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Bushe, M.C., Lieut. Glos. Regt., b. 1892; d. of wounds
received in action, 1916 [w. 1915, Marjorie, d. of the late
Alfied A. Critchley Salmonson, and left issue: — i son, b.
1916] ; (2) Claude Darcy Stratton de Lisle Bushe, Gentle-
man, assumed by Deed Poll 1920 the additional surname
of de Lisle, b. ; (3) John Stewart Bushe, Gentleman,

b. ; and Eva Gwendolen. Seat — Easiington Park,

Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. Clubs — Conservative, City
and County (Gloucester).

ERASMUS BUSHE, Esquire, J. P. for the co. of
Wilts. Born Oct. 31, 1853, being the only son of the
late William Bushe, J. P., and his wife Amelia, dau. of
William Stancomb of Springfield House, Trowbridge.
Livery — Blue and silver. Armorial bearings (Vn.
Somerset, 1530, H. Coll ). — Quarterly i and 4, azure
a wolf rampant argent, armed and langued gules, collared
and chained or, in chief three crosses patt^e fitch^e
fesseways of the second (for Bushe, alias Duyland [Kyd-
welly]), 2. argent, on a fesse gules, between three boars
statant sable, armed and unguled or, a fleur-de-lis between
two eagles displayed of the last (for Bushe), 3. argent, two
lions passant sable, armed and langued gules (for Strange) ;
and for his Crest, a goat's head couped argent, the dexter
attire purpure, and the sinister azure ; with the Motto,
" Hope me encouragithe." Married, August 9, 1876, t(j
Ada, daughter of the late Reverend William Thomas
Huxham Eales, Bachelor of Arts, Clerk in Holy Orders,
Vicar of Yealmpton, in the county of Devon. Postal ad-
dress — AUanbank, Keyberry Park, Newton Abbot, Devon.

L.R.C.P.L 1889, L.R.C.S. andL.M. Edinburgh 1883, Hon.

third son of the late Major-General Arthur Butcher, by his
wife Jane, dau. of Colonel Charles Cox of the 72nd Regi-
ment. Live>y — Green, with white facings. Armorial
bearings — Vert, an elephant argent. Mantling vert and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a branch of a
cotton-tree fructed proper. Motto — "Be steady." Married
Alice, dau. of Robert Evans of Gateacre, co. Lanes.;
and has Issue — Catherine Hilaire Herbert ; and Stella
Frances Herbert. Residence— Grangefield, 47 Park Road,
South Birkenhead, co. Chester.

BUTCHER. Vert, an elephant argent. Mantling vert
and argent. Crest —On a wreath of the colours, a branch of
a cotton-tree fructed proper. Motto — ' ' Be steady. ' '

Sons of Lt.-Col. Henry Townsend Butcher, R.A., b.
Feb. 9, 1857; d. 1915 ; m. Annie Susan, only dau.

of Colonel George James Dalrymple-Hay of the Bengal
Staff Corps : —
Arthur lames Basil Butcher, Gentleman, b. April 27,
1884. Res.—

Herbert Edwin Dalrymple-Hay Butcher, Gentleman,
b. June 15, 1888.

"Trevor Aveling Butcher, Gentleman, b. Aug. 12, 1893.

Baron Danesfort (1924) of Danesfort, co. Kerry, Bart.,
(1918), K.C., Master of Arts of the University of Cam-
bridge, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge,
M.P. for city of York from 1892 to 1906 and from
Jan. 1910 to Nov. 1923, J. P. for East Riding of York-
shire, Bencher of Lincoln's Inn. Hon. Freeman oi the
City of York. Born Nov. 15, 1852, being the son of the
late Most Reverend Samuel Butcher, Lord Bishop of
Meath, by his wife Mary. Armorial bearings— Vert,
an elephant argent. Mantling vert and argent ; and for
his Crest, upon a wreath of the colours, a branch of a
cotton-tree fructed proper; with the Motto, " Be steady."
Married, 1898, Alice Mary, dau. of E. L. Brandreth, Esq.,
J. P. Postal addresses — 32 Elvaston Place, London, S.W. ;
and Riccall Hall, Yorkshire. Clubs — Carlton, Yorkshire

SAMUEL BUTCHER, Gentleman, F.R.G.S., some-
ime Acting H.B. M's. Vice-Consul in Persia at Moham-

Surgeon Birkenhead Borough Hospital since 1885, Hon.
Consulting Surgeon 1900. Born Feb. i, 1855, being the

merah. Born April 5, 1850, being the eldest son of the
late Major - Gen. Arthur Butcher, by his wife Jane,
dau. of Colonel Charles Cox. Armorial bearings—




Vert, an elephant argent. Mantling vert and argent.
Crest —On a wreath of the colours, a branch of a cotton-
tree fructed proper. Motto — "Be steady." Postal

BUTCHER (H. Coll., 6 March 1913). Lozengy sable
and ermine, on a bend azure, three lilies slipped and leaved
argent. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — A demi-
lion sable, holding in the dexter paw a lily argent,
slipped and leaved proper, and resting the sinister paw
on a cross crosslet or. Motto — "Justum perfice nil

Son of Samuel Butcher, of Bristol : —

Leonard William Butcher, Gentleman. Seat — Camp-
field Place, Leith Hill, Surrey.

BUTE, Marquess of. see CRICHTON-STUART.


BUTLER (U.O.). Quarterly, i. or, a chief indented
azure (Walter or FitzWalter) ; 2. gules, three covered
cups or (Butler); 3. argent, a lion rampant gules, on a
chief of the second, a swan close of the first between two
annulets or (Carrick) ; 4. ermine, a saltire engrailed
gules (FitzGerald). Mantling azure and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, from a plume of five ostrich
feathers, a falcon rising argent. Motto — "Comme je

Heirs general — being together coheirs to the Earldom
of Carrick in Ireland (cr. with remainder to heirs
general i Sept. 1315). and not improbably together
entitled to the Hereditary Office of Chief Butier of
Ireland (cr. 1177) : —
(i) The heir or heirs, if any, of Sir George St. Leger of

(2) The Rt. Hon. Eva Mary Fitzhardinge Foley, de
jure and sup jure Countess of Ormonde (Irel., 1529), i6th
Baroness Berkeley (Eng., 20 Oct. 1421 ; confirmed Letters
Patent, 12 June 1893), a coheir to the Earldom of Carrick
and the Barony of Braose of Gower [Arms— Quarterly, i.
Milman ; 2. Berkeley ; 3. Mowbray ; 4. Segrave ; 5.
Brotherton ; 6. Cary ; 7. Boleyn ; 8. FitzWalter, as above ;
9. Butler, as above ; 10. Carrick, as above, and many others.
[Supporters — Two lions argent, the sinister ducally crowned
gules, both collared and chained gold], b. 1875; s. 1899;
m. 1903, Capt. Frank Wigram Foley, D.S.O. [Arms —
Argent, a fesse engrailed, between three cinquefoils sable,
a bordure of the last]. Crest— A lion rampant argent,
holding an escutcheon of the arms; and has issue — Hon.
Mary Lalle ; and Hon. Cynthia Ella. Res. — Southcote
Lodge, Camberley, Surrey.

Senior heir general of the 3rd and last Duke of Or-
monde, as such inheriting the Baronies of Dingwall
and Lucas : —
The Rt. Hon. Nan I no Cooper, Baroness Lucas, of

Heir male : —
The Marquess of Ormonde (see below).

Sons of John, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, K.P., b.
1808; d. 1854; m. 1843, Frances Jane [d. 1903), eld.
d. of Gen. Hon. Sir Edward Paget, G.C.B. : —
The Most Hon. James Arthur Wellington Foley Butler,
4th Marquess of Ormonde (Irel., 29 Oct. 1825), Earl of
Ormonde, Earl of Ossory (23 Feb. 1527), Viscount Thurles
of I'hurles, co. Tipperary (Irel., 2 Jan. 1535), Baron
Ormonde of Llanthony, co. Monmouth (U.K., 17 July
1821), claiming to be 28th Hereditary Chief Butler of
Ireland. M.A. Camb. , late Lieut, ist Life Guards [Arms
and Crest as first above. Supporters— Dexter, a falcon,
wings expanded argent, beaked and membered or ; sinister,
a male griffin argent, beaked, rayed, collared and chained
or], b. 1849; s. his brother, 1919; m. 1887, Ellen, d. of
Gen. -Anson Stager, U.S. Army ; and has issue — James
George .\nson Butler, commonly called Earl of Ossory,
Maj. Res. of Officers, ist and 2nd Life Guards, b. 1890
[m. 1915, Hon. Sybil Inna Fellowes, d. of 2nd Lord de
Ramsey, and has issue— James Anthony Butler, commonly
called Viscount Thurles, b. 1916; and Lady Moyra Rosa-
mund (C/wi^j— Bachelors', Turf)]; Lord James Arthur
Norman Butler, M C. , Capt. 17 21st Lancers, b. 1893 [w.
1924, Jessie, d. of Charles C. Clarke of Sunninghill, Berks.,
and has issue— Jane; and Martha {Res. — Manor Hou^^e,
Cholderton. Salisbury)] ; Lady Evelyn Frances [m. 1910,
Hon. Edmund Rupert Drummond, M.V.O., Comdr. R.N.,

son of 10th Vise. Strathallan] ; Lady Eleanor Rachel [m.
1915, Capt. Edward Brassey Egeiton, 17th I^ancers, d.
1916]. iVa/— Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny. Res. — Gennings,
Hunton, Maidstone ; 11 Bryanston Square, W.i. Clubs —
Carlton, Turf.

Rev. Lord James Theobald Bagot John Butler, M.A.
Camb. , Rector of Ulcombe 1858-1923, b. 1852; m. 1885,
.•\nnabella Brydon, only d. of the late Rev. Cosmo Reid
Gordon, D. U. , Rector of Chetwynd ; and has issue — (1)
James Walter Theobald Gordon Butler, Esq., b. 1886;
(2) James Hubert Theobald Charles Butler, Esq., M.B.E.,
Lieut. K.R.R.C, b. 1899; Violet Mary Emily Maud
[m. 1912, Maj. Ronald Victor Okes Hart-Synnot, D.S.O. ,
O.B.E., of Ballymoyer, co. Armagh]; Sybil Frances
Christina Lilah [m. 1913, Arthur Henry Francis Edwardes,
son of Lt.-Col. the Hon. Cuthbert Ellison Edwardes];
and Victoria Blanche Constance Theodora [w. 1920,
Charles Belleville West]. Res. — The Birks, 2 Branksome
Wood Road, Bournemouth. ,

Sons of Lord James Wandesford Butler, J. P.,
D.L. , b. 1815; d. 1893; m. 1856, Lady Rache
Evelvn Russell, d. of John, 6th Duke of Bedford
K.G. :—
James Francis Butler, Esq., b. 1857. Res. — 33 Moyne
Road, Rathmines, Dublin.
Julian George Butler, Gentleman, b. 1864. Res. —

Descendants of the ist Viscount Mountgarret (2nd
son of 8th Earl of Ormonde), bearing the arms of
Butler (i.e. FitzWalter) as above, with a ciescent for
difference. Crest as above. Motto — " Depressus
extoUor." Son of Rt. Hon. Henry Edmund Butler,
14th Viscount Mountgarret and Baron of Kells, D.L.
COS. York and Kilkenny (High Sheriff Yorks. 1895)
[Arms (R.L. 1891) : Quarterly, i and 4, per fesse sable
and azure, a quadrangular castle with four towers
between three martlets all argent (Rawson) ; 2 and 3,

or, a chief indented azure, a crescent for difference
(Butler). Crests — I. an e.igle's head per fesse sable
and azure, gutt^e-d'or, holding in tlie beak two annulets
interlaced palewise or (Rawson); 2. Butler, as above.
b. 1844; d., 1912; m. ist, 1868, Mary Eleanor {d.
1900), ygst. d. of St. John C. Charlton of Apley Castle,
Salop; 2nd, 1902, Robinia Marion, d. of Col. Edward
Manning Hanning-Lee of Bighton Manor, Alreiford,
Hants. : —
The Rt. Hon. Piers Henry Augustine Butler. i6th

Viscount Mountgarret and Baron of Kells (Irel., 23 Oct.

1550), and Baron Mountgarret of Nidd (U.K., 20 June

1911) [Supporters — .As Marquess of Ormonde], b. 1903 ;

s. his half-brother, 1918. ^^a^j^Ballyconra, co. Kilkenny ;

Nidd Hall. nr. Ripley, Yorks.




Son of Capt. Henry Butler, sgth Regt. , i. 1805 ; d.

1881; m. 1846, Clara, eld. d. of John Taylor of The

Newarke : —

Walter Theobald Butler, Esq. , late Major 5th Batt. Roy.

Irish Regt.,^. 11 Feb. 1853. J?es. — Kilmurry, Ihomastown,

CO. Kilkenny.

Son of Theobald Butler, Gentleman, i. 1853 ; d. 1917 ;

m. 1882, lane, eld. d. of William Edward Stuart : —

Theobald Stuart Butler, Esq., Maj. late R.E., fi. 1884;

tn. 1919, Edith Sarah d. of Joseph Chilton, of Southgate.

Postal address — c/o London & S. American Bank, Calle

Reconqaista, Buenos Aires.

Descendants of Edmond Butler, ist Earl of Carrick

(cr. 1315), bearing Arms — Quarterly, i and 4, Butler

(i.e. Walter) as above, a crescent for difference ;

2. gules, three cinqueloils argent, on a chief or, a heart

of the first (Hamilton) ; 3. gules, three cushions argent,

tasselled or (Redman). Crest as above. Motto—

" Suyez ferme." Son of Rt. Hon. Charles Henry

Somerset Butler, 6th Earl of Carrick, b. 1851 ; d. 1909 ;

m. ist, 1873, Kathleen Emily Hamilton [d. 1888), d.

of Lt.-Col. A. E. Ross, 5th Fus. : —

Rt. Hon. Charles Ernest Alfred French Somerset Butler,

7th Earl of Carrick (10 June 1748), 13th Viscount Ikerrin

(12 May 1629), and Baron Butler of Mount Juliet, co.

Kilkenny (U.K., 8 July 1912), J. P., D. L. co. Kilkenny,

Lieut. -Col. late R.A.S.C. , formerly Lieut. K.O. Yorks.

Lt. Inf. [Supporters — As Marquess of Ormonde and

Viscount Mountgarret, but each charged with a crescent

for difference] b. 1873; m. 1898, Ellen Rosamond Mary,

d. of Lt.-Col. Henry Gore Lindsay of Glasnevin ;

has issue — (i) Theobald Walter Somerset Henry

Butler, commonly called Viscount Ikerrin, b. 1903; (2)

Hon. Horace Somerset Edmond Butler, a twin with

his brother ; (3) Hon. Guy Somerset Lionel Butler,

b. 1905 ; (4) Hon. Godfrey Claud Somerset Pierce Butler,

b. 1907; (5) Hon. Pierce Alan Somerset David Butler, b.

1909; Lady Rosamond Kathleen Margaret \tn. ist, 1919,

Lionel Gallwey Robertson (from whom she obtained a

divorce, 1925); 2nd, 1925, Bryan Nortliam Gibbs] ; and

Lady Irene jane Beatrice \jn. 1923, John Sills Charlton].

Seat — Mount Juliet, Thomastown, Kilkenny. Clubs —

Kildare Street (Dublin), R.A.C.

Sons of Rev. Pierce Armar Butler, b. 1863 ; d. 1924 ;

m. 1885, Emily, d. of W. I. Rtiswuren: —

Rev. Pierce Rollo Butler, Port Chaplain Southampton,

Hon. Chaplain R.A.F. , formerly Rector of Melcombe

Bingham, Dorset, b. 1885; m. 1911, Ethel Florence, d. of

Thomas Legge Symes. Res. — The Poplars, Bassett, Hants.

Hubert Blennerhasset Butler, Gentleman, i5. 1887. Res. —

55 Eagle Street, Southampton.

Descendants of Sir Thomas le Botiller [d. 1329), yr. br.

of ist Earl of Carrick, bearing Arms — Quarterly, i and

4, or, a chief indented azure, three escallops in bend

counterchanged (Butler or Walter); 2. argent, a fesse

'sable (Petit) ; 3. gules, three covered cups or (Butler).

Crest as above. Motto — "Timor Domini fons

vitas." Sons of Rt. Hon. Robert St. John Fitz-

Walter Butler, i6th Baron Dunboyne, a Rep. Peer

for Ireland, Senior Master of the Court of Judicature

and King's Remembrancer (ret. 1905), D.L. Middx.,

J. p. and D.L. co. Clare, ^. 1844; d. 1913; m. 1869,

Caroline Maude Blanche, d. of Capt. George

Probyn :• —

The Rt. Hon. FitzWalter George Probyn Butler, 17th

Baron Dunboyne (11 June 1541), Capt. R.N. (ret.), served

in Witu Exped. (medal and clasp), and Great War,

[Supporters — Dexter, a lion guardant argent ; sinister, a

horse sable, mane, tail, and hoofs or], b. 1874 ; 7)1. 1915,

Dora Isolde Butler, d. of Francis FitzPatrick Tower,

O.B.E., Comdr. R.N.V.R., and has issue:— Hon. Patrick

Theobald Tower, b. 1917 ; Hon. Doreen Synolda Tower ;

Hon. Maureen Maude Tower ; Hon. Isoldi Sheila Tower.

Seat — Knoppogue Castle, Quin, co. Clare. Club —


Hon. Lesley James Probyn Butler, C.M.G. , D.S.O. ,
late Col. 2nd Batt. Irish Guards, Hon. Brig.-Gen.
1922, served in S. African War (medal and four clasps).
and Great War, b. 1876 ; m. 1907, Mary Christal, d. of
Sir John Heathcoat Amory, Bart. ; and has issue — -James
Dighton Butler, Esq., b. 1911 ; Anne Christal; and
Bridget Mary. Res. — Loxbeare House, Tiverton,

Hon. Robert Thomas Rowley Probyn Butler, D.S.O. ,
MC, Capt. Tank Corps, served Great War (desp. 3 times),
b. 1882 ; tn. 191^, Grace Theodosia Farquhar, d. of Col.

George Kinloch, J. P., of Brittas, Clonaslee, Queen's Co.
Res. — Nanoose, Wool, Dorset.

Hon. Theobald Patrick Probyn Butler, D.S.O., Maj.
R.H.A., b. 1884, served Great War (desp. twice), Sudan
Medal, 2 clasps, Order of the Nile 3rd Class. Club —
Junior United Service.

Son of James Henry Arcedeckne-Butler, Esq. : —
Capt. James FitzWalter Arcedeckne-Butler (y. v.). Res. —
Descendants of Theobald Butler of Priestown, and
Maria, d. of Sir Nathaniel Whitwell, bearing : Quar-
terly, I. Butler [i.e. FitzWalter), or, a chief indented
azure, three escallops in bend counterchanged ; 2. Petit,
as above ; 3. Butler, as above ; 4. gules, a fesse com-
pony or and azure, cottised of the second (Whitwell).
Son of James Butler, Gentleman, of Brownstown Park,
CO. Meath, b. 1823; d. 1899; m. 1864, Mary Elizabeth,
d. of Tottenham Alley of Hill of Ward, Athboy, co.
Meath : —
James Tottenham Butler, Esq., J. P. cos. S. Meath and
Donegal, late Major sth Batt. Leinster Regt. [Motto —
" Timor Domini Ions vitse." Livery — Blue], b. 1868; m.
1906, Geraldine Blanch Maude, younger d. of late Henry
Osborne of Dardstown Castle, co. Meath. Seats ^Vx'\t.s-
town, CO. Meath ; Altameenagh, co. Donegal. Club —
Sackville Street (Dublin).

Only son of Richard John Butler, Gentleman, b. 1840 ;

d. 1908; m. 1870, Georgina Eleanor [d. 1888), d. of

Charles Rothwell of Kells : —

Richard John Butler, Gentleman, b. 1879 ; m. 1909,

Grace, d. of George Ernest Engelhart. Post, add.—

Staffordstown, co. Meath.

Son of John Butler of Maiden Hall, b. ; d. 1890;

m. 1853, Mary, d. of Robert Barton of GreenhiU, co.

Kilkenny : —

George Butler, Esq., J. P. co. Kilkenny (High Sheriff

1901); b. 1859; m. 1898, Harriet Neville, d. of Marshall

Neville Clarke of Graiguenor Park, co. Tipperary ; and has

issue— Hubert Marshall Butler, Gentleman,-^. 1900; Cicely

Marion; and Yoanna Vernon. ^^a^- Maiden Hall,

Bennett's Bridge, co. Kilkenny.

Sons of James Edward Butler. Esq., J. P. co. Kerry

(High Sheriff 1892); b. 1856; d. 1905; ni. 1897, Mary

Goyne, eld. d. of William Goyne Stevens : —

James Whitwell Butler, Gentleman, b. 1897; m. 1927,

Hilda Winifred, d. of Charles Nason Haines, of 2 Appian

Way, Leeson Park, Dublin. y?«rj-.— Waterville House,

Waterville, co. Kerry.

John Hubert Butler, Gentleman, b. 1900.
Edward Vincent Butler, Gentleman, b. 1902.

Son of James Butler, Esq., of Waterville, J. P., b.

1820 ; d. 1887 ; m. 1847, Anne Margaret, d. of Roger

Green Davis of Killeagh : —

Theobald Butler, Gentleman, i^. 1857; m. 1880, Elizabeth,

d. of Richard Bayley of Green Park, Kilmallock ; and has

surv. issue— Theobald FitzWalter Butler, Gentleman, b.

1894 ; Elizabeth Susan Aileen ; Arabella Agnes Muriel ;

Gwenda Mary ; and Synolda. Res. —

BUTLER of Garryhundon (Fun. Entry, 1636, U.O.). Or,
a chief indented azure, within a bordure indented ermine, a
crescent gules for difference. Mantling azure and or.
Crest— Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of five ostrich
feathers, therefrom a falcon rising argent. MottO—
" Comme je trouve."

Sons of Sir 'Thomas Pierce Butler, loth Bart., J. P.

and Vice-Lieut, co. Carlow, late Lieut. 56th and 24th

Regts. ,/^. 1836; d. 1909; ni. 1864, Hester Elizabeth,

(</.'i904),eld. d. of Sir Alan E. Bellingham. 3rd Bart. :—

Sir Richard Pierce Butler, nth Bart. (16 Aug. 1628),

O.B.E., J. P. and D.L. (High Sheriff 1905) co. Carlow,

Hon. Lieut. -Col. late Remount Service, Capt. and Hon.

Major late Sth Batt. King's Royal Rifle Corps, served in

South African War (medal and five clasps), and Great

War (despatches twice), b. 1872; vi. 1906, Alice Dudley,

only d. of Very Rev. Hon. J. Leigh, Dean of Hereford ;

and has issue — Thomas Pierce Butler, Esq., b. 1910 ;

Joan; and Doreen Frances. 5(ra/-f— Ballintemple, TuUow,

and Garryhundon, co. Carlow. Town r(?j.— Brent House,

63 Pont Street, S.W. C/z/*— WeUington.

Thomas Edmond Butler, Esq., b. 1876. Res.—

Son of Richard Pierce Butler, Esq. , Sheriff at Portage
La Prairie, late Lieut. 78th Highlanders, b. 1839; d.
1912; m. 1864, Florence Isabel (d. 1924), d. of late
Hans Henry Hamilton, Esq., (^.Q. : —
Hans Pierce Butler, Gentleman, b. 1880; m. 1908, Agnes
Lenore, d. of Percy Moulson of Solsgirth, Manitoba; and


15 ut


ion of Hermitage,
Walter Selby Butier,
Royal Rifle Corps, b.

has issue— Richard Pierce Butler, Gentleman, 3. loii ; John
Edward Pierce Butler, Gentleman, b. 1916 ; Arthur Cycii
Butler, Gentleman, b. 1919 ; William Hans Butler, Gentle-
man, b. 1922 ; Agnes Gertrude ; and Eva Constance. Hes.
— St. James, Solsgirth, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Yr. son of Sir Richard Pierce Butler, 9th Bart., b.
1813 ; d. 1862 ; m. 1835, Matilda, d. of Tnomas Cook-
Durham : —

Esq., Lt.-Col. late 8th Batt. King's
1845; '"• 1885, Alice Lucy, d. of
Edmjnd Fowler" of Abberley, Edgbasion, co. Warwick;
and has issue— Edmund Pierce Butler, Esq. , Capt. Glos.
Hussars, B.A. (Camb.), b. 1886; and Vivien Tilla [m.
1913, Kenneth Cookson, and has issue]. Jies. — Kennard,
Slough, Bucks.

Sons of Frederick Francis Baron Butler, Gentleman, b.
1861 ; (/. 1926; m. Bertha Florence, d. of late P. J.
Dunne (^f Rockhamplon, Queensland: —
Frederick Paget Butler-FitzgerakI, Gentleman (q.v.).
Reginald Percy Fitzgerald Butler, Gentleman, b. 1896.
Son of Henry William Paget Butler, Esq., J. P. cos.
Clare, Wicklow, and Kildare, late Capt. 7th Fus.,
B.A. (Trin. Coll., Dub.), b. 1831 ; d. 1913; m. 1855,
Geraldine Sydney (d. 1896), only d. of Lord William
Fitzgerald : —
Thomas Percy Butler, Gentleman, b. 1862; tn. 1905,
Henriette Gwendoline, d. of Col. John H. G. Holroyd-
Smyth, C.M.G.; and has issue— Tyssen Desmond Butler,
Gentleman, b. 1906.

Sons of James Butler, Gentleman, of Ballybar, b. 1826 ;

d. 1907; m. i860, Henrietta Clara, d. of late Charles

George Butler, R.N. :—

James Walter Butler, Gentleman, b. 1864; tn. 1905,

Margaret, d. of late Charles Messenger Major of Cromwell

House, Croydon. Res.—g Tivoli Terrace, Kingstown.

Harry Claude Butler, Gentleman, Lieut. Imp. Yeo.
("Irish Horse"), served in S. African War (medal and
clasp), b. 1875; m. 1921, Alice, d. of Michael Darcy, of
Kingstown. Res.—g Tivoli Terrace, Kingstown.

Sons of John Bavford Butler Butler, Esq., Capt. R.N.,

b. 1832; d. 1888; ??i. 1867, Hon. Sybil Devereux, d.

of 15th Viscount Hereford : —

Francis Algernon Butler, Gentleman, late Lieut, sth Batt.

Middle-ex Regt., b. 1878; m. 1909, Dorothy Jean, eld. d.

of the late Douglas James Chester of Bedford ; and has issue

—Brian George Butl^-r, Gentleman, b. 1910. Res. — \yy

Dene, Aspley Heath, Beds.

Humphrey Charles Butler, Gentleman, b. 1880; m. 1903,
Emily Laura, d. of late Alexander J. Baxter. Res.—

Sons of William Charles Butler, Esq., T. P. Cumberland,
Registrar Probate Div. High Court of Justice, late
Capt. 3rd Border Regt., b 1844; d. 1914 ; m. 1877,
Emily ((/. 1922), d. of H, S. Chadwick :—
Henry Beauchamp Butler, Gentleman, Solicitor, b. 1878.
C/r/3— Bath.

Charles Walter Butler, Esq., O.B.E., Maj. and Bt. Lt.-
Col. Indian Armv, late Lieut. Sufiolk Regt., served in S.
African War, b. 1880; tn. 1905, Vivien Eleanor, d. of Rev.
Thomas James Boweii ; and has issue— Richard Shirky
Butler, Gentleman. 2nd Lieut. Gloucester Regt., b. 1907.

William Bayford Butler, M.C., Capt. Border Regt., b.
1888 ; tn. 1918, Beatriee Mary, d. of Col. John A. Jackson,
of Stella Park, Calderbridge, Cumberland. Res. —
Wetheral, Cumberland.

BUTLER (U.O.). Quarterly, i and 4, gules, a chevron
wavy between three mullets of six points radiant or, pierced
azure (Danvers) ; 2 and 3, argent, three c vered cups in
bend , between two bendlets engrailed sable ( Butler). Mant-
ling gules and or. Crests— i. a wyvern, wings elevated
and tail nowed or, the dexter paw supporting a shield
argent, thereon a bend gules, charged with three martlets
gold (Danvers); 2. on a wreath of the colours, a demi-
cockatrice couped vert, wings elevated argent, combed,
beaked, wattled, and ducally gorged or (Butler). Motto—
" Liberty tout entiere. "

Sons of John Vansittart Danvers Butler, 6th Earl of
Lanesborcugh, b. 1839 ; d. 1905; tn. 1864. Anne Eliza-
beth, only child of Rev. John Dixon Clark of Belff rd
Hall :—
Rt. Hon. Charles John Brinsley Butler, M.V.O. , 7th
Earl of (20 July 1756) and 8th Viscount Lanesborcugh
and 9th Baron of Newtcwn Butler (21 Oct. 1715).
Lt.-Col. late London Regt. (T.A.), and formerly Lt.-
Col. 3rd. Batt., Major Coldstream Guards [Supporters
—Dexter, a cockatrice vert, wings elevated argent.

combed, beaked, wattled, and ducally gorged or ; sinister,
a wyvern vert, collared and chained or], b. 1865 ; tn.
ist, 1891, Dorothea Gwladys (d. 1920), d. of Maj. -Gen
Sir Henry Tombs, K.C.B., V.C. ; 2nd, 1922, Dorothy
Kate, d. of James D. Brand, and formerly wife of Capt.
Guy Watkins, and has had issue — John Brinsley Danvers
Butler, Esq. , commonly called Lord Newtown Butler, b.
1893 ; d. 1912 ; Lady Eileen Gwladys [m. 1912, 5th Duke
of Sutherland] ; and Lady Moyra Elizabeth. Seats — Swith-
land Hall, Loughborough, Leicestershire; Lanesborcugh
Lodge, Belturbet, co. Cavan. Town res. — 60 Upper
Berkeley St., W.i. Clubs — Carlton, Guards', Wellington,

Hon. Henry Cavendish Butler, b. 1868; tn. ist, 1894,
Isabel (d. 1905), d. of Ralph Allen Daniell ; 2nd, 1917,
Grace Lilian, d. of the late Sir Anthony Abdy, 3rd Bart.,
and has issue —Denis Anthony Brian Butler, Esq., b. 1918 ;

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