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Gordon Byron, Esq., b. 1899 \_m. 1926, Margaret Mary,
d. of Francis Gerald Stewart, of Oakwood House, Otter-
bourne, Hants.] ; and Shiela Margaret \m. 1924, James Roy
Notten Garton, Lieut. K. R.R.C.]. A'«.— Brendon, Win-

Sons of Henry James Byron, Dramatist, b. 1835;
d. 1884 ; m. 1st, Martha, d. of John Foulkes of Ash-
John Byron, Gentleman, b. 1859. Res.—
George Frederick Byron, Gentleman, b. 1862 ; m. 1892,,




Mary Clarissa, d. of Rev. John Maurice Gillington ; and
has surv. issue— Charles Byron, Gentleman, b. 1897.

Yr. son of Henry Byron, Consul at Hayti, b. 1804 ;
d. 1884 ; m. 2nd, 1859, Josephine, d. of Bcithomieux
and widow of Gen. du Frene : —
Manneville Henry Byron, Gentleman, b. 1867. Res. —
S(-ns of George Rochfort Byron, Gentleman, late Lieut.
63rd Regt., b. 1832; (/. 1911; m. i866, Rose, d. of
Frederick Templeton : —
Frederick Rochfort Byron, Gentleman, b. 1867; vi. 1910,
Maude Rose, only d. of Lt.-Col. A. Cockburn M'Barnet,
D.L. , late 79th Cameron Highlanders.

Richard Rochfort Byron, Gentleman, 1^. 1876.

BYWATER (H. Coll.). Gyronny of eight ermine and
sable, a lion rampant or, between four fountains. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, an owl argent, resting the
dexter claw on a fountain. Motto — " En suivant
la verite,"

Son of Bywater, Gentleman, of ,

b. ; m. : —

Ingram Bjrwater, Esq., M.A. Oxford, Hon. Fellow
Exeter College, Hon. D.L. Dublin, Durham, and Cam-
bridge, formerly Regius Professor of Greek, Oxford,
b. . Res.— Onslow Square, Kensington, W.

BYWORTH (H. Coll.). Per fesse argent and or, an
eagle displayed sable, each wing charged with a crescent
of the first, on a chief arched azure, between two towers of
the second a pale chequy of the first and azure. Mantling'
sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in
front of a demi-eagle displayed sable, on each wing a bend
nebuly or, charged with a pellet, holding in the beak a
bezant, thereon three pellets one and two, a crescent also
or. Motto — (under arms), " Bi weorth and weorc" ; (over

Son of Thomas John Cox Byworth, b. 1819; d. 1900;
m. 1845, Susan, d. of Henry Vincent Rowse : —

Charles Joseph Byworth, Esq., J. P. for Cape Town, 6.
9 March 1855; m. 15 Dec. 1875, Alice Hannah, d. and

crest), " Dominus illuminatio mea." Standard — Striped

fessewise azure, argent and azure. Badge — A tower

within the horns of a crescent or. Livery — Blue, white

coh. of James Forster Shedlock ; and has issue — Erskine
Oswyn Rowse Byworth, Gentleman, b. 2 Sept. 1890;
Eileen Nora Marie ; and Elsie Georgina Forster. Res. —
C/«*— Whitehall.




CABORNE (H. Coll., 1920). Sable, a chevron argent,
between three lozenges of the last, each charged with a
martlet of the first. Mantling sable and argent. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, issuant out of a naval crown
or, a lozenge charged with a martlet as in the arms.
Motto — " Robur atque fides." Livery — Black, with
black and white striped facings, and gilt buttons.

Eldest son of Capt. Warren Frederick Cabome,
C.B., R.D., R.N.R., b. 1849 ; d. 1924 ; m. 1897,
Mary Lillian, d. of Sir William Boord, Bt. : —

Warren Roger Caborne, Gentleman, Lieut. 2nd King's
Shropshire L.I., formerly Lieut. 3rd Bait. Essex Regt.
(S.R.), served in France and Belgium, European War,
1914-19, b. 1899. Seat — Loppington Hall, nr. Wem,


CADDY (H. Coll.). Sable, three piles engrailed argent,
on a chief of the second three roses gules, barbed and
seeded proper. Mantling sable and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, issuant from clouds proper, a
demi-cockatrice sable, combed, wattled, and winged

Sons of John Turner Caddy, Esq., Deputy Insp.-
Gen. of Hospitals and Fleets, R.N., M.D., b.
d. ; tn. , Florence {Res. — Albemarle Villa,
Stoke, nr. Devonport), d. of ; —
? Sons.

CADELL of Grange and Banton (Matric. L.O. 9 June
1906). Or, a stag's head couped in chief gules, and in base
three oval buckles, two and one, tongues fessewise azure,



Banton and Avoncrook, co. Stirling, and of Grange,
CO. Linlithgow, d. 1812 ; d. 18 .8; m. 2nd, 1859, Jessie
Gray, d. of Rev. John Macfarlane, D.D., of Dal-
keith :—
Henry Moubray Cadell, Esq., V.D., J.P., D.L., Coram,
of Supply, Commibsioner of Income Tax and Convenor of
CO. of West Lothian, Chairman Stirling District Board of
Control, late Lt.-Col. and Hon. Col. comdg. Forth Div.
R.E. (Vol.) Submarine Miners, B.Sc. and F.R.S. (Edin.),
d. i860; m. 1889, Elinor, eld. d. of late David Simson,
B.C.S. , of Bonally, Midlothian; and has issue — Henry
Moubray Cadell, Esq., Capt. R. E., i. 1892; Isobel ; Janet
Gray ; Elinor Mackay ; Alison Mary ; Elspeth Katherine ;
Dorothea Christian ; and Elizabeth Anne Simson. Seat —
Grange, Linlithgow. C/z^^^Caledonian United Service

CADELL of Ratho, Midlothian (Matric. L.O., 29 Oct.
1907). Argent, a stag's head couped in chief gules ; in base,
three oval buckles, two and one, tongues fessewise azure,
within a bordure of the second.

within a bordure of the second. Mantling gules, doubled
or. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a stag's head proper.
Motto — " Vigilantia non cadet."

Eld. surv. son of Henry Cadell, Esq., J. P., D.L. , of

Surv. daus. and coheirs of Robert Cadell of Ratho,
fi. 1788 ; d. 1849 ; m. ist, 1817, Anne Fletcher, d. of
George Mylne, C.A. , a yr. son of Thomas Mylne of
Mylnefield: —
Frances, m. 1853, Rev. Robert Home Stevenson (d.
1886); and has issue. A'«. —

Elizabeth, m. 1858, Major William Bentinck Swinton
(d. 1876) ; and has issue. Res.—

Roberta, m. 1855, George Cadell Bruce, C.E. ; and has
issue. /P^f. —

Georgina, ///. 1864, James Donaldson Gillespie, M.D. ;
and has issue. Res. —

CADMAN (H. Coll.). Per fesse or and gules, a pale
counterchanged, three columbines, two and one vert.
Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, in front of a rock, a stork's head, both proper,
ducally crowned or. Motto — " Deus et patria."

Son of Rev. William Snape Cadnian, Vicar of Boxley,




Kent, 6. 1853 ; d. 1907 ; m. 1885, Constance Maria,
yr. d. of the late Christopher Procter of 5 Cambridge
Terrace, Regent's Park, and of Lincoln's Inn Fields : —

Rev. Cuthbert William Montagu Cadman, M.A.,
Missioner, Pembroke Coll., Cambridge Mission, 6. 1889.
J^es. — 80 Barlow Strest, S.E.17.

CADOGAN (U.O., 1660). Quarterly, i and 4, gules, a
lion rampant reguar iant or ; 2 and 3, argent, three boars'
heads sable. Mantling gales and or. Crest— Out of a
ducal coronet or, a dragon's head vert. Motto— "Qui
invidet minor est."

Sons of Rt. Hon. Sir George Henry Cadogan, 5fh Earl
Cadogan, 6. 1840 ; d. 1915 ; m. ist, 1865, Lady Beatrix
Jane {li. 1907), V.A., d. of and Earl of Craven; and,
1911 (iiis cousin), Countess Adele Palagi, d. of Count
Nen Palagi : —
Rt. Hon. Gerald Oakley Cadogan, C.B.E., 6th Earl
Cadogan and Viscount Chelsea (G.B., 37 Oct. 1800), Baron
Cadogan (G.B. , 8 May 1718) and Baron Oakley (U.K.,
10 Sept. 1831) [Supporters — Dexter, a lion regardant or,
gorged with a collar gemel, fi iry counterflory gules; and
sinister, an eagle, wings elevated sable, beaked, membered,
and navally crowned or, gorged with a riband argent,
fimbriated gules, pendent therefrom a representation of the
cross of the Imperial Austrian Order of Maria Theresa, which
His Majesty the Emperor of Austria was pleased to confer
upon George, Lord Oakley, afterwards 3rd Earl of Cadogan,
in the year 18 14. fir his distinguished services in co-oper-
ation with the Imperial troops on the coast of the Adriatic],
D.L. Suffolk, Hon. Lt.-Col. late Suffolk Vol. Regt., late
Lieut, ist L. Gds. , and late Capt. 3rd Batt. Suffolk Regt. ,
A. D.C. to the Earl of Dudley while Lord-Lieut, of Ireland,
forme-ly ist Life Guards, d. 1869; m. 1911, Lilian Elianor,
only d. of George Stewart Coxon, of Cheltenham ; and has
issue — William Ge aid Charles Cadogan, commonlv called
Viscount Chelsea, ^. 1914 ; Lady Beatrix Lilian Eleanor ;
and Lady Alexander Mary. Seai — Culford Hall, Bury St.
Edmunds. Town res. — 33 Grosvenor Street, W. i.

Hon. Edward Cecil George Cadogan, C.B., B..A. (Oxon.),
Bar.-at-Law, M.P. Reading 1922-23, and for Finchley
Div. Middx., since 1924; Sec. to Speaker of House of
Commons 1911-21, b. 1880. Res.—ii Ilchester Place,
Holland Park, W.i4.

Hon. Alexander George Montagu Cadogan, C.M.G. , First
Sec. Foreign Office, b. 1884; m. igra, Lady Theodosia
Louisa Augusta Acheson, d. of the 4th Earl of Gosford ; and
has issue — .■\mbrose Alec Patrick George Cadogan, Esq.,
b. 1914 ; Patricia; Cvnthia; and Jillian Moyra. Res. —
High Trees, Chalfont'St. Peter, Bucks.

Sons of Capt. the Hon. Charles George Henry Cadogan
(yst. son of 4th Earl Cadogan), b. 1850; d. 1901 ; m.
1874, Henriette Wilhelmina (d. 1913), d. of Henry
Montgomery of Gothenburg : —

John Cecil Cadogan, Gentleman, late Lieut. Scots Gds.,
b. 1883; m. 1911, Ella, d. of Gustav Krafft of Gothenburg
and Sais, Sweden ; and has issue — Erik Cadogan, Gentle-
man, *. 1913 ; Peter Cadogan, Gentleman, i. 1918. Res. —
34 Eton Avenue, Hampstead, N.W. C/k<5j— White's,

Francis Charles Cadogan, Esq., Lieut. -Comdr. R.N.
(ret.), F.Z.S. .F.R.G.S. (Motto— " Qui videt superior est."
Z.z'i/cr^' Chocolate, with pale blue facings), b. 1885; m.
1913, Ruth Evelyn, d. of Sir Edward Stafford Howard,
K.C.B. , and widow of Gardner Bazley, of Hathercp
Castle, Glos. , and has issue — Christopher Michael Cadogan,
Gentleman, b. 1917 ; and Henriette Alice. Res. — Hatherop
Castle, Fairford, Glos. Club — Travellers'.

Son of Gen. Sir George Cadogan, K.C.B., b. 1814 ;
d. 1880; by and wife, m. 1857, Emily, d. of Gen. Sir
F. Askworth, K.C.B. :—

Horace James Henry Cadogan, Esq., b. i86a. Res. —

J. P., D.L. Sussex, Col. (ret.) late Royal Sussex Regt.
and Royal Eastern Reserve Regt., and 5th (Cinque
Ports) Batt. Royal Sussex Regt., served in the Egyptian
War, i88a, and Tirah Campaign. Born 1851, being the
eldest son of the late Lt.-Col. Haydon Lloyd Cafe of
Westgate-on-Sea, by his wife Harriet Emily, dau. of John
William Wilkinson of Chichester. Armorial bearings —
Quarterly, gules and azure, a cross argent, between, in the
first and fourth cantons, a sword, and in the second and
third a Saracen's head of the last. Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front of a
sword proper, pommel and hilt or, on an escutcheon azure,
a Saracen's head argent. Motto — " Coup sur coup."
Married, Sept. 28, 1875, Fanny {d. 1898), dau. of Richard
Rugg of Brighton, Sussex ; and has had Issue — William
Richard Haydon Cafe, d. in infancy, 1880 ; Violet Isabel
Harriett ; and Mary Cecilia. Residence — 3 St. John's
Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea.

JOHN NUGENT CAHILL, Esquire, of Ballyconra
House, CO. Kilkenny, J. P. for co. Kilkenny, and Col,
(retired) late 5th Batt. R. Irish Regt. Botn 1850, being
the fourth but eldest surviving son of Michael Richard
Netterville-Cahill, Esq., J. P., of Ballyconra (who d. 1877),
by his first wife Margaret, dau. and coh. of Francis Magan,
Esq., D. L. , of Emoe, Queen's Co. Armorial bearings —
Azure, on waves of the sea, in base a whale naiant proper,
in chief a trefoil slipped or. Mantling azure and or. Crest
— On a wreath of the colours, an anchor erect, entwined
with a cable proper, out of the dexter fluke an oak branch
also proper. Motto— "In Domino confido." Married,
1887, Emily, dau. of H. Hodgens, Esq., and has a son,
b. 1892. Seat — Ballyconra House, Ballyragget.

CAILLARD (H. Coll.). Argent, on a chevron azure, be-
tween three quails proper, as many fleurs-de-lys or. Mant-
ling azure and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a quail as in the arms, to the dexter thereof a fleur-de-lys or.
Motto — ' ' Aide toi Dieu t'aidera." Livery — Green coat and
waistcoat, gilt buttons.

Sons of his Honour Judge Camille Felix Desir^ Caillartl ,
D.L.J.P., of Wingfield House, Wilts.. 3.1822 ; d. 1898 ;
m. 1851, Emma Louisa, d. of Vincent J. Reynolds: —

Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard, Knt. Bach. (1896),
has Grand Cordon Medjidie, and of Osmanieh and of Ordre
de M^rite Civile, late Pres. of Council of Administration
of Ottoman Public Debt, now Director Vickers Ltd., I. P.
D.L. Wilts., b. 1856; m. ist, 1881, Eliza Frances, O.B.E.
(d. 1926), d. of Capt. John Hanham and sister of Sir John
Hanham, Bart. ; and, 1927, Mrs. Zoe Maund, widow of
John Oakley Maund ; and has issue — Bernard Langton
Penalver Caillard, Esq., b . 1882 [m. 1913, Hilda Blagrove,
d. of the late Col. Blagrove Paton, and has issue — Phyllis
Margaret] ; and Emma Esmah Magdalen [w. 1919. Harold
Warnes Fry]. Seat — Wingfield House, nr. Trowbridge,
Wilts. Town res.— The Belfrey, West Halkin Street,
S.W.I. C:/w*r— Marlborough, R.A.C.

George Stratton Esmond Caillard, Gentleman, b. 1861 ;
m. 1889, Rhoda Sophia, d. of the late Capt. Stone of
Glabaden, Wales. Res. —

Maj. William Mau'-ice du Quesne Caillard, Chief Con-
stable of G.N.R. 1908-16, late 7th Dragoon Gds., b. 1874 ;
m. ist, 1904, Lady Gertrude Alice Temple Gore-Langton
(d. 1919), d. of 4th Earl Temple of Stowe ; and, 1920,
Gertrude Frances, d. of the late M. A. M'Call. Clubs —
Cavalry, Boodle's.





CAIN (U.O.). Argent, three salmon hauriant gules,
in chief an oak-tree eradicated proper. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, on
a mount vert, a cat salient guardant or, holding between


the paws a dexter hand couped gules, and charged on
the shoulder with a narcissus vert. Motto — " Felis
demulcta mitis."

Sons of William Cain, Esq., J. P., of Ballasalla, Isle
of Man, and Melbourne, Australia, b. 1831 ; d. 1914 ;
tn. 1877, Sarah Jane, d. of Arthur Thomas Cobbold,
late of Brightlingsea Park, Essex, and widow of
William Hill Dickson : —
Robert Cobbold Cain, Gentleman, Barrister-at-Law,
ate Lieut. Grenadier Guards (S.R.), B.A. (Oxford),
LL.B. (Melbourne), b. 1879. Res. — Ballasalla Place,
Ballasalla, Isle of Man. Clubs — Guards*, White's, Marl-
borough, Junior Carlton, Royal Automobile, Melbourne

William Nicholas Cain, Gentleman, b. 1882 ; m. 1921,
his cousin, Dorothy Sara, d. of Frederick George
Cobbold ; and has issue — William Quentin Cobbold Cain,
Gentleman, b. 1928 ; Diana Jane Cobbold ; and Roberta
Mary Cobbold. Address — Australian Club, Melbourne,

Walter Cobbold Curphey Cain, Gentleman, late Lieut.
R.F.A. (S.R.), b. 1884. CZm6s— Junior Carlton. Mel-
bourne (Australia).

CAIN of Wargrave Manor (H. Coll.). Azure, on a fesse
or, between three sails argent, each attached to a spar of
the second, a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper,
between two wheels also gules. Mantling azure and
or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a demi-talbot
argent, holding in the forepaws a wheel, as in the arms.
Motto—" FideUs."

^n of Sir WiUiam Ernest Cain, ist Bart., b. 1864 ;
a. 1924 ; m. 1886, Florence, d. of Joseph Oakes
Roberts, of Manchester: —

Sir Ernest Cain, 2nd Bart. (29 Jan. 1920), Barrister-
at-Law, Gray's Inn, b. 1891 ; m. 1923, Enid Bertha
Willoughby, d. of George Glasgow, of 34 Prince's Park
Mansions, Liverpool, and has issue — 2 daus. Seat —
Wargrave Manor, Berks. Res. — Ellerslie, 16 Aigburth
Drive, Liverpool.

WILLIAM JOSEPH CAIN, Gentleman. Armorial
bearings Per chevron azure and ermine, a phoenix argent,
issuant from flames proper, between two mullets of six
points of the third, pierced of the field, and a like mullet in
base of the first, pierced of the third. Mantling azure and

aigent. Crest- On a wreath of the colours, in front of a
demi-heraldic antelope gules, armed and gorged with a
collar gemel or, sem6e of plates, supporting between its
legs a mullet of six points, pierced argent, a rock proper.
Motto — " Esto quod videris." /Residence —


CAIRNES (U.O.). Quarterly, ist and 4th, argent,
three martlets gules, a bordure or (Caimes) ; 2nd and
3rd, argent, on a bend gules, a baton or, in the sinister
chief a trefoil slipped vert (Elliot). Mantling gules and
argent. Crest — On a \vreath of the colours, a tower
argent siurmounted by a martlet gules. Motto —
"Efiaoresco." Livery — Grey.

Sons of William Plunket Caimes, Gentleman,

Stameen, Drogheda, b. 1857 ; d. 1925 ; tn. 1886,

AUce Jane, d. of Gen. James S. H. Algar : —
Tom Algar Elliot Caimes, Esq., D.S.O. (1917), Lieut.-
Col. (ret.) 4th-7th Dragoon Guards, b. 1888 ; m. 1924,
Katharine Florentia, d. of Lt.-Col. A. Fayrer Hosken,
and has issue — WiUiam David Elliot Cairnes, Gentleman,
b. 192'i ; and Anne Katharine. Seat — Stameen, Drogheda.
Res. — The Glen, Drogheda. Clubs — Cavalry, Kildare
Street (DubUn).

Lieut. Francis Herbert Caimes, M.C., R.F.A., b. 1893 ;
m. 19 1 9, Margaret Marion Agnes, d. of Lewis Humfrey
Edmunds, Esq., K.C. ; and has issue — William Peter
Henry Cairnes, Gentleman, b. 1927. Res. — Bolinge Hill,
Petersfield. Club — Cavalry.

Son of Alan Thomas Cairnes, Gentleman, b. 1859 ;

d. 1902 ; m. 1883, , d. of : —

Major William Edward Plunket Caimes, 8th Hussars,
b. . Res.—

Son of Alfred BeUingham Caimes, Gentleman, b.

1876 ; d. 1916 ; m. 1904, d. of : —

John Cairnes, Gentleman, b. . Res. — Listoke,


CAIRNS (Confn. i Nov. 1878, U.O.). Gules, three
martlets argent, a bordure of the last, charged with as many
trefoils slipped vert. Mantling gules and argent. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a martlet argent, charged on the
breast with a trefoil slipped vert. Motto — " Effloresce."

Yr. sons of Rt. Hon. Sir Hugh M'Calmont Cairns,

ist Earl Cairns, Lord Chancellor of England, 6. 1819 ;

d. 1885 ; m. 1856, Mary Harriet, d. of John MacNeile

of Parkmount, co. Antrim : —
Rt. Hon. Wilirid Dallas Cairns, C.M.G. , 4th Earl Cairns
and Viscount Garmoyle (27 Sept. 1878), 4th Baron Cairns
(27 Feb. 1867), J. P. D.L. Somerset, formerly Capt., Rifle
Brigade and late Lt.-Col. Comdg. London Rifle Bde.
[Supporters — Two hawks proper, collared, chained and
belled or, each holding in the beak a trefoil slipped vert],
^. 1865 ; m. 1894, Olive, d. of late John Patteson Cobbold,
M.P. ; and has issue — Hugh Wilfrid John Cairns, Esq.
commonly called Viscount Garmoyle, i. 1907 ; Hon. David
Charles Cairns, Midshipman R.N., d. 1909 ; Lady Hester
Margaret [;«. 1917, Capt. R. C. Bourne, M.P. , and has
issue] ; Lady Ursula Helen [m. 1921, Capt. J. R. Abbey,
late Rifle Bgde., and has issue]; Lady Sheila Mary; and
Lady Katherine Olive. J?es. — Farleigh House, Bath.
Ciud — Arthur's.

Hon. Douglas Halyburton Cairns, B.A. (Oxon.), i.
1867 ; tn. 1908, Lady Constance Anne Montague-Douglas-
Scott, d. of the 6th Duke of Buccleuch ; and has issue-
Hugh William Cairns, Esq., fi. 191 1 ; and Helen Christina.
J?es. — Carnach, Nairn, N.B. C/tt6 — Arthur's.




CALDER (L.O., 1922). Parted per chevron sable and
or, in chief a mullet between two crescents of the second
and in base a stag's head caboshed of the first, attired
gules. Mantling sable, doubled or. Crest — On a wreath
of the colours, a swan proper, holding in its dexter foot
a crescent or. Motto — " Vigilans non cadet."

Son of James Calder, Gentleman, of Ardargie,
Forgandenny, co. Perth, b. 1832 ; d. 1917 ; tn. 1857,
Cecilia, d. of John Mackenzie, Gentleman : —




Sir James Charles Calder, Knt. Bach., C.B. fi. (1921),
b. 1869 ; tn. 1904, Mildred Louise, d. of Col. Richard
Maimers, of the Royal Scots. Seat — Ledlanet, Milna-
thort, Kinross-shire. Res. — 32 Park Lane, W.i. Clubs
— Devonshire, County (Perth).

man. Born June 3, 1863, only son of the late Henry
Caldwell, Conm'modore R.N., C. B., A.D.C. to the Queen,
by his wife Mary Eleanor, youngest dau. of William
Earle Lytton Bulwer of Heydon Hall, Norfolk. Armorial
bearings (H. Coll.) — Or, three piles sable, the centre one
charged with a wreath of oak of the field, the others each

Keith Farquhar Townley Caldwell, Esq., Capt. R.A.
(ret.), sen. Asst. Game Warden, Kenya Colony, d. 1886




with a fountain, and in base four barrulets wavy alternately
gules and vert. Mantling sable and or. Crest — On a
wreath of the colours, issuant from a naval crown or, a
demi-lion, the de.xter paw grasping a scimitar proper,
pommel and hilt gold, the sinister resting on an anchor
erect also proper. Motto — " Ense libertatem petit." J^es.
^The Cedars, Windlesham, Surrey ; 3 Audley Square,
W. I. C/«^5— .Arthur's, Kildare Street (Dublin).

CALDWELL. Armorial bearing^s— Or, three piles
sable, each charged witli a fountain ; in base four barrulets
wavy, alternately gules and vert. Mantling sable and or.
Crest — Out of an Eastern crown argent, the rim inscribed
" Gooty " in letters sable, a demi-lion rampant, holding in
its dexter paw a falchion proper, and supporting in its
sinister paw an escutcheon azure, charged with a represen-
tation of the medal conferred upon Sir Alexander Caldwell
in commemoration of his services at the siege of Sering-
apatam, pendent from a riband tenn^. MottO — " Virtus et
spes." Livery — Dark green, yellow piping.

Son of Robert Townley Caldwell, Esquire, Colonel 3rd
Batt. Gordon Highlanders, D.L., J. P., />. March 16,
1843'; d. 1914 ; m. Jan. 3, 1883, Ellen Philippa Mary
[d. Nov. i886), eldest dau. of Admiral Sir Arthur
Farquhar, K.C. B., of Drumnagesk, Aberdeenshire : —

Res. — Inneshewen, Dess Station, S.O. , Aberdeenshire-
C/:^^j— Travellers', Naval and Military.


CALEY (H. Coll.). Quarterly, or and argent, on a
bend gules, between in the second and third quarters a
battle-axe erect proper, a mullet of six points between two
mullets of five points of the second. Mantling gules and
or. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, in front of a demi-
lion rampant proper, charged on the shoulder with three
crescents interlaced or, a battleaxe fessewise proper.
Motto—" Callide sed honeste."

Son of Frederick Goodman Caley : —

Frederick William Caley, Gentleman. Res. — The Moor-
ings, Southbourne-on-Sea, Hants.

CALLAGHAN (H. Coll.). Per chevron sable and argent,
in chief two wolves' heads erased or, and in base, upon a
mount vert, a hurst of oak-trees proper. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, issuant
from a mount vert, three swcrds in pile points downwards
argent, pommelled gules, hiked or. Motto — " Fides et

Son of : —

Geoffrey Ford Callaghan, Gentleman, Lieut. H.M.'s
Army, b.



CALLARD (H. CoU.). Gyronny of six or and
sable, three negroes' heads, one and two couped proper,
banded argent, and in base two \vreaths of laurel inter-
laced of the first. Mantling sable and or. Crest —
On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion sable, holding in
the dexter paw two wreaths of laurel as in the arms,
supporting with the sinister paw a scahng-ladder and
charged on the shoulder with a passion-cross, both or.
Motto — " Victoria gaudium in morte pax."

Son of Callard, of , h. ;

m. : —

Ernest Callard, Gentleman, h. . Res. —




Idvies, CO. Forfar, Member of the Corps of Royal Archers
(the King's Bodyguard for Scotland). Born Dec. 17, 1850,
eldest son of John Archibald Callender. Armorial bearings
(L.O. , 1899) — Quarterly, i and 4, argent, on a chevron gules,
between three mullets azure, a galley proper, with four oars in
action, within a bordure engrailed of the second (for Brodie
of Idvies) ; 2 and 3, per bend or and sable, six billets all
counterchanged (for Callender). Above the escutcheon is
placed on the dexter side a helmet befitting his degree,
with a Mantling gules, doubled argent ; and upon a wreath
of his liveries is set for Great, a dexter hand holding a
sheaf of arrows proper ; and in an escroll above, this
Motto, "Be mindful to unite" (for Brodie); and
on the sinister side isplaced a like helmet, with a
Mantling sable, doubled or ; and upon a wreath of his
liveries is set for Crest, a dexter hand proper holding a

billet or, and in an escroll above, this MottO, "I mean

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 1) → online text (page 78 of 256)