrica,
d. of late Commodore Henry Caldwell, C.B. Res. — Heydon
Grange, Norwich.

Son of Gen. Sir Edward Earle Gascoigne Bulwer ,
G.C.B. (19051, K.C.B. (1886:, C.B. (1859), Lieut. -Gov.
of Guernsey from 1889-1894 (Crimean medals 1854,
1855, two clasps ; Turkish medal ; Indian Mutiny, with

clasp), b. 1829; d. 1910 ; m. 1863, Isabella Anne [d.
1883), d. of Sir John Jacob Buxton, 2nd Bart. : —
Hugh Earle Bulwer, Esq., b. 1867. Post. add. —

BULWER-LYTTON. Quarterly, i and 4, ermine,
on a chief dancettee azure, three ducal crowns or,
a canton argent, charged with a rose gules, barbed
and seeded proper (for Lytton) ; 2. gules, on a chevron
argent, between three eagles regardant or, as many
cinquefoils sable (for Bulwer) ; 3. or, a dove regardant,
holding in the beaK an olive-branch propi^r (for Wiggett).
Mantling azure and argent. Crests — (i) a bittern in
flags proper, charged with a rose gules as in the arms (for
Lytton) ; (2) an heraldic tiger's head erased ermine,

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