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well." Married. June 8, 1886, Anne Catherine, eldest dau.
of the late John Clerk Brodie, Esq., C.B., of Idvies, J. P.
and D.L. for co. Forfar, Deputy Keeper of the Signet and
Keeper of the General Register of Sasines for Scotland, for-
merly Crown Agent for Scotland; and has Issue — John
Clerk Brodie Callender- Brodie, Gentleman, b. May 8, 1894 ;
Anne Catherine Gilliam ; and Phoebe Marianne [m. 1914,
Thomas Humphrey Sneyd, only son of Maj.-Gen. Thomas
William Sneyd of Ashcombe Park]. Seat — Idvies, Letham,
Forfar. Res. — 26 Moray Place, Edinburgh. Clubs—
University, New (Edinburgh).

CALLEY of Burderop (H. Coll., Vn. Wilts. i62.:().
Quarterly, argent and sable, on a l>end gules, three mullets
of the first. Mantling sable and argent. Crest— On a
wreath of the c lours, a demi-lion rampant argent, charged
with a bend gules, thereon three mullets of the first, holding
a bat leaxe, handle of the second, head argent. Motto —
" Callide et honeste."

Only surv. son of Major Henry Calley, 19th Regt., of

Burderop, J. P. and D.L. co. Wilts., High Sheriff 1867,

b. 1S18; d. 1881; m. ist, 1885, Frances Elizabeth, only

child of Charles Bowyer of FarUigh House, Hants. : —

Maj.-Ge'i. Thomas Charles Plevdell Calley, C.B.,

C.B.E , M.V.O., comdg. ist Life Guards iqo2-6, late

Capt. R"yal Wilts. Yeo. , Col. comdg. London Mounted

Brigade, Territoriil Force, 1908-12, comded. 60th Div.

1914-15. J. P. D.L. Wilts., M.P. for Cricklade Div. of

Wilts. Jan.-Nov. 1910, b. 1856; m. 1883, Emily, d. of

Thomas Patey Chappeil of Weir Bank, Teddington ; and

has issue — loan Marion. Seat — Burderop Park, Swindon.

C/k3j— Guards', Naval and Military.

Son of Rev. Charles Benet Calley, Rector of Blunsdon

St. Andrew, Wilts., b. 1820; d. 1873; m. 1846, Julia

Susanna, d. of Rev. Jeremiah Scholefield, Rector of

Barton-on-the-Heath : —

Rev. John Henry Calley, Vicar of Figheldean, Wilts., late

Rector of Blunsdon St. Andrew, b. 1849 ; w. 1873, Elizabeth

Isabella Maria [d. 1915), d. of Major John Haverfield ; and

has had issue— Oliver John Calley, Gentleman, Lieut.

Wilts. Regt. ; killed in action 1915 ; Ella Violet Mildred

(d. 1916) ; Kathleen Dorothy Madeline ; and Elizabeth Ina

\in 1906, Rev. A. C. M. Langton]. Res. — The Vicarage,

Figheldean, Wilts.

Son of Legh Charles Calley, Gentleman, b. 1851 ; d.

1911 ; m. 1880, Margaret Isabella, d. of Rev. John

Fisher Turner, Rector ( f Winkleigh, North Devon : —

Charles Pleydell Calley, Gentleman, b. 1882; m. 1912,

Gertrude Eveline, d. of late Major Edward William Stokes

of Ellel Hall, Lancaster. Res. —

Born Aug. 9, 1881, being the only child of the late Vincent
Waldo Calmady-Hamlyn, Esq., of Leawood and Paschoe,
Devon, J. P., Lord of the Manor of Willesworthy, Barrister-
at-Law (Lincoln's Inn), M.A. (Balliol Coll., Oxford), Capt.
Royal N. Devon Yeomanry Cavalry, by his wife Emma
Josephine, eldest dau. of Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart.,
of Hutton Low Cross, co. York. Assumed the additional
surname and arms of Calmady by Royal Licence in the
year 1898. Armorial bearings are, upon a lozenge —
Quarterly, i and 4, per fesse indented sable and argent, two
swords in saltire, between as many gryphons' heads erased
in pale, all counterchanged (for Hamlyn) ; 2 and 3, azure,
a chevron between three pears slipped and pendent, in the
centre chief point a cross pat6e all or (for Calmady).
Residence — Pearroc Vean, Buckfasts, South Devon.



4th Batt. Essex Regt. Born June 7, 1864, being the third
son of the late Edmund Calverley. Esq., of Oulton Hall,
CO. York., J. P. and D.L. for West Riding, by his wife
Isabella Mary, elder dau. of Sir John Thomas Selwin,
sixth Baronet, of Down Hall, Essex. Armorial bearings
— Sable, an inescutcheon within an orle of owls argent.
Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, a horned owl argent. Married, July 19, 1893,
Sybil Maitland, eldest dau. of Osbert Salvin, F.R.S. , of
Hawksfold, Fernhurst, Sussex ; and has Issue — (i) Hugh
Salvin Calverley, Gentleman, ^. 1894; (2) Osbert Leveson
Calverley, Gentleman, b. 1899 ; and Amice Mary. Post,
add. — 18 Cheyne Gardens, S. W.

Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards. Born Sept. 3, 1862, being
the second son of the late Edmund Calverley, Esq., of
Oulton Hall, co. York., J. P. and D.L. for West Riding, by
his wife Isabella Mary, elder dau. of Sir John Thomas
Selwin, sixth Baronet,' of Down Hall, Essex. Armorial
bearings — Sable, an inescutcheon within an orle of owls
argent, and impaling the arms of Henniker, namely or, on
a chevron gules, between two crescents in chief and in base
an escallop azure, three estoiles argent. Mantling sable
and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a horned
owl argent. Married, 1891, Mary Louisa, youngest d. of
Sir Brydges Henniker, Bart. ; and has issue — Joyce Eden
[m. 1916, Maj. Claude Henry Furneaux, D.S.O., and has
issue]. Seats — Oulton Hall, Leeds; and Down Hall,
Harlow, Essex.

CALVERLEY - RUDSTON. Argent, three bulls'
heads erased pean, each charged on the neck with a
cross moline or. Mantling sable and argent. Crest — On
a wreath of the colours, a bear's paw erect pean, grasping
a cross moline erminois.

Son of Trevor Wheler Calverley-Rudston, Esq., J. P.,
D.L. , assumed by Royal Licence the name of Calverley-
Rudston in compliance with the will of his uncle,
William Henry Rudston-Read, b. Dec. 30, 1851 ; d.
1919 ; m. 1873, Annie (d. Dec. 28. 1900), only dau. of
the late Gilbert Wilkes, Esq., of Chadwick Manor, co.
vVarwick : —
William George Trevor Calverley-Rudston, Esq., J, P.
East Riding co. York. b. 1874. Seat —




CALVERT. Quarterly, i and 4, or, six gouttes, three
two and one gules, within a bordure azure charged with
eight owls argent (for Calvert) ; 2 and 3 argent, on a
fesse gules, between two goats' heads couped azure, armed
and crined or in chief, and a greyhound courant in
base sable, three pheons gold (for Jackson). Upon the
escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with
a Mantling gules and or; and for his Crests, i. upon
a wreath of the colours, a mount vert, thereon an owl

ermine, gorged with a collar azure, pendent therefrom
an inescutcheon sable, charged with three gouttes, two
and one argent (for Calvert) ; 2. a goat's head azure,
erased, armed, and crined or, charged on the neck with
a pheon, as in the arms (for Jackson). Motto — " Domino
domus honestanda."

Sons of John Jackson Calvert, Esq., Clerk of the

Parliaments in the State of New South Wales, b.

Aug. 31, 1830; m. 1868, Mary Murray, dau. of James

Barker of Sydney : —
Thomas Andrew Copley Calvert, Gentleman, b. Nov. 16,
1868. Estate — Balderstone, Lancashire. Res. —

Cecil Harnett Hamilton Calvert, Gentleman, b. Jan.
5. 1875. Res.—


CAMBRIDGE. Quarterly, ist and 4th grand
quarters, the Royal Arms as borne by George IIL
differenced by a label of three points argent, the centre
point charged with the St. George's Cross and each of the
other points with two hearts in pale gules ; 2nd and 3rd
grand quarters, or, three stags' attires fessewisc in pale,
the points of each attire to the sinister sable, impaling
or three lions passant in pale sable langued gules, the
dexter forepaws of the last, over all an inescutcheon
paly bendy sinister sable and or. Crest — A dog's head
and neck paly bendy sinister sable and argent, langued
gules. Motto — " Fidens et fidelis."

Sons of the Most Hon. Sir Adolphus Charles

Alexander Albert Edward George Philip Louis

Ladislaus Cambridge, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., C.M.G.,

ist Marquess of Cambridge, b. 1868 ; d. 1027 ;

m. 1804, Lady Margaret Evelyn Grosvenor, d. of

ist Duke of Westminster, K.G. : —

The Most Hon. Sir George Francis Hugh Cambridge,

K.C.V.O., 2nd Marquess of Cambridge (16 July 1917),

Earl of Eltham, and Viscount Northallerton, in the

County of Yorks., Lieut. Shropshire Yeo. (T.A.), late

Res. Regt. ist Life Gds. [Supporters — Dexter, a lion

sable, the dexter forepaw gules ; sinister, a stag proper] ;

b. 1895 ; m. 1923, Dorothy Isabel Westenra, d. of Hon.

Osmond W. T. Hastings ; and has issue — Lady Mary

Ilona Margaret. Seat — Dallicot, Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Club — Bachelors' .

Lord Frederick Charles Edward Cambridge, b. 1907.

Ygst. son of H.S.H. Prince Francis Paul Charles,

Louis Alexander, Duke of Teck, G.C.B., G.C.V.O.

b. 1837; d. 1900; m. 1866, H.R.H. Princess Mary

Adelaide, d. and in her issue co-heir of H.R.H.
1st Duke of Cambridge, K.G., G.C.B., G.C.M.G. :—
Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander Augustus Frederick William
Alfred George Cambridge, Earl of Athlone (1917),
K.G. (1928), G.C.B. (191 1), G.C.M.G. (1923), G.C.V.O.
(1904), D.S.O. (1901), Hon. Brig.-Gen. (1923), Col. (ret.)
2nd Life Gds., late Capt. R. H. Gds., formerly 7th
Hussars, served in Matabeleland 1899- 1900, and in
Great War 1914-18, High Corrunissioner for and Gov.-
Gen. Union of S. Africa since 1924, is Knight of Justice
of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in
England [Arms as above, but shield charged with a
crescent sable, the crest and each of the supporters with
a crescent argent. Motto — " Fearless and faithful "],
b. 1874 ; m. 1904, H.R.H. Princess Alice, Lady of
Justice of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of
Jerusalem in England and Lady Grand President of the
League of Mercy, V.A., d. of H.R.H. the Duke of Albany;
and has had issue — (i) Rupert Alexander George
Augustus Cambridge, commonly called Viscount Tre-
maton, b. 1907, ; d. 1928 ; (2) Lady May Helen Emma.
Res. — Kensington Palace, W.8.

CAMDEN, Marquess, see PRATT.


CAMERON of Dublin (U.O.). Gules, three bars or,
surmounted of a bend argent, charged with the rod of
./Esculapius proper, between two trefoils slipped vert.
Mantling gules and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the
colours, an arm in armour embowed, the hand holding a
dirk all proper, charged on the elbow with a treloil slipped
vert. Motto — " Pro rege et patria."

Son of Sir Charles Alexander Cameron, Kt. Bachelor,

C.B., F.R.C.S.I., D.Ph., M.D., F.R. C.P.I. , />. 1830;

d. 1921 ; m. 1862, Lucie Frances (d. 1883), d. of late

John Macnamara: —
Ernest Stuart Cameron, Esq., b. 1872.

CAMERON (L.O., 17 May 1905). Gules, three bars or-
and in chief four bezants. MantlilLg gules, doubled or-
Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a hand grasping a sprig
of crowberries proper. Motto — " Bi Dhichioll."

Son of Sir Ewen Cameron, K.C.M.G. (igoo). Manager
of Hong-Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, b.
1841 ; d. 1909; m. 1878, Josephine, d. of late John
Houchen of Thetford, Norfolk: —
Ewen Allan Cameron, Esq., b. 1879,

CAMERON of Lochiel (Matric. 1795, but in use at a
remote period). Gules, three bars or. Mantling gules,
doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of his liveries, a
sheaf of five arrows proper tied with a band gules. Mottoes
— Over crest, " Unite " ; underarms, " Pro rege et patria."
Supporters — Two savages with Lochaber axes all proper.
Eld. son of Cameron of Lochiel, b. 1835 ; d. 1905 ;
m. 1875, the Lady Margaret Elizabeth Montagu-
Douglas-Scott, d. of Walter Francis, Duke of Buc-
cleuch and Queensberry, K.G. : —
(Donald Walter) Cameron of Lochiel, C.M.G., A.D.C.
to the King, D.L. and J. P. for Inverness, Col. late
comdg. 3rd Batt. (Mil.) Cameron Highlanders, late
Grenadier Guards, b. 1S76 ; 7n. 1906, Lady Hermione
Emily Graham, d. of Duke of Monirose; and has issue
— Donald Hamish Cameron, Gentleman, b. 1910; Allan
John Cameron, Gentleman, b. 1917; Charles Alexander
Cameron, Gentleman, b. 1920; Violet Hermione; and
Marion Hester. Seat — Achnacarry, Spean Biidge.

Descendants of Dr. Thomas Cameron of Worcester,
d. 1777 [matric. 1730 : Argent, three bars gules, a
bordure azure. Mantling gules, doubled argent.
Crest — On a wreath of the colours, a dexter hand
grasping a sword proper. Motto — "Pro rege et
patria "J.

? Present representative.

Second son of Rev. Francis Marten Cameron, M.A.,

late Rector of Bonnington, Kent, b. 1824; d. 1900;

m. and, i860, Hannah, d. of Edward Dale: —

The Ven. George Henry Cameron, formerly Archdeacon

Emeritus of Johannesburg, Transvaal, and Provincial

Commissary in England to the Archbishop of Capetown,

M.A. (Camb.). and M.A. University of the Cape [Arms




(rematric. 7 Dec. 1903), viz. Argent three bars gules, within
a bordure azure, charged with eight fleurs-de-lys or, in chief

a crescent of the second for difference. Crest— A cubit arm
grasping a sword proper. Motto as above J, h. 1861 ; tn.
1899, Dorothy Margaret, d. of Edwin Arthur Brassey
Crockett ; and has issue — John Martin Cameron, Gentle-
man, /> 1909; Jean Mary; and Joyce Dorothy. Address
— South African Office, Church House, Westminster, S.W.
Dau. of Archibald Henry Foley Cameron of Lakefield,
Inverness, h. i82q ; d. 1900; m. 1862, Charlotte, d. of
John Theodore Wilcox : —
Fanny Mary Cameron [Arms (rematric. 1851)— Argent
three bars gules, a bordure engrailed azure]. Res. —

CAMERON (I..O., rematric. 1919). Argent, three bars
gules, within a bordure azure, charged with eight garbs
of the first, in chief a crescent of the second for difiference.
Maotling gules, doubled argent. Crest — On a wreath of
his liveries, a cubit arm, the hand grasping a sword
proper. Motto — " Pro rege et patria."

Eldest son of Rev. Francis Marten Cameron, Clerk

in Holy Orders, M.A. (Oxon.), h. 1824 ; d. 1901 ;

wt. 1850, Mary Jane, d. of Field Flowers Goe,

Solicitor, of South Lincolnshire : —
Rev. Francis Ewen Cameron, Clerk in Holy Orders,
B.A. (Cambs.), h. 1854 ; m. , Charlotte Agnes, d. of

Walter Ernest GreenhiU, Gentleman. Address — c/o
Westminster Bank, Bromley, Kent.

JOHN CAMERON, Esquire, J. P. co. Dumbarton. Born
1869, being the eldest son of the late John Cameron, Esq.,
of South Bank Ironworks and Meiklehill House, Kirkintil-
loch, CO. Dumbarton, J. P. forco., Provost of Kirkintilloch
1880-3, author of " The Parish of Campsie," and a history of
"The Clan Cameron," <?. 1839; d. 1899; m. 1868, Eliza-
beth Bell, eld. d. of Thomas Purves. Armorial bearings
(L.O. , 1894)— Gules, three bars or, in chief three mascles
interlaced between two cinquefoils and in base a saltire
couped argent. Mantling gules, doubled or. Crest— On
a wreath of his liveries, an arm embowed in armour, the
hand grasping a sword proper. Motto— "Pro rege et
patria." Married, 1907, Christina Katharine, youngest d.
of Joseph Russell, Esq., J. P., of Glasgow; and has issue
— (i) John Cameron, Gentleman, b. 1911 ; (2) Joseph Russell
Cameron, Gentleman, b. 1912 ; and Elizabeth Louisa
Vaughan. Res. and post. add. -Norwood, Beech Road,
Lenzie, N. B. C/«*— Scottish Automobile.

CAMERON of Balclutha, (L.O., 1893). Gules, two bars
or, between two flaunches ermine, the latter charged with as
many arrows, points upward proper, barbed and feathered
azure. Mantling gules and or. Crest— On a wreath of
the colours, upon a rock proper, five arrows points down-
ward, barbed and feathered as in the arms, enfiled with an
annulet gules. Motto — ' ' Pro patria. ' '

Only son of Sir Charles Cameron, ist Bart. , of

Balclutha, LL.D., M.D., M.A. M.P., J. P., D.L.,

b. 1841 ; d. 1924; VI. (rst), 1869, Francis Caroline (d.

1899), d. of James William Macauley, M.D., of Dublin;

(and), 1900, Blanche, yr. d. of late Arthur Perman of

Stoke Newington ; and has issue (with two daus. ) : —

Sir John Cameron, 2nd Bart. (7 Aug. 1893), B.A. , LL. B.

(Cantab.). Barrister-at-Law, Gray's Inn, b. 1903. Res. —

Braeside, Englefield Green, Surrey. Club — New University.

CAMERON-HEAD of Inverailort (Roy. Lie, 21 Feb.
1911, H. Coll.). Quarterly, i and 4, quarterly i. and iiii.
argent, a chevron ermineb, between three unicorns' heads
couped sable (Head) ; ii. and iii. , gules, si.\ broken bones bar-
wise in pale argent, a canton ermine (Mendez) ; 2 and 3,
gules, three bars or, surmounted by a bend ermine, on a chief
embattled argent a bugle-horn stringed sable, between, on
the de.xter side, pendent from a riband of the first, fimbriated
azure, a representation of the gold medal and clasps pre-
sented to Sir Alexander Cameron, K.C.B., in consideration
of his gallant and distinguished services in the Rifle
Brigade, which regiment he helped to raise, at the battles
of Ciudad Rodrigo, Badajos, and Salamanca, subscribed
"Peninsula" in letters sable, and on the sinister side,
pendent from a like riband, a representation of the medal
conferred upon him for his services at the battle of Waterloo,
subscribed " Waterloo" in letters also sable, and for dis-
tinction a cross crosslet gules (Cameron). Crests — i. a
unicorn's head couped ermines (Head); 2. out of an
Eastern crown or, three ostrich feathers a gent (Mendez);
3. a demi-soldier of the Rifle Brigade habited, accoutred,
and wearing the Waterloo medal, holding in the dexter
hand his rifle, all proper, and for distinction charged on
the hat with a cross crosslet argent (Cameron). Mottoes —
— " Study quiet " ; " Pro rege et patria "

Only son of James Cameron-Head, Esq., J. P., Capt.
Middlesex Yeo. Cav. and 3rd Batt. The Buffs, b. 1851 ;
d. 1922 ; m. 1888, Christian Helen Jane, Order of
Mercy (1923), eld. d. and coh. of late Duncan
Cameron, Esq., J. P., D. L. of Inverailort, co. Inver-
ness : —
Francis Somerville Cameron Cameron- Head, Gentleman,
Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, Lieut. R.A. (T.A.), b. 17
Nov. 1896. Seat — Inverailort Castle, co. Inverness. Town
res. — 40 Lowndes Square, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Bath.

CAMMELL of .Sheffield (H. Coll.). Sable, on a
chevron argent, cottised or, between three camels statant
of the second, as many trefoils slipped of the fiist. Mant-
ling sable and argent. Crest — On a wreath of the colours,
a camel's head erased argent, gorged wiih a collar gemel
sable, holding in the mouth a trefoil as in the arms.
Motto — " Perseverando." Livery — Dark grey, with silver

Only son of Charles David Wilson Cammell, Gentle-
man, late i8th Hussars, Consul for Liberia at Sheffield,
b. 1847; d. 1905 ; m. ist, Florence, d. of Major Elwon
of Cleveland House, Yorks. ; 2nd, 1884, Geraldine, d.
of Col. B. B. Haworth Booth :—
Charles Richard Cammell, Gentleman, b. 1890 ; m. ;

and has issue — A son, ^. 1911. Seat —

Son of Charles Cammell, Esq., J. P., of Norton Hall

and Brookfield Manor, b. 1810; d. 1879; m. 1845,

Mary Anne, d. of Thomas Rollason of Erdington : —

Bernard Edward Cammell, Gentleman, b. 1850; m.

1878, Evelyn Jane, d. of Col. William Henry Charles

Wellesley ; and has issue — Vere Bernard Cammell, Lieut.

Res. of Officers, late R. F.A. , b. 1898; and Evelyn Mary.

Seat — Warren Lodge, Warren Road, Guildford. Club —

Junior Carlton.

Son of Archibald Allan Cammell, Gentleman, late

Lieut. 14th Hussars, i'. 1856; d. 1911 ; m. 1880, Kate,

d. of Surgeon-Gen. Orr, C. B. : —

Major Gerald Cammell, D.S.O. , R.A., served Great

War(despatches3 times), ^. 1889. Seat — Brookheld Manor,

Hathersage, nr. Sheffield. Club — United Service.

CAMOYS, Baron, see STONOR.




CAMPBELL (L.O., c. 1672-7). Quarterly, i and 4,
gyronny of eight or and sable (Campbell) ; 2 and 3, argent,
a galley or lyniphad sable, sail furled, flag and pennants
flying, and oars in action proper (the Lordship of Lome).
Hthind the arms two honourable badges in saltire, namely,
first, a baton gules, powdered with thistles or. cnsigned with
an imperial crown proper, thereon the crest of Scotland ;
tho other badge, a sword proper, hilt and pommel or.
These badges are borne in right of the Duke of Argyll,
being Hereditary Great Master of the Household, and
justice-Gen. of Scotland.. Mantling gules, doubled
ermine. Crest — Upcn a wreath of his liveries, a boar's
lie;id fessewise erased or, armed argent, langued gules.
Supporters — Two lions guardant gules. Motto — " Ne

Son of Lord Archibald Campbell, J. P. and D.L. co.

Argyll, b. 1846; d. 1913; m. 1869; Janey Sevilla, d.

of James Htmry Callander of Craigforth, Stirlmg, and

Ardkinglas, Argyll: —
The Most Noble Sir Niall Diarmid Campbell, loth Duke
of Argyll(S., 23 Feb. 1701), Marquess of Kintyre and Lorn,
Earl of Campbell and Cowall, Viscount of Lochow and
Glenglas, Lord of Inveraray, Mull, Morvern, and Tirie in
Scotland, Duke of Argyll (U.K., 7 April 1892), Earl of
Argyll, Lord Campbell, Lord Lorn, Lord of Kintyre, and
Lord Sundridge of Coomb Bank, Kent, Lord Hamilton of
Hameldon, co. Leicester, and a Baronet, Chief of Clan
Campbell, Hereditary Master of the King's Household in
Scotland, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, Admiral of
the Western Coasts and Isles, Keeper ot Dunstaffnage,
Carrick, Tarbert, and Dunoon Castles, and Hereditary
Sheriflf of Argyll, Hon. Col. 8th Batt. Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders, and Hon. Col. Canadian Argyl ight
Infan ry, Lord-Lieut, of Argyllshire, l>. 1872. Seats —
Inveraray Castle, Argyll; Rosneath House, Dumbarton,
N.B. Town res. — 2 Observatory Gardens, Kensington,

CAMPBELL (L.O., 1868). Quarterly, i and 4, gryonny
of eight pieces or and sable (for Campbell) ; 2. argent, a
galley sable, sails furled, oars in action (for Lorn) ; 3. or,
a fesse chequy azure and argent (for Stewart). Mant-
ling gules and ermine. Crest — Upon a wreath of his
liveries, a boar's head erased proper. Supporters —
Two stags proper, attired and unguled or. Motto —
"Follow me."

Eldest son of Maj. Gen. Charles William Campbell,
of Boreland, h. 1836 ; d 1894 ; m. i888, Gwyimedd,
d. of the late WilUam Edward Brinckman, R.N. : —
Rt. Hon. Sir Charles William Campbell, M.C., 9th
Earl of Breadalbane and Holland (13 Aug. 1681), Vis-
count of Tay and Paintland, Lord Glenorchy, Benedera-
loch, Ormelie, and Weik, Scotland, 13th Bart. (May 29,
1625), of Nova Scotia, Representative Peer for Scotland,
Maj. Res. of Officers, late R.A., served Evuropean War,
1914-18, h. 1889 ; s. his kinsman 1923 ; m. 1918 ; Amorer
Romer, d. of Romer Williams, J. P. ; and has issue —
John Romer Boreland Campbell, commonly called Lord
Glenorchy, h. 1919. Seed — Craig, Dalmally, Argyll.
h'es. — West Monkton, Taunton,

CAMPBELL (L.O., c. 1672-7 and 1722). Quarterly, i.
or, a hart's head caboshed sable, attired gules (Calder):
2. gyronny of eight or and sable (Campbell) ; 3. argent, a
lymphad, oars in action, sable (Lorn); 4. per fesse azure
and gules, a cross or (Lort). Mantling gules doubled
ermine. Crest-^Upon a wreath of his liveries, a swan
proper crowned or. Supporters — De.xttr, a lion guardant
gules; sinister, a hart proper. Mottoes — Over the
crest, " Candidus cantabit moriens " ; under the arms,
" Be mindful."

Son of Rt. Hon. Hugh Frederick Vaughan Campbell,
4th Earl Cawdor, D.L. Carmarthen and Nairn, b.
1870; d. 1914; tn. 1898, Joan Emily Mary, d. of John
Charles Thynne, formerly Receiver-Gen. to the Dean
and Chapter of Westminster: —
Rt. Hon. John Duncan Vaughan Campbell, 5th Earl
Cawdor (5 Oct. 1827), Viscount Emlyn, Baron Cawdor
(21 June 1776), b. 1900. 5*a/j— Stackpole Court, Pem-
brokeshire; Cawdor Castle, Nairnshire. Kes. — Golden
Grove, Caimarthen.



CAMPBELL. Quarterly, i and 4, grand quarters
counter-quartered ; ist and 4th, gyronny of eight or
and sable, each charged with a trefoil slipped and
counterchanged; 2nd and 3rd, argent, a lymphad sable ;
2 and 3, grand quarters, argent, a fesse chequy gules and
of the first, between three mullets in chief azure, and a
human heart in base proper ; in the centre chief point
a crescent (for difference). Mantling gules, doubled argen t.
Crests — (i) A lymphad, as in the arms; (2) an oak-
tree with a lock hanging upon one of the branches
proper. Supporters — Dexter, a savage wreathed about
the temples and loins with laurel, and holding in
the dexter hand a club resting on the exterior
shoulder proper, around his neck a gold chain, pendent
therefrom an escutcheon argent, charged with a

Online LibraryArthur Charles Fox-DaviesArmorial families : a directory of gentlemen of coat-armour (Volume 1) → online text (page 79 of 256)